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Having trained a huge number of great successful people. Holds its hand in the development of the society by graduating many of its finest students. Located inside Chennai city. Unlike other institutions, It has a great atmosphere along with a lavish mosque.

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This time we are back with the BIRIYANI ❤

This is the Special Raan Biriyani from Zaitoon Restaurant. 🤤

Note :- Its pure Mutton 😅

For Mutton Biriyani lovers out there, this is a must try !! ❌

It Costs you a ransom of INR 1400/- 🤑

It serves 5 persons. 🖐

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Biri vardı. Yüzümü güldüren, dertlerimi unutturan. O olduktan sonra gelsin dertler geldiği gibi derdim hep. O yanımda ya işte ben daha ne isterim ki. Ama şimdi yok. Dertlerimi unutturacak diye sandığım kişi derdime dert katıp gitti. Beni çok sevdiğini söyleyen beni bırakıp giderken ardına bile bakmadı. Hiç düşünmedi ben nasıl dayanırım diye. Ölmedim hiç, ama ölmekten beter oldum. İyi biliyorum kalbin çaresiz çırpınışlarını, dağların insan üzerine yıkılışlarını, sanki kıyametin kopuşlarını, denizler altında boğuluşlarımı, kara bulutların üzerime yağmurlarını, yolların ikiye ayrılışlarını, dünyada sanki tek olarak kalışlarımı, tekrar yaşamak için önce bitişlerimi, batışlarımı, bitmeyen çıkışları.

İyi biliyorum….

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O alıştığın günaydın mesajlarını almamaya başlıyorsun. Artık haber verecek kimsen de kalmıyor. Nereye gitsen aklına gelir ve yutkunamadığın şeyler. Zor gelir yeniden ayağa kalkmak, zor gelir unutmaya çalışmak. Anlamsız gelir her şey, renkleri biter hayatın, gözlerinde yaş kalmaz bir süre sonra. Fakat insanlar hep aynı şeyi söylerler, “ daha iyisine layıksın.”

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Carry On by Rainbow Rowell will forever have a special place in heart, especially because of where the story began - with Cather and Wren in 2013. 

Not to make you feel old, but in 2013 I was in middle school.

Let’s go back in time to 2013, a 13 year-old Teri spots Fangirl on the shelf of either a library or bookstore, although I used to accidentally steal books from the library frequently, so who knows… I had already given myself the title of “fangirl,”  and was well into my awkward phase. I spent many nights reading fanfiction on and Wattpad (before I discovered the superiority of AO3), I was active on Tumblr every single day, and I was very gay and very, very depressed. At 13 I was obsessed with my body image, an issue that continues to plague me, and I was doing some very not okay things to myself - and fandom and the internet and stories are all that I had! Also at 13 my younger brother was almost 2, and my step dad was (this is really, really bad) 23 years old! YEP 23!  

So I had a lot, a lot of issues… But reading Fangirl genuinely helped me, to see Cath struggle with some of the same things I struggled with and to see her be okay, to see that yes I would live to 19 and it was okay to be a “nerd” like her as well! 

But at 21 I had nearly forgotten my love for Rainbow Rowell and had never gone back to the novel after a few years (I moved to Florida at 14 and had to hide away parts of my identity; anime, fandoms, being queer, you get it), so to read Carry On in your class was an awakening for me! 

Let me write out my praise and thoughts on Carry On now… 

Carry On by Rainbow Rowell is an ingenious look into the Harry Potter/boarding school trope that is often romanticized. Unlike Harry Potter however, Carry On benefits from having multiple POVs, often times within the same chapter. Allowing readers into multiple characters heads gives readers a better grasp on what is really happening in this unfamiliar world of mages. Readers also benefit from this because the story begins in Simon, Penny, Baz, and Agatha’s last year at Watford, and by using various POVs readers can understand their world of magic through different perspectives that include differing ideologies of magic, class, race, and schools of thought.  

Carry On also includes multiple identities and the notion that these identities are okay! And also, a delightful enemies-to-lovers story that is captivating and heart-wrenching at the same time (for the love of god can these boys not communicate). And instead of a singular enemy that can be destroyed, the enemy that has plagued Watford since Simon’s arrival was Simon’s antithesis. The Humdrum was because of the Mage’s wrath and selfishness, and in him creating Simon the Mage doomed himself, Lucy, Simon, and the world of mages. 

I also wanted to address the issue of the Mage and his creation of Simon, which was done in the traditional way… The Mage was Simon’s biological father, yet he subjected Simon to the foster care system his entire life, basically dangling the world of mages over his head until he was useful. Simon was neglected because of this, every year Simon would return to Watford malnourished, without proper clothes, and slightly dirty. And Simon had no protection from the Mage, despite the Mage knowing that there were other magical creatures seeking to hurt Simon. The Mage as “heterosexual Dumbledore” will forever be the worst character and the character who deserved death the most. 

Tragedy throughout, and the loss of his magic, might condemn some, but at the end of Carry On Simon seemed positive for his future, positive with his new terrible boyfriend Baz, and very excited to be living with Penny. 

Wayward Son is a discussion for another time, however. ;) 

But, Professor Elliott, I wanted to truly thank you for everything you have done for me and for the entire class. You have been the most remarkable, kind, and understanding professor in all of my time here at UF. You are a wonderful teacher, and a force to be reckoned with, and I will truly, truly miss your class. You had the perfect syllabus, readings, assignments, PowerPoints!!-God I love good PowerPoints. Your impact on me is great and I will remember you and your kindness for a lifetime; I hope we can stay in touch! <3 

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The sexual tension between my chiropractor and I? Or between my chiropractor and himself? I must admit that at first the banter was alluring and I was healing at the same time so it seemed promising and beneficial.. I mean an educated guy that enjoys the nerdy things in life.. Am i right? I’m also very fond of blurring the lines so that whole patient/doctor dynamic seemed like the perfect fantasy.. Until it wasn’t..

For my treatment, I get adjusted about twice a week and everything really starts to become routine after a couple of weeks and just like that so did the conversation… I am the type to get bored of people REALLY easily and it may be hard for a guy to REALLY grasp my attention however I think that I make known how I prefer to converse and as my doctor, he would have an advantage to those social cues.

I think what’s boring me is the fact that he hasn’t really said what he wants to? I don’t know, the chase starts to dull if there is no real direction in sight. So, to spice things up - I started talking about my dates and stuff. We had a couple of laughs and innuendos but he still held back.

I know what you are thinking so let me just say it now…I’m not interested in dating him but if it were something that he was thinking about, his window is slowly closing.. My interest is dwindling so he needs to figure out a way to show his interest in a more not so obvious / obvious way or just go back to being the good doctor.

I don’t intend on being in these situations!!! It just happens!!!! You should see what I wear to this office, its an amalgamation of; pink crocs, leggings and oversized hoodies. Its very, I just woke up - Lets get this over with.. But then again, that might be my everyday style? Anyways, this has to be a test… One that my thirty something self is easily passing!

Twenty something me would have blurted out of boredom, “So do you like me or not”?. No fluff, minimum frills, straight to the point. I would’ve only accounted for my curiosity and what kind of fun that would’ve led me to. But now, I am in a - if you want me, you better come get me phase of my life.

Anyone else drastically changing their approach just because? Growth is just so beautiful.

Advice to Thirty Somethings

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My next blog post will be my November beauty and fashion favssssss.. Stay tuned 💗

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