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#bnha bakugou
weapxnsleft · 2 days ago
Author's note ; my motivation is slowly coming back and i finally have an idea for once,,, and i like it :) pls b nice im losing my sanity here
M.list — Part 2
Warnings ; swear words, Bakugou, dumbassery
18+/DC/MDNI blogs may like but DNI/REBLOG/OR FOLLOW ME
Bakugou K. ; Aizawa S. ; Shigaraki T. x gn!reader
Face timing you <3
Tumblr media
— Bakugou K.
He really isn't the type to ft a lot but when he does you're never met with a ceiling, wall, etc he always shows his face
He thinks it's dumb to not show ur face on smth called face time
But anyways chances are he's going to be doing the following;
Doing his laundry,
Washing his face,
Training or is with Kirishima training lol
Studying, he'll call you to come over ;)
He'll also be cooking or reading his manga/getting ready for bed
These calls mostly end up in you falling asleep an Bakugou ending the call for you, he'll never admit it but he takes pictures of you during every call, awake or not, doing your makeup, the camera lag so ur face looks deformed? Yeah he's got an entire folder.
Yes, he uses it as blackmail.
But in other situations he usually says a lot, like if you're shit talking a bitch who shit talks you he always yells out profanities like "that bitch" "their quirk is probably shit anyways" "can they fight?" "Baby they ain't worth ur time"
There are some times where he is softer, when he says love you right before you fall asleep and he ends the call, where he reassures you the night before an exam, or when you're on your way to train with others, where he mouths a kiss before you hang up
And he always sends a good night text, very rarely with a heart
— Aizawa S.
Tumblr media
Mostly fts u when he's grading papers or when he's on his lunch break, never on patrol because what if someone sees him and you? They might use their little cranium and find out where u live and he doesn't want that :(
Usually grumbles when he's grading papers, the pen or pencil scratching against the papers and the sips he takes from his coffees, he always begins the call with,
"hey baby, how was your day?"
Always asks about your day whenever he calls or I'm general, he's trying his really best
Despite him being angry and upset with you he really tries in your relationship
Sometimes present Mic crashes the call yelling and he pops in the screen, letting his sunglasses fall from the bridge of his nose a little and points, yelling
"HEY BESTIE" and thus the call is ended bc aizawa is tired of his bs
But on the rare occasion he's walking down the street and facetiming you, and he's much more relaxed
One time he had his hair up on a really stressful night, and he began talking to you, you noticed he put his hair down, and when shots realized you realized, he winked at you, jokingly saying you've worked your magic
Sometimes he brings a little stray kitten to the camera and says
"look, she's cute just like you baby."
And he means it everytime
Always ends the call blowing you a kiss and a goodnight, rest well sweetheart
— Shigaraki T.
Tumblr media
Ft with him is very very rare for obvious reasons, but there is some times where he does call you, you never call him based on unknown circumstances, so he has to be the one to initiate calls
But whenever he does he's either, away from the base, laying low and missing you, or you're laying low and he's at the base playing video games
And he always has his phone propped high enough for you to see him, but not his face, just from the neck down he's visible with his controllers or any other console device
He mostly calls to vent/rant/go over plans but mostly the first two
"babe, i swear i might dust dabi and have you as my right hand" "oh wait you already are"
"sometimes i need Toga on a leash and i need a shield, that's why dabi sometimes walks in front of my baby"
"i swear im going to kill dabi myself."
Mostly the last thing since the two butt heads almost 24/7 365.
Other than that he's sometimes shirtless because he can scratch his skin easier, but he only stops mid scratch sometimes because you tell him to stop scratching himself
He tries but fails
"baby if you're not here to hold me down i might scratch myself to death"
Sometimes he's training (very rare) just sitting on a bench, his phone propped up and him lifting 10 pound weights, he occassionally switches it to 25 pounds but it's mostly 10 pounds
Not to mention shirtless once more, he hates the feeling of sweat on his skin, so the shirt has got to go since the base is naturally cold (they don't pay bills but they somehow keep the lights on smh)
Tumblr media
《 SUPER ! 》
Tag list ; @jacuzziwaters @bubble-bootie
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aulel-process · 3 days ago
Popularity is people want to know about you, even when you don’t want them to.
