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#blood mention

Entry 8: how could water not be wet? It’s water! And then how would it make things wet if it itself wasn’t wet first?

Entry 18: jan is.. I don’t like him. He… When I was younger, and even now, he’s just been really mean to me.. Maybe I’m just overreacting

Entry 12: I feel sick, so I’ll probably stop writing in here for a little bit :/

Entry 7: look at these cool glitter pens I got! :D

Entry 19: I’m gonna stop writing in here for a while.. Pat and Virge found it and made fun of it, so.. Yeah

Entry 11: I met someone new today! They say their name is @$3)-38$3! I like them a lot, they’re funny! I got their phone number, so I hope we can both keep in touch!

Entry 9: ughhh I’m so tired from schooool

Entry 21: I really hate this house

Entry 15: have I mentioned how much I don’t like dad? He’s okay, and all, but he just.. I dunno, I just don’t really like him

Entry #-$&: … I really miss when 5-8!&# 2343 #8?0)34, 2-3! 8 $8$!5 (!92 -92 -@4$ )8%3 8# 635

[The entry number and most of the writing is crossed out]

Entry 13: Today was pretty good, Jan was kinda mean but hey, can’t really do anything about that :P maybe he just had a bad day

Entry 20: okay! I think it’s safe to write in here again :D

Entry 16: mom and dad are fighting again. I think the worst part about their fights is that they don’t yell

Entry 10: I got some cute plushies today! Although jan made fun of them but.. I guess they are kinda childish..

Entry 14: Today was kinda meh, I’ve been feeling a bit more b l e h recently, and Jan has still been more mean than usual.. Not that he’s usually mean, of course! He’s my brother, he couldn’t be mean

Entry 17: remember that kitten we got a few months ago? Well, dad is yelling at it again. Do you think.. He’ll start yelling more at us again?

Entry 22: do you think anyone would care.. If maybe I were to just… Take dad’s gun and

[The rest of the page is unreadable, covered in blood.]

[Put the diary down?]

[Yes] [No]

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[It seems you’ve found an old diary. It is red, with some spots seeming like a different shade of red than others. This different shade of red also seems to be on the pages as well. There’s nothing on the front but a name, Remus, written in what looks like green glitter pen]

[Open it?]

[Yes] [No]

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About Dermatophagia

Since dermatophagia isn’t often addressed I thought I’d make a post about what it is, so here we go:

What is dermatophagia?

  • Dermatophagia (literally translates to skin eating) is a body focused repetitive behavior or body focused repetitive behavior disorder (BFRB)
  • BFRBs are disorders that have been described as related to anxiety disorders and/or obsessive compulsive disorders, though those may ultimately not be accurate. They imply a repetitive, compulsive behavior performed on one’s own body to the point of causing physical harm or intense emotional/social discomfort.
  • Some of the most well known BFRBs are dermatillomania (skin picking) and trichotillomania (hair picking/pulling), but BFRBs include onychophagia (nail biting), trichophagia (hair eating), and others.
  • Dermatophagia is a body focused repetitive behavior revolving around biting or eating one’s own skin. Often the biting is direct, but as far as I can tell it can occasionally co-occur with dermatillomania, in that people will pick at their skin and then eat what they pick or peel off in what becomes a cycle.
  • Dermatophagia often occurs on the insides of the cheeks, on the lips, and on the hands (especially fingers), but can happen on pretty much any part of the body you can get to your mouth.
  • Dermatophagia can be triggered by certain events or emotions, and it can also be an unconscious response that you may not even realize happened until later.

Why am I talking about dermatophagia?

  • I suffered from dermatophagia for around a decade, from around the age of 10 until March of last year. Ultimately the only thing that helped me stop was the necessity of wearing masks and not touching my face, making me unable to reach my mouth to bite. I still get the urge to bite sometimes, and I have occasionally slid back into the habit, even after almost a year.
  • I experienced many deeply uncomfortable situations while I was actively biting, both physically (I would bite until I bled, my knuckles were calloused and scarred and nearly permanently red and swollen, it became difficult to bend my thumbs, and the pain made it hard to do things like hold pencils or type) and emotionally (I became insecure about my hands and hated them being seen or looked at, I was convinced people were judging me whenever I caught myself biting my fingers, and I thought of my hands as ugly). These are just some of the difficulties people might have when dealing with dermatophagia.
  • Dermatophagia is one of the less discussed BFRBs. People with dermatophagia are often ashamed of their behavior and how difficult it is to stop, and because there isn’t much discussion about it, people often don’t know that there’s a name for the behavior. They are likely to dismiss it as a “bad habit” and judge themselves for it.
  • Because of the lack of discussion around dermatophagia, I find it important to talk about, so people who have it and people who don’t alike can be better informed.

