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iambabygorl · 14 hours ago
Hellooooo love! Cannnnn I get a dilf! Bakugou or dilf! Shinsou?? Thanks you!
Hi, my love! You sure can!
*Please note that these characters are aged up to the 30-40 range:) this will contain explicit material so PLEASE KNOW ITS NOT ABOUT MINORS
Dilf! Bakugo
Tumblr media
•dilf bakugo who hired you to work at his agency as his assistant to do his dirty work
•dilf bakugo who doesn’t know that he’s your favorite hero, so he just thinks you’re weird for staring at him
•dilf bakugo who doesn’t spare you a second glance most days. that was until you accidentally tripped when bring him coffee one day and it spills all across his hero suit and the floor. he’s ready to rip into until he watches as you drop to your knees in front of him to dry the suit off and dab at the stains on the floor
•dilf bakugo who bites back his comments as you apologize over and over. he instead watches your every move as you clean and tries to keep his eyes from wondering down the collar of your shirt that has opened so nicely
•dilf bakugo who then starts to carry on simple conversation every morning and in between calls
•dilf bakugo who is in the middle of a nasty divorce and comes to you to vent and ask for advice, but then calls you an idiot when you don’t tell him what he wants to here
•dilf bakugo who compliments your skills at work and says you’d make a good house wife someday. you try not to blush and not acknowledge the fact he said that
•dilf bakugo who doesn’t for a second dare to let up on the teasing now that he’s got you blushing
• “yeah, I bet you’d make a real good housewife. you take such good care of me after all. I bet you’d make a great mom too. So sweet and caring…” he’d say as he’d walk closer until he’s standing right in front of you, making you look up at him. you would have enough of his teasing and decide to poke at him next
• “did you know you used to be my favorite hero when I was little?” you would ask to remind him of his older age. you knew he hated when you’d do that
•dilf bakugo would let out a literal growl as he moved a hand to grip your cheeks and squish them into a pout
•dilf bakugo who would ask lowly, “well then, want to know what it feels like to fuck your favorite hero?” and wait for a verbal yes before gripping your waist tight and pulling you to his chest
•dilf bakugo who will literally rip your clothes off and won’t apologize about it. he’s drowning in stress and just needs you. he will just raise your pay and tell you to buy more clothes as his form of apology
•dilf bakugo doesn’t acknowledge that his desk would be better support for you, oh no. dilf bakugo will pick you up and fuck you against the big floor length windows of his agency with the curtains pulled up and everything
•dilf bakugo who will bite your neck and shoulder to muffle his grunts and probably lick the blood off if he breaks skin
•dilf bakugo who will pull you down his length to meet his thrusts and put your hand on your lower stomach, asking, “you feel that? that’s your favorite hero doing that. how about you give your favorite hero a thank you for making you feel so good?” and you better thank him
•dilf bakugo who would pull your hair so you’d throw your head back and he could have better access to your neck
•dilf bakugo who would make you cum over and over and finally fill you up
•dilf bakugo who would easy you down after a minute of rest and pull you into another deep and much slower kiss that surprised you
•dilf bakugo who would text his ex wife he’d be late picking up the kids as he guides you to the agency’s locker room showers and offer to help clean you up, but just leads to another round
Dilf! Shinsou
Tumblr media
•dilf shinsou probably met you at the new coffee shop across from the agency
•dilf shinsou who came in everyday to get his coffee and requested you every time because you knew how to make his order just right
•dilf shinsou who slowly built up a friendship with you and is happy enough to settle for that. he knows he’s probably not your type and you don’t want to date someone so much older
•dilf shinsou who would compliment your hair or makeup almost everyday and tell you you’re the best barista
•dilf shinsou who stays a little longer everyday to talk to you and watch you work
•dilf shinsou who can’t help but admire your pretty face and develop a little hint of jealousy when he sees that you give every customer that beautiful smile
•dilf shinsou who comes in one day and sees you dressed in a maid uniform and can’t help but laugh at your annoyed face
•dilf shinsou who tips you extra big that day and slides a napkin with a message on it before leaving that had his number on it
•dilf shinsou who is surprised when you actually text him and your conversations go on for days
•dilf shinsou who gets off work late one night and notices the lights still on at the coffee shop and makes his way over. he sees it’s only you inside and he knocks on the glass, startling you. you let him in and quickly lock the door behind you.
•dilf shinsou who stays and helps you as you clean up and offers to walk you home because it’s dark
•dilf shinsou who wouldn’t dare pass up the offer to come inside for a bit as you welcome him with a smile
•dilf shinsou who isn’t shocked when after a little talking, you scoot closer to him on the couch and ask him to kiss you. he’s been waiting for this moment since he first saw you at the coffee shop
•dilf shinsou who cups your face gently to kiss you softly and hum as you climb into his lap
•dilf shinsou finds himself kissing down your neck as your hands pull against his purple locks of hair and grind your hips into his
• “keep doing that and I don’t think I’ll make it to fucking you” he would say as you squeezed your hips and easily stopped your movements
•dilf shinsou who will get your pants off and just barely get his down to your knees before saying fuck it and pulling you back up to sit on his thighs so he can toy with your clit
•dilf shinsou who will slowly guide you down his length and barely bounce a leg to help you adjust
•dilf shinsou who will hold you in an embrace as you both work together to bring yourselves to finish
•dilf shinsou who whispers sweet praises and tells you how good you’re doing and that you feel so good
•dilf shinsou who cockwarms you after you both finish and doesn’t stop the praises
•dilf shinsou who reluctantly gets up to start the aftercare process and once finished, carries you to your bed
•dilf shinsou who doesn’t reject the offer to spend the night and convinces you to call out of work with him the next day so you can both enjoy each other for a little longer
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screechingdestinytrash · 2 days ago
Bakugo: *slams open kirishimas door*
Kirishima: uh, hi?
Bakugo: we have a f*cking problem
Kirishima: huh? Why, what happened?
Bakugo: you have been home for an *hour* shitty hair! And not once have you tried to cuddle me! I WANT MY F*CKING CUDDLES
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actualkacchan · a day ago
Tumblr media
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lou-struck · 2 days ago
Not this One
Katsuki Bakugou x F Reader
- You didn't expect to dance with a handsome stranger tonight at the bar, especially not a Pro Hero.
Warnings: mentions of drinking, injury, unwanted advances, and touching (Not by Katsuki)
WC: 1.4k+
Tumblr media
You and your friends weave through the crowd of a popular western-themed bar downtown. While they are regulars here, you have never had the time to make it here till tonight. Outside of movies, you never thought a dance floor could ever be so busy. While large groups are standing and swaying there are dozens of people actively dancing with their partners.
Under the lights of the dance floor, you see a woman with short pink hair and a black top dragging a tall black-haired partner out to the floor. They dance expertly till someone comes up behind the pair and steals the woman from her partner mid-turn as if nothing happened while the crowd that has gathered cheers on the new dance partners.
Your eyes widen in surprise as you take in what just happened. “Is this your first time here?” a waitress asks you as she leans up against the bar counting out her tips.
“No, I’ve never been here before,” you say earnestly, eyes never leaving the dancefloor. “Do they always trade partners like that?” You say as your friends walk up behind you.Folding the rest of her bills into her apron pocket she lets out a chuckle, “that was called a steal, it's pretty common here. If you ladies want a show, just keep looking at the dance floor or join in yourselves.” with that she leaves to tend to her tables.
“Let's go dance then,” one of your friends exclaimed as she pulls you from your seat and onto the dance floor. You don't realize it but a pair of crimson eyes track your figure from across the bar every step of the way.
While you have no real interest in being the center of attention on the dance floor you are having a great time playfully dancing around with your friends and the other patrons. But staying with a group on the dance floor is like tracking one leaf in a windstorm, it's impossible. Soon one by one your little group gets separated amongst the warm bodies of the crowd.
You finally realize that you are completely and utterly alone as you come to a stop near the outer edge of the floor. You try to remain unbothered and keep dancing but there is a man who is repeatedly making unwanted advances towards you.
“You look like you know how to party,” he slurs, reaching out to try and pull you in front of him.
“I’m not interested,” dodging his hands and trying to get away from this grabby creep. Only for him to close the gap till you have nowhere else to go. You finally try to tell him that you are not interested, hoping that now he will take the hint and leave you be. He does not and now it is apparent that he has had way too much to drink.
As you try to turn away once again to lose him in the crowd he grabs your wrist with his oily digits and pulls you roughly closer to him. You now can smell the stench of cheap whisky on his breath and possibly The latch of his fake Rolex digs into your skin shapely as your protests are drowned out by the loud music.
As you try to wrestle yourself out from his grip you feel yourself being spun away to the beat. Gratefully, you look into the eyes of your rescuer. His Blonde hair and crimson eyes seem awfully familiar to you, but you're not quite sure from where.
“Oi, is this loser bothering you?” he asks in a gruff voice. Too stunned to speak you nod your head he looks at your wrist, the cut from the watch is now a deep gash, its way deeper than you thought it was.
Knowing that any kind of conversation on the floor is pointless he gently leads you over to the bar where the music is quieter and he would be able to treat the wound with a first aid kit.
“Thank you, I’m y/n by the way,” you say looking over at him eyes shining in adoration at this handsome stranger “You're my hero, I didn't think that guy would ever leave me alone, I tried to say no,
He seems to straighten up at your words, “It's no big deal, that guy is just an asshole” he mumbles.
You find it odd that he hasn't introduced himself as he tries to disinfect your wound, brows furrowed in concentration.
Katsuki Bakugou has never been the best at first aid, but he would never admit it out loud, especially not to a cute stranger like you. But he still finishes the job to his liking.
“I’m done,” he shrugs as he stands turning his back to walk away.
Your eyes shoot open wide with panic, you really don't want him to leave you yet. Your brain racks over excuses and requests before it settles on the most obvious one. “Wait…do you want to dance?” You ask hopefully not seeing the small smile that tugs at his lips.
“Why not,” he says, turning around to face you, leading you to the dance floor as you try not to skip from sheer happiness. Not seeing the glances the other people at the bar send his way.
You're going a bit fast for your liking but in his grip, you feel safe. His hands are warm and smooth and when he pulls you in closer you swear you can smell something sweet. Like burnt sugar.
Although you are a novice dancer you feel that with his lead you have nothing to worry about. Suddenly he lets go of you with a scowl, pushing you behind him. You peek out to see the jerk with the fake Rolex is back and is trying to steal you from your partner.
“Oi, back off. Not this one,” he practically growls as a small explosion seems to spring from his hand. Oh shit.
You realize who you've been dancing with all night, “Dynamight?” you say quietly as the man's eyes widen and do the smart thing and backs away leaving you alone with one of the top pro heroes in the country.
“I guess you really are my hero.” you chuckle nervously. He can't help but let out a laugh.
“You mean you didn't know who I was?” he hoots till he can't breathe.
“Not a clue, I thought you looked familiar but I didn't know from where,” you admit sheepishly cheeks turning red with embarrassment as he continues laughing. If he weren't a pro, he probably would've passed out by now.
“You really are a dumbass” He finishes with a snort.
Feeling embarrassed, your shoulders droop. “Well, I'm not gonna take any more of your time, you heroes deserve your nights off. Thank you for saving me.” You say quickly turning to leave before you make a bigger fool of yourself.
Suddenly he stops you, “Oi, where do ya think you're going?” he asks. Seeing the confusion on your face he continues. “I think I'm gonna need that phone number.”
It's probably a trick of the light but you think you see a bit of pink on his cheeks. Using a pen from the bar you scribble your number down on a napkin with inhuman speed. Handing it out to him not even bothering to try and hide the smile on your face.
He takes it and folds it in his pocket with a smirk.
“Hey Baku-bro, ready to dip? A voice yells from across the bar. His red hair, shark-toothed grin, and pretty much bare chest makes it easy to determine who he is, the sturdy hero Red Riot
Katsuki tsks glaring at his friends. “You don't have to say that so loud shitty hair” he yells back
"I guess you have to go you say,"
That better be your real number," he mumbles as he is dragged away by his friends. Double checking that your phone number is still in his pocket.
After that, the night is fairly anticlimactic, you and your friends end up in an uber and you fall asleep on a couch before you can even talk about what happened earlier.
The next morning when you wake, your neck is stiff and your muscles are tight. But as soon as you look at your phone you see a text pop up.
“Hey Dumbass, It’s Katsuki."
You didn't know a single sentence could bring you this much joy. You smile and reply. One text soon becomes a chain, which becomes a phone call, which becomes a date, etc.
Tumblr media
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some-kindofgnome · 2 days ago
if katsuki bakugou were in the lotr universe he’d be a dwarf that’s all bye
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nezu-coping · 9 hours ago
MDNI, 18+ content.
Warning: Smut! SINJOY! Fem! reader
🔥Loves to tease you. If you’re out on the job together, he’ll smack your ass when no one’s around, although he doesn’t really care who sees.
🔥pulls you so close that you’re grinding against him, usually when you get home. He faces you against the door, separates your legs with his knee, and pressing his dick right on your ass. Even at half chub you can feel it.
🔥hears your breathing hitch and gets even more excited. “Mmm, loss for words already? Just you wait, gorgeous.”
🔥has absolutely no shame in leaving a hickie, and will absolutely leave a couple anywhere his lips can reach. He particularly likes it on your breasts.
🔥SPEAKING OF WHICH, We understand he has mommy issues but omfg he L O V E S to suck on them tiddies. He takes his time, too. He’ll flick his tongue back and forth and bite one, all the while he will be grasping and groping at the other. He pinches them, too.
🔥he likes it when you bring up giving him head. “Mmm, princess wants a taste, huh?” He will ask. You nod, already in n your knees. “Do it good and I’ll take you to the moon, baby.”
🔥absolutely INCREDIBLE at giving head. Makes sure you keep eye contact with him as he is doing so. Knows exactly how to stimulate you in the best ways.
🔥the absolute KING of knowing where the clitoris is- under his THUMB!
🔥his favorite position is doggy style, with his hands pulling your hair so you’re facing upwards, and he is rough as fuck. But he has a rhythm that makes it thoroughly enjoyable.
🔥 “my little whore likes that! Such a slut. Listen to all that noise you are making.”
🔥smacks and gropes your ass ALOT.
🔥definitely comes on your back, usually after you’ve came on him. Thinks that is the best feeling in the world.
🔥Aftercare consists of him saying “Good job.” And providing you with a heated kiss, getting up to head for the shower. “Come on. By the time you’re done, I’ll have dinner ready.”
