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soberscientistlife · a day ago
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Trust women
Vote Blue
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tvmusiclife · a year ago
Georgia & Pennsylvania doing THAT
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decolonize-the-left · 27 days ago
Hillary Clinton is single-handedly responsible for Trump? That really sounds like some backdoor rightwing propaganda to me. Could you elaborate on this?
I already did in a response to this post. Which also contains sources for these screenshots.
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They intentionally propelled extremists into national spotlight as a strategy to make Clinton look better in comparison.
Excerpt of WikiLeaks Clinton Campaign email:
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AND even after Trump and seeing the risks of how a strategy like this could backfire horrendously, they still chose to do it again.
They are trying literally trying to FORCE leftists and progressives right so they can get our votes.
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The last article is from July 19 of this year, that's just a few days ago. They expect voters to be pushed to vote for Democrats instead of extremists or progressives come November.
You are Not pushing them left. They are pushing you right.
It's not a coincidence that you all think you need to "save the country" by voting for blue. It's intentional. A carefully manipulated threat. Just like progressives being "irresponsible votes" is a carefully constructed propaganda meant to undermine the legitimacy of anyone more progressive than Democrats are willing to be.
Voting for progressives would make this strategy crumble like a stack of cards. Don't fall for moderate propaganda that scares you into asking for better. You aren't an irresponsible voter or wasting a vote if you vote for progressives. Progressives have won nearly every poll when they've been pitted against extremists.
Everyone would rather have progress than alt-right extremism.
Moderate Democrats however have convinced most people that settling for the status quo is safer than putting those 2 groups against one another. Why? Because they're moderate so it's safer for them. Theyre afraid of progress, they wouldn't have a job anymore if they maintained their outdated beliefs in a progressive government. And telling everyone they're the "best" option and undermining the credibility of progressives and their ideals is how they do that.
You aren't "stupid" or whatever else liberals wanna call you for not buying into propaganda that keeps progress stagnant.
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sh-igaraki · 4 months ago
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<3 oh back when i was younger (was told by other youngsters).
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makingdonalddrumpfagain · a month ago
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seigibathala · 12 days ago
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As I am making a doujinshi at the moment, I am sharing these sketches I have for Gintoki and Tsukuyo.
I got to say that GinTsuki design is aesthetically pleasing together. (This is just the design huh) So like the orange maple leaf pattern of her kimono, the color compliments really well with the blue pattern on Gintoki’s kimono. (In which I think his pattern is inspired from Hokusai Sensei’s: The Great Wave off Kanagawa. But scratch that, Sorachi said the pattern was inspired from clouds lol. Though I still believe maybe it was kinda inspired on that legendary art.
So, while the pattern color complements, the black and white contrast gives them a mysterious flavor. Black and white? Simple, but it gives them good balance the same with how contrasting their characters are like (Gintoki being lazy ass boss and Tsukki - the workaholic leader of Yoshiwara.
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And I am thankful to see them having more beautiful designs post time skip. Both having Haoris? These are my favorites in which I wish Sorachi retained them, but man, he is afraid of good fashion.
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So here, there’s a lot in my mind right now and I need to share this. And I am more inspired as well as I still receive some notifications about my doujin Sober Thoughts 3. I promise to deliver the ending that I really want for this story so I hope you can wait :)
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misteranthrope · a month ago
If these recent decisions don't galvanize a blue wave, nothing will.
Ramp up, people! We've got work to do.
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without-ado · 6 months ago
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ll Jacob VanderVelde, Hawaii
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Me watching the results of the election coming in
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yosb · a year ago
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Thank you progressive and BIPOC grassroots organizers who mobilized the vote and delivered this election. Let their lives be centered in the policies that result.
🍑 THE FIGHT FOR DEMOCRACY IS NOT OVER IN GEORGIA! Let’s make Bernie the US Senate Committee Budget Chairman and make Mitch McConnell’s life hell! Flip the Senate blue in the run-off elections on Jan. 5, 2021! 🍑
I designed this Georgia runoff one-sheet infographic to be used to GOTV, so please feel free to download and share it!
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watersho3s · a year ago
Allentown, PA finding out Trump lost
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soberscientistlife · 2 days ago
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Liz Cheney's loss is an indication of the grip TFG has over the GOP. Democrats need to win all our elections in the midterms. Our democracy is at stake.
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huong1952 · 5 months ago
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Georgia O’Keefe - Blue Wave Maine -
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decolonize-the-left · a month ago
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How much do you wanna bet that the blue maga people are gonna tell us we can "push candidates left" again at mid terms like they didnt just fail to push exactly (1) one old guy left even just a little for 2 years straight.
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as-spring-came-in-october · 4 months ago
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The Blue Wave...
This Blue wave,
Which I can't name,
Submerges me till I can't breathe,
And all messages I send for help,
Come back and choke my neck.
Who do you talk to when you have no
one to listen?
This Blue wave,
I can't blame,
For all that is wrong in my bones and skin,
It stops me from telling you what I wish
to say.
So I keep quiet and store my sorrows in my chest.
How do you ask someone to see you if you really don't want them to know you?
This Blue wave,
Is getting old now,
It's burden makes me want to break my own bones and run away,
But I don't know where to run or whom to run to,
Where do all these broken people go?
This Blue wave,
Feels like a punch to my face,
They tell me they can't see it so it
mustn't be there,
For a minute I believe them to be true,
But then it come backs at 2 a.m. with me counting my breaths,
To know there is still air.
Who can help you when you don't want anyone to?
By @theloudestwomanyoulleversee
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makingdonalddrumpfagain · a month ago
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To be clear:
When encouraging people to Vote Blue, we are NOT saying to stop protesting/rioting/organizing your communities.
We are NOT telling you to stop criticizing the Democratic party or criticizing Democrat candidates.
We are NOT saying that voter suppression isn't a very real problem. We are NOT guilt tripping people who can't vote because that right was stripped from them unfairly. We are NOT saying that voting is the be all/end all.
We ARE encouraging everyone to use EVERY tool at your disposal to make your voices heard and enact change.
If you have the ability to vote, please vote to get Trump out of office.
We know the system is deeply flawed and things need to radically change. The two-party model is fucked and it's awful and unfair that it's become so deeply entrenched in politics that it's effectively all but shut third parties out. No matter what, sweeping change will still need to happen.
We are encouraging those who are able to vote and attack the system from within as well as from the outside.
So please, if you are able to, Vote Blue. Do not let Trump solidify any more power. Do not let him appoint another supreme court justice.
And then keep doing everything in your power to make the Democratic party listen.
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