indeliblequill · a month ago
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So this happened. From Eccentric Corner, we are now collaborating on writing stories together as well. And by writing together I mean, we actually live-wrote most of it on chat. Also, this is the first time I have tried my hand at a crossover. Anyway, here it is, the fruit of one late night texting and giggling and story-writing. Link in bio #indeliblequill #indelible #quill #krabbit #sare #sleepyarcher #fanfiction #writingcommunity #blogwriting #blogger #blogspot #harrypotter #mzds #theuntamed #crossover https://www.instagram.com/p/Cddd4cohsGF/?igshid=NGJjMDIxMWI=
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lostinthought-blogstuff · 9 months ago
0. An Introduction
Hey, is this thing on?
I told myself today I was going to write a blog. I have no expectations for this, no hopes or plans going forward, I might never write anything again. The fact I began is enough for me. I usually struggle to begin new things for fear of failure, I think it must have been something taught to us at school, having to always strive for the best grades or the best
I have this bad habit of only doing things I'm good at, which is obviously limiting at times. I'm aware I am not a massively talented writer, but I like the feeling of writing my thoughts down and seeing the words on the page. So I am breaking the habit, I made a blog. All that's next is to continue writing and updating. Who knows, maybe I'll learn something.
Until next time, -AC
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contentwrting · 8 months ago
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dgitaldata · 10 months ago
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lockdowninspired · a year ago
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delightsdigital · a year ago
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ramsankarcs · 2 years ago
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Ram Sankar
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coolavanti · a year ago
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