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#bnha au

Quarantine’s got me goin stir-crazy and now that there’s an official “no going outside unless it’s important” order I’m gonna go insane. But on the bright side- I’ve been able to dig up some old docs and found my BNHA + Magnus Archives au. So I decided to do some more designs on Avatars. Midoriya’s the Archivist (the eye), Shinsou a Weaver (the web), and Bakugou a Hunter (the hunt).

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i have something to admit, i’ve been keeping this from you all for a long time….

my ringtone is the vanguard action squad theme from season 3.

villans are my shit, im sorry it had to come to this fatgum.

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We expected more

New babies, yay!


Ps: The description of Oumei was written before the chapter 266 (it was unespected that she would be orphan because of her best friend! ARGH! HOW WILL I PUT THIS TO WORK?!)


Oumei Bubaigawara (18)

Multi Ply

  • When she was young, her mother fell in a coma, forcing Jin to be a single father for his little girl
  • Oumei always showed interest in heroes, at the point that she was nicknamed as “little hero” by Jin
  • Due to series of disasters at home (cof! cof! clones cof!cof!), Oumei developed Dissociative Identity Disorder.
  • She was just 9 years old.
  • During a moment of crisis, oumei blinded her right eye with a blade.
  • And when all of this was happening, her mother, Erma Bubaigawara, was trapped on a bed. But after Oumei came to grips with her new alters, she came back with the routine of taking care of her mother.
  • And taking care of the house as well, although she wouldn’t make any clones for that. She knew where to find a little money in her house, how to cook some foods, buy things, and the basic things.
  • The neighbours were kind too, helped her aid her eye (which was blind by that moment), gave her some food and even helped her with her mother’s needs
  • But, one day, in the surroundings of her house, an acident happened. A kind of earthquake almost made some people die near her house. But Oumei was quick, and using her elemental quirk, she saved everyone in her street.
  • The Hero Public Safety Commission ended up knowing about the girl, and went after her. Same reasons as Hawks, she was a born talent and they trained her to be a hero, and they would take care of the treatment of her mother and her house taxes.
  • But she went to UA anyways to finish school, but her intelligence and habillities at her 3rd year pushed her to the intensive course. She’s the eldest one there.
  • Since she was trained by the HPSC, she and Keigo grew up together.
  • Since Oumei doesn’t like to take hostage, Her alters kinda try to make her come out every once in a while. They are 5, 2 womans, 1 man, 1 kid and 1 non-binary.
  • She never says her family name when she introduces herself

Hyuko Toga (17)


  • I don’t need to go trough too many details about his blood bonds, do I?
  • He’s younger by 10 minutes
  • When Himiko almost killed their classmate, the boy only survived because Hyuko, even though he loves blood as much as his sister, had another way to see life: if the others like blood or not, he couldn’t force anyone to like it.
  • Hyuko wore the creepy smile while he performed the first aids on Saito. He was nicknamed as “the hero of the creepy smile” by the students.
  • Saito survived, the heroes and cops there recognized that as a heroic action, but his parents didn’t accepted him anymore. The saw him as the “Devil’s brother”, so they left him in a mental hospital, where Hyuko passed the most part of his high school. At least, his friends from Nakawa sent him letters sometimes, and even visited him.
  • But he still loves his sister. Even if he chosed to be a hero, and would have to chase her, he loved her.

Milli “Hikiishi”(15)

Puppet Master

  • He’s a trans boy (inspited by my friend in real life)
  • As magne’s nephew, the league members kinda like him.
  • He’s a little genius, The UA Intensive Hero Course is a 1-year-long, mostly people from 2nd year are transfered to the course, in certain circumstances. But Milli started the high school in the Class V, after one week of classes, he was transfered (his results showed he was even capable of being in 3rd year, but showed up later to the principal).
  • He likes Shinsou, but not as just a friend.
  • Both Milli and Shinsou started the year in the general course, and they even talked pretty much, and even related in the bullying of villainous quirks. But when he got transfered to a hero course, he felt ashamed, in his opinion, Shinsou deserved more.
  • Their relationship got better after the sports festival. The Class V doesn’t participate, but they watched. And Milli was really proud of Shinsou, so did the 6 students of the year.

The chapter 266 made my quarenteen way worse

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how does aizawa and/or shinsou react coming back to their girlfriend/wife wearing their prohero clothes and gears. like headcanons or drabble, i don't mind either.

These two are basically the same person 😂😂. Love the idea, hope I don’t disappoint💖💖. 


Aizawa Shouta

-His hero costume isn’t something really special.

-And the fact that he wears it all the time made it hard for you to get your hands on it.

-Made it hard not impossible.

-You had sent your husband for a quick trip to the super market one night because you two ran out of milk.

-Of course he didn’t change from his pink sweatpants and t-shirt, so his hero costume was left at your mercy.

-You had used his capturing tool before for…other activities so you went straight for the goggles.

-You put them on and lost like 50% of your eyesight.

-The goggles have those weird ass bars over the slits and for someone inexperienced with them, seeing was a task.

-You stumbled to the living room once you heard keys jiggling.

-Aizawa, dawning his usual frown, walked through the door and dumped the groceries on the kitchen counter.

-When he turned and looked at you, he kinda froze.

-He had seen you in his gear before and it never failed to have an effect on him.

-Without saying a word, he made his way to you pushing you slightly towards the bedroom while kicking his sneakers off.

- “How about you keep only the goggles on tonight, kitty?”

Shinsou Hitoshi

-You were laying on your boyfriend’s bed while he was taking a shower.

