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#bnha au

Daiya went through a little redesign. She has an actual fashion sense now. She still stinks tho.

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Oops I hit you again - Chapter 13 - Ninjama_of_trash - 僕のヒーローアカデミア | Boku no Hero Academia | My Hero Academia [Archive of Our Own]
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Summary: When out with his friends, Bakugou Katsuki meets up with his old classmate, a girl he regrets bullying. Apologizing opens the way for friendship, and he has to deal with his old crush- not helped by his friends. Going to her roller derby meet, he doesn’t expect his old sensei to be there.

Or for the reveal.

Part of the Lesbian Izuku collection

Pairing: AiDeku (Not your cup of tea it’s fine)


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The Akatani


Villainous children taken in by the famous lawyer, Hisashi Akatani after his son Mikumo’s quirk got stolen by the vigilante Wiseman.

This happens in a parallel universe & this family is inadvertently responsible for Bumi’s existence.

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You’re Mine (Just Not For Long)

Pre-Nomuized Aizawa kinda au??

Pairing: Erasermist, past Erasercloud

Kurogiri knew tonight was the last night he could have the hero Eraserhead to himself before the Doctor finished with him. It would be the last night where anything he said would mean anything to the man anymore before he is made more beast than man and can no longer comprehend what is said to him beyond a simple order. Kurogiri can’t do a thing about it. Kurogiri accepts this as a simple fact while deep inside him Oboro screams for he is helpless to do anything but watch Shouta Aizawa cease to exist.

Both sides come to the agreement that they’ll make Shouta’s last night human the best they can.

Hurt no comfort Erasermist type of stuff that hurts. My favorite. There’s not enough of it rip. But yeah, basically Shouta’s going to be made into a Nomu and Kurogiri/Oboro cannot resist the orders he’s given, but wants to make sure Shouta’s at peace in some sort of way before he looses his human mind basically.

Feel free to take the idea and with this one specifically pls send me a link if you write it, thanks.

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hope you like it anon! the story is different than the plot of the movie, which is why it’s just an au ^^

shoto’s moving castle

Todoroki Shoto

  • gn!reader :)
  • word count; 1143
  • no warnings!

Your feet were sore from all the running. You couldn’t stop, however. Hearing the sound of the guards coming up from behind was enough to force your legs to keep going.

Why can’t they just leave me alone?

Exhaustion was pouring over you and you were about to collapse when you felt a pair of strong arms lift you up off the ground. Wait! That’s too off the ground!

Realizing what was happening, you shut your eyes tight. Not even daring enough to see who had saved you. 

“There you are. I’ve been looking all over for you”

You opened your eyes to see a brown and blue eye staring back at you. He had a red scar over his left side and his hair was in two different colors. Startled by his appearance, you made the mistake of looking down. Realizing that you were at least hundreds of feet off the ground, and walking in the air, you let out a scream and started thrashing around. 

“Woah, easy there y/n. We’re almost there” he said.

What? Does he know me?

Hands still on your arms, he slowly guided the two of you down until your feet gently touched the balcony of a building. You turned to face him and was about to speak when he said, “come with me.”

As he dragged you to wherever you were going, you couldn’t help but ask the aching question in your head.

“Do we know each other?”

He turned to you and gave you the kindest smile you had ever seen. It made you feel warm and cared about inside. 

“It’s me, Shoto.”

Although you had never seen this man before, knowing his name felt like everything clicked together. 

“You’ll know once we’re there.” he assured you before pulling you closer to him. 

Passing the streets, you could see people celebrating in the parade and guards standing outside stationed. They were wearing the same uniform as the guards that were chasing you earlier. 


He turned to look at you but didn’t slow down his pace or lighten his grip on your hand. You continued, “How did you do that earlier? The flying.”

Again, he only smiled at you and the same feeling rushed over your body. “You’ll know once we’re there y/n.”

Then there was the way he said your name. It slipped off his mouth so elegantly and the sound was music to your ears. You were tempted to say something else just to hear him say your name again. But you knew that you’d be told the same answer. 

Looking around your surroundings, you realized that the two of you were far from the excitement now. In fact, you were in a much secluded place where a field of flowers stretched out before you. In the center of it, you could see a giant rock. Or was it a Machine? Something was there and it was huge. 

