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Originally posted by siriusserenade-moved

* Deku likes two opposite extremes.

* He’s not the tallest guy so he loves little petite models, but he also loves legs so tall Amazonian goddesses also turn him on

* Feels so powerful and strong with short, slim built girls

* Feels powerful in a different way with 5”10 and up girl when he has those beautiful legs wrapped around his waist quaking and quivering

*but also, like, step on him and call him a good boy🥺

* Likes confident, flirty, outgoing girls/guys/non-binary

* Baby is naturally shy. Big personalities bring him out of his shell

* Loves a shit talker

* It’s Bakugo’s fault

* “Damn Deku, you still ain’t cash app me my money *pops lips*”

* “Guess I’ll go fuck Ground Zero, since you clearly can’t fuck me right.”

* Oh please compare him to Kacchan.

* It’ll Make him go plus ultra p/bussy

* Will have you walkin’ side to side

* Once you can feel your legs again, that is

* Curly hair and freckles have a special place in his heart

* Afros, TWAs, cork screw curls.

* He thinks it’s so cute (curly haired freckles gang ftw)

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I’m happy to do it. 😊 I absolutely love to write for overhaul and I could thirst about him all day. Thank for your kind words. They mean so much. 🥺❤

It’s Not Wise To Make Me Angry || {NSFW} Overhaul x Reader


Word Count: 1.2k

The car ride home was where Kai thought that he could just relax, but he was more than wrong. His phone buzzed for what felt like the twentieth time in the last six hours. He was growing angrier and angrier by the second. You know how much he hated when you bothered him when he was working, but the punishment was something that you had always looked forward to.

Kai took his phone from his pocket and huffed when he saw your name on the screen once again. As he unlocked the screen he regretted it instantly.


When are you going to be home, Chisaki? I’m dying over here.

Kai Chisaki 9:26pm

You know how I hate when you do this. Your beginning to make me angry Princess.


I need you Kai. Hurry up and get that tight ass in the bedroom.

You knew that your message would get no response, but you also knew that it would drive him crazy. There wasn’t much that got Kai in the mood, but you knew exactly what he liked.

Kai sighed as he opened your last message, noticing that his car was pulling up in front of the house that the two of you shared. As he slowly exited the backseat he could feel his pants getting tighter. He was almost ashamed of himself, but he was even angrier that he had let you get to him in this way.

That house was dark when he walked through the door. He hadn’t expected the house to be this dark, especially not this early. As his eyes adjusted to the darkness he made his way down the hallway toward the bedroom. His intention was to express his anger with you, but he knew how hard that was going to be. He knew that the sight he was about to run into in the bedroom was going to make him anything but angry.

As he walked through the bedroom door he saw your figure upon the bed, the lights shining just enough through the bedroom curtains to see exactly what you were doing. Your hand was under the blanket and as the door opened you looked over at him, that hungry look in your eyes. A small pleasurable noise escaped your lips as you tried your hardest to hold it in while stroking your clit.

Kai licked his lips and slowly walked toward you, using his foot to slam the bedroom door behind him. “I have a bone to pick with you darling.” He grabbed the bottom of his shirt and slowly pulled it over his head. “You know how angry it makes me when you interrupt my work day when you don’t need to.”

You slowly removed your hand from your body and threw the blanket from yourself. “But I did need to Chisaki…” He growled as you used his last name.

His hand roughly grasped your wrist. “Stand up.” He tugged on your arm as you were pulled from the bed. He placed his hands on your waist and dug his fingers into your skin. “If you’re going to intentionally piss me off then I suggest you get on your knees.” You felt a pressure on your waist as he pushed on you, bringing you down to his knees. “It’s not wise to make me angry love.”

You reached your hands for his belt and slowly loosened it, helping him drop his pants to the floor. His length came free of its fabric prison and you grasped it in your hand. You used your thumb to spread his pre-cum around his tip, making him gently buck his hips into your grasp. “Don’t tease me darling. It’ll just make things worse on you if you do.”

You smirked at his words, but stopped, finally doing exactly what he wanted. You slowly enveloped his cock with your mouth and slid on his length. Kai placed his hand on the back of your head and helped guide you along his cock. “Just like that darling. Take it all in.”

His cock twitched against the roof of your mouth as he neared his release. His hand slowly pushed you farther and farther as the euphoria began to run through him. “It feels so good princess. I’m so close.”

A second after he spoke you felt his cock twitch again as you felt a warm sensation coating your throat. A grunt rang from Kai as he pressed you against him. As he pulled his cock from your mouth you felt his hand lace your hair. He tugged a little and smiled as you began to stand. “Now get on all fours, on the bed, now.”

You turned to him and climbed onto the bed, turning back to look at him, the anger in his eyes never fading. He stepped toward you and you felt a firm smack upon your bare cheek. A small sound escaped your lips as you felt Chisaki rut his hips into you, his erection pressing against your ass as he did. You pleaded with him. “Kai, please.”

He wound his hand up again and placed another firm slap to your ass. “Keep begging princess.”

