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#bnha dabi
haikyutiehoe · 19 hours ago
“been such a good girl bunny.” touya purrs, slamming his cock between your legs. you jolt forward, crashing your lips against his in a passionate exchange, mouths open and honest with the taste of one another. “never forgot how to love me huh?” the male growls against your sensitive ears, lips tickling your sensory organ. the piercings feel cold against your cheek as his mouth drifts across your feature, you remain silent, whimpering. you don’t whine or complain, thrash or tremble in his grasp, you don’t utter a single word about how large his cock is, how it squeezes into a spot made too small for him, no. no, you’re perfect, the ideal bunny girl cocksleeve touya todoroki’s always dreamed of. warm, flame wielding hands caress your bare, sultry hips, slamming them in repetition against his wet pelvis as you cry out with each thrust sparking pure blinding pleasure across your gaze. “my perfect bunny. your pussy is such a pleasure - ahh, yea. just like that. fucking perfect bun bun.”
inspo : here
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herofics · 2 days ago
hey there! i rlly like ur platonic content! could you do dabi,shiggy and toga when teen reader who falls asleep on their lap/shoulder? she/her pronouns for reader. good day/night!
~Himiko Toga~
•You were super tired, so you just basically collapsed onto the couch and placed your head on Toga’s lap
•She started caressing your hair and just playing with it, but you fell asleep anyway
•When you’re asleep, she takes pictures of you and she thinks you look super cute
•Maybe she puts some clips in your hair or something, she carries stuff like that in her pockets
•Toga also ends up getting your hair in a bit of a knot, because she twists it around so much
•She lets you sleep on her lap as long as you want to
•He doesn’t even notice you before your head hits his shoulder and then he kinda jumps, because you scared him
•He does his best to not wake you up though and he stays super still, so he is super stiff afterwards
•He eventually gets really bored and just stands up, because he starts thinking “What the hell am I doing?” because it’s pretty out of character for him to let someone just sleep on him
•You wake up when he stands up, but you’re pretty out of it and just lay down on the couch since there is more room now and keep sleeping
•Dabi just looks at you for a while when you sleep and just scoffs, because he doesn’t know why he cares
~Shigaraki Tomura~
•You just kinda plopped down on the couch and placed your head on his lap
•He’s like “What the fuck are you doing?” and moves his game so he can see your face
•You just tell him you’re tired and that you want to sleep
•Shiggy just scoffs and goes back to playing his game while you try to sleep 
•When you do fall asleep, he just keeps playing his game and occasionally glancing at you
•He doesn’t really mind to be honest, as long as you’re not interfering with his game or anything
•The fact that you’re talking in your sleep/making noises is kinda weird to him, because he has never been this close to anyone while they sleep, like obviously he knows people do that, but he’s never witnessed it 
•When his legs get numb/tired he pretty much just stands up and almost makes you fall off the couch
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kireirengoku · a day ago
Touch yourself for me
Dabi Racercar Au
CW: Guided Masturbation, Ruined orgasms, phone turned video call sex, Dom!Dabi, Sub!fem reader
Comments: Repost from my back up blog, @merumerucchi
Network: @planetonet
Tumblr media
I really hated it whenever Dabi was gone for a race. I missed him so much whenever he was gone. My fiancé, Touya Todoroki, known as Dabi the Cremator was the reigning  champion of the Grand Prix. He was away defending his title and unfortunately I was not allowed to come this time. I  changed into my pajamas, which consisted of one of Dabi’s large shirts and nothing else. I laid on the bed and flipped on the TV, quickly turning it to the channel the race was on.
My heart began to race when I spotted his sleek black car with chilling blue flames that curled into the number 26 on the sides. I cheered when I heard the announcer say that his car was in the lead by a lap and half with the other trailing behind. Dabi was going to win! As the white flag was waved to signal the last lap, I watched as Dabi soared around the track, his car smoothly gliding along the curves. My heart swelled with joy when the checkered flag was raised as his car flew past the finish line.
“YES!” I screamed, jumping to my feet on the bed and raising my hands above my head. As I was still cheering for my fiancé's victory, my phone rang. Without really looking at it, I answered rather annoyed, “Hello, what do you want? I’m trying to celebrate Dabi’s win!”
"Well, well, Dollface, is that anyway to greet your champion?”
A blush heated my face instantly at the sound of his gravelly voice. I quickly sat down on the bed and clenched my hands in my lap. I could felt myself getting wet just from his voice. “D-Dabi..I thought you were still racing. I just saw you.”
