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PoserPunk Bakugo and Cottagecore/ActualPunk Deku has so much flavor 🧡💫💚

Like yes Deku teach that literbug how to be eco friendly and vandalize government property for a cause😩💕💕💕

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300 Cubs!

Oh my gooddddddd!!! Thank you my loves!!! I love each and every one of you, and these past few months have been so loving and supportive! I hope you’re all enjoying the content!

Feel free to ask for little drabbles or quick scenarios.

I.E: How would Bakugou react to *insert this type of s.o*


Imagine Bakugou walks in on you *inser doing certain action*

Or just talk to me and ask me questions through requests! I love interacting with you guys! See you soon Cubs! 💗🧸

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I am convinced


Horikoshi just went onto random social media apps and checked the profile of everyone named Kyle for inspiration



Todoroki is definitely doing a bump and idk why no one ever talks about that

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Entitlement Of A Class

summary ; shinso loves to get in your head during arguements

You’d been sitting here communicating your annoyance through your facial expressions for the last 15 minutes yet, you couldn’t tell if shinso just didn’t care or he didn’t want to

“ whenever you stop acting like an emoji keyboard and decide to use your words we can talk “

you looked to the floor wishing it could swallow you whole as you sat next to your boyfriend on the couch his arm wrapped around you as your body laid back against the couch feet tucked under yourself

“ unless your scared “ his eyebrow coming up as he turned to look at you

“ and my precious kitty has no reason to fear me right “

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<div> Class 1-A and final exam results </div>
Mina, trying to diffuse the situation
Bakugo, through gritted teeth
wasted academic potential
Kaminari, matching Mina's vibe
Tokoyami, emerging from the darkness
...and clean the floor with your salty tears
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first time blowjob 18+


charakters: bakugou, todoroki, kirishima and sero; part 1.

warnings: NSWF, 18+, hair pulling, praise kink, degrade, choking, dirty talk.

note: i think tumblr has a limit [only 5,000 words] so i’m gonna post works with todoroki, kirishima and sero in my next post.


bakugou katsuki


- covering a soft blush on the cheeks with the outer side of the palm.

- one peek, one sight on you and he’s gonna do it early that he’s expect.

- truly, he’s good at hiding emotions. but when he glanced at you - he memorized this expression on your face forever.

- acting shy first: he doesn’t know where to put hands, how he should treat you, dirty conversation? when he’s getting closer to the point, would groan a little.

- would cum in your mouth certainly.

- before the last move, he pushed his hips up, hearing how you got choked by his dick.

- slowly pulled the cock out of your mouth, watching the viscous consistency flow down your chin.

even knowing that it’s his first time, he imagined you on you’re knees and himself on the edge of the bed. you slowly take off his sweatpants, taking out an already considerable cock. he has been that horny during the competition? you won the lottery or sold your soul to satan. you took his dick on one hand, unhurried stroking his dick, gradually approaching his cock with your face.

katsu, i’m gonna-’ not finished your line, you took him by surprise: you took the head of his cock, tongue tracing a variety of patterns, without looking into his eyes. cock twitched, released a little pre-ejaculate; not expected, he moaned slightly, covering his mouth with hand. his dick is big, so you managed to put it deep, but not so hard: teasing him just a little bit.

are you in charge of me, huh? what about this one, darling

he immediately put both of his hands on the head, controling your path. from shy bakugou to the i’m gonna bit the last of your shit, slut, he went quickly. i think you sold your soul. to katsuki. the way he moves your head on his cock, making you literally choke; he doesn’t give you a break to catch you breath, make you become more his personal little slut.

bakugou pushed you into his mouth, forcing to take deeper. with one hand you’re stroking throbbing cock, with another hand, you reached up on his abs, feel the relief of his strong muscles. your whining, begs for a little break it’s driving him crazy.

‘you like feel my strong my body, huh? now look me in the eyes, slut

your desperate sight, your tears, makes him push hid cock deeply in your throat, makes you whining.

he pulled the cock out of your mouth, makes you get down to the balls, suck 'em, lick 'em. with one hand you’re playing with 'em, lightly squeezing, for tease. and he wasn’t expect it’d that good.