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lastdr3am3r445 · 2 days ago
Blood Lust
This is a part of an expanded AU that sprang into my head almost fully formed one day. I will make another post explaining, as I am curious to see if any of y'all are interested in seeing more of this AU outside of the smutty stuff (^3^)~ Genre: Smut
Pairing: Yakuza!Bakugo x AFAB!Reader
CW: Mildly Dubious Consent; Dubious Morality; Blood; Violence; Skull Fucking; Face Fucking; Impact Play; Wall Sex; Spit Kink; Blood Lust; Feral Behavior; Cum Swallowing; Choking; Attempted Sexual Assault; Sexual Assault; Explicit Sexual Content; Tattoos; Ds Undertones; Humiliation (Verbal); Guns A/N: If you are sensitive to themes of sexual assault, dubcon/noncon, guns, blood, violence, or any of the more typical rough sex stuff like spitting, choking, impact play etc. please please skip this one. Your experiences are important and valid, and you need to take care of yourself first
WC: 4,515
This Story Contains Explicit Sexual Content | All Characters Are Aged Up | Minors Do Not Interact
The air was buzzing with music pouring from the bars and clubs lining the street. The bass thrummed in your chest, numbing the nerves that had begun mingling with the excitement that lived within it. You knew roaming around Roppongi alone so late at night probably wasn’t the safest decision you had ever made, but the life of an expat was a lonely one.
After all, this was the first time in a long time you weren’t existing off of savings; months of instant ramen, canned coffee and pre-packaged sushi, and you had finally landed your dream job. You had money to blow, and you wanted to celebrate. How else is someone supposed to make friends anyway?
Like most people your age, you wandered into the first bar that was playing a song you recognized. The room was cast in a red glow beneath the commanding neon signs. It was one of the smaller taverns on the block, but that didn’t seem to stop the patrons from coming.
You squeezed between the small crowd to the bar, and ordered one of the few cocktails you recognized in clumsy Japanese. The barkeep nodded and you leaned against the bar to wait for your drink to be delivered.
You heard a voice from behind you, a man’s voice that was thick and dripping with booze. His words slurred so sluggishly, you could barely understand his Japanese.
“Heyy, you’re not from around these parts are ya sweetheart?” You felt him before you saw him as his hand crawled over the curve of your ass, sending a clammy chill through your body.
“Excuse m-” You started, trying to turn to face him, but found yourself pinned against the bar, your nails digging into its lacquered surface. You couldn’t see his face, but you felt his hair which hung in long, greasy strands to your shoulders.
“Hmmm… tell me where you’re from, pretty lady.” His breath rolled over you, the sticky stench of alcohol spilling over his chapped lips and clinging to his stubble that brushed against your ear.
“Or maybe… you should show me…” His hips pressed into your backside, and your stomach dropped as you felt him stir in his pants.
Was no one seeing this?
Somehow everyone in the crowded bar seemed miles away. Your heart hammered against your ribs, the blood rushing in your ears seemed to drown out the music, the voices, which only served to make you feel more alone.
Unfortunately, or perhaps fortunately, this wasn’t your first rodeo with a lowlife like this. You sucked your teeth, balled your fists and-
He was gone.
“Oi!” Another gravelly voice leapt from the muted background, and all the sound came rushing back in. You whirled around to see where your assailant had gone.
After surveying the faces in the small audience that was gathering, you followed their gazes to the floor, where you were met with a bright shock of blonde hair. It stuck out from his head like a starburst, in short pointed spears, which made you fairly certain he was not the one who attacked you. Well, that and the fact that he had his knee between the shoulder blades of a rather grimy looking man beneath him.
“Hey pal, get the fuck offa me..”
“Is that your strategy, asshole? Just playin’ grab-ass with every hot pair of tits and pretty legs that walks by? How’s that workin’ out for ya, tough guy?”
His Japanese was gruff, and seemed to run together, but you could just manage to understand him, a fact which brought a light flush to your cheeks when you realized he was referring to you.
“Okay, okay, just get off my back, I can’t fuckin’ breathe..”
At that moment you saw a pair of heavily muscled men in black t-shirts making their way towards the commotion. Before they closed the distance, your protector pushed himself off the man and turned around, seeming to scan the crowd before his eyes landed on you, the red neon setting them aglow.
You were taken aback for a moment as he stomped through the cluster of people towards you. Without pause, his hand closed around your arm and yanked you with him.
“Hey!” You snapped. You were getting really sick of men putting their hands on you tonight. Before you could continue, his lips were at your ear.
“Just come with me, I’ll get you out of here..”
You were threaded through the throngs of people to a heavy metal door in the back. He shoved it open with a creak, throwing you out into the alley beyond. The door closed with a heavy bang, which showed it was heavier than he made it look. He leaned against it, and peeked through the window in time to see the bouncers breaking up the crowd.
“Okay…” He sighed, “We should be good.” He pulled a cigarette case out of his pocket, shook one out and brought it to his lips.
“You okay?” He mumbled through his teeth, pocketing one metal piece for another as he pulled a zippo lighter from the same pocket.
“I- I’m sorry…” You stuttered, “I can’t-” you gestured to your mouth.
He rolled his eyes and took the cigarette between his fingers.
“ARE-YOU-OH-KAY?” He enunciated slowly, raising his eyebrows to make it abundantly obvious to you that he was asking a question.
“Oh, y-yes. I am.”
“ Okay ” He threw his hands up before bringing the cigarette back to his lips. He flicked his lighter, the flame again setting his eyes alight.When you could see his face in the light, he looked undeniably familiar.
He flipped the lighter closed and took a long drag. The smoke mixed with the condensation of his breath as he exhaled.
“Thank you… for helping me back there…” You mumbled, unsure of what you were supposed to do next.
“Mmh.” he grunted; a pause and another drag, “Your Japanese sucks.”
“Yeah, I’m not from around here, remember, or did you miss that part?”
“I’m just sayin, it makes you a target for shit like that.” He jerked his thumb towards the door.
You folded your arms to keep the chill out, and to give your hands something to do. A long silence fell between the two of you. You were the first to break it, “Alright, well, I’m gonna go… Thank you again.”
He reached for you as you turned on your heel, “Hey, wait a sec-”
“Oi! Dickfuck!” two figures were silhouetted against the streetlight at the end of the alley, and were staggering in your direction.
He pulled the cigarette from his mouth, and blew a plume of smoke before replying, “You don’t wanna do this, idiot, just move the fuck on before you get hurt.” He waved his hand dismissively before taking another drag.
“Is that a fact? You got us banned from our spot, I think you owe us an apology.”
Your companion threw the smoke to the ground and stomped the cherry embers with his boot; “Tch. You got your own dumb asses banned, and if you want that to be the worst thing about tonight, I’ll suggest one more time to keep it moving.”
Your eyes moved between the pair who approached you and the man who had saved you. His speech was stern and level, but you could tell by the way he had set his jaw, he was losing his patience.
“Tell ya what, pal. We don’t want any trouble. How about you give us the girl, and we’ll be on our way?” It was your turn to clench your jaw.
“Ha! Yeah right, fucker.” Your protector snorted and spat at where the two stood.
The man you assumed to be the one who attacked you in the bar moved first, running at your ally with his fist raised. Your eyes were locked on him until you heard a metallic click, and a silvered flash caught your eye.
“Last chance. I highly suggest you reconsider.”
You stared stunned as this perfect stranger held your assailants at gunpoint.
“ Woah! Hey hey hey…” the other half of the pair raised his hands as though to defuse the situation before he flashed a grin. With little more than a twitch of his fingers, the pistol flew into his waiting hand. Once he had the weapon, he closed his fist around it, shattering it.
Your heart had picked up it’s reckless pace again as you watched the only friend you had in this alley take a jab squarely to his nose. He cursed and groaned… and laughed? You watched as he lifted his head, blood pouring from his nose and onto his crisp white button down, and impossibly, he was smiling.
“Alright, dumbass…” He grinned, cracking his knuckles “Just remember, you started it!”
You jumped back as your protector flew at the man, landing a wild haymaker across his face. The man’s partner advanced, and was met with a booted kick to the chest.
His original attacker had righted himself, and attempted to throw another hook, missing his target and finding his wrist caught in an iron grip.
The next sound you heard was a sickening crack, then a hair raising scream. You looked on as your now bloodied accomplice rolled the broken man over his shoulder, throwing him into the ground, knocking his partner off balance in the process.
He descended on them both, and threw what looked like a punch, if not for the thunderous explosion and blinding flash that followed. As the smoke cleared from the gaping crater that appeared next to the thugs’ heads, there could be no doubt, your hero was in fact former -hero, Katsuki Bakugou.
“You fuckwads are lucky I’m in a generous mood.” He growled, still grinning wildly. “Get the fuck outta here.” He spat on them again and pushed himself off them.
The men scurried from the ground, one man's cries mixing with the other’s whimpers, before they ran from the alley and into the night.
You continued to stare, mouth agape as Katsuki inadequately wiped the blood from his mouth and toed the remains of his pistol.
“Tch. Fucking bastards.” He turned to face you, “Are you o- what are you staring at?”
“You- I mean..” He sighed, pinching the bridge of his nose like he already knew what was coming.
“You’re the pro-hero, Dynamight!”
“Noo, no! I used to be a pro-hero. Now would you shut the fuck up before you get me killed?” he hissed, looking over his shoulder to make sure no one heard.
Another gravely sigh, “Alright, come on..” He reaches out and grabs your wrist, the cuff and sleeve of his shirt in tatters after his little fireworks show. You thought his arm was covered in soot, but it seemed to gather rather decoratively over the skin you could see...
He manages to get you halfway out of the alley before you wrench your hand away from him, “You know, I’m pretty tired of men grabbing on me tonight.”
“Alright, fine. Are you coming or not?”
The nightlife eventually fell away to quiet, darkened houses and apartment blocks. You and Katsuki traversed through streets and back alleys, lit only by streetlights that threw long black shadows that criss crossed the asphalt with the telephone wires. You tried to make conversation, introduce yourself, something to get him talking, but you were met with little more than grunts.
You had guessed you reached your destination as you ascended the stairs behind him to a miniscule apartment block. He practically kicked down the door to his little apartment, toeing off his boots unceremoniously at the entrance.
“Sit wherever ya want. It’s not like there’re a lot of options.” He muttered bitterly.
“Thanks.” You clipped, just grateful to get out of your high heels. You stepped gingerly into the apartment, finding a spot on his couch, a few lonely pillows flanking you lackadaisically on either side, merely present out of obligation more than anything.
He makes his way past you to the only other room in the apartment. Though his back is to you, you can see his gory reflection in the mirror as he cleans the blood off his face properly. You felt more than a little awkward being in his home. He wasn’t a perfect stranger anymore, but still, you didn’t know him well at all.
In an effort to circumvent the discomfort, you decided to give discourse another try.
“I thought guns were, like, super illegal in Japan.” Great start...
“Yeah, so is quirk usage.” He shrugged. He brought a damp washcloth to his face, hissing as he went over the bruise spreading over his nose.
“Can I help?” You rose from your seat and walked swiftly to the doorway of the bathroom.
He almost flinches, “No!” You were again taken aback at his sudden aggression, a fact he took notice of.
“No..” He restarted more quietly, “You think this is the first broken nose I’ve handled by myself?”
You took a moment to gather your nerves, and then “Please?.. It’s the least I can do... “
He eyes you suspiciously, but eventually concedes. For what reason, only God knows… You took the cool rag to his face, taking extra caution around his nose. “Ah Fuck!” He recoiled as you wiped off the bridge of his nose.
“It’s fine..”
“So… Why did you stop being a hero?”
“You really are fuckin’ new… Heroes don’t exist anymore, dumbass.”
“Oh.. so what do you do now?” You rinsed the rag in the sink, “I think I got it all.”
Katsuki eyed himself in the mirror, and once he was satisfied he answered “If I told you, I’d have to kill you!” He snapped with a grin.
You flinched in surprise, which made him laugh as he passed you again to return to the living quarters of the apartment. Your eyes followed him as he started unbuttoning what remained of his shirt, shrugging out of the sleeves and discarding the ruined fabric.
If you weren’t paying attention, you might not have noticed he wasn’t wearing a shirt. Down one side of his body, swirling waves cascaded over the network of corded muscle and the scars that criss crossed his torso. A dense wind pattern rolled up the other side of his body, broken up by the occasional sakura blossom. A fierce dragon curled up his back, seeming to clutch balls of fire in its claws.
He looked over your shoulder, and gave another boastful grin, “See something you like?”
You hadn’t realized you were staring until he mentioned it. You averted your eyes, doing your best to ignore the blush you knew was coloring your face.
“Nah, look at me.” He insisted, turning around to face you properly, revealing the continuation of his canvas. On his chest he had an Oni mask, mirrored by Hannya mask on the other side. The wind and the water made up the backdrop behind the masks, punctuated this time by vibrant, fiery explosions of chrysanthemums and peonies.
He came closer to you, perilously close.
“Soo…” He growled lowly, “What do you think I do?” He planted his arm over your head, towering over you, his face only inches from yours.
“W-well... “ You started, desperately praying that your flush was not obvious “The tattoos… the gun … your clothes… you’re Yakuza.”
“Hmm…she can be taught.” His teeth flashed predatorily. “You scared of me?”
“N-no…” you said, casting your gaze aside. You weren’t entirely lying.
“Mmh… you should be.” His whisper balanced on the razor’s edge between a threat and a promise. “Fear is the only thing that keeps you safe. Remember that.” He brought a crooked finger under your chin, bringing your face to meet his. “What would you have done if I wasn’t there?”
“I don’t-” You began to answer, but were cut off as he grabbed your wrist again, pinning it to the wall above you, his other arm caging you in on the other side.
“Or better yet… what would you do if I was him?” His body pressed against you, and was easily enough to hold you in that position. Your pulse thumped heavily in your chest as your pupils blew open, capturing in the little light that filtered into the apartment.
“What are you going to do? Hit me?” A dark chuckle bubbled from his lips, “Like you were going to hit that guy?”
“H-how did you-” A memory flashed through your mind in that moment;
‘Is that your strategy, asshole? Just playin’ grab-ass with every hot pair of tits and pretty legs that walks by?’
“Were you watching me?”
“I saw you walk in, and I liked you. I keep my eyes on what I like. The second that asshole pushed up on you, he was infringing on what was mine.”
The word came in a breath as his lips captured yours. Surprisingly, the kiss was sweet, soft, disarming. It was enough to make you go cross eyed when you finally looked at each other again. This only served to make it more shocking when his hand suddenly closed around your throat.
He grinned madly as he lifted you up the wall. Your vision swam in front of you as tears trickled from your eyes. Just as soon as the darkness began to spot out your vision, you were released. You crumpled to the floor in front of Katsuki, gasping, hiccuping, coughing as your senses returned to you.
