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colubrina · a day ago
I’m very tired and can’t remember if I’ve ever sent you a thing off anon but in case not I first read your fics what feels like a lifetime ago and I still value them and would reread all of my favorites if I was capable of reading anything these days so anyway the point is fuck trolls you’re awesome
Thank you, and I’m so glad you like them. It’s really nice to hear <3 <3 <3
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the-adventures-of-dave · a month ago
Hi, I have a kitten who has taken to walking around on her harness pretty well but finds Outside to be very scary, how did y’all get to the point of “cars and squirrels and other humans exist and that is okay”?
I don’t think I’ve reached a point where the cats are bombproof or anything- whenever we go on walks I expect the possibility of them being spooked. That being said, taking it slow and starting out somewhere quiet really helps. Training both the boys I started out in the backyard, and then slowly extended our radius farther from home. If they come to see your yard as their territory and safe place, they’ll be a little more comfortable with new stimuli that is introduced there. 
Keep a favourite toy or some treats on hand, and when you see a potential stressor try to distract your cat with those. If possible, don’t wait until after your cat is already scared, as I don’t think it works quite as well (but if she is scared still give her the treat). 
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wild-west-wind · 4 months ago
What’s the best bird you saw in the last month? Or any birds I have no idea what birds live there lol
I saw a harrier for the first time in months the other day on a trip to the supermarket in the boat-up shopping mall! There’s always good birds near there!
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nerdy-as-heck · 4 months ago
Hi quick question why is diluting coffee with water okay but not creamer/milk/whatever else the place I’m at has on hand thanks
Water doesn't change the flavor, just the intensity.
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talesfromtreatment · 4 months ago
My recently adopted kitten keeps yeeting her neck/shoulders/ribcage into closing doors how do I not squeesh her/how do I tell if I have squashed something important help I can’t just never close doors around her and this was not a problem I anticipated
It is time to learn to close doors more slowly and while actively watching the floor for incoming feline projectiles. Kittens are fast little fluffballs so it’s up to us to slow down.
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talesfromtreatment · 6 months ago
We have a cat, a few years old now, who never quite learned to cat (we found her outside and based on timing we think an irresponsible Christmas present kitten). We’re working on kickstarting her grooming habits now, but there’s only so much she can reach because she’s very overweight because she isn’t very active. Are there ways y’all use to kickstart their hunting/chasing instincts or is it just a matter of not having found the right toys? (She also can’t judge jump heights very well but I’m not sure we can teach her that one lol)
Well, step one is to start the weight loss. If she’s not active and is obese, she’s getting too much food for her caloric needs. I would contact your vet and ask about starting her on a diet because obese cats are particularly prone to getting diabetes and that is a fucking pain in the ass to deal with as well as being extremely expensive.
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skraldrog · 4 months ago
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another Ancient apparel edit, this time for BlueJaysFeather’s Falwyn! I normally post the pics privately, but this Bane. Oh, this Bane.
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