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Thank you!🥳

Thank you guys for 680 followers! It means a whole lot to me that you guys love my content and for that I’ll will be answering any requests you guys send in for the next 48 hours.

*Please take this opportunity to send in requests! Make sure u guys check my rules. I updated it!*

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Bkdk fusion AU: Two Player game. P1

A year ago I created a whole story surrounding a bakudeku fusion AU. Today I grabbed all of the notes and drawings I had done then, and with more artsy-confidence than before, I’ve decided to start redrawing and posting everything this time around.
(This Au doesn’t have to be about shipping, it’s more of the general development of both characters as they grow to be friends, but if you want I don’t really mind. Whatever floats your boat, guys.)

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[ 11:19 p.m. ] • ground zero

“are we friends or are we fucking more than that?”

his question makes you stop in your tracks, hand lingering against the metallic fence you have been brushing your fingers against as the both of you walked back to the school grounds from a day out in the arcade.

“i – ” afternoon wind gusts over the both of you, making your hair fly around your face wildly. your reply to his question is halted by you sifting through your strands of stray hair, occasionally closing an eye to avoid poking them. when both eyes flutter, they meet cherry orbs with furrowed eyebrows under spiky blonde locks. bakugou’s features look even more ethereal under the golden hour; red, pink and blonde, mixing well together. his hand brushes against your frozen ones and push them back to your sides as he fixed your hair instead. he wipes his sweaty palms against the back of his jeans as he carefully combed through your hair with his fingers and tucked them behind your ears, eyes begging to look back at you but mind trying its best not to. his eyes would scream how intimate and how shy he felt with what he was doing.

“so, i asked you a question, (y/n)? are we friends or are we more than that?”

you close your slightly gaping mouth and form a smile in your lips as you stop one of his wrists. “do you want to be more than friends, bakugou?”

he huffs, “that’s not an answer to a question, (y/n).”

you slide his hand to the side of your face and it makes him finally look at you, eyes wide as he tries to pull his hand away, “you idiot! my hands are too sweaty for – ”

“i don’t care about your sweaty hands, i want us to be more than friends, bakugou.”

he stops, fingers relaxing against your skin, sweat mixing with your own, “really? you serious?”

“yeah, you?”

bakugou katsuki doesn’t speak words to tell you how he feels in that moment. his free hand snakes to your back and he pulls you against him, lips crashing into yours as you wrapped your arms around his neck, allowing him to close every speck of space there is between the pair of you. his hands fall and grip your hips as he gives you a kiss that’s worth a year of pining. his kisses are harsh strong ocean waves angrily lapping against the stonewall. bakugou’s kisses are hungry, impatient, open-mouthed ones that proved to you how much he reciprocated your own feelings. maybe double your feelings, too.

“yeah, me too,” he says in between breaks from kissing you, vermilion eyes glinting under the sunset. “i want us to be something more.”

all that under the sinking of the sun.

[ 11:44 p.m. ]

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° • ☆ ☆ • °

° • ♡ 数字 ♡ • ° 

The Numbers

• ♡ • ♡ • ♡ • ♡ • ♡ • ♡ • ♡ • ♡ • ♡ • ♡ • ♡ • ♡ • ♡ • ♡ • ♡ • ♡ • ♡ • ♡ • ♡ • ♡ • ♡ • ♡ •

   00 y: 00 d: 00 h: 04 m: 34 s

You felt someone shake you up, you crack one eye open, seeing a familiar red iris suddenly made you feel awake.


You voice cracked, hands suddenly reaching up to hold him if only you didn’t feel any pain.

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When I first read the ask I got flashback to thr mini cheating series I almost cried!!! Thank you for requesting!!! ❤️💜❤️

Midoriya Izuku 💚

- He wasn’t one to doubt you much.

-But he couldn’t help but feel a little insecure today.

-You barely talked to him, and when you did it was a simple “yes” or “nah”.

-You’ve been on your phone all day long, and he was starting to feel unease.

-Especially since you’ve been laughing and smiling.

-Spark in your eyes and blushed cheeks.

-And when he asked if you were talking to your friend, you denied it.

-The worse came to his mind, thoughts of yiu cheating on him making his heart ache and break.

-Why are you doing this? Did he not treat you right? Did you find someone better? Someone hotter? Someone you love more?

