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Little rant about the BNHA fandom:

Hanta Sero is NOT a pervert! I’ve never seen him act like one, I don’t understand why everyone says he is.

He stops M*neta from being a little perverted scumbag and he clearly dislikes that rotten grape.

Neito Monoma is not narcissistic, seriously where do y’all get these ideas? Anyway, he’s only talking about his CLASS not himself. He’s never said “I’m better”, he says, “my class is better”. And a narcissist won’t put themselves down like Monoma did, during the forest training arc, he made fun of some Class 1-A kids for failing the exam while also admitting he failed it too, and openly admitted that.

Denki Kaminari is not worse than M*neta! He’s never touched or harassed any of the girls, yeah he’s made some odd comments, but he never went to M*neta’s level of ‘flirting’.


Seriously, they’re minors! Stop! It’s gross to see that! Yeah, sexualize the teachers all you want, at least they’re old enough. (Still disgusting)

Dabi x any of the students is illagel.

Dabi x Toga is illagel.

Endeavour x Hawks is just weird, isn’t Hawks the same age as Endeavour’s daughter-?

Stop hating on Endeavour! Yeah, he did some terrible things, but he’s past that and thinks darkly on what he did.

Bakugou should NOT be praised for what he did and said to Izuku, honestly. Telling someone to jump off a building is horrible and should not be considered ‘cool’.

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I like my girls just like I like my honey

Sweet, a little selfish

You knew how much Bakugo hated hanging out with your family. They were nothing like you, yet here you are begging him to accompany you to the family gathering your parents were hosting.

“ Katsuki, please”, you pleaded with him, arms tight around his neck. 

He was trying his best to ignore the kisses you were pressing on his face. He knew if you kept it up he wouldn’t be able to tell you no. But that’s what he loved about you, you knew what you wanted and you were able to get it no matter what the challenge was.

He finally looked at you, after what felt like hours of him ignoring your pleas, and cracked a small smile.


His words and tone were harsh, but the look of love in his eyes and the dust of pink on his cheeks screamed his love for you.

I Like my woman like I like my money

Green, a little jealous

Katsuki hated when you made him jealous, but he lived to see you jealous. Thats why when a girl attached herself on his arm while you and your friends were at the club, he made no move to push her away. 

Instead his eyes searched for you in the sea of people, waiting for you to make eye contact with him. And when you did, he was ecstatic. You marched over to them and basically pulled the girl off of his arm. You didn’t stop there, grabbing Katsuki’s face you pressed your lips to his in a kiss filled with anger.

He would never tell you, but the look on your face was one he’d die to see. You eyebrows were furrowed but your eyes said, leave him alone he’s mine. Its was the feeling of belonging to someone that he loved.

All the pretty girls in the world

But I’m in this space with you

If anyone were to ask Katsuki if you were the love of his life, he’d quickly answer no. But every one could see, from the way he talked about you to the way he looked at you, that you were indeed the love of his life.

And that was evident tonight, his original plans for your anniversary was to have a nice dinner at the house and cuddle. But that went out the window when he was called work, a villain was on the loose. 

He thought you would be mad, not because he missed your anniversary but because the days he returned home late started to become more frequent. 

You thought knew that what he did was very important, so you never got mad at him. Even tonight, on the day of anniversary, you weren’t mad. Instead you continued to prepare the meal the two of you planned. You set up the table, lit some candles, even put on the dress you knew he loved.

When he got home, and he saw the candles and the food, and you in your little red dress, he felt his love for you grow. He walked up to you a pulled you into a hug. His head was nuzzled in your neck. And his hug spoke a thousand words. It said, thank you for being with me, you mean the world to me, and most importantly, I love you.

That was when Katsuki knew, he wanted to be by your side for the rest of his life. Because of all the guys in the world, you were there with him.

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comforting an angry/hurt Bakugo: hugging, kissing, falling asleep together 

Bakugo has never really been one to show his emotions. You rarely see it, but it breaks your heart to know when he is hurting or sad and almost impossible to reach. 


Originally posted by smoking-paramount

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Summer Vacation


Originally posted by animesaves

Here have a totally self indulgent, summer war inspired fiction with Bakugou.

Bakugou slumps angrily on the couch in the common space of his shared apartment. 

Although if it were up to him he would have had his own apartment. 

Especially with the way Kirishima brought his girlfriend over to sit on the love seat in the small living room being all…touchy feely. It was enough to make him gag. 

Kirishima had begged him to sign the lease with him and so Bakugou begrudgingly agreed. 

But he didn’t expect a third party to be living here. 

And no it was the cute pink haired woman who sat giggling beneath his sculpted arm. 

It was you.  

You who bursts through the doors, practically running into the living room as you slip off your shoes. 

“I need someone’s help during the undergrad agency summer break.” You pant as you look around the room. Eyes first flying to Kirishima before landing on the growling Ash blonde, “It’d be half work half vacation for a couple of weeks. Please." 

You sound desperate causing Bakugou’s stomach to churn. While it caused Kirishima to panic. In the year or so the three of you had shared an apartment you had never asked for help. 

Not even with the dishes after your turn to cook. Glittering rubies dance across your form while scarlet burn holes into your skin. 

"When? Which month?” Kirishima asks, pulling Mina closer to his muscular form.

“This upcoming month. So next week.” Desperation is in your face again, “It’s just a simple job I would pay…”

“I wish I could but Ashido and I are going abroad for our final summer internship before we are stand alone pros.” Kirishima watches your face become crestfallen. You look to Bakugou desperately who avoids your puppy eyed gaze purposefully. 

“Could you get Denki to do it?” Kirishima prompts. You chew your lip as you try to picture it. 

“He isn’t a good fit for the job. I need…someone a little more serious.” Pacing as you think, going down the list of your classmates that might be free. Each step becoming more anxiety fueled, Kirishima’s eyebrows knit upwards before his gaze lands on his friend. 

“Bakugou, you got the summer off as a reward didn’t you?” The ash blonde cuts his “friend” a harsh glare. 

“Oi so what if I did?” All venom as he makes eye contact, instantly regretting it as he watches hope bloom on your face. His heart pangs as his stomach twists. He let’s out an angry growl, “I’m not helping any fucking extras." 

He stands, headed to barricade himself in his room for the rest of the evening. Between you and the fucking love birds he was more than ready to tear out his soft locks.

Your heart pounded in your chest now that Kirishima had mentioned it, Bakugou could potentially be perfect for the job. And you didn’t have much time. The two of you would need to leave this weekend. 

Desperate times called for desperate measures.

"Please Bakugou! I’ll make that super spicy ramen you love!” Your voice is higher than normal and whiny. Something the two men are unused to. Sinking your knees into the soft carpet in front of him. Your hands raised above your head as you speak.

“Please please please. I’ll make the ramen anytime you want it for the next YEAR! 330 in the morning. 4 in the afternoon. 8pm! Please Bakugou Katsuki please!” You clap your hands, clasping them tightly together trying to hold onto what little dignity you had left. Groveling to a man you hardly knew and tolerated because Kirishima asked you to. Broken pride lodges like a lump in your throat, burning your eyes with unshed tears.

Katsuki blinks slowly, It was the first time you had used his first name. 

And to be honest he hadn’t ever imagined you to beg for anything. 

He grabs onto your wrists yanking you to your feet. 

“No one wants to see you on your knees, Brat.” He snarls, yanking you hard enough you lose your footing as you’re pulled into his godly chest. He watches you look up at him through long lashes. Your voice carrying in his head long after you’ve stopped speaking. Plush lips pointed in a forever pout.

