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userdilf · 14 hours ago
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✧EJ’S 1K CELEBRATION✧ ↳ favorite paranormal horror film (requested by @yelenafbelova​)
Last night I watched myself sleep...and then I flew away.
INSIDIOUS (2010) dir. James Wan
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wondertrio · 2 hours ago
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Cool dude nice
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art-and-jazz · 10 hours ago
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Sleep paralysis is a state, during waking up or falling asleep, in which a person is aware but unable to move or speak.[1][2] During an episode, one may hallucinate (hear, feel, or see things that are not there), which often results in fear.[1]
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sonic-colours · 4 hours ago
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sorry i do not control the brainrot
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jinmukangwrites · 2 hours ago
Wanted to challenge myself and write something under 500 words. Honestly just proud of myself that I managed to keep it below 1k. This is a win for me regardless. Sorry for the lack of writing from me lately, idk why I haven't been in the mindset to write. I've been doing nothing but rewatching Naruto lately, but idk I was in the mood to write something tonight so I chose a random prompt and challenged myself to keep it short. Enjoy!
Prompt: "i can't believe that you lied to me." w/ Legend and Hyrule.
Warnings: description of minor injury, fever, infection
They're trekking through the woods when it happens. It's sudden and unexpected, the sound of a body hitting the ground coming so much quicker than anyone can react. Fear shoots through Hyrule's veins as he spins around; his eyes immediately locking onto the very still and very limp-looking Legend.
"Vet!?" Warriors shouts out, but Hyrule is the first towards his body, skidding to his knees and grabbing his shoulders to push him onto his back—that way he's not breathing in lose dirt with his suddenly very quick and very short inhales.
"He's unconscious," Hyrule calls, his voice more shaky than he'd like. However, he can already feel worried tremors attacking his fingers as he desperately tries to figure out what's wrong.
The others urgently gather around one-by-one. Warriors pushes to the front of the others—and they willingly part as they know he has the most knowledge in field medicine. He presses the back of his palm against Legend's head and swears. "Fuck. He has a fever."
"What's wrong?" Wind asks in a small voice somewhere behind Hyrule, but his question goes unanswered as Warriors presses his fingers against Legend's neck to count his pulse.
However, the question doesn't go ignored. Not by Hyrule. His stomach tightens in a knot and he finds his bottom lip being worried between his teeth.
Legend told Hyrule not to tell the others... not to worry them with something trivial. But... there can't be any other reason he'd randomly pass out like this.
Hyrule shoots his shaking hands forward and grabs at Legend's belt. Warriors makes a shocked, inquiring shout as Hyrule unbuckles the belt and tugs the outer layer of his tunic up to expose his side. Warriors confusion quickly turns to intense concern as he sees what Hyrule has just exposed. In Legends side, near his hip, is a large cut in the fabric that reveals bandages underneath with stains of a sickening, unhealthy red.
Soon, at Warriors demand, Wild is cutting open the tear in the tunic even larger. Legend will be pissed at the loss of his tunic, but Warriors doesn't seem to want to jostle him around too much by removing the tunic normally. Once Legends chest is bare—covered in nothing other than a one-handed attempt at bandages—Warriors takes the dagger from Wild's fingers and carefully finishes the job himself by slicing open the white-stained strips of fabric.
What meets them under the fabric is festering, bloody, and bad.
"It's infected," Warriors snarls.
From there, it's Warriors commanding the others to get water and various ingredients for a makeshift wound cleaner as they're all out of red potions thanks to their last big ambush.
All Hyrule can do is sit there, unsure if the weight in his stomach is worry for his friend... or anger that he had been lied to.
It must be both, he decides.
Legend wakes up with a headache, feeling hot and cold all over. There's something wet on his forehead, but when he groggily reaches up to grab at whatever it is, a hand wraps around his wrist and pushes it back down. "You have a fever, dumbass."
Ah. Legend remembers now. He creeks his eyelids open and sure enough, a very unhappy Hyrule sits above him, his glare as sharp as daggers.
"You're an idiot," Hyrule says coldly. "You said you'd be fine. Next thing I know you're passing out in the middle of the trail. I can't believe you lied to me."
Legend sighs, and leans further back into the blankets spread under his body and rolled under his neck. He can only see Hyrule from where he weakly lays. He wonders where the others are... and if there's any chance they'll be able to save him from Hyrule's justified rage. Nah, they're all probably just as pissed.
"I didn't want to make anyone worry," Legend whispers, his voice scratchier than he expected. He supposes it's what he deserves—hiding his wound from everyone like that. It was by bad luck Hyrule caught him wrapping the wound after the ambush. He just... everyone else was much more wounded than he was, and he preferred the rest of their dwindled supplies be used on them. He's taken care of himself before.
He... just must have underestimated the state of the wound on his side. Perhaps the sword the moblin got on him wasn't as clean as it should have been?
"Well, looks like you royally failed, you shit-brain martyr," Hyrule hisses. "Now everyone is worried."
Legend desperately wants to sink into the ground and cease to exist. However, all he can do is try a weak "I'm sorry."
And bless Hylia for Hyrule being such a gentle soul. His eyes immediately soften. "Just... just don't do it again. We're... a team here. Your wounds are our wounds. We want to know when your hurt, no matter what. Warriors just barely managed to save your life this time."
Legend takes a shakey breath. "Okay. I promise."
Hyrule nods his head, all anger that had painted his body is now gone, replaced with companionable, smothering worry. "You should rest some more. It'll save you a little longer from the lecture Cap and the old man have for you. I heard Time practicing his, and it's not pretty."