What can I do if I/someone I know has dermatophagia?

  • There is no one-size-fits-all “cure” for dermatophagia. What worked for someone else may not work for you, and what works for you may not work for them.
  • That said, one of the important things to do is keep the bites clean. If you bite your hands especially, it is important that you wash them or use hand sanitizer on a consistent basis. It is important because the bites can get infected, and infection is painful and can cause more harm.
  • If you know someone who has dermatophagia, the best thing you can do is support them and ask them what they need, and listen to them when they express it. Prompting them to stop when they either haven’t asked you to or have directly expressed that they don’t want you to can be upsetting and cause distress, as can bringing attention to the behavior when you notice it. It’s natural to feel concerned when you believe someone you care about is hurting themselves, and at the same time, your concern should not be the focus.
  • This should be obvious, but if you don’t know a person well and notice them biting/marks on their skin/other indicators of a skin condition (dermatophagia or not), for the love of god don’t call attention to it. Don’t ask them what happened, it’s none of your business and they do not owe you an explanation about their disorder or condition. Often it results only in them feeling self-conscious. Again, this goes for all skin conditions, not just dermatophagia.

In conclusion:

Dermatophagia is a disorder, not a bad habit, and it can cause emotional distress and physical pain. It’s important not to judge people who have dermatophagia, including yourself, and to take it seriously as what it is— a BFRB. There are a variety of techniques to stop or curb biting, including (but not limited to) finding something else to bite, moisturizing or using chapstick to get rid of hanging skin that you might feel compelled to “clean up”, wearing gloves/a mask, and therapy to address the underlying causes/triggers for dermatophagia. A technique may work for you but not for someone else, and vice-versa. I’m someone speaking from my experience about dermatophagia, which may differ significantly from others, but ultimately I believe in the importance of spreading at least the name so that people who need it can put their experience into words and context.

People without dermatophagia can reblog this, and in fact I encourage you to.

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One day, Villain stopped pulling out their knives when they met.

“What, scared to dull your blades?”

No matter what taunts Hero threw, Villain’s eyes never wavered from behind the mask. They simply lifted their fists and the ongoing fight would resume. At first, Hero puzzled at this behaviour. What kind of Villain gives up an advantage against their enemy?

Other vigilantes noticed too. “Hey Hero, it sword of sound’s like you’re losing your edge.”

“How’s it going at the kiddy table of fighting evil?”

“I hear Villain’s been handling you well. Invite me to the wedding?“

Hero returned with scathing responses, refusing to admit they didn’t know why Villain was doing this. It was bringing them an entirely different kind of fame than what they wanted. Their reputation was taking a brutal hit.

The teasing got worse when Villain was caught escaping across rooftops and refused to fight. Hero threw a few half-hearted punches before their conscience piped up. Sweating under the intense gaze of Villain, Hero cocked a hip with a confident grin.

"What, we’re upgrading from physical to verbal sparring now?”

Villain smiled in response.

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As  a  dhampir  Elizabeta  possesses  a  heightened  sense  of  smell  ,  enabling  her  to  perform  tasks  that  would  be  impossible  for  a  normal  human  ;  detecting  and  tracking  specific  people  /  supernatural  creatures  ,  identifying objects  by smell  alone  ,  etc.

My  personal  favourite  of  its  applications  ,  is  that  it  also  enables  her  to  detect  and  identify  different  blood  types  ,  and  even  identify  different  poisons  /  whatever  in  food  and  drinks  .

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for future music rec references, pls don’t send ones about drugs (or are v blatantly abt drug use) for personal reasons

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Lmao this is going to make me look like a complete weirdo but yes 💀🤧

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@ascendedswordsman​   :    ❛ Are you okay? ❜


     ahri’s head lifts suddenly, ears poised to listen     as a voice reaches her from the trees. she peers at the man for a moment, confused as to why he’s asking after her health — until she remembers the taste of blood on her lips, the stain of crimson on her fingertips. golden eyes blink and ahri giggles lowly as she licks the remnants of her meal away from the corners of her mouth.     “ oh, yes. better than okay. ”     she answers, stepping closer to the stranger with a curious tilt of her head & the flick of her ears.     “ are you okay ? i’ve never seen you here before …     not that it’s a bad thing. ahri loves visitors … and luckily for the stranger, she’s just been fed. she smiles at him expectantly, hands still stained with gore.

