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ahater · 7 days ago
just thought of a 100 diffrent skloom scenes bc i saw one bts pic of bloom wearing a formal dress
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darkpoisonouslove · 29 days ago
Do you have any Skloom Headcannons? Domestic or Their reactions to the other getting hurt?
I don't usually do domestic or hurt/comfort or Sky x Bloom (I hate their ship name; it sounds awful). That said, I am doing a rewrite and, like it or not, i need to develop their relationship so I have come up with some headcanons.
Bloom's art is something that Sky adores. He himself has technical skills when it comes to creating art but it never came to him naturally because he was always taught to not express his true feelings on anything in a way that someone could end up using against him. He is in awe of how much emotion and enthusiasm there is in Bloom's drawings and he can't believe that she came up with all those fantastical creatures and different fairy designs before ever seeing real magic. Bloom gets him to join her in creating art sometimes and it helps him relax and not feel like the heir to one of the most important realms in the Magic Dimension for a while which he really likes.
Bloom ends up telling him a lot about her life on Earth early on because she doesn't have much experience with the Magic Dimension yet and because she misses home and Sky is curious about the place she comes from. She ended up telling him how her parents met and it led to the unpleasant for Sky conversation about his parents' arranged marriage. He had a perfect opportunity to tell her about Diaspro then and there but he didn't want to feel her pull away from him when spending time with her is the best part of his days. It was the moment when he decided he was going to put his foot down and refuse the marriage to Diaspro, though. He was just hoping he could keep Bloom from ever finding out about that since his and Diaspro's parents were pretty much the only ones that knew about the engagement.
Bloom gets fairly disillusioned not just about the magical world but also about relationships. Up until she learned about Sky's arranged marriage and she had her powers stolen, everything seemed like a fairytale. Sure, there was trouble even early on but she had her dream, her friends and the perfect almost boyfriend. Even the search for her origins couldn't taint that. But after everything turned upside down she decided that relationships aren't some storybook romance and involve real work. She is happy when Sky agrees that they both need to put some effort into rebuilding their relationship after what happened but she never sees him as this perfect prince Charming anymore which she really comes to appreciate after the whole story with Avalon when she fell for how he seemed to give her everything she ever wanted. Sky feels real and while it's far from perfect, she knows he's really trying for their relationship.
When the Trix attacked Red Fountain for the Codex, Sky wasn't killed by Icy's attack. But he was dying from her ice creeping closer and closer to his heart, which would freeze it and kill him. And Bloom didn't suddenly gain healing abilities. It was just that she was afraid of losing Sky because of how much she loves him and all of those tender feelings she has for him allowed for a very subtle wave of her fire to move through his body and melt all the ice magic which saved his life. Bloom couldn't possibly pull off something like that with anyone else. It was her love for him that saved him.
Similarly, Sky's speech helps her get rid of Dark Bloom. However, later Sky finds out that while Bloom wrestled with her darkness back then, she still doesn't have it under full control because she felt like he loves her good parts but he hates Dark Bloom. And Dark Bloom is more an actual part of Bloom than any of them would like her to be, which makes Bloom insecure about whether Sky is actually able to accept all of her. It makes her buy into his behavior after he was spelled by Diaspro and that requires a lot of talking and fixing things later on but they get through it.
The first time Bloom went to Eraklyon, there was no time to really show her around because of Diaspro being kidnapped. As it turned out, her first impressions of Sky's home included her and her friends being chased around by a raging Sky. He feels horrible about it and about the fact that bringing Domino back put the spotlight on his and Bloom's relationship in a political context that's annoying both of them. They have to play the whole thing off as being so in love that they never considered the political implications behind their actions to appease all the other realm leaders who are worried about a potential alliance between Eraklyon and Domino. Bloom is forced to spend time at the place that previously scarred her keeping up political facades and Sky hates it. Until he sees a painting of him and Bloom in the garden that she has yet to finish. It looks like the garden is the one place where they can drop the pretenses and just be themselves and that's why Bloom likes spending time there.
At a certain point, Sky learns that he was adopted in a shocking turn of events. Bloom doesn't know exactly what she's going through since she was told early on that she was adopted and it didn't bother her too much. But she can definitely relate to the desire to know about your real parents and the fear that they may have abandoned you because there was something wrong with you and they didn't love you. She isn't sure she can help him as much as she wants to but she's still with him every step of the way while he's processing and Sky appreciates her support. Her love and Brandon's friendship (as well as the support of his other friends) are things that don't change regardless of the big reveal about his past and it's those things that help him deal with the new information.
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winxrewritingsandfictions · a month ago
An autumn morning
Pairing: Bloom x Sky
Genre: One shot / Romance / Married life / Pregnancy
Length: Long
Rating: G
Summary: Sky and Bloom are now happily married. Being King and Queen of Heraklion proved to be draining, so the couple decides to settle a small routine each morning. They need their privacy, but most importantly, they need calm since Bloom is expecting a child.
