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*kinda has nothing/has something to do with the au :) either way it’s here

Tomura didn’t want Kappa to leave. It’s normal, that wasn’t a bad thing: Katsuki Bakugo and Kappa Ban were kidnapped by the League of Villains, surely they were going to get caught by the Pro Heroes. The two were persistent on not being villains, even if Kappa had the same thought back in middle school.

Yet, when they were in front of All For One, Kappa was curled into Katsuki’s, keeping himself up. He overused his quirk, of course, and his elbow was bleeding. That was Tomura’s fault. Then… Then All Might came, and Katsuki’s friends. Katsuki reached out for Kappa, who’d fallen but Tomura didn’t let him touch Kappa.

Kappa fell through a portal, thanks to Kurogiri’s sense of understanding Tomura’s want for Kappa to stay with him. To be a sister/brother. With him.

Something about Kappa reminded Tomura of his sister. His poor, poor sister. Maybe it was the hair. Maybe it was the fearful, unknowing eyes. Maybe it was the sweet gestures, talking to Twice when in reality it was terrified. Tomura even started to wear gloves that wouldn’t dust anything- Quirk Canceling?- just so he could take care of Kappa properly.

It wasn’t a surprise, again, when the pro heroes + some students were there to get Kappa. But he wasn’t ready. It was like he got Hana back. He wasn’t ready to lose her again.

Running toward the exit, Kappa attempted to open the door. “Fuck, fuck!” He hissed, yanking it harshly, making it flew open. Just as he was about to run out, run to freedom, something tugged at his hoodie.

“Hana-Chan…” Tomura gasped. Hana-Chan? “Hana… Chan-”

“Shigaraki,” Kappa tugged his hand away, putting a hand on his shoulder. Nothing nice, he was simply balancing himself. “Shigaraki, I already told you my plan as a hero. Not intentionally. I still think you can be a hero.”

Tomura blinked, something in his eyes held Hope. Maybe it was just something in the back of his mind, something he wanted to have but never got. Kappa’s hurried, reassuring smile said it all. “I…”

“I’ll wait for you, Shig,” And with that, Kappa turned and ran out, ran toward Katsuki, Izuku, and Eijiro.

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Head canon that Kacchan, after his pride stops pushing Deku away, comes to the amazing realization that Dekus a walking ASMR machine and the perfect distraction from his chronic tinnitus.

  • Tinnitus is a persistent ringing or buzzing in your ear/s and is often the result of hear damage caused by loud noises, there’s no real cure or treatment but many people find background noise like music, tv, or a white noise machine beneficial in distracting them from the sound and giving them some relief.
  • Dekus may mumble but each word is always clearly and fully pronounced, and I think once he learns to trust that people are not only willing but wanting to listen to what he’s got to say he’ll stop rushing to get everything out like his words are coke and mentos. Instead he’d have a steady rhythm when he speaks, and a slow almost melody just for kacchan, but his mind will never be any less full. It’s the perfect combo, someone who needs to fill the silence and someone who needs the silence filled

Comfort Winter Fic🥦💥


Katsuki isn’t a fan of the winter. Not only does the cold make his job harder but it makes his days off harder too.

It the first heavy snow of the season, muffling the usual city noise, it’s too cold and too quiet in this shitty apartment.

Dekus not home yet and he won’t be for several more hours, Katsuki should be enjoying one of the few days he has to himself and maybe planning dinner if he feels generous, but he simply can’t when his body’s betraying him like this.

Theres a constant high pitched ringing in his ears that he’s learned to live with but when everything else goes quiet like this.… this kind of silence acts like an amplifier and it makes his skull throb in time to his heartbeat.

