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Bumblebee shippers be like;

*sees art that isn’t bumblebee and feels the need to comment on it* “I DONT ship this because YANG AND BLAKE ARE MEANT FOR EACH OTHER and if you think differently you’re wrong. But it’s good art I guess.”

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The thing about people saying that Bumbleby is a forced couple with no build up is that sometimes I wonder if they have eyes or something.

First of all, the storyline is clearly heading that way, but they’re not a couple yet, as many antis love to remind the shippers. Therefore, how can they be a forced couple if, as you say, they’re not dating yet??? They’re STILL developing the couple lmao.

Second, it does have build up. The thing is, you dismissed many of those interactions as friendship, saying that there are a lot of ways of love, not only romantic and all that.

And you’re right, there are many ways to love someone, and platonic relationships are just as important as romantic ones. But then again, you are missing a very important detail: the context of the scenes.

You can interpret Yang saying “I love it when you’re feisty” and “If you feel like coming out tomorrow, I’ll save you a dance *wink*” as friendship considering “Yang tends to be kind of flirty and affectionate with everyone”. It’s not entirely true but yeah okay, I get that. There’s also the fact that females are more allowed to be affectionate with their other female friends. So when you see a woman being flirty with each other you’ll interpret it as friendship when it’s actually not. That doesn’t happen to straight couples (they will smile to each other once and they will already be in love and the audience will never hace doubts), or mlm ships, because males aren’t seen to be as affectionate with each other as females, and when they are, it’s seen as romantic (even if they’re platonic, and people will call it queerbaiting).

Examples (and no shitting on the other ships. I fucking love Renora):

Renora holds hands after a really emotional moment, or to reassure one another: Totally romantic.

Bumbleby holds hands MULTIPLE TIMES after a really emotional moment, or to reassure one another: Gal pals.


Clover winks at Qrow in a cocky way and says a “lucky you huh”: Damn he’s sooo gay.

Yang winks at Blake in a cocky way and literally tells her that she’s saving her a dance after a clear joke with the “coming out” thing: A great straight girl!

See what I mean? Honestly I don’t blame people for this, because I myself dismissed the whole flirty Yang thing in the first few volumes as just friendship and teasing for the fans. It’s just heteronormativity that we all have inside.

However, there are some things that, if you interpret them as friendship… Well.

One of the most obvious ones, and which confirmed to me that Bumbleby was, indeed, romantically coded: THAT scene at Heroes and Monsters. How blind do you have to be to deny that it was meant to be romantic?

You can say “Oh but there are many ways to love not just romantic it could be sisterly love” and as I said, you’re right. If you had put Ruby instead of Blake in that situation, it’s clear that it would mean sisterly love. But that scene is not meant to be “sisterly”, no matter what you say. Because, the scene is: Exboyfriend threatens Girl to destroy everything she loves and then Other Girl (who was directly compared to Exboyfriend earlier) appears looking for Girl, and Girl looks at her terrified, Exboyfriend notices. You know the rest.

This is, as I call it, the classic “summon love interest” card. If you changed Blake and Yang there and you put Ren and Nora (who, until their backstory in vol 4, didn’t even have that much development nor confirmation of being really romantic, just teasing and a song -you know, like Blake and Yang-) in that situation, there’s no way people would have thought that it was friendship lol. Damn, if they just made Yang a male, with all the interactions they’d had and that scene, people would have been chanting CANON in that moment.

Also, vol 5 chapter 8. Yeah, that talk in which Yang admits to Weiss that she is really hurt by Blake leaving and that she wished she hadn’t because she wanted to be there for her and needed Blake to be there for her as well could be friendship… Except it isn’t. Because, considering the past scenes, the ENTIRE conversation and the fact that it took place in the same episode other girl confesses to have romantic feelings for Blake… Well. Oh, and basically the whole reunion scene when all Blake could say was “Yang?” and Yang.exe stopped working. And don’t get me started with the songs (come at me with a straight face and tell me that bmblb is about a bike, I fucking dare you). All That Matters just…

And of course, the entirety of their interactions in volume 6.

Oh, and let’s ignore the fact that these two characters that pretty much are a retelling of the Beauty and the Beast, because it was a last minute decision pushed by the fans; it’s not as if Red like Roses pt 1, the first song that we hear in the series and which lyrics are foreshadow for the characters, literally said that they are “Black the Beast” and “Yellow Beauty”.

“But, Sun”.

Look, I was a Blacksun shipper when I started watching the show; I still am, actually, I just like Bumbleby more. And I understand why people want them together. However, saying that they had better development than Bumbleby as a couple is just not true. Because they have barely any development: the first volumes was just Sun crushing hard on Blake the moment he sees her, and Blake kind of returning the crush but never at the same level or with the same enthusiasm. They barely have any interactions in vol 3. In vol 4 Sun can’t understand Blake and she could barely stand him. And in vol 5, Sun has finally given up on Blake romantically speaking and now they get to develop, but as friends.

Also, have this in mind: when Adam fought Sun, he didn’t see him as anything else than Blake’s classmate, and even called him that. Because he never saw them as a “rival” when it came to Blake. Now, Yang? He tries to kill her out of jealousy the first time he sees her because he noticed the way Blake was looking at her. He tries to kill her again multiple times in that fight in volume 6; again, out of jealousy, because he sees how they’re looking at each other. Damn, he even screams “What does she even see in you?” when they fight. So yeah, the fact that Adam, Blake’s exboyfriend, is jealous of Yang and sees her as the romantic rival instead of Sun should have told you something back in vol 5.

Look, you don’t have to like Bumbleby, and I’m not saying it’s perfect, because it isn’t; there are things that could definitely have been done better. But saying that it’s forced (when, again, they’re not dating yet), that they have no build up because you never saw it coming… Watch the show again, man.

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“You’re not like other girls,” said Adam. “You don’t obsess over your looks or your hair. You don’t wear skimpy clothes. You’re not a slut.”

Part of Adam’s abuse was vilifying other women so that Blake became hooked on his validation, male validation. She believed him. She believed that she was better by virtue of not being “that” kind of girl. It sets the standard of how she viewed other women. If they’re flirty, if they care about their looks, if they have cleavage, they’re vapid bitches who don’t care about the injustices of the world. Ilia told stories of what these “other girls” were like at her finishing school.

When Blake finally leaves Adam, she’s questioning everything he ever taught her and is slowly trying to unlearn it.

Enter Yang. Flirty. Obsessed with her hair. Cleavage on display. First thing she does is comment on Blake’s outfit. Great, Blake thinks. Another vapid bitch who only cares about the shallow things in life. Later, she catches herself. Another assumption Adam taught her, one that could potentially be barring her from another friend.

In the forest, Blake witnesses Yang throwing a tantrum over losing a lock of hair, but she was also a great fighter, willing to get her hands dirty. She was calling out the name of a loved one.

So Blake decides to take a leap of faith, to become the teammate of this “other girl” to further challenge her own misbelief, to see what kind of girl exists beyond her assumptions. That’s why she killed the grimm. That’s why Blake chose Yang.

They dorm together, laugh together, get to know each other, spar, and more. Blake not only has a lot in common with Yang, but all her teammates. Turns out Blake is like other girls, and she couldn’t be prouder ❤️💙🖤💛

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