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#bnha aizawa
People who dare say that the entirety of class 1-A aren’t off-their-shit delinquents are lying to themselves and anyone who says that Todoroki wouldn’t quote vines daily is also lying to themselves


They are dumbass teens just like us, craving to have a coming of age teen movie like moment to feel even somewhat alive, of COURSE the do batshit crazy stuff!!!

And you are correct, Todoroki does quote vines daily, they’re hardwired into his brain.

HDJFISIDOI WHAT IF THEY HAVE A TIKTOK PAGE FOR THEIR CLASS AHHH it’s full of lowkey, not exactly illegal shit, but still pretty stupid. Aizawa wants to be disappointed, but he can’t help feel happy that his kids found something to make them happy

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When you care about your students’ mental and emotional health. I wish we have more teachers like Mr. Aizawa (in real life maybe).

Anime is a better place; better teachers, no COVID, just random bioengineered creatures showing up to ruin everything…

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aizawa-! *pushed head away from in between legs* i-i can't! n-no m-mo-more pleaseee!!

tch, i’m working right now, stop squirming, kitten. *uses his scarf as restraint to pin your hands above your head while he overstimulates you by eating you out*


Originally posted by giorno

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Half of Aiwaza’s cats have human names, the other half have names like “missal launcher” or “chaotic doom bringer”

Christ ok one is definitely named problem child and he likes to imply that they’re named after a student and he refuse to explain who. He hasn’t actually named it after anyone. That cat is just genuinely problematic

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Hizashi giggled as Nemuri whispered dirty things in his ear. She was practically sitting in his lap, gaining an annoyed look from Shouta who sat across from them… in the cat cafe. He couldn’t help the blush that rose to his cheeks as she told him her “plans” for them that evening.

It was surprising, at least to Hizashi, when Nemuri asked him out after her graduation. She had always been flirty to everyone, so he never assumed that she would show interest in him. But she had. And well… Hizashi would be lying if he didn’t jump at the opportunity. Nemuri was gorgeous, anyone with eyes could see that. But she was also fun, smart, witty, sassy and just someone he could totally vibe with. A lot of guys had crushes on her. Even him. He just assumed with them being friends, she wouldn’t want to date him.

But he was wrong. She wanted to give dating him a shot. Because according to her, he was a cute little loud mouthed twink. And if things didn’t work out, they would always be friends.

It was bold, bolder than she usually is… and that’s pretty bold. She told him, after he had gotten the courage to ask “why him”, that she didn’t want to live life with any regrets. And she knew that Hizashi like boys and girls, so she shot her shot, and it paid off.

Neither of them wanted to think about the reason for living life with no regrets. They all regretted Shirakumo’s death, in their own ways. Shouta more than them. And what was worse, Shouta had been harboring a massive crush on their friend. Never fully having the confidence to confess. Not wanting to ruin his friendship. So he had pined. Always dreaming that one day, he would tell the cloud boy his feelings. Only… he never got to. Shirakumo died. And Shouta never found out if he would have gotten a yes or no.

So Nemuri would ask out whoever she was attracted to. And Hizashi was begging to feel the same way. He doubted he and Nemuri would last. This was mainly about having fun. Just being together. No stressing over their relationships future. He knew for a fact that she never stayed in a relationship long. And that didn’t bother him. He was happy with having been with her for four months. And knew that when it ended, he might be a little sad, but he would still be happy being her friend.

And they were both fine having Shouta as a third wheel. Shouta wasn’t fully happy with it. Protesting every time that he didn’t want to have to sit and watch them be couply. Didn’t want to watch Nemuri be all over Hizashi. But they knew that if they didn’t invite him, he would just sit at home, miserable and feeling guilty. He was already resorting back to his old habit of being distant. And well, Nemuri didn’t get to see him as often as Hizashi, who was at her house when not at his own or Shouta’s. And as much as he complained, Shouta always had fun. Giving them small smiles that were so much rarer these days, or making sassy and sarcastic comments that left them rolling.