-So taken by his thoughts, he didn’t notice your eyes in him, worried and confused to why he was crying.

-Scooting closer to where he was, taking him in your arms, telling him that it was ok, that you loved him so much.

-He almost believed you, if it weren’t for a notification from your phone.

-Taking it and opening the notice, it was your favorite meme page!

-“Here Zu, I’ve been looking at memes the whole day, maybe they’ll make you feel better too!”

-Head shooting up, of course you weren’t cheating on him!

-He felt so bad for doubting you, for thinking that you’re able to do something so bad.

-But as you kissed his cheek and handed him your phone, he couldn’t help but smile and laugh too.

-He’s glad to know you aren’t cheating.

Todoroki Shoto 💙❤️

-First of all you weren’t responding to his texts since yesterday.

-And now that he’s with you, you barely paid attention to him.

-Not when gave you a kiss, wrapped his arms around you. Not when he gave you a deathly glare or nudged you to get your attention.

-He wad growing insecure by the second, and it didn’t help that you’re on your phone constantly.

-Smiling and laughing, like you were the happiest person on earth, like he wasn’t nearly having a breakdown next to you.

-And what worried him the most, was the fact that you went out last night with your friends to a party.

-He didn’t want to imagine the worse, but each sound that you let out making him crazier and crazier.

-Shoto wasn’t one to beat around the bush, so he asked you boldly.

-“Are you…. Y/n are you cheating on me?”

-Dropping your phone at his question, voice laced with pain, doubt, anger and sadness.

-Quickly, you reassured him, telling him that you’ve been looking through memes all days, even showing him your phone and apologizing for mistreating him today.


-Now it was your turn to have a heartbreak, did he not know what memes are??

-Now doing the opposite of what you’ve been doing all day, you sat so close to him, showing him all the funny images you’ve seen today.

Bakugo Katsuki 🧡

-He knew he was at fault, he knew he should apologize.

-But seeing you so happy looking at you phone, laughing so hard it brought tears to your eyes, acting like you didn’t have the most intense fight the previous day.

-He couldn’t bring himself to walk up to you and break your happiness.

-Doubt filling his mind? Was it because he always yelled? Did he always start the fights? Because he didn’t show you enough affection?

-Maybe that’s why you’re probably texting someone else, someone who’d treat you better, who’d love you better.

-He couldn’t believe it, but he couldn’t blame you either for cheating on him.

-As much as it pained him, he knew that you were better off without him.

-Though these thoughts faded as you sent him a message.

-Bracing himself, ready for a break up text, though he was surprised.

-You had sent him a meme, one about fighting and how the couple where so sad about it.

-Well something like that but funnier.

-Looking up to his phone than meeting your eyes, he gave you a questioning, not intentional angry look.

-“Huh? I’ve been looking at memes all day to find the perfect one to send you and all you give me is that angry look?! Pfff I’ll send them to Denki instead then!”

-Eyes widening in surprise, first of all you of course you’ve been looking at memes! He should’ve known better.

-Second of all he can’t believe your way of apologizing is through these, supposedly, funny images.

-Scoffing a little and resting his head on your shoulder, give it a tender kiss first.

-“No, show me your stupid memes baby….”

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sick (bakugo katsuki x reader)


he almost couldn’t help the smile that began to play at his lips, seeing that your cheeks began to flush because of him. “baka,” he smirked smugly, shaking his head. “don’t get sick next time.”

“you say that as if it’s my fault,” you retorted and crossed your arms over your chest. he smiled, seeing your pouty expression.

“obviously you did something to get yourself sick.”

“i did not—” before you could finish, he flicked your forehead gently, but just hard enough for it to hurt slightly. “ouch!”

as you were about to swat his chest, he gripped your wrist and planted a quick but soft kiss to the spot he had flicked. “don’t get sick next time,” he repeated, walking away, leaving you flushed— and not only because you’re sick.

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Bakugou x reader


A/N: I’m sorry, this image is so popular i can’t find the op for the life of me.

Behold the flood of Baku content! Old catchup uploading/new oneshots lined up in a very baku heavy way so that’s just how it is. 

There’s no greater pain than that of losing a loved one.

It took the color from one’s life, and they soon realize everything about their lover that they took for granted. It was the little things that made the strongest, most heartbreaking impact.