“Please Katsuki.”

He suppresses a shudder, grip tightening as he holds your forearms.

“I’ll do it. Now shut up.” He snarls, giving you a small shove. 

Most people would feel embarrassed or hell even a little shameful. But you were not most people. 

Bakugou hears you jumping for joy as he slams his door shut. Wondering what the hell he agreed too. 


He finds himself still wondering what he’s said yes to as he stands in the train station staring at the map of the stops. 

The town you named as your stop was in the middle of fucking no where. Where the hell were you two going? 

Was this where you murdered him like you always promised? 

“Katsuki! There you are!” Of course it’s you who’s shouting across the damn station, and if you didn’t already attract enough attention with your easy on the eyes looks. 

His own eyes watch your thick frame, powerful legs pushing you forward to him while your backpack among other things jiggle as you run, “You didn’t get your ticket yet did you?" 

He produces the slip as his eyes are finally drown downward towards the large duffle bag overstuffed with what looks like toys and souvenirs. 

"Fucking Bakugou!” You snarl, “I was gonna buy your ticket." 

He slides his digits against the smooth grey paper to reveal another ticket. 

"Had I waited for your dumbass we wouldn’t have made it there.” You follow his eyes to the board to see your stop was SOLD OUT. 

“What’s with all that shit?” Again you mirror his gaze to your giant bag. 

“Presents.” You snarl, pushing him toward the platform as the grainy voice overhead announces boarding. 

Bakugou shoves his small black bag into an overhead compartment, motioning with his broad hands for yours. You pass him your obnoxiously large bag that he growls over as he shoves it in, slamming the door shut. 

He takes your book bag from your shoulders roughly before carefully placing it between his foot and the metal wall. You offer him a small smile before anxiety and anger begins to dance beneath your skin. The train becoming more and more crowded as people board. The last thing you wanted was your ass accidentally pressed against some perverts hardon each time the train jerked this way or that. You really should have asked Bakugou to help you get here early. If you had maybe you could have at least grabbed a seat. You just keep reminding yourself that after three stops the train would practically be empty. 

But it was becoming a difficult mantra as more men pressed themselves against you as they piled onto the train. One or two ghosting their hands over your defined denim clad cheek.  You bite your tongue counting down from ten knowing full well that causing a scene would only make things more difficult for you.  

A suck of teeth is heard before you’re being harshly pulled off balance just for your back to be pressed into the cool metal wall of the train. You’re about to throw a punch when you realize it is Bakugou who has you pinned in the corner of the car. One strong hand pressed above your shoulder to keep from crashing into you as the train moves while the other holds tight to the bar overhead, shielding you from wander eyes but most importantly wandering hands.

Your heart thumps in your chest as you’re caged in, all the while harsh scarlet eyes look down at you in a sneer.

“You should have left earlier Baka.” He growls as his eyes cut to the corner of the window to stare at anything but you.  

A blush creeps into your cheeks as silence washes over the car. You take deep breaths to calm yourself only to be smothered in a heavy and almost charred sugary scent. A smile ghosts your lips as it reminds you of late summer nights and fireworks at festivals. 

Over the next hour you steal glances up at the hot head who looks more than displeased as his scarlet eyes bore holes into the passing cityscape that slowly turns into a suburb just outside of the city limits. As you said the bodies on the train have thinned significantly as Bakugou pulls away, pointing to the first open seat he can see. 

You gladly take it, nestling beside a kind old man who gives you a knowing look. Somehow it makes you blush more. 

Bakugou wasn’t going to take the news well as to why you really begged him on this adventure. 

But what he didn’t know didn’t hurt him. He was already fitting the job description although he had his own way of doing it. His eyes cut to your bag by his foot to make sure it is still there before they cut to you.  

They linger over the old man questioning with his gaze if you’re being bothered. You give a small shake of your head no before he sighs out. Taking with it some of the tension in his body as he pulls his phone from his pocket, his other arm still holding onto the bar. His muscles and bare skin peeking out from beneath the sleeve of his skull tee. Flexing with each pull of the train. 

Heat floods your cheeks when you realize you are staring, you fish for your own phone to distract yourself as time seems to creep by. 

Before long the older gentleman’s stop has come, he ruffles the paper as if to fold it but uses the sound and ink as cover. 

“You should just tell him.” He gives you a wink before he folds the news neatly, tucking it beneath his arm as he slowly steps out of the training. Stopping just to give you a wink. 

“Uuuugghh.” Your heart sinks into your stomach before Bakugou finally takes a seat beside you. 

“You sure that geezer didn’t give you any trouble?” You nod as he scoots further away as the train empties until it is just the two of you.  

“What exactly am I fucking doing anyway?" 


Fuckity fuck. 

He wasn’t supposed to ask yet. 

You had hoped he wouldn’t ask at all! That he would have kept his gaze sharp, arms crossed and mouth shut.

But here he sat, close enough you could smell his sugary scent once more. 

"Don’t get mad." 

"Oh here we fucking go.” His forearms threaten to pop as he holds your gaze head on.

 "It’s not really a job. I’m still going to pay you but…we’re going to my hometown to see my family. So many people are going to be there I just didn’t want to go alone. I haven’t been in well over a year or so due to hero training and schooling. It’s my grandmother’s 95th birthday and well I…" 

He watches sadness creep over your features, pulling your lips southward. He sighs out, letting go of the popping sensation that pricks at his skin. 

“Oi, just means you owe me more than a years worth of ramen.” His voice is gruff but it doesn’t match his scarlet eyes. The train stops as two woman and the six kids between them get ready to board. 

Thankfully you spot them before they spot you. 

You lean close to Bakugou whispering almost too quickly for him to hear. 

“From this point on. Just follow my lead." 

You stand, a smile wide across your face as the kids yell, "Jushi-saaaan!!!" 

Bakugou holds his breath and counts for a moment, realizing much too late that there’s no turning back now.  

Conversation is light between the two of you as the kids play on their switches. Laughing loudly before more and more people pile on. 

But this time they aren’t strangers, no each time they are a new relative. Scarlet eyes narrow as the begin to wonder just HOW big your family was. 

The train stops but the adventure doesn’t as the large family loads onto a small bus ride that last another hour. 

The sun begins to set as bus finally stops just outside a large estate and much older estate. 

"No fucking way.” He mutters to himself as he grabs for your bags, keeping his grumbling to himself as he climbs towards the estate. 

“I can take one of those Katsuki. I don’t mind." 

"Dumbass I need it since you took away a month of training from me.” He growls, pushing past you as he rises to the top. 

Once there an elderly woman greets the two of you, he eyes roaming over Bakugou with a dull but interested look before passing back to you.  

“Separate rooms of course. Set your things down, Mei will take them. For now Sobo wants to see the two of you." 

You bow, stomping on Bakugou’s foot until he follows suit. Glaring at you the entire time. 

Still he follows you around the large estate until you come across an open tatami door. Before you can sink down to your knees your grandmother calls for you. 

"Come in dear! Don’t be shy.” She smiles delightfully watching the ash blonde with deft eyes.  Bakugou wouldn’t have guess your grandmother was 95 if you hadn’t told him. She sits stick straight in an old. iromuji kimono with bright eyes. 

You sink to your knees and he mirrors your actions. Curiosity softening his burning ember eyes. 

“How have you been my sweet mago?” She smiles wide enough that even her eyes seem to smile, reminding Bakugou if you. 

