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#bnha bakugou

Bnha soft headcanons I came up with ✨Part 3✨


Warnings- None!

  • Aoyama and you will have these fashion date nights together where you two dress up and rate each others outfits.
  • Weather Fatgum is in his skinny or fat form you two always go on food dates.
  • The one time you gave Shoto head pats he fell in love with them so everytime he wants them he will lay his head on your shoulder.
  • Giran spoils the hell out of you weather it be you two are out together or he will give you something that he bought because it reminded him of you/ something that he thought you like.
  • Bakugo will purposely steal your things to make you mad because and he really does love this, it makes you come to his room without him asking you and your mad expression is really cute to him. Also you know he does because everytime you try to retrieve your missing properly he is sitting on his bed with a cocky smile and he will pretend he doesn’t know/care what your talking about.
  • Shinso and you will go to lots of cafes on the weekends when you both are free (mostly cat cafes)
  • Shigaraki loves when you sit on his lap while he is playing his video games (just don’t make him lose)

Ahh this one is fairly short but I still have a bit of work left to do😔 but I wanted to make more I had so many ideas that had to be written so here you go! I want to be moving on to Haikyuu!! but I will still do bnha stuff :).

Ok someone asked me to do this so heres your request!

✨Part 2✨

✨Part 1✨

Have a good morning/eveing/night everyone!

Stay Plus Ultra :)

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Babe staaahhp but I gotchu

College AU and also quirkless AU i have no self control

I ended up, as per usual, getting carried away with this hope you don’t mind!

Warnings: 18+, smut, some tooth rotting fluff, oral fem receiving, penetration, some dirty talk, pretty soft bakubabe

Enjoy your meal~


When you had started at U.A. university, you weren’t thinking of whirlwind romances or anything cliché like that. You wanted to graduate, hopefully in four years, debate about getting a masters’ degree, and then make a living doing what you love. Of course you had time for friends, going to different sporting events and clubs.

But nothing prepared you for meeting Bakugou Katsuki.

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Awwwww bby I’m so happy you like my work 🥺but yes I’ve gotchu 💕💕

It’s All I Want

Bakugo x fem Reader

Also u and Bakugo are dating because he wouldn’t comfort some random extra

Um idk comfort Ig 🤷‍♀️

Warnings: self depreciation, anxiety attack, cussing


You watched in awe as your favorite female volleyball player soared through the air before spiking the ball—too quick and powerful to be blocked by any players of the opposing team—and winning the final point. The glow of your phone lit up your dark room as you chose another video, not caring that it was already 3 am and you had school tomorrow. You watched again as she received balls and sent kill shots over the net. All you wanted was to be like her, to be a pro volleyball player. You joined the support class by force, courtesy of your parents, after they noticed the amazing grades you were getting and realized how much money you could make to help the family. You didn’t complain, not when your parents needed help, but sometimes you wish you did. Being a volleyball player was all you wanted, but you were too late. You can’t stop with the support course now, you can’t start training harder now, you can’t get good enough to get into schools focused on sports, and you can’t get good enough for when recuirters and scouts come to find people worthy of scholarships. Sighing deeply, your eyes watering slightly, you set your phone down and curled into your pillow, falling asleep so you could go through another day you were forced to be living.

Waking up that morning, all your thoughts from a few hours ago came rushing back. You would never be good enough to be a pro. Never be able to do what you really wanted. You moved slowly around your room, putting on your uniform. You felt drained and all you could think about was having to be an engineer. Never being able to play on the same court as any of your favorite volleyball players. You would forever be stuck just watching, your skills going to waste. Finished with putting on your uniform, you walked towards the common room, going to breakfast, though you weren’t up for much of an appetite. You sit down next to Hatsume, placing your bag in your lap and clutching it tightly, while staring at your plate. You move the food around but never eat, nodding thoughtlessly as Hatsume talks about “baby 229”. When everyone finally finsished, except you, you all walk in a group to homeroom. You perked up slightly when you saw your boyfriend, Bakugo Katsuki, waiting next to the door for you.

