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The name Tumblr is derived from "Tumblelogs", which were hand coded multimedia blogs.

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20 min til my birthday and its starting off shitty like every other birthday ever. Please send good energy my way, I really need it. I’m so happy to reach my 24th birthday. But I am completely overwhelmed with life. And I always feel lke I will be. Even if no one makes me feel important, I am everything to myself. Im going to smoke a joint and chill out.

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I was tagged by some amazing people to Share some clouds and a selfie @crabbybun , @greeneyedaries11 , @galaxygirl-emi420 , @ounhime , @alkaloid , @oneheart12 , @bass-alien , @babeegorl , & @lucifers-romaine thank you guys so much for the tag! You all are amazing😃!!!

I will be tagging some amazing people to come smoke and/or to take a selfie

@nova-ofthe-north , @spawnoflolita , @maliadee , @ssej-ica , @battyyy , @2stonedforlife , @gabbigabriella , @pinkkushlounge , @sailor-emerald , @shoobadawoop , @laymedown420 , @mee-o0ww , @vinny-likes-to-play21 , @strwberrylemonade , @moreeeeweedddd , @weedtime5310 , @cyberganja , @raivenrambles , @cosmicloyal , @mrsnovojane , @freckledfacecompanion , @lunavoyd , @bong-rippin-mom , @veraisastoner , @bottle-breaker , @theherblifee , @soft-peach94 , @boundbythemind , @queerwithweed , @oldstonermom , @stoner-snowflake , @dinedwithwolves , @melalynnxo , @h1gh-0n-l1f3 , @just-alittle-mindless , @blanative360 , @aremerb , @jarof420 , @blkqueermama , @vodkainthebath , & @iizzzyyy

I hope everyone has an amazing Sunday! 

Stay blessed! Stay happy!! & love yourself!!!!

Please let me know if you want to be tagged! Or Please let me know if you don’t want to be tag😅.

Feel free to come join!!! 

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