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prokopetz · 2 months ago
A brief summary of how user engagement is tracked on Tumblr, for the newcomer:
When you like or reblog a post, that counts as user engagement for the person you liked or reblogged from, and shows up in their notifications.  
If the person you liked or reblogged a post from wasn’t the original poster (i.e., you’re liking or reblogging a reblog), it also counts as user engagement for the original poster, and shows up in their notifications as well.  
This means that user engagement from your likes and reblogs can potential accrue to two different people, the original poster and the person you liked or reblogged from.  
Consequently, you cannot “steal” user engagement from someone by reblogging their post.  
This is one of the very few areas where Tumblr actually functions more reasonably than other social media platforms.  
Note that this is only true if you use Tumblr’s built-in reblogging function. If you save someone else’s content to your local device and append it to a new post, you effectively become the original poster from that point on.  
This means that on Tumblr, “reblogging” and “reposting” are two different things; if you see someone complaining about “reposting”, this is not the same as reblogging.  
Commenting when reblogging does not affect any of this – unlike, say, Twitter, where quote-retweeting causes user engagement to accrue to the quote-retweet and not to the original tweet – and you can and should do so freely.  
However, every Tumblr user can see who exactly you reblogged a post from, which functions as a soft disincentive against making inane comments; if you make a dumb comment on a reblog, people who see your reblog may “back up” one step in the reblog chain to reblog a version of the post without your comment.  
Nobody understands tags, and there’s a fair amount of evidence that how tags work changes periodically and without warning.  
Tags are a divine mystery.
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oldinterneticons · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
Everyone loves a Blogger Guy
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amostimprobabledream · 5 months ago
-stares at menu while queue builds up behind- Hmmm...lemme get... XD Could I please please get some headcanons about the bad boys of HH and HB walking in on their S/O having a little "personal time"? So Angel Dust, Alastor, Blitzo, Striker, and anyone else you like! Thanks! <3
HA, bold of you to assume I have a queue, lovely anon. <3 But yes, you can! This is the first time I've been requested for Hazbin Hotel (or Helluva Boss, for that matter), so this is very exciting! uwu Angel Dust:
Tumblr media
- He isn't too shocked, the man works in the porn industry after all, he's probably seen more people's genitalia than a small army of doctors combined and masturbating is par the course.
- Doesn't mean he isn't going to tease the shit outta you, though. He loves it when you get flustered, and this boy knows how to talk dirty.
- "You horny lil bitch - you're havin' a good time, huh?" - It doesn't matter what your sex drive is like, I can guarantee Angel is the hornier of the two of you, so he likes seeing you being the one losing control and giving yourself over to your animal instincts.
- Still, he's not gonna just politely leave you to it. Oh, no. He's the hottest porn star in hell - if you're lookin' to get off, he can help you out~ - Prepare for a slutty spider to smack your hands/toy/etc away from your crotch and clamber on top of you. It doesn't take much to get Angel going, so I hope you weren't planning on attending something else when you were done.
- Might whip out his phone and snap a picture - not to share with anyone, but sometimes if he's at the studio and needs help getting off during a scene, he can get out the picture for some spank-bank material.
- "You could give ME a run for my money, babydoll~" Alastor:
Tumblr media
- Oh my. - Alastor may not be prone to getting horny, himself. I don't know if he feels the urge to get himself off often or at all, but he certainly isn't going to shame you if you want to do that.
- He's fascinated. No doubt he just barged the hell into your room, talking miles per minute as usual, only to witness the sinful display going on before him.
- It's difficult not to freeze when he stares at you like that, not blinking, grin etched wide on his face and the room full of buzzy white noise. Your mouth falls open but you can't think of much to say in your defence. - "My, my..."
- Unlike Angel, who is pretty much guaranteed to get frisky if he sees even a hint you're in the mood, what Alastor chooses to do next very much depends on his mood.
- Whatever the case, he will tease you so much. He loves lavishing you with compliments to get you all hot and bothered, then leaving you on tenterhooks over whether he's just going to edge you by walking off or if he intends to take care of you himself. Seeing you in a vulnerable position like that just makes his inner predator come roaring awake.
- But let's just say he is in the mood to indulge you. He'll snap his fingers and suddenly your arms and legs are being pinned down by shadows. He'll stroll up to you, calm as you please, but he can't hide how brightly his eyes are glowing with excitement, a sinister little chuckle escaping him. - "While I very much appreciate the show, darling, why don't you let Daddy show you how it's done?"
Tumblr media
- Okay so you know Blitzo's going to be a massive drama queen about it - getting off without him around? The FUCK?! - Honestly, you were probably waiting for him to get back from a mission and just couldn't be bothered to wait anymore. The horny was too strong. But he'll still overreact like the drama queen he is.
- Blitzo is indignant.
- "Hey, who the fuck said you could get started without me?!"