"You know that I never race live on TV.” His voice lowered in tone, knowing it would send shivers down his girl's body. He’d trained her to respond to his tone and he knew that she loved it whenever he growled in her ear over the phone. "Dollface, do you miss me?”
“What kind of question is that!” I yelled into the receiver. “You know damn well, I miss you!” I blinked when my phone buzzed with a notification that he was trying to video call with me. I realized that I was wearing one of his shirts and nothing else and my face grew even more hot. But I could not keep him waiting. Sighing, I pressed the button to accept the video chat. “Hi.” I said shyly.
Those chilling blue eyes of his narrowed slightly as he gauged her attire. “Damn, Doll, you must really miss me. You’re wearing one of my shirts. Does it smell like me? Does it feel like I’m wrapped around you?” His lips pulled up into a smirk as he watched her squirm around in her spot on the bed. Dabi knew that her little body must be aching for his touch. “Baby~” he purred out.
I jumped when he purred out my other petname as I felt a rush of heat flood my center. I rubbed my thighs together to ease the tension that was building up within me. “Dabi...I want you...”
“Baby, what do you want? Use your words or do you want me to tell you just how to touch yourself. How to touch that aching pussy of yours?” He sat back deeper into the chair he was sitting in, his pants becoming too tight. He pulled his zipper down to relieve some of the pressure. “You want to hear my voice while you imagine its my fingers fucking that slutty little hole of yours?”
I whimpered as I moved my hand down to my aching cunt. I needed him so much. I wanted to feel his fingers on me. "Dabi...please. Tell me what to do." I set the phone up on a pillow that gave him perfect view of my dripping pussy.
"Pull up my shirt and place it in your mouth." He instructed, pulling his dick out of his leather pants. His eyes watched as she did as she was told and his lips curled into a smile. She was always so obedient. He stroked his hand down the thick length. "Good girl..." Dabi purred. "Touch your clit. Just like that."
Another soft whine left my throat as I circled my sensitive flesh roughly. I used my other hand to twist and pull at my nipples. Fuck. "Dabi..." I said between the cloth in my teeth. “I...I...” I stammered, shifting my hands around and started to push two fingers into my clenching hole.
“Did I say you could fuck yourself on your fingers yet?” Dabi scolded, his eyes narrowing. He stopped stroking his cock and sighed as he tucked it away. “Now, you are going to have to wait until I return home to cum. You’d better not fucking touch your self until then, Dollface."
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devilray-tea · a day ago
Tumblr media
I don’t know if I’ll color this one yet but here’s something. Fun to draw for sure. I think it fits their dynamic.
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This man looks sexy doing anything... my art by the way (pls open the image for better quality 🤲❤🌟). Took me an entire Arctic Monkeys album to finish this cause nothing scream more daddy-- I mean Dabi issues than Arctic Monkeys
Tumblr media
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peigescorner · a day ago
Thinking about how Dabi would make hot choco with bird mallows before signaling Hawks to go to the fireplace.
“What are we doing here?” Hawks asks but he didn’t receive an answer. Instead, Dabi pulled him to sit on the floor, right beside their hot choco, “thanks,”
Hawks was happily sipping on his hot choco when he feels Dabi spread his legs and sit between them. He then reaches for Hawks’ wings and wraps them around him as it they were a blanket.
Hawks chuckles but Dabi ignores him. Hawks’ wings were so warm and comfortable that Dabi unconsciously snuggles against Hawks, “do you want cookies?”
Dabi nods and sips on his hot choco, his eyes focused on the flames while Hawks’ feather brings them a plate of warm chocolate. Neither of them talks. They just silently sit there while in each other’s company and that was enough to make their holiday special.
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neonpanther72 · 2 days ago
Finally a bit of art to show! Got some random inspiration during class today and got these boys drawn out. I'm especially happy with how Hawks turned out, but that might just be my bias. 😅
Who should I draw next? Maybe another round of 3 bnha gals?
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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the-sr-artist · 2 days ago
Hoped on the tiktok trend
Tumblr media
One of my fav drawings I've done atm! This was really fun to draw on my phone although my phone screen is busted atm! Either way I like it!
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nephilim-freckles · a month ago
Tumblr media
I return to my roots to post bnha trash
is it too much to ask to be a hot arsonist?
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fluffyblaire · 7 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
[do not repost my art or roleplay on my posts ‼️]
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