He crouched before you, a tender hand lighting on your cheek. You looked at him tearfully, your lip trembling.
“Let this be a reminder. I don’t need guns, or a quirk.. I can kill you with my bare hands if I really wanted.”
He pressed another plush kiss to your lips, pushing you listlessly against the wall. He stood, eyes cast carelessly aside, like you weren’t even there, “So it’s in your best interest to do as you’re told.” he growled, returning his smoldering gaze to you.
He was dangerous… deadly… and he wanted you, and what’s worse… you wanted him, too.
His hands travelled to his belt. The buckle clinked affirmatively as his fly came readily undone, like it had probably done a hundred times before. His half hard cock lulled lazily out of his pants.
“Now, let’s see if you suck cock better than you speak Japanese.”
As was in your best interest, you did as you were told. You looked up at him, tears still clinging to your lashes as you wrapped your lips around him. You felt him twitch on your tongue as he watched the remaining droplets roll down your face.
“Ahh fuck..” He sighed, almost sounding relieved.
You took it as encouragement to continue. So you carried on, swirling your tongue around the tip, struggling to descend over his length, coming back up again and repeating.
You had found a pretty good rhythm, you thought, at least by the way Katsuki groaned and cursed over you. As you began to get comfortable, you were swiftly interrupted as the man’s fully hard cock breached your mouth, your jaw popped and your throat constricted as the tip collided hostilely against the back of it.
“Ohhh fuck ~” Katsuki keened, his hands finding a home on the back of your head, forcing himself deeper into your throat, wincing every time you gagged around his cock.
“Fucking choke on it… Gag on my cock like a cheap whore.” Despite your retching, you felt him begin rocking his hips back, only to bring them careening back into the deepest parts of your mouth.
“Nngh.. Maybe I should fucking leave it here, huh? Just warm my cock in your mouth until you pass out?”
You whined around him, which only made him twitch more in your throat. He laughed sinisterly at your plight, “Don’t you know it’s rude to talk with your mouth full?”
You rested your hands weakly on his thighs. You were powerless to stop him as he continued his onslaught. It was all you could do to contain the bile that threatened to rise in your throat while he skull-fucked you. Eventually, you tried your best to relax your face, opening your eyes to look up at him pleadingly.
“Oh how cute.. If you look up at me like that, I might just cum down your throat…”
At that very moment, you coughed, your face glistening with blackened tears.
“Ohh my God! Fuck!” He shouted as you felt his hot load release into your mouth and crawl down your throat. With each pump another ribbon was loosed onto your tongue.
“Yeah, fucking take it. Take it like it’s your last fucking meal, you dirty cumslut.”
Once he was finished, he pulled his still semi-hard cock from your lips, leaving you, once again, a gagging, coughing mess.
“Awww, what’s the matter? My load too much for you?” He mocked cruelly, “Here, let me give you something to wash it down with.”
Before you could look up, a calloused hand gripped your jaw, forcing your lips to part. He brought his face close to yours, and spit wetly into your mouth. He moved his hand over your mouth, sealing it shut, and pinched your nose. Frantic for air, you swallowed his spit along with his cum, only then did he allow you to breathe.
“Jesus Christ!” He panted, stretching energetically “You’re a good fuck, you know that? I wonder if your cunt is as good as your mouth.”
You looked up at him, dazed. When you didn’t respond, he stooped to grip you by your arms, forcing you to stand, your back still pressed into the wall. His cock bobbed against your thighs heavily as he rutted against you.
“Take off your panties.” He ordered through gritted teeth. You did so, grateful for some direction. The hem of your dress now rolled up to your waist, leaving you exposed entirely from there down.
“Wow~” He mused, “It didn’t take you long to bend.. I hope, for your sake, that that means you won’t break …”
He slipped his cock between your legs, threading it between your thighs, dripping strands of precum on the pliant flesh.
“Maybe I shouldn’t fuck your pussy..” He said, feigning a guilty tone. “Maybe I should just fuck your thighs and leave it at that.. What do you think, ha?”
You hissed as he grazed against your sex, looking at him through half lidded, bewildered eyes.
“Oh no.. You want this cock, don’t you? You’re a fucking mess down here, aren’t you?” To emphasize his point, he let his cock brush your slit again, pulling a whine from your chest.
“Just like a good little slut!” He brought a broad hand down onto your ass, leaving a red print to bloom over your skin. His hands smoothed over your thighs before reaching down to grip your knees, which buckled reflexively.
Your feet left the floor with little resistance as he effortlessly folded your body in on itself. Your back to the wall, your knees to your shoulders supported by his biceps as he continued to tease you deliciously.
“You know what? You’re more than tits and ass, babe.. You know what I see?”
You couldn’t offer more than a sigh as the tip of his cock caressed your clit.
“I see a needy little cunt. One desperately in need of fucking…” He gave a few tentative prods at your entrance, before forcing his way into you fully, forcing a gasp from your abused lips to echo his groan as he bottomed out into you.
He did this again, and again, and again, slowly, methodically and thoroughly fucking you. Filling the deepest parts of you. The friction, the impact, the way he held you so easily, all set your core aflutter.
He slowly began ramping up the pace at which he fucked you. Each time punching out a grunt or a groan from you as he relentlessly pursued his own release.
The force of each collision caused your fingers to curl, your nails digging into the knotted muscles of his back. Perhaps it was deliberate, some kind of trivial revenge for luring you into this trap.
You either didn’t notice, or you didn’t care that you broke skin, adding your own paint to his canvas as hot, sticky blood trickled down his back. His measured pace faltered, and he let out a ferocious growl at the sensation.
You couldn’t have known the effect that this would have on him, but when your eyes were startled open and you connected your gaze with his, you learned quickly. His pupils were blown, wild, and his mouth was set somewhere between a snarl and a grin.
His hands closed forcefully around your hips, and he pulled you onto him, his systematic tempo unravelling into merciless battering as he hysterically tried to fuck you out of existence. Your body was set aflame as he snapped ruthlessly into your cunt which drooled around his cock. Your pleasure rocked in waves at the pace he set as your climax quickly crested.
“Kats-Katsuki!~ Katsuki!~ I-” You tried, as hard as you could, you tried to warn him of your orgasm, but all you could manage was his name. Again and again it bubbled to your lips and boiled over.
“Yeah? You’re gonna cum on this cock? Do it. Cum on this cock, bitch.”
Stupidly, like your body was already conditioned to receive his instructions, you again did as you were told. Your cunt gripped his cock. As he found your G-Spot with unmatched precision, you rode out your orgasm, your legs trembled, your voice cried out hoarsely as your own fluids poured from your battered pussy.
Katsuki marvelled at the sight of you being so blessedly broken open on him, and your climax quickly catalyzed his own as he loosed hot ribbons of white cum into you. He slowed his pace as he finished.
Once done, he let you down unceremoniously. Your legs, unable to support your weight, gave way as you slid down the wall. Katsuki’s cum driveled to the floor between your legs as you breathed and panted raggedly.
If you didn’t know any better, you would think that he was ignoring you. He idly fixed his pants and belt back around his waist, and walked out of your eyesight. You didn’t bother to follow him with your gaze, instead opting to stare, mystified, into the aether.
When he returned, he was fixing the buttons of a new shirt over his chest. As he worked the last button, he was at the door. Without looking back at you, he commanded sternly, “Clean yourself up. You look disgusting. When I come back, I expect you to be clean and naked.”
The door opened with a whine, and the chill rolled in from outside and restored some of your coherence.
“W-wait!” You called, he looked back at you coldly. “When will you be back?”
“Just pray you’re ready when you find out.”
Without another word, the door closed behind him, and you were alone again.
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hazelhalfpint · 2 days ago
I’d say no thoughts, head empty, but really it’s more like many thoughts, head full except it’s only bkdk
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korathefairy · 2 days ago
Okay, so someone just rudely triggered my trauma, so I'm now in desperate need of therapy characters helping you with trauma. Sorry if you didn't want these type of questions, or if don't want to do this. Also have an awesome day/night
Awe love, it's okay. I'm comfortable with writing these types of headcanons. I really hope you feel better soon. Please take good care of yourself okay? Sending so much love. 💛💛💛
When you're triggered, Dabi will always give you space, if that's what you ask for. But he'll always leave snacks and a water bottle in your bedroom, or on the kitchen counter for you, since he knows you need those little reminders for self care.
If you need him to hold you and cuddle you, he would, absolutely. He'd make sure he isn't holding you too tightly Incase you get claustrophobic and need to breathe.
He'd run his fingers through your hair and he'd softly hum to you as he rubs your back. He always gives you forehead kisses and holds your hands, lazily tracing your palms and knuckles. He'd get your weighted blanket or weighted hoodie, and put it on you, to help you ground. ♡
Denki has fidget toys galore. He has a spare weighted hoodie and a weighted blanket. He has stress balls and he'll always be more than happy to listen to you vent. Or if you need to cry on his shoulder, he's okay with that too. He's always ready to take care of you.
If you need space, he'll absolutely so that too. But he leaves his phone out for you, since he knows you love the games on his phone. He also recorded messages for you to listen to, on his phone, cause he knows his voice sometimes helps you breathe. He'll always make sure you have plenty of water too. 🥺
Shinso will lend you his capture scarf, or a soft, mimic one that yaomomo made, so you can fidget with it, if you need to, while you vent and rant to him. Or if you just need a good cry into his chest, he's glad to hold you and let you cry. He'll whisper reassurances and praises and compliments to you, till you start to feel a bit more at ease. He'll take a long, hot shower or a bath with you, with calm, relaxing music. He'll hum along, as he gives you back massages or shoulder massages, or massages your head as he washes your hair. He'll pamper you well.
And if you need him to use his quirk on you, he'll absolutely do that, with your consent, to help you ground yourself and relax.
Bakugo hasn't always been the best with dealing with his own emotions or emotions of others, but damn him to hell if he isn't gonna give you his all, and then some, to take damn good care of you.
He'll cook your favorite comfort food, and he'll always make sure you have plenty of waters or if you want tea, he'll do that too. He'll probably grumble under his breath about how you should have water instead, but that's not important right now. Your comfort is.
He has a supply of squishmallows in his closet, and in a drawer under his bed, so whichever ones you want, you can have. He'll always warm up his favorite hoodie or shirt for you, and put your favorite cologne of his on it too. He'll let you keep it for as long as you want.
He'll definitely try to get you to take a nap, and it's best if you just try for your sake. He likes when you rest your head on his chest, so he can run his fingers through your hair. He'll make praises and reassuring words, as he tries to not doze off. But he falls asleep anyways.
Aizawa and Eri turn on a studio ghibli movie and keep the volume low, so it doesn't overwhelm you. Eri lends you one of her stuffies and Aizawa gives you one of his sleeping bags and a hoodie.
Eri insists on giving you a juice pouch, even tho Aizawa says water is the beater option. Trust me, she'll win no matter what. No one can say no to her.
But all 3 of you end up snuggled up on the floor, passed out, after 2 or 3 movies.
No one understands trauma better than Shoto. He'll stay beside you all day, like a puppy. He'll hold your hand and ask how he can help, and ask what things do you need to take your mind off of it, and ask if you wanna vent.
He understands if you need space, but he's gonna pout about it the whole time, while he sits outside your dorm door, like a guard dog.
Your happiness and we'll being is important to him. He wants to nurture you since he didn't get much of that as a kid.
He'll buy you sweets, get you a new set of fuzzy, warm, soft pajamas to help you feel calmer and safer. He'll make you tea and get you flowers. He'll get you expensive chocolates and take you to the beach to watch the sunset if you want.
He doesn't really know how to open up and sometimes others opening up to him is a lot too. So he's trying his best with his acts of service.
All he wants is to see you smile again.
Keigo will probably become a bit feral. Most expect it to be any of the Todoroki siblings, but it's definitely Keigo.
His wings Will puff up and his face is red and his fists are balled tightly. He'd destroy the world if it meant you're safe and happy. He takes a few minutes to collect himself and calm down, then he'll delicately wrap you in a hug, and carefully wrap his wings around you. The world can't touch you that way.
Keigo will hum to you as he rubs your back, and softly kisses the crown of your head or your hands, or your nose. He'll nuzzle his face into your neck and whisper apologies for being so quick and too easily angered. He doesn't wanna scare you.
He'll tell you again and again "I love you. I love you. I love you." Till you're sick of it. And he silently prays that you won't ever.
He'll buy you take out of your favorite food and he'll give you his jacket. He'll put on your favorite cartoon as he runs the bath for you, and he'll even light your favorite color, favorite scented candle. He'll make you hot chocolate too.
He'll sit with you, and he'll listen to you vent. Or if you wanna talk about something else, he'll entertain you with stories about Tokoyami.
Please comment & reblog. 🙂
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ellesuki · a day ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
he could never resist you
sitting pretty in his car
Tumblr media
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literaryobsession · a day ago
in love (part 1) || bakugo x reader
summary: eijiro kirishima is trying to figure out if the current relationship he's in is worth it. so naturally, he asks his two best friends - starting with bakugo
warning: none.
word count: 889
next part: kiri asks you
"When did you realize you were in love with L/N, Bakugo?"
Kirishima came to him for an advice one night. The redhead found him looking for snacks in the kitchen after one of his missions. Bakugo could remember Kirishima talking about meeting this person when he went out with Kaminari and according to him, it was destiny. Bakugo scoffed when he first heard it because how can you really tell that the person is destined for you after just one meeting? Red Riot didn't tell him who this lucky person is just yet and he was trying to gather as much information as he can before he introduces them to his friends.
Bakugo raised an eyebrow at his roommate, took out a bottle of beer before closing the fridge door. "Second year. UA." He answered briefly, remembering the exact moment when it dawned on him.
You were dating for half a year then and were finally comfortable with each other's presence that you both don't become a blushing mess anymore. You still argued yes, but they soon became mere expressions of love that nobody in class could comprehend but you and him.
Everything irritated him that day, as though they wouldn't in some other day. Deku was being such an annoying little nerd, talking his head off about some hero he saw on the news. Kaminari and Mineta were both talking about planning another swimming match to include the girls so they can see whose body looks better. Iida scolded him for almost blasting off Monoma when the blond came over to flaunt whatever shit his class had.
Bakugo gritted his teeth, trying to get through the day alive. The flame in him never died around everyone else, they simply were blocks of wood adding fuel to his already burning temper. It didn't help at all that you were asleep that day from overusing your quirk in the previous day's hero activity. You were the one who extinguishes his flames, the one who pulled him back from the rage he feels in his head. He had no one to rant to, not one to tease so he can get his mind off things, no one to take his hand and reassure him that the world is simply full of idiots.