Guess the apple never really does fall far from the tree. 

“I’m well. I’m almost done with my pro hero internship. Then I can freelance and do work as I please.” You smile, going on about your life as you catch up with your grandmother. 

“Well I’ve got something for you as promised.” She leans forward passing you a black kimono with cranes stitched in silver and golden thread. A small shrill shriek leaves your body as you hug onto her tightly pulling the fabric away from you to see.

“It’s gorgeous grams!" 

"A gorgeous piece for a gorgeous woman.” Her smile is directed towards the ashen blonde “So Bakugou was it?" 

He gives a nod, his body fully relaxed as he tries his hardest to be respectful desire his wanting to scream what the hell he needed to waste a full day’s journey to the middle of no where for. 

"We’ve heard so much about you! A pro hero with a powerful quirk.” Bakugou smirks over the compliment, “You look strong. Good my mago needs it. She and this family do not do well with pushovers. She needs someone with a strong will. Since you are her fiance I have a few questions." 

"Fian…” He shoots a glare towards you to which you return tenfold, he glances towards your grandmother. He grinds his teeth in temporary defeat. 

“I need to know you can take care of her. My granddaughter is independent, almost to a fault. She comes from a long line of stubbornness and strong willed women. She needs to be supported without being overshadowed. She will need to be offered help because she will never ask and you will need to watch her closely as she will show two emotions. Determined and composed anger to get the task done and happiness should you be lucky. But the real question is.” Grandmother leans in close holding Bakugou’s darkening gaze, “Would you die for my granddaughter?" 

His brows furrow from such an old fashioned question, your grandmother’s eyes begin to narrow, gaze unwavering as she stares into crimson pools for the answer. 

"I’ll ask a final time. Would you die for my granddaughter?” Bakugou holds her gaze and answers without thought or hesitation. 

Speaking an unspoken truth he hadn’t realized was there. 

“Yes.” His voice is gruff and serious, even causing you to be taken aback. 

All the while your grandmother’s eyes cloud with what you think is suspicion before a giant smile plasters onto her face. 

“He’s going to fit right in.” The old rotary phone in her study begins to ring, “I’ll see you two tonight for dinner." 

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phone call

pairing: ooc! bakugou x reader

context: where an accidental phone call brings up unwanted memories

author’s note (if any): i hope you enjoy the fic as much as i enjoyed writing it (at like 3 in the morning)


Honestly, you didn’t know how your relationship with him had ended. It hadn’t been completely processed in that empty brain of yours. Or, perhaps, you didn’t want it to happen.

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Move over villain Deku, it’s time for some Kaachako! Get chapter 9 of Something Broken, Something Lost here.


Bakugo left the hospital feeling lost and swung by the store to pick up the groceries his mom had requested. Inside he saw a familiar round face contemplating a sales display.

“Uraraka?” he yelled, making her jump.

“Oh, it’s just you,” she said with a sigh.

“What are you jumpy for?”

“Well, I was just contemplating how to get the most out of this sale.” She indicated to the display. “Mochi is my favorite and this is a really good price, but it’s limited to only three per customer.”

He looked at the sign. “Well then give me the money and I’ll get three too. Problem solved.”

She shook her head, making an x shape with her arms. “No, no, no, no, no. I couldn’t possibly ask you to do that! What if there’s a limited amount and there’s some other family who needs it more than me and because I had you help me get more than the required amount they won’t have anything to eat. I can’t ask you to do that—”

He ignored her and put three packages into his basket. “Stop over thinking it,” he snarled and moved on to get the rest of the things on his list.

She put three packages in her own basket and hurried after him. “Wait, I can’t accept.”

“Too bad.” He tossed a bottle of soy sauce and garlic paste alongside the mochi. “I’m just going to buy it and give it to you so stop trying to talk me out of it.”

Seeing he wasn’t going to budge, she sighed and focused on the items he was grabbing. “What are you making?”

“Hell if I know. The hag told me to get this on my way home, so I’m getting it,” he grumbled.

“Hag?” she sputtered, her mind conjuring an image of a demonic woman.

“My mom,” he clarified, grabbing the last of the items. “She does most of the cooking at my house.”

She trailed after him as they got in line to pay. “Oh, that sounds nice. I live alone so I do all my own cooking.”

“Is that why you wanted mochi?”

“Yes! Mochi is the best because you can put it with anything. It’s good with soy sauce, or sesame or ginger or even chocolate. Plus it’s cheap which is good for me since I don’t have a lot of money…”

She trailed off, looking embarrassed. He remembered her mentioning her parents were poor and it wasn’t until they had paid for the groceries and stepped out onto the pavement that everything clicked. He turned to look at her. “Wait a minute, are you planning just eat mochi for dinner?”

“Uh, well yeah basically.”

He glared at her. “Are you fucking stupid or something? With all of the crazy training Aizawa has been putting us through you need to be eating more than that!”

“But I can’t afford to eat more than that,” she protested. “It’s ok. I’ve been making it ok so far and I just have double helpings at lunch so it’s fine.”

“It is not fine!” He grabbed her by the wrist and dragged her along with him. “Come on, you’re coming with me!”

“What? Where are we going?”

“You’re eating at my place and don’t even think about saying no!”

She stumbled along, shocked at his aggressive show of kindness. He was a lot of bluster and rage, but he was a nice person, deep down. When they arrived at the Bakugo household, he threw the door open with so much force it bounced off the wall. “Hey mom,” he yelled. “I brought a friend over for dinner because she’s too poor to eat!”

She went pale with shock. That was…blunt. What kind of household was this?

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Walls of common enemies || Katsuki Bakugou x Reader


Roommate AU

Warnings: blood, violence, explicit language and sexual references

Tags: enemies to lovers , roommate au, nsfw, highschool au, fluff, angst, smut, romance

Summary: Katsuki Bakugou has always been certain that he would be the only one from his school to make it into UA. He had a powerful quirk, he was smart, determined and above all he had always prided himself on being the one everyone knew was the best in his grade.

And just as he predicted, he made it. However, he wasn’t the only one from his school that made it. And he definitely didn’t expect the other person to be the one who had the guts to challenge him back in the days and his sworn enemy, Y/n. 

Plus to make matters worse, she had got in on recommendation and was told to share his room until her own was built.

And now being stuck in a 130 square foot space together, Katsuki and Y/n continue to butt heads and throw a fit whenever one of them doesn’t abide by the set rules. But there was something about how y/n got into UA that Katsuki couldn’t help but look into. And when he finds out the truth, can Katsuki put aside their rivalry to give the feelings in his heart a chance?

⋘ ──── ∗ ⋅◈⋅ ∗ ──── ⋙

chapter 2

After six grueling hours of tackling and compiling his thoughts on the unexpected admission of Y/n into UA, the dense black clouds of the night were starting to set over UA. 

Katsuki had initially planned to sit alone during dinner since he wasn’t up for any sort of idle chatter after his heated clashes with Y/n. But he was immediately dragged away by Kirishima and Kaminari who upheld their wishes to make Katsuki sit at their table. 

“What the heck is?” Katsuki grimaced as his head flicked between Kirishima and Kaminari.

Krisihima boisterously patted Katsuki’s back with a mouth stuffed to the brim with food. “Relax dude we just wanted to hang with ya, remember?" 

"Stop it,” Katsuki shrugged his hand off and tugged his plate closer to him with a scowl. “We ain’t even friends.”