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HEADCANON ★ Talking abt shit in Discord rn… won’t spoil what those convos were abt thematically, as they’re kinda blog-spoilery… but I WILL say this.

Aku’s janitor has seen some shit, working for him. Cleaning up blood / viscera and a host of other unpleasant messes is literally just an ordinary, everyday occurrence working for him; and there’s no shortage of work to be had as long as you do your job quickly, efficiently, and have a strong stomach. As a result, you’d be surprised, but his janitors ( yes, there’s a small team of them! ) all are paid well above minimum wage, are provided boarding at the citadel, and are expected to be on-call 24/7.

Like, Aku. Do you really kill folks that often? Are messes THAT big of an emergency?

                                                                                         — Yes he does, and yes they are.

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I stubbed my pinkie toe n it hurt but I was just like “whatever” n then 10 mins later I looked at it n it was bleeding

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So I really like Drew and that unfortunately, for them, means that they get much harsher whump than both Zeke or Brody combined.

Continuation of this (warning graphic mouth whump)

Tagging: @starnight-whump, @unicornscotty, @abitefullofeverything, and @tears-and-lilies

CW: wing whump, stress position, defiant whumpee, winged whumpee, muzzle, captivity, cruel whumper, no comfort, restrained, wing clipping, blood mention

A Quick Clip

They glared up at the pack leader with eyes full of hatred. The muzzle they wore was stiff and had a harsh metal bit inside that the avian could bite down on. Their mouth was still sore from the abuse it suffered that few days prior. The fact they were forced to wear this harsh muzzle was just cruel but they wouldn’t let it show that they were bothered. 

Their wings were free to extend but they weren’t able to get up from a kneeling position. Their wrists were attached to a ring on the floor to keep them in a submissive posture. They had a defiant look in their eyes as they watched the canine pack leader as he strode over to the captive avian.

“Comfortable? You wretched little feathered rat? You’re lucky your kind is so rare around these parts or you would’ve been killed already.” He said as he tilted their chin to get a better look at Drew’s face. 

When the lead canine pulled his hand away there was a bit of blood on his fingers. He wiped it carelessly into the avian’s golden hair. The canine walked around the bird and watched as they whipped their head around to watch carefully. Clawed fingers ran across the feathered arm of Drew’s wing and made it tremble. 

“Your wings, while beautiful, are pretty useless to you right now. You know. I’m feeling generous… would you rather I clip your wings or break one of them?” The canine asked cruelly. He watched as the avian’s eyes widened in fear but they tried not to let that emotion escape. 

Drew shook their head and grunted softly into the muzzle. While both options sounded horrible to them, they preferred their wings be clipped over being broken. The metal bit mixed with the metallic taste of their blood left an unpleasant taste in their mouth as they tried to yell curses at the canine. 

The pack leader perked his ears, “what was that? You want me to break one of your precious wings?” He asked with a smile on his face. 

Drew quickly began to shake their head and struggle against the rope holding their wrists. They looked up with pleading eyes and shook their head again. The canine pulled the wing out so it was fully extended and stroked his fingers through their slender feathers, making them squirm.

He produced a pair of scissors and started snipping the flight feathers down. Drew could hardly stand to watch the process as their beautiful golden wings were tarnished to nothing up ragged pieces of feather. They couldn’t help but stare at the cut feather pieces that now littered the floor around them. The leader went around to the other wing and began the same process and even yanked some of the other feathers out instead. The action was met with a muffled cry and the entire wing flinching in pain. 

Finally it’s done. Their once beautiful wings that shimmered like sun rays on the water were now nothing more than a cruel joke. The canine gives a harsh whistle while the avian marvels that their wings are useless. 

Several more canines suddenly appear at Drew’s side and take hold of their ugly wings. Each appendage is extended and pulled out to a point where their shoulders ache. Something like rope is tied around the end of the arm of their wing before it is tied to a column on each side. Their wings stretch and strain in the new position, one that offers no relief no matter how much they attempt to try. Their back is sore and their shoulder blades throb with a dull pain. 

They make a variety of unbird-like noises to ward off any approaching canines. They carefully plan an attempt to escape, one that will be guaranteed freedom. But for now they wait on their knees, displayed as a sadistic show of power and wealth.

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also could i perhaps 👀👀👀 hear some physical descriptions of ones you’d like to see the most??