When the last bell rang, signalling the end of class, Bakugo made sure that he packed his things and went his way towards your room. No one got in his path, he was fuming and no one wanted to be at the receiving end of it. The class knew where he was going and they thought it was for the best.
You were quite the good influence on him and no matter how explosive he can get, you would always be the rational voice to tell him off.
"Katsuki?" You peeked at the angry boy with one sleepy eye after hearing your bedroom door slam close.
Of course it would be Katsuki. Only he would enter your bedroom that way.
To be honest, you still haven't recovered from the fatigue and only woke up because Bakugo was making so much noise, grumbling death threats under his breath. You opened your eyes and yawned, "You okay?"
"Everyone. Idiots. Every single one." He said through gritted teeth, struggling as he pulled off his shoes. Once he got them off, Bakugo crawled on your bed and laid face down on the space beside you. Then he let out a sound of utter frustration in your pillow.
You smiled, wrapping your arms around him as you always do.
It took him a few more minutes of angry rambling to finally shut up. He was quiet by your side, relaxing finally.  You thought he was asleep but something in Katsuki Bakugo's head clicked, making him calm down.
You were the person he felt safe to open up to. He could be vulnerable to you, showing you his every facet and flaw, and you would embrace him. Tightly. With you, he felt like the weight of the anger, the frustration, and the irritation melts somehow. Like they never mattered in the first place.
You never really had to say anything. You didn't have to.
You only had to be there, you only have to exist and Bakugo would know that everything is alright.
He was in love with you, the blond realized when he turned his head to look at your sleeping face. Bakugo's anger washed away immediately when he moved closer to you, returning your embrace.
He didn't say it that night but he was sure you remember after so many years that he said it to you the next night when you were alone in the dorm kitchen. You were ovejoyed, returning the same words of love, telling him that you've loved him for awhile and that it really took him a long time to realize what he felt.
He snapped out of his thoughts and glanced at Kirishima who was looking at him weirdly. "What?" Bakugo sneered, "What do you want?"
"I was asking how you knew." Kirishima grinned before repeating his question. The redhead didn't know why Bakugo spaced out although he had an inkling it had something to do with you.
At this point, Kirishima didn't know why but Bakugo's lips broke into a smirk, "Oh, you'll know."
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mediaraiz · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
At that moment—
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backoftheletter · a month ago
Tumblr media
"hey psst"
"katsu baby wake up"
poke poke poke
"what do you want? its" you watch him squint to read the clock in the nightstand "fucking 1:45 am"
"i missed you" he knows it doesn't really make sense for you to miss him right now when he's right next to you, but god does his heart triple in size after hearing you say that
"what...? what do you mean you missed me?" he murmurs softly while rubbing his eyes to look at you "I've been right here all night"
"...yeah" you pout and scoot closer to him "i know that"
"you know?" he says while pulling you so you're flush against his chest "so what do you mean baby?"
"well you weren't with me in my dream and I really missed you in there" and fuck, he thinks you might just be trying to kill him because that was just the sweetest thing he's heard come out of anyone's mouth
"so you woke me up?" he sighs and starts running his fingers through your hair "I wasn't in your dream and you missed me there so you woke me up?" he smiles softly and almost teasingly, feeling almost ridiculous for completely understanding something like what you just said, and even more ridiculous for feeling giddy that you miss him even in your dreams
"well don't say it like that" your pouting intensifies "I just needed to hear your voice and hug you like this, but you can go back to sleep now if you want to"
"now why would I do that when my baby misses me huh?" he kisses the pout off of your face immediately after saying that, because he can't stand to see that sad look on your face, even if he knows you're not really all that sad
and the kiss it's not just a peck, it never is, his kiss is deep and full of love
"mmm I thought you'd be too tired to stay awake" you say slightly out of breath and blushing after that kiss, and god he thinks, he really loves to be the only one who can make that blush appear on your face
"I'm never too tired when you need me baby" he barely whispers into your ear after flipping the both of you over so his entire weight is resting on you
You feel him nuzzle into your neck and hum, it tickles and makes you giggle softly
Is your giggle supposed to make him feel like that? he thinks, is it supposed to make his heart beat faster than it's ever beaten and his stomach erupt into butterflies? him? the powerful dynamight! reduced to a giddy mess just because of your giggle? but of course he is, because it's you and he can never be the powerful, all mighty, emotionless dynamight when he's with you
Because in your shared house, in your shared bed, he's just your suki, and he allows himself to experience everything because you make him feel like there's thundering fireworks inside of him. Like he's capable of everything and yet he doesn't need to do anything, he just needs to be there and let himself feel everything you make him feel and he can only hope that he can make you even half as happy as you make him just by existing
"and just what are you laughing about?" he pulls his head up and stares at you with a raised eyebrow and a teasing smile
"it tickles" you say with the ghost of a smile still in your face
"huh? what does?" he says while nuzzling his face into your neck again and blowing raspberries on it "is it this maybe? does this tickle?"
he hears you laughing again but louder this time and he can't believe that there was a time when he could've ever thought he wouldn't be happy, if he could look at his teenager self and tell him what his life would be like in the future he's sure he would have punched himself because he never once thought he would be as happy as you make him, he never thought it was even possible until he met you
"STOP HAHAHA PLEASE! MERCY" you half scream half laugh while trying to squirm away from him "PLEA-SE HAHAH SUKI MERCY PLEASE"
honestly? he doesn't want to stop, he doesn't want you to stop laughing, he wants to stop this moment and record it and watch it over and over until the day he dies
but then again, you probably need to breathe, and he really wants to kiss you right now so he'll stop, for now, for you
"alright alright, I'll be merciful" he pulls his head up from your neck once again and stays so close to your face that your noses brush against each other "but it'll cost ya"
"oh my!" you say biting back a grin "and what would this cost me? a gold coin or two perhaps?"
"oh no, nothing like that" he says, soft as ever, because there's never a time when he's not soft around you "it'll cost ya a thousand kisses"
"oh god! a thousand?" you exclaim, also as soft as ever, because you think breaking the bubble so carefully built around you both right now might just be a crime "and how could I ever pay you so many kisses?"
"well, you can start with this one"
and he leans in
and he kisses you
and you both thank whatever god (if there is one) that it's out there, and the universe, and the stars, and the moon, and the sun, and everything that had to happen so you two met each other because it's the best thing that could have happened to either of you
and so you stay there
kissing each other
at what it's now 2:03am
and you're grateful
and you're happy
and you're in love.
Tumblr media
leave me a tip<3
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softer-ua · 6 months ago
Pls the way Iida has been unwittingly tagged into Bakugos emotional support team 💀💙
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
The man who did Not ask, but will be immediately informed anyway
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co-as-t · 5 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
I feel like this is something that would have happened...
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loweater · a month ago
Band Practice
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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self-indulgentwriting · 3 months ago
Cardigan Sleeves - Kinktober - Bakugou x Female Reader
Tumblr media
Summary: Mina and you want a baby, Bakugou helps you out. 
Part 2
Tumblr media
AN: TW.Breeding, TW.impregnation, TW.Restraints, TW.Daddy kink, TW.Pussy slaps, TW.slight angst, TW.unconventional relationships
Tumblr media
It was hard to imagine you would be in this particular situation, standing in nothing but a oversized cardigan sweater in front of your high school friend? That wasn’t the right word. Crush? That held the right childish tone to it but you had been closer then that. Unrequited love? Someone you had only dreamt of being with in your high school day. But this wasn’t your high-school days anymore. You both had grown and changed. 
“Did you want me to stay y/n?” Mina called from the doorway. Your eyes snapped over to the pink hero and you smiled as best you could given your nerves. Mina had been your best friend in high school and once you two started working together at the same agency after school things just escalated. 
Soon holding hands turned into kisses on the back of the hand. To sweet nothings whispered in one another’s ears to soon kissing and dates. Then after several years of being together you were married lived pretty happily with your pets and doing your hero work . Coming home each night and kissing each other a greeting, cooking your meals together, maybe doing a work out or movie before showering together and cuddles. It was all so comfortable and simple. 
That was till Momo got pregnant, then you both just had a itch that couldn’t be scratched. Kids. Adoption had been impossible seeing as you were both heros. Too dangerous of a job to get approved for a child so you two had given up on it. Till one drunken night Mina suggested you get pregnant and two drunk fools spoke about who and when and how. Then the next morning two sober fools kept the plan going. 
“No, I will be alright, have fun with Jiro.” Mina nodded before looking over to Bakugou who hadn’t taken his eyes off you. He didn’t look terribly interested more like he was sizing you up. 
“Okay. Thank you again, Bakugou. I did prep her a bit for you.” Bakugou didn’t respond. “I guess I will see you two Sunday.” Mina called making the blonde grunt his response. Bakugou had accepted when you guys had proposed this idea to him. He had questioned why him but you both explained it came down to trust and attraction. 
Having a random donor made Mina anxious, she wanted to know what you were getting into. Kirishima was too emotional he definitely would have wanted to be in the kids life as a father. Same with Denki. Sero already had a family and you simply couldn’t bring yourself to try with Izuku. Shouto had been considered but his family drama was too intense. The last thing you two wanted was Endeavor knocking on your door trying to get his ‘grandchild’.
Bakugou was driven in his path to being the number one hero. The man didn’t date, didn’t try to either. He had been so focused that they were confident that he wouldn’t have any interest for children. Which he didn’t he had only his goal in mind and he wasn’t going to let anyone stop him. So when he had agreed you both were thrilled. 
He had some conditions, First: was Mina wasn’t allowed to be involved. He didn’t want to knock both of you up and he saw her more like a sister. Second: That he was to get 2 days each section with you so that the two of you weren’t rush and could both be comfortable. He didn’t want to feel like he was forcing you or make you feel forced to be with him. Third: he was going to treat it like his normal hook ups. Bakugou might not have been in any concert relationship but that didn’t mean he didn’t hook up to dom for people before. So aftercare was a must. 
As Mina left you shifted from one foot to the other with a blush on your cheeks. Things remained quite till you both heard the front door close. Pushing your thighs together was all you could do as the juices form Mina’s teasing threaten to leak down your legs. You knew that Bakugou was here for sex but the idea of him seeing you like this had you nervous all of a sudden. It didn’t help that he was just staring at you. His normally aggressive demeanor wasn’t present just his face relaxed in his normal resting bitch face.
You went to open your mouth to say anything but before you could Bakugou interrupted you. 
“Let’s go.” You instantly tensed up feeling overwhelmed all of a sudden. You didn’t expect to be wined and dined but the sudden command had you nervous. He had made such a big deal out of being patient and taking your time you didn’t think it would happen all at once. Slowly you moved over to the bed and as you got one knee up on the bed he spoke again. “Dumbass, I meant to the kitchen.” Oh! you blushed and brought your knee back down embarrassed that you must have seemed eager. “I’m going to make you dinner.” Nodding you moved over to your dresser behind Bakugou to grab some sweat pants. You were shocked when your hand was stopped from reaching in the drawer. “I didn’t say you could get dressed.” Your lips parted slightly as a gasp past through them. Your thighs clenching once more as you nodded. 
“Right. Sorry..” you looked away from his intents eyes that seemed to threaten to burn through you. He left go and walked out of the bedroom following behind you tried not to take in how his jeans hugged his ass as the two of you made your way to the kitchen. 
He started opening cabinets and pulling ingredients out one by one. “Is there something I can do to help?” He stopped for a second thinking it over before handing you an onion and a small knife out form the butchers block. When you took the knife he held a moment longer. 
“Be careful, don’t need you hurting yourself.” He said it like you’d been a child and you nodded staring up at him. Normally having someone acting like you’d never cut anything before would have annoyed you. You were in fact a very capable hero after all but the way he acted just made you blush. Finally letting go of the knife he got back to work pulling out what he needed. Bakugou had always been an amazing cook so you didn’t even bother asking what he was fixing. Knowing it was going to be good. Probably spicy but good. 
As he cooked he watched the way you cut everything he gave you. You could feel his eyes on you as if he was waiting for you to slip up.  By the time you were done chopping everything you were a nervous mess. He’d been so quite. You couldn’t remember the last time he had been this quite. Sure he didn’t talk as much as Denki or Kirishima but his volume normally made up for it. Walking over to the skin with a shaky hand you rinsed the knife. 
“Ow!” He was on you before the word left your mouth shocking you as he looked down at you. Had Bakugou always been so tall? 
“Dumbass! I told you to be carful.” He took your finger that you held near your chest and looked it over. The end of the blade had pricked your finger leaving a small drip of blood on the end. 
“I-I’m sorry. I’ll go get a bandage.” You went to move but Bakugou’s grip on your had stopped you. Bringing your finger up to his lips he let the blood drop spread across his lips before licking the pad of your finger. You didn’t know where to look. His blood stained lips, his acute eyes, Or the way the muscles flexed in his jaw and neck slightly moved as he licked your finger. Bakugou let your finger go having you bring it back down to see the little wound was nothing more then a small red irritation. “Ahh!” You.we’re taken by surprise as you were lifted onto the counter. Your bottom landing against the cool stone countertop made you gasp and clench around nothing as your pussy made contact with the cool surface. You’d almost forgot about the throbbing in your lower lips. 
“Can’t trust you to not hurt yourself. Just gonna have to sit there and wait.” You blinded a couple of times before nodding. He moved back to finish up dinner. You watched him now looking at his toned arms that held a couple of scars along with his side profile. He looked so manly. You couldn’t help yourself from smiling as you made the same compliment that Kirishima loved to throw around. “Whats so funny?” He didn’t looked up form his work which made your jump but stopped as you felt the stone push against your swollen lips again making you force yourself to calm down. 
“N-nothing.” He gave you a side look with his eyebrow raised as if saying he wasn’t buying it. You looked away and pushed your hand on your knees trying to stay as still as possible. “I just was thinking about how manly you looked. But then just though how that sounded like Kirishima.” You smiled at the end to help with your own nerves but Bakugou turned now resting his hip on the counter arms crossed over his chest. He didn’t look amassed by the compliment. 
“So your thinking about someone else while your with me?” His words were calm but you felt panic set in as your eyes snapped opened and gasped leaning forward pushing your bottom slightly off the counter. 
“N-no. I was just admiring you and the only word I could-“ 
“Was the word that one of our friends have trademarked. Sounds like you were thinking of someone else to me.” You panicked feeling your heart race in your chest as you leaned back adjusting your cardigan to cover more of yourself as you worried your lip trying to think of how to fix this. You didn’t want Bakugou to back out, didn’t want him to think that you didn’t want him here. “Your a good little girl aren’t you?” His tone was normal as if asking how the weather was but the moment you heard that your heart skipped a beat. 