Legend lets out a startled, exhausted laugh at that. It tugs on his side, but thankfully it's not as painful as what it was before he lost consciousness. Whatever Warriors had given him, it must be very good. Goddess above, his an idiot. "That sounds like a good idea."
"Something you need to learn how to start having," Hyrule teases, a twinkle in his eye.
Legend hums and closes his eyes, sleep already luring him in. "No promises there," Legend manages to mutter. He's completely overcome with unconsciousness before he can hear Hyrule's scolding.
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skelelephant · 7 hours ago
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Tumblr media
[ID: two monochrome digital sketches of Jared Hopworth. Jared is a white man with light-coloured hair. On the left he’s wearing a stained hoodie with the hood pulled up and his body is in the early stages of becoming a Flesh avatar. He’s grinning slightly and gesturing with pointed fingers. There’s a speech bubble above him leading to a screenshot of a tweet that reads “wtf r daddy issues? just traumatize your father back”. On the right he’s a regular person wearing the same hoodie except it’s clean. He’s gesturing irritably with one hand raised and an eye closed and there’s a speech bubble above him leading to a tumblr post that reads “Self care is stupid I want to beat my dad with his own bones”. End ID.]
can i offer you some fuckin uhhhhh low-effort Jareds??
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kailleis-sunshine · 12 hours ago
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Hidden Chapter 9
Tumblr media
Synopsis: Sakusa wasn’t a kid person, never had been. However he had ended up with his own. He loves her more than anything or anyone else, he keeps her secret. He has too. What happens when your the only person who knows she exists?
Warnings: violence, mentions of guns, mentions of blood, some dude gets k.o’d
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
A/n: it’s called a crime boss au for a reason my friends
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Tumblr media
Sakusa swore he had to force himself to leave. He hadn’t wanted to leave, not even a little bit.
He hadn’t meant to tell you that, not yet anyways; he had wanted to tell who he was, what he did. He couldn’t bring himself to do it. He didn’t want to lose you.
He hadn’t felt this way about anyone in a very long time, he hadn’t even felt this way about Asami’s mother. He couldn’t risk it, not yet.
Just as Sakusa pulled into his apartment’s parking garage, his phone started to ring.
“Asami, go upstairs, alright?” she nodded in response and left for their apartment.
He answered the call. “Atsumu? What do you want?” Atsumu Miya, another close member of his team.
“We got the guy.”
“Great. I’ll be there in twenty.”
True to his word, Sakusa arrived in exactly twenty minutes. He opened the door to the old warehouse, watching as everyone turned to face him.
In the very middle was a guy tied to a chair; cliche, he knew, but effective nonetheless.
“So,” he spoke slowly but loudly. “I wanna ask you a few questions.”
The guy shook his head, he was oddly calm. “I won’t say anything.”
Sakusa continued walking towards, a gun being handed to him somewhere along the way; he wouldn’t use it, mostly a scare tactic. He hated getting dirty.
“Oh, yes you will.” the guy shook his head. “Alright. I’ll ask my questions and if you don’t answer, then it’s your loss.”
No response. “What does your boss want?”
“He already has what he wants.”
“I thought you weren't talking.” he pointed out. “What does he want?” Sakusa slid his finger over the gun's trigger, loosely aiming in the guy’s direction.
“Leverage.” the guy smirked.
Sakusa’s expression darkened. “What leverage could that bastard possibly have over me?” He aimed the gun directly at the guy’s head.
“Boss.” one of his henchmen spoke; they knew the guy was getting to him, Sakusa didn’t usually react like this; he had you to worry about and Asami. He couldn’t afford to be laid-back.
“Shut up!” he snapped, his eyes narrowing on the guy. “Answer the fucking question.”
The guy smirked again. “He knows about the girl.” Sakusa pulled the trigger instantly. It was useless killing that guy but if they knew about Asami, if they knew about you, then he would kill every last one of that guy’s greasy friends. His boss too.
“Kiyoomi!” Komori exclaimed, seeming to have appeared from thin air. “Relax dude.”
“Relax?” he chuckled darkly. “Are you fucking kidding me? How in the world could I relax?”
“Even if they know about Asami, they’ll never get to her.” Komori smiled reassuringly.
“I don’t know if they mean Asami or-” he snapped but cut himself off.
“Or who, Kiyoomi?” Komori was frowning now, you didn’t see him frown very often despite his line of work. Komori liked to ‘look at the bright side of things’ as you’d say.
“y/n.” he said quietly.
“Who is that?”
“Not important.” Sakusa grunted.
“Actually it’s very important, Kiyoomi. Does she even know she's in danger? Does she know what you do? Who you are?” Komori sighed. “Don’t you remember Namiko-”
Sakusa cut Komori off. “Of fucking course I remember her. I won’t let that happen again.”
“You need to tell her, Kiyoomi.” Komori said, quietly handing sakusa a cloth to wipe the blood off. “Clearly she means a lot.”
As promised, Sakusa had come back a week later, by himself.
“So what exactly are we?” you asked.
“Well, it’s complicated, y/n; I want to call you my girlfriend but that might cause problems.” he said vaguely. If there’s one thing you couldn’t get from Kiyoomi, it was straight answers.
“Problems?” you gave him a confused look.
“I’ll explain another time.” you could see the brief moment of aggravation flash across his face: After the night you kissed, he seemed to be on edge.
“Alright. Well we could just not tell anyone?” you suggested.
He nodded. “Yeah…” he sighed. “I’m sorry about being so vague, just please keep in mind that I feel very strongly about you and I’m going to solve these problems as quickly as I can.”
“Right, okay.”
He pulled you towards him, planting a small kiss on your forehead. “I’m sorry.”
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