“Well then what a coincidence,” Kaminari grinned from ear-to-ear. “Perhaps this is a good way for you to learn how to gain some and fix that crappy etiquette of yours.”

Katsuki held his hand up at the ready with fire crackling in his palm. “…Say that to me again, I dare you."  

"My god it is too early for this,” Kirishima rolled his eyes and went back to munching his food.

Majority of the time though Katsuki paid them no attention and just let Kirishima and Kaminari chew his ear off about how excited they were for the next days at UA and discussing everyone in the classes’s quirk. 

And just by sitting with them Katsuki knew these two were beyond comprehensible to befriend. For Katsuki’s friendship, he had a set rule for what type of people were allowed to be by his side–and judging his first interaction with these two airheads–he could tell that they were definitely not compatible. All they ever did was prattle on about the trivialist of things with their loud mouths and goofy grins which was something Katsuki could not stand. He wasn’t interested in listening to any of it, and he definitely did not even want to contribute to the conversation. 

Some mindless people would say that times like this would be to show people who you truly are. But for Katsuki, he didn’t care to do something so tedious. The last he remembered, he didn’t come to UA to make friends or pretend to be a ‘good’ person. He came here to win and become the number one pro hero. 

That is how schools run after all. They are a system in which they tally and rank people based on their class performance and IQ–not social record. No one would care to give someone who’s always so sweet and happy yet fails at schooling a job. But if a guy was an asshole yet gets the job done to the best of its ability–who is going to complain about his behavior then? 

People wanted the best to protect them or else all hope in this world would cease to exist. Which is why he had to be on his a-game. Only someone like him could be the leading hero, so he could not afford to be distracted. Which is why he better quickly find out how exactly that quirkless little runt got into this school on recommendation so he can get her out of here and focus. 

It wasn’t long before Katsuki and the other two finished their food and left the cafeteria. The hallways were more cleared out when they walked back to the dorms as most of UA had headed to their room early to get some rest for their first day at school here. But as for Katsuki, his head was too busy racking with so many unanswered questions and boiling frustration geared towards Y/n that he found it better to spend some time sitting at the lounge room so that he didn’t have to sit inside a room with Y/n until he would fall asleep.

That was the only solution he had to use in this predicament for now until he got more information to get her out of his room and quite possibly, the school.

Since he remembered he caught a glimpse of Y/n still in the cafeteria, Katsuki quickly ducked into their room to change out of his clothes. After getting dressed into his usual black on black tank shirt and sweats, Katsuki left the room and headed to the lounge. It seemed as though he wasn’t the only one to have the idea of staying up a little late seeing as some people from 1A were still up and about. He just hoped none of them came up to him while he had this short time before he had to go back to that dreaded room to sleep in with Y/n next to him.

Katsuki sat down on the couch and propped his feet up on the edge of the coffee table. He closed his eyes, breathed then reopened them to find those two airheads coming back to the lounge room also dressed in their night sweatpants attire and groaned.

Kirishima sat on the couch opposite him whilst Kaminari sat on the floor. They both were talking amongst themselves about how relaxing it was now after a hectic day before their conversation stopped and Kirishima turned to Katsuki, observing him quietly.

“…..Is the reason why you are always so stingy and angry because of your quirk being made of nitroglycerin?” Kirishima suddenly asked.

Katsuki shoved his hands into his pockets and narrowed his eyes. “Come again?”

“I’m not trying to offend you, i’m honestly just curious. I saw the video from your exam and you explode things with the sweat from your palms that works like nitroglycerin. And the build up of Nitroglycerin in your system isn’t something a human body can handle soo…wouldn’t that make you susceptible to some serious health problems? I mean that Izuku midoriya got his arm messed up because of his quirk also.”

Katsuki shot a glare over to hallway up ahead to see Izuku at a door who was smiling about with a brown haired girl as well as the guy he remembered being nosy from the entrance exam called Tenya Iida at the end of the table and huffed. 

“Don’t ever lump me in with that loser again. His quirk is fake. My quirk is far superior to his.” He warned. “And I don’t suffer anything apart from headaches because of people like you.”

Kirishima’s shoulders slumped, “yeah probably shouldn’t of asked.”

“Well then,” Kaminari shot up from the floor, skipped over to Katsuki’s couch and plopped down right beside him. Katsuki flinched at the blonde’s sudden too close to ratio presence as Kamimari wrapped his arm around Katsuki’s shoulder and sheepishly grinned. “Well you better watch yourself then since you might get a heart attack.”

“Get. off. me.” Katsuki warned.

“Yeah nah I think I’m good.” Kaminari chuckled then peered around the room. “Just wondering, do you even know anyone here apart from us?”

“Don’t flatter yourself I don’t know you.”

“Sure you don’t. But I bet you wanna know the girls names then right?”

“Does it look like I fucking care? Move.” Katsuki forced him off his shoulders.

Kaminari pouted. “Wow rude, now I’m kind of glad you were given a life-threatening quirk." 

"You think you’re fucking hilarious, don’t you?”

“Eh I’m pretty decent.” Kaminari shrugged before the sound of the elevator arriving on their floor chimed through the room and Kaminari’s attention immediately shifted over. 

“Ok but wow, that’s a pretty site for the eyes,” Kaminari breathed with wide eyes.

Katsuki was confused as to what got Kaminari so caught in a daze and followed his gaze. 

His pupils instantly flared.

“It’s Momo and Y/n!” Kaminari clapped joyously. 

Kirishima’s jaw dropped. “Wait wait aren’t two of those girls here on recommendation?”

“Uh huh,” Kaminari thirstily nodded as he feasted his eyes on the girls chatting away. “The girl with the black hair is Momo Yaoyorozu. She comes from a rich family and can create any objects as her quirk. And the silver haired one is Y/n although there is not much to say since I couldn’t find jackshit about her quirk but evidently she’s also from a wealthy family too.”

Katsuki’s attention perked up at that. Throughout all their childhood, Katsuki has never actually caught a glimpse of Y/n’s parents. Even when she got picked up from preschool, her parents never came inside and y/n always left thirty minutes early. But wealthy? He never knew that. And it’s because all the times he was around y/n, all they ever did was bicker and argue amongst each other. They could never tolerate one another. 

Kirishima raised a brow at Kaminari. “No quirk, you serious?”

“I said I don’t know if she has one or not.” Kaminari corrected. “Nothing was mentioned even though she came in on recommendation. It was weird but hey, maybe she wanted to keep things private. All I found out was her name, age and the middle school she attended." 

"She’s a fucking liar,” Katsuki muttered to himself.

“Which school did she come from?” Kirishima asked.

Kaminari pointed to Katsuki. “Same one as his, Aldera Junior High." 

"Woah,” kirishima’s mouth hung loose. “That pretty girl went to your school?" 

Katsuki curled his fingers in his pocket and grinded his teeth. Pretty? Yeah right. There was absolutely nothing pretty about that little wrench. Even in middle school Y/n always got all the boys boxers in a twist with how they somehow found her so attractive. Quirkless or not, the guys bought into her smile, her kindness and grace and always offered to do the simplest things like holding her bag, directing her places when she was lost or accompanying her to the nurse’s office when she was hurt. Everyone loved her and he couldn’t understand why. What was the appeal? Everything about her was just an illusion to these mindless airheads.

"Unfortunately.” Katsuki growled gutterly. 

Kirishima and Kamimari continued to watch the girls giggling and slowly walking further into the common room like they were frothing at the mouth. Katsuki turned away, too disgusted to be even around them before Kaminari suddenly did the unthinkable.