He turned off the stove and walked over to stand in front of you. Leaning against the other counter across from you. “Mina and you are into dominant and submissive rolls right?” This time you nodded. “Tell me about it.” When you just held your mouth open unsure of what to say he exhaled. “What do you call Mina and what does she call you?” 
“Miss or Mistress.” Bakugou nodded. “She calls me all kind of thing. Baby, kitty, -“
“Princess.” You blushed hearing the pet name slip off his tongue it made your hips shift and shook your head. His eyes went form your hips back up to your face. “How do you play?”
“She likes eating me out a lot. Says I taste sweet.” Bakugou nodded again more so for encouragement. “She likes dressing up a lot. Maids, school girl, ears and tails.” Remember Mina putting the tail plug in you made you shutter as you remembered how the stretch felt you couldn’t help but push your ass out a little. Swallowing you rubbed your neck as you thought about some of the other thing you and Mina had done. Imagines of her thrusting into you tell you how good you looked while she fucked you came to mind. “She’s into spanking and toy. Strap on and stuff.” Bakugou rolled his eyes rubbing his forehead. 
“Your talking a lot about what Mina likes. What do you like?” You shifted again and this time you felt the small puddle you were sitting in. You’d finally started leaking and you couldn’t stop yourself as you clenched trying to stop yourself.
“Oh um…” trying to think about what you enjoyed most made you nervous. You didn’t just want to spill your guts to your highschool crush. So you started to play with your sleeves. Exhaling once more Bakugou pushed off the counter and placed one arm on either side of you on the counter trapped between his well defined arms had you blushed down your neck as you looked down to avoid his eyes that didn’t roam your exposed body but stared into your face. 
“Look I’m not trying to say that what you and Mina do isn’t good. I’m just trying to figure out what your comfortable with and what we can do together. If we just copy what you and Mina do it’s not going to be good for you because I’m not Mina.” His tone was dead serious as he spoke. What he said made sense to you. You didn’t want to copy what you and Mina had anyway. That was special just for the two of you. “So what I’m asking here is who do you want me to be for you?” You looked over at him shifted again. 
“What are my opinion?” That got a slight smirk out of the man. Amused by your little voice that was better about asking the opinions for a wine list then what type of dom you were about to get. 
“I normally am a hard dom. Brat taming is my go to when I do this kind of thing.” You bit the side of your lip. You could be bratty right? He tilted his head to the side slightly as he looked at you. “I don’t think that’s gonna work with you.” Some how you felt self conscious that you weren’t his normal flavor of sub. 
“W-why not? I can be bratty.” Now Bakugou laughed and leaned in close to your ear making the hairs on the back of your neck stand up.
“Then why haven’t you moved from this spot.” He leaned back with a cock grin on his face because he knew he was right. “Probably sitting in a little puddle aren’t you?” When you didn’t look at him he leaned back. Your legs were pushed flush together and you held the end of your cardigan’s sleeves. “Na. I think I know what I’m gonna do with you.” He moved back to the stove leaving you a blushing mess as if he had come to a conclusion and nothing more needed to be done. 
He scooped out one big bowl of the mixed vegetables and rice before coming over to you. He took a bite in front of you before getting another bite and blowing on it. “It’s a little spicy, well for you.” He held out the chopsticks for you and your eyes widened as you realize he was going to feed you. When you hesitated he gave one command “Open.” You quickly did looking past the chopsticks and bowl was Bakugou little half smirk. He placed the food into your mouth and you ate it off with a timed look on your face. The King Explosion Murder God: Dynamight was feeding you in your kitchen, it just didn’t seem real. “Too spicy?” You shook your head as the spices mixed well together even the rice had good seasoning to it. 
“Your cooking is always good Kat-.” He shoved another bite into your mouth to stop your praise. Shaking his head he waited for you to finishing swallowing before grabbing some water for you. 
“Quit trying to butter me up.” His words came out at their normal harshness making you pull your arms up to your chest for comfort, not expecting the harsh treatment after how soft he had been. Sighing he held up some more food for you. This time allowing you to take your time. “I’m here. I’m not going anywhere.” You pushed your lip together before taking the bite. You waited till he took one for himself before specking again. 
“It’s not that I’m buttering you up. I’ve always admired your strengths. In high school I even had a little school girl crush on you.” You weren’t sure why you were confessing now. But Bakugou’s jaw clenched and he exhaled before smiling a little out of the corner of his lips.
“Yeah?” His question was more to prompt you for more info then anything. 
“Yeah it’s one of the reason Mina suggested you.” That got him to raise an eyebrow. Why would Mina want the guy you use to like to impregnate you? “She wanted to give me the opportunity to explore that. Mina and I aren’t restrictive. We’re pretty flexible.” Bakugou nodded he knew what you meant. There had been more then once that you two had gone home with a girl or the stumbling little fem boy. Not needing to know more details Bakugou had you take another bite. 
“What I remember from high school was you jumping every time I talked and always tired to give me those silly little…. Lunches” you smiled at the man playing with your shirt sleeve. It seemed to have clicked. Those ‘silly’ little lunches were lunch boxes fill with protein packed abomination wrapped in the cutest and latest in lunch’s in Japan. Each one had a little love confession in one and each one Bakugou had refused. “Shit.” He lulled his head back looking up at the ceiling. You could tell he was kicking himself probably for being a dick. 
“Hehe don’t worry so much.” He looked down to see you smiling up at him. “I mean I was a little heart broken at graduation when you wouldn’t even dance with me but I ended up dancing with Mina and well everything worked out from there.” His face was back to being that blank slate. You went to reach for him but he shoved another bit into your mouth making you realize that this was probably making him uncomfortable. “If your not comfortable any-“
“I’m here. I told you I wasn’t going anywhere.” He popped a bite into his mouth leaving you to watch as his throat bobbed as he swallowed. It seemed so sexual. “You know color based safe words?” Your back straighten at the mention of sex once more feeling like he could read your thoughts as your eyes snapped up to met his face. 
“Red mean stop. Green means okay to keep going.” He placed the bowl down in the skin next to you while grabbing a towel. 
“Yellow means slow down.” He took your chin in his hand and wiped your mouth for you making you blush but just sat there as he did so. “So If I’m doing something you like but it’s too hard, you use yellow and I will lighten up.” He dropped the cloth and look in your eyes and when you tried to look away he pulled your chin to make sure you looked back at him. “Are you comfortable with that?” 
“Yes. Are you comfortable?” You must have looked so bashful to him. Because that soft half smile came back as he push some hair out of your face. Before incasing you in his arms again.
“Yeah I’m good princess.” You clenched your thighs together, rubbing for some fiction. That name was nice. He leaned forward to your ear once more. “I’m not the one sitting in a puddle.” He whispered it as if it was a secret against only meant for your ears, your stomach feel like it had little butterflies in it. “Go on and show me that pretty pussy. ” His words felt warm on your ear and the heat of his breath traveled down your neck. He leaned back just slightly so you could move your knees better. You brought your hands up to your face as you hid them in your sweater sleeve before spreading your legs wide. 
You felt a warm hand on your thigh up near your center. You pulled your hands down to look at Bakugou and you saw him leaning back taking in the sight of your dripping cunt. Mina’s work on display for Bakugou as he moved your thigh to see how much had leaked out. He moved his other hand to push your shoulder back. 
“Lean back.” You did as you were told staring up at the chandelier in your kitchen face covered. You felt him spread your lips and your head rolled back against the stone. Still sensitive. “Yeah. I think I can definitely breed this little pussy.” He took his spare hand and pushed a finger into you causing your wall to immediately invite him in. “When was the last time you took a cock princess?” 
“Two days ago Mina an-“
“I said a cock not some shitty plastic toy.” He felt your hole clench and he smiled happy that he was correct in his assumptions about your preferences. That he was able to read you so easily. 
“Years. I don’t know when.” Bakugou raised an eyebrow. 
“What about those little boys you two take home. They never get to be in here?” He started working his finger slowly allowing you to rock with him as he did so. 
“N-no. They eat me out while Mina pegs them.” Bakugou rolled his eyes of course she pegged them. He moved his hands up to your clit causing you to gasp and moan. 
“So you’ve fantasize about me and now tell me this is the first real cock you’ve had in years. You trying to seduce me little slut?” You shook your head sitting up quickly causing Bakugou fingers to slide out slightly. 
“N-no. I-I was just being open with you.” You looked so worried that Bakugou wasn’t sure weather he should stop. But If he went too far you knew what to say. 
“Really because right now your clamping down on my hand. Hiding that pussy form me. Not being very open are you?” His raised eyebrow made you shake your head and you leaned back down letting Bakugou finger free. He pulled his hand out and you weren’t left with the cool sensation form his missing finger long before it was replaced with a stinging pain as he slapped your pussy. “That’s for not listening.” He hit you once more making you hiss and bit into your sleeve. “That was for thinking of someone else.” He hit you again this time harder then the last two causing  you to cried out and when you looked down his face greeted you with a smirk. “That for letting Mina prep you.” Your mouth hung out with tears in your eyes as your pussy pluses as the sensitive skin reacted to the abrasive contact. “I don’t need any help getting this pussy ready for me.” He moved his hand over the swollen lips making your hips shift at the pain and pleasure that came with his touch. “You gonna be a good girl now?” You shook your head and Bakugou gaze became stern. “Use your words princess.”
“Yes what princess.” You turned your head to the side and then you felt his finger tap on your clit make you jump as each landed. Once- twice- three times.
“Yes D-daddy.” Bakugou moaned making you look at him in shock. Did he really enjoy it that much? You fought yourself form pushing your legs together as you heard the rich sound. His hand traveled up your body under your cardigan and around your breast. Letting his thumb drag over your nipple. 
“That’s real good princess.” He watched as your face relaxed from the pain form his earlier punishment. He rolled the nipple between his fingers smiling as you reached out for him. He clicked his tongue. “Such a needy thing.” His hand found your waist and he lifted you causing you to gasp at how easy he was able to man handle you.  “Wrap your legs around.” You did as you were told. You we’re looking down at him from your elevated spot on his waist.  “A princess’ feet should never touch the ground right?” You bite your lip smiling at his words. You ran your hand over his flexed muscles that kept you up. 
“Not while daddy is around to carry me.” He let that half smirk show again as he started walking back towards the bedroom. He pushed some of your hair out your face. 
“Yeah.” He said it so breathless you thought if you hadn’t been on top of him you wouldn’t have heard it. He seemed so content but sad somehow and you just wanted to see him smile again. You placed both your covered hands on either side of his face and leaned down to kiss his nose before giggling. “You teasing me little girl?” He slapped your ass making you yelp. He dropped you on the bed earning another giggle as you bounced. He quickly ripped of his shirt in one motion leaving his torso on display. “Like what you see?” He was undoing his belt now. 
“Can I touch you?” Bakugou rolled his eyes as he undid his pants. But when he saw his belt in his hand and you’d cute little thighs pushed together he though he had a better idea. 
“No. Give me your hands.” You pouted as you held your hand out. It upset you that you couldn’t touch him. You’d always wondered what those muscles felt like. His arm had always been your favorite watching as he blew through enemies, walls, just anything that stood in his way. He loved seeing you so upset about not getting to touch him. He tied the belt around your wrist being sure that it wouldn’t loosen or tighten. 
You though he would wrap the other end around the head board but he made no such move. “Kneel on the edge of the bed.” Following the order you moved so your hands were in front of you while you knees partnered up to the edge. “Sit flat on that little pussy.” Spreading your legs you did as you were told. The cool sheets feeling nice against your cunt. He walked up and moved his knuckles up your chin to your jaw before intwining in your hair. It felt so sensual as he touched you. He tugged gently so you looked up at him. He pulled down his jeans one handed as he forced you took at him not letting you see his cock. 
“Mmm daddy please.” You reached your hand out to try and touch what you couldn’t see but he pulled your hair sharply. 
“Open your mouth.” You did, just as quickly as every order he had given you this night. He leaned over more and just when you were sure he was going to spit in your mouth he didn’t. He pushed two fingers under you wiggling them till they got to your sore clit. Using the fabric of the bed to move against your body. 
“Ahh mm Bak- Bakugou!” He smirked as he watched you call out in pants and moans. Soaking his fingers and your bed. 
“You see with your head back like this your voice just pours right out.” His responses was more pants and grunts. As you felt your poor clit get abused but the fingers working more and more friction against it. Your hips rocking despite you feeling swollen, sore, and overstimulated and so very close to cumming. “Go on princess. Get those princess juices all over my fingers.” 
“Daddy please. Need more!” He let go of your head shoved you back against the bed when your back hit the surface the two finger that had been on your clit were now shoved into your pussy. “Yes! Fuck!” He pumped his fingers into you but he leaned more of the bed off to the side. 
“Look at me.” He growled as you gripped the sheets and whined. When you looked on his face you saw his eyes burning with hunger. “I said fucking cum.” You moaned as you felt your core clench and you’d cum. It hurt as your wall tried to milk the fingers inside you. “Might wanna tell your pussy it’s not gonna get any cum from my fingers.” He teased you making you blush, you wondered if he could even see it over how flush you were. 
His words did make you look down finally to see his cock. He was bigger then what would be normal or any of the dildos you had but his girth was more of what you were interested in. You bit your lip as you wished you had your hands to feel his cock. He reached down and pumped his cock with the hand that had your cum on it. You went to reached forward with your tied hands only to have the tail end of the belt pulled down. “I didn’t say you could touch.” He pushed you back against the bed. “Your just a glutton for punishment aren’t you.” He only got to see a second of the look of horror before your body arched off the bed. He had slapped your sore cunt once more. You felt your legs giving out and tears formed in your eyes at the contact. 
“Y-yellow.” He stopped and looked up at you waiting for your huffs of breaths to calm down. “Not my pussy.” He moved his hand down your thighs rubbing the skin against skin felt nice and he slapped your thigh lighter then his first smack on your pussy making you moan. “I-I just got so excited to see the cock that’s gonna fill me up.” You sniffled “I’m sorry daddy.” He rubbed your thigh again. 
“Daddy isn’t here for his pleasure princess. Daddy’s here all for you princess.” He slapped your thigh again watching as you stiffened up. “But little princesses don’t know what’s best for themselves. That’s why they have daddy. Isn’t that right?” You nodded looking up at him with those big tear filled eyes. He had to bite his tongue to stop himself from groaning. You were just too cute. “That’s why it’s so important to be a good girl.” You nodded once more. “Good.” 
