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#bnha au

hawks x f!reader

chapter 6, I’m so sorry.

word count: 971

warnings: angst.

✁- - - - - - r- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -


Originally posted by futuretage

You woke up to hear your phone ringing. you groaned loudly and looked for your phone, after finding it under your pillow you looked to see what it was.

Incoming call from: Birdy ❤️🐔

You quickly answered, hoping his voice would calm you down after being rudely awaken. He always seemed to lighten your mood.

“Hello?” You questioned with a hint of anger in your voice

“good morning baby bird! It’s wakey wakey time you got a big day ahead of you”

“Like what?” You said confused then remembered. “Oh shi-”

“Don’t worry, you just woke up your little bird brain is probably a little foggy.”

“Shut up your the bird brain. I’m a angel not a fucking bird you nugget.”

“A little feisty are we this morning huh kid?”

“Well I was rudely awaken”

“Oohhh sorry about that. Not really. Anyways get up you got to sign those papers I want to start patrol together tomorrow! Also I might have forgot to mention that is being a duo means that we get to share a office” you heard the smile in his voice. It made you mad. How could someone be this happy this early.

“ oh god how am I gonna put up with you.” You sighed loudly “I’ll get up and get ready. Are we still on for the ice cream?”

“Oh you mean a dinner date then ice cream? Of course baby bird i wouldn’t miss it for a thing”

“Just let me know where we’re going ok?”

“Oh no that would be no fun. I’ll pick you up, It’ll be a surprise. Just wear a nice dress, and I’ll wear a nice suit 6 and I’ll pick you up outside your apartment. I just need the address”

you blushed at the thought of him in a suit.

“O-okay- wait is this a excuse for you to get my address?”


You laughed softly “you brighten my day Birdy” you were smiling now, which really didn’t happen without him.

“I know I’m just that amazing. I’ll see you later ok baby bird?”

“Okay Birdy”

After you heard the call ending sound you got up and got ready for the day. You had to go and sign the papers to be hawks duo, and arrange for your stuff to be sent to his office since it was- obviously bigger.

You walked into your kitchen and made yourself some breakfast. Nothing to much, just some oatmeal. You sat down at your couch bathing in the sunlight that came in from your balcony. You turned the tv on and ate in peace.

When you finished you got your bag and went to your balcony, spreading your wings to go to your agency.

Once you arrived you went straight to your office, delighted to see aizawa there. “Good morning aizawa! How was your night. I slept amazing and I’m having the best day of my life.”

“Wow exaggerate much? I slept fine. Came in early to catch up on paper work. It’s a ok day.”

“Your always so grumpy aizawa. Have you ever had a good day?”

“I don’t think so and I don’t intend to.”

“Ok then. Let’s change the subject. I’m ready to sign the papers!”

“Oh you finally decided huh?”

“Yep I think it would be a great thing to do! We both fit each other very well and I think we can do some great things together” you said with a bright smile.

“Good choice. I was hoping you’d pick that. I’ll your assistant move your stuff to his office ok?”

“Sounds good to me. You sure you can hold the Fort up while I’m gone?”

“I know damn well I’ll be able to”

“I’m gonna miss you a lot. Don’t worry I’ll stop by to say hello and all that. You can’t get rid of me that easily”

“When I thought I was free. I’ll see you later y/n be safe.”

“Bye bye aizawa”

with that you took off it wasn’t that late but you wanted to go and get ready for your date. You were so excited and you’ve only been on a couple dates.

You didn’t have any dresses, as your work consumed your life. So you’d go shopping, buy a pretty dress and make sure you looked good.

As you were shopping you came across a tight, black dress,. It was short and perfect. When you tried it on you knew it was perfect. It fit you perfectly and you loved it so much.

You bought the dress and went home to get ready.

(Dress if you want to see)


Sorry if it’s not your type :(

As you entered your home it was 4 which gave you the right amount of time to get ready

You straightened your hair/fixed your curls. You wanted to look perfect so maybe he’d fall for you. (Ugly hoe)(JKLMAOSODBJS)

You didn’t wear makeup, you didn’t need it you were perfect the way you are. (I take it back guys your not ugly ❤️)

You had told hawks your address and it was almost 6, so you went outside to wait for him. Scrolling through your phone.

You waited and waited, maybe it was just your nerves making the time go by slow? You looked at the time. Nope. It was now 7 and he said 6. You had sent him a couple text asking if he was busy, which he of course, left on seen. ‘wow y/n did you really think that he’d take you on a date? Pathetic. Go inside and do what you do best. Be alone.’

You walked back into your apartment. Your day ruined. Tears running down your face, wishing you could go back and say no to his offer. You sat on your couch and cried yourself to sleep.

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hawks x f!reader

chapter 5? Idk it was a long night, anyways enjoy :)

word count: 956

warnings: short chapter

✁- - - - - - r- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -


Originally posted by cartoons-characters

you looked at hawks blushing as he got up.

‘Holy shit she knows. Is she gonna tell people? Fuck..’ you felt so dumb. You got caught up in the moment.

“So birdy I still owe you ice cream right?” he said as if nothing had happened.

“Y-yes you do” you got up and looked him in the eyes “make it a date?” 'why’d you say that you fucking idiot he’s gonna say no. Hawks is the playboy of hero’s.’

“You know it baby bird” he said and winked before walking away to clean up. “I’ll text you!” He shouted across the gym.

you blushed and started walking to the lockers to get your clothes and go home. You had late night patrol and needed to rest.

you started to think about hawks, 'he is cute I wouldn’t mind dating him.. he seems like a nice guy to. A lot of pet names tho. Not that I’m complaining..’

as you wrapped up your thoughts you landed on your balcony and quickly took a shower and took a nap, resting for your late night patrol.

when you woke up, you had a missed call and 5 new messages.