“Hey Momo Y/n you can come sit with us if you like!”

Katsuki’s head jolted to Kaminari with a murderous glare. Never in his life did he ever contemplate taking a life with his hands like he was doing right now. 

Momo paused the conversation she was having with Y/n and tilted her head towards Kaminari. Y/n not long after turned around as well. They both smiled towards the blonde before y/n eyes quickly shifted over to Katsuki and her face dropped to a sour expression.

He watched as Y/n started to frantically suggest that they sit somewhere else but Momo was practically pushing for the two of them to go and join. He was honestly hoping that Momo took the bait– more like silently pleading to himself that she did so that he could get some time away from y/n before he was going to be stuck with her all night. But to add to his ever growing list of misfortune, y/n had lost and was now coming up to them.

Katsuki quickly searched for the possible places they could sit. The only two available spots were on each side of Kirishima, and the one seater couch that was directly facing him.


“You’re Denki Kaminari, right?” Momo asked as they drew closer.

“The one and only.” Kaminari grinned.

Just as Momo and Y/n were about to sit, Y/n too also saw their seating arrangement. In her line of direction she could see that she was about to sit in front of the person she hates with an undying passion and gestured for Momo to sit there.

“Oh but you’re already there so it’s okay.”

“No it’s alright you can sit here if you want." 

Momo patted her shoulder. "Y/n, trust me it’s fine. You don’t have to be so considerate of me.”

Katsuki dropped his head and threaded a hand through his hair. He could hear y/n sigh as she sat down on the couch opposite him. They both glanced at each other. Just as quickly they both glanced away with scowl again. 

“Say y/n,” Kirishima began. “You came from Aldera high right?”

Y/n proceeded to keep her attention away from Katsuki as she plastered a smile on her face, “Yeah I did, I was actually supposed to go to Nabu but it was too far from my father’s lab.”

“I actually heard a lot of people came from that school.” Kamimari scratched his chin.

“Wait woah a Lab?” Kirishima’s jaw dropped. “Like a full on scientific lab that you see in movies?”

Even though Katsuki continued to look uninterested, his ears couldn’t help but listen in on their conversation at the mention of y/n’s parents.

Y/n laughed warily and shook her head. “Uh well kinda like that but less dramatic. He's…..he’s a chemical engineer.”

“Woah that sounds intense,” Kirishima marveled.

Kaminari propped his head in his hands, sighing. “Yeah I’m really dumb because I’ve never heard of that occupation.”

“It’s okay, honestly I didn’t get it either when I first heard about it since it’s not a very spoken about job. My father had to sit me down and explain it to me.”

“They build up the assembling procedures and gear that transform concoction materials into business items.” Momo haughtily explained as she combed her fingers through her hair.

Kaminari and Kirishima blinked. Katsuki rolled his eyes at how dumbfounded they were, like words went through their ears and out the other before Kaminari cocked his head with his brows pulled together.

“…I’m sorry, what?”

“Yeah uhh could you maybe simplify that for us?” Kirishima suggested as he looked to Y/n for help.

Y/n couldn’t help but smile at his cuteness then took it upon herself to clarify. “He basically applies chemistry on an industrial scale. So like if he needs to make toothpaste he would find the chemicals to make it which are fluoride and calcium phosphate.”

“Ohh so he makes things we use in everyday life?" 

Y/n nodded. "Yeah pretty much.”

“Then I guess that means your family must be freaking loaded.” Kaminari said with a smug smile.

Katsuki’s skeptical eyes crept over to see her reaction. Y/n sat there contemplating what he said with the devot of her finger at her lips then shrugged.

“I just think we are well off and stable." 

Kaminari’s shoulders slumped, groaning. "You and momo are cut from the same cloth.”

“Yeah but being the daughter to a chemical engineer sounds so exciting. Or even being the son of the number two hero.” Momo said bummed out. 

“Talkin about Shoto todoroki?” Kamimari wondered.

“Oh yeah he also got in on recommendation too but I mean of course that was to be expected. His quirk is a mix of both fire and water.” Kirishima prattled on.

Kamimari leaned back on and hung his head over his chair with a pout. “Man that’s lucky. Everyones got a cool ass quirk in our class and then look at mine, this is unsettling.”

“I know I don’t know you yet but I think your quirk must be pretty cool too Kaminari so don’t doubt yourself. I mean you got into UA after all.”

Kaminari tensed up as she kept her warm gaze on him. His face slowly reddened and Katsuki wrinkled his nose at how putrid her nice girl act was fooling him so easily. She did this all the time throughout middle school to win people over, and she was using the same tactics again right in front of him. 

Kaminari awkwardly rubbed the back of his head with his eyes fluttering as he spluttered “Eh ah yeah it is cool but I..I always go brain stupid afterwards.”

Katsuki smirked. “Serves you right.”

Kaminari frowned then crossed his arms over his chest with a mocking smile. “But I guess that means yours is not so unique then with all of these people, then huh?”

A nerve struck in Katsuki’s neck as he quickly grabbed Kaminari’s shirt collar and pulled him in close. “Keep talking and i’ll kill you.”

Kaminari quickly relented by waving his hands in surrender. Just as Katsuki let go, Y/n laughed heartily.

“You may be right there.” Y/n added on. Katsuki tore his eyes away from Kaminari to Y/n who met him with an icy stare. 

“Class 1A is full of amazing quirks so it’s gonna be hard to try and be above the rest.”

Katsuki arched a brow in her direction. His hands curled up, pressing his fingers into his skin before slowly letting go. He watched Y/n’s face take it all in, bearing the look of a satisfactory win before he elevated his chin up with a tight lipped smile. 

“..Is that so? Well I guess it’s better to get hurt by the truth of it all than comforted with a lie. It would be a shame if people knew you weren’t performing at your best potential.”

Immediately y/n’s face dropped. He could see the same resentment that was building up within him inside of her as she tightened her grip around the armrest. 

“Oh yeah that reminds me I know you got in by recommendation but what exactly did you get recommended for,y/n?” Kaminari suddenly asked.

Y/n’s whole body jolted. Her gaze shifted over to Kaminari with a shaky smile. Katsuki sat back on his chair and crossed his arms over his chest. He was going to enjoy this spectacle. Everyone loomed in on y/n for an answer and Katsuki couldn’t help grow nostalgic at the day he outed her for being quirkless in class, knowing full well this would be a repeat of that amazing day.

Seconds went by and Y/n eyes were now jumping around with her lips pressed into a tight line. 

Then, her mouth finally opened. “That’s a complicated answer…”

Kirishima tilted his head. “Complicated?”

“It seems pretty straightforward if you ask me.” Katsuki contended with a sly smile. 

Y/n shot him a quick look as if telling Katsuki “stop” before she looked back to Kirishima and tugged at her earlobe. “Well, for starters my mother’s agency recommended me here. I mean she was the one who wrote my recommendation letter after all so there were alot of other things that helped me get recommended to UA. But the main one was my grades." 

Everyone sat there like they were slowly coming to an understanding of her reasoning but the agitation was continuing to gnaw at Katsuki from how ludicrous that sounded. Her mother only recommended her grades? To a school that has the toughest standard for the recommended students to pass? That was a simplistic answer.

"You must be super smart then.” Kirishima awed. 

Y/n’s lips pinched and for a moment, Katsuki caught a flash of sadness on her face before she forced a smile and looked down, twiddling her fingers together.