No, Hizashi would never let a relationship get in the way of his friendship with someone, and Nemuri felt the same. She had already dubbed Shouta as her little brother.

After leaving the cat cafe before getting kicked out, something that had happened before, thanks Nemuri, Hizashi and Nemuri split ways with Shouta. Shouta going home to probably study, and Hizashi following Nemuri home for some vanilla time. He could only do this when both her or his parents were at work. He was known as a loud mouth after all.


Hizashi snorted as he watched Tensei and Shouta arm wrestle. Something the two did every time they saw each other. Both demanding a rematch after ever loss.

Hizashi and Shouta had met Tensei or Inginium through hero work. He was a serious yet fun loving guy. A bit of a mischief maker. Hizashi has fallen for him quickly, and asked him out after running into him while on patrol. He said yes, so the two men were currently dating.

The three of them, all finally twenty one, were at a little hole in the wall bar that Shouta had insisted on. Something about he knew the owner. It looked a little shady, and he was pretty sure he had seen some of these people’s mug shots. But if Shouta was comfortable, then that was enough for him.

He laughed out loud when Tensei swatted his hand away when he tugged at the back of his waste band of his jeans, finger brushing against his lower back. Tensei never took his eyes off of Shouta’s and his interlocked hands. Muscles bulging as they strained to pin the other down. With a grunt, Shouta’s arm finally hit the table, making Tensei the winner for the second time in a row that month.

Rubbing his wrist, Shouta leaned back and sighed. “Guess I need to amp up my arm exercises.”

Shouta was constantly trying to improve. To be faster or stronger. It was necessary, but Hizashi worried he pushed himself too hard. Which is why they were all out drinking. It was a nice date for Hizashi with his boyfriend, and it got Shouta to relax for a while. To let go of his agitation with the case he had been working on and just be a young adult for once.

It was starting to feel like Shouta was slipping away and that Wraserhead was starting to take up permanent residence. Shouta couldn’t be a hero at all times. He had to take time to just be Shouta. Just be a normal person. It had been so hard when Shouta had disappeared after graduation. Throwing himself into the underground. Rarely being home. Hardly answering his phone. It got to the point that Hizashi had tracked him down and forced him to rest. To just be human and not some creature of the night hell set on going after every boogie man or thing that went bump in the night.

He made sure that he called Shouta every day. Knew where he was. What his schedule was. If he had eaten, something healthy that is. And he made sure to fill Shouta in about his entire day. Shouta always listened, he was good at that. And soon it became their routine. Shouta something’s even called him first.

Hizashi was determined not to lose Shouta to himself.


Hizashi could not stop giggling as he and Shouta entered UA. They were going to be teachers! Never in a million years would he think they would be teachers! Two kids who caused so much drama as teenagers were going to be responsible for TEENAGERS! The irony!

Their first day was interesting to say the least. Nedzu was principle now. And that was terrifying. Hizashi got to shadow the elderly English teacher, and man, Hizashi hoped he would never be a boring teacher like her! He had nearly fallen asleep standing beside her! And he already was fluient in English! He had had to listen to long ass police reports! But this old bat was more monotone and without emotion than Shouta before he had his coffee!

Lunch time rolled around and Hizashi practically draped himself over Shouta, who was studying a booklet for his teaching class, something they both had to take online. Shouta huffed and shrugged him off!

“Shoutaaaaa! Stop! Let me cuddle. I neeed to recharge!” Hizashi whined, resting his head on a broad shoulder.

Shouta rolled his eyes and flipped a page. “Was it really that hard? You like English and you are practically a kid yourself, so you should be able to relate to them well.”

Hizashi gasped in mock offense. Leaning over to make sure no one was paying attention to them, he whispered in Shouta’s ear. “The English teacher is boring as hell, and soooo old.”

Shouta’s lip twitched up in amusement. “What happened to our old English teacher. The man you said was sooo incredibly hot when we were teenagers.”

