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cyndavilachase · 2 years ago
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Road trip interruptions
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mysticplies · 16 days ago
It would be cool to see 2 aquamarines and 2 rubies fused together
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samstersu · 11 months ago
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Steven Universe Future layouts!
Mega Pearl & Bluebird Azurite
Left pfp drawing: Hilary Florido
Right pfp drawing: Nicole Rodriguez
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fettiowi · a year ago
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Some stuff i did for twitter recently
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gravityfallsrockz · 7 months ago
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On this day exactly 2 years ago, we met Bluebird Azurite Happy Bluebird day!!!
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oatzimir · 9 months ago
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yes my fixation on su characters will be over soon—
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Fusions as single gems part 2!
Alexandrite used to be a spy for the Diamonds. Her voice is unknown and she communicates through sign language.
Opal used to be a commander for the gems who terraform, such as Lapis Lazulis. She tries to look glamourous, scary and threathening, but deep inside she is just a silly child.
Bluebird Azurite used to be a reporter, whenever an important event happened they transmitted the news to all gemkind.
Garnet used to be a commander, just like Hessonite, Pyrope and Demantoid.
Sugilite used to be a demolisher, she destroyed old buildings that were no longer used by homeworld gems.
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the-ruby-squad · 5 months ago
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Happy valentines day
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eyzmaster · 7 months ago
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I like to be one of the only people that keeps drawing this lil' gremlin. I mean, she's getting better and cuter each time, in my eyes. Oh, right, where was I? #HappyHolidays2021! Merry Christmas! Enjoy! (x)
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surogueau · a year ago
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cyndavilachase · 2 years ago
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Bluebird returned, we were just too distracted by Steven being big, scary and pink to notice
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eqqyman · a year ago
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love this gremlin 
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asklapisradzuli · 3 months ago
If your sunglasses break, just how many spares do you own?
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zeioto · 8 months ago
Edited Bluebird - HD!
Can you spot the difference from the last post? Is it cel-drawn, is it vector, or is it raster? ...You tell me~!11
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acebender · a year ago
Still wild that people saw the opening of Steven Universe Future, saw the pink Tarrasque
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and went "lol yeah that's Steven"
like... HOW
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Steven Universe Momswap AU, but the meanies were mommies.
In this AU, instead of Pearl, Garnet, and Amethyst(A.K.A. Bird Mom, Square Mom, and Fun Mom). We've got Jasper, Bluebird Azurite, and Spinel instead. However, they're not exactly the counterparts of the meanies we've found in the canon. Let's say the overall are simply:
Jasper, Bluebird Azurite, and Spinel are the remained founder Crystal Gems instead. However, they are not just canon moms in the different type.
Lapis, Peridot, and Bismuth have their roles swapped: Lapis is the builder, Peridot is the imprisoned, and Bismuth is the nerdy instead.
Pearl, Garnet, and Amethyst are the meanies of the AU. Similar to the AU moms, their villainous vibes are based on the way how they are in canon.
In this AU, instead of Beach City, the Crystal Gems live in the Crystal Castle, among the mountains of Scotland instead. The town is known as Hillenfort, as Greg is the musician who wanders the globe & send cash for Steven's living. The reason is that Greg tried to figure out about his wife's backstory, under the cover of a random musician.
Not only Homeworld is the villain, but also the 3rd faction that is neither full hero, nor villain; MIX(Military Intelligence Xenos/MI10). The secret intelligence of British government taking care of the aliens(in this AU, Gems) secretly. They want to keep earth safe, yet, ignore the fact the Crystal Gems are good.
Brief Infos about some characters
Steven: Similar to canon self, but being a bit more rebellious(yet, still kind). He is given assignment from Aquamarine/Bluebird based on his age for his wisdom, daily training with Jasper for strength & combat skills, and relax with Spinel on games & TVs. Instead of Cookie Cat, his favorite snack is a chocolate bar known as Choco Kitten, which is produced in Japan & later, no longer imported to Hillenfort for reasons.
