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r-azio · 2 days ago
This time, for sure…
…I’ll be watching you, Touya-Nii.
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corpsekiller · 2 days ago
… gimme dabi fluff pls 🥺🥺 i wanna smother my baby in kisses 🥺🥺
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Only the best for you, baby. I apologize for the delay, I was busy with classes and it was a struggle to find time to write this, but I hope you enjoy this little piece. love you <3
Pairing: Dabi x fem!reader
Warnings: Fluff, mentions of scars
Tumblr media
“What are you doing here?” The question comes out as a yawn, syllables barely coherent and heavy with sleep as you pull the thin blanket around your exposed shoulders a little tighter to keep yourself warm despite the cold breeze that creeps through the open front door and gnaws at your naked legs. Your eyes are half-closed, barely resisting the pull of fatigue on your lids, your hair is a mess of entangled strands and your lips are curled into a drowsy pout — if you wouldn’t look so adorable he’d almost feel bad for waking you. “You can’t just show up announced and expect me to be awake in the middle of the night.”
The glare you give him earns you a soft chuckle, so breathy and low that it causes your knees to buckle and your cheeks to flush hotly as if you were meeting him for the first time all over again. Though this time, it isn’t in a dark street, one of those dangerous alleys which you’d normally avoid and there certainly isn’t a corpse in sight, burnt to nothing more than ash and bones. No, this time you’re both standing in the familiarity of your home and he isn’t a stranger anymore, he’s your lover.
Still, your head spins at the rare sound of his laugh.
Carefully, you lift a hand to steady yourself against the doorframe before your legs fully give out under the weight of your body, but Dabi reacts much quicker. His hands come to rest on your waist right as you stumble forward, gently pulling you flush against his chest until your face is buried in his torn shirt. You breathe in the scent of cigarettes and the faint trace of deodorant, so undeniably him and it makes your heart pound impossibly faster behind your ribs.
“I'm sorry, doll,” he replies, but there’s no hint of guilt in his voice. If anything you can nearly hear the stupid grin pulling at the corners of his stapled mouth, the amusement laced in his tone as he speaks. “But I couldn’t wait to see my girl again. I missed ya.”
To emphasize his words, Dabi nuzzles his nose into your hair and gives your hips a tight squeeze. His fingers fiddle with the hem of your shirt, teasingly tugging and pushing, gently digging his thumbs into the soft skin of your stomach and finding your most ticklish spots with impressive ease. A giggle slips past your lips and you’re lucky enough to catch a glimpse of his smile when you lift your head to meet his eyes because it’s so tender and so fuckin’ lovestruck and it’s only meant for you.
“I really missed you,” he mutters, reluctant this time.
His demeanor changes slowly, unravels something quiet and tender-hearted behind the swallowing emptiness in his eyes — before you stands a man who wandered through the darkness of the night to see you, to hold you, to hear your voice even if it’s only for a few seconds.
It’s love, isn’t it?
“Dabi,” you mumble, a loving smile brightening your features as you cup his cheeks with both hands and pull him closer to you, unable to hold back any longer. The first kiss meets the edge of his scars and a part of him cries silently when your lips trail over the metallic staples drilled deep into his charred skin, delicately pecking the lines of his abhorrent marks until the warmth and softness of your mouth is the only sensation he can feel. When you finally break apart, his lungs are burning from the lack of oxygen and your chest is heaving, but neither of you takes a second to breathe, already leaning in for another drowning kiss.
Above you, heaven sighs.
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spookydiluc · a day ago
Dabi Manga Coloring
please do not remove the watermark. i spent two hours editing + coloring this. use is okay if you rb and leave the watermark.
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Tagging: @scandescent
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allm1ghtslovech1ld · a day ago
"I'm sorry I made a mess", you said through your now dying sniffles, talking about the wet patch of tears that stained his t-shirt on his chest.
His hand that had been stroking your back comfortingly pauses and he makes you look at him and says, "You know I don't care right? And you know I love you so much, don't you?"