(Try to listen to the music for a better experience. also available on YouTube)
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
The east wing of the palace had the best view for many reasons.
One, all the windows of the royal suite offered anybody a view of the calm and peaceful forest of the Aesop region. Considered by the Linphean's Community of Naturologists as one of the most beautiful and magically diverse forest in the entire magical universe, the Hera forest was a gift of nature to human life.
It was one of the main reasons Heraklion's Royal Palace had been built there. Being part of the Nine Kingdoms Union meant being in possession of the most important artifacts of the world. Heraclion did not rely on magic as Solaria or Oppositus did. It relied on the power of its land.
The Hera forest was unique for its portal. In the very middle of the densest part of the forest, one could find the Arc. A gigantic portal made of adamant and amber, supported by a body of branches and water. In this part of the forest, water ran upward, making it difficult to navigate through it. This was why the forest was still wild and untamed. If one was lucky enough, one could cross paths with the guardians of the forest... A pack of green wolves. None were alone. All were nature's soldiers. They kept away humans from entering the Hera forest. These wolves were unique as their body was made out of bay leaves and chrysanthemum. Their eyes shone red during the darkest nights.
The second reason why the east wing was the best wing of the palace was its location. It was far away from the main entrance, the domestics' wing, and the ball hall. It almost felt as if they were not part of the Palace. It made the young couple happier. They felt better far away from the daily commotions of the Palace, tugged away in their suite where only a handful of domestics were allowed. No advisor running around. No noble sucking up to the King. Nothing of what Sky's parents had raised him into. Marrying Bloom, he had promised himself he would keep her away from the negativity of the Palace. At least, as best as he could...
The Solarian doors were wide open, letting the warm wind of autumn enter the living area of their suite.
On the small countertop of the "kitchen" they had, Sky was stirring two hot cups of tea. Really, Sky liked to call it a kitchen, but it was only a small assemblage of two top cabinets and a wooden counter. The two cabinets were filled with tea boxes and coffee bags. A few bottles of drinks and a selection of sweets and snacks in crystal jars.
It wasn't much, but it certainly give them a feeling of independence from the kitchens.
Making sure the water wasn't too hot in one of the two cups, Sky brought them back to the bedroom. Slowly kicking the door closed once inside, he slowly made his way to the bed, making sure not to spill any tea on the rugs.
Setting them down on the nightstand, he slowly sat down on the bed, watching the sleeping fairy inside the cover. The night had been hot, and so the Solarian doors were ajar, letting the sun inside the room.
He focused on the sleeping form and the sounds of the forest for a few seconds, glancing down at the fairy's body.
There, under the thin cover, he could see her bump, sticking out perfectly. A smile came across her face, while a feeling of utter happiness took over him. Today, she was starting her third trimester, and they couldn't be happier.
Bending down, he tenderly kissed her temple while rubbing her belly. He let out a gentle laugh when he heard Bloom grumbling. She was never a morning person, let alone when baby kept kicking her ribs at night.
"Wake up sweetness." He said, knowing it would only make her groan. And it did. She hated when he called her that. He rubbed her belly once more, feeling the baby moving a bit. "I made you your favorite tea, orange, and green leaf." Another groan, but this time, she opened her eyes, glared at him, and shoved him away from her.
"I genuinely hate you right now"
He laughed loudly, letting his head fall back a bit, his blond hair following his head in a smooth movement. He said nothing back. Or at least, anybody would have thought so.
But his eyes, those blue eyes said a lot.
Helping her sit up, he glanced at the clock. He would have to get ready soon. Winter festivities would start soon and he needed to deal with a lot before that. Bloom could not help around. Not until the baby was here. She had been "sentenced" - as she liked to say- to rest for the last few weeks she had until baby joined them. Until then, his mother was happily helping around.
"Here," he said, holding up her cup of tea. He pretended not to see her glaring at him -she hated tea with a passion, she was team coffee but was strictly forbidden to drink any during her pregnancy- and took his cup of tea, looking at something on the wall.
Sitting there, next to her, only disturbed by the birds chirping was like heaven.
Yes. Finally, they had reached peace after years and years of wars and battles.
And soon enough, a new chapter would begin.
(Not me founding out that Heraklion actually exists and is located in Greece 🤯)
Hope you enjoyed. I really enjoyed writing the beginning of this one.
