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#blood cw

Whumptober 2020 Day 27 Altprompt #5: Stoic Whumpees

Headcanon time!! =D

Botta lends himself to the Stoic Whumpee trope absolutely beautifully, what with the way he’s constantly taking whatever shit comes at him with an “Aw fuck” attitude and all. I like to think that he’s reeeally good at controlling his breathing in particular (Which is ironic, now that I think about it??) and just going faaar, far away inside to an almost insane (and possibly a bit self-destructive) degree. That is, unless you tighten his necktie or something. =3

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[ID: a digitally drawn bust of Jim Pickens. He is holding a bloodied knife in one hand, and there are blood splatters on his hand, clothes, and face. He is grinning, showing bloodied fangs, and pointing with his other hand towards the knife. He is saying “It’s jam…” // End.]

Jim’s jam. Putting the Jim in jam since jam was first Jimmed. Anyway. Jim Pickens but he’s drawn by someone who just used their old art as a reference, instead of using screenshots.

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Whoops found this in my drafts I thought I posted this.

New icon for Halloween!!! Spooky, blood, ooooo~

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Why isn’t it socially acceptable to wear fake blood around in any other season but Halloween? I want to look like I made out with a fresh corpse

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