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About no comment.

I’m gonna start by saying that I strongly disagree with calling Mick a nazi, and even using the word so lightly is completely wrong. Also, saying ‘no comment’ does not make him a racist, I guess that’s the catch really, cause it’s not enough to not be a racist, not anymore. I understand that he had a trained life, a PR team to tell him what to say and not to say from a very young age, a hard privileged life.

And he has all the right to say he doesn’t want to comment, or even say he doesn’t care. People also have the right to be disappointed, to be mad, and I’m not saying to attack him, I’m saying people have the right to be mad. I saw fans saying that it wasn’t a big deal, that no one should be upset about it, that he’s there to race. So I’ll kindly explain why people are rightfully disappointed and upset, why I am upset as a black person, that’s my perspective and I don’t speak for all black people on the planet.

We see Lewis Hamilton, standing for Black Lives Matter, kneeling, and a few besides him, he speaks about it, he wears the cause, he exposes himself. He was so happy when Ricciardo wore that mask that he drank from his sweaty shoe. Because being a black person fighting for black people can be lonely, even if you have other brothers and sisters around you, now imagine being the only black person in that grid, the only black driver, the black champion, that’s a heavy weight. You have no idea how happy I was when I saw that Lando and George have linked the BLM website on their bios and when Alex posted about it.

2020 and every other year in history including this one, is hard for black people, we’re constantly exposed, picked apart, beaten, killed, erased. And what’s been asked of white people? Empathy, alliance, to use their platforms to talk about, to make a noise. The question to white people is: where do you stand? Cause if you’re quiet, then you’re allowing it to happen, the deaths, racism. It’s okay to be uncomfortable, to not really know what to think at first, but it’s not okay to ignore.

Now that we have the big picture explained, let’s go back to F1. Last year we had We Race As One, the worst play pretend stunt ever, the sport won’t make it easy, or more accessible to use their huge platform to do something concrete, they wanted to forbid Lewis from talking 'politics’, they’re allowing Mazepin to race! The FIA won’t change if they don’t lose money if they don’t see pressure and commitment from different drivers. This is the child of Michael Schumacher, the promising future winner legend, he has power, people listen to him, he could have said I think Lewis is doing great or it’s nice to see what Lewis is doing! It would have been more than enough of an answer, honestly, cause at this point we’re asking for anything, any type of help!

It was a window of opportunity and he said no comment. That’s frustrating, disappointing, it’s sad. It also sucks when white people say it doesn’t matter, it’s not a big deal, sometimes it makes me think I’m being dramatic.

Again, it’s not alright to attack him and it won’t do anyone any good. This is it, if you read everything and paid attention to my words, thank you.

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Already postet this on my instagram (@thrayersart), thought I’d share it here too

Got inspired by a post saying that you barely or never see angels of colour in churches

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“All I ask of our brethren is that they take their feet off our necks.”

Sarah Moore Grimke, abolitionist (1792-1873)

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today would’ve been elijah mcclain’s 25th birthday. i’m so sorry.

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Resources for Youths Experiencing Crisis, organized by Haven Project
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I was so upset that i couldn’t keep this to myself, I already hate Disney so much but now it’s personal. This a rant above about what i’ve just seen and what other people have witnessed.

First things first growing up when I watched the proud family I was very little and ignorant to the stereotypes that Disney pushed onto the T.V screen, growing up as a 7 year old person of color there were…a few topic that went over my head because I hadn’t been expose to things like this before. The reason I’m very disappointed with Disney is because of their lack of understanding and ignorance towards the “black stereotype“. When I did some research I found out that TANGLED and PRINCESS AND THE FROG came out the year I also found out that Tangled made more revenue simply because it was 3-D, but why not make the first african american princess 3-D as well, Rapunzel was NOT the first 3-D princess, it was Merida. so it’s very strange that they would simply jump to 2D all of a sudden. So Now you know why I distrust Disney, But here is why I’m upset today.

Like I said before growing up watching the show I didn’t really understand what colorism meant. I LOVED the proud family when I was a kid I just assumed that Dejonay was just an outgoing person. Now that I’ve gotten a lot more older and cynical to life as a person of color, I realize that the things that Disney presented to us was straight up wrong and colorist. I say this because I want you to notice how the only two light skin girls are dressed normally with and drawn with a skinny waist , Dejonay on the other hand is present with a WIDE stomach (is drawn more plus size) , short bleached hair and even her stance is giving very much Ghetto hood rat… with that being said notice the one thing Dejonay doesn’t have in common with the other girls…yeah darker skin. I don’t know about you but it really breaks my heart knowing that this isn’t just something you hear about happing to see other people, colorism is real. It’s hard enough to already be out here fighting for why Black people should be shot and killed by police but when the fight happens from inside your own community its very personal. And the fact that Disney is upholding theses stereotypes makes me angry beyond words. Why are Daker skinned Women treated so poorly in the media? Why are they constantly making this the standard? For darker skin woman; why the hell was Tina a frog for 70% of the movie?

My point being, I found this so fucking upsetting and if you go find this post on Instagram and look at the comments, I’m not the only one who feels like this. Disney this is so uncalled for. This isn’t 2006 anymore where you can say and do whatever you want and get away with it please stop treating Black people like this. @disneyanimation

And dont even get me started on the gross sisters.

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I don’t usually make posts like this, but this is personal to me and so very important.  Any interaction is greatly appreciated.

This past August a student named Ahona Mehdi spoke out about the racism she experienced as one of the former student trustees of the Hamilton Wentworth District School Board. A private investigation was launched, and it was found that four board trustees - Alex Johnstone, Becky Buck, Kathy Archer, and Caroline Paikin Miller - had silenced and censored the voices of poc to further their own agendas.  They made overtly racist jokes and statements, with one trustee (Kathy Archer) calling tennis player Serena Williams the n word “or whatever you call them these days.”  An activist group who released her name to the public after it was censored by the school board was sent a cease and desist. 


Poc were silenced, gaslit, mocked, tokenized, and ignored. Despite making very clear breaches of the HWDSB code of conduct, it seems that the racist trustees will get off scot free. 

Students should not feel unsafe in the places they go to learn. The government should not be turning a blind eye to discrimination.  The decision makers of an education system should not be racist.  As such, we are calling for the impeachment of all four trustees.

To read the private investigation report for more information, click this link:

To sign a petition to impeach the four trustees, click this link: 

Thank you.

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Some people need a push others need a threat one way or another I will get the perfect world. Where rape is so uncommon that anyone may joke about it. Where people of color aren’t scared of police. Where men aren’t told to man up. I shall be the peoples voice, and they will listen. I Will Only Get Louder.

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“highest ranking black woman in the nypd ever” okay….

“hey look we got a black man to be chief of-” shut the fuck up

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