“Oi, dumbass, what’s up with you?” Katsuki barked out, seeing you walking behind the others instead of making stupid jokes with your classmates like usual.

“Nothing Suki. I’m fine.” You say giving a soft smile, your arms itch to hug him, looking for comfort. But you would never force him to do that with his uncomfort towards pda.

He looks back at you with concern, masked by a glare before muttering a small ‘I love you, don’t be stupid’ and walking off to class.

You go back to class, feeling slightly better after seeing Katsuki, and listen to Power Loader drone on about upcoming events and assignments. When it’s finally time to go to the lab, the stressful, pained feeling you had before comes back again. You look at the parts around you and nothing comes to mind. No invention or idea. But the self-pity comes back, taking over your thoughts instead. Here you are, doing something you don’t even like. But it doesn’t matter, not like you have enough skill to be a professional volleyball player anyways. And these thoughts make you feel even worse. You’re supposed to be doing this for your family. You were in this course for your family, and all you wanted was to leave. You’re selfish, only thinking about what you want. Your mind was contradicting itself, making the self-hatred you were feeling even worse. Tears were slightly welling in your eyes again, but you work through them, opting on tinkering with an older invention. Your brain is too distracted to work on anything new. Everyone around you grew weary at your lack of jokes that only you find funny, and how you haven’t ran to Hatsume once to show her something you were working on. You were a good student, building amazing things, and being one of the few people who could actually work with Bakugo, that being the way you met. But today you were clearly out of it.

The minute class ended, you sped off to your dorm, not waiting for Katsuki like usual. Sitting on your bed, your hands were shaking. Each minute you were forced to work on inventions, the melancholy thoughts became worse. You looked at the poster on your wall, the person you aspired to be the most hanging there, spiking a ball over the net. And then you broke down, the stress of your thoughts building up. Tears streamed down your face, and you felt terrible for crying over something so stupid. But you couldn’t stop. All you wanted since you were a little girl was to soar on a court. You were starting to shake, your hands trembling and your body rocking back and forth. You were going to be stuck being an engineer. Being forced to stay here and build things just to support your parents with money. You could have supported your parents by professionally playing volleyball, but it was too late. You would never be good enough. Not for yourself, or your family. Your breath started to get caught in your throat as you began sobbing, your breathing becoming shallower and shallower. You couldn’t breathe. Everything was suffocating you. Your sobs got louder as you tried to gasp for air, but no breath got through, causing your tears to speed up. The trembling moved from just your hands to your entire body; your shaking becoming worse. You didn’t know what to do, the attack was taking over.

But then you heard loud knocks on your door.

“Dumbass, let me in.” You couldn’t respond through your attack, but you opened your mouth letting out a whining sob. “Shitty woman, are you ok?” Katsuki says now, his voice filled with concern.

“I’m coming in.” You heard Bakugo yell, before your door was kicked open.

Katsuki took in your shaking body and the fear that was displayed over your features and rushed over to you. His hands hesitantly went to touch you, but you jerked away at his touch. Your lack of breath caused your hands to begin to travel towards your throat and your body was beginning to shake more violently. Katsuki was frozen, scared to touch you again, but the way your hands were beginning to claw at your throat—trying to get in breath—urged him to grab your hands. You tried desperately to pull away, but he holds your shaking hands in his tight grip. Then small whispers begin to fall from his lips.

“Y/N, shh calm down. I’m here.” His whispers were shaky, his fear for you growing.

“Focus on my voice. Come on,” he takes your hands and presses them to his chest. “follow my breathing. Just breathe.”

You continue to listen to his soft whispers and your breathing slows down, becoming less erratic. Your violent shaking toned down, as you were now only rocking back and forth. Though your tears didn’t relent, still coming out as painful sobs.

“I’m here. Y/N, baby, I’m here for you.”