'get ready for it, sweetie

it was the last line, when he shoved his cock in your mouth, cumming with a slight groan, burying hands in your hair.

that’s my good girl


i’m gonna post another charakters in the next post.

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Dekus panick attack and how bakugou got him out of it!

Hiya it’s me M again! And I’m back with a story on bakugo and deku today cuz why not . I hope you like it ✨


DEKU! The whole class scream as his eyes widen in response.

‘Fuck, fuck. No you shitty nerd please.. don’t.’ Bakugo mumbles under his breath seemingly holding back tears. It fucking broke him to see midoriya looking so petrified and vulnerable.

Todoroki stepped closer to midoriya, hand in front of him with the palm was facing towards the curled up figure on the floor. It was a natural reaction just like when someone falls you inch closer trying to help them with your hand in that very same position.

‘GET AWAY FROM ME’ deku screeched, gritting his teeth to stare todoroki in the eyes. His hands were shaking uncontrollably as he held them up to his ears in an attempt to block out any and all noice.

‘FUCKING GET BACK DAMMIT’ Bakugo screamed at the class, his voice strained from the knot he felt in his throat. Everyone knew he was being serious. If there was anyone in this room who had a chance of calming down midoriya right now. It was him. Only he could do it.

‘Deku, please. Come on,, Deep breaths’ he instructed making his voice calmer than anyone in the class has ever heard it. It wasn’t sweet nor smooth sounding and It was still raspy. However you could tell how much he cared for midoriya in the tone of it. And how worried he was.

Midoriya looked up again for a split second only to see bakugou looking directly at him. Worried.

The image of his face brought back all of the memories of the past, he started replaying flashbacks of him getting bullied by bakugou in the back of his mind. And the words ‘swan dive of the top of the roof’ engulf the last of his ok mentality.

In what what a quiet room, Izuku heard a thousand words. With the sheer volume It seemed as if he was at a party. His mind had became so loud that it was hard to not listen too. It was becoming impossible to ignore.

Bakugou took notice and was becoming increasingly more distraught the longer it went on , he knew how midoriya’s mind worked. He needed to calm him down. And fast.

Taking his chances he ran as fast as he could at izuku who was curled up, back against the with his hands still clung to his ears. He was petrified. He was so scared at the sight of bakugo that he froze, completely. He couldn’t move. Not even an inch. He felt so hopeless.

everyone in the not lit classroom shared the same shocked look on their face as bakugou embraced midoriya. He had immediately pulled him into a hug and perched his head on midoriyas shoulder. He was leaning on his right knee which was accompanied by his left foot on the floor.

He took one deep breath in and started to hum. His voice was so calming. Bakugo often used to sing to midoriya when they were younger. When they used to be bestfriends. He ever sung in front of anyone but him. And this had reminded him of that. He was humming the exact song that they made when they were younger. Singing in front of people made bakugou feel insecure and izuku knew that. Yet he trusted midoriya enough to sing and him in front of him despite that.

That’s why it clicked him out of his mental distraught. With tears still in his eyes he moved up his hands from his ears and wrapped them around bakugou shoulders. Wailing.

The whole class stared in shock not understanding the moment those two just had.

Bakugo had needed that hug. he had a tight grip and it was reassuring him.

‘I’m sorry deku’ his voice Indistinctively cracked but for once he didn’t care, he didn’t care about what his classmates thought or what anyone thought about him in that moment minus midoriya. He just wanted him to feel ok.

He couldn’t bring himself to untighten his grip on deku, and deku knew. He realised that this was kacchan trying his hardest to show his emotions. He had alwyas struggled with it, yet he was trying so desperately to convey his feelings.

As if midoriya were a mother, he placed his hand on the back of bakugou hair almost naturally, stroking it. On his shoulder he felt his face tighten. And he felt his arm get wet.

Bakugou was crying.

Did deku really mean that much to him. He sat there astounded and at a loss for words.