Oh goodness here’s the Memojis I made for them


So the top one is Arthur Thorne

Going from right to left we have Aldolfo Albero and his twin Raúl Albero

Then Jack Foresberg

Then Seath Perdita

Then Alejandra Albero (the twins older sister)

Okay so they are kind of the main friend group by the end of whatever plot I have set up for the Legends of House Blakeslee Universe

Seath: She’s a Green Blood werewolf and has the power of all seven of the elements this story uses (fire, water, light, sound, shadow, air, and earth) She’s a Mexican and White mix (though her last name was assigned by the foster care system (its a Shakespearean name that means lost though I’m pretty sure it was meant to be a first name)). She is the heir of the old werewolf family, the Blakeslees. Basically all of her extended family was killed when she was three days old (at a party arranged to celebrate her birth) and she was snuck out to safety and accidentally ended up in the non magic humans foster care system. No one besides the one who saved he knew she survived the attack. She’s the mom friend and has taken up caring for the other girls in her neglectful foster home. She only goes to Zyaphritzine (magic school) because she feels she can build something better than what she had planned by going. She’s a-spec somehow and biromantic. Her eyes are supposed to be a dark amber, akin to a wolf, her dark silver hair is also supposed to be a nod to that. But one summer she dyes it maroon and leaves it that way for a while.

Alejandra: I literally just figured out her name!! She’s an environmentalist, like uses #savetheturtles unironically on things actually about saving wildlife. She’s Seath’s best friend and is a Sea Turtle Green Blood (were-sea turtle) with water powers. She’s aroace and very much not skinny. She’s also a trans girl whose parents have supported her from a young age.

Jack: Tries to beat Seath at grades, they are the top two in their class. They kinda end up with an enemies to friends to lovers thing going on. Jack is very bi, and I feel like there should be more to this sentence but there isn’t. He is a Blue Blood with the power of water. His eyes are supposed to be brown with a ring of dark blue that’s barely noticeable if he’s not using his magic around the outside. He’s not athletic or anything so he doesn’t have the ‘perfect’ physique.

Raúl: he’s the ‘sporty’ twin and kind of a himbo, but also pretty smart. He really likes dancing and I’m pretty sure he’s pan. He and Aldolfo are a year younger than their sister, Seath, and Jack. He’s a werewolf and has the power of light. He has brown eyes, and probably has color flecks in them (its a nod to love interests for their family ok?) but I’m not sure what color

Aldolfo: he’s the ‘nerdy’ twin, but he and Raul go on morning runs together. He skipped a year in school and is in the same grade as Seath, Alejandra, and Jack. He is gay and dating Arthur by the end. He has some sort of magical match thing with Seath which means that their powers are compatible and can enhance each other. He is a Wolf Green Blood, and has the power of shadow. Aldolfo has indigo flecks in his brown eyes and put blonde highlights in his hair, to help tell him and Raul apart (They’re supposed to be identical).

Arthur: He is gay and likely not cis. Jury’s still out on the how cause I haven’t spent much time with his character (That’s also why his picture looks like a basic white boy though the indigo eyes do have significance cause of the way I have the Albero’s eyes set up). He does vibe with he/him pronouns the most but they/them is ok too. He’s a Yellow Blood (shapeshifter) with the power of sound waves.

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You’re struggling with a harsh fever. (AO3)

Words: 1,633

The following weeks were a blur of the same old routine. Reading, writing, drawing, and trying to speak. Progress was made but it was all too frustratingly slow for your own liking. You could make sounds now but they were embarrassingly hoarse and your throat was sore from the work. Only Hange was around for the vocal lessons and you were pleased with that. Who knows how Levi would tease if he heard your voice as it was now?  

You could sound out your vowels and other simple noises, your irritated huffs and puffs now came with sound, something Levi wasn’t too happy about. Hearing you express your agitation with his presence annoyed him like no other but he often held his tongue. One stern glare would settle you down for the time being, you knew your place and that was enough for now.  

“Oi…” He said, as he opened your cell door just a crack for you to come retrieve your lunch. No response, even though you’re sitting right there in your cell reading at your desk he presumed. Levi rolled his eyes before stomping into the cell and harshly dropping a tray down next to your slumped form. The loud racket from the clanking metal and glass shook you from your slumber. You must have dozed off instead of studying.  

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By a mile my #1 favorite thing about the Untamed is the overuse of fake blood almost to the point of comedy. Stabbed? Immediately spit up blood. Punched? Spit blood. Cursed? Sick? Stubbed a toe? Blood spit take! Kudos to their SFX team lol

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don’t get me wrong, I love Mac, I have nothing against him, in fact I wish him nothing but love and kisses for the rest of his life! I’m just saying, there has been a steady decline of him getting beaten up… and he looks REALLY good with blood on his face,

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