“Kind of yeah.” She muttered.

“Well then, I could have sworn you were always around the average mark.” Katsuki badgered with a lopsided grimace. 

Y/n’s body stilled. She slowly looked up to him, suppressing a fit of rage. Katsuki matched her stare. Admit it. He had every right in suspecting her.  He egged her on partly because he just wanted to pressure her to keep talking but mostly because answering such a simple question shouldn’t be so difficult. 

Katsuki impatiently tapped a finger on his forearm. He watched Y/n’s gaze take a quick look over to the side,as if hoping none of them caught wind of what was really happening between her and Katsuki before her phone suddenly chimed in her pocket.

Y/n shoulders relaxed. She looked up at everyone with what Katsuki knew was a faked apologetic expression.

“Sorry guys I should take this.” She urged. 

Katsuki was about to protest her using the call as a getaway card before Kirishima began to speak. 

“It’s all good,” Kirishima waved off. “We might not see each other for the rest of the night so I’ll just see you for our first day of class." 

Katsuki glanced between y/n and the others. He couldn’t believe how easily they were accepting this. He could practically see the relief on her face just from not being able to talk much more and his irritation was kicking in.

Y/n giggled shortly, "yep, guess I’ll see you at class then.”

“You want me to come with you, y/n?” Momo asked as she started to get up from her seat.

Y/n was quick to stop her. “Nah it’s alright, you just have fun.”

“You sure?”

“Positive.” Y/n faked a smile. “I’ll see you around.”

Katsuki gawked at Y/n’s back as she walked off with the phone pressed to her ear. Katsuki could not believe this. This girl was evading the question like it was some kind of disease. He knew he had her cornered and pinned down for an answer, yet she still kept silent. What sort of tricks did she pull to get in if it were through her mother? 

A tap to the shoulder broke Katsuki’s stare on where Y/n was originally walking as he turned to look at Kaminari who had a cheeky grin.

"You two sound close.” he wiggled his brows.

Katsuki narrowed his eyes. “Don’t even fucking go there.”

“Ok ok relax.” Kaminari backed off. 

Katsuki turned back to where Y/n was seated before, taking himself back into their conversation before. There was something undeniably wrong about y/n and that reasoning of hers. For starters, there was a strict ruling in which people got recommended for UA with a written test, practical test and an interview so none of it relied solely on a few good grades. And, if her father was a chemical engineer which seemed like a regular job, then that would mean he didn’t have a quirk. So then if that were the case, she didn’t say her mother had an agency, which is mostly aligned with a hero agency could potentially mean she inherited her mother’s quirk.

But if that’s the case, who was her mother? A popular hero or some unknown sidekick? But what type of quirk did her mother have that got y/n in on recommendation? These things still weren’t adding up. And of course, y/n wasn’t any help at all. Yet he had to know how she got in. 

Katsuki closed his eyes and groaned. As the others picked up on their conversation with their attention drawn away from him, Katsuki mulled over the time. It was getting late by the minute, and he knew full well he needed to rest before the day ahead.

He glanced over to the hallway, making sure there was no one loitering around so they didn’t see him entering through the same door y/n did before he reluctantly got up from his seat and walked over to his room.


Just as he opened the door and saw y/n sitting on the bed with her back against the wall, dressed in an oversized shirt, her hair falling down her shoulders so deeply focused on writing in some notebook like what just happened in the lounge never even happened, his frustration consumed him. 

“You never answered the question.” He accused, stepping into the room. 

“Funny cause I believe I did from what I remember correctly.” She jested back as she continued to write. 

Katsuki pushed the door closed with his foot and leaned back on it, crossing his arms. “If that’s so then tell me who actually is your mother and how did you really get recommended here?”

Y/n stopped writing. Katsuki caught sight of her chewing on the inside of her lip and eyeballing her phone. It seemed as though that call was more than just “urgent” as she looked like she was contemplating something serious. But even if it were the case, Y/n forced herself to push it aside and went back to writing.

“…Stop getting into my business, okay? I got into UA, big deal. You got into UA, congratulations, your dreams came true. Everything is as it seems so…leave it be. I don’t want to keep talking to you.”

As much as Katsuki wanted to press on—he decided to just leave for tonight. He could tell she was not going to give him the specific answers he needed, especially right now with the foul mood she was in.

Katsuki’s initial plan was to go to the bathroom and freshen up before bed until he started to notice how she was studying different parts of the room before she would then write down in the book. Katsuki started to track which direction her eyes went–one to the bathroom, one to his side of the room and then one went dead straight at him by the door like but she was looking past him to see something.

It was making Katsuki uncomfortable, like she was setting up some sort of scheme as she wrote down some more with a fixed gaze and he had to ask about it.

“What the hell are you doing?” He questioned.

Y/n finished writing up one more thing then breathed out. Her gaze flickered up to Katsuki like she was annoyed about him even asking the question before she clicked the pen off, dropped it on the bed and then tore the page out of the book.

“Room rules.” She answered matter of factly. “Break one and I’ll talk to Aizawa about it.” 


The corner of Katsuki’s eyes twitched as he watched y/n push herself off the bed and strode over to the wall next to the bathroom door. She dug her hand into her pocket and pulled out a sticky blue ball and pressed it down hard on the back of the paper. Then, she reached up on the wall and pressed the page down before letting go.

Katsuki was stunned to stillness as he gawked at the paper on the wall filled with bullet point rules. He then looked over at Y/n who stared at it for a moment, completely unfazed by Katsuki’s eyes on her before she walked back over to her bed.

In the heat of the moment, Katsuki stomped over the wall. His eyes scanned the sheet of paper as his brain rattled off the list with things like “respecting y/n’s privacy” before they escalated to “be quiet and considerate” and getting into absurd things like “you should use the door handles rather than push the doors to slam.” 

This was beyond reasonable. Did she forget who’s room this initially was assigned to? It was his room. He owned the room—not her. He had made into UA first and was given a place here to stay and yet he didn’t even get to have a voice in the rules or what he wanted. 

"You–” Katsuki couldn’t even finish with how much he was fuming. His hands balled up into fists before he snatched the paper off the wall, alerting Y/n’s attention over.

“What the hell are you doing?!” Y/n dropped her phone on the bed and immediately raced over. 

“This is fucked up!“ Katsuki raged as he held the paper all up in her face. "Are you actually joking? Seriously?! I had this room assigned to me first, so I am the person that gets to come up with the freaking rules not you!”

"It is our room Katsuki!” she corrected. “And I know you, your rules are just going to limit everything I do!" 

"Did you even bother to ask?!”

“There was no need to ask cause I just know that you’ll make my life so difficult like you always have since we were kids!”

“Don’t you go fucking assuming who I am! You always do that! I don’t know who gave you the idea that you are so better than me but you’re not! You’re a fake, a liar and it is actually you who is the tyrant between us!” Katsuki shouted as he scrunched the edge of the paper in his hand and gripped it tight. 

His body was shuddering. All the rage he had built up from this day was sitting on his chest and he just had to let it all out. 

“Ever since we were fucking kids you always tried to rule my life, always talking me down, ruining my fun and calling me that…that screwed up word! And yet you were the quirkless bitch who had no future for herself that was supposed to end up amongst the trash on the sidewalk where she belongs. And now here you are…in UA, in my freaking room just to rub it in my face like some kind of show off!”