You nod and feel a fresh trail of tears rolling down your cheeks, not because of the sadness anymore but because of how safe and loved he makes you feel in his arms like this.
(ushijima, iwaizumi, kyotani, tsukishima, sakusa, suna, osamu, bakugou, shinsou, aizawa, todoroki, dabi, megumi, nanami)
I wrote these characters but feel free to imagine your comfort character here <3
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melody-ofstars · 2 days ago
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~ 𝚕𝚎𝚝𝚝𝚎𝚛 𝚏𝚘𝚛 @eaamon 𝚏𝚛𝚘𝚖 𝙳𝚊𝚋𝚒 ~
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You stood outside the League's hideout when a crumpled ball hit your head making you turn towards the dorection it came from. You saw Toga stading near a window, a smile on her face as she pointed towards the ball. Curiously you picked it up and began reading.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Event || Click for better quality
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anti-bakugou-memes · 2 days ago
Any opinions on Fuyumi? I want to like her but... she just keeps pushing for "being a nice family" and I dunno, it seems like she's always invalidating her brothers feelings/experinces?
Fuyumi’s an interesting character to me. I always felt that her “being a nice family” mindset was her dealing with her trauma in her own way. Whereas Dabi, Shoto, and Natsuo react to Endeavor with anger and Rei reacts with fear, Fuyumi reacts with a sort of desperation that feels realistic to me. She wants to keep her family together but doesn’t have a healthy mindset as to what that means. She’s the type that thinks that if everyone talks things out, everything will be resolved and she can have a normal life she was unfairly robbed of. Problem is that Endeavor was an abuser, no matter what you think of him, and the best way to deal with an abuser is to leave them. Fuyumi however seems to feel that Endeavor is necessary to help live out her ideal family as he is her father, which shows an unhealthy sense of reality yet one that a lot of abuse victims who never receive proper help develop. It’s also interesting when you realize that she’s seen as the nurturing one and is a teacher. Hori probably didn’t think this far when writing her, but Fuyumi being an elementary school teacher could be her wanting to care for a family of her own in some way and/or living vicariously through the kids, as none of the Todoroki children had childhoods to begin with.
Her ideals however clash with that of her three brothers, her desperation to keep her family together and rebuild it going against Natsuo and Shoto’s desires to simply leave Endeavor behind and have nothing to do with him (and Dabi trying to kill Endeavor, but she didn’t even know he was alive until recently). To me, it’s pretty realistic as to how an abused family will sometimes clash with one another.
The problem I have with Fuyumi though is a problem I have with MHA as a whole and that’s the fact Hori never really dives deep into any of this. He sets up such themes and introduces characters integral to these themes, but we hardly get any insight into the Todoroki siblings’ mindsets with the arguable exceptions of Shoto and Dabi, so we barely see this side of Fuyumi and are left with some surface level stuff that makes it seem like she’s being selfish at times “just cuz” when it’s far more than that. It’s a problem with a lot of things in MHA. Now I’m not expecting masterful writing here, but if you’re going to introduce such themes and advertise them as integral to the story you’re trying to tell, I expect to see them being handled with at least some care. Instead everything’s so lackluster to the point where it feels like it’s offensive at times. Just look at Izuku’s relationship with Katsuki. The bullying is never addressed nor is Izuku allowed to feel anything about it except for blind admiration for Katsuki.
In conclusion, Fuyumi’s a complicated and interesting character that Hori once again fails to explore thoroughly and with the care needed to explore such a character. Under a better writer she’s the kind of character that would really flourish but what we got was missed potential, like with the majority of MHA.
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lost-child-animeismycomfor · 17 hours ago
Dabi as a Boyfriend
If Dabi were a boyfriend:
I think he would struggle with communication. If he got upset he would leave the room or shut down right then and there. There is no chance he would lay a hand on his partner due to his abusive upbringing.
Getting out of a shut out headspace would be very difficult. With time and space for a bit and he comes and finds you but can’t look you in the eyes. You have to remind him that you aren’t leaving him and how much you love him. The reassurance helps him a lot.
