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Blorbo chart. Free to use.
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idk how to caption this, but the vibes here are exquisite
ID in Alt Text
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Kusuo Saiki my beloved
(This was for a school assignment if that gives you a better picture of how deep the brainrot is rn hsbbfjdhg)
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reblog if you also feel the urge to trap your blorbo like an insect and inspect them but also keep them safe
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Sometimes you just have to put your blorbos in a blender and watch them go whirrrrrrr
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I love him sm
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would you still love your Blorgo if he was a worm??? :V :3
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He's just a lil guy
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🎉 Happy Birthday Chaac!!! 🎉
(Undercut of the line art bc it slaps)
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blorbo ask time, npc edition! madame koira, the baroness, tak, and lal
Finally!! This was a super fun one, I hope you guys enjoy the lore:
Captain Lal (Hobgoblin Conquest Paladin/Fighter)
18. what dish brings back the best memories for them?
Probably anything that her mother would’ve made. They were extremely close as each other's only family. Her adoptive father was never much of a cook so Lal had to learn fast. Making things her mother would was always a comfort in hard times.
11. if they have a pet or animal companion, how do they spend time with them? if they don’t have one, what sort of animal would they be interested in raising, if any?
Lal has never had a pet because her lifestyle has never really allowed for it. If she were to ever have one, a big dog would absolutely suit her.
She’d have the sort of discipline to have them well-trained, they would give her the sort of uncomplicated affection she really needs, and having a big fuck-off dog obediently at her heel ready to maul anyone who would mess with her just suits her vibe.  
“Baroness Blackwater”(Human Warlock)
24. are they close to any family members?
Once upon a time, it would have been her cousin, who she was practically raised with. However as the Baroness has grown colder and more openly selfish, they’ve drifted apart.
In a sick sort of way the closest relationship she has, familial or otherwise, is probably her son Akrius, despite being his chief emotional abuser through most of his life. They resent the hell out of each other for different reasons, but there is also an innate connection between the two. They both have a mutual respect for the intelligence of the other, as well as having similar mannerisms and vices.
They have a twisted sort of bond where they simultaneously can’t stand each other but also feel like no one else in the world “gets” them as much as the other.
58. how often do they swear? do they mind when others swear?
The baroness has two modes: put-on refinement and her real, unfiltered, personality. The prior would never dream of swearing. Knowing barbs, backhanded remarks, and carefully alluded to blackmail are her bread and butter.
The latter, however, has no such reservations. She’ll happily stand there, sour-faced and chain smoking, enlightening you on all of the “fucking morons” she has to put up with and illustrating their ineptitude with cleverly crude and pointed insults.
9. when in their life were they most scared?
Probably during her first pregnancy, followed shortly by her second. She wasn’t emotionally prepared to deal with having a child and it entirely altered the plan she had laid out for herself.  She essentially only carried through with the birth and upbringing of her son Akrius because of entirely external pressures. She knew as soon as she accepted the responsibility that her life would spiral out of her control and deep down not having control terries her.  
I won’t go too much into the birth of her second child, Adaar… yet. Let’s just say though, she was a taking a risk that would result in two very powerful beings possibly having it out for her. This time though: it was her choice. For the baroness, that was enough comfort to make it slightly less scary.
Madame Koira “Koi”(locathah Wizard[?]/ brothel madame/halfway house owner)
45. what lies do they tell themselves?
“This time will be different”
Koi has the biggest heart for anyone who needs a place to stay and some motherly wisdom/love. This has unfortunately also led to her being a notorious enabler for some of the more unscrupulous people who pass through her door.
A few became revolving figures in her house, staying long enough to cause havoc and overstay their welcome only to come crawling back when they find themselves in a bad position knowing she would accept their apology. It’s well meaning but the people who genuinely want the best for her can only shake their head as she continues to allow these people to take advantage of her.
16. do they value their appearance?
Madame Koi lives and breathes fashion. It was something she would have to discover for herself as fashion wasn’t something she really grew up with among other locathah as clothing tends to weigh down swimming.
Koi is also trangender(MtF), so coming from a species where most surface dwellers can’t easily differentiate between the biological sexes is both a blessing and a curse. On one hand, bad actors can’t contradict her when she states that she is in fact a woman, because they don’t know what the biological signifiers are. On the other, ignorant but completely well meaning surface dwellers routinely misgendered her(and probably still would’ve if she were AFAB) which was upsetting to her.
Her love of fashion became her affirmative therapy. She dresses lavishly, oozing femininity to the point where there is absolutely no doubt in anyone’s mind. She’ll also happily accessorize her ensembles with ample padding and one of her many elaborate wigs just for the effect. And no one says boo about them not being “real” because… well… she’s a fish. Of course she wouldn’t have natural boobs or hair. Plus who can hate when you rock it like she does??
42. can they dance?
He’s not trained or anything but he is absolutely the sort to just sort of let himself get into it and maybe even drag someone on to the dance floor when it looks like they need it. He’s just one of those people with the confidence and energy to pull off dancing.
43. how much do they know about the world they live in?
Not a lot, really. He’s grown up in goblinoid society his whole life and knows the ins and outs of it well. He’ll be the first to admit though that he signed up for the army just because it was the best option for someone of his standing. He just sort of fell into what was expected of him without really exploring what the options were outside of the society he grew up in. Once he gets his chance to get a taste of it though, he will definitely want more!
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What if we collectively started calling Bilbo Baggins Blorbo Baggins? Who’s going to stop us?
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Himbos and Herbos, Theirbos and Blorbos, That’s what makes the world go round
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what. the FUCK. is a blorbo 🤨
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wol noises
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