He had been a lone wolf until you came along and wormed your way into his heart with your every touch and word. You were his rock, and had supported him from tbe day he decided to be a hero. The way your eyes sparkled when you laughed, the way your smile reached your eyes… your soft-spoken ways and unconditional support had him at his knees.

You would always be there to soothe him after a long day at work, kiss him, love him. It was a routine… so imagine his unease when he came home to a dark house. The normal warm household lacked its usual cozy spirit. From then on, the perfect life he had taken for granted quickly crumbled away.

It started with a classic ransom note. Your safety, and for exchange, classified information. Your life, or the lives of thousands of civilians. Would he be your lover, or a hero?

Through the many sleepless nights he thought he would go insane. Without your gentle guidance, what would he do? He flew into a frenzy, throwing himself carelessly in harm’s way in any attempt to get you back.

But he just couldn’t find you. The deadline for the ransom was approaching, and the looming choice weighted down on him. Your life, or the safety of civilians? His beautiful, perfect love, or thousands strangers? Who could ever decide? But in his heart, Bakugou was and will always be a hero. And a hero saves people. As many people as possible - no matter what.

No matter what.

Although it would break him beyond repair, for once in his life he forced himself to sit down, forced himself to watch from the sidelines. I’m a hero, he thought. Heroes put the lives of civilians first. But what good is being a hero if he couldn’t even save you?

The deadline passed. And not long after, he received word, that you did too.

The utter, crushing guilt was overwhelming. The words of his colleagues were empty. Who could emphasize with the feeling of having their heart so fatally wounded?

He could have saved you… but he had to be a hero. And now that you were gone, the regret crashed down in waves. Try as he might to ease his pain, alcohol couldn’t soothe him the way you did.

“(Y/n)… what do I do now…” he gripped the cold hard marble, grasping desperately for some semblance of the warmth you once held.

“Please come back…” he mumbled, forehead gently touching your name etched into the stone, tears squeezing their way out of his eyes.

“I’m sorry… I’m sorry I couldn’t fucking find you…” his shoulders started to shake as his eyes burned with prickles of sorrow.

“I’m sorry I didn’t chose you. I-I’m sorry I couldn’t save you!” He gasped, tears streaking down his grief stricken face, knuckles white as he gripped the sides of your grave. It burned and hurt so bad, his regrets fighting and clawing at his heart.

“Y-you would tell me that I did the right thing… you would tell me that I’m a fucking hero…” the cold marble ground provided no relief.

“Haha yeah… you’d call me a fucking hero.”



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Whenever Izuku has any nightmares, he’ll wander around the lobby of the dorms. One night Bakugo finds him wandering out when hearing footsteps outside of his door and asks what he’s doing. The rare kindness in his voice makes Midoriya break down into tears, unable to keep his emotions bottled up.

“Stop!” Deku yelled out, his body lurching upwards as he came out of his dream, sweat making his shirt stick to his torso, which itched uncomfortably against his skin. His heart was hammering painfully against his chest, small tears dripping down from his eyes.

He let out a strained gasp of air and moved around in his bed so that his legs were hanging off from his bed, staring down at the floor in deep interest. “Hah, stupid.” He laughed dryly, roughly sliding the palms of his also sweaty hands into the crevices of his eyes, trying to wipe the sleepiness he felt away. Almost every part of him felt damp with his sweat, and it made him feel disgustingly warm, even as he was shivering.




Although he was not exactly quirkless anymore, those words still held a great feeling to him, feelings that weren’t exactly happy ones. Feelings that he wished he could forget, that he thought he would forget, even as All Might helped him with his newfound powers that were passed onto him, he still felt weak. With his useless, fragile, quirkless body. Breaking every time he tried to use the full extent of his powers.

Fighting the urge to let the shadows in his mind to swallow him whole, he stood up slowly, stretching out the muscles in his legs when he moved to walk. His footsteps made a repetitive tap tap tap as they knocked against the wood flooring of his room, his sweaty hand making marks when turning his doorknob to open the door.

The hallway of the boys’ dorms was dimly lit with small lamps built onto the ceiling, the yellow light straining his eyes so that he had to blink rapidly. It was eerily quiet, but for Deku the quiet was all that he needed. It told him that no-one would be able to see him in this weak state-of-mind. He carefully walked away from his room, not shutting his door all the way in case it made a noise and woke someone up.

