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#bloom shades \\ ooc

soooo i did TWO bad things and made 2 sideblogs for two ocs in basically dead fandoms. but wth cause there’s this thing called verses.

the evil doctor (wooden overcoats) is in at @medicusmatt while neva club (anastasia musical) staff will serve you at @rcvolutionmissed. their about pages still need to be written tho.

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Also before i pass out consider the village scandal when si.d marlo.w snaps a pic of cass straddling eric’s waist. The angle makes it look OH SO INAPPROPRIATE but if sid had gotten there two minutes earlier he’d have witnessed cass trying to strangle eric then wrestling him to the ground to continue to do so.

The whole village thinks Eric/Cass are a thing & cass is miserable about it and is trying to dispel the rumor (it doesn’t). The only good thing is she’s never seen Viv.ian Templa.r SO PISSED.

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please raISE YOUR HAND if you’ve been personally attacked by mary @sixthofficer. OUTRAGEOUS of you to put those searing hot pictures of james. OUTRAGEOUS. i am making a petition for you to continue PLS SIGN.

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me: i'm about to go to sleep but i'll watch 15 minutes of this musical and give it a chance.
me: wow there is literally only ONE WHOLE ASS RESPONSIBLE ADULT in this musical isn't there?
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So due to the influx of bad news my family has been receiving I’m not quite in the right mindset to be rping. Over the past week its been news after news and its been difficult on top of other COVID-19 related issues that have impacted my home. Its been a lot and I’m just not mustering the energy to do much. 

I will ‘try’ to be on as much as I can, but it will be spotty and radio-silent pretty frequently. Thanks for understanding.

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