You finally took in normal breaths and Bakugo noticed, hesitantly placing his hand on your shoulder, gaging whether or not he could touch you yet, but the way you leaned into his arm caused him to pull you close to his body. His hands rubbed circles on your back, and your sobs finally began to slow into small sniffles. When you finally stopped shaking completely and your sniffles only happened every few minutes, did he begin talking.

“Oi, Y/N, what’s wrong?” Katsuki whispered out, still using a soft voice, sounding so different from his usual brash self.

You didn’t respond, deciding to just nuzzle your face into his chest.

“Dumbass, don’t rub your snot into my chest. Y/N, what’s wrong.” He said, his voice still soft. You took your face off his chest to look into his eyes, that shown with concern at your current state.

“I just, I’m sorry.” He made an annoyed noise at your unnecessary apology. “I’m just, not good enough. All I’ve wanted was to be a volleyball player but I’m here and I feel like a failure for not being happy, I mean, I go to U.A, but I just wish I got to do what I want.” Your voice was choking up, but now that you started you couldn’t stop. “I’m never going to be able to play volleyball. And I, I used to be like good, but now I haven’t played in like a year, because of school and I just want to. It’s all I want. But my parents need me to do this. It’s all they want from me. And I’m such a failure. I can’t do this, and I can’t be a volleyball player. Even if I tried, where would I go for it. It’s not like I can practice to be good enough to be a pro if I go here. It’s all too much. And, I’m so sorry, I should be happy to be here. With you. I shouldn’t be crying over something so dumb.” Your tears are back and you’re choking on your words.

Katsuki didn’t respond as you finished. His eyes were wide with an emotion you couldn’t identify. Your heart started to race and you refused to meet his gaze. What if he wanted to leave you because you didn’t want to go here? What if your dissatisfaction with being at U.A made him mad? It was such an esteemed school and you were just taking advantage of it. Katsuki let out a sigh and put his hands on the sides of your face, guiding your eyes to his.

“Y/N, I love you and if you want to be a fucking pro volleyball player then you fucking should. It’s your damn life. And if you don’t want to be a badass engineer then be a badass volleyball player. We can make it work if you leave U.A.” His voice starts off soft, but quickly reverts back to his usual rough voice in an attempt to show his support.

You let out a smile in response to his words, though small tears still fell from your eyes. But your smile turned to a little frown as you thought about how impossible it was that your parents would let you go to one of the sports academies nearby. But even if they did, you weren’t good enough to get in. Not anymore.

“Katsu, my parents won’t ever let me and even if they do, I’m not good enough to get into schools that focus on sports, I mean I’m in the support course. I never practice anymore either, I’m too busy.” You say sadly, but flash him a small smile to say thanks for trying.

“Shut the fuck up dumbass, you won’t know unless you try. You’re not a failure until you give up shitty woman. And I, Bakugo Katsuki, would never date a shitty ass failure. Besides you’re great, I’ve seen you play at the beach and shit.” He barks out, blushing when he brings up you playing.

You pause, thinking over his words, before a growing smile appears on your face. “I guess you’re right.” You say while a big grin settles on your face. “Thanks Suki, I love you.” You say softly.

“I always am.” Katsuki yells back, a prideful smirk covering his face. “And I love you too, Dumbass.” He says before placing a small peck onto your forehead.

You smile widely before nuzzling back into his chest, his arms wrapping around your back. You were going to try. You were going to try your hardest to soar through a court. To be the volleyball player you wanted to be. You knew you could be. And it was all because of Katsuki.