He’s got all the lights off and has concooned himself in a big ass quilt on their couch. He even got that stupid white noise machine that Deku gave him last Christmas going but he can still hear the ringing above it. He’s actually not sure if the shitty thing is helping or hurting, like his brains trying to drown out both and can’t. He hates this, he feels weak, like a failure sitting here in the dark fighting back tears all because of a headache with an attitude. He knows crying adds pressure and makes it worse but he can’t stop it. He’s exhausted and hurting, and all he wants is to fall asleep in their stupid, too quiet, dark ass, lonely apartment and wake up when Deku gets home and makes it stop being all those things. But he can’t and he hates it

Katsuki lays there for what feels like an eternity, when he feels a cold hand thumb away a tear. Blearily he opens his eyes to see Deku floating next to him, familiar green warmed by the glow of their electric fire he hadn’t noticed Deku turn on. And for a moment there’s a break in the ringing as his focus narrows down to the sound of Dekus heavy breathing from the strain of controlling Float. He can’t help the sniffle that leaves him, the level of love and understanding that shines in shades of green never fails to floor him.

Deku, having noticed how dark and quiet their home was when he walked through the door enacted float. He knows how Kacchan likes to try and nap away these snow storms, so he tried his best to be quiet as he went about taking off his winter gear. Then noticing the lump of quilt on the couch and lack of kitchen activity he decided to put in an order with their favorite diners app. Then he summersualted through the air over the couch and turned the fire on to warm it up a bit more in here. He turned around to admire his cozy bf and considered leaving him on the couch or carrying him to their bed.

Bending down he got a good look at Kacchan to figure out how deeply asleep he was before doing anything to disturb him. But now that he was closer and it wasn’t so dark he could see tear tracks glistening on his Kacchans cheeks. That’s when he noticed the white noise machine was going, and he felt his heart squeeze.

He hated that he couldn’t make that damn ringing go away, he had no idea how Kacchan stayed so strong and focused in everything he did while fighting something like this every minute of everyday. Unless he was in a hyper focus a microwave beep coil completely ruin any focus he had. Without thinking he reached out to rub one of the still falling tears away.

Ruby eyes blinked open at him, bringing a natural irreplaceable smile to Dekus face. Even in exhausted and in pain there was a clear fierceness smoldering in crimson depths that never failed to set Deku soul on fire.

Then Kacchan sniffled and Dekus body moved on its own, dropping down on the couch just behind Kacchan and pulled him and his blanket caccoon into his lap. He placed a kiss on his forehead and began subtly rocking them as he hummed contentedly. He felt more than heard Kacchan release a small sob. Deku held him a little tighter and tells him what he orders for dinner, Kacchan clings to him and burrows his face into his chest. So Deku begins whispering a long tangent about everything and anything that happened to him that day.

He keeps going until he can feel Kacchan fully relax into him. Then he gives his explosive bf’s temple another kiss and asks if he wants to him to keep going or if there’s anything else he can do for him.

“Just fnish your story, Nerd.”

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Tokoyami: When I was six years old, my father died, and my mother made me kiss the body at his funeral. Ever since then, I’ve been obsessed with death. Here’s what you should do. Pulverize the teeth, burn off their fingerprints and disfigure their face. Once their body is unrecognizable, we can create an incision on their inner thigh and drain out all of the bodily fluids. That’ll give us more time to deconstruct the body.

Bakugo: Ew! What?!

Tokoyami: Because truly grinding down a body takes a lot of work. You need a really good food processor, and you run the risk of fouling the plumbing, which is why you should only do it if you know how to clear out meat and bones from a drain pipe. Each of these plans has its drawbacks, but don’t worry. I’m willing to help in any way possible.

Bakugo: You’re obviously a psychopath and those ideas are insane! So, no, we won’t be putting them in a food processor or boning them like an enormous chicken. We’re gonna put them in the meat locker for now and revisit the question when I’m not totally grossed out by you and feeling like I’m going to barf.

Tokoyami: Okay.

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My personal guesses on the BNHA boys cock sizes

All Might: Okay okay hear me out, full size All Might’s packing. I’m talking thick as hell and 10 inches, not that he would know what to do with it. But Small Might? 5 inches, everything else shrinks it only makes sense.