Hizashi sighed dramatically, throwing an arm over his eyes, careful not to press his shades into his face. “Marrried. Such a shame. I was hoping to confess to him. But he’s married and now teaching at Shiketsu so his pregnant wife can be closer to her family.”

Shouta flipped another page. “Sucks for you.” Shouta hummed.

Hizashi modded his head solemnly. Across the room he spotted a hero he had been seeing a lot on the news lately. Snipe. And boy, was he hotter in person. Standing, Hizashi sashayed his way over to the unsuspecting man.

Shouta glanced up briefly, scowling as he realized what was going to happen. Hizashi had been fawning over the cowboy hero ever since he had debuted. Hopefully the blind wouldn’t get fired on his first day for sexual harassment. Well… Nemuri worked here, so that might actually be impossible. Nemuri who was grinning like the Cheshire Cat at the two.

Would anyone knotice if he snuck off somewhere to nap?

Hizashi slid smoothly into the chair next to snipe. “Howdy cowboy. I just thought I would let you know that I think you are absolutely smoken hot.”

Nemuri facepalmed and Shouta sighed as the other hero got flustered and tried to deny any sex appeal he might have. Hizashi wasn’t heading any of it, doing his best at flirting.

One would think that after dating Nemuri for a year, he would have some skills at flirting. But he didn’t. Shouta thinks he could flirt better than Hizashi from just watching Nemuri. Not that he had any intention of doing that. He was having a hard enough time getting Joke to leave him alone. Apparently “I’m gay” isn’t enough of a deterrent in keeping her from proposing every time she sees him.

Apparently awful flirting was music to Snipe’s ears, because Hizashi planted a kiss on the man’s cheek after exchanging numbers.

Honestly, Hizashi and Nemuri went through more men and women than a prostitute in a back ally.

At least he knew Hizashi didn’t like the hero because of a cowboy kink. With Nemuri you never knew and it was always safer not to ask.


Shouta sighed as he looked in the mirror. The scar would take some time getting used to. But it’s not like his facial appearance mattered, which is why he was always scruffy faced.

He flipped back on the couch and cut the tv on, only to cut it off as the news blasted as much detail as they had about the USJ attack. It was irritating. With the sports festival over, after having geeked out over that, the news went back to questioning UA. “How sage was the school really?” “Was it a good idea to let the sports festival continue so soon after the attack?” Like the vultures hadn’t been camped out, waiting to record all of it and pick apart every student that impressed them.

Shouta wanted to call Hizashi. To complain to him about the stupidity of the media. But Hizashi had been acting off ever since the attack. It wasn’t noticeable at first. He did drag Shouta around everywhere, rarely leaving him alone. Walking him to class. Going with him to recovery girl. Staying with him while his arms were still bandaged and in casts. Something that he was very grateful for. Making him announce at the festival. He was there constantly for Shouta. A nervous ball of energy that he was desperately trying to hide.

Hizashi was always clingy, and considering how close Shouta came to dying, he could understand why Hizashi hovered around him. But he talked more than usual. Rambling in a way Shouta had never seen him do. Or being oddly quiet. Something that bothered Shouta to no end. He had even broken up with his girlfriend of two years when she complained that he was never around anymore. Even though he had explained that his best friend needed him and the school needed him, she was still hurt. In a way, Shouta could understand, had even told Hizashi to go spend some more time with her. And he did, only to come back with a box of his things saying they had broken up.

It was worrisome. She had been the longest relationship he had had. Shouta was almost positive he would stick with her, maybe even marry her. The fact that he didn’t seem so bothered by it put Shouta on edge.

Was this his fault? It’s not like he asked Hizashi to stay glued to him. But Hizashi had always been fiercely protective of Shouta, and he hated the thought of being the reason for Hizashi to end a good thing.

But Hizashi was a grown man who could make his own decisions, so Shouta kept quiet.

And now… Hizashi was avoiding him. Something that had never happened. It was scary. Scarier than the Nomu.

