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#bnha 335
mizutori-heiko · 17 hours ago
Tumblr media
Nomadic heroes and their spirit animals.

Can we talk about how Deku’s spirit animal is a motherfucking ram? For those of you who don’t know, rams (a.k.a Bighorn Sheep) are not predators, but you just don’t fucking mess with them. Their horns can weight over 30 pounds–more than all bones in their bodies combined and when fighting for dominance they can charge at each other at 20 freaking miles an hour. Their skulls are literally built to violently bash against one another. But they’re also like, not extremely violent–they’re freaking herbivore sheep, like “I’m chill, you’re chill, just don’t mess with me and we good.”

In matters of symbolism they stand for vitality, unyielding courage, wisdom, discernment and as the male sheep, their first order of priority is protecting the herd against threats. Culturally speaking they’re also associated with sacrifice and achievement (hey Izuku, self-sacrificial much?) and wanna know more? They also sometimes engage in homosexual activity. Izuku shouts: has anyone seen Kacchan?!

Thanks for coming to my TED talk.
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helga-grinduil · 2 days ago
horikoshi achieved a new level: instead of making female characters important and then killing them off, he decided to just not make them important in the first place 💀
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bnhatxtpostz · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
With the new chapter!!
Tumblr media
Denki sure does love that tail.
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transparentangel01 · 2 days ago
Not to talk my hero academia on main, but I got so excited when in chapter 335 Hagakure was confirmed the traitor because that would mean the author would be forced to write things about a female character for a few chapters, and even if she followed the distressing trend of 'cool female character gets introduced and then she dies' I was just excited for more of a female character with very little development. (I was also stoked because I love monster girls, and just wanted more info on Hagakure:
Chapter 336 leaks: JK! Aoyama was the traitor all along. We were just jerking you around for a chapter!
Tumblr media
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disaster-bay-leaf · 2 days ago
we were fools to think horikoshi wouldn’t take the occasion to rip our hearts out
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bnha-simpin-and-pimpin · 20 hours ago
I refuse to believe hagakure is not still plot relevant just because aoyamagot revealed. Horikishi tends to be very intentional so why would be go and do some weird double cross on his audience? I don't think it's his style to do that. She has some other purpose but I'm just not sure what it is.
Hagakure is the one to suggests they go tothe mall when Deku and Shigaraki meet
That line is a “memorable quote” in her character analysis
She's also often paired with Aoyama, even in the movies. They go out of their way to pair them.
After USJ, when all the kids are talking, isn't it Aoyama who says “its a secret” in regards to where he was after having asked everyone “did you miss me/ see me”
Mwan while, we don't honestly know where hakagure is because we couldn't see her. And Todoroki didn't either.
Aoyama is a weird guy who's mostly ignored by his classmates and hagakure is straight invisible. They're similar in that they aren't noticed to some degree.
THEN THERES THE CHEESE ARC. Where he knows. He likely knows Deku has One for All. Or at least that there's something special about him because that's probably who he's been told to watch. Or maybe it was just genuine ‘were the same’
But why write “i know” twice. I feel like maybe he might also be speaking to someone else in that scene
Tbh idk what all this information really means. But clearly there is a lot of small information that tells us something isn't right. Aoyama is more outwardly with it most likely because of his overwhelming guilt. And hakagure has too many incidents to be coincidence
I would be interested to see what's going on every time Aoyama looks at the audience. What is he telling us? Who is he looking at?
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helga-grinduil · 9 days ago
people already are disappointed that it’s hagakure because no one cares about her. THATS THE POINT, GUYS. she’s an excellent spy (better than hawks lmao) who managed to stay off the radar and purposefully didn’t became too close to anyone, while also not staying too distant from anyone to avoid being suspicious.
and like i talked previously, she’s probably doing it to get rid of her old quirk and get a new one from afo.
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rrandomtthings · 9 days ago
So in this weeks chapter of bnha, Hagakure is relevant
Tumblr media
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mettywiththenotes · a day ago
Okay okay but AFO’s explanation of his plans
Tumblr media
Is literally what Horikoshi does
Hori introduces a lot of plot lines then seemingly never uses them until the time comes. He plans stuff but it’s the when and where of it, like when will he use it and where will he put it in the story, which is why his reveals and plot twists come across as messy and out of nowhere sometimes (like he’s trying to plan ahead and then realizes oh shit if i go with this route then where can i reveal this here?? that means i gotta add it in now/pretty soon or else this detail from earlier won’t make any sense!). Hori has also said things like “We have something coming up for this character so we will find a way to introduce that” in interviews, implying there’s no fixed instruction on when to introduce it, but it’s something to put in place when he feels the time is right
Ultimately, the plot lines are routes that inevitably lead to the end of the story, but most of them are dependent on “when the times comes”, which makes for weird pacing. One minute Hori is sat around like AFO in Tartarus then the next he’s breaking out and causing chaos and going here there and everywhere trying to use the available routes to the potential he wanted. Then he’s sat around some more, like AFO in the cave now, but then he’s gonna get up and do this that and the other within a minimum of 5 or less chapters
(tho Hori is no evil villain lmao, if anything he’s evil in the fact that his story tugs on my heart strings)
This isn’t to say that it’s bad for a writer to introduce plot lines for a future use they only have a vague idea on. I just think that he adds so many, along with a lot of characters, that he has to keep track of everything and things spin a bit out of control because of that
But like. I feel like this is what Hori does, and it makes sense looking back at everything
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anqrymom · 9 days ago
hagakure the traitor ( ft. my thoughts )
no because remember the usj arc? when class 1a finally got out hagakure said she was with todoroki but todoroki said he didn’t see her anywhere
Tumblr media
the mall incident. she suggested it. and guess who deku encountered at the mall? shigaraki.
Tumblr media
the forest camp training arc. theres a possibility she tattled abt it to the lov too
also theres a possibility that hagakure could be a nomu like kurogiri 🙂👍
all in all it all just makes sense to me that she’s the ua traitor.
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