-Training with Aizawa really exhausted him and he always had to take a warm long shower afterwards.

-You were bored out of your mind waiting for him.

-Until your eyes fell on his hero costume.

-The mask he wore always intrigued you, he even let you try it on once, but what caught your eye today was his capturing tool. 

-You moved to the edge of the bed and grabbed the soft fabric, pulling it over your head and letting it pool around your neck.

-You played a little with the ends of it, trying to grab the bed post but to no avail.

-You were basically using is like a whip when Shinsou walked out of the bathroom.

-You hadn’t seen him yet and he enjoyed the show.

-There you were, his badass s/o desperately flinging the fabric back and forth trying to grab the water bottle on his night stand.

-He chuckled when you let out a rather exasperated huff and walked to your side, gently grabbing your forearms guiding your back to his chest.

-He covered your hands with his, grabbing the ends of his capturing tool.

- “Let me show you how it’s done, kitten.”

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I wrote this years ago and imma post it cuz I love this AU and the vibe it gives.

Alien Hive Leader Midoriya AU;

I’m gonna have it start with a quirkless mido being forced from his mother as a test replacement for a hive worker of an insectoid alien queen.

The scientists underestimated her intelligence and empathy, she saw how much pain mido was in and adopted him as her royal heir.

Thanks to exposure to alien royal jelly he was able to gain a telepathic connection to the hive mind and was placed top of the connection along side the queen, he also gained insectoid features, like spines hidden in his back (they hurt to bring out), also a multitude of controllable feelers that one could compare to a lamprey but more plantie?

The queen and mido have a great mother and son relationship, she often teaching him of the species skills and cultural history, yes the alien insects have a history and mythos, they even have a prophecy.

And in turn mido teachers her some of the schoolwork the scientist teach him, maths and such, he learnt 4 languages thanks to the scientist forgetting he’s a child and the royal jelly involved in his development, he can speak Japanese, English, Russian, and dialoutú, the language of the insectoids.

After he turns ten the queen tells mido he’s ready to take up the mantle of hive leader, and emotion heavy talk and she hands over rule to him.

The scientist don’t know she can do this because they still underestimate her intelligence.

Mido and her have been planning an escape for years, she has progressively gotten “tamer” to trick the scientist into believing that she won’t attempt to thrash around anymore and remove most of her serious restraints.

Fight scene and full hive escape with no casualties, except for horrible horrible scientist.

Mido returns to his birth mom Inko at 10 and a half.

She tells him of how she had been searching even after the higher ups told the police force to cut it out and forget the boy, and how she missed him and loves him, he tells her how much he’s missed her, he also introduces Inko to the queen and his surrogate mother of 6-5 years (they get along great and meet for honey tea and cheese platters, while marathoning ridiculous soaps).

Mido is home taught and hidden from the company that had a hand in his disappearance, he is soon caught up with society education and current events wise, and took to clearing anxiety by writing observations on his hive and hero’s in notebooks.

Katsuki isn’t as mean to him because he didn’t get to really resent him through years of contact thanks to midos kidnaping, he does blame himself for not being there for him to protect someone weaker then him.

He meets Yagi on a jog to one of his hives caverns they dug near his home, so he can see how the workers are doing and how their territory is looking.

They become jogging buddies up until mido turns 12.

Mido has trained in warrior combat with the queen so he can fight like an insectoid or dialovatú, as the species call themselves.

Mido found out yagis secret when he got captured by the sludge villain and nearly summoned his guards, all might slipped up and called him Mido instead of Midoriya (Yagi sometimes calls midoriya mido instead of my boy when Midoriya is doing something especially silly).

The villain gets away in their panic about the secret.

Since he was accidentally outed they went to the beach and Yagi told mido everything.

Mido decided to be fair and Tell Yagi about his hive and even showed him an entrance to the hive at the beach.

Mido brought concerns about how he worried about being a strong enough leader for his hive, both mentally and physically. Mido has the tentacle feelers that can do somethings but he isn’t very physically strong or mobile, like his buggy brethren.

All might thinks about giving him one for all but holds off.

When the villain takes control of a quiet kid that resembles a rocky golem and has a quirk of speaking to animals, mido takes quick action to grab a fallen sign and javelin the prick, he then grabs kouda and drags him out with his feelers, he then asks him if he’s ok and all that, all might defends them and defeats the villain.

The hero’s rip into mido, and he’s apprehensive because “these humans are telling me what to do??? I don’t know them well enough for them to have my personal respect and so they don’t have the right to ask things of me???” All might steps in and praises mido on being the one to step up when no one (not even the pros) would, but also he gets some scolding about not doing things like that because of legality and the such.

Kouda and mido exchange numbers thanks to their love and understanding of animals.

All might offers one for all to Midoriya after the display of selflessness despite how humans have treated him before, mido explains that kouda may be human but there is definite differences in those that harmed him and those that need care and protection.

His philosophy is that “Do no intentional harm to others and no days shall be cloaked in deserving pain” basically don’t be an ass and nice things happen to you.

He accepts one for all and the legacy behind it.

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Meet Ryoko Pati and Hachi Shigi.

They are two members of HopScotch, a Hacker group started by one Midoriya Izuku.

Hachi and Ryoko are two of Midoriyas Best friends, they meet during their first year of Middle school during a club meeting for students with ‘useless quirks’ to hel them handle bullying.

I would write more about them but my long nails are making typing difficult so I’ll make another full post about my HopScotch au soon.

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