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So blogilates posted a tiktok saying use a banana test to see if you’re hungry…

She says that if a banana wouldn’t satisfy you but a burger or cookie would then you’re not hungry but if a banana would then go eat.

We not gonna talk about how behavior like that is how a LOT of EDs get started? I used to love her but like… that rubs me the wrong way.

And she does stuff like “Beautiful Arm Slimdown” which to me is like… arms aren’t beautiful unless they’re slim? Huh???? Idk. Maybe I’m being too critical but some of her things are concerning.

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Journal entry #131

Date: 5/19/20

Today’s mood:🙂

Amount of water (cups): 4

Skincare routine:✅❎

Dental hygiene:✅✅




Today’s talk: Had my first actual PT session today and it was tough. By the last exercise, my legs were shaking. Besides how weak my knees are, it also showed that I’m not very good expressing pain or discomfort and my physical therapist knows it. Wasn’t too sore after the session though so that’s a good thing for me. I had my car today so I went to go pick up my mom and bought the rest of my boyfriend’s gift for our anniversary (just candy and a card.) Rest of the day was spent laying in bed to rest my joints and watching Netflix.

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I still can’t grasp how to uptakr fatt amount while eating healthy, cos I don’t want to stuff my self with all those butter or oils :(

MAKROS /g (over/left)

Over-eating carbs again today 7

Protein 65 (-13 )

Carbs (total) 51 (+31) | Net 38 g [goal 20]

Fiber 13 (-12)

Fat 64 (-66)


Warmup 1 set

Core crusher 4 sets

Total body flexibility 1 set

Feel good stretches for splits -> vid. link (

cheers ❤

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Finally my cotton mask is arrived!!! that pastel mint colour ❤

Yay I don’t have to worry searching disposable mask. But remember guys, keep that distance! it’s not over yet


Summary day 7


warmup 1 set

PIIT28 Booty lift 4 sets

lower body flexibility 1 set

Cycling leisurely 24 mins - ca. 6.2 km

walking leisurely 24 mins - 2 km

(wow what a coincidence!)



• joghurt 100 g - 80 kcal

• whey protein 25 g (1 scoop) - 101 kcal


• Romana lettuce 100 g - 17 kcal

• chicken breast with curry sauce - 234 kcal


• Romana lettuce 100 g - 17 kcal

• Bratwurst 90 g - 349 kcal

• Butter 1 tsp - 33 kcal

• Bulletproof coffee - 33 kcal

• olive oil 15 ml - 124 kcal


• fathead flatbread 6 servings - 196 kcal

• soja snack 5 g - 23 kcal

• coconut water 300 ml - 16 kcal

total 1207 Kcal


Protein 83 g (over 16 g)

Carbs 27 g (over 9 g)

Fat 82 g (minus 39 g)

Keto is hard 🤪

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Hey everyone, itistheanne! <3 

It’s been a long time coming from when I last felt comfortable posting here. This was supposed to be my safe space where I’m supposed to pour my heart out and post about anything and everything that I want to. 

Sadly over the years, I had been very preoccupied with my job at a theme park. (I keep on saying this, right?) It was a very favorable job for me so I poured my all into that job. Then came COVID-19. And all our lives had been put into a pause. 

It was really hard to adjust to a life where you spend all day long inside your house and I swear on some days then, I was about to lose my sanity. Luckily, I have friends who pulled me out of the hole by making sure I get to talk to them everyday. 

Social media had somehow put a pressure on me as well (my close friends would know that I deleted my FB app at my phone but then I have Instagram still) and I kept seeing all these people starting a quarantine routine. Some would spend their days learning how to cook but then I have my girlfriend who does that for me. Some would even have their OOTD’s or MOD’s at home! Now, I am too lazy for that. Some would spend their days towards having a glow up. Now, that got me intrigued. Why? I had wanted to keep a fit body but for so long, food is always within my reach and it was pretty easy for me to dwell on working as a reason for me not to exercise. But now, what is there to stop me?

Of course, when you work out, you must have a certain goal and at first, it was for me to look better, to loosen my arm fat, and not to feel heavy all the time. I got too conscious after I heard a workmate make a remark that I am getting big (imagine that with my small height), especially my arms. My arms had been a big dilemma to me all throughout these years. 