Why do so many people in my life, who should not know about this site, know about it?
As the eloquent Britney Spears put it, “You want a piece of me.”
My ego is over huge, I know. I should get it under control.
My whole life has been about the admiration of an audience for my artistic talent... serve others? That has just... never factored into my world view... I apologize...
unrelated.. have a Bakugou:
Tumblr media
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redriotsimp · a day ago
Kaminari: Hey, Kirishima? Can I get some dating advice?
Kirishima: Just because I’m with Bakugo doesn’t mean I know how I did it.
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aashi-heartfilia · a day ago
People be debating on Deku, Bakugo and Shouto being at #01 while I'm just happy that my gal at least made it to top 12!!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
This time she got 1257 which is twice she received the last time (616 votes, 16th place) which was her lowest so far. Currently she stands at the no12 spot and is the highest ranked female character beating Momo marginally by just 89 votes as she received 1168 votes this time and is the 2nd most popular female character.
She did a lot of stuff in the war arc but got basically shafted during the villain hunt arc so it was great to see that her popularity hasn't declined that much.
The same can be said for Kirishima and Denki too who haven't done anything much lately but still are fan favourites.
I would have been super glad to see Ochako in top 10 but let's be real people, it takes time to change opinions. People who see her as a boring typical love interest will always keep on thinking that way and those that admire her like Iida or Bakugo will never leave a chance to vote for her. But seriously, what kind of animal would she have received if she actually did made it to the top 10?
Tumblr media
Kirby isn't an animal.
A goat would have suited her Capricorn trait and match the sheep from Izuku. Kinda bored of seeing just Deku, Bakugo, Shouto, Iida etc etc always making to the top. Like where are all women and villans? This is the second time this is happening. The highest ranked villain is Dabi and that too at just 16th position with some 895 votes?
Also the top tier waifu Lady Nagant at 27?
Mustard above Mirko?
A villain that made appearance just once during training camp that most people won't even remember the first time around more popular than the badass #05 pro hero who beat the crap out of an army of Nomus whom even Endeavour was struggling against? Ok, I'm losing my mind now.
That's it.
The art is outstanding, the poll is bullshit!!
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geraniume · 2 days ago
About 335!
I really wonder something...
If hagakure is the villain and going to reveal, technically Isn't she going to expelled from school?
So... 1-A will be 18. And probably midoriya will join again.
Then... will shinsou going to be the 20th member of class when hagakure is gone?
Send me your comments!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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yanderebkdk · 14 hours ago
I know I’m an asshole that cares for no one but myself but you oh you. I care for you more than I care about myself. You’re just so beautiful so perfect. It’s like I was made just so I could find you and worship you. You’re a gift sent to me, you give my life meaning. Your my angel. I don’t know how you ever expect me to let you go.
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urspaceprinces · 23 hours ago
ahhh my first official post!! please be nice 😀
-How the MHA boys would text there s/o at 1am-
Part 1:)
Charters: Bakugo , Izuku , Kirishima & Denki
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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lady-lauren · 2 months ago
Call Me Daddy
Tumblr media
Pairing: Dilf!Katsuki x Reader
Warnings: daddy kink, breeding, age gap, authority/power dynamics, praise with a dash of degradation, rough sex, mention of bruising, claiming, belly bulge, size difference, creampie 
Word Count: 3.5k
A/N: Well. I don’t know what to say. I have been literally so god damn horny with thoughts of Dilf Bakugou today, so I said fuck it, let’s be bred. Special thanks to @whats-her-quirk​ for helping me brainstorm and thirst today, and to @mindninjax​ and @lookslikeleese​ for reading over it all and giving me the love and validation to know I did Katsuki right 💕
Tumblr media
It’s a sweet surprise for Katsuki to find you sleeping on the couch when he returns home. An exhausting night of hero work has left him drained, sans for the adrenaline still snaking through his veins. The sight of you makes his heart hammer in the confines of his chest, his cock twitch against the spandex of his hero suit.
You’re not supposed to be here.
You should’ve been gone hours ago, should’ve taken your cute little sundresses in your overnight bag onto the train after his ex-wife came to collect the rowdy kids he pays you to watch over. Instead, you’ve rolled onto your stomach, throw pillow clutched underneath your face, hem of your dress hiked to where he can see the curve of your ass, the fat of your thighs.