Before you could let another word out you felt his erection plunge into your dripping cunt. His thrusts were ruthless and animal-like as the sound of skin slapping against skin filled the bedroom. His grunts were loud, something that wasn’t unlike Kai. He was extravagant in everything that he did and his time in the bedroom was no different.

You felt the tightness in your abdomen growing as the coil inside you threatened to snap. His tone was seductive as he brought you closer and close to the edge. “You’re so tight darling. So perfect for me. So wet for me.” You felt the coil snap as you shouted his name, throwing your head back. His hand wrapped around your throat as he pulled you toward him, never changing his pace. He was unwilling to let you come down from your high until he had found his own release.

You felt his cock twitch against your sensitive walls as he emptied himself inside your quivering cunt. A loud grunt filled the room as he thrust as hard as he could against you. You both collapsed forward on the bed and he pulled out of you, turning onto his back. “Next time you want to piss me off, choose a better time to do it.”

You rolled onto your back and chuckled. “Don’t act like you didn’t enjoy it Kai.”

He turned his face to yours and placed a hand on your cheek, embracing your lips with his own. “You know what I’m talking about Y/n.”

You had known exactly what he was talking about. But sex with Kai Chisaki when he was angry was something that you had never wanted to stop experiencing. The man was an animal, the man knew what a woman liked.

BNHA Taglist 💕 @chidori-mint @kurobo @blackkacchan

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So after some self-debate, I decided to actually make an art masterlist to track my progress, future works, WIP’s and past works. (I’ve never seen something like this done before)

I hope this isn’t interesting to just me, and will be able to help all of you navigate my blog more eaisly!


Work(s) In Progess

How I think haikyuu will end~

Future Ideas/Works

Howl redraw in watercolors

Kageyama for @gabbywubby

Ninja Shoyo

Bokuto and his adopted son Hinata for @rui-draws (sorry I kind of added my own flair to the request)

Feel free to ask me for panel redraws, or give me some ideas!

Note: Some may be added or taken out depending on me and time :)

Finished Pieces/Works

☀️ = my favorites

🍊= wtf

Haikyuu!! Fanart

Kageyama and Hinata art dump

“Let’s keep playing volleyball” (kageyama)

Crow children kagehina (mainly background) ☀️

Hinata-Karasu (crow) 🍊

Hinata Shoyo B-day ☀️

Third years (panel redraws)

Kenma ☀️

Kenma in a mask

Kageyama (panel redraws)

Third years graduation (panel redraws)

“明日は何者になる?” (Hinata)

First years as third years (panel redraws)


Oikawa sketch (traditional)

KNY Fanart

Zenitsu ☀️

Demon Tanjiro

Zenko, sumiko, and inoko (panel redraw) 🍊 ☀️

Zenitsu headshot

BNHA Fanart

Deku & (traditional sketch) 🍊


Todoroki, one of my first attempts at digital art 🍊

Bakugou sketch (traditional) ☀️


Hinata collab with @iguanche ☀️☀️

Genesis DITYS

All but deku is in chronological order from newest to oldest under each section~

Let me know if the links don’t work, or if I’m missing something :)

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well we dont know if horikoshi was crying over the chapter/manga in general or not,, its possible it was over something else. i do feel like people are probably taking the crying comment a bit out of context because it could really be for anything.

but its possible that mt lady dies here. at the very least she gets badly injured. machia isnt going to be held back by her for very long,,,,,,,,, shes in for a wake up call, i think.

they’re gonna get to shiggy before he gets caught or anything. no way is shigaraki being taken into jail after all this. that actually leaves the heroes in a bad spot because machia has the rest of the league, i doubt they can fight all of them. especially with aizawa and endeavor injured

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Is it a bird, or is it a plane? No, it’s a badass DRAGON flying your way!

Interest Check for How to Train Your Hero: a BNHA Dragon Riders zine is now OPEN until the 4th of August! Fill out the form and tell us what kind of content you want to see in the zine!


@bnhafandomcalendar @bnhabulletin @bokunozines @bnhafandomevents @atozines @zine-scene @zineapps @fanzinewatch @zinefeed @fandomzines @zinecenter @faneventshub @zineforall @anizines @all-zine-apps @zines-for-writers

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Kissing Prompt 17:
Tucking their hands beneath the other person’s shirt, just to watch them break the kiss and gasp in surprise at the sensation of cold/warm hands on their skin.

Tamaki 17 please and thank you - anon

»»————- ♡ ————-««

You shiver as you stepped out of the small cafe where you spent the last few hours, huddled with your friends, studying for upcoming exams. You couldn’t believe it was all about to end and soon, each and every one of you would be scattered across agencies as sidekicks. Nothing will bind you together anymore, aside from the sense of duty and the bonds of friendship. But you will no longer be ‘forced’ to stay in the same enclosed space for days.

A moment later, Amajiki stops by your side and you part with Togata and Hado, both heading for a short walk. You can feel your boyfriend’s gaze on you as you shiver and push your hands into your pockets.

Keep reading

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