- Blitzo is a lot more of an open book than Angel Dust or Alastor, so he won't bother with teasing you about how needy you are, because he's clingy on a good day. So he'll just charge the bed and dive on, probably nearly throwing you off. Stay classy, Blitzy.
- He's generally very handsy with you and doesn't really grasp the concept of boundaries very well, so he has no problems with getting right down to business, grinning at you like a kid at Christmas.
- "I'll show you I'm better than some cheap-ass toy you got off those weird pervy websites I know you have accounts for!"
- He casually mentions later during a work meeting he walked in on you touching yourself - cue Moxxie and Loona shouting at him for being gross and Millie laughing her ass off. Feel free to smack him upside the head. Striker:
Tumblr media
- Boy howdy.
- As much as Striker has some similarities to Blitzo, this is one area where he differs dramatically. He isn't the kind of guy who is easy to read and mostly he's used to people falling to their knees for him, so he isn't affection-starved like Blitzo at all.
- He probably went off on some assassination gig and he won't have you contacting him when he's working, lest he get distracted, so what choice did you have but to enjoy some self-love?
- The door will open with an ominous creak and you'll hear that rattlesnake-hiss of his tail, rudely jolting you from your naughty daydreams.
- He's smirking, but there's this gleam in his eyes that immediately sets off warning bells.
- "Well, well. Looks like someone's enjoyin' themselves, huh?"
- He takes pleasure in watching you visibly lose your momentum, striking into the room slowly, door shutting behind him. You're pinioned beneath that stare of his. His mouth curves in a grin.
- "Who the fuck told you you could get yourself off without me? Looks like I'd better teach you some manners."
- Hope you picked a comfy spot to get to grips with yourself, because you won't be leaving the bed for a while - he'll leave you aching and covered in markings.
- Striker doesn't actually mind you were touching yourself, he just relishes any excuse to wrangle you into submission. But you knew that long before you started dating him, didn't you?
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likeajunglecat · 6 months ago
Happy Pride Month to bitches who finally get to be OUT during pride for the first time!
(I’m bitches)
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awriterspath · 3 months ago
6 Ways to Make Writing Fight Scenes Less Traumatic
6 Ways to Make Writing Fight Scenes Less Traumatic
To answer the question I am assuming is on all of your minds, yes, everything is traumatic to my hyperbolic little mind. Especially fight scenes. Continue reading
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audacia · 26 days ago
How To Turn Your Life Around in 7 Practical Steps 🦋🧡🧿
Tumblr media
Today I will be talking about how to turn your life around in 7 practical steps. We all get into a rut sometimes and it may feel like there's no way out. Especially near the end of the year, we can start reflecting on our progress towards our goals, the decisions we made, and the long-term plans we made. If you're feeling regretful or not proud of yourself- stop right now! You may not be exactly where you envisioned yourself to be but that's no means to worry. Turning your life around and working towards attaining your dream life is something you can start right now!
Click HERE to read the full post on my blog!
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scretladyspider · a month ago
Tumblr media
Asexuality and sex. Asexuality and if aces have sex. Asexuality and a sex drive, the spectrum of asexuality, the spectrum of different attitudes on sex… these are all important topics. I’ve written a lot about them already. I was driven to write them initially because my own experience didn’t fit what I read about and I couldn’t seem to find something that talked about the nuances. I found lots of people, but one collective source — I didn’t find that until later. I wanted to make one; I wanted to sort it out and write it down. So I did.
Read the full post here
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virtuallyinsane · 2 months ago
In case you need a good vibes boost in your life
🖤 Follow @cute-ness - with lots of cute animals, illustrations and just overal good mood vibes 🖤
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gaslighter777 · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
this doll is so beautiful and no one can tell me otherwise
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femmepathy · 6 months ago
friendly reminder : you are allowed to cut your food into fun little shapes. any shapes you want. i'm eating a strawberry cube .
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awriterspath · 7 days ago
Getting Yourself to Write
Getting Yourself to Write
Writing can be a struggle for writers of all levels, from beginning to professional. The struggle has a dreaded name: writer’s block. (more…)
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amostimprobabledream · 5 months ago
Hey there!! I was wondering if I could request headcanons about the Hazbin bois - Angel, Alastor and Husk about them listening and reacting to their s/o’s preferred music taste? I can see Angel and Alastor just casually walking by and noticing their s/o get so into it lmao😂 thanks love!❤️
Sure you can, anon! <3 Angel Dust: - While Angel died in the 1940's, he's definitely fine with modern day music, as we can attest from the Addict video. Plus when you work at a strip club you're bound to hear some new tunes whether you want to or not.
- So he quite likes finding new music to jam to, especially if you like it as well - he'd absolutely tag along with you to concerts, because "party don't start til I walk in, baby." - If he gets dancing, it's quite a sight to see. Angel is like 70% legs and he knows how to throw it back with the best of them. He definitely likes rauchy music, but he'll also be happy to scream out some of his daddy issues to metal or something. He looks good in everything so there probably aren't many genres he dislikes.