Endeavour: He’s like a foot shorter than All Might, and he’s an asshole, but he still carries big dick energy. Like whip it out and smack a Nomu with it kind of energy, this man has zero fucks to give. I give him 9 inches and hella thick too. He’s second to All Might again lmao.

Hawks: I feel like he has less size but more skill, like 6 inches and not THAT thick, but average. But it’s curved to hit those good spots, and he knows a thing or two about foreplay to really help get you there.

Aizawa: 8 inches and thick. The man likes to nap most of the time, but when he DOES have the energy, my man would be kinky as hell. He’d definitely use his scarf in the bedroom, and he’d make you choke on his 8 inches because he’s a sadistic asshole… whit love of course. He also knows to praise after, as well as good after care.

Tomura: This boy has never seen a vagina, completely unskilled. Can barely jerk off without destroying things by mistake, but I feel like he would have 7 inches to work with, more on the thin side, there’s prettier cocks.

Bakugou: Also 7 inches, but thick as hell too. You’d need to make sure you’re prepped properly because have you ever seen this man show mercy? He would destroy and tease you and tell you just what you deserve from him. So you HAVE to be prepped before you let that gremlin NEAR your pussy.

Kirishima: 8 inches, not as thick as Bakugou’s but not small either. The boy doesn’t shave but it’s also not a jungle, and you KNOW he tried hardening it when he was like 13, and it WORKED. His cock is bigger when he uses his hardening, don’t even come for me. I feel like he would have had to practice and make sure there we’re no sharp edges, he never hardens while already inside his partner just in case it’s too thick or there happens to be sharp edging, he’d always stroke it first and make sure.

Iida: 9 inches, not as thick as Enji’s, probably doesn’t fit completely inside. The man doesn’t watch porn, probably doesn’t know how blessed he is.

Deku: 5 inches, would be embarrassed if you made fun of his size, but the teasing and humiliation would also make him hard. Mostly useful in other ways, probably did as much research as possible to give you his best in bed. His mouth would probably be your favourite thing.

Tamaki: This good boy has 7 inches, not super thick or anything. Would think he’s nothing special especially because he’s seen Mirio’s cock and it’s bigger. Would need constant reassuring and cock worship, but you’d have a blushy boy.

Mirio: 8 inches and thick as hell, would feel guilty at how much you struggle to take it at first and provides lots of praise and prepping to make sure you’re as cared for and comfortable as possible. You’d have to beg and convince him to go harder, because he’d be scared to hurt you, but when he finally caved and pounded the hell out of you, you both would have the best damn time.

Dabi: 9 inches, truly doesn’t give a fuck if you’re begging him to push in slower. He preps you, but after that he’s bottoming out and you’re just going to have to adjust as his pace. Has staples around his hips that scrape and mark you sometimes when he’s rough.

Shoto: 7 inches and not that thick, was not as blessed as his theoretical brother. He doesn’t have a lot of experience but when he does do it with you, he’s slow and sensual. Would make you fall apart and orgasm several times in a loving kind of torture rather than a rough kind of torture. Your release is his top priority. Also his pubes are half and half PICTURE IT.

Kai: It’s a gift, 8 inches and thick as hell. Will not let you near it, that’s filthy. If his affection isn’t enough for you then FINE he’ll get a wand to pleasure you with, but if you cum on him he’s locking you up and leaving you there while he showers and tries to not have a panic attack.

Kaminari: 6 inches, also curved to hit those good angles. Thinks he know everything because he watches mainstream porn, fingers you painfully… someone please teach him. It’s like his fingers are angry at you, you encourage him to use his mouth instead. Would be that asshole that shocks your insides, if you voiced that you didn’t like it, he’d take a bit of convincing but would eventually stop. That’s not how consent works Kaminari. If he knew pushing your limits truly upset you though he’d feel terrible. He’s just one of those guys with 2 brain cells that thinks when you say no he should try and convince you and show you that you’ll like it.

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