He wiped one of your teary eyes bringing his thumb up to taste the salty liquid. He moved more on top of you making your heave as you took him in. He looked almost like a predator, his words were all sweet but his looks were all primal. Taking his cock in his hand he started rubbing the tip against your cunt. Letting your juices soak the tip. It felt like he was trying to slowly push himself into your body. Pushing in just a little more and more. 
Your arms went up to cover your face, hiding in your cardigan once more. He pushed your restrains up more uncovering your face as his eyes went form where your pussy and his cock were to your face as if he didn’t want to miss a moment of this experience. Till his thrusted in taking it about half way. Your legs flexed you were shocked your didn’t kick off the bed. 
“Shit, I can’t wait to make you a fucking mommy.” You moaned and wiggled your hip to try and get movement out of him. His hand traveled up to your breast before bending down and tacking the bud between his teeth. You clenched around him while you hissed making him smirk against your skin. “Can’t push me out princess.” He started rocking his hip while his arms moved around your torso to held me rock you against his cock. Your slick wall inviting him in. “That it.” 
“Mmm daddy want it all in. Wanna get a baby fucked in me.” He slammed the rest of his cock in making your body tense up but your eyes rolled into the back of your head. Moaning for him. His head came down and kissed along your chest. “Feels so..” Bakugou smirked against your skin. 
“Big? Full? Good?” All those things were true. You could only pant as you tried to get accustom to the new feeling of being fill. His hand ran over your skin taking in the way every little part raised and any little scar he kissed. Till his hand made it to your hips he gripped them and started moving. “Shit.” He grunted as his paces picked up. “Princess looks so good taking my cock. Gonna look even better carrying my baby!” Your hands moved down to try and run your bound hands down his chest just desperate for his skin. He growled in the back of his throat making you shoot your hands back up. His thrusts were steady but rough as he slowly fucked you trying to get as deep as possible. 
“Daddy.” Your whiny voice brought Bakugou attention up to your face as you tried to move your hips against him. “F-faster.” Bakugou hand came up to the back of your neck forcing you to look down at him while doing an aggressive thrust causing you to gasp. 
“What did daddy tell you? He knows what you need.” His little half smirk made your heart pound in your chest as you tried to think straight. He kept his thrust deep and slow while looking in your eyes. You felt like you were going to explode, he was so intense with his stare and his movement you felt like he was trying to mold your pussy to the shape of his cock. With his hot hands on your hip and neck he kept you in your place while he worked. “Get those hands behind my neck.” 
You didn’t need to be told twice as your hand scrapped against his scalp on the way down  while you took them to rest on his neck. He shuttered and you saw a shift in his eyes. And his hands moved to your hips and he pushed his head down into your neck as he started thrusting into like his life depended on it. It was hard to contain your moans so you didn’t. You worked your hips with his the best you could before his hand pushed your hips into the mattress. 
“Princess if I have to tell you again then I won’t fill this little pussy, you hear me?” You whined shaking your head. The idea of not getting the prize your so desperately wanted was too much for you little fuck out brain to understand.
“Daddy please need it.” He moaned and trailed his hand down over your thigh to hook behind your knee to push your leg up. Half way into a matting press. “Yes! Want all your cum as deep as .. as” you couldn’t finish as you felt his other hand working your clit. “Daddy!” 
“Nosy little princess huh?” He felt your walls tighten and he couldn’t believe that you could get tighter. “Shit. Not gonna last long.” He swiftly copied his previous motions and had you in a complete mating press. Your shoulder stuck in place while he pounded into you. Your body unable to do anything but take the abuse that Bakugou was giving you. “Gonna fill you up. Gonna give you my fucking brat.” You mewed for him making him groan. “You like that? like the idea of taking all of daddy’s cum. Making me a real daddy?” 
“Yes! Fuck! Cum for me Bakugou. Please.” Your walls clenched around him and after hearing  his name from your lips caused him to cum before he expected to. Thrusting in he sat there on top of you feeling every little clench and twitch your pussy made. When he looked up to see your hair sticking to your face your chest raised and fell to catch your breath. One nipple covered by your cute cardigan while completely boneless letting your arm use the belt and his neck to support your arm he knew he had done a good job. He lifted your arms over his head and undid the belt. He asset the Damage and knew he’d need to put a little something on there but over all you were okay. 
As you finally caught your breath you felt Bakugou pull out making you bit your lip trying not to moan at the loss. Your brain went over what had happen and your mind went over what he said     ‘making me a real daddy?’ That was just a heat of the moment thing right? Looking over at Bakugou you watched as he pushed your hips up and pushed some of the cum that had leaked out before pulling his phone out. 
“Bakugou?” You became nervous as the little snap sound came from his phone. He looked up to you with that arrogant smirk. 
“Gotta show your lady my work, don’t we?” You smiled over at the blonde all your worries melted away. Convinced now that he was just fueling the fantasy but understood the rules. After all this was Bakugou under all his gruff and hard exterior he was a sucker for the rules. The best bad boy. Standing  Bakugou moved over to grab your phone. “You give Mina a call, I’m gonna run us a bath and call Kirishima, gotta check on my fish.” You smiled as you pressed the icon that had you kissing on the pink hero’s face. 
“Hey baby!” Her voice was slightly slurred and you knew she must have been having a good time. “I saw that picture from Bakugou. Mmm make him send me one for each load. Wanna save it for my spank bank.” She giggled making you copy suit. “Is he taken care of you? And not just in the dicked down kind of way?” You giggled again at her drunk wording. 
“Yeah. He made me dinner and is running a bath now. Calling Kirishima to check on his fish.” You heard some loud music in the background now. She must have made it to the next club. 
“Him and that Damn salt water tank. Well make sure you have lots of fun and call me if you need me.” You sighed hearing her slightly worried tone. 
“I will. I love you pinky.” 
“I love you too baby.” Hanging up the phone you stood on wiggly legs as you made your way over to the bath. You heard Bakugou and Kirishima’s voice now. Bakugou always had his phone up on the highest volume you assumed his quirk’s explosions had left him with some hearing loss. 
“Why the fuck didn’t you tell me y/n had a crush on me!?” He sounded angry, furious even. You stopped yourself from stepping into the bathroom. Leaving yourself to eavesdropping just outside the door. 
“Man you said you didn’t care about that stuff. Said you didn’t wanna know.” You heard him groan in frustration. “Look I know you had a crush on her but that was high school, she’s married to Mina now. You said you didn’t have time for relationships, that it was going to get in the way of being number one. Has any of that changed?” 
“Fuck… no your right.” You heard him shift. “I just fuck. I don’t know.” Kirishima sighed on the other end of the line. 
“Enjoy your time with her, fuck a baby into her and then get back to the grind man. You got this. Don’t focused on the ‘could haves’ just enjoy what you can.” His word of motivation seemed to kick in as Bakugou toned changed. 
“Yeah. How’s my fucking fish?” 
“Man this one keep staring at me and I think his eye is fucked up.” You stepped back to the bed with your cardigan sleeve over your hand you covered your mouth as Bakugou kept grinding Kirishima for info on his fish. Unsure on how you were going to face Bakugou now you just tried to catch your breath. 
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dilf!katsuki - seemingly preoccupied with his hero duties, always working to be one step ahead of his friend. never takes days off and wills himself to heal faster after an especially tough mission. his flawless face makes him look no older than mid-thirties when he's truly early 40's. still strong and muscular due to his hero work, his body never faltering to look absolutely perfect.
everyone is constantly throwing themselves at him, to his utter disgust. do people not have any pride? he gets asked out by civilians, heros, sidekicks alike. he absolutely hates people who are so desperate to get his attention. he thinks it's cute that they think they have a chance with him. he's bakugou fucking katsuki. he doesn't date just anyone.
when katsuki's hero agency needed a new assistant they went through countless people till they got to you. you were perfect, not older than 25 and takes no heed that he's actually the number 2 hero. now this seems to rub him the wrong way. by no any living create would be begging to be in his pants, but since you started, you just do your job. you don't ever give him side glances, or stop and stare at him like he's used to.
it secretly starts to annoy him because he's the number 2 hero. how can you not be the least bit interested in him? it bruised his ego to say the least. yes, he appreciated that you do all the work that you're supposed to but why don't you look at him the way other people do?
for weeks if not months into the job, katsuki has been doing his utmost best to make you notice him. when catching villains he made sure to use some new tricks he'd been practicing. even when getting back to the agency he'd hoped you'd compliment him but you just walked into his office, told him about what he'd missed and walked out. this man was livid. what more could he do to get you to at least pay him a compliment.
on the other hand you were struggling to keep your whole body from shaking. you'd seen pro hero dynamight's fight on the news and it made your knees week. ever since you started your job you had to keep yourself in check. you have always been a fan of his and getting this job was a dream come true. but ever since you started you could feel katsuki's eyes on you constantly and it made heat pool between your legs day after day. you had to be dreaming, right? why would the katsuki bakugou be staring at you? impossible.
it's been about 2 months since you've arrived and still no acknowledgement. he's just about had it. he wants...no he needs to get to the bottom of this problem. why you have no interest for him, and why he cares so much. you were about to walk out of his office after reading him his schedule for the day when he stopped you. his aura was dark, and overpowering and you could feel his eyes boring holes into your back. you froze, too scared to turn around: scared that your knees would give out if you saw his face.
"look at me. that's an order, not a suggestion."
your legs were shaking as you turned around. the heat in your belly had begun to get hotter and hotter and when you finally turned around and looked at him it's like something in you snapped. he looked at you with a territorial gaze, like one of a predator looking at its next kill. you'd be lying if you said your panties weren't wet right now.
katsuki's eyes were all over you. he could see your shaking legs and how your thighs clenched together under his gaze. was he imagining things? or were you really fucking turned on right now? he got up from his desk and slowly made his way to you, a sly smirk splayed across his face. you started backing away from him till your back hit the wall. you were trapped and katsuki was just inches away from you. he could see how dilated your eyes were and he just chuckled.
"i've been going out of my mind trying to know why you never paid attention to me, and now i think i know why."
his hand softly caressed your arm and leaned in close to your ear and whispered
"it's because you have dumb little crush on me, huh? is that right pretty girl?"
you audibly moaned at his words, his breath against your ear sent a shiver down your spine. you were absolutely speechless. your knees almost gave out before he grabbed you by your waist to hold you up. he looked at you and saw how your body reacted to him and his words and he adored it. you'd kept it a secret for this long he was impressed, but even more impressed at how much of an effect he had on you.
he slammed his hands against the wall behind you, caging you in. you couldn't look up at him. your mind wouldn't let you, because if you did, you know you would lose your mind. his left hand came towards your cheek and slowly brushed against it before he grabbed your chin and forced you to look up at him. you could see the raw need in his eyes, and you were sure he could see yours.
"you don't have to hold back. not right now. not ever."
without even thinking you pulled him in by his collar and kissed him. he was amazed at this sudden confidence you'd gotten. he tangled his fingers in your hair and tugged slightly, pulling your body closer to his. he slotted his leg in between yours and as your bodies melted into one another. you needed some sort of friction for the growing heat between your legs so you took katsuki's leg between them as an invitation.
you ground your clothed cunt against his leg, moaning into his mouth. he pulled away from the kiss to rest his head in your neck. he looked down and saw the way you were shamelessly grinding against his leg and it made his cock twitch. he groaned loudly and started marking your neck. you couldn't care less if he left visible marks, you just needed to cum.
katsuki was growing impatient as he grabbed you by your ass and wrapped your legs around his waist and leaned his forehead against yours. you could feel his breath against your skin and it felt oddly comforting. he looked deeply into your eyes, as if he was staring into your soul. you smiled, and for the first time, katsuki had seen what your genuine smile looked like and it made his heart beat faster. he cupped your cheeks gently.
"are you sure you want this? we can stop this now."
your tummy did flips at his soft, sincere demeanor he was portraying. you've never seen him like this and it made your heart swell that he trusted you enough to show it to you. you kissed him sweetly, with all the love you could muster poured into it.
"i don't want anyone but you."
his smile turned into a smirk as he unbuttoned his pants, his thick hard cock coming into view. you were almost salivating at the sight as you felt fingers moving your panties to the side.
"god you're so wet. fuck, you're such a slut."
he dipped two fingers into your cunt as you let out the sweetest moan. he pulled his fingers out, and lined his cock with your entrance. he teasingly rubbed his cock up and down your folds, lowly groaning as he felt your warm pussy against him. you were a mess. begging and pleading for him to put his cock inside you, he could hardly resist before he slammed into you.
you let out a silent scream as he started rutting into you at an unrelenting pace. he had his hand around your throat as he fucked into your tight cunt, praising you for how good you felt. you could barely talk because of how good you felt, your moans were his only indication. you buried your head in his neck to muffle your moans. you were already close and he could feel it. he too was close. your pussy just felt so good clenching around him.
"need to..need to cum..please? please can i cum?"
your pleas made his cock impossibly harder as he ploughed into you. your arms were latched around his neck pulling him into a sloppy kiss, your moans mixing together with your saliva. you could feel his cock twitching inside of you, telling you he was about to cum.
"gonna fill you up pretty girl. fuck- you better cum with me."
his words were all you needed before you came undone, cumming all over his cock. the way your cunt tightened around him pushed him over the edge as he filled you up so well. he fucked his cum into you on his last few thrusts before he stopped, his arms lazily wrapped around your waist. you ran your fingers through his hair as you both came down from your highs.
he slowly pulled out and moved your panties back to its original position before putting you down. he stuffed himself back in his pants before making himself look presentable. you were about to question him when you heard him chuckle.
"you better keep that cum inside you until tonight because you won't be going home till i filled you up to the brim."
yet again your knees were weak and your mouth was dry. this was going to be a long day.
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silverhairsimp · 26 days ago
I Want What You Have
Kiribaku x Fem!Reader
a/n: Someone call the horny police because my ass was up at 6am writing this. I've had this idea of Bakugou walking in on Kiri's GF brewing in my head for awhile so I hope you enjoy!
CW: aged up characters/college au. smut, lots of it. Implied/desired somnophilia. Oral, f/m receiving. Anal. Double penetration. Cum play. Dom kiri, lowkey timid bakugou. Daddy kink for kiri. Use of pet names/nicknames: baby/baby girl/princess/babe.
Word Count: 5,816
It wasn’t out of the ordinary for you to be at the house. Being Kirishima’s girlfriend and all, it was a pretty typical occurrence to see you around.
Bakugou knew Kiri got home late last night but must have been far too deep into sleep to notice two sets of footsteps walking past his room. Which is fine, he should have expected you to be here for the long weekend.
