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In an interview with, David Karp (Tumblr's founder) admitted, "Being on computers all the time makes me feel gross."

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#blog update

just changed my avatar if anyone is confused.

It used to be this:

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I just wanted to let people know I am okay… the blog isn’t very active right now because I am just overall struggling and trying to focus maintaining my mental and physical health… 

My husband has been laid off, like so many, and this has completely changed my family’s whole routine. We are all neurodiverse in various ways and throwing all three of our routines which if you know what that is like… it throws excutive function down he fekking toliet… 

That being said… I am taking a bit of break from writing. Probably a couple weeks. My head is just not in the space. I wish it was. I have a million ideas but when I sit down to write, my head doesn’t go to writing places… it goes to the panic places. 

I know so many other creators and leaning in, embracing the “creative quarantine” and you guys are doing awesome work. I hope to get this point after taking a bit of a “reset” period. 

The last thing I want to do is force my writing, it never turns out well and I am not about to put out work, particularly for Maeve, that I am not proud of and don’t think is the best possible work I could be doing.

Everyone responds to stressful situations in different ways and I will fully admit I am not coping as well as I would like… and it’s okay. 

I made this post mostly to let you all know I am okay, still healthy (at the moment) but may be absent for a few weeks. I am limiting my social media in general right now but if people would like to stay in contact please feel free to DM me, I will see them. I will check my messages at least once day. If you also have my discord info, please feel free to reach out on there as discord is likely going to be the place I am most active in the coming weeks. 

I hope everyone is as well as they can be, safe and trying their best to adjust to this new normal. Be kind to yourself, be kind to others <3 

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(I’ve been buried in schoolwork as well as some unpleasant life events have happened. I’m not mentally ok right now but I’m going to try to be around more. I haven’t forgotten about you guys and I’m happy this blog has really taken off! Welcome to the new people!)

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I haven’t been very active on here with original content for a while, but I have much to update!

  • I’ve been doing lots of reading recently; I’ve read 3 books in about a week so far, and am about halfway through 2 more. I’ve set myself an achievable Goodreads challenge of 12 books for the year, mainly so I can easily keep a track of how many I’ve read.
  • I’ve been reading some favourite books from my childhood, namely short story collections by Paul Jennings.
  • A friend got me into the cozy mystery genre, and I’ve been enjoying it a lot. It’s a big change from what I have usually read (mainly historical and political nonfiction) but I think that’s good. It’s been nice to change things up and explore something new.
  • I’ve discovered I actually can read eBooks! The last time I tried was years ago when the technology wasn’t as advanced, and there were various disability reasons which made the format not accessible to me, but the technology has advanced a lot since then, and I downloaded the Kindle app and an eBook on a whim this week and read the book within a day.
  • I enjoyed the eBook so much I’ve subscribed to the free trial of Kindle unlimited, and my parents are getting me a Kindle for my birthday! My birthday is in early May but we all decided it wasn’t worth waiting around in times like this, and the Kindle will be here in a few days.
  • I’ll still be reading plenty of paper books but discovering eBooks has really broadened the horizons of what I can read, how quickly I can get it, and how much it costs.

Is there anything you want to share about your reading habits lately?

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Sorry the posting has become a bit slow the past couple weeks, everyone. I’m an “essential worker”, so I’m still going to my job every day. And we’re a lot more busy and stretched thin due to what’s going on, so I haven’t had the downtime I normally due to answer questions and whatnot.

Nevertheless, should Dobson do something stupid, assholish or hypocritical, I’ll be sure to let you know. Lol

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A marine flower comes into view and waves rather excitedly.

⟨A pleasure to finally speak to you all! You may have caught glimpses of me around already helping Tess with the adoption forms. My name is Crescendo! But you can just call me Cres for short. I heard there were only two keepers here and figured I’d lend a hand. I look forward to what the future brings and am happy to help you all with future adoptions!⟩

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a quick PSA

Hi everyone, just a quick heads up!

This blog is meant for short, kinky prompts, not sending in fully fleshed stories with a wholly thought out plot, point by point. If you have a very detailed idea (longer than what 1-2 asks would allow to write) which you’d like to read a fic about, please consider commissioning someone, submitting your idea for a fandom content exchange (like a holiday swap or a reverse Big Bang), or give it a try and start writing/drawing yourself :D

We don’t want to discourage you sending in asks, but when we get more than 3 as part of one ‘prompt’ and they’re full of worldbuilding and clear plot points (e.g. they’re in XYZ city to do QPR. A happens, then character 1 reacts this way leading to B, which then makes characer 2 do C, followed by D, and then together they end up doing E to fight off character 3, who then does F, and they reply by G, which pushes them to do H, and so on and so forth, you get the point) then it’s more than just a kink prompt, which this blog is meant for.

Like we said, there are alternatives where those prompts are more than welcome! Please do consider commissioning writers or artists to create content based on your well thought out and detailed scenarios, and send in quick, dirty, and open to interpretation prompts to the KHK blog. There is a time and space for all kinds of content in the Kylux fandom, if you’re having trouble figuring out who/which place you should turn to, we’re happy to help!

Stay safe and kinky, folks.

Yours sincerely,
KHK mods

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┌ Ah… It’s been far too long since I spoke. I’d only planned to rest a moment! Well, belated as it is, I am quite pleased to note that we’ve taken care of all the adoption forms in our inbox! On the same note, I’ve had the fortunate opportunity to get a little more help around here! Two new caretakers have joined our staff! I expect they’ll be quite eager to introduce themselves! Please do stay tuned, and I thank you ever so much for your continued patience! 

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In celebration to our favourite otaku’s birthday, this upcoming April 9, we’ve changed the icons and the blog’s left and right pictures for him!


Isn’t he just adorable?~ What would you gift him if you were given a chance to celebrate this wonderful day with Levi?

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i just wanted to pop in and say thank you for 200 followers! i haven’t decided what to do this time around, but maybe another sim dump or even a small build of some kind? i’m in the process of working on some things for myself, but when i return i’ll be sure to give you guys a little thank you gift.  ♥︎

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Hey everyone! I’m going to be turning off my Anonymous asking for a while (it’s not because of the last one I just answered, it’s for another unrelated reason). I’m really sorry because I know a lot of my followers are just shy and want to talk to me about Animal Crossing, but I’m dealing with a situation and hopefully it’ll blow over soon if I keep anon off. 

Thank you for your patience and understanding! I promise it’ll just be for a little while.

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