Deku yawned as he quietly made his way to the elevator of the dorms, pressing the round button that lit up as he did so. He heard the shaft rumble before the metal doors slid open, revealing the also dimly lit box. He stepped inside, again pressing another round button that had a down arrow on it, flinching when the doors closed with a ding. I hope no one heard that…

It was a quick ride down to the lobby floor, and as the doors opened he shuffled out but immediately froze when hearing a slight hum in the kitchen area. He then dropped his tense shoulders when realizing it was probably just the fridge, left open from when Kaminari and Kirishima had tried to bake a cake in the late afternoon.

It had not gone so well.

Izuku smiled at remembering the still-new memory. There were still stains on the floor that they had tried to scrub out when Kirishima thought it would be “cool” if he used his hardening quirk to stir the batter. That resulted in the sweet batter being spilled all over the place, onto his friends too and splattered on the wall. Though it came off the wall easier than it did on the floor, the looks on both of their faces when Aizawa came up to investigate all of the noise, could easily erase the sour looks when their friends and himself had been covered with the gooey batter.

Nevertheless, a good memory like that couldn’t keep away the bad ones that shifted into make believe dreams. Make believe nightmares. And make believe or not, it couldn’t keep Izuku from muttering as he slept, making him increasingly paranoid, especially if he was alone. Scared that in the corners of the room, the villains, the same ones that had attacked them at the USJ, the same ones that had taken Bakugo, the ones that had helped All For One beat All Might so much that he to retired because of it.

And he was next.

And he couldn’t bear to handle that weight. But he had too, it’s what heroes do. Right?

So why does he feel so damned scared all the time?

All Might wouldn’t feel this way. No. He would fight against these conflicting feelings and rise up victoriously! But that shield of protection had been shattered away as soon as All For One landed a single blow on him.

And he was next.

He had the powers. Deku had One For All embedded deep inside him, ready to help anyone that needed it. But even as he said he was, he wasn’t ready for it. He really wasn’t.

“Deku?” Shoot.

Midoriya carefully turned around and flinched when seeing the intimidating figure of Kacchan standing only a little away from him. “What are you doing down here, nerd?”

He gulped down the rising anxiety he felt bubbling up in his chest and stammered out a quick and hopefully witty, “I could ask the same for you, Kacchan.” He let out a smile that felt way too wobbly on his lips to be a genuine one.

Kacchan stepped forward, eyes narrowing at Deku’s shivering figure as he let out a dry scoff. “Are you…good?

The question alone made Deku’s mind race with at least a thousand buzzing thoughts, the first of which was confused at the actual nice tone that Bakugo spoke with. Never in his life, even in his rare happy childhood moments with Kacchan, had he heard that type of sincere, worrying tone in his voice. It made his stomach buzz with anticipation and his heart falter a bit, though he pushed those intruding emotions away quiet quickly. Much more quickly than the other ones.

“I-” He stopped, squeezing his eyes shut when he felt that familiar sting at the corners of them. No. Not now, not right freaking now!

But he couldn’t help it. Thinking about the paranoid thoughts of there always being a villain or some bad guy around every corner really got to him. And so he broke.

Tears streamed down his eyes, falling so easily as if it were butter melting down his face. Deku couldn’t bare to stand anymore, so he crouched on the ground, bringing all of his weight onto his feet while pushing his head so that it was hidden in his knees.

He wasn’t expecting to be embraced in a warm hug, stopping the heavy tremors that moved through his body, but yet it still happened. There was only one person that could be doing this, and it was the one person that hated physical contact. Especially if it was genuine, nice contact.

“Hey! Midoriya. Deku. Just breathe, it’s okay, just breathe.” The voice rumbled in his ears sending soothing shivers down his spine as a soft but calloused hand rubbed gently at his backbone. The thin fingers pushed gently down at his tensing and relaxed muscles, making Deku shudder in enjoyment.

He tried to push away, but to no avail. The figure who was holding him-who he had to assume was Kacchan-held him closer, pressing his head into Deku’s shoulder to hide his face. “I’m s-sorry.” Deku muttered, gasping for air when he felt that his lungs would explode from lack of breath.


Deku’s eyes widened when Kacchan finally pulled back from the hug, a frown on his lips whilst he crossed his arms over his chest. “Whatever’s bothering you is probably not your fault.” He whispered, moving his head away from Izuku’s big green eyes when he felt that his cheeks were beginning to get hot.

