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Super simple shakshuka

I’m a black trans woman with no income due to covid-19 so I’m reliant on donations to pay rent and for food. Even the smallest donations help feed me.

You can gain access to all my recipes, artwork, photography and poetry by subscribing to my Patreon: fightingpride93

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Activism in the City | June Vlog

This was my FIRST DAY out for 2 months and all I saw in the city was this. 

The wanderer. I wander around New York City. Me wandering again. 

I traveled from Soho or Washington Heights. The city was ill. 

#Saytheirnames was everywhere. Citywide curfews throughout June.

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I get the movement and I support it but every time I see a post about BLM I want to kill myself more.

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For whatever reason many people are defending Kyle Rittenhouse on the basis of him acting in “self defense” and its real fucking confusing.

For one Kyle is both 17 (IE a child) and does not live in Wisconsin (he is from Antioch, Illinois). He was carrying an AR15 assault rifle which he took ACROSS STATE LINES and purposely sought out a protest where he shot 2 people. The criminal records of these people don’t matter, he still shot and killed 2 people. 

He would not have NEEDED TO SHOOT PEOPLE in so called ‘self defense” if he was not there. He had no connection to the property he was ‘protecting’ and again, he was from and lived in a different state. He deliberately put himself in this situation. Hell, his own mother did not even know he was going to a protest. 

Kyle is an unhinged person who took a gun to a protest in order to protect property he both did not own, and did not have any connection to across state lines. He is a minor so having an assault rifle is illegal, and he took this across state lines so thats even worse. Even if he did shoot in ‘self defense’ why was a child with a gun at a protest in a different state to begin with. And why is the criminal history of the victims somehow justification for his actions? During 9/11 statistically a few of those victims were horrible people, criminals even. But yet we do not thank Islamic terrorist groups for 9/11, instead we are in a war against them.

Terrorists should not be praised for their actions, regardless of the criminal history of their victims. Either thank al-Qaeda for killing some people with a ‘criminal record’ during their attack on NYC or condemn your own domestic terrorists. Kyle is not special, he is a lone wolf terrorist who just added to the USs overwhelming amount of gun violence. 

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OOF a twitter gem I saw today


Lmao if you gone use my dialect at least respect the origin and the grammar rules. I can’t tell you how much I got shamed growing up for saying “finna” or “ain’t”

“Those aren’t words” nah buddy you’re just being racist. Lol everybody else gets dialects in their language, that they grow up naturally hearing, but I’m just making shit up. Okay. 🤦🏾‍♀️

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