The news is rolling on the flatscreen, accounts of his heroic deeds flashing across the pixels. Your dewy skin catches the colors, blues and yellows dancing across your shoulder blades and sinking between your spread legs.
Katsuki’s hands are itching to touch you. The spaces between his fingers feel empty, eager to touch soft skin and the cotton of your panties.
He debates waking you with a hand between your thighs.
You’ve tempted him long enough, spent nearly a year holding his babies in your arms and running around in your shirt and stupid little thongs in the morning to get them fed and dressed. You’re practically a live-in nanny, he might as well reward you with something special for all your overtime.
He removes his gauntlets and mask by the door before crouching down in front of your sleeping form. The way your lashes curl against your cheeks, how glossy and plump your lips are, how smooth your skin is—it all reminds him how fucking old he is. Grey peppers his temples, crows feet kiss his eyes, he’s got scars lining thick muscles.
How young you are just makes you more appetizing. He could teach you a few things, if you let him.
Katsuki holds his fingers next to your ear, grinning as he sets off the tiniest spark of an explosion in his palm that makes you jerk awake and look at him like bright-eyed prey.
“Havin’ sweet dreams after watching me on the TV, kiddo?”
You’re so startled that your tits are heaving, a strap of your dress hanging limp down your arm.
“Fuck, I’m so sorry, sir, god it must be late, I—”
“Save it, it’s fine. And cut it out with that sir shit, you know I don’t like it.” Because it makes him feel old, reminds him that he pays you and has some weird authority over you. The authority part he doesn’t mind, even makes him a bit hard because he’s always loved having a dash of power, but the old part grinds at his ego.
“I was scared when I saw you fighting that villain not too far away. I got worried and started watching the news and I guess I fell asleep.”
“Scared?” he shifts his weight forward on his toes, arm reaching to latch onto the back of the couch, “sweetheart, you’re in my house, ain’t nobody gonna be hurting you here.”
Epinephrine is rushing through his body still, making his ears pound and crimson eyes pool with lust. He’s got you all alone, all to himself, no crying babies calling for your attention.
“It’s past your bedtime, anyway, kid.” But he doesn’t move to let you stand, instead he creeps forward, hand on the couch moving to toy with the strap dangling on your arm.
Delicate as you are, you don’t back away from his advances.
“I’m too old to have a bedtime. Besides, you’re not my daddy.”
“Is that right?”
Katsuki chuckles as he cocks his head, making a show of looking you up and down, gaze lingering on your chest, taking notice of how your thighs are clenched together. You smell sweet, young, like fresh roses in rain and whatever girly shampoo you use. Your nails are pricking into the pillow, anxious, waiting.
He’s played with you a few times before: trapped you between him and the kitchen counter just so he could feel your breasts squished against his chest, touched your knee one too many times whenever he sits next to you, hell, he once even grabbed the entirety of your perfect ass as an excuse to help lift you off your toes to reach a book on one of the kid’s shelves. You’ve never pushed him away, only gotten a little flustered and batted your lashes.
You want him. He can practically smell that, too.
“Well, daddy has had a long, hard day. And he thinks it’s time for bed.”
There’s a retort bubbling in your throat, he knows, but he doesn’t care.
He takes the plunge, grabbing your waist and hoisting you up and over his shoulder as if you weigh nothing. And you do, to him. He’s stronger than you could ever imagine.
The way you squeak a quick “Katsuki!” as he marches toward the stairs makes his pants too tight around his thighs. Your dress bunches around your hips and he’s quick to capitalize, large palm cupping the meat of your ass as he follows the well-worn steps to his room. He doesn’t even consider the guest room. No, he wants you in his bed, where you belong, where you’re going to stay.
“This is what you’ve wanted, yeah? Always bein’ such a good girl and tryin’ to get my attention,” he doesn’t even bother to shut the door, just drops you and lets you bounce on his sheets.
“I think this is what you’ve wanted,” you sit up on your knees and reach for him, tugging him closer by the orange straps on his chest, “always teasing me, touching me.”
He likes the way you giggle, how your small hands pull apart his costume piece by piece. He likes how your nails scrape against his chest when you peel the black fabric away from it.