They were still sat on the floor, Izuku’s legs on top of Kacchan’s, placed so that he was mostly on his lap. The neck of Bakugo’s shirt was damp with the salty tears that had fallen there from Deku’s still watery eyes. “Thanks.” He also whispered, wrapping his pale freckled arms around the middle of Kacchan’s torso and curled himself against the warm body.

Kacchan sat there dumbfounded before he quickly wrapped his arms around him as well, a small smile pulling at the corner of his lips. He knew know that besides his face, his ears were probably stained red as well, but he didn’t care as he hummed against Deku’s shoulder.

Whatever Deku was thinking before, was long gone by sunrise.

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Synopsis- (y/n) Aizawa, transfer student. Mysterious to all, feared by all, except one exploding idiot.

Pairing- Katsuki Bakugo x Reader

Word Count- 1265

a/n: I hope you lovelies like the new setup, I went and edited the other chapters as well. Make sure to give those a glance. All are posted in my masterlist! This is just a little bit of fluff before we get into the nitty gritty. So will the next chapter. Anyways hit that heart and happy readings!




Have you forgotten me?

Never! I would never. Where are you, I can’t see you?

Soon, (y/n), soon.

MOM!” I scream, setting my pillow on fire. It disintegrates onto my bed leaving nothing but ash and charred fabric. 

It’s then I feel the hot tears streaking down my cheeks. My mouth gulps down air, eyes trained on the window. Good, it’s still night. Not as if I will be able to sleep though. Not with her voice still ringing in my ear. 

Instinctively I reach for the photo from my box, tucking it into my sweater as I make my way to Katsuki’s room. No, it wasn’t right of me to wake him up at this hour. He has been working hard these past weeks with not only training but me. It would be selfish. Maybe I could talk to Dad? No, he would only worry. Send me back to New Zealand. 

“If you’re gonna stand out there all night go away.” 

I jump at the sudden voice, eyes looking at Katsuki, his sleepy form hunched over the dorm frame, arm propping the door open. The red of his eyes was dull from sleep, surely he was not pleased that I had been lurking outside of his room. 

“K-Katsuki I’m sorry,” I muster my courage and wrap my arms around his torso as I feel tears threaten to escape. “You told me to come to you whenever I had a problem, and right now, I do. You’re the only person I feel comfortable talking to about it.” 

Silence fills the hallway. His breathing steadies out again, his arms coming around my shoulders and pulling me to his chest. The door closes behind us leaving only darkness. I’m pulled away, eyes now staring straight into his own. 

“Your eyes are glowing again.” He wipes the tears from my eyes. “Like a fucking flashlight.” 

I giggle, rubbing my head on his chest as he cradles me close. With one swift motion he sweeps me off my feet, carrying us to what I can only assume to be his bed. I’ve grown familiar with the comforter and pillows that smelled of burnt caramel. It was comforting, it smelled like home. 

“Let’s talk.” 


And I spilled it to him. The voice, my mother, the possible link between the two. I told him about my dreams, how she has been calling out to me for weeks on end, asking me so many questions I had no answers to. He only listened, nodding his head in understanding. When I finished, he laid his head back on the bed frame, taking in all the new information I spilled. 

By now my head was in his lap, his fingers running through my knotted (h/c) tresses. They were warm, lulling me to sleep, but I had to stay awake. I have to know what he thinks about everything. When he does speak, I decide to step in. 

“Katsuki, I’m scared. I have no control over, well, whatever this is. And this new possible quirk, I mean, where did it come from. What if I lose control or something?” 


“What if I even hurt somebody?” 


His mouth is on mine, warm and soft and everything I need in that moment. I caress his cheeks, thumbing the warm flesh as he brings his hand into my hair. We pull away from one another after the lack of air overcomes us, my legs straddled across him as he lays against the wall. 

“I promise, as the soon to be number one hero, I won’t let anything happen to you.”

I sniffle, he kisses my cheeks. 

“And if your dumb ass decides to do something stupid, I will be the one to handle your stupid.” 

Without a second of hesitation, I close the gap between us again, moving our lips in perfect sync. His hands trail down my sides, moving up and under my sweater. I tug on his own shirt, managing to pull it over his head. In a flash, I am pulled under him, looking up int his deep gaze as his heavy breaths mix with my own. 