It was late… or maybe early, Shouta had been pulling extra shifts on the weekend. Trying to patrol around the school and around his students homes as much as possible. It had been quiet since the USJ. No word on the League of Villains. Shouta didn’t trust quiet.

Tired legs trudged up his stairs to his apartment, only to find a figure sitting in front of his door. He froze for a second, muscles beginning to tense for a fight before a care passed by, lights briefly lighting up the figure.


Worried, Shouta hurried over, startling his friend who was in his civilian clothes. He wanted to search his friend for injuries, but was quickly brushed off. “I’m fine Sho. Just got drowsy waiting for you. You’ve been out longer than your normal patrol.”

Hizashi reaches out, using Shouta’s hand to pull him to his feet. Knees piping in protest. How long had he been sitting there?!

Shouta rubbed at his neck, pulling his keys out of his pocket and opening the door, letting them both inside. “I’ve been pulling extra shifts over the weekends.”

Hizashi sighed behind him as he toed off his shoes. “Shouta, that’s not healthy. You need the weekends to get some rest. A few hours a day won’t cut it. Damn, no wonder you’ve been looking more and more like a hobo.”

Shouta shrugged. He wanted to say that Hizashi would have known he was overworking if he was around, but he didn’t want to start a fight. Not when Hizashi was finally here and looking at him with worried eyes. “Mind if I take a quick shower?” He said instead.

Hizashi nodded, flopping down onto his couch. A couch Hizashi insisted he get.

The shower was quick, but it still felt wonderful. He felt like he could fall asleep with the warm water running over him. After drying and changing into what he hoped were clean clothes, he went and flipped next to Hizashi.

It was quiet. Too quiet. Hizashi shouldn’t be quiet. Then the quiet was broken with Hizashi’s sobs and Shouta regretted losing the quiet. Because he hated that something was hurting Hizashi. Was he missing his girlfriend? Was it something Shouta had done?

He pulled his friend into his arms, skmething he always did when the other was overwhelmed.

“I thought you were gonna die.” Hizashi cried into his shoulder.

Shouta had to wrack his brain for a minute before he realized. Hizashi was still hung up over the USJ. Shouta ran his fingers through blond hair. “But I didn’t. And it looked worse than it was.”

Hizashi half heartedly hit him, refusing to look up from Shouta’s neck. “Sho, you didn’t see yourself. You looked so broken. Covered in blood. Not conscious. None peeking through your cheek.” The man sobbed at the memory.

Shouta didn’t say anything to that. What could he say. He wasn’t sorry for sacrificing himself. He would do it all again.

“I thought I was going to lose you just like we lost Shirakumo.” Hizashi whispered.

Shouta could feel his blood run cold. Losing Shirakumo had broken him. In so many ways. He hated to make Hizashi feel that way again, even if he was still alive now. Even though he knew there was a chance that one of them could die at any given moment, he HATED thinking of making Hizashi miserable.

But he couldn’t say “I’m sorry.” He did what he had to do.

Hizashi pulled back and brushed at Shouta’s cheek. It was only then that he realized he was crying too. Something he hadn’t done in a very long time. Hizashi kept his hand cupped to Shouta’s cheek, and he couldn’t help but lean into the warmth. Hizashi always had warm hands.

“Remember when Nemuri said she would always confess to someone so she would never have regrets. And I said I would too.” Hizashi said, looking at Shouta intently. Bright green eyes boring into him. He could feel his heart stutter. He new where this was going. He just never imagined it would go. Shouta couldn’t even nod his head. He was stunned.

Hizashi continued on, never one to need prompting to talk. “I’ve had a crush on you for a while. Loved you since we were teens. But never realized it was more than platonic love until recently. Nearly losing you… it put a lot of things into perspective. We’ve always been a constant in each other’s lives. Always. I’ve been chairing after you for years, I just didn’t realize it. So I can’t… I can’t go on without at least telling you. Sho, I love you so much. I know I’m not Shirakumo, and I don’t want to be, but I just had to let your know. And if you are okay with it, with me… I’d like to give us a shot. More than just friends. I want to be your lover. Someone you can come home to. I want to come home to you. I want us to always hold each other up.”

