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rosyy-coosy · 9 months ago
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him-first · a year ago
don’t forget: God has a unique calling and purpose for your life. You will face opposition and trials. You will have days when you want to walk away from your faith, but trust me, God knows what He is doing. He has been faithful all this time, so what makes you think He will leave you stranded? Even when the enemy tries to bring you down, God is bigger and stronger than any giant you will face. Trust me, living out your calling is worth it. It isn’t easy, but it’s worth it.
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fuckyeah-bloggers · 10 months ago
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him-first · 7 months ago
reminder: 2020 has been a tough year for everyone. We have experienced many unknowns, doubts, and fears. But through it all, God has remained faithful. He is still good even if our circumstances aren't. He still loves us with the same unconditional love. His mercies are still new every morning. So whatever 2021 may bring, remember that we are not alone. God is always with us.
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xautisticsunitex · 3 months ago
Autism awareness = you’re aware we exist
Autism acceptance= accepting us as we are and not wanting us to change to fit society
Autism pride = letting us be proud of Autism and embracing who we are
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