“I do care about you, (y/n).”

“Thank you, Katsuki.” I pull him close. “Thank you.”

“So what’s everyone’s plans for this weekend!?” Mina chides, sliding her plate onto the table beside my own. 

Kirishima shrugs, scooping some cereal into his mouth. “I was thinking of just chilling, catching up on some homework. What about you Baku-bro?”

“(y/n) and I are going to my place.”

“WHAT!?” The table erupts into questions making Katsuki snarl. I watch from across the table with amusement, giggling when he starts swatting away the boys teasing hands. 

“Ohhhh is someone bringing her home to the folks? What a big step! So manly.” 

I nod, scarfing down the rest of my breakfast. Pushing my plate away, Katsuki snatches it from the table, bringing it back into the kitchen. The group watches as he leaves before turning towards me, each one grinning making me shiver in fear. 

“So, big plans (y/n).” Kirishima smirks. 

“I can only imagine what other moves in your relationship you’ve made.” Denki says, wiggling his eyebrows. 

With a laugh I push the boys away, Mina helping pull them back. They sit as I twiddle with my fingers. “I guess we have made a few major leaps.” 

Denki, Mina, and Kirishima all crowd in waiting for me to finish. Instead I stand from my chair with a big smile, giving them a thumbs up. 

“But of course none of that boring stuff would matter to you. Tata!” With that I dart as fast as I can from the table, finding Katsuki already waiting by the door with our bags. I go to snatch mine form him but he pulls it up above my head. 

“Idiot, I can carry your bag.”

“But Katsukiiiiii.”

“Shut it before I change my mind about having you over.” 

“You would never!” 

“You wanna bet shit head?”

We both chuckle, our hands finding one anothers as we make our way to the train station. After getting off we make our way down his hometown roads, the big houses making my eyes ogle. I’ve never actual been to his house before. Besides that one incident where I was going there, but of course that took a turn for the worse. 

Katsuki stops, yanking me back in the process. He is reaching for something on the ground, shuffling around in the dirt before coming back up. In his hand is a very, very shiny marble, which I am surprised I missed in the first place. 

“Would you look at that, buried treasure.” He smirks my way. “Extra shiny too.” 

That dirty bastard.

“Can I see?”

He reaches his hand out, my own itching to take the object, but he pulls it away leaving me grasping at air. 

“Nah I think I will keep it for myself.”

“Katsuki, you bastard!” 

The boy laughs at my attempts to snatch the object, tossing it back and forth above his head, just out of my reach. This ignorant son of a bitch was gonna get his ass kicked in a second. Finally he snatches my shirt collar, pulling me in for a quick kiss. When he pulls back I’m still awestruck, wondering what the hell just happened. He gently places the marble into my hand, the cool glass bringing me back. 

“here you go you dork.” 

I lean upwards, catching his lips again. I can feel him slightly smile against my lips before I move. “Thanks, porcupine.” 


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trying out a new format! I love writing small fics / headcanons based on a song. I was going through my Ariana playlist and these came to my mind. Hope you like them! <3

Bakugou Katsuki - everytime

You get high and call on the regular / I get weak and fall like a teenager


He’s rough. He knows he’s being rough. He just doesn’t care.

You were the one that went to his place, though.

His fingers are digging your hips so hard you can just tell he’s going to leave bruises. But it turns you on even more. Your kiss is sloppy and your teeth crashes his sometimes, but both you and Katsuki keep getting back at it, trying to satiate a thirst that had begun long ago.

All it took was a text from him to get you off your bed, brush your hair, fix your makeup and go to his apartment in the middle of the night. The fact both of your lived in the same building seemed a cruel joke in that moment. He had pushed you against the wall the moment you walked in, kissing you like his life depended on it.

You didn’t know why you even went there. You had just gone out to a lovely date with a nice man Midoriya had introduced you to. He had taken you to see a movie and then kissed you on the cheek as he said goodbye. He was a gentleman and even made you laugh several times, but it didn’t change the fact you were back into Katsuki’s apartment, your fingers tangled into his hair, trying to pull him even closer to you. You thought going to that date would help you get rid of your thoughts about him and his chiselled arms that were currently caging you, but it seemed it had done next to nothing. Not that you were really surprised by that.