A/N: I’m so so so so sorry if this isn’t what you were looking for and I hope you like it 🥺💕

I think the end isn’t that good so sorry if you don’t like it 👊🏼😔

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Absolutely!! This is a cute concept and I’m glad to get more bnha request

Under cut for length



  • Such a tsundere but like wayyyyy more obvious about having the fattest crush on you
  • Clings to your leg the entire time and wont let go no matter what because he “needs to protect you- stupid”
  • Probably gets really jealous when you talk to someone else and ends up confessing because of it
  • Small tomato child
  • Definitely denies he said anything to you
  • Clings to you even more now that you know, obviously your his now
  • Wont leave your leg and theres nothing you can do to get him to let go of you
  • Ok ok, maybe if you hold your hand then he’ll stop clinging to your leg
  • Once he turns back he remember everything-
  • Hes so red its ridiculous, he looks like a lobster
  • “W-well dumbas! Do you accept or what”
  • Tease him just a little cause hes WEAK for you- but not to much or he’ll get salty


  • The most adorable kid
  • You almost didnt reconise him with his black hair but the moment he sees you he gest so happy and gives you a bight bright smile that would melt the hears of anyone
  • Very open about the fact he has a massive crush on you, weather its him gushing about you of giving you 50 hugs a minuet no one knows
  • Speaking of hugs he loves giving you hugs
  • He loves being able to snuggle up to you and burrie his face in your tummy
  • Give the child praise he literally beams, like hes so happy
  • Call him your little man and he will be over the moon
  • Once he changes back hes so red, the effects wore off while he was hugging you so he ended up picking you up in a bear hug
  • Blushes and gives a shy smile and asks to take you on a date
  • High key likes to hear you call him your man so please do.


  • Clings to you like glue (haha or tape-)
  • Always wants to be ringing on your back like a koala
  • Its not obvious but he is open about the fact he has a crush on you and the is no dining it
  • Likes arts and crafts and probably make a cute picture of you two holding hands and its the cutest thing
  • Wants to help you make mac and cheese, idk what it is but he really likes it and wants to do more things with you!
  • He gos down for a nap and while hes being tucked in mutters “y/n…i really, really like you…your cute” and then passes out
  • When he turns back he acts completely normally, save for the bright red blush when he looks at you
  • Wont confess right away but he definitely sits closer to you, maybe gives you a hug
  • If you confess then he’ll definitely acept

I’m sorry this took so long omg 🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺 please forgive the wait time dear

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(Wallpaper size, click for better quality)

I was inspired by the many fanfics depicting Deku and Bakugou as the symbols of Hope 望 and Victory 胜 respectively. This made me wonder what symbols other characters would be. Here, Kirishima is courage 勇 (represented by his character arc of learning how courage is acting despite his fears) and Todoroki is rebirth 再生 (represented by his character arc of becoming a “new person,” undefined by his father). Unfortunately, my Chinese calligraphy is terrible so only Bakugou’s victory is written in traditional strokes lol


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Wrong Number, Asshole - A Bakugou Katsuki Soulmate AU

All Parts

Part 25:

You blinked blearily, rubbing the sleep away from your eyes.

For a minute you were disoriented, head spinning in confusion until you pieced together where you were. Who’s apartment you were in. Who was currently still fast asleep in your lap.

You flushed, still just as affected by his proximity as you were earlier. Except- it was slightly different now. Those little kitten snores? The ones you’d previously only heard over the phone? Well, now they were falling from his mouth in real time- in real life. In front of you. He was so close and warm and soft and uncharacteristically quiet and all you wanted to do was kiss him. 

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TUTOR ⟿ BAKUGO x femreader. [pt 3]

Includes : finger fucking, swearing, slight praise.

Word count : 2,5k


Scurrying back into my room to ignore my classmates what the best option. I needed to come up with a lie, this was incredibly embarrassing. I cant believe I let myself do this, I look weak. The sudden buzz of my phone vibrating in my hand, I glance down at the screen and see Mina had texted me, it read; “what happened today?” I shudder, sending her a response that it was nothing.

I toss my phone on my bed, bouncing to the pillows, before taking a step towards my dresser, opening the drawer where all my sweatshirts were neatly folded. I grab the first one I see to prepare for my… sterilization.

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When they were younger, Izuku wanted to grown out his hair because it made him feel pretty, but Bakugou was like “you’ll look stupid with long hair.” Not “you’ll look like a girl” or anything, just that he would look stupid. And izuku really valued Bakugou’s opinion, so he kept it short.