Seeing as Shoto was leading you farther and farther away from the town, you could only guess that he was taking you to that giant thing. Finally, he turned to you and said, “remember this? It’s my castle.” 

Then suddenly you did remember. That’s right. The castle even moved by its own. Oh no wait, it was powered by something. What was it?

“You’ve probably forgotten, but let me show you everyone.”

Opening the door that sat below the castle, Shoto lead you up a small flight of stairs to a space that looked like a living room. There was a fireplace and a large table that was piled up in trash. Shoto noticed this and quickly tried to clear the table. Wanting to calm yourself from the whole escapade, you sat in front of the fire to warm yourself up. Only to realize that the fire had eyes?? And a mouth? D-did it just say hello?

“Y/n! There you are! I see Master Shoto finally found you.”

Shoto turned to the two of you and said, “That’s Calcifer, y/n”

“What? She doesn’t remember me?!”

You mumbled a small hello and apologized. 

Shoto said, “Don’t make her apologize Calcifer, she won’t remember anyone.”

Feeling a bit guilty at this, you offered to help Shoto with the mess.

“Oh no, I’m alright. You get yourself situated.”

The atmosphere still felt a bit awkward, however, and you were about to speak until you heard running feet outside the door you had entered from. 

“Aah, that must be Markl,” Shoto said. The door opened to reveal a little boy around the age of 10. 

“Y/n! You’re back!” 

Feeling better that you at least knew his name without having to ask, you greeted him more confidently. 

“Gather around! I’ve got some breakfast for you,” you heard Shoto say.

You were about to sit down when you saw another fragile and very old woman walk in from the door. Seeing her struggle to climb up the stairs, you rushed to help her. 

“Oh, thank you y/n”

You looked expectantly at Shoto, hoping he’d say the woman’s name for you.

“She’s the Witch of the Waste.”

You grumbled, he didn’t have to make it sound like an introduction. The witch, however, didn’t seem to be paying attention to that. Before you sat down, you took a look and thought what a peculiar little group.

After eating the meal, you helped clean up. The dishes from the previous meal were still in the sink and you had a strong urge to just cleanse the entire room. Before you could do that, Shoto placed his hand on your elbow and took you upstairs. The room he led you in was small but enough to fit a king sized bed. Unlike the room below, this one didn’t seem as messy. You didn’t mentally criticize them on this too much because after all, the occupants was a kid, a talking fire, and an old woman. 

You both laid down on his bed and you were surprised by how bouncy it was. As Shoto cleaned up, the same warm feeling washed over you as you observed the man. You didn’t feel any discomfort at all, seeing as you were in a room alone with a man you just met. Instead, when Shoto laid himself on the bed and enveloped his arms around you, you let him. You took in his warmth and his scent wafted into your nose, relaxing you as well. His hand caressed your head in slow strokes while his legs entangled with yours.

“Now do you remember, y/n?”

Yes, you did. You remembered that this was the man rumored to steal people’s hearts. But you had also fallen in love with him. You knew that he loved you too. Everything in this castle felt so familiar. You felt like you were at home. In his arms. 

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my 100 event

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The Lies We Tell Ourselves

AU - Oboro lives

Pairing: One-sided Erasermic, Cloudmic

Shouta tried to tell himself to be happy. Today was a wonderful day because his best friend was getting married and, as the Best Man Shouta wasn’t going to let Oboro down. No matter how much his heart hurt seeing Hizashi walk down the isle in his spotless white suit and thousand watt smile.

Some bittersweet angst with a pining Shouta who missed his chance with Hizashi and is now Oboro’s best man at Hizashi and Oboro’s wedding.

I honestly don’t see enough pinning one-sided Erasermic with Shouta being the one doing the pining.

Feel free to use the idea.

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The Worlds Where We were One

Reincarnation Cycles AU

Pairing: Erasermic, Cloudmic, Erasercloud and Erasercloudmic

Sometimes you remember, sometimes you don’t.

Sometimes you fall in love and sometimes absolutely loath each other.

Either way, we always find each other because we are connected by the strings of fate.