“I need to go. I’ve got patrolling duty tomorrow” you whispered between kisses. Katsuki pulled away, his stern expression never changing and nodded. You took a deep breath, taking in the image of his ragged breath and strong arms one more time before turning around and leaving his apartment.

“That was the last time. The last fucking time” you scolded yourself under your breath as you made your way back to your room. There had to be a way to stop yourself going back to him every day he snapped his fingers.

Maybe someday you could find out how.

Kirishima Eijiro - Moonlight

I’d be crushing on you, baby. Stay right there where you are / I never knew you could hold moonlight in your hands ‘til the night I held you


It was a pleasant surprise when you realized the agency you had joined was in front of Fat Gum’s agency, where Kirishima was still working at. You had crossed paths when you went to the store to buy some snacks and decided to see each other at the end of the day so he could show you that side of the town. His smile was so big you didn’t have the heart to tell him you were actually familiar with that area.

You had gone to the woods near your old school, U.A. Since your quirk was offensive and his was defensive, he offered to let you practice your attacks while he protected himself.

It started like that. Every Thursday afternoon you would meet in front of the store you had first seen each other again and walk to the woods. After a few weeks, you both were more comfortable with each other, staying up and chatting after you were done with practice. You learnt a lot about his family, stories about FatGum and his encounters with villains. You did your best to pay attention but we’re always distracted by how beautiful he looked when he passionately talked about his dreams and his job, which seemed to be the same. You had had a big crush on him back when you were teens, but didn’t act on it, trying to focus on getting stronger and a better hero.

However, not even two months into your weekly training, you ended up kissing him. You hadn’t planned on it, but the atmosphere was very inviting. The sun was setting, he was laying on his back, telling you about his last fight with a villain and explaining how he had teamed up with SunEater to win. You were laying on your stomach, propping yourself on your elbows, watching him wave his arms as he told his story. Almost as if you couldn’t refrain yourself anymore, you bent down and pressed a kiss on the corner of his mouth. Kirishima had blushed and laughed nervously. You muttered and apology but before you could finish, he sat up and kissed you again.

Training was long forgotten after that. You would still meet up every week, but instead of training, Kirishima and you would just spend time together. Sometimes, he would leave kisses all over your face as you giggled. When it was your turn, you would blow raspberries on his cheek, marvelling at your he would squirm underneath you as he laughed like a little kid. You always ended up embracing each other, whispering sweet words until night came, when he would accompany you to the train station and kiss you goodbye.

One summer afternoon, you listened to one of Kirishima’s stories as he laid between your legs, his back pressed to your chest as you rested against a tree. How could a man so pure and sweet could be real? How could there be someone who not only wanted to be strong to help everyone else, but also pushed everyone to be their best selves? You pressed a kiss on his shoulder as he continued his story. Holding someone as pure and sweet against you felt like holding moonlight between your hands. And you never wanted to let go.

Todoroki Shoto - imagine

This is a pleasure, feel like we never act this regular 


As part of trying to fix his relationship with Endeavor, Shoto had to assist to certain event he couldn’t care less about. And as his girlfriend, you were always there to support him. He had assured you it wasn’t mandatory for you to assist -he knew how boring those meetings could get- but you always reminded him you would always be there for him, trying to make those events a little bit less duller.

That night, after dinner with his father and some other important heroes, Shoto had informed him that you had an early meeting at your job and he had to accompany you back so you could get some sleep. Endeavor didn’t like it. In fact, you knew he didn’t like you at all: you were not even close to the top ten heroes. Shoto didn’t seem to mind, as it wasn’t important for him, but it was still a sensitive issue for his father. He let you two leave with a stern look, making sure you both knew how much he disapproved your actions.

Shoto sat on the couch and sighed heavily, eyes closed. You went to the kitchen and turned on the electric boiler, ready to prepare some tea for both of you. Even if Shoto had managed to get you to leave the dinner early, you knew he was upset about having to deal with that sort of thing on a regular basis. There was so much to be expected of him and you could tell it was already taking its toll. There had to be a way to help him relieve some of that pressure. You just had to find out how.

Two weeks later, Shoto stood in front of his agency, looking down at the street. Your text said to wait for you to pick him up after he was done with work, but it had been over ten minutes and you weren’t there. Right when he was about to get worried, he saw your car getting closer and sighed, relieved. He got into the passenger’s seat and right when he was about to kiss you, he noticed your outfit. You were wearing a blonde wig, paired with a pair of sunglasses. You smiled mischievously at him and told him to look into the glove compartment. Shoto obliged, finding a black wig with a messy hairstyle. You helped him put it on and made sure it could cover up his scar.