Izuku wouldn’t complain when, playing house with the girls in his class they wanted him to be the ‘little girl’… until Bakugou told him that he should protect his right to be a man. He really didn’t want to give up fitting in and being included in the fun, but Bakugou was cool, so he must know that playing house with the girls was uncool. Right?

Well now Izuku is… to put it frank, miserable. He didn’t realize that “pretending” to be a girl made him so happy, and now he doesn’t think he can ask to rejoin them.

The rest of his life, the more feminine things he wants to try, the more Bakugou mock him for it, but he never outright says that Izuku being a girl would be a bad thing, he just says “you don’t have the hips for that dress,” “that color foundation makes you look like a clown,” “there is no way you would ever be able to walk in those heels,” etc. He doesn’t attack Izuku for wanting to be more feminine, he attacks the ways he goes about it.

And that hurts way more than if Bakugou were to straight up mock him for wanting to be a girl.

But Izuku eventually stops talking about wanting to be girly. He shuts that part of himself out.

And he begins to feel suicidal.

But he feels he doesn’t really have a reason to. He wants to kill himself because… Kacchan doesn’t think he would be able to pull off a dress? Thats the stupidest reason to kill himself!

But he can’t deny how much it hurts.

He’s relieved when his puberty is late- it doesn’t actually start until he’s a couple months in High School.

But it still starts.

And all these changes in his body freak him out.

He doesn’t know who he can go to about this.

So he goes to his mom.

Who brushes him off.

“My little boy is becoming a man!”

That what he was afraid of. He doesn’t want to be a man, he realizes.

And he voices this.

She doesn’t understand.

“Do you want to be a kid forever?”

“No… I just don’t want to be a man…”

“I don’t think I understand?”

“I don’t either…”

She suggests getting him into therapy.

Hes hesitant at first, but agrees. He’s not going to run this by Kacchan first. He’s going to do this because he believes its best for him.

Therapy might give him a reason to not kill himself, at the very least.

He goes and tells the therapist about his life, his wants and desires, and he tells her that he’s afraid to act on those desires because of Kacchan.

The therapist diagnoses him with Gender Dysphoria, and points him in the direction of a gender clinic who might be able to help him.

He goes to therapy there for months, and is evaluated before being told that before (s)he can start Estrogen, or get any surgeries or anything, (s)he must first live as a girl for at least 2 months to make sure its really what (s)he wants.

(S)he nervously comes out to Principal Nezu, who immideately gets her outfitted with the proper uniform.

Then, after he sends a quick email to her teachers, sends her to class with a late slip.

She shuffles into class, almost crying… until Bakugou shouts, “I was wrong! You look fan-fucking-tastic in a skirt!”

And when she starts growing her hair, Bakugou keeps hairbrushes on him at all times to throw at her like “if you’re gonna grow your hair out, at least take care of it!”

Bakugou says “trans rights but you still have to take care of your body you goddamn gorgeous queen”

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Bakudeku except they have a Hatley joker dynamic (a different sort of toxic)

6 notes

Bakudeku except they have a Hatley joker dynamic (a different sort of toxic)

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🔸Lionheart: A KiriBaku Fanfic Anthology🔸


Q: Any idea about the timeline, ie a rough estimate of when first check in or due dates might be?

A: Hey, thanks for your interest in our zine! Before we assemble our mod team, the timeline is very rough and subject to lots of changes; however, for now, we’re thinking that Contributor Apps will open in mid-February, Concept Checks will be due in early March, and Check-Ins will occur monthly until Final Submissions in June.

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“It’s actually pretty easy being nice to a bitter boy like him”


Have a 2 am doodle I made :)) I’ve been listening to cavetown’s ‘lemon boy’ recently and it really reminded me if him so I drew him☺️

Really proud of how the lemons looked, setting the layer to multiply was definitely a better option…

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