The scars, pink and marred and arching into the sparse blonde hairs across his pectorals, his biceps, he wonders if they bother you. You seem to pay them no mind, too eager to pry at the green leather of his belt.
Age has taught him to be more patient, but he’s too hungry for you to take your time undressing him.
“Oi, quit it,” he brushes your hands away, following the routine he’s memorized of removing all the clunky bits and pieces of his costume.
You watch him intently, like you’ve wondered what all it takes to get him out of his gear.
“Don’t just sit there and stare, take that fucking dress off.”
By the time your flimsy little piece of clothing hits the floor, he’s naked.
Katsuki crawls over you without a second thought, capturing your jaw between thick fingers so he can kiss you like he wants. You’re so receptive that it makes him groan, lips and legs parting like the fucking sea. He always knew you were submissive, breedable.
You match his pace, meld your mouth against his and arch your back, whiny and greedy like a little cat in heat.
“Oh yeah,” he growls as he rolls his hips between your legs, hard cock nestling against your wet panties, “Daddy’s gonna fuck you so good tonight, sweeheart. Pound a baby right into your perfect little cunt.”
“Oh god, please, that’s all I want.”
One of your legs loops around his side, fingers sinking into his hair and urging him to kiss you again. And again. And again. He loves the way you taste, how your tongue twists around his and your mouth slants just right. Perhaps you’re more experienced than he thought, but he still knows the steps to this dance better than you.
“What a little slut,” he drags his lips down your jaw, finds where your pulse is humming in your neck and sucks, “daydreaming about being bred n’ drippin with cum.”
He likes the way you react to the sound of his voice, tits pressing against his chest and whimpers filling your mouth. Katsuki spends his time with the delicate arch of your throat, drinking in your skin and sucking until blood wells just below the surface. He’s going to mark you, claim you. He’s thought about it so many times, how you’d look so fucking pretty with handprints on your ass, hickies on your neck, wearing them with pride around the house because you’re his.
Your nipples are already puffy, sensitive from dragging along the plush muscles of his chest. He sucks the fat of your breast between his teeth, eyes flashing up to watch your face as he does. Bliss tinges your cheeks, has your lips, wet with his spit, parted and moaning. God you look sexier than he imagined.
And he has imagined this, too many times to count. Fucked his cock into his hand at night thinking of your thighs, thinking of what your tits look like beyond the thin layers of clothes you wear. He’s thought about you whispering daddy please over and over again as he takes anything and everything he wants from you.
“Gonna fill these up with milk,” he soothes your nipple with his tongue, hot and flat. He cups your tit, kneads into the flesh, rough and greedy and it makes you sing. Your panties soak as he sucks your nipple into his mouth. He rolls his hips, your slick smearing against his cock, even coating his balls.
Spit clings between your tit and his mouth as he dives for the other, lavishing it in the same attention as the other.
“Oh, daddy, fuck, fuck!”
If he wasn’t so keen on showing off his experience, he’d push you down and fuck into your tight hole this very moment. But he keeps his composure, despite the fact that pre is dribbling down his cock.
“Atta girl, calling for your daddy. Now let’s see how fast I can make you cum.”
The threads of your panties splinter so easily, just a flick of his wrist and they’re ruined. Not like you hadn’t already soiled them.
Katsuki settles between your thighs, grinning so hard it hurts as he spreads the folds of your pussy with his thumbs.
“Can’t believe you’ve been hidin’ this pretty pussy from me.”
He could stare at you all night, watch the way your muscles clench and your slick pours from your tight little hole. Hishole.
You mewl as he runs a knuckle between your folds, uncurling his index finger to toy with your aching clit.
“S-sorry, sir, I—!” He shoves two thick fingers into you, having to bite the inside of his mouth at how fucking hot and tight you are around him.
“I said fucking cut it out,” he plunges his fingers in and out to make a point, “with the sir shit.”
The way you whine makes his cock thump against his lower stomach, all high-pitched and blissed out. Your hips grind down against his hand, one of your hands flying into his hair for stability while the other clutches his pillow. You’re babbling a string of sorry daddy, I’ll be good, promise, promise, and he can’t help but swirl his thumb over your clit and watch how your thighs shake.
Oh he’s going to fucking wreck you.