Either a very light sleeper or a very heavy sleeper. The wind right outside the window could wake him up, worried another villain might take you from him. Unfortunately, 80% of the time, he sleeps lightly.
The off chance he is solidly sleeping, he snores just a little and sometimes he mumbles. He mumbles about protecting the love of his life and threatening the lives of those that dare come near you.   
The off chance he is solidly sleeping, he snores just a little and sometimes he mumbles. He mumbles about protecting the love of his life and threatening the lives of those that dare come near you.  
When it comes to cuddling, sometimes he feels okay to cuddle with you. His skin can be more sensitive on some days than others.
When he does want to, Dabi will just wrap his arms around you and hold you as closely as he can.
If he doesn’t want to cuddle, you can still sleep in the same bed, but give him some space. Or either one of you will sleep on the couch you keep in the room for this reason.
Dabi is a little more touchy with you than people would expect. His arm is around you, his hand is on your thigh when you’re sitting next to each other. Any form of physical contact, he wants it, he just wouldn't say it out loud. 
When you two are in bed together, Dabi will often tell you how much he wants to protect you from everything. He wants to protect you from people, both heroes and other villains that are after him, he wants to protect you even from colds. 
If you do end up sick, when he isn’t on a mission, that man is bringing you soup, a wet and cold wash cloth, the stuffed animals and blankets you want, as well as a shirt of his so you could hold it while he’s gone or to wear it. 
Thank you for reading!! This was my first fanfic post I’ve done. I’m better with stories, not head cannons, but I tried. Hopefully, it wasn’t too bad. I appreciate the support! <3
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dearmayaki · a day ago
yandere!dabi x therapist!reader
"I'd like to hold you in my arms and I won't let you go till death do us apart."
dabi has never met a soul like you - so kind hearted and pure.
it felt like butterflies were fluttering in his stomach and his heart was blossoming, the skin of his cheeks could have been a faint red. though the damage doesn't allow it to be visible.
he swore he felt a spark, a light.
from his early days as touya todoroki to dabi- the infamous villain, was now sent for rehabilitation.
the desperation of his mother was just too much, to make her shut up they fulfilled her wishes finally silencing her.
and now the 'big bad villain' grew a very 'small' crush on his therapist. yes, his therapist.
the moment you entered, his gaze was shrouded in complete despise but when you showed pure kindness and showed no fear to his hideous scars and his disgusting self in general - it was a little pleasant? he didn't know, but it felt good.
please, he could either go on with the rehabilitation - or break out and take you with him where no one will ever even look at you, or hear from you.
"till death do us apart"
© dearmayaki [not proofread] - please do not steal or modify:
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Just to spite everyone obviously
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thewriters64 · 2 days ago
The Stranger He Wouldn’t Forget
Song to listen to ~ Substance 03 Greedo slowed + reverb
He was having a bad day, a very bad day, physically, and mentally, he felt judged, he felt like everyone was looking at him like everyone was thinking the absolute worst of him until he bumped into you. He was storming down the sidewalk not looking where he was going when he bumped into you while you were walking out of a flower shop.
Watch where you're going! He screamed at you fist balled up and face turning red.
You look up at him and softly smile, what’s wrong? You innocently ask your eyes wide with curiosity, face slightly flushed.
Why would I tell you! He screamed again, not caring if he was causing a scene, he knew it was wrong to feel relief when yelling at you.
Sometimes it is better to tell a stranger about what's wrong instead of your friends. You responded in an airy tone that made him stare at you with an unreadable expression.
Huffing he sat down on the edge of the sidewalk glaring at you before huffing, you looked down at your feet smiling before sitting down next to him staring at traffic.
I’m having a bad day, I feel like everyone is judging me with every decision I make, and I feel like everyone is questioning my leadership, like can’t people just take my word and let me do what I know how to. He gripped his hair glaring into the traffic.
You look at him softly smiling. Eh, who cares what people think, you do you, and if they’re questioning you remind them why you’re a leader. Pulling a flower out of the Boca of flowers you had, handing one to him. I hoped this helped.
