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#bloody mary inside the iron maiden
redwineisredfine · 2 months ago
Honestly fallen angels based off of ancient Egyptian mythology and embalming have such great gore horror potential. The predatory animals, the bugs, the mummification process, heck you could even draw inspiration from the Ten Plagues from the Bible. I would also like to see the idea of a world boss fallen angel based on the medieval Iron Maiden, something about that particular torture/execution device just feels like it has a lot of potential for something all bloodied and rotten.
Most fallen angel tribes are too cute or pretty, you could list those green pigs from Angry Birds as a fallen angel and it wouldn’t look out of place. Aizen is only 6’7” and looks like some guy you could beat up in a bar fight, Conchi is literally a little girl, and Spectra has all of these dumb and needlessly edgy skulls all over its outfit, we’re supposed to be scared of these guys? The closest we ever really get to something actually intimidating is the Uke Mochi Enhanced, and even that spends more time looking like a pretty blonde girl in a meat bikini. Same thing goes for Tsuchigumo, but at least Orochi looks kind of disturbing with its corpse-like skin and dull colors.
Food Fantasy’s general appeal is targeted towards older teens and young adults, and they clearly don’t feel shy about getting bloody, so why hold back on the creatures you advertise as being this big scary threat that caused a partial apocalypse? There are plenty of food souls for fanservice if that’s the answer, and even if you wanted more there are still ways to put sexy and grotesque together in a horrifically horny way(ex. Double from Skullgirls).
Prajna, a puppet that could easily be made demonic, looks like he hangs out with Pinocchio on the weekends and Sea Bunny looks like she'd sit at the edge of a crib.
I find Uke Mochi Enhanced creepy, but more gross than anything else. I would feel more concerned about getting drool on me than getting hurt by it. Orochi has a look on it of a face being sliced open despite it being a mask, so I find it decent.
With the iron maiden, Bloody Mary carries one around. Something could easily be done with just that. Blend them together. Have someone crawling out of it. Make it a person with spikes and spines coming out. Even have a human split in half or two stabbed together that attack by impaling you.
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