‘Fuck off extras…’. Bakugo says voice more

Full of emotion than usual. The class immediately knew that Bakugo needed space. They’ve never seen him like that. Vulnerable wasn’t a look that suited katsuki. Not in the slightest.

‘Listen here you damn nerd.. I fucking now what I said to you all those years ago… but I didn’t fucking mean it. Please. Don’t do anything like that. Fucking promise me you won’t you fucking dumbass’ he cried out.His voice betraying him, breaking and changing pitch every two seconds as more tears fall out.

He pulled himself up only to reveal his eyes to be bloodshot with a significant amount of eye contact. Bakugou’s signature furrowed blonde brows had changed form completely. Just as katsuki face did, they had also dropped. They just looked so… sad.

Midoriya sitting there shell shocked, didn’t say anything. Because of this bakugo brought his hands up to his freckled cheeks and pulled him closer to his face.

‘P..please’ he said. So fucking gently and cautiously not to make midoriya feel scared. ‘Promise me’ he gives a somewhat desperate look to midoriya.

‘I…I promise’ deku stumbled. Feeling a knot in his own throat now. He was so shocked that he wasn’t crying. He was just sat there. Wide eyes.

‘Thank fuck you damn nerd’ he managed to put a smile on his damp face. Fake or not it reassured midoriya that everything was ok.

Before getting up he wrapped his arms around midoriya once more and squeezed him in a comforting way. A way which felt like he was saying.

Im here for you. And I’ll always be here.

Bakugo gets up and reaches his hand out to deku whom took it and stumbled up from the force of which his hand dragged him.

‘Let’s go’ deku smiled. They both head out the door and no one will ever speak about what they saw in the classroom ever again.

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Kirishima, @ the squad: GUYS.

Kaminari: Dude, you good?

Ashido: What’s the problem?


The squad: WHAT?!


The squad:

Kaminari: And…?

Kirishima: HE SAID YES.



Midoriya, Todoroki, Tokoyami, Dark shadow and Shoji in the distance trying to pretend they didn’t hear anything: 👁👄👁

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Tags: Omegaverse, abo

Warnings: some good ol smut ahead

Quick A/N: Lmao I know some of y'all are probably mad at me for taking 12 years to finally write part two okay, I get it but ima gonna feed y’all so open wide 🍽 also uhhh I low-key don’t remember what happened and yes I know I can read but I’m a lil too lazy for that 


It was probably a split second tops before you were bent over the dining room table, your head was pressed against the wood by Bakugou’s hand. You couldn’t even get a word out before he had your pants halfway down your thighs.

Your legs trembled as his hand found your clothed cunt, your panties were already soaked through with slick, the more he groped you the more gushed out. 

“You’re so desperate…you’re dripping all over my goddamn hand” He growled out, you attempted to gain some friction by grinding your hips back against his hand, for a moment it helped ease some of the overwhelming arousal you felt, until you felt a sharp smack to your ass. 

Bakugou rubbed your sore asscheek soothingly and used the hand holding your head to grip your hair forcing your head back, you let out a small whimper at his rough treatment.


He cursed under his breath and yanked your underwear down so aggressively the fabric ripped and you couldn’t help but let out a quiet moan, mesmerized by the sheer strength of your alpha.Your cunt throbbed eagerly, his thick fingers trailed to the front of your bent over body, they traced your puffy clit in circles. He pinched the nub and it caused you to jerk forward, your moans fell out of your mouth uncontrollably.

His grip on your hair got tighter as he shoved a finger into your cunt. Your eyes becoming watery all over again, your arms clung to the table desperately as if you’d shatter like glass if you let go. 

“Tell me ‘mega, do you think any other alpha could make you feel this good?”

You shook your head repeatedly and his finer began a deadly assault on your weeping cunt, it slid in and out so easily with how wet you were, you were so turned on you barley remembered to respond.