“We’re leaving for the weekend” you announced, stepping on the gas pedal and driving through the highway. Shoto looked at the backseat and saw a two bags already prepared.

“We both have patrolls this weekend” he reminded you.

“Not anymore, got that sorted out for both of us” you sing-sung.

Shoto wasn’t one for surprises. It wasn’t he didn’t like them, he just didn’t get excited by them. Sure, a weekend away with you would be nice, but in what way would it be different from any other weekend you spent time together?

He got his answer once he realized how far you both were from the city. You parked in front of a hotel, that almost looked like a cabin from outside. It only seemed to have two floors. You fixed his wig a little before stepping out and walking to the registration. That was when it hit him. Shoto saw you register both of you under false names and it pained him it took him so long to understand what was the point of the wigs, when it wasn’t the first time he was wearing one. As you filled out some forms, he could clearly see his face in the news, about a robbery that was stopped the day before. Unlike any normal day, he didn’t see anyone look at him. No one knew he was a hero. No one was expecting anything of him. The realization made him sigh in relief, noticing in that moment how tense his whole body had been so far.

“We’re actually on our honeymoon” he heard you tell the lady in front of you. He felt heat rise up to his cheeks. The woman congratulated you both, wishing you happiness and a nice stay at the hotel.

Once you were both in your room, he couldn’t get but smile at the way you jumped on the bed and bounced a little. You laughed and stood up, walking back to him and placing a small kiss on his cheek.

“So, honeymoon?” he asked, with a slight teasing tone. Now it was your turn to blush as you gave him an apologetic smile. You put your arms arounds his neck and felt his hands resting on your waist.

“Yeah, I may have went overboard with that”

“No, I liked it” he replied, with a small shrug. You grinned and kissed him again, this time on the lips.

“We can go anywhere around this town. Nobody knows us here. We can order some food for tonight and then sleep until noon if we want to. Even if it’s just for this weekend… I thought you may like it” you explained.

“I do” Shoto nodded, tightening his hold on your waist and pulling you closer, your face burying on his neck. “Thank you” he whispered against your temple.

Even if just for a weekend, you couldn’t wait to disappear with him on your side.

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He’s not taking go away as an answer. Of course he’s gonna respect that no is no, but he’s gonna be so clingy and in constant need of physical contact at the very least. Lucky for him though it’s not likely he’d hear no. He’d just look so miserable that you just can’t help, but want to take care of him. He’s so loud though. Like might get a noise complaint loud. It’s actually pretty cute

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a/n: here you go darling!! sorry it’s taken me so goddamn long, i’m j getting back to reqs

todoroki shouto and bakugou katsuki x girly!!fem!!reader

todoroki shouto ✿✼:*゚:༅

  • doesn’t mind it really
  • but he does find it very endearing
  • even more reason to protect his gf!!
  • he thinks your style is so goddamn cute
  • and loves those little, floral skirts and dresses
  • if you buy him something more feminine he will def wear it
  • like a shouto in a baby pink button-up
  • swoon

bakugou katsuki ✿✼:*゚:༅

  • when he first developed a crush on you, he would tease you for it
  • okay more like he would give you back-handed complements
  • yeah that would look good if it was a little less fuckin pink”
  • he secretly loves it though
  • esp if you wear a short baby doll dress
  • i mean,, he do like a little bit of leg showin
  • will not wear that lilac hoodie you bought for him outside of the house
  • he wouldn’t want to ruin his “bad boy” reputation
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Originally posted by eagle-flies

Bakugou looks down at (Y/N) and into her (E/C) eyes with determination and a mischievous glint, a smirk forming on his lips.

“What?” (Y/N) asked with a tilt of her head as she looked up at the explosive boy.

“Let’s make a deal,” he says in a gruff tone causing a shiver to go down (Y/N)s back. “What deal?”

“If I can hold the whole world in my hands then you have to do whatever I say,” he responds.

“Deal, there’s no way you’ll be able to do that,” she shrugs without a worry in the world.

Suddenly, Bakugou puts his rough hands on her cheeks. “There.”

(Y/N) goes red in the face and hides her face in his chest. “You dork.”

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