Jasper: She is Pink Diamond's most trusted bodyguard who had proven her loyalty to PD. She hesitantly helped the Crystal Gems in the early time. However, she learned about the value of organic lives & love. She has learned to become the warrior for mankind & earth. Even not being the brightest mind, she has heart of gold & strength of both physical & passion. She sometimes being stern on Steven, as she wishes he could help his mother's legacy continue & become great. However, she is ready to protect Steven from threats & anything seem suspicious.
Bluebird Azurite: Fusion between Aquamarine & Eyeball. However, she is taller & having only two legs. She has a good sense to humor, pride, and being encouraging to Steven. However, she could be too prideful sometimes that she is careless. Plus, she is more sensitive to argument between her components than Garnet.(Their inner voices are louder than Garnet's)
Aquamarine: She was a regular Aquamarine, until she learned a secret during the mission on the former organic planet. She felt the great guilt & tried to find a pacifist & smart way to reform Gem Civilization. However, during her proposal offering to the Diamonds on Earth, she was meant to be shattered, until Eyeball saved her & brought her to the surface. Aquamarine is teacher & nurse figure to Steven; she takes care of his knowledge(academic included) & meal(as well as medication when he is ill).
Eyeball Ruby: Eyeball Ruby was on the mission with Aquamarine on the once living planet. Eyeball couldn't kill the mother & child of the locals, which consider defection. However, Aquamarine helped her to send some of the population to safety & hide the truth. Eyeball Ruby is sort of house's guardian & tsundere mom. She once tried to make him a birthday cake & told him 'she was just bored'.
Spinel: She met PD again, secretly, when she was pregnant. Spinel joined Crystal Gems to be one of the guardians for Steven. She is the one who make him happy the most, compared to other moms. However, she could be careless & not awaring of how Steven is neither human, nor Gem. She seems to be more like big sis rather than mom sometimes.
Lapis Lazuli: She is one of the earliest Crystal Gems who found the secret project of Homeworld that could destroy even Diamond; Longinus. However, Rose rejected her & poofed to hide her Gem in Lion's mane. She usually dive to find artefacts & create temporary tools out of solidify water(not ice), or/and using water arms to help her build stuffs .
Peridot: Trapped in the Homeworld computer-like device, Peridot was meant to calculate & simulate the battles & strategy for Homeworld against Crystal Gems. She could hack electronic device of both humans & Gem technology by her mind, but she needs to balance emotions & focus to have the safe, accurate, & powerful use.
Bismuth: She served Garnet as the technician of her fleet. However, she was saved by the Crystal Gems, where she learned about beauty of Earth & its lives. Bismuth, eventually, become an architect to protect Earth & enhance Crystal Gems' arsenal.
Pearl: The starter story was the same, but she disliked humanity. She felt that humanity taken PD's love from her, as well as Jasper who took her place unofficially. She rage quitted & returned to Homeworld, pledging her loyalty to White Diamond & give in the useful information. She became enchanted into the 'Cyborg Gem'. She could use her clones & weapons even more efficiently, and need less time to recover. She hates Steven for 'destroying' PD & taint her Gem.
Garnet: Fusion of Ruby & Sapphire, who worked together because Diamonds promised each of them a servant & higher rank. They are not getting along, as greed & determination is what hold them together. She also meant to keep her identity as fusion secret; she put on knuckles to hide her gems, and pretend that she has Ruby & Sapphire as her background servants.
Amethyst: Found by Homeworld instead of Rose, she was trained & 'partly fixed' by White Diamond. She is told that to complete to repair, she must killed Rose Quartz for it. She is not really evil, just being brainwashed & need a bigger image of the story.
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salempie · 9 months ago
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Bluebird Azurite? In my 2021? It’s more likely than you might think.
Do NOT tag ship, stg…
She’s just an insecure little rat that feels like hating Steven is her only justification for existing and without him she has an identity crisis.
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