He doesn’t even have to put his mouth on you to make you cum. Normally that’s his trump card; quick kitten licks over your clit while he curls his fingers just right. But you’re wound tight, so tight he can feel all your walls clenching with every push of his fingers. He’s thrusting hard, fast, purposely pressing against a spongey, ridged spot deep inside of you that has you moaning like a whore. And his thumb is relentless, like clockwork against your clit in perfect tight circles that has you lit like a flame.
Your legs clamp around his wrist as you scream, tummy spasming over and over as ecstasy crawls over every nerve.
You look so pretty when you cum, eyes squeezed shut and your tits heaved to the sky. It’s like he can see the heat traveling over your body, feel the waves crashing over you.
He can’t wait to make you do that again. And again. And again. He’ll make a mess of you, tonight and any night he wants.
“That all it takes?” He chuckles, keeping his fingers lodged inside of you as you come down from the high. You blink a few times and catch your breath, smiling like an idiot.
“You’re good at that,” you muse.
“Of course I fucking am. I’m twice your age, sweetheart. I’ve fingered more girls than you’ve had orgasms.”
You sit up on your elbows and watch him with glassy eyes as he sucks the juices from his fingers.
“Oh I don’t know about that, daddy,” you’re up and moving quicker than he expected, hands on his shoulders as you push him back, straddling him, “I’ve made myself cum so many times thinking about you.”
A hot flash twists through his chest at your admission. The thought of you playing with those pretty tits and burying your fingers into your cunt with his name on your tongue makes his lips part. He grips your hips meanly, strong fingers gripping hard enough to bruise as he pulls you down and drags your messy cunt along the length of his cock.
“Yeah? And what’s a young thing like you doin’ thinkin’ about an old man like me?”
You lean over him, tucking your face into the crook of his neck to mimic what he did to you earlier, kissing and sucking at his skin until he groans. Your nails sink into his musculature, dig into his obliques, skim over his abs. He’s not as cut as he once was, but he’s stronger than he’s ever been, spent years sculpting himself into a powerhouse.
And now he’s moaning beneath a little girl, hips rolling just to get another kiss from your cunt.
Your face comes to hover over his, darling eyes taking in the lines of his face. Your hips rise and he bites back a groan at the loss of contact, only to feel your hand grasping at his cock and lining him up with your entrance.
“I think about having blonde babies,” you start sinking down on him and he has to hold himself back from crushing your hips, “think ‘bout being your little whore, your fucktoy you keep locked away in—”
He slams his mouth against your to shut you up, mind already fucking dizzy just from feeling your pussy slowly suck him in.
The moans you release into his mouth drive him wild, make him arch his hips off the bed and spear his cock into your depths.
That makes you fucking scream.
Your palms slam into his chest as you sit up on his cock, sinking down more as he fucks up into you. Head falling back, you keep moaning from your chest, vibrations tingling over his skin. He can tell you want to match his rhythm, but he won’t let you. He keeps his grip tight on your hips, bucking up into you and fucking you just how he wants.
“You love daddy’s cock, don’t cha? Take it like a fuckin’ champ, too.”
And he means it, he can’t keep his eyes off where your sweet flesh takes him in, a ring of cream already pooling at his base and dripping down his balls. He’s mesmerized by the scene of young, pliant flesh sucking him in. Your lower tummy is bulging from his girth, head of his cock visible with every fresh plunge.
“Gonna fuckin breed you, sweetheart. Pump you full of seed and watch you swell with a baby.”
Nails dig into his chest enough to hurt, making him groan. All you do is nod your head in response, too busy trying to keep your breath while he fucks you at a maddening pace. A triumphant, hearty laughs claws out of his chest, so damn pleased with himself to be fucking such a pretty thing.
A tumble of curses rains down from your mouth, smothered by the sounds of his balls barreling against your ass. You’re getting tight again, your clit being pounded by a thatch of golden curls and fit muscles with every thrust he gives you.
“Yeah you like this? Like gettin’ fucked dumb?”
“Ah-ah, yes, yes daddy, yes!”
Music to his fucking ears.
Katsuki needs more leverage, wants even more control. He keeps himself rooted inside of you as he rolls you onto your back, never missing a beat with his thrusts as he changes positions. He sits back on his knees and pushes your legs back, strong hands folding you practically in half so he can watch himself slide in and out, in and out. That bulge in your belly is even more prominent when you’re on your back.
