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“Did you hear about the guy afraid of German sausages?... he always fears the wurst.”

“Xion, sweetie, I don’t think this is the best time to come up with witty pun — although I’m so proud of you for coming up with that on the spot.” The butcher’s shop was lined with string after string of ties sausages. At any other point Rapunzel would have played along but with Pascal caged up and on the menu for that night’s dinner she could only think of one thing. “Let’s get him out of there before the butcher returns.”                @blackasteriia

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Hi anon! Thank you for taking the time to go through my works :’) I’m happy to hear that u enjoy them ♥️

Ok,, this is my personal opinion again. It’s totally ok if others interpret him in another way, because at the end…. it’s a question of perception.

I hope this makes sense 😐

  • He is not dumb entirely. No, he isn’t, you’re right. I can’t think up examples immediately, but remember, he is capable of understanding the nuances of other people’s personalities, and their interpersonal relationships.
  • He plays a setter ok. Which means, he’ll have to be very observant of the players, their state of minds and moods. In the latest hq episode, we have Akaashi saying that Kageyama knows how the opposite team is perceiving him. If he can do that, then it’s not possible for him to be so supremely dumb.
  • He also does come up with very clear insights sometimes. Think of how he knew Oikawa is going to set to Iwaizumi. THAT’S A CANON EXAMPLE OF HIS NOT BEING EMOTIONALLY DUMB DUMB.
  • He appears so dumb, especially in case of studies, cause I feel,,, he doesn’t really put in as much as effort into it as in vball. In the court, his senses are so open, ever perceptive and sharp. Being a setter, you’ve to be one step ahead of the rest. How can you do that well if you’re Completely Dumb.
  • He’s not in Suga, Oikawa or Akaashi’s league in terms of people reading skills. But I feel,if he wants to, he will be able to tell by a squeeze of your hand that you’re not feeling that good at a party. BUT he’ll not know what to do next. He won’t take the action of pulling you out of there, especially if it’s a first time that it’s happening.
  • Also!! It’s about the interest he has in reading the person’s moods. Or thinking critically outside of vball, in matters unrelated to vball. Say, someone comes up and confesses him in a school corridor. He rejects them. They end up crying. He’ll just stand there, not know what to say. He’ll not know where to take you on a first date. In that way he is dumb.
  • He has his own brand of smartness. And what some perceive as foolishness, is also partly because he’s pretty daring in the court…doing experiments?
  • He’s smart enough to draw the line and respect yours.
  • You’re right. People imo are fluid and dynamic characters, you can’t box them in. If one acts this way here, doesn’t mean they’ll not act in another way somewhere else. Plus they also grow. They grow in relationships, in life. So, highschool Tobio’s smartness is not equal to Ali Roma Tobio’s smartness. And smartness can be manifested in different forms too.
  • And besides when in love everyone acts a little ooc anyways 😌 that’s my belief.
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