Then began my fitness journey. I did 10 minutes worth of workouts at first. I watched workouts by Chloe Ting, blogilates, and Emi Wong. Then later, I found out about The Fitness Marshall’s dance workouts. After a month, I can exercise for a whole 30 minutes! But I was not seeing the results that I like. 

So I opened up to a friend, Kim, someone who’d push me to workout. And she told me that maybe it was because I kept on doing different exercises. And I really did as I thought, just moving my body would get me to become thinner. But nah-ah. 

After some time, I also had to change my perspective as I was getting tired and I felt that I was just dragging myself to exercise. What is really the reason why I wanted to workout? In the end, I realized that half of the things I wanna do, I end up not doing because I don’t believe that I can. So— with my friend’s guidance, I began another month of workout. This time, I am going to stick to a routine. 

Workout time, amigas! 

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PIIT28 - DAY 5

My food was disastrous today! I had stress cos all of the noises my landlord mak. He was drilling, hammering, drilling, hammering since the morning! Luckily ge was silent during my meeting (pheww).

Did my PIIT28 on the hallway as from the living room you can lit. see outside and they’re there drilling and installing unidentified things 🤔


Summary day 5


warmup 1 set

Cardio champ PIIT DAY 5 - 4 sets

-didn’t do the flexibility-

biking 50 min ca. 12 km



müsli 50 g - 203 kcal

lactose free milk 100 ml - 66 kcal


spaghetti bolognese - 435 kcal

spaghetti 75 g - 263 kcal

bolognese sauce 200 g - 172 kcal


cubanese sandwich - 600 kcal (roughly)

Rum cocktail - 200 kcal


Macadamias 50 g - 378 kcal

total 1720 kcal (roughly can be more)

Let’s get back to track start tomorrow! Anyway I’ll try to do keto diet start from tomorrow! *finger crossed*

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Hello!! Haven’t posted in awhile. Haven’t been motivated to do anything but sleep and play video games lol. But! I’m feeling a lot better ( thinking it’s cause my period starts soon lol) I have made myself some daily goals!

  • To drink 170 oz of water
  • Eat no more then 1,563 calories
  • Be outside for at lest 30 min
  • And try to workout everyday!

I was working out everyday but I noticed I’ve been feeling sick more. So I stoped for a few days and noticed it go away. So I think I’m going to working either 5 days a week and yoga/stretching on the weekends or workout every other day with you ha in between!

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PIIT28 - DAY 4

Actually I’m not in the mood today for workout. Had this thought to skip and change it to day 6 (rest day)..but u know… had the same case before and after a day rest then the next day the chance to skip is higher…so I just pushed it… andddd I made it! so proud of myself


Originally posted by enews



Warmup 1 set

Lean body 4 sets

Total body flexibility 1 set


Breakfast: 323 kcal

muesli 50 g - 203 kcal

yoghurt 3.8% fett 110 g - 88 kcal

sultanien 10 g - 32 kcal


spaghetti bologbese 1 serving - 452 kcal

vollkorn spaghetti 80 g - 280 kcal

bolognese sauce 200 g- 172 kcal


korean veggies pancake 1 serving - 320 kcal


I had bunch of snacks (cos someone brought cake) here and there in small portion, roighly maybe around 300 kcal

total: 1400 kcal

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PIIT28 - DAY 3

I’m working out in the morninggg!!! In the morning guys! such a miracle for me who is a night-owl 🤪

What is more shocking is I did the workout during my rest time while working at home #quarantinelife 😱😱😱 … Can’t believe it!!

anyway summary of day 3:


Morning session:

Warmup 1 set

Ultimate upper body 4xsets

Upper body flexibility 1 set

Afternoon session:

leisurely walking 50 min

Evening session:

Lean arm cardio pilates 1 set

#behindstory: I decided to do the arm challenge as I couldn’t manage to finish some exercise during PIIT28 till the end. Reason: I hate hops! and it has lit. hops in almost every moves :(