- And yes, he does like pop a lot too. You'll frequently see him strutting around, trying out the "look" of some pop divas from hell or earth, sometimes he gets inspired to try out a drag routine based off a singer.
- If he catches you singing or dancing, he'll unabashedly join in, probably outshining you while he does it, the incorrigible little show-off. Only in the privacy of the hotel, though - he does have a rep to maintain!
- Will make a playlist of songs you both like to listen to when you fuck. Alastor: - Okay so Alastor is kind of a music snob. He doesn't like much of the technology after his death, so I don't think he's going to be into it if you're blasting house or techno from some giant speakers.
- That being said, he loves electro swing, so if you're playing that, it'll summon him like you have him on speed dial - he'll probably even drag you into a dance if you're not careful. He doesn't mind if you're terrible, either - just follow his lead, dear!
- He ALSO has a total love of musicals. They were very popular around the time he was alive, so if he hears you belting out some showtunes, he'll be interested. I can see him being a fan of Little Shop of Horrors - people trusting a bloodthirsty, charming, man-eating plant over their better judgement because of greed? Marvellous!
- He's a good singer, we already know, so if you catch him in a particularly jolly mood he might be willing to sing some jingles from his radio host days that still stick with him in hell. He does have fond memories of his old profession and the murdering he did on the dl
- If he catches you singing or dancing, he'll watch you like you're his own personal show and gives one of this condescending little chuckles if you get embarrassed.
- "Don't mind me, dear, it was QUITE entertaining..." Husk: - Husk is an interesting case because even if he doesn't necessarily like loud music being blasted around him, thanks to his sensitive cat-hearing, he is also quite curious about things his s/o likes.
- I don't think he'd like anything too taxing on the ears like screamo and being a grumpy old man he finds rap and hiphop difficult to keep up with.
- He's probably more into chill music, especially since he's gonna be nursing a hangover a lot of the time or in the middle of a nap. I'm thinking stuff like Death Cab for Cutie and stuff like that.
- He will NOT dance with you under any circumstances. The best you can hope for is him standing there next to you while you bounce around beside him.
- That being said, if there is a band or show or whatever you're especially passionate about, he'll humour you by trying it out - not because he thinks it's cute how excited you get or anything, it's just you've mentioned it so much he might as well see what all the fuss is about. That's all!
- Sure, Jan.
- Don't get it twisted - he can put on airs of indifference all he likes, but if he sees you bopping to something on your headphones or humming lyrics to yourself, it brings a little smile to his face. Maybe music isn't so annoying when it's coming from you.
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unsahikable · 8 months ago
Guys I'd say you're not gonna believe this, but now that I think about it it's entirely in line with the spirit of the internet these days,
Look at this
Tumblr media
And yes, it has. Reviews.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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green-cannaclectic · 2 months ago
First Step of Many
I am beginning my journey to understanding myself in a new light. My previous understanding of myself, the one I have built my entire life on, is founded in negativity and severely flawed. I am wanting to evolve myself and my energy into a form that pays respect to the power it has taken to sustain my existence up to this point.
Tumblr media
I am flawed
I have an understanding of this deeper than any other being that knows me. I am working to reflect and strengthen my relationship with my energy. I am honestly amazed at how much energy this has taken from me over the past week. But I have also never been in tune with myself in this way. Please see my humble little beginnings below.
Humble Beginnings
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
This is what I have so far:
Many index cards filled with sigils I have been dabbling with.
Clear quarts (not in good shape. Looking to get another when I get paid)
Himalayan pink salt chunk
Mortar and pestle (aka cat bowl and beach stone)
Magnetic balls
Cleansing salt
A jar spell I made for self-positivity and protection.
I have been working on the following:
Research. I have what I suppose could be called a grimoire of sorts started in my OneNote (soon to be transferred to paper once my self-confidence goes up)
Collecting. By this I mean taking inventory of the things I already had in my apartment and hoarding what I want to use in my craft by my spot on the couch. My husband has yet to ask any questions.
More research. I know this is never ending and I am so excited about it.
Meditation. This has been difficult for me. More difficult than I expected, as I seem to have forgotten my naturally restless mind. I have been using my magnetic balls and clear quartz as well as some relaxation incense (and schweed). This has helped a lot, but I am still practicing and learning.
Sigils. I have found a way to make sigils that I like A LOT. So what if they are boring. They are imbued with my intent and I really think this has been strengthening my energy.
Sleeping. This has been, so far, the only thing worrying me. I already have issues with sleeping at night (for instance it is 4am and I am way awake), but I haven't been able to stay awake during the day this week. I have been doing work at my makeshift alter for the last week and it has been strangely exhausting. I may need to slow it down a bit.
Tumblr media
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peachyy-needs-cream · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
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