What he didn’t expect was to open the door to his best friend's, and housemates, room to see your half naked body sprawled out on the big bed.
Kiri’s room was set up with his bed facing the door. The foot of the bed directly pointed right where Bakugou was standing in the doorway. He could hear water running from the bathroom just a few feet away from him, and from you. Kiri must be in the shower. But you…
You were still asleep, laying on your stomach, left leg hiked up over a pillow. Your right leg outstretched so your toes just barely hung off the edge of the bed. Your right arm underneath your pillow and your left on top of it, tucked right next to your face.
You were always in Kiri’s clothes and right now was no different. Shirt, sweats, hoodies, basketball shorts, you name it. Bakugou was so envious that his best friend had someone so perfect to wear all of his clothes. Someone like you wearing his clothes.
The shirt you were wearing was one of Kiri's favorites. He’d had it ever since his first year of high school. A plain, basic red t-shirt, but damn if you didn’t look fucking amazing in it. You always did. Your sweet boyfriend always made sure to tell you how beautiful you looked. Your boyfriend's best friend continued to make a mental note of everything he’d want to say to you. He was happy for Kirishima for finding someone like you to keep him happy and he’d never get in the way of that. But he wants what you guys have.
The shirt was big on you, and Bakugou was so thankful for that. The way the cotton fabric settled on your hip, bunched up perfectly above the upper half of your ass.
The sheets on the bed look disheveled, and if the clothes scattered on the floor weren’t enough of an indication of what happened in here overnight, maybe the cum still dripping out of your pussy was.
Usually you and Kirishima were loud in the bedroom. If it wasn’t your moans and his grunts, Bakugou could at least hear the mattress creaking and the frame knocking against the wall.
The sound of his best friend fucking you senseless usually ended up with him pressing his ear against the wall, fucking his fist to the sounds spilling from your throat. But not last night. Maybe he was just that tired. It had been a long week for him.
He was brought out of thought as he heard the water of the shower turn off. Only he couldn’t get himself to move. He couldn’t pull away from the sight of you. Your perfect pussy on display for him. Leaking his best friends cum. How the fuck did kiri leave you like that? If Bakugou woke up to this sight, he’d make sure to wake you up properly.
He’d spend his morning lingering kisses all along the bare skin of your back. Sinking his teeth softly into the fat of your ass. Slowly dragging his fingers through the mess he made the night before only to push it back in and hope there’s room for a fresh load to dump into you. Fingering you open for him again so you’d wake up to his dick inside of you.
Your usual morning stretch to wake yourself up would be replaced by the stretch of your tight cunt around his thick cock. He’d thrust into you slow and deep as your sleepy eyes began to flutter open. A groggy morning hum and an arch of your back as you try to push yourself up only to be met with Bakugou's chest, it would be everything he ever dreamed of. And that’s all it could be. A dream.
With Bakugou still standing in the middle of Kirishima’s room, the creaking of the bathroom door opening finally brought his gaze away from you.
“Oh, uh… morning Bakugou? Did you need something?” Kiri asks in a whisper, trying not to wake you. He’s got a towel wrapped around his waist and another one running through his hair to try and dry it off.
“Sorry, I um, eh hem, didn’t know y/n was here. I came in to ask if you wanted to go to the gym, but… yeah. Sorry man.” Bakugou says with a pink blush dusting across his cheeks, almost embarrassed that he had been caught looking at you in such a state.
“Don’t be sorry man,” Kiri says, stepping closer to his best friend, resting a large hand on his shoulder. “Quite a sight though, isn’t it?” Kiri smiles and wiggles his eyebrows up and down.
“Yeah Kiri, you’re one lucky bastard…” Bakugou’s eyes finally leave you to look at the door. Not wanting to put himself through anymore tourture knowing that he’ll never have someone like you. Or better yet, you.
Bakugou speaks again before turning to face the door, “’m gonna go then.”
“Hold up Bakugou… I uh, um.. I see the way you look at her, ya know. We’ve talked about spicing things up in the bedroom too – ”
Bakugou turns around, meeting his best friend's gaze. A smirk plastered across Kirishima's face is contrasting to the shock across Bakugou’s. “Y-you can’t be serious?” He takes a deep breath, trying to calm the pounding in his chest at what he was just offered.
“Come on man, I am serious. So? Whataya say?” Kiri grins again as he brings Bakugou closer to the bed, slinging his arm heavily around his neck.
Bakugou feels like this is so wrong, you’re not even awake yet. He’s already had his fix at getting to look at you like this. He can’t even ask what you want, part of him wants to make sure and the other doesn’t care, he wants it so bad. He wants you so bad. He can hardly believe the offer and there’s not a bone in his body that wants to deny it.
“Fine, let’s do this.” Bakugou is now the one smirking at his best friend, and man, is he ready for what’s to come.
Kirishima cocks an eyebrow at the other man in the room and nods his head in your direction, silently telling Bakugou to follow his lead. So he does, shutting the bedroom door before following. Kiri has since discarded the towel he was using to dry his hair. The one around his waist still sits loosely on his hips as he takes his place next to you on the head of the bed.
He places a large, gentle hand on your head, smoothing your hair and whispering a soft “G’morning baby”, causing you to stir slightly. Not yet opening your eyes but moving enough to realize something is trying to wake up.
Kiri’s hand is still on your head, moving it in long, petting strokes against your hair. He leans back against the wall, speaking softly, his words directed at Bakugou, “touch her.”
Bakugou looks at Kiri, his grin only grows wider waiting on his next movements. Bakugou climbs on the bed behind you. Calloused fingers gliding across your smooth skin. Bakugou sighs at the contrast, allowing himself to relax further into the touch. His hands move up higher. Pads of his fingers caressing your inner thigh, moving even higher. Pulling on the fat of your lower ass. The tug of his fingers on your skin pulls open your labia, giving him a closer view of the thick cum still dripping out of you.
Bakugou moved his hand closer, holding the outer lip with his forefinger and allowing his middle finger to slowly drag up your slit. His touch has you turning in your sleep, your eyes flutter open briefly. Catching a glimpse of Kiri looking down at you, a sweet smile spread across his face, seeing it made you smile as well and release a sigh of content.
You’re a little more awake and you roll over on your side, arms moving to wrap around kiri’s mid and lay your head against his lap. Your movement pulls Bakugou’s hand out of reach and pulls your shirt down to cover your lower half.
Kirishima looks at Bakugou, obvious disappointment spread across his face at the lost contact. So Kiri speaks again, this time it's directed at you.
“Hey. Baby girl, I have a surprise for you. Wanna open those pretty eyes for me?”
You let out a long, drawn out sigh, eyes still closed, “mmmm, what is it Ei?”
“Gotta sit up for me first baby. Wanna come sit in my lap?”
You giggle softly. Still not noticing Bakugou’s presence in the room. “Always know how to tempt me, huh Ei?”
You push yourself on your hands and knees, sticking your ass out as you move to situate yourself before moving your legs to straddle his lap. Your hands come up to his still damp hair. Tangling your fingers in his red locks.
You bring your lips to the spot right where his collarbone meets his neck, pecking the skin softly.
Another soft peck on the column of his neck.
“What’s my surprise this morning?”
Another kiss to the base of his jaw under his ear.
“We picking up where we left off last night?”
Another kiss at the corner of his mouth.
“Or did I wear you out too much, hmm?”
Kiri laughs softly, but it’s sinful. His hands are on your hips, massaging your skin lightly, but his eyes are focused on something behind you.
“Ahh, something like that. But, just so you know,” he leans into you closer, whispering into your ear before tugging your lobe between his teeth, “you could never wear me out.”
You grab his jaw and pull him into an open mouthed kiss. Humming at the sensation of your tongues pushing against each other.
He pulls out of the kiss and his hands move down to firmly grip your ass. Spreading your cheeks apart, making sure Bakugou has a good view from where he’s still sitting on the bed.
“So, about that surprise,” Kiri starts, “remember when we said we wanted to spice things up? Try something new?”
God damn the way he looks at you. His words drip off his lips like sweet honey. He’s got you wrapped around his finger.
You cock your head to the side and kiss his cheek, slowly starting to rock your hips in his lap as he continues to talk to you.
“What do you think about adding someone new?” Kiri looks from you to Bakugou. Your eyes light up at the offer.
“Babe, you’re serious?”
“Turn around and see for yourself.”
You finally look over your shoulder to see Bakugou sitting on the bed. Cheeks flushed and shoulders hunched forward.
You turn back to Kiri, he can tell by your eyes you want to know if he’s serious. He gives you a reassuring nod and you turn around to face Bakugou.
You get on your hands and knees again to crawl toward Bakugou. Kiri starts talking from behind you.
“Ya know baby girl, Bakugou walked in on you asleep this morning. Saw that pretty little pussy of yours still dripping from the mess I made last night. You gonna let him fill you up just like I did?”
“Mmm, I dunno Ei, you think he can handle that?”
Kirishima leans forward to place a harsh slap on your ass, sure to leave a nice hand print.
Bakugou’s confident demeanor returns and he grabs you by your face. Fingers gripped loosely around your jaw as he speaks.
“I think the real question is can you handle it, princess?”
“Hmph, I like this side of you Kat, you should show it more often.” You say, bringing your face even closer. Lips just centimeters away from his.
“Why don’t you show Kat how good of a girl you are baby?”
“Yeah, come on princess, show me what ya got.”
“Careful what you wish for Kat, I might just make you eat those words.”
“I think Kat and I are both planning on eating something else babe.”
Instead of responding to your boyfriend, you let your actions speak for you. You close the little distance left between you two, pressing your lips to Bakugou’s. You grab the collar of his shirt, using it as leverage to pull yourself into his lap.
His head is spinning. Minutes ago he was staring at your sleeping body, daydreaming about all the things he’d wish he could do to you and now the opportunity has finally come. He wasn’t going to blow it.
As aggressive and brash as Bakugou can be as a person, his touches were soft yet firm at the same time and he touched you with purpose. You knew he could break you if he wanted. He knew it too. But there was something about you that made him want to take his time memorizing every dip and curve of your body.
This is all too much, but at the same time not enough. He wants more. As you continue to rock yourself into him, he grabs your ass, just as Kiri had done earlier. Spreading you wide open and making a mental note at the gasp that leaves your throat, he eagerly swallows it and takes the opportunity to suck your tongue between his lips, only to bring his teeth back up to your bottom lip in a soft tug.
“Fuuuuck, you two are really going at it. Don’t be selfish now Kat. Y/n, why don’t you come sit in daddy’s lap and let Bakugou play with your perfect little pussy, hm?”
You pull away slightly, feeling the weight shift on the bed as Kiri situates himself in the middle of the mattress, still leaning against the wall, pulling the towel off his lower half. His rock hard cock barely standing upright due to the sheer weight of it.
You flash Kirishima a quick glance of dismissal over your shoulder and bring your attention back to Bakugou. You continue your attack on his lips and you can hear a low growl come from your boyfriend and you feel the weight on the bed shift again. This time, you don’t turn around to look. Instead you feel a second set of hands on you.
The way Bakugou and Kiri are moving in tandem with one another makes you think they were made to share you. Working perfectly in sync. Bakugou lifts your hips slightly so Kiri can move his fingers to your bare cunt in his lap.
The familiar feeling of his thick fingers pushing into you floods your senses, along with an unfamiliar feeling of Bakugou grabbing a fistful of your hair to pull your head to the side, giving Kiri access to your neck as he starts to leave his mark on you. Sharp teeth digging into the soft skin in the crook of your neck makes you instinctively release a whine into Bakugou’s mouth.
With the hand that’s still on your hip, Bakugou starts to guide your hips further down onto Kiri’s fingers. The angle of his fingers inside of you and the way Bakugou pushes you into him has Kiri’s knuckles brushing up against the growing bulge in the blondes shorts. A quiet groan comes from his throat but you and Kiri are quick to notice. You pull away from Bakugou and lean back into Kiri’s lap. Your back on his chest and his fingers stay buried in you the entire time you move.
His hand comes off of your hips and out of your hair at the shift but you're quick to grab his hand again. Holding onto it as Kiri takes his original seat at the head of the bed, leaning against the wall with you in his lap now. He removes his fingers, which are dripping with slick.
He brings them up to your lips and you clean them with a content moan.
You lean your head against your boyfriend's broad chest, tongue still wrapped around your fingers. You pull Bakugou into you by the hand you were still holding onto. Taking it and placing it softly on your chest. Encouraging him to touch where and how he wanted. If your actions weren’t enough, Kiri made sure to tell him anyway.
“Come on Bakugou, touch her. She’s practically dripping for ya, isn’t that right baby?” His voice raspy against your skin, echoing in your ear.
Bakugou’s eyes flick down to your pussy then back up to you still sucking on his best friend's fingers. You remove Kiri’s fingers from your mouth with an audible pop! and turn your head toward Bakugou.
“Whatsamatter Kat? Ya nervous? Didn’t really peg you for the type.” You turn your face up to Kiri, grabbing his jaw with delicate fingers and bringing him into a kiss that’s all tongue. The way your mouth moves against his causes you both to release a sigh. “Mmm, why don’t you show him how it’s done, Ei.” More of a demand than a question.
“Hmm, don’t mind if I do.” And he does. Kiri is grabbing you by the throat, forcing you to look at Bakugou by pushing his thumb into your jaw. His other hand ghosts over his shirt that covers your body. Pulling the fabric up over your chest, exposing all of you. Lowering his hand again, he draws one, two, three quick circles against your clit. Making your thighs twitch.
He quickly sinks two fingers back into you. Curling them up inside of you, hitting that spot he knows drives you mad. While he picks up the pace of his fingers thrusting in and out of you, you drop your hand to rub your clit. Kiri is quick to force your face to look at him and pull his fingers out of you, slapping your hand away from continuing your movements.
“Come on baby girl, don’t be selfish. Think we should let Bakugou have a turn.”
His eyes are on his best friend again, “Come on Kat, you gonna make her wait all day?”
“Nah, shitty hair. I’m not.”
Finally, finally. Bakugou makes his move. His thumb moves to start rubbing soft circles over your clit. Expirimentally stroking your slit up and down with the tips of his fingers. You start to rock your hips against his hand, wanting to feel him deeper. Kiri is quick to move his legs to wrap around yours and hold your thighs wide open by your ankles.
Kirishima and Bakugou exchange a quick glance before Bakugou quickly shoves two fingers inside you. Making you jump in Kiri’s lap, the redhead releasing a deep groan as your ass bounces against his throbbing cock. Kiri’s fingers always filled you up perfectly, long and thick, hitting all the right spots. Bakugou’s were just almost as long as Kiri's, but thicker than you had ever paid attention to.
