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her-minds-a-mess · 2 years ago
What a silly thought
to think that the point of a relationship
is to be forever.
I have had forevers last six months
and forevers last two years
and still they run through my veins
as lessons
as experiences
as growth.
Never minimize a relationship as a failure
just because it has completed its' course
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i-wrotethisforme · 2 years ago
You need someone who wants to be there when it’s messy and when it’s hard, not just when it’s fun and when it’s convenient. And you need someone who chooses you when it might not be the easiest choice. And you need someone who would rather do nothing with you than anything in the world with someone else.
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i-wrotethisforme · 3 years ago
Do you ever just listen to an old favorite song really loud in your headphones while staring at a skyline and fall in love with the world and your life and the person you’ve become even if things aren’t actually going well for you at that particular moment? Because it’s surreal and it’s empowering and I think it’s bliss.
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ms-writeblr · 3 years ago
In what world can lovers be friends Could you handle the gossip of who I went home with last night Would you want to discuss details of how I am falling for another How he is Prince Charming and doesn't toy with my trust What if I told you, over coffee and chai lattes that I am meeting his parents and I need you to help with my nerves Could you handle how he loves taking photos of me and blasts it all over social media Wouldn't it hurt you and fill you with regret that he does all that you once didn't and he is the reason behind the smile you always loved Wouldn't it be like salt to the wound that I've achieved happiness Happiness that I searched for from you but could not find?
Run yourself a bloodbath, (ms, 2018)
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hereliesmybrokenheart · 3 years ago
Moving on from you isn't that easy if I can be honest. There are some days where I can completely be okay, but there are any other days which I will be sad and full of regret from what happens to us. It's okay. I know that it’s not easy to move on. How do you move on from a relationship when you both love each other but apparently it's not enough? You were such a good man to me, you were everything that I ever need, and my deepest regret is that I know I will never find another man like you.
Late night thoughts #77 // why is love not enough?
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blossomfully · 10 months ago
“So I said: “please love me,” and what I meant was: please treat me gently. Please love me with a love that can be felt. That can be touched. A love that I can write about gracefully if and when it ends. Which I may look upon with pacific eyes, and say: “that was a good love. It had to end but it was good.””
Sue Zhao // Nothing but Strawberries
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her-minds-a-mess · 3 years ago
Maybe you don’t put a steel blade to your wrist, but you constantly guilt yourself over a past that eats you alive.
Maybe you don’t abuse drugs, but you go from toxic relationship to toxic relationship because you weren’t taught any other form of love.
Maybe you don’t pop pills, but you drown yourself with liqour and parties because you’re too afraid to be alone with your thoughts.
Maybe you don’t have a traumatic past, but depression consumes you and you feel it isn’t valid because you’ve “had a good life.”
And maybe you haven’t tried to kill yourself, but you don’t feel alive either.
Self-harm, like abuse, is not just physical. It’s in your thoughts, your lack of action, and things much less visible. Treat your mind as your friend, if you wouldn’t tell your friend that she was worthless, ugly, and messed everything up, catch yourself when you do the same.
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hereliesmybrokenheart · 3 years ago
Wouldn't it be nice? To have someone that will worry about you because you sleep so late. To have someone that understands your humor, your quirkiness. To have someone that will call you and wait until you are asleep after hearing his voice. To have someone that will hold you while you are sharing your dreams. Wouldn't it be nice? To have someone that cares.
Excerpt from the book I’ll never write #81 // A.W.
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