Credit for the gif : 🦂
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winxdclub · a month ago
How about headcanons about the pairs' honeymoons? Like how they spend them etc
I need to look up types of honeymoon rjejjeenwne
Ok, ok, ok. I think I got it
Space cruise. It's like a cruise but instead of the ocean their in space. I know, so creative djsjs. I think Bloom would like to see more of the magical dimension, since she couldn't learn about it growing up or though osmosis in pop culture. I think the assassin thing made Sky a little sheltered so I think he'd enjoy seeing all the new things too! They're basically just running around at every stop, seeing the sights, and spending a lot of time on the deck looking at the stars.
I think they'd go to a beach hotel, like a really nice one. Honestly I see Stella agressively planning this right after a big battle. She wants a break goddamn it. All this stress is bad for her skin. They both like the beach, and basking in an area with clear skies (in either day or night as long as it isn't a new moon) energizes Stella. A big ass fancy hotel in a vacation spot on a planet known for its beaches is the exact kind of relaxing but lavish thing that I think these two would be into. Working on their tan, being the hottest couple there, ect. You know, hot people shit.
I think they'd go to one of those destination spots away from all people. Like a part of a planet thats mostly uninhabited aside from like a small village where they can stay at or two. Just some time alone for them where they can both bask in nature, recenter, and calm their minds. Flora is info dumping about every single plant she sees and Helia has been writing poems about everything and drawing the same waterfall 26 times. They are at peace.
I think they'd go somewhere actually uninhabited...like Flora has this perticualr part of nature she really wants to see and Mirta loves camping so they just fuck off to the woods. Be back later. Being alone with eachother while very low stakes looking out for eachother would be very nice, and once they hit the ~spot~ Flora was hoping to show Mirta they just camp there for a little while enjoying how gorgeous the area is before they have to go back to the outside world where talking to people is necessary.
This one is hard because these two are introverts that also don't lik going outside. I think they'd plan their honeymoon around an event they want to go too. Life a science convention/fair or maybe the opening/revealing of some new system or something. Something that they can look at, meet the creators, and chatter endlessly about how everything works.
I think they'd honeymoon in a place with a lot of local shops and restaurants, somewhere where you can be doing something all hours of the day and night as well, and everything is walkable. I have this image of Riven carrying Musa around while they look at a random assortment of shops that sell oddly specific things. Walking around in the city lights both in the day and night time, though I think they'd avoid any super crowded areas or times. They'd go when everything is more quite and they can just eat noodles and do random things together without needing to drag themselves though crowds.
I can see them going somewhere they can be active together. A beach with waves, a snowy resort for skiing and snow boarding, a place to mountain climb; but it would have to be near somewhere they can relax together afterwards. Honestly a snowy resort sounds lovely for these two. They can race on snowboards, then go back to their hotel and cuddle till their warmed up...and then do it all over again
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giuli2005 · a month ago
Tumblr media
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glorifieddg · 3 months ago
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romancemedia · 5 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Winx Club Couples - Break Ups and Make Ups
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skloomdumpster · 10 months ago
Tumblr media
So that's what winning feels like uh
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theroseofalexandra · 11 months ago
I know that Bloom and Sky are not very popular these days in the winx fandom, but let me say this. No one can deny they have problems, but what relationship doesn't? I think these problems lie in how the couple is represented in the show, not them themselves. (Yes I am pretending the are real people). Because at the heart of it all, despite everything, they love eachother. They kinda had a whole forbidden love thing going on, which is cool.
They always come back to eachother, would die for the other without hesitation, and die with eachother. Hell, Sky threw himself into the goddamm vortex of flames when Bloom was thrown in. He didn't have anything holding him, there wasn't enough momentum for him to catch her and somehow miraculously get them to the other side. He just dove for her hand and would have died with her in that moment. He also dove infront of her when Icy tried to attack her, willing to sacrifice himself for her. He stood up to the f*cking Shadow Phoenix to save her, because he loved her.
And Bloom? She realized she didn't want to be without him and was able to move past the hurt he caused in season one. She healed him in season two out of sheer will. It was his love that helped her break out of her darkness and she knew that she loved him too. She was willing to do anything to break Diaspro's spell on him. And yes, she could have handled it better when Sky lost his memories. But she was so desperate to get him back because she didn't want to be without him. Bloom jumped in front of him when the Trix attacked them again. Helped him regain his confidence in his skills as a specialist. And when he did regain his memories, it was the Pendant of Eraklyon that brought them back, a symbol of their love. She loved him before she knew he was a prince. She loves who he is, without the title and the riches. Just Sky.
What I'm trying to say here is, at the core of the relationship, in their hearts, their souls, there is the purest form of love. They will always come back to eachother, and will always love eachother, and that's really special.
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Tumblr media
“I really hope Sky and Bloom will finally marry in the series. They’ve proposed several times, yet aren’t married throughout the cartoon.”
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midnightbluerose93 · a year ago
changed my username on AO3 cause I like it better. Also planning some more Skloom (Bloom/Sky) fics cause I miss writing so watch this space! :D
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darkpoisonouslove · 11 months ago
Will there be blicy in your ff?