“So fucking good, sweetheart,” he can feel sweat beading down his back, a familiar sweet scent like candy filling the room, “you want babies? My babies? You better start fuckin’ beggin’.”
He loves the way your back arches at his words, tits bouncing and cunt clenching.
A calloused hand snatches your jaw, pulls your face to look at him while he fucks you. Tears are pooling in the corners of your eyes, overwhelming pleasure taking its toll all over your supple body.
“D-daddy please,” your eyes roll a bit as he fucks into you deeper, his hand pulling your hips down so he can grind into you.
“Louder, want the fuckin’ walls to remember what you say,” he digs his fingers into your warm cheeks to cement his point.
“Fuck, daddy, please! Want your cum so bad, want you to make me a mommy!”
Even his balls tighten at your words. Thoughts of making you a fucking mommy, watching you ripen with his child overtake every space in his brain. Your little body is so willing, practically begging for it with the way you’re creaming around him.
Katsuki’s instincts go into overdrive, both hands grasping at your hips and pulling you down with every snap of his hips. He doesn’t even care that sweat is dripping from his brow, that blooms of bruises are welling up underneath hands that look too worn to be on your skin, all he cares about is forcing every ounce of cum from his balls into your cunt.
“Such a good little slut for daddy, aren’t you? Gonna make you mommy, give you babies that look like me.”
He’s racing up that euphoric mountain, can feel it heavy in his shoulders, in his stomach. Your pussy is twitching, squelching, pleading for another release. His thumb takes residency on your clit again, pressing far too hard than he should, but he needs to feel you come undone around him. He deserves it.
The moment you cum again, he loses his goddamn mind. Immediately he has to take his hands off you, his quirk unleashing in his palms as he spurts hot cum into your depths. He’s seeing stars, colors, orgasm shattering over him like an earthquake under the ocean.
He can’t remember the last time he came so hard. His chest aches, heart pounding as he gasps out your name in the last seconds of his release. But you’re not done, your hands have taken hold of his forearms as you keep your pussy sheathed over him, legs closing in around him as you cry out from the devastating euphoria cracking over your senses.
His knees ache by the time you’ve both fallen from your highs.
It almost hurts to pull out of you, cock still raging with blood. Your whimper when he leaves your cunt, like you’ve lost something.
“You alright, sweetheart? Didn’t break you?”
You nod numbly, a too-pleased smile etched into your cheeks.
He’s been around the block enough times to know that your hormones are racing, that it’ll take far more time for you to come back to earth than him. He flops onto his back and throws his arm over his forehead, groaning when he feels you wind yourself around him, tucking one of his thighs between your legs.
Cum drips onto the downy hairs of his leg and he couldn’t be more satisfied.
“Meant what I said, kid.”
You hum and raise your head to look at him, chin tucking onto his chest.
“I’ll give you any fucking babies you want.”
Your laugh actually makes him feel warm, like it’s a sound he’ll never get tired of hearing.
“We have time, Katsuki. Besides, you already have two that I need to take care of.”
His fingers trace circles onto your back before he pulls you in even closer.
“Nah, I’ll hire a new nanny. You have new fucking job.”
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ackermzn · 4 months ago
"my child is doing fine" ma'am your child is uglily crying because bakugou called deku "izuku" and apologised for his actions
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miggiisdumb · a month ago
cw: monsterfucking, noncon, breeding, knotting, tummy bulging, cervix fucking
Absolutely nasty thought… hiking into the forest to do some yoga cuz nature is relaxing and the most aesthetic thing to be surrounded by while doing an equally relaxing activity. You roll your mat out on a small clearing and start with breathing exercises. Then you move on to stretching and actually poses, too focused to be aware of the creature slowly stalking your way through the bushes, cautious footsteps too faint for the distracted mind hear to hear.
You bend forward to do the downward dog, breathing in time to your core muscles tightening, holding the pose and counting down in your brain- only to lose track of it when you see a pair of paws behind you, long fluffy trail swiping the grass blades behind them.
There’s a tight grip on your hip. Then a loud ripping sound- leggings and panties torn off right at the middle and exposing your mound to the cool air, your sharp gasp drowned out by a low growl.