• impact whey protein strawberry stevia (myProtein) 1 scoop - 101 kcal

• Lactose free milk 100 ml - 66 kcal

• water 150 ml - 0 kcal


• vollkorn toast 2 slices (74 g) - 188 kcal

• cheddar cheese 2 slices (21.4 g) -168 kcal

• mixed leaves salad 2 handful - 20 kcal

• chicken breast (pan fried) 100 g - 187 kcal


• chocolate muesli 40 g - 162 kcal

• yoghurt 3.8% fett 100 g - 88 kcal

• whey protein strawberry stevia 1 scoop - 101 kcal

Snacks : -

total: 1081 kcal

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Class schedule for Pop Pilates and Zumba this week!!! DM me for access to the private FB group and enjoy this 2 great classes🤗 Class Price is $5 drop in and $15 for the month♥️ #POPPILATES #POPARMY #Zumba #zincommunity #virtualfitness #fitness #getbendy #dancing #blogifam #blogilates #popster #kettlesocial #kettleathletes #hcfitnesstexas #hcfitnesslatino (at Devine, Texas)

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Okay today I finished my blogilstes workout calendar! 💪👏 this is an accomplishment and I need to remember that!



I gained weight and look fatter. I started by keeping my diet the same, but doing intermittent fasting. Then I started counting calories and intermittent fasting. This has been for the past week and a half. I am eating about 1,350 calories a day.

I feel like I am working so hard, but not seeing anything. I know the changes come slow, but I guess I was hoping to see slight positive changes.


Help? How do I stay positive and figure out what is going to work for me?

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So there’s this workout program that I purchased looooooong time ago (idk around 2016), but I’ve never managed to finish it cos I’m lack of motivation and nothing really pushed me to do it.

I decide today I’ll re-challenge myself again and finish strong this time. At the end I’ll reward myself (I’m saving atm to buy foreo luna 3)



Bicep 27 cm (L) , 27.3 cm ®

Bust 87 cm

Chest 77.5 cm

Waist 79 cm

Hips 94.5 cm

Thigh 59.5 cm (L) , 60 cm®


Day 1


Abdomination 4 sets

Total body flexibility 1 set

On top of that I’m adding cardio

Trail running 60 min - 10 km



I didn’t do anything special or limit myself

Breakfast: -skipped- (woke up late)


Sweet potato 130 g - 350 kcal

Apple 150 g - 78 kcal

pempek (fishcake) 100 g - 117 kcal


macadamia nuts 20 g - 151 kcal

Thai tea 200 ml - 100 kcal


불낙라면 1 package - 550 kcal

Spinach 1 handful - 20 kcal

total 1366 kcal

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Journal entry #130 & 131📝

Date: 5/9/20 & 5/10/20

Today’s mood: 😶

Amount of water (cups): 4/12

Skincare routine:✅✅/✅✅

Dental hygiene:❎✅/✅✅




Today’s talk: I’ve decided to combine the weekend since I did the same stuff and nothing changed. Watched YouTube or Netflix all day and wasn’t really productive besides my stretching and exercising. Still feeling like shit though. Hate my body and hate eating.

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Feel like Cassey it trying to kill me with today’s workout 😂 lol. Just did the first round of Booty Lift and OMG I’m sweating 😅 taking a couple of breaks here and there. Started feeling a bit sick and dizzy. I’ll see how much more I can do, but if I’m still feeling dizzy then I’m going to call it quits for the night 😥

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So last Thursday I decided to start going through the POP Pilates for Beginners videos with the aim of doing one of her workout videos everyday, for an unknown length of time but at least two months. She’s definitely fun and encouraging and the exercises (I may have peeked ahead quite a bit) look interesting.
With the 7 day challenges as well I’m quite excited to be able to do those once I’ve got to that point.
This isn’t the only exercise I’m doing as I’ve still got my running and my kettlebell workout on alternate days (except Sundays which is just this).

I’ve taken my ‘start’ photos for this challenge so I’ll prob take one at the end of each month for progress ideas… hopefully see muscle tone become a bit more prominent eventually.

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Sooo today wasn’t a good day with food. For Starters my period stayed for en extra day and I’ve been craving chocolate. Then I ordered sushi and a veggie bowl which was really good. But my mom asked me to make meet loaf for diner and my god it smells sooo good 🤤 and to top it all off, my dad saw that I have been feeling down for the past couple of days so he got me a coke cherry slurpee! But tomorrow is going to be a better day!! Going to workout after dinner and watch some tv and chill!!

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