Y/n staggered back. She didn’t move and he knew from the look on her face that those words hit her hard and she was contemplating whether or not she should talk back to him. But that didn’t stop her from getting up all in his face once more.

“All of that is not true, none of it! God you are so blinded by your own ego that you can’t even see that it is you who is the dictator and oppressor! Everywhere you go you push people to do the things that benefit you even if it meant putting them in a horrible situation! You did with everyone in pre-school, the neighborhood, middle school and now here at UA academy! Not to mention how badly you treated Izuku and I for no good reason just to show off your quirk! I mean you tormented and bullied us all our fucking lives for crying out loud! That is why I took initiative and granted myself some bloody breathing room whilst I am stuck sharing a small space with a horrible person like you!”

Y/n was quick on the edge of her toes to try and get the paper, but was shut down by Katsuki as he continued to hold the paper far out of her reach.

“..Horrible person? Me? Coming from the bitch who lied about her entrance into the top school and puts on a fake personality to fool the others around her? Yeah okay.” His voice lowered into a dangerous and halting octave that matched the threatening glint in his eyes. “…It is my fucking room, and you go by my rules. It serves you right for lying to get here so suffer the fucking consequences.”

“But that is not fair at all, Katsuki!”

“Then deal with it. You brought this on yourself." 

"No.” She firmly interjected. “I will not just deal with it since you’ll just make it harder on me to go about my business! You always have!" 

Katsuki let the fuse within him burn for a moment more before he finally let it burst.

"Fine then,” Katsuki snarled and brought his other hand to the paper.

“Let’s not have any rules”.

Y/n’s eyes widened, rushing to grab it. 

“Katsuki wait don’t–”

In a matter of seconds, Katsuki tore the page in half.Y/n’s mouth and eyes were frozen wide and open like her blood went cold. He held the two separated pieces of the paper and chucked them back at her. 

For a minute, her chest rose and fell with rapid breaths. Her hands were shaking faintly by her sides and then she glared up at him with a look that bore vicious intentions like she had the urge to strike him right then and there.

“This is why I have always hated you!” she exploded and stormed away to the bathroom, banging the door close behind her.

“The feeling is mutual!” Katsuki yelled back and glared at her side of the room.  “And pack your stuff its clogging up the fucking room!”

“Oh piss off!” She shot back.

Katsuki clicked his tongue and kicked his leg over the carpet. It was about time he shut her up and gave her a taste of her own medicine. She should have known better than to think she could give Katsuki orders. Only he decides what comes and goes, and he knew he made sure to remind her of that when they were kids by always putting y/n in her place amongst the un-needed trash. But it seemed she had forgotten and grown too much of an ego that she can only see so far up her ass whenever he talks to him. And that didn’t sit right with him at all.

He needed to crush her spirits if he was ever going to get it through her thick head that he was the only one between them who out shined them both.Her presence was nothing but trouble, and that was something he definitely did not need when he was trying to be the best here.

He wanted her gone—all of her. Time and time again she crossed the line but this one was just reaching the tipping point–and it was only the first night. If he couldn’t manage her antics now, how was he supposed to survive a whole semester with her? 

He had to find a way to get her out of here and fast before his resentment clouded his thoughts and judgement when he was supposed to buckle down and train hard to stay at the top of the school. There was nothing good about having her near him.

With that in thought, Katsuki sent a dirty look over to the door. He heard nothing, he couldn’t even hear her moving–and he preferred it this way.

Katsuki checked the analog clock on the wall, reading the time for ten forty-seven pm. 

Shit. It was getting late. Their argument wasted too much time he could have spent recuperating in bed before his first day of UA. And not only that, it was past curfew so any more noise and Aizawa would have their heads.

Since he knew y/n wasn’t going to get out of the bathroom any time soon, he decided he would freshen up tomorrow morning. His body and mind were just too tired to deal with her right now. 

Katsuki kneaded and rolled his shoulders to calm his tense muscles as he ambled over to his bed. He drew back the duvet and slid underneath the covers before he rested his head on the pillow.

As the tiredness weighed on Katsuki’s eyes with them slowly coming to a close, in the far background behind the bathroom door was the sound of someone sitting on the floor with their head buried in their knees, faintly crying to themselves.


The morning that commenced the first day of classes here at the academy shone through the curtains. Katsuki was still in the middle of his sleep but was suddenly awoken by the discord that was happening outside his room with people running and laughing in the hallway.

It took him a couple more minutes to get himself to actually move as he groaned and stretched his arms out far and wide to wake his muscles up. He blinked, closed his eyes and blinked once more to clear away the morning fog then focused his eyes on the other side of the room.

The bed was empty with only the covers almost falling off the mattress. And when he looked over to the bathroom, the door was wide open with only the trail of shower mist filled with a strawberry smell travelling into the bedroom.

Moments from their argument flash through his mind. Y/n probably wanted to avoid confrontation–like she always did. This was for the best anyway. Katsuki wasn’t a morning person and he probably would have snapped if they fought once more.

On the other hand, some part of Katsuki actually did wonder if she stayed in the bathroom all night. She seemed pretty upset with him and that was somewhat bothering him. He thought he heard something before he fell asleep but…he must have just been imaging it. He didn’t really care what she did, so long as she doesn’t piss him off again.

Not wanting to be forced to sit next to someone he didn’t like because he arrived late, Katsuki massaged the back of his neck as he stood up and made his way over to the bathroom to get ready.


Katsuki had to wait a few seconds by the door, just to listen out and make sure no one was still in the hallway so he could keep his word not to give anyone the idea that he and y/n were sharing a room together. When the coast was deemed clear and he was sure no one was going to see him, his shoulders relaxed as he left the room and strode towards the common room.

Right as he was about to step into the main room, his eyes suddenly latched on to Izuku coming out of the other hallway and came to an abrupt halt. He leaned his head in and observed Izuku carefully, noticing him trodding so anxiously towards the elevator while rushing to fix his messy green hair like he was about to go for an interview until Katsuki realised what all the fuss was really for. Because once he peered over to the elevator—he saw Y/n, all dressed in her UA uniform waiting patiently for him.

It was quite clear to Katsuki that after all their time together, he could see that Izuku and Y/n had become more close as friends. Whether it be at school or outside school–they were always hip and hip, and that irked him a little for some reason.  

Before they could begin talk, Katsuki took the opportunity to listen in if they mentioned anything to do with y/n’s quirk and moved over to the wall to keep out of sight. 

“You’re awake rather early today,” y/n grinned. “Excited?”

Izuku rubbed the back of his head with guilt written all over his face. “Well I tried to sleep but I ended up unpacking till late at night cause of all the things I brought and–wait,” he stopped and zeroed in on y/n’s face.

 "Y/n….you’re eyes are red. Did something happen? Were you crying?“

"Oh uh,” Y/n fumbled on the spot as she hastily brought her hand up to rub at her eyes. “It’s nothing. I was using my spray deodorant today and it got in my eyes a bit that’s all.”

Katsuki’s eyes widened. So he hadn’t imagined it, he had fallen asleep with her crying in the bathroom.

Izuku took a moment just analysing her expression, as if he was pondering the legitimacy of  y/n’s excuse before he finally brushed it aside and continued on. “Well, I was was excited to see you this morning, y/n. The ah…” Izuku’s eyes fell over y/n’s body with flushed cheeks before he looked away. “The uniform looks good on you y/n.”

“Oh really?” Y/n beamed. “Thanks! I felt as though it wouldn’t look good because of the blazer. It just feels so weird on me.”