Shouta didn’t know what to say. He never really does. He’d never thought of dating. Not after Shirakumo. Too focused on being a hero. On not feeling or dwelling. Hizashi was always the one to bring him out of his shell. Made him feel.

Being with Hizashi as a lover wouldn’t be so different from how they already were, and he wasn’t repulsed by the idea of being intimate. He just never thought about it. Thinking about it now, of being Hizashi’s love, it sounded nice. Sounded right. And the way Hizashi put it, it wouldn’t be temporary. It would be forever and always. He wouldn’t mind being Hizashi’s forever. It’s not like he ever wanted to be without the man anyway.

Heart fluttering, Shouta nodded his head.

Hizashi smiles sweetly at him, leaning forward to brush his lips against Shouta’s. His first kiss.

They spent the rest of the night on the couch, wrapped in a blanket. Talking. Joking. Occasionally kissing.

It was nice. Something they both could get used to.

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Hi! Can I request a scenario or headcannon (whichever seems easier for you hehe) for mirio, aizawa and bakugo's s/o who suffers from social anxiety??? my anxiety is acting up rn and I honestly can't do anything to calm me down aside from reading haha tysm! ❤️

Social anxiety is a real pain in the ass tbh, I honestly could really relate to the ask. If you ever need help im here to listen to you, anyone really, just slide into my dms and we can talk. Thank you for requesting! ❤️💜❤️

Mirio Togata😶

- Unlike you, Mirio was a super friendly person. He loved socializing, being the center of attention, being surrounded by people.

-But being friends with Tamaki, social anxiety wasn’t all that new to him.

-He knew how to deal with it, the things he should do, say and the things he absolutely shouldn’t.

-He also knew immediately when your anxiety starts to act up. Just the way breathing seemed harder for you, tears threatening to fall, he knew that it was your anxiety.

-After some time spent with you, he knew exactly how to make those situations not take place again. Always holding your hand, to make you feel safe, in more crowded place, he always asked if you were during ok, and if you wanted to go.

-On the occasions where even as hard as he tried you still couldn’t help your anxiety attacks, he’ll stay right next to you, holding you, and just whispering sweet nothings in your ears.

- You always felt safe around him no matter what.

Aizawa shouta🐱

- Aizawa also had difficulties with people.

-He doesn’t like crowds, he doesn’t like to deal with people unless they’re his students.

- Also, being super observent, he always picked up whenever a situation made you feel insecure.

- If you ever happened to have an attack around him, he knew how to take care of you. If you’re the type of person who likes to be alone during these time, he’ll make sure to take you somewhere private, where no one can see, he’ll be standing near but still away from your private space.

-If you need someone’s presence during this time, he’ll hug you, hand brushing through your hair, he’s telling you that everything was going to turn out just fine. He’ll whisper sweet things so your heart beats at a normal rate again, so your eyes stop pouring tears.

- And on the rare occasions that Aizawa too gets overwhelmed with socialization, you’d do the same for him, playing with his hair to calm him down, kissing his temples, small gestures that can fix everything.

- You were always so grateful to have such a loving boyfriend by your side when your anxiety acts up.

Bakugo Katsuki 🧡

- He didn’t have to deal with social anxiety himself, but he knows what it feels like.

-He knows what it’s like to shake for no reason, to start crying out of nowhere in public, which added to the embarrassment, to feel like breathing was the hardest task in the world.

-He knew all of these because he’s seen you experiencing those moments way too many times.

-Every single time it happened, he felt guilty, he did not know how to help, he felt bad, like his whole world was crashing down. Your pain is his pain.

- He searched every method to try and calm you down, or to prevent it from happening.

-But when his trials end up failing, or making the situation even worse, he felt as if he was a failure, he was a hero damn it, he should be able to help people.

-But when the attempts seemed successful, it was like he’s already number one, because in reality, with your head on his chest, hearing his peaceful heart beat, he was your number one hero.

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