It's amazing by the way, thank you for sharing it!
There will be some nods towards it but nothing that's actual Blicy content until season 7 because there is stuff happening and I decided I could take advantage of that and add some Blicy. However, after that I started considering things and tbh Bloom and Icy started feeling more compatible than Bloom and Sky to me. I am still considering Bloom's endgame, though, because I have added a lot of development for her and Sky's relationship and I am not sure whether season 7 in itself would be enough to properly move Bloom and Icy from enemies to lovers so I haven't made a final decision yet. In any case, though, there will be at least some Blicy in the rewrite.
Ah, thank you so much! I am incredibly happy to hear that! 😄
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dreamalongwithamy · a year ago
So after Sky gets brainwashed in season 3 he and bloom don’t get right back together; they’ve been through a lot and decide to take it slow. Cut to season 4, Sky dies instead of Nabu (she desperately try’s to save him with her healing powers), it absolutely devastates Bloom and she goes feral. Just like Aisha she decides to join the other fairies to get revenge; now only this time the Winx have to go against an angry bloom. The fact that Bloom is, for the most part, the team leader would make this even more dramatic.
maybe Sky is brought back with the sirenx wish, maybe he’s not idk. But we can move away from the more problematic nature of nabu’s death, add some more layers to bloom and sky’s relationship and let bloom go truly off the rails which I think would be really interesting. We could deal with her truama, she’s still getting use to princess life and now her boyfriend’s gone and show the girls (especially Stella) be her absolute rock. Personally I think it would be kind of cool for him to come back with the wish but,,, either way I think it would be interesting.
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winxdclub · a month ago
Skloom child(teenage years) headcanons 🥺
Omg bestie I don't have oc fankids, I can't get specific. I can try tho 😭😭
Unsurprisingly both of the kids want to take after their parents...and Daphne
The child with the dragon fire was raised around a lot of things about how cool and awesome their mom Grandmother and Daphne where and how badass their powers are and I think the kid would be....not egoistical, but obsessed with becoming the best because of how all the women behind them where amazing
When they official start going to Alfea is when the pressure sets in. Probably ends up becoming a friendly rival with....maybe Aisha's kid? Or Dia's kid. Just someone who their friends with, have been around most of their childhood, and are equally competitive with
Everyone in the school has their eyes on them, but they're used to this at this point. They've been outside before
They work really fucking hard on their magic (much like Stella did) and managed to get their basic manifest before their first year, which is odd
I feel like they'd also be the odd man out for being more masculine than their peers. In what form, idk, but they have Musa/Tecna fashion vibes ok?
Girselda takes great pains, as the new headmaster, to keep the new little headache (affectionate) safe
Of course they'd be the leader of the next gen Winx club, but they'd probably name their club after something else fairys are known for
Flora might be there every now and then as a guest teacher, which they love, bc aunty!!!! Flora!!!!
This child is a bit of a thrill seeker (it runs in the family, Marion and Daphne where uhhh....let's just say the kid gets this trait honestly)
They want to protect the magical dimension the same way their mom did, and is already talking about the Harmonix quest. All the teachers have a headache, and Bloom is trying to get them to calm tf down
They will not calm tf down
Very polarizing to their peers for being a fucking try hard lol
I feel like they'd inherent more of Samara and Daphne's personality which leads them to be both reckless as fuck and cunning to a fault. This child is smart and has the drive to do something really stupid. Frankly it's a horrible combination
The non magical one probably takes more after Bloom and Sky, being kind and protective to the point of getting themselves hurt for just about anyone. Which is a trait Bloom and Daphne inherited from Oritel
They're obviously a star student in RF, having Sky as their dad and help from uncle Helia? Yeah this kid knows what their doing
Didn't inherent the impulsive tendencies Sky and Bloom are known for tho
Did however inherent Bloom's ability not to get scare easily
The siblings break into the stables and take a dragon for a joy ride at least multiple times on Domino....and on Eraklyon
They both try to be princess and prince charming, like their parents seem to be (especially according to the media) but Dragon kid is impulsive, scheming, and reckless with a good loving heart; and their sibling tends to come off as a door mat....they're trying their best to live up to their parents legacy, not understanding that this legacy isn't perfect
With Bloom and co still around, neither of these kids will have to step up in the way that the Winx and the *inset Roxy's group name here* had to, so they learn that it's ok not to be pushing yourself 24/7. That it's not required to be special to be worth love, or to justify their existence
They're just dorky kids with a lot of stuff they think they need to live up to because that's all the media tells them
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inlovewithfairies · a year ago
Eyes, fairies and moonless nights (and my tired ass)
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oxycolors · a year ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Love comes in a sea of colors.
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romancemedia · 6 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
The Winx and Specialists
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