“You don’t like blazers?” Izuku wondered as he pushed the button for the elevator.

Y/n shook her head. “I don’t hate them, it’s just that they don’t feel right on me like my body isn’t built for it you know?”

Katsuki took it upon himself to judge the uniform on y/n because his input was more knowledgeable than that deku’s. He gave her a slow once-over. It looked like a regular school uniform on her, only the blazer was a firm fit but….. it did hugged her perfectly at the waist and accentuate her figure…..and he did notice that there was a little bit of skin showing between her skirt and knee high black socks which was rather endearing to the eye…. and she had her long hair tied up in a ponytail that Katsuki–

Katsuki quickly snapped back to reality with a tinge of red on his cheeks. What the hell was that? He freaked. He sounded like one of those airheads that constantly drool over her. There was nothing to truly admire about. Nothing at all. The uniform was mediocre at best. 

“I understand, I don’t particularly like neck ties that much.” Izuku faltered.

Y/n examined Izuku’s neck tie to see it done in a way that looked very rushed and sloppy and she couldn’t hold back the amusement.

“I can see that,” she giggled. “Want me to help you fix it?" 

"You know how to tie a tie?" 

Y/n sheepishly rubbed the back of her head. "Learnt from seeing my dad off to work all the time and started practicing it on my own,” she held up her own tie. “see?”

Izuku’s eyes widened. “That’s actually really good!”

“Here,” y/n let go of the strap of her bag and moved to the front of Izuku. “I’ll fix yours.”

Izuku frantically waved his hands. “No no you don’t have too-”

“Stand still silly.”

Izuku gulped as y/n stepped closer to fix his tie. Katsuki’s hands gripped the edge of the wall for some reason. Even though y/n’s gaze was focused on correcting his attempt on his tie, he could see that Izuku was watching over y/n with a soft gaze. The way her small fingers folded his tie and then stretched it out made Izuku’s breath hitch. And when she placed his tie back on his chest and met eyes with Izuku, Katsuki could see that Izuku lost his train of thought.

“Your face is beat red zuku.” Y/n pointed out, blinking in confusion.

“Uh um well-” Izuku’s eyes flickered down to how close her chest was. Y/n followed his gaze and saw what he had noticed.

She quickly stepped back. “Ah um im sorry I shouldn’t have-”

“No No it’s okay I uh.."Izuku spluttered. He looked down to his tie and blushed. ”..thank you for tying my tie.“

"It’s alright.” Y/n gently intoned before picking up the handle of her school bag.

Izuku was quick to change the subject, his expression serious. “So uh…how’s sharing a room with Katsuki?”

Y/n went quiet. Her fingers tightly gripped onto the handles of her suitcase and tore her eyes away from the pamphlet.

“I hate it, I hate him so freaking much.” She seethed. “He just thinks of himself and doesn’t care for anyone else’s feelings.”

Izuku’s expression was ill at ease, “he hasn’t done anything or said anything to you though….right?" 

"What hasn’t he said to me,” Y/n grumbled then threw her hands up. “He’s always telling me how worthless I am and how I lied to get in here. We had an argument last night about the rules. I tried so hard to keep it fair and make sure we keep our distance and the noise to a minimum but he just threw a fit like he always does when something doesn’t go his way and tore it up! He is such a child, seriously!”

Katsuki felt slightly offended by that last comment. Even if what majority of what she said was true—he had a valid reason as to why he said the things he did. That last comment seemed unnecessary. He wasn’t a child, he just expects more with someone of his caliber. Y/n wouldn’t be able to understand that. He worked tirelessly day and night to get here–and he wasn’t gonna let some dipsy girl come in and ruin it for him. 

But still, Izuku’s concern deepened. “Just be careful, okay? Katsuki said something to me yesterday about trying to ruin your chances here. He was so serious about it too so if he tries anything…—”

“Don’t worry,” y/n placed a reassuring hand on his shoulder. “I can’t leave. Even if he tried to. My parents practically forced me to attend here and contacted the principal to ensure my place and teaching remember? I had no choice.”

She was forced here? Katsuki raised a brow at that. 

Izuku paused. His mouth then set in a hard line. “Yeah but…y/n, if he finds out about that and it spreads you might–.”

“Izuku,” Y/n’s sharply called out. Izuku quickly closed his mouth shut on command. She then slowly removed her hand from Izuku’s shoulder and dropped her head. 

“….It won’t spread,” she muttered with a conviction. “I know it won’t. My information was kept hidden for a reason. However,” Y/n gradually lifted her head up, and a wide smile stretched on her lips. “Whatever happens, happens.”

Before Izuku could press further, The doors to the elevators opened. 

“We should get going now.” Y/n walked first into the elevator, clearly not wanting to continue the conversation.

Izuku bore a worried look behind Y/n before he followed suit. Right after the doors closed behind them, Katsuki emerged from behind the wall. 

His eyes trained on the spot they were just standing at. Katsuki knew now that the answers and explanations to y/n’s enrollment here was something only known to Izuku, the faculty and her family. She had no say in this and quite frankly, she seemed as though she never even wanted to come here to begin with. All of this was because of something about Y/n–something she herself had within her that could be dangerous if the public found out.

And if that were the case….Katsuki was approaching this wrong, really wrong. The bits in which Katsuki was screaming at her last night replayed in his head along with the image of how y/n’s eyes looked this morning all swollen and red. 

He gritted his teeth. As much as he hated her…he really shouldn’t have said that. He accused y/n of forcing herself in here and acting like some big shot, when in actual reality, she seemed more like a sheep being rounded up by farmers forcing her in the direction she should go. 

He had to find a way to somehow set things right without fully cowering at her feet. He was still angry about what she did–furious at that, but it wasn’t something he needed to make a big deal of when she was already put through the ringer. 

Fuck, this was a complete mess. All of this was like an intricate spider’s web woven around y/n and her in order to keep people away from the core that held the truth to it all. But Katsuki was going to find out one way or another by all means necessary.

If he had to find out what exactly made her parents force y/n to attend this school and keep her information private if it were so dangerous to the public–then he had to go about things differently. He had to set aside his hatred he had for her and find out from y/n directly in a calmer manner that gets her to talk. 

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Bakugo X Reader

Words : 3096

Reader is from America and somewhat of a delinquent with an alpha quirk that allows her to turn into a wolf as well as bond with dogs. She is sent to UA to straighten out her attitude. She ends up in a power struggle with none other than our favorite hot head. Words in Italics are words said telepathically



You were practically dragging your feet back to the locker room. If you thought the workout this morning was rough, this afternoon was that times 10. You sparred several rounds with Bakugo and Mercy, dripping with sweat at the end of each match. You won just as much as you lost but near the end he decided to include Kirishima and do some two on two. You weren’t prepared for how hard he was. You flinch just thinking about how hard you would have to dig you to cut him.

A huge bruise was blossoming over your rubs where he had hit you. It didn’t hurt that bad when you were in your wolf form but now as you pressed on the tender flesh you winced. It shouldn’t take too long to heal. But it would be rather inconvenient until it did.

Mercy as predicted was on his A game. He left with barley a scratch on him. He showed off for your new classmates running as fast as he could, jumping, and diving. He even managed to get through Kirishima’s hard skin at one point. You were very proud of him.

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Bakugo: We gotta get it together! Give them a pep talk! You know, put some fire in their butts!

Todoroki: Is the putting a fire in the butt part of the inspiration or is that a separate suggestion?

Bakugo: Argh, dammit…

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