“Already presenting, human?” Wolf Bakugou licks at his fangs, already salivating at the whiff of your scent mixed with a dash of fear and humping his fat cock between your folds, tiny little squeal jolted out of you. “As if I’d ignore such an enticing offer.”
A few more grinds spreading his pre all over you, wolf Bakugou bucks forward to the tip of his dick into you and you’re clawing at your training mat when the bulbous head pops into your pussy, wide eyes glossing over because nothing has ever stretched you this wide. Your calves burn from the holding yourself on your tip toes and your walls are shoved apart to take more of such a monstrous cock, a pull on your hips slapping you back on the feral wolf, electricity zipping up your spine as you’re lazily rocked back and forward on his shaft.
“So damn small.” Wolf Bakugou snarls, watching where the two of you connect, instincts going wild the more his dick comes out slicked up and sticky before shedding himself halfway in. “‘M already bumping on the top of your cunt, human. You’ll need to give me more space than that to have my pup.”
“P-pups?” You drawl out, brain going numb at the pleasure too quickly, and your forced on all fours when Wolf Bakugou lays his chest on your back, let’s you gauge how gigantic he really is above you as his strong, scarred arms lock under you. Wet and slick slaps echo in the air when he suddenly starts fucking you relentlessly, like the dog he is, a brisk and deep pace that makes your pussy froth and shut around him.
“Yeah- pups.” Wolf Bakugou whispers in your ear, nips at the lobe and at your neck and down to your exposed shoulder from your sports bra. “Gonna plug you up with my knot and fill you so full of cum. It’ll catch just right, make you get all round and heavy with my pups.” He drills into so roughly that that you’re jerked forward nearly every time, only locked in place by his arms, and your eyes cross at the top of your head from the drag of his dick inside yo. “A pretty pussy like this deserves to be bred; you’re gonna take all I give.”
“T-too…!” You slur at Wolf Bakugou sitting on his haunches and humping up to every drag of your body down on his cock, swollen base tapping on your soaked folds. “‘S too much! Feel like ‘m gonna b-burst!”
“You’ll be fine.” He lays you back on his shoulders, slobbering and grazing his fangs on yours as you hug back around his neck like your life depended on it. “You’re cunt is small but I’ll make it fit. You’re gonna fit real nice around my knot.”
There’s a dopey and delirious smile on your face, tongue lolled out to drool all over yourself because of Wolf Bakugou bumping on your cervix, bullying it for more space a sucking a soft kiss on his cockhead every time. You don’t even register the slew of curses he growls out by your ear as you come, your pussy stuttering out an intense orgasm that gushes your slick down his growling knot and heavy balls.
“Fuuuck, that’s it, suck me up deeper, let’s make my seed catch, human.” Wolf Bakugou’s animalistic grin is pressed by the side of your face as he stares down at your tummy, center of your pelvic bulging out from his thrusts. He drops you down hard and his tip pops past the tight pucker of your cervix, knot popping into your hole at the same time.
You splutter to the air from the double stretch, eyes rolled back to your brain and salty tears on your hot cheeks, an even hotter sensation flooding into you as thick, gooey cum bloats your tummy bigger and bigger, nearly dropping it to your spasming thighs, not a single drop blurbed out with the big knot plugging your pussy shut. Wolf Bakugou howls up at the sky, lost in his own high from finally breeding you and feeling you both sucking and pushing him him out.
He’s quick enough to hold you close when your body goes slack, chest rising and falling in short, gasped breaths, lashes fluttering over unfocused eyes, completely fucked out and unconscious to feel possessive licks and kisses all over your tear stained cheeks, telling you how good you were, taking all of him like that, and how your pups are gonna be really cute like their mama.
Honestly, Wolf Bakugou is already impatient for the first litter to come out so he can fuck you like this again.
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yanderebkdk · 2 days ago
I’m so glad that your here with me angel. I waited so long for you to be mine, and now you finally are. And I’m going to love you forever and ever and ever and ever. You may not like it now but you’ll get over it eventually. I am your soulmate after all.
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harinezumi-san · 27 days ago
Ineffable husbands
Tumblr media
Izuku as Aziraphale and Katsuki as Crowley from Good Omens
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