5 new messages from: Birdy ❤️🐔

Birdy ❤️🐔

hey baby bird I’m sorry about earlier. Don’t worry we can make out another time ;)

Birdy ❤️🐔

Oh also about the ice cream let’s say tomorrow night?

Birdy ❤️🐔

Around 7.

Birdy ❤️🐔

and before the ice cream I want to take you to dinner. My treat.

Birdy ❤️🐔

it’s definitely a date this time.

You looked at your call logs and saw that there was a missed call from aizawa. You went to listen to the voicemail he sent.

“yo y/n, we need you down at the agency. I think there’s a mix up and I need you to come here and sort it out.”

You and aizawa had been close for a long time, you and him were kinda the same. Both loved sleep and when you were with him you didn’t have to talk it was always just comfortable silence. So he helps with the agency when you can’t be there.

You went to your messages and told aizawa that you’d be there before your patrol.

You quickly changed into your hero costume, and smoothed your wings out making them look presentable, grabbing your bag and going to your balcony, taking off to your agency.

You arrived and walked up to your office. You saw aizawa in there waiting for you.

“So what’s wrong this time? Assistant quit because you slack to much and she couldn’t take all the work? ” She asked sarcasm lacing your voice.

“Very funny but no. Hawks had offered you to be his partner, duo. Whatever you want to call it.” He said still looking at the papers. “Seems as though he’s taking a liking to you. Hero’s rarely partner up.”

“Or it’s that we have the same quirk and we’d make a good duo” you said hoping it was that. If it was because he liked you, this want going to go good.

You’d been in a relationship once. It was high school, everyone though you were sweethearts but that was a front. Behind everything he was toxic and abusive. Mentally and physically. You swore to yourself once you got out of that relationship you’d never date a guy again. (women❤️)

aizawa scooted the papers over to you. “Well if you want to become a duo you need to sign these. and I think you’d make a good duo. He might be annoying at times but it is what it is.”

“Yeah I’ll think about it and get back to you after my patroller you later old man.” You said laughing slightly and with that you left, having to start your patrol.

most of your patrol was boring, consisting of you stoping petty thief’s, trying to steal bags from old lady’s.

Most exciting thing that happened was a corner store getting robbed. You hate to admit it but you wished badly that something more exciting happened.

while you were on patrol, you couldn’t stop thinking about the partnership he offered. You were definitely going to talk to him about that.

As your shift was ending you pulled out your phone to call hawks. He quickly answered.

“Hey baby bird”

“Hey bird brain. I was wondering when you were gonna tell me that you wanted to start a partnership.”

“Oh you see well I was gonna wait till tomorrow, I wasn’t gonna have the papers sent till after you said yes, but I guess my assistant had other ideas.”

“So your assuming I would say yes?”

“I know you’d say yes. You can’t resist me. Just like you couldn’t resist me earlier in the gym. Oh by the way we’re are we gonna give that a part 2?”

“Now don’t go and try to change the subject. Earlier was so embarrassing. She walked in and I was on top of you!”

“Don’t act like you didn’t want it.”

“Well I-”

“Don’t worry baby bird, you’ll get a part 2 after our date tomorrow”

“Funny of you to assume.”

“Oh baby, I don’t assume I know.”

“Ok bird brain. I’ll sign the papers for the duo. Don’t make me regret it.”

“Okay feather, I’ll text you the time and place tomorrow ok?”

“Okay, have a nice night Birdy”

“You to feather”

With that you hung up, and you were now home, you flew while you were on the call. And you were just getting into your room, changing into your pyjamas and laying down. You smiled to yourself, you haven’t felt this way in a long time. You almost forgot the feeling, happiness..

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So Far, but Connected


Part 4- Call Deku

prev: Part 3

next: Part 5




Fun Facts

Bakugou doesn’t want people to know that he’s talking to Midoriya to fanboy or ask questions and opinions, so he uses Y/n’s phone
Midoriya thought it’s Bakugou, that’s why he is making a way to ignore him
Bakugou and Y/n’s winning board is 25-34, Y/n always win, fair and square
Y/n believes that being pretty is really a quirk


a/n: it’s kinda short so i have to post it

Taglists are open!

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So Far, but Connected


Part 3- Pretty

Prev: Part 2

Next: Part 4




Fun facts

Bakugou, Y/n, and Midoriya are childhood bestfriends
Bakugou is not jealous
Bakugou only listens to Y/n, and he will always have a soft spot for them
Kaminari likes to be beaten up by Bakugou so that he can memorize and predict his next move for Sports Festival
Bakugou knows what Kaminari is up to
Y/n has a notebook that is a list for Bakugou’s extras
Sora Kato is their middleschool classmate


I have a webinar to attend tomorrow, so might as well post it earlier

Taglists are open

Taglists: @peachiikichu @nerdynstoned

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please dont repost my art!! also reblogs and comments are appreciated ♡♡

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hello! this is an mcyt bnha au (not really bnha, but we’ll get into that). 

this is mainly gonna be focusing on (some of) the dream smp folks (dream team, the trio, sleepy bois inc, ect.), and the main story will be taking place in “*insert song reference here*”, a chatfic that is gonna be published here and on archive of our own. but there will be other one-shots and things.

if you wanna help me write this, please contact me! i would love others to co-write this (especially since its kinda a big project).

anyway, that’s basically it. the next posts will get into details about characters. hope y’all stick around!

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