“No alpha, you’re the-the only one” You let out a long whine at his slipped two more fingers into you, he fucked them into you at a brutal pace, the pads of his finger grazing against your g-spot every now and then and it had you whining in desperation. He knew what you were whining for, but it wasn’t going to be that easy.

Bakugou’s fingers slid out of you and your hips raised in the air, you couldn’t wait anymore, you needed to feel him inside of you already. 

His hand finally released your hair and he took a step back to look at you as he undid his pants, you were barely holding onto the table, legs bent inwards shaking, your arousal dripping down your thighs and onto the floor making a puddle underneath you. 

He stroked his cock to the sight before stepping back up and rubbing the head of his cock against your throbbing clit, he teased you with it, letting it rub against your entrance acting as if he missed. 

“-Teasing…stop teasing” You moaned as his cock brushed against your sensitive clit again. 

With a firm thrust he fully fucked his cock into you, he let out a shaky breath. You were gripping him like a vice, even after he spent time loosening you up. 

You on the other hand were in euphoria, his cock hit all the right places inside of you, it had you repeating his name like a mantra. His cock had turned you into a dumb fucked puppy already. His thrusts began slowly, he gripped your hips and used them to fuck into you. His thrusts would begin picking up speed but then  he would slow down or stop all together. It had you grinding your hips back against his in an attempt to chase your release which had been building rapidly from all his excessive teasing. 

You were so close but he still continued to fuck into you lazily, instead you pushed him away from you and shoved him into the chair he was sitting in earlier. 

You straddled his hips and lowered your cunt down onto him, feeling every inch of his cock spread you open had your eyes rolling back into your head. You gripped his shoulders and you began riding him, your movements became sloppy as you neared your high, Bakugou’s lips found your breast, he cupped it with his large hand and began sucking on the hardened bud. 

You came with a shout of his name, you shook violently on him. He gripped. your hips and began using forcing your hips to move on him, your body squirmed in overstimulation, your clit was being tickled by his trimmed pubes every time he forced you down on him, soon enough you came again, you held on as best as you could to Bakugou. 

His hips slowed down as his knot fully slipped in your clenching cunt, He bared his teeth and sunk them into the soft flesh of your neck, blood ran down your neck and he held onto you tightly.

“Your mine now, I won’t let you leave ‘mega”

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Bad Boy


 “I’ve never had a bad boy before.”

Pairing: Bakugou Katsuki × Reader

TW: a lil suggestive

Word count: 0.5k

A/n: Sorry if it isn’t what you hoped for :/ and for the long wait 😅


Bakugou grinned sadistically at the person behind him, walking away as they finished up their conversation—well if you could call it that.

Two years into UA, they never really had the biggest of interactions, just the simple ones that classmates have with each other on the odd chance. He was simply not their crowd. He was something quite the opposite of themselves. A bad boy as the crowd put it in whispers. Bad boy. A big bad boy.

What changed? Good question. Even they didn’t know. Was it because of the history project they were assigned to do together two weeks ago? No, it dragged on further than that.

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I honestly think Deku pushing Katsuki away after this is a very realistic option.

I mean Iida was one of the first true friends Deku’s ever had in his entire life and they were basically attached at the hip until the OverHaul arch when Iida point blank says “I wanna be there for you”

Then we basically didn’t see that mf again until he was on the battle field trying to save Katsukis life, and it’s not because Iida hasn’t been around!!

And when tf was the last time we saw Uraraka having a real interaction with him?? The sports festival???

Todoroki is the only squad member left standing and it’s because as sweet and genuine as he is he’s also clearly socially stunted

Deku has a sever fear of intimacy that absolutely rivals Katsukis, and may even be worse because he’s not upfront about it. Like the Bakusquad knows to go hunt Katsuki down and drag him into the fray.

Dekus been “just busy” for 5 months straight, so even though everyone lives together he’s not able to interact much. But because they’re all kinda busy and he’s still friendly and approachable no one suspects a thing.

Katsuki is gone have an entire dairy farm when Dekus suddenly going “just busy” “I’ve got a lot going on” “I’ll call you later” “read 2:30pm” “I already made plans sorry” on him

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