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#bnha art

para buena suerte de Hawks, Miruko entendió perfectamente su indirecta confesión…demasiado bien.

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saw some kind of a meme on Twitter, and thought that I need to do something similar 😀

v!deku actually has a lot of horny thoughts, don’t change my mind

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I was fcking around on tumblr and found this centipedekachu inspo for this on @picsthatmakeyougohmm.


I feel like Aoyama gives really weird / specific gifts, and it was Kaminari’s turn. I think they’d get along like weird brothers, with Aoyama usually disgusted by how cheesy and tacky Kaminari will dress on purpose.

Art by @tediursula-art

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And we have the first doodle of Shouta Aizawa aka Eraserhead that I dod myself and I don’t hate and so I will share with you all.

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Here’s a actually good coloured drawing of bby bird Izu. Please give me code name suggestions for him, because all I have for him right now is Green Jay. <3

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