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A a few weeks had passed since Kristin left for Ul'dah and sold their family home. Arcuris took one last walk through which was once the Fuller home before the new owners moved in. He ran his hand along the dining room table as walked along the side of it, which he shared with both Ribald and Kristin when they still lived there. He stopped when he got to the end and stared out the window, overlooking the garden that was still in bloom. Kristin sold almost everything in the house, only keeping a few family heirlooms. He didn’t want to be reminded of the life she had before while traveling to her new home.

Soon after taking a last visit through their home, he set out on his magitek armor across the open desert of Gyr Abania. There were no storms, no high winds, or clouds. A standard night for a standard day. Things had been quiet for almost week since he cut ties with the last of he Fullers and took control of the mines left to him. He was not happy he had to lie to the workers in the mines about Ribald’s retirement, but things didn’t need to be more unstable than they already were. He was already drowning in extra work with the mines, including the accounting and paperwork involved. He was tired of it all.


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