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genya safin, the first tailor

“I poisoned my skin, my lips. So that every time he touched me, every time he kissed me, he took sickness into his body. He brought this on himself.”

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got this screenshot from fundy’s stream and the energy was so good i had to draw it.

[image description: a coloured digital sketch of technoblade and Wilbur soot, both standing on a stone ground with a red carpet running down the centre. Wilbur is standing is standing firmly, one hand gesturing to himself and the other a fist at his side while facing upwards and yelling with and angry expression. He has fluffy brown hair that falls to one side of his face, and is wearing a brown trench coat, black pants, boots, fingerless gloves and a hood. He has some blood on his coat. Technoblade is an anthropomorphic pig, and is standing menacingly slightly behind and to the right of Wilbur, holding an enchanted netherite sword and shield. He is wearing a loose white shirt and cravat, baggy dark grey pants with a red sash around his waist, a red cape with a huge furry collar, a netherite helmet and golden crown. He has bloodstains on his pants, collar and sleeves, with blood dripping off his sword and a trail of blood behind him. The second image is a minecraft screenshot of Wilbur standing with baked potato in one hand, and Technoblade standing beside him in full enchanted netherite armour, holding an enchanted netherite sword and enchanted shield. end i.d.]

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Sticks and stones may break my bones… but words turn me into a mindless killing machine.

So Bucky takes matters into his own hands.

@whumptober2020 - day 24: You’re not making any sense
@star-spangled-bingo - 4:4 Losing a sense
@buckybarnesbingo - K4: Sticks and stones
[fill details below the cut]

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@odinsn​ SAID: Do not fear - just because I can crush his skull, doesn’t mean I will.

            COLOR DRAINED FROM THE MAN’S ALREADY PALE COMPLEXION; words that might have been intended to sound REASSURING just sounded like THREAT to his ears. Swallowing hard against the lump in his throat. HE SHOULD BE USED TO IT, a voice in his ears whispered that might or might not have been common sense. But did you ever get used to it? Even the thought - and he cursed his imagination – turned his stomach and his eyes were turned away for the moment; head raised, thoughts wandering. Think about something else. Don’t think about crushed skulls and blood spluttering!


          “THANKS…” Word coming over his lips while his voice sounded expressionless as he was unsure HOW TO REACT. He was sure SHIELD and therefore MAYBE the Avengers were not too keen to meet him – he had tried to hack their systems several times after all and succeeded every now and then. SO, standing in front of one of the very INTIMIDATING members of said team – he really wished he was somewhere else right now.

                “… would be appreciated if you’d not try that with my head either.
                                                      I had enough people trying to kill em for A LIFETIME.”

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imma just say it’s prolly not a good idea to have your mouth open when there are maggots spilling out of your eye socket but that’s just me


yell heah we got another character up in here that i prolly will forget about

their name is auden and i’m writing a song abt them so!! hopefully!!! i’ll actually get around to that and post it lmao

also! if i missed any triggers n stuff in the tags pls let me know so that i can tag this and future artwork appropriately!!

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Lost | Field Medicine | Medieval
Chronic Pain | Hypothermia | Infection

Title: Fester 
Fandom: The Magnus Archives
Characters: Jonathan Sims|The Archivist, Martin Blackwood, Amelia (statement OC)
Rating: M
Warnings: War, gunshot wounds, blood, stitches, infection, graphic description.
Wordcount: 1200
Summary: Statement of Amelia on surgical technique and hygienic recovery in the battlefield.
Read on AO3


Amelia screams. 

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Open to any gender. Connection: Lover / significant other / spouse who knows about her werewolf side or is also a werewolf/ any other supernatural creature. Setting: can either be in medieval/ victorian/ modern.


Laurelle was still breathing heavily, the shock and adrenaline from earlier had still not left her body. She was still horrified at what she had done. She had never killed anyone before, much less a group of people, and especially not so violently in a massacre of sorts. But she simply couldn’t restrain herself when she saw how they were torturing her best friend just because they all suspected her of being a witch. She knew those inhumane monsters deserved it but still her guilt at taking so many lives so viciously made her body shake as her frenzied  mind replayed the scene over and over again. Her eyes had a wild and distracted expression in them as she continued to soak in her bathtub , not even hearing the other person who was entering in.

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noahshreds: final girl.

2 more comments +
bodieshreds: i hope you know that i would totally outlast you in a horror film. 
azashreds: ew… you look… cute 🤮

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Aaaaa it’s the spooky month! Heard some of you folks loved Cass/Cassie, well I love them too! a lot! So I drew them! Honestly if they were the one to end me I can’t say I’d regret it. At least I’d be dying to someone with taste.

(Apologies for the excessive tagging, I wanted to be safe about content warnin’)

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