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tuval · 2 days ago
Son vedaları yapma zamanıdır
Hazana karışan hüzünlere
Toprağa sarılan yaprağa
Ne kaldıysa geride
Beyaz örtünün bağrında saklı tüm yarınlar
Kalırsa birkaç nefeslik yaşamak
Kardelenler gibi boy verir elbet
Yeniden erik dallarından sarkar
Tuzu damağında kalmış baharlar
Yeniden hep yeniden
Çünkü dört mevsimdir yaşamak...
Gülsen Dede
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giseleeeeeeee · a day ago
Tumblr media
"Em tìm đến người ta, nói với họ câu chuyện của mình, nhưng phần buồn nhất của câu chuyện, em vẫn giữ lại cho riêng bản thân. Và cứ thế, em cô đơn mãi trong nỗi buồn của mình. Thật ra, làm gì có ai không hiểu được em, chỉ là em chẳng muốn ai chạm vào mình đấy thôi."
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darling-zorua · a day ago
PollyRiolu: CONTESTS? WHERE THE CONTEST! LEMME TRY! I BET I CAN WIN, I COULD BEAT YOU! JUST WATCH ME! (Attempts to handstand, keyword being attempt)
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tuval · a day ago
Bazı kadınlar pahalı hediye severler.
Spor arabaları, lüks mekanları, hesap ödeyen abileri.
Bazı kadınlarsa, saçlarının taranmasını severler, ayaklarına oje sürülmesini.
Bazıları ise, uyumadan önce masal anlatılmasını, gözlerinin içine bakarak gitar çalan adamları.
Bazı kadınlar takım elbise severler, kaslı kollar.
Bazı kadınlar oduncu gömleği severler. Ve bira göbeği.
Bazı kadınlar, kışları kayak yapmak isterler.
Bazı kadınlar, özel günlerde parfüm hediye eder.
bazı kadınlar, her gün aynı ten kokusuyla uyanmak için canlarını verirler.
Bazı kadınların telefon rehberi kalabalıktır.
Diğer bazıları ise defalarca aynı mesajı okuyup ağlarlar.
ve sen hala tüm kadınlar aynıdır diyorsun...
Öyle mi ?
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Günaydın Yolu Sevgiden Geçen Her Canlıya 🧿
Tumblr media
Ne Çok İsteklerimiz Var Ya :)
Ama Adam Gibi Adamlar Sevgimize Layık 🦋
🌹 ╰❥
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gloriousdefendorwolf · 2 months ago
( The Night Ascension)
Allah said:-"Glorified be He who carried His servent at night from masjid al-Haram to Masjid al-Aqsa , the precincts of which We have blessed so that We may show him of Our Signs. Verily He is the All-Hearing, the All-Seeing."
From this verse, we come to the conclusion that the PROPHET OF ISLAM S.A.W travelled through the worlds of Ascension. Futher, by the greatness of the Hidden Power, he was able to complete this journey in a very short span of time.
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souljaw · 8 months ago
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genesises-altar · a month ago
Low effort / Lazy witchcraft!
Looking for an fun easy way to practice witchcraft? Use these ideas to help magnify your spiritual energy 💗
Take care of some pets & plants 🪴
Listen to music that matches your intention and mood 🎶
Carry a protective crystal / sigil keychain
Practice visualisation while showering. Watch the negative energy flow down the drain 🚿
Make yourself a hot drink and charge it with your intention ☕️
Create pre made herbal mixtures to have them ready to go when you need them
Read books and frequently educate yourself on new things 📚
Go for walks outside to ground yourself and reconnect with Mother Nature
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atinycupofpositivitea · 6 months ago
You do not have to have it figured out.
Your academic path, your professional career, your adulthood, your hobby, whatever it is. It's okay not to know and not wanting to rush it, to try things out and then to ditch them, to get enough experience before you make a choice and to question that choice if it doesn't serve you anymore.
No matter what your age is, do not let somebody tell you how your life should be, or what kind of decisions you should make.
They are yours to take.
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marisolmoon · 3 months ago
How to Find Your Path as a Witch
Finding your path in your witchcraft journey isn’t always the easiest one. It’s so overwhelming at first, sifting through mountains of information that can take you infinite directions. Here, I have a rough outline of how I found my path and maybe it can help you find yours?
Research, Research, Research!
I know you probably have heard this a million times already, but we say it because it’s true! Researching topics in witchcraft is the only way to truly get started and headed on your way to finding your path as a witch.
Narrow it down by looking up popular topics in witchcraft online. It gives you a solid starting point to jump off of.
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Delve deeper into your studies
Find physical books that you can annotate on the topics you decided to focus on. Having a physical copy is easier to flip through and easier to learn from in my opinion. Everyone is different though!
Tumblr media
What type of witch are you?
After discovering a plethora of information you may now have an idea on what type of witch you want to be! This could range anywhere from Green Witch to Cosmic Witch to Hedge Witch. You are the creator of your own destiny.
Remember! It’s always okay to switch paths! If you feel like you’ve lost passion or interest in a certain path you chose, just start from the beginning again and let your heart lead you to the path you belong to.
Tumblr media
Honing your craft
Once you’ve found out if you want to have deities, want to focus on herbs, crystals or moon magic for example, you’re finally ready to make a compilation of your studies.
I highly recommend obtaining a Book of Shadows or Grimoire for personal record keeping of your studies. You can find professionally made BoS and grimoires on Etsy the easiest, but if you want to use regular notepads as well go for it!
I personally have three separate BoS, one for general information & spells, one for correspondences and rituals and one for my deities. I’m pretty extra and I think it’s unusual to have that many BoS, but you do whatever you’re comfortable with. That’s what matters.
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Finding your path
Ultimately after you’ve completed these steps you should have an idea of whether you have deities you worship or if you want to opt out of that and what type of witch you are.
Remember! Witchcraft is a craft and your personal craft can be anything you would like it to be! Finding your path just makes it easier to find what you truly want to study and dedicate yourself to.
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