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a more formal introduction to daisuke and akio:

daisuke itachi

-actually just a gremlin like wtf

-he’s 5’3” let’s go manlet

-his quirk is parroting, so anything he hears he can mimic exactly within 48 hours post hearing it

-for layered audio like songs, he can grow multiple vocal chords, hence the bandages because his throat isn’t meant to distort like that and he needs to get used to that

-horrendous taste in music

-he’s just a mean little man and also very annoying but he means well

-he likes present mic because he can borrow his voice and be very loud about it

akio kishimoto

-6’0” flat

-i wouldn’t exactly say he’s buff but he’s definitely strong enough to throw people

-his quirk is sort of like zombification, he bites you, and you get all braindead

-unfortunately, he, too, gets zombified because he hasn’t built up an immunity to his own venom due to being unable to use his quirk cause like. it’s illegal u kno.

-due to the mechanics of his quirk he’s assumed to be inevitably a villain, which he works his ass off to be seen as the good guy

-his scars are from going braindead and actin stupid, it’s his own doing, though it was an accident

-so tired. please let him sleep. daisuke please let him sleep. please daisuke shut the fuck up.

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Tsuburaba x Reader


Summary: One of the 1000 Follower Event Winners. The prompt was ‘Accidental Boner’ and the summary was: 'For the guy with the hardest name to spell and remember, with this prompt, I’d write a scenario where he and his s/o are just chilling at his place, cuddling on the couch and whatnot, when the poor guy’s body betrays him (according to the prompt). It’s really embarrassing for him because he and his s/o haven’t gotten that far in their relationship yet, but his s/o takes it in stride and they might just get around to finally taking that step.' 

Warnings: oral sex 

Notes: This turned out a little different than I had originally intended, but there’s still some smut, so all’s well that ends well.

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so since bnha and demon slayer readers are pressed i decided to recommend some wholesome and funny anime

- ramen daisuki koizumi-san: a really cute (and kinda gay idk) anime about a cold and stoic girl named koizumi who softens up for her favorite food

- saint onii-san: jesus and the buddha go on vacation in japan. buddha is a coward and jesus acts like a child but it’s so funny

- sekkou boys: a young woman becomes a manager of a pop idol group made entirely of roman/greek bust statues

- oda cinnamon nobunaga: japanese warlord oda nobunaga gets reincarnated as a shiba inu named cinnamon

feel free to repost and add more because manga readers do be feelin down

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One of the funniest things I’ve ever seen in passing on this site was one fangirl was trying to insist that this one bnha ship was abusive and toxic and in canon was clearly just two guys who hate each other and then someone else @ed her and was like, “don’t you write angsty rape incest water sports porn of that character and his father?”

Fucking killed me.

Just shot me the fuck down.

Load of hypocrites, all of you.

Just admit it doesn’t turn you and move on.

Why even pretend that what you find sexy is somehow morally superior to what other people find sexy?

You’re all going to hell for thinking about sex before you’re lawfully wed anyway.

Get over yourselves.

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au where kaminari is phineas from phineas and ferb

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