His fingers are pushing in and out of you at a ruthless pace. The veins in his forearms bulge at how hard he's working his fingers into your dripping cunt. Kirishima still has a hand on your throat, keeping you in place, forcing you to look at the mess his best friend is making between your legs.
His off hand comes down to rub messy circles around your clit.
“She’s clenching around me, Ei. Faster, she’s gonna cum.” The blonde says, shoving his fingers deeper inside of you.
“Gonna cum for us baby? Why don’t you show Kat how good you are and squirt for us?” He pushes your head to the side, making room for himself so he can bring his mouth back to your skin, sinking his teeth into your shoulder and letting out a low growl. “Wanna cum all over Bakugou’s fingers, hm?”
You whine and try to move your hips even more. Bakugou is quick to move his off hand to keep your hips still and reposition himself to lay on his stomach, face right next to your pussy as he still fingers you open.
Kiri quickly swipes three of his fingers over your swollen bud before removing his hand to grip Bakugou's hair and pull his mouth to your overstimulated clit. Quickly sucking it between his lips.
Your entire body is shaking and you’re barely hanging on. Your orgasm is flooding over you. “Fuck! Nnngh, gonna cum! I’m – ah! Cumming!”
Your eyes squeezed tightly shut, spurts of warm, clear liquid coming out of you as Bakugou still works his fingers in and out of you. Kirishima is in your ear, curses falling from his lips at how provocative the sight in front of him is. Bakugou is earnestly lapping at your juices, drinking every last drop of your release.
When you finally come down from your high, vision refocusing as you blink the tears from your eyes, you feel Bakugou wipe his mouth on the inside of your thighs. Kirishima has released his hold on your throat and has been palming at your breast, rubbing his thumb over your stiffened peaked nipples.
“Such a good girl for us baby. You like it when daddy shares you with his friends?”
Your head is leaning against his chest as you nod and muster a soft “yes”.
“Wanna be a good girl and take me in your mouth with Kat behind you?”
The thought of being stuffed full with Kiri down your throat and Bakugou behind you has your body and mind reeling. And you want it.
You nod your head yes again, eyes shooting open as a second wind comes over you. You slip your shirt over your head completely. You move to grab at Bakugou’s shirt. Trying to strip the only clothed person in the room. He takes the hem in his own hands and tugs it over his head. Your hands pull at the waistband of his cotton sleep shorts, slipping one hand in to palm his length. Bakugou grabs the backside of his shorts and boxers, pulling them down around the muscle of his ass. Setting his throbbing cock free.
You stroke him a few times, thumb pressing into his slit to spread the bead of pre around the flushed red tip. Your other hand reaches down to roll his balls in your fingers. His length is impressive. Not as thick and heavy as Kiri, but long with forked veins you can’t wait to feel along your walls.
You turn back around to face Kiri, still holding Bakugou by his cock to pull him on the bed. You let go as soon as he sets his knees on the bed behind you. Leaning down onto your forearms, face in Kiri’s crotch, you stick your ass in the air and your tongue out to lick a long strip up your boyfriends length. You wrap your lips around the angry red tip and suck forcefully, earning yourself a long hiss from between Kiri’s teeth.
He brings a hand down to pull your hair out of the way and hold it in a fist at the base of your head. “Fuck baby girl, always so good with that mouth of yours.”
You flutter your eyelashes up at Kiri, whose jaw is slack with pleasure as he watches his cock disappear down your throat. Too focused on doing everything you can with your mouth, you almost miss Bakugou dragging the tip of his cock through the slick between your lips. Using your previous release to lubricate himself before pushing inside of you.
The head catches on your still swollen clit which makes your hips jump forward instinctively. Bakugou then pushes himself inside of you, slow at first. And you were right. You can feel every ridge of the veins on his cock dragging against your walls.
“Shit princess, I dunno how yer still so tight when you take Eijiro’s cock every night.”
This earns a laugh from your boyfriend, who is now pushing your head down deeper on his length. You hum around him and soon Bakugou’s hips are snapping against yours. The loud sound of balls slapping against your clit fills the room.
The air becomes thicker from the hot breaths and panting coming from the three of you. Bakugou has a death grip on your hips as he forces himself deeper into you each time. The force of him fucking into you has your body rocking, forcing Eijiro’s cock to hit the back of your throat. You’re desperate for air as the pace becomes too much, you’re so full from both ends and you can’t imagine what it would feel like to have both of them inside of you in a different way.
Kiri pulls you off of his length, looking down at your sweet face, saliva dripping down your chin, your cheeks stained with tears. To him, you’ve never looked prettier. Such a mess for him. He’s still got a hold on your hair when he pulls you up further. You prop yourself up onto the palms of your hands and his lips meet yours. He brings a hand up to wipe the new fallen tear off of your cheek.
Pulling away from your lips, Eijiro’s deep red iris’ bore into yours before he speaks. “Bakugou making you feel good baby girl?”
“Mmmm mhmm, s’good”
“Fuck her harder Kat. She can take it, can’tcha baby?” He coos as he rubs soothing circles around your cheekbone.
“Shit, ‘m not gonna last too much longer Ei, she’s clenching.”
“Ahhhaaa come on man, we’re not even close to being done.”
“Fuck, Eiji, ‘m gonna cum- gonna cum again.” you manage to breathe out in between Bakugou’s rough thrusts.
Your fluttering walls sucking him in deeper and deeper, you can feel his length start to twitch inside of you, hips starting to stutter.
You know his release is coming fast and you’re chasing your second as well. His hips are still smacking against your ass as you bring your hand down to rub your clit. Wrist flicking quickly as that coil comes closer and closer to snapping.
Kiri is holding your face in his hands as your eyes begin to squeeze shut and moans fall from your lips. “Fuck, cumming!”
“Shit, me too, ohh fuck!” Bakugou spills his seed inside of you with a grunt and continues to move his hips. Pushing his cum deeper as your second orgasm rushes through your body.
You drop your head down onto Kiri’s shoulder, Bakugou is quick to steady himself before collapsing completely on top of you.
Bakugou pulls out of you and you whine at the loss of feeling suddenly empty. Kiri, who is still painfully hard, pulls you flush into his chest again. Flipping you around before he settles you in his lap. Back against his chest, legs spread wide open for Bakugou.
“Doing so good for us baby, you think you can handle me and Kat inside at the same time?”
Your chest still heaving as you catch your breath, the blonde in the room doing the same. Although, you open your eyes and see that Bakugou is already hard again. Kiri wasn’t kidding when he said they weren’t close to being done.
Once your breathing steadies, Kiri drags his fingers through the slick between your legs. Dipping two fingers in your heat and pushing out the load Bakugou just filled you with. He brings his fingers up to your clit then back to your pussy. Gathering more cum on his fingers only to push it out and watch it drip down your ass.
A low voice breaks behind you, “Kat, come play with her clit again. It’s my turn.” the familiar growl sending chills down your spine.
Bakugou moves closer and starts playing with the far overstimulated bundle, pulling back the hood only to run the pad of his finger against it over and over again. Your body feels so spent already and you know you’ve got a long way to go.
The pressure on your clit is a good distraction for Kirishima’s thick fingers prodding at the tight ring of muscle. He works his two cum covered fingers into the opening, simultaneously kissing your neck to try and get you to relax.
Sinful moans escape your throat as you grind your hips down harder on the two pairs of hands working on your lower half. You bring one hand up to grope at your breast, the other reaching back to tug on Kirishima's hair.
“Shit princess, you into this? You like Kiri fingering that tight little asshole of yours open?”
“Mmm, yes Kat, so much. Feels so so good. Fuck Eiji, more please. I– “
Your eyes roll to the back of your head and a sharp gasp leaves your lips as soon as kiri shoves another finger inside of you. Curling them, trying to open you up further for him.
You can feel his hard cock pressing uncomfortably into your back. “You think you’re ready baby girl? Y’gonna let me and Kat in?”
You nod your head in compliance, looking over your shoulder at your boyfriend with big, pleading doe eyes. “Yes, wan’it so bad Ei.”
“You heard the lady, get over here Kat.”
“Don’t have to tell me twice shitty hair.”
Simultaneously you are stretched wider than you ever have been before. Bakugou pushing back into your already dripping core and Kirishima slowly opening your asshole. He’s pushing slowly inside, but Bakugou is quick with his thrusts. Your body rocking from his pace only to push Kiri in deeper.
Kiri reaches around to palm your chest with one hand, his other supporting underneath your thigh to keep you steady. Bakugou has one hand against the wall behind you and Kiri and the other is gently around your throat.
He slows his pace slightly as he brings his lips to yours. Kissing you with so much passion you feel heat bubbling in your core. Slow strokes inside of you and slow laps of his tongue against yours as Kiri finally bottoms out inside of you.
“Fuck, feels so fucking good.” Bakugou says into your mouth.
“You feelin’ as good as we are babe? Who are we kidding, I know you are. You love this, don’t you?” Kiri says, hips still as he is completely engulfed inside of you.
“‘ts so full, ah. So good. Fuck, move. Please.”
You really should be careful what you wish for because they are now both thrusting into you with so much force you’re seeing stars.
Your mouth open wide in a silent scream. If it was possible to get words out, you would be an incoherent, babbling mess.
The force of Kirishima and Bakugou thrusting into you almost becomes too much to handle. Their paces are relentless and matched, almost like they’re in a competition as to who can do it better, faster and harder. Fucking into you at the same time, a thin wall separating the two of them inside of you.
“Takin’ us so well princess. You really are a good girl aren’tcha?”
“You want me and Kat to fill you up at the same time baby girl? I think you do.”
“Shit! Too much, too much- ngh! Fuck!”
Their pace slows down just enough to where they can switch positions. Kiri opens his mouth briefly to tell Bakugou to lay down on his back and get you on top of him. They both slip out of you for just a few seconds. Bakugou now on his back, You’re straddling his hips as Kiri positions himself behind you. One knee on the bed in between Bakugou’s legs and the other propped up against the outside of your hip.
Both of them push back into you in one swift motion, this time their strokes offset one another. One pushing in as the other is coming out. Making sure you’re never left feeling empty.
Both of them are so deep inside of you that you can feel it in your stomach. The room is hot and heavy, your bodies are all slick with a thin layer of sweat. It feels so good to feel so full. Large hands on your body, sandwiched between their two large frames. Something you’ve always wanted and surely something Bakugou has dreamed of too.
With Kiri thrusting into you hard and fast, you feel another release coming. Bakugou doesn’t even need to keep a rhythm due to how hard Kiri is moving, rocking your body against Bakugou. Kiri’s heavy balls smacking against Bakugou's, the scene is so lewd but so hot.
“Shit baby, I'm gonna cum. Bakugou, you close man?”
“Yeah, ‘m close. Just keep going. Fuck! You got one more in you, princess? I think you do.”
Kiri grabs a fist full of your hair, pulling your back into a deeper arch, Bakugou snakes a hand down between your bodies to rub your clit again. Forcefully pushing his thumb against it. Your thighs are trembling at the pleasure coursing through every inch of your body.
As if the timing couldn’t be more perfect, all three of you reach your high at the same time. Bakugou and Kiri twitching inside of you as your releases run down your inner thighs.
Their softening cocks pull out of you at the same time. Kiri plants a loving smack to your ass and shakes the fat of it in his hand before letting go. You flop down onto the bed next to Bakugou and Kiri is quick to grab a towel from the bathroom.
Once the three of you are wiped down and resting on the bed, you find yourself sandwiched again between your boyfriend and his best friend yet again. You roll over, placing a hand across Kiri’s mid, reaching for Bakugou to do the same to you from behind. At the end of the day, Bakugou will admit that he'd never get tired of seeing you so spent and so full of his cum. Maybe he can convince his best friend, and you, to make this a regular occurrence.
Bakugou speaks up before sleep takes over your bodies. “We should all shower and get some rest. We have a long weekend and this is definitely happening again. This time, you’re gonna follow my lead shitty hair.”
You smile into Kiri’s chest, loving the competitive dynamic they share, “Good luck with that man, I run shit in this relationship.” The two playfully scoff at one another.
Good Gods, what did you get yourself into?
For more kiribaku content check out Three Best Friends.
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korathefairy · 14 hours ago
Bestie, I'm have really bad nck and back pain, so you know what that means.
I need some headcannons about how the mha boys would help with severe back and neck pain. Like, it's just muscle pain so Recovery Girl can't really do shit.
I'm glad you had a good morning, bestie❤
Listen man. The way I felt this so damn hard. This shit runs in my family. 😭🤣🤣🤣😭😭
First up, Shinso!!!
Shinso is packed up to the neck with anything to help ease body aches. Those ointments / lotions that heat up when you put them on? Check. ✔️ (He's got like 4 or different brands. Don't tell him I told u.)
He's great at massages. He learned from Aizawa. He himself likes acupuncture, but if ur afraid of needles, he schedules those heat cup appointments, and they work wonders.
Also, he will be down your neck about physical therapy. Please go to some appointments with him. I promise it helps.
Mans will also drag you to every hot yoga studio in town. He doesn't care if you don't like sweating. You will do it. He'll also take you to saunas, or take you to the public pools to sit in the hot tubs.
Mans has a personal physical therapist and takes pilates. He will set u up with the best instructors and you will be in heaven. He also knows the best masseuse in town, and he will schedule appointments for u both. Mans has it on lock down. Stress? Don't know her.
Izuku pesters Shoto and Bakugo for Massages all the time. Cause what's better than taking advantage of your besties quirks? Bakugo may grumble and may put on a grumpy façade, but he's internally relieved that you two are finally taking his advice, by finally asking for his help and letting him take the reigns. He'll make sure you feel like jello by the end of it. Go ahead and take a nap while he takes care of you.
Shoto however, will just gently rub your back, your neck or shoulders, with whatever side you ask for. If you need to ice any sore spots, to relieve the aches, he's got you covered. Of you need some warmth to relieve tension, or help you relax to ease into sleep, he's got you covered.
Shoto takes you to his place and asks his older brother Natsuo to help out, since he's in college for medical insurance and other medical stuff. So Natsuo has anything you need. Pain meds, heat packs, ice packs, and he's damn good at massages too. He'll also get you a membership to the best hot springs, so you can all go relax.
Bakugo goes to physical therapy, pilates, hot yoga, and also enjoys acupuncture. He's taking you to any one you ask for. He's got you booked every weekend, and if you have a day or two off from work or school for any reason, he's taking you with him to any of those.
And like I said, he's great at massages. He's gonna make sure you feel nothing short of absolute bliss.
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