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aaaaaa could i request hcs for toga who always keeps running into a vigilante reader and with each encounter they end up slowly coming to enjoy each other's company instead of being like "oh you again why tf does this keep happening"?? lil specific but a h

notes : sorry this wasn’t the longest baby, but i hope u like it

❀✿ ~~ ✰ ~~ ✿❀

  • we all know toga falls in loves with anyone she fights
  • the second she sees you its over for u
  • she fell in love in an instant
  • and that fact that you’re a vigilante, and not an actual pro hero?
  • you’ve got her drooling LMAO
  • it’ll probably piss off the league members about how much she goes on and on about the cute vigilante she saw
  • but she doesn’t care, she’ll make it her mission to find you again
  • her and twice will always purposely get into little fights with you, not big enough to catch the public eye, just so she can see you again
  • you have no idea that this cute little blonde villain keeps purposely bumping into you, but you don’t mind at all
  • in fact, you start looking forward to your weekly fights
  • expect a lot of giggles while to two of you fight
  • oh and she’ll definitely tease the fck out of you, talking about how cute you look while fighting
  • twice likes to get in on the teasing too, going on about how cute of a couple you and toga would be
  • you start becoming less and less violent as the fights go on, often talking about how your days were as you were attempting to ‘kill’ eachother
  • sometimes she’ll ask you to join the league like it were an ordinary question to ask, but you’d always politely decline
  • you better be ready for her to keep on fighting you until you give in and join them 
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Bakugou having a crush who's best friends with Izuku or Monoma Neito?

Jelly jelly Bakugou! I chose Monoma because i never wrote for him befofe. Thank you for requesting! ❤️💜❤️

-Why was he jealous? It’s not like you’re his girlfriend or anything.

- But whenever you were around him, around stupid Monoma, he couldn’t help the rage that was bubbling inside his heart.

- And it definitely didn’t help that Monoma really liked to tease him.

- He’d wrap his arm around your waist, whisper in your ear, hug you, all while keeping eye contact with the angry blonde, shooting him a cocky smirk.

- It wasn’t hard to tell that Katsuki had a little crush on you, first by the way he threatens Neito whenever he interrupts him whilst having a conversation with you, second by the way he treats you, less harsh, less mean, he cared about you, and everyone can see the little smile, that he tries so hard to hide, when he’s talking to you.

-Now Monoma wasn’t that mean to be honest, he knew you liked Bakugou too, you always talk about him and how cool and stong he is.

-But he couldn’t help it! He loved seeing the explosive guy fuming.

- But as you got closer to the 1a boy, Neito seemed to cut down on his teasing.

- But he still liked seeing the boy jealous.

- When you tell him that you two are finally a couple, he was happy for you, he cared about your happiness you were his best friend after all, but he wouldn’t stop calling you traitor or fake just to annoy you.

- Though he stopped being too physically affectionate with you, respecting your relationship, he turned from a teasing prick to am overprotective one.

-Always glaring at Bakugou when he was giving you a sweet kiss, or picking up a fight with him if he saw you sad, even if it’s not the angry porcupine’s fault.

- But Bakugou could see, that even behind all the fights, the yells, the glares from the copy cat, that he still accepted him and trusted him.

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I like Shirakumo , Uraraka, LoV members, Present Mic, Natsuo and maybe Aizawa... kinda? Are you into any bnha pairings? As for me, I don't have any specific pairs in my mind right now😀

your taste *chef kiss*

I’m definitely a multi-shipper, some my fave ships change every now and then, I’ve been into bakudeku a lot lately, kiribaku, tododeku and izuocha are 👌 I’m kinda falling out of shipping dabihawks ngl, i had a shigadabi phase too 😂 i love momojiro 💕 uwu

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DASH IS DEAD !! i rly wanna follow more cool people uwu!!! if u post stuff below pls give a like n i will check ur blog out

  • animanga : haikyuu / bnha / dcmk / sao / sports !! anime !! / death note
  • games !!! : fe:3h / d:bh / horror games !!! / mass effect
  • webtoons : 19 days / true beauty / home sweet home
  • shows : hannibal / stranger things / spn / marvel / HORROR ! / disney / if u rb/make pretty graphics i will follow !!!
  • books / classics / literary fiction / philosophy !  studyblr  aes / plants !!
  • writing / prompt  blogs - but not ff !!  tysm

rb if u want me to take a look no pressure to fb!!!!

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