A collection of one shots taking place in various interconnected aus where the lives of Shouta Aizawa, Hizashi Yamada and Oboro Shirakumo are forever intertwined, only to only ever end in tragedy. And over arcing plot that leads to a multi chapter fic taking place in their most current life where, for once, all three of them remember and just find a way to end this cycle and be happy.

I’m mist likely not gonna write this so if anyone wants the idea it’s up for grabs.

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Starless Night


Pairing: Erasermic

Hizashi always called Shouta the stars in his night sky. His Starshine.

And now the sky is dark. His stars are gone.

A fic exploring a grieving Hizashi looking back on his times with his now dead husband, wondering where he went wrong and how he could have done better.

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Twisting Time

Time Travel Fix It AU fic with a side of Vigilante Aizawa and Dadzawa

Pairing: Past Erasermic, Current Cloudmic and maybe future Erasercloudmic

Shouta should be dead and yet here he was. In bed…and not just any bed. His bed from his childhood home.

Shouta Aizawa wakes up the day before the Sports Festival that would move him up into the Heroes Course at UA with the knowledge that 15 years from now Japan will crumble under a megalomaniac of a man and everyone he cares for will be as good as dead. Right then and there he make a decision to change things…and first things first he’s going to throw the Sports Festival.

Shouta travels back in time and decides to change things, first with securing Oboro’s future is safe and not becoming a target himself. Shouta proceeds to find and take in Tenko, keep a low profile, become a vigilante, and somehow systematically pretty much adopt every single member of the former future’s League of Villains in one way or another.

Meanwhile he’s not the only one who’s memories of the ruined future start to arise again.

I actually have an au like this already so I might write it but time travel fics are fun. Feel free to use the idea.

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That Banana is a HAZARD!


Pairing: Erasermic

Hizashi Yamada is the type of man to work through almost anything. So when he wakes up with an upset stomach and a headache he thinks nothing if it and just pushes on to work. By midday he’s running a fever and his husband has to drag him home by force. He’s so used to taking care of other’s it’s a little weird that Shouta’s feeding him soup and checking his temperature, honestly.

Just a sick fic with Hizashi getting the flu and trying to ignore it and Shouta taking care of his dumb ass.

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Cracked Ice

Villain AU but make it Fuyumi Todoroki flavored

Pairings: Undecided, Endeavor/The icy hand of karma

Fuyumi had always tried so hard to take care of her family but everything just seems to fall more and more apart. Touya’s death seems like the starting point of it all, but no, no the real starting point was never any of them…it was ambitions of her father. Twisted and rotten to the core, it doomed her and her siblings from the very start. She realizes this now as she lifts her gaze from her exhausted youngest brother in her arms to meet the searing eyes of Endeavor. She can’t stand for this anymore.

Basically a Villain AU origin for Fuyumi, who has had enough of Shoto being abused and her and Natsuo being neglected. Pre UA most likely, while Shoto is like 10. Basically she takes her brothers and runs most likely and falls more and more onto the path of a villain to be feared.

I will probably never write this so it’s 100% up for grabs.

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King of Losers

A Quirkless Hero Midoryia AU with some Dadzawa mentoring

Pairing: Undecided, most likely Shindeku, and background Erasermic

If there’s on thing Izuku Midoryia had developed a lot of over the years it was spite. He’s gone his whole life being told “No you can’t” to his dreams and he’s done with listening to what they say. He’s going to make everyone, Kaachan and All Might included eat their words.


All and all a multi chapter fic centering around Izuku and his journey to be the first quirkless hero out of pure and utter spite. Includes Aizawa mentoring this kid at some point, seeing a bit of himself in Izuku’s determination (With Aizawa having the same reason of “I’ll make them eat their words” when he was Izuku’s age trying to get into the heroes course cause “Villain’s quirk”). Includes Hitoshi and Izuku forming an unholy alliance as well and would explore in more depth quirk discrimination.

I like the idea but I’m not sure I would write it so feel free to snag this if you want.

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What you should be doing during online classes or during classes in general: Paying attention and taking notes if you can

What you should NOT be doing: Starting a bnha twitter au on Instagram like there aren’t a hundred of those already

Yeah, guess who did the latter 💀

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