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i used to have another blog on here where i’d come on when i age regress. it used to be my safe space. then people started attacking me, saying i was a nsfw page (when i clearly was not). i was so upset and i literally cried. i stopped logging into the account cz i didn’t feel safe anymore. after a while, i came to the conclusion that i delete my account.

to this day, im still hurt that i no longer have a safe space for me to do just that. ofc my man knows and i regress when im with him. but sometimes i just want a place where its just me and i can freely be myself.

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📜”Ancak hayat dediğin nedir ki? Anlaşılmaz sır. Kurduğumuz düzen hep böyle sürüp gidecek sanırız. Birden ip kopar, ışık söner, her şey söner darmadağan olur.”✨

~Uzun Hikâye - Mustafa Kutlu

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Neden bu zamanlar da yaşamadık ki..📽🖤

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that makes you a toxic soul…

that hampers your trueself….

that makes u unhappy even in happy moments…

Attract vibes that bring the best in you…in every possible way….

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“Her şey göründüğü gibi olsaydı, eline aldığın deniz suyu mavi olurdu.”

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Why on earth do I like and trust someone who is keen on demotivating me and making me feel guilty about my actions? And I can’t trust the ones who are encouraging and help me out whenever I’m in need… Wtf is wrong with me?!

Participated in the ATL thing… We made an attendance system that uses face recognition tech. It sounded cool and worked too but then they changed the group members at the last moment and Kui. got placed in a different grp. I had to prepare the writeup and research paper all on my own because the new members were boarders knew next to nothing about the project…

Exams start from next week…But I can’t bring myself to focus on my textbooks.


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Kalbim bu asrın dengi değil esasında'📽🖤

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Ya sé que te daba pena estar conmigo, pero no tenías que demostrarlo presumiendo a alguien más en mi cara cuando aún estabas a mi lado

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Bu benim ilk ölümüm değil. Ama siz bunu gördünüz. İpi boynuma salan bendim, ama beni öldüren sizdiniz. Şimdi özgür olucak ruhum, yanıp kül olacak.

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Çorabımızın tekini kaybeder gibi insan kaybediyoruz bu kadar kolay mı lan ?

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me enamoré de un chico de fb sólo por lo que publica, estoy lok@.

Pero es tan bello. Y le gusta lo mismo que a mi. ( ¿¿¿)

Ojala algún año me hable xd.

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10 Best Mystery Books by Agatha Christie | The Epiphanyist Discovers
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I have another theory on why people think Senpai has no personality.

He’s a quiet introvert that likes to keep to himself. As an introvert myself, I know that you’re personality doesn’t really ‘pop out’ until you’re comfortable with someone. At school I’m very quiet and a bit shy, sometimes I feel like I come across as ‘boring’ to the people I don’t talk to. But my friends and family (the people who I feel comfortable being myself around) say that I am quite the opposite.

So someone like Budo, a loud extrovert, is obviously going to have a very open personality. Taro keeps to himself, so his personality is really gonna shine when you REALLY get to know him. Remember, we are playing through Ayano’s eyes - who just sees Taro as a piece of property.

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My depression sometimes feels like quicksand.
The more I struggle and thrash around trying to escape? The deeper I sink in. 

The only way to fight it is to realize you cant completely escape it.

Sometimes you have to just stop thrashing about and just lay completely still so that it slows down the sinking.

I have some amazing friends that are also going through some pretty serious life events themselves: Surgery, work site accidents, new jobs, big interview opportunities and I feel like a piece of shit for not being present for them.

I wish they could understand that I am not ignoring them. It’s not that I don’t want to talk to them. When I disappear and drop off the grid it’s because I’m trying to get back to a neutral state of mental health.

The encouraging part is that DEPRESSION IS NOT A PERMANENT FEELING. Depression is a lot like physical pain. Eventually it gets to the point of no longer being debilitating. Eventually you build up emotional callus’s and your hurt becomes armor for the next wave of depression.

If anyone is even reading this then please use my experience as a lesson. Some people don’t know how to heal in a group of people. Please have patience and know that it’s not personal.

They are just laying still. Trying to stop the sinking.


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