He turned his head to look into your e/c eyes, slowly taking the flower from you, feeling the warmth of your hand. He felt his face start to flush, and he turned his head away from you twirling the flower in his fingers. He felt you get up the whiff of your perfume hit his nose, and he closed his eyes inhaling, turning his head as he watched as you disappeared into the crowd.
Looking down at the flower he got up gently putting it in his pocket as he walked in the opposite direction. A small smile carved its way onto his face, he’ll remember you, his heart won’t let him forget.
Bakugou Katsuki, Tomura Shigaraki, Dabi, Hitoshi Shinso, Enji Todoroki, Megumi Fushiguro, Ryomen Sukuna, Geto Suguru, Gojo Satoru, Kentaro Kyotani, Tobio Kageyama, Rintaro Suna, Tsukishima Kei, Osamu Miya,
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herofics · 2 days ago
Can I request either headcannons or scenario whichever you like with Aizawa and gn s/o who's an anti-hero? Im talking like Red Hood level of anti-hero that shoots with real and fake bullets depending on the person?
I also did Dabi, because I sort of wanted a villain perspective too. I know who Red Hood is, but that’s all I know about him, so I just went with the real bullets/fake bullets thing mostly. Also nice to have you here and I’m glad you like my stuff :D
•Honestly he thinks you go too easy on some people
•But his morals aren’t of a very high standard, so you don’t really care for his opinion on that
•Your morals obviously aren’t the best either, considering what you do but oh well
•For some people, rubber bullets are enough to get your point across so to speak
•Dabi thinks you should just kill everyone that you see as doing something wrong, permanent solutions or something like that
•You do kill people sometimes, but you do aim to not kill anyone if you don’t have to, unless they’ve done something super bad, then it’s a headshot
•You don’t really consider yourself any type of hero, but not really a villain either though
•Dabi’s proud to be a villain, but you’re a bit different
•You know many people would consider you a villain, but Dabi thinks you’re more like villain-lite if anything and you just consider yourself to be more like a vigilante
~Aizawa Shouta~
•Aizawa doesn’t really approve, but he can deal with it since you don’t actually aim to kill people
•Most of the time you use rubber bullets and even if you use real ones, you mostly aim for the knees or something to incapacitate your target
•Your relationship with him is kept just between you and him, because you feel like it wouldn’t be good for his career, if someone made the connection with who you were and what you did on the side
•You keep some of the stuff you do a secret from Aizawa too, since you know he doesn’t even want to know everything you do
•He doesn’t consider you to be a villain obviously, but not really a hero either
•He knows you’re pursuing justice in your own way, and sometimes he even thinks your way might be more effective than the “clean hero way” or whatever
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decaffeinatedditz · 8 hours ago
The funniest Dabi panel in my opinion.
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lilianade-comics · 10 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Yeah I didn't spend an entire morning creating a fake magazine cover for this silliness, no not at all.
Semi-related to this other post I did
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itssleepyrabbit · 16 days ago
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So please, stop
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sharlockart · a month ago
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Dabi and Shoto
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devivi12 · 3 months ago
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One of my favourite scenes from the manga :D
Chap. 342
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reineydraws · 19 days ago
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i hope hawks gets paid overtime for this
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echodreamer · 13 days ago
Tumblr media
I have peaked, this is the best dabi I will ever draw.
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dabiboy · 8 months ago
Dabi dances whenever he's excited🥺
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dabiscrispyankles · a month ago
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…don’t you hate it when the more outlandish theories end up being either right or really fucking close?
Touya ALMOST became a Nomu. Hell, he almost became Shigaraki’s replacement.
I fucking hate that AFO is involved in Dabi’s backstory but I get it
If I hear a single word about Touya/ Dabi not having it that bad imma fight a bitch. He just wanted to be acknowledged ffs seeing your own funeral alter and seeing that even your death didn’t change the abuse in your family’s dynamic and life continued on like your existence didn’t even happen would fuck anybody up
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