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I got so lost in the sauce, I forgot gold doors and trapdoors aren’t canon

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i don’t know who needs to hear this but let me tell u why blocking him is 100% the answer to all of your problems. whether u think he gives a fuck about u or not, i guarantee u that he likes a fact that he has full access to u whenever he wants. he knows that he can hit u whenever and you’ll be there responding, giving him a little ego boost, a little attention.. but when u lock the door and throw away the key - it stings. bcs it’s done, there’s no if answer, you’re done, get out of my life. THAT hurts.

the point is, once u completely erase someone from your life and stop obsessing over them, u actually realize u don’t give a fuck and that they are actually not even that great. once u eliminate the space for games and this back-and-forth subbing each other bullshit, it’s so much easier to move on with your life, as u should. normalize blocking, it’s not toxic or dramatic, it’s your mental health.

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So I wanted to do an experiment and see who this anon hater (who hilariously think THEY are the fandom and proved their stupidity by never changing their stance or be open to discussion while the majority of other Tumblr users who were sure it wqs harrassment finally changed their mind ; all except THEM then, now I wonder if all that anon does is stupidly harrass if they could have been the one sending hate to Matthew Erman too to start discord) was, I was sure I would have a new message overnight and I did


Not only they totally are shooting themselves in the leg by STILL mistaking critique (speaking once and civilly open to discussion like we did in that reblog) and harrassment like they do (keeping sending anon hate, insults and never changing their stances and closed to discussion) which proves their small brain even more, I had their brain would be even tinier and that if they had a Tumblr I would block them and see the name of the blog pop up in my block list. I was so excited for that experiment !

Sadly… they have no blog :( no mascarade was fallen. Sad, I was ready for surprises :(

But what comforts me in a way is that it means they claim they are the fandom while they don’t even have a blog lmao an anon fan and an anon hater thinking they own everything. Welp, I am a bit sad to have hit the block button then since it was fun but now it’s irreversible. But oh well. Guess since they are too cowardly to show who they are it’s a farewell then

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This little fuck had the audacity to be homophobic and sexist all because I was doing better than him on dbd.

He insulted my family and I for stupid things, called me a lesbian bitch (didn’t think nothing of it til he started saying offensive things about it. Bashing the lgbt community) and he kept saying he was innocent about it but continued to say awful things about my family members. When I confronted him about it he became really pissy and threw a tantrum, left the party and told me he had the right to speak, which he did but so did me and another friend of mine whom was also in the party with me at the time. He kept saying hateful things to us and wouldn’t let us speak and kept rudely interrupting us when we did. My mom was talking about something rather important and he wouldn’t shut up, when I politely asked him to be quite for a moment he started saying hateful things about my mother and wouldn’t be quite long enough to where I had to mute him.

Afterwards he started bragging about being the best killer (though he wasn’t, he was just cheating) and after we won he got mad and left again.

Do not follow him at all. He is at least 13 but has the mental competence of a 4 year old and can’t even insult correctly without sounding idiotic. Report him.

(I know this is a long rant of why you shouldn’t add him and what he’s done but I wanted to explain why you shouldn’t add him and why you should avoid/report/block him).

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i’m terribly pissed off at so many of these thing i read in writing that is not just unhealthy but so common that its almost frustrating to read. i also gave a few tips to resolve them. 

WRITING GAY CHARECTERS WITH FRIENDS: gay people can be friends with people the same gender as them and have their relationship be purely platonic. reading books where the gay characters have friends but only of the opposite gender is annoying as hell. sure there are feminine gay men who are friends with girls but that doesn’t apply to every single case. its is so very monotonous to read. also, use this opportunity to open up new sub-plots. 

WRITING STRAIGHT CHARECTERS WITH FRIENDS: because this equally boring. i hate to see a friend group with friends of the same gender. and i also hate to see friend groups where every single friend is dating another  one and that makes it the only reason why its a mixed group. give me a friend group where two of the closest best friends are of different genders and they never, in the whole story get into each other’s pants or even try to. try to keep romance away from friendship tropes (not that best friends don’t help with relationship advise and stuff, but don’t make two best friends formerly lovers be the reason they became best friends or best friends soon to be lovers. yes this is the friends to lovers trope and its not always the best fit) !!of course, depending on your setting and the backgrounds of your story (like the era, or the location e.g.: an all girls boarding school) not all these apply!!

THE ENEMIES TO LOVERS TROPE: i absolutely !!love!! this trope with all my heart and even thought its very very common, if its written well, it can send me to heaven. the main problem with this trope is that after they become lovers, it way to ‘sex-driven’ or it barely has any actual chemistry and clearly you can see that its a failing relationship. so here are some tips. 

in your story, have a turning point where they both realize that they were ‘set-up’ to fight each other or that there’s no point in fighting each other. (this is not the part where they become a couple but its necessary to make sure to clear things up in between for both the readers and the characters) 
give them things to actually bond over, like a hobby, or having the same ideal date. for more ideas, you could check out one of those compatibility quizzes and pick out random aspects from it which they both could enjoy together that is not sex. 
you may be writing two polar opposite characters and them having things in common may be unlikely, so instead: give them things that are different but can be done together. (for example: C1 writes, and C2 takes pictures, maybe C1 could write based on C2′s pictures) sometimes, it doesn’t even have to be compatible, it could just be something that can be done together. (for example: C1 likes to cook, and C2 loves to go to the park with their dog, C1 and C2 could plan a picnic)

ROMANCE IS NOT THE SOLUTION: if one of your character is suffering from a mental illness then don’t make “romance” the solution. give them opportunity to heal themselves first. maybe love could be the solution, but not romance or sex. it is definitely not the right treatment to mental health and it also a wrong notion to the readers, some of whom might be suffering themselves. yes “love” could be their solution and most of the time “love” is. it could be parents who love their child finally taking notice, sibling loving each other and helping them get through, or just friends. 

i once read this beautiful book on wattpad where it starts off with a guy saving a girl before she an jump off a bridge, this sets of a series of events where she begins to ‘love’ him, like he’s her brother. she meets his girlfriend as well and the three of them held her to reconnect with her father and get away from her abusive mother to finally get the help she needs. 

the author explained how, when she was brainstorming this idea, she wanted to make the girl and the guy fall in love. but she didn’t because it would seem to superficial and also it would romanticize mental illness, which is not the right impression to make. 

try to keep these in mind while writing. its not compulsory to follow any of these “tips” they are just to being about a change in writing that is usually observed. make sure to keep some of these tips in mind to ensure you aren’t romanticizing the wrong things. best of luck in your writing :)

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