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#bloo talks
blo0pkin · a month ago
Me: hey this is a fun art idea. You should draw it.
Also me: mmmm but you can play Minecraft
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cards-ofthemoon · a month ago
Announcement !
Mun Bloo: Hi everyone, it's Bloo !!
I decided to revamp and reboot my DL blog, formerly known as @diabolik-wolves, and start from scratch! I will still be using Mika (now known as Mika Oshitari) , however she has gone through so much changes since the last time you've seen her!
I'm so excited to re-introduce her as well as develop and create more content with her relationship with Shin! The blog is still under major works but the ask box is open!
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bloonstuff · a year ago
skam austin couldn’t have cast clay better
he is the literal worst. his face alone makes me want to bury my fist in it
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bloo-star-sinner · 2 years ago
People who are Cisphobic are anti LGB. If you don’t like cis people, you’re anti Straight AND Lesbian, Gay, and Bi. You’re excluding ALL cis people in the LG and B. Maybe Don’t hate on people for being the gender they were assigned at birth. That is literally the same as a cis person being Trans phobic for not being cis, maybe don’t do that, maybe think before you hate most of the population you anti social Moths. 
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canolatie · 4 months ago
what if we just started posting tally hall shit that everyone has already seen on tumblr. like just. screenshots of stuff. and videos and photos and whatnot. people used to do it all the time we ought to bring it back it was so strange
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big-dumb-aliens · a month ago
can we learn more about each alien? like their personalities and little things abt them!
oh, and may i give each a pat on the head? :3c
Quill: They are mainly extroverted unless approached by someone who gives them bad vibes, and will not hesitate to tell someone off if need be. ("yAY petS :0")
Pepsi: A little feral bastard, put a box over them and they become crab. (they will bite ur hand if you pet them)
Cassandra: Very standoffish and can be aggressive at times, if you manage to befriend them, she will start to open up to you a little bit. ("I will accept the pets but I am highly offended by it")
Silas: An asshole most of the time, he does things because they're funny. He does not like being funny alien but doesn't really wanna stay in his human disguise because that feels weird now so he's in a perpetual state of :( Also He's Trans (he will accept pats, but be warned, he will verbally insult you)
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blo0pkin · 2 months ago
Someone called me schlatt the other day and that is honestly the worst insult anyone has ever said to me
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hennesiy · 9 months ago
I feel like I need to say a little something-something despite just being here for making graphics and disliking drama+digging into artists personal lives in general.
Nafla leaving MKIT changes absolutely nothing for me, and I will continue to support him, Loopy and Bloo. I’ve been with him before MKIT even existed, so believe me when I say that I ain’t going anywhere - ever.
I like him as an artist, not for being under MKIT. I like his music, I always will and I trust his decision fully.
There is no “betrayal” from his side. He is an artist who has decided to leave a label after discussing it for a long time as stated in the official ig post. We do not know the reasons for it nor do we know for how long this has been discussed - forcing a theory because of recent events does more harm than good. I also think assuming he would stop being in contact with his best friend of many many years just because they will not be under the same label anymore is plain stupid, and spamming their DMs will not help anyone.
Felt like I needed to throw my side in, being a fan of his for five years and counting.
If anyone wants to talk about anything that happened this awful year - feel free to hmu, I promise I do not bite.
- hennesiy ❤️
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bloonstuff · a year ago
So I haven’t seen It Chapter 2 yet but like it’s totally all over my feed so I’ve seen a bunch of spoilers (I don’t mind that!) but like... now I’m scared to watch it.
Not because of the scary clown boy but it like looks really sad. Is it as sad as all these gif sets are leading me to believe and is it worth it?!
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mooshys · 8 months ago
something tells me that atsumu and osamu talk like sims to each other just to freak people out at times and make them think they have their own twin language that only they can understand
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heyboyitsyeol · a year ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
{badboyloo insta update 05-09-20}
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batdadrph · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
the road's been bumpy as all hell, but... lemme know if you're down to join an oc supers group on Discord with an emphasis on domestic life and schooling! and also underlying tones questioning right and wrong, what counts as extremism, etc. we just did a soft opening today and plan on being a lowkey thing sticking to 20 players or (more likely cuz we wanna keep it tightknit) less~
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dawningofdrag · 4 months ago
bedroom song my beloved <33333
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hooneybaek · 7 months ago
Tumblr media
Hi guys, checking in to let you guys know (if anyone is still caring about me lol it’s totes okay if not, I know I have fallen off the radar - hard) I am ALIVE and working hard to put more stories out into this little world. To the ppl who are still in my asks checking in on me, I love you so much and I can’t wait to post new things for you to read (hopefully real soon 🥰)!!
Plz don’t mind the stupid folder names I came up with to keep myself on track, it’s the only way I’m able to focus on one thing at a time lolol hope you guys are having a good New Year!!! 💕
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chlorineacoustic · 5 months ago
off topic but I wanna redo my mobile theme to be era colors bc they r finally pretty 🥺
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bloo-the-dragon · 2 months ago
I just came to a somewhat horrifying realisation that Izuku has become like that sheep from Chirin’s Bell and i don’t know how to feel about that...
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blo0pkin · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
I’m sorry what
What are you trying to sell me here Tumblr
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