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#bnha dabi

Ah @Atasushi on Twitter just posted about how Dabi knew Tomie


Bro Dabi’s starting to sound like some big underground crime boss or smthn like goddamn this guy had people properly working for him. And how the fuck did he pay them? Does Dabi have a secret stash of money somewhere? Or did he use league funds for his plans?

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Lmao so apparently Hawks’ Mother Tomie is the one that told Dabi about Hawks’ name? His mother doxxed the guy omggg lmaooo

What I wanna know is how Dabi knew her or found her in the first place if he didn’t know Hawks’ name before that? Lmfao imagine Dabi uni reversed Hawks and was like ✨ best friends ✨ with Hawks’ mother like Hawks is friends with Endeavor lol

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Yandere BNHA Reactions: How do they react when you say you hate them?

I realise I add Dabi, Overhaul, and Hawks to like all of these, but they are husbandossss.. especially Dabi.. *cue wiggly eyebrows*

Dabi: “I’m not your prince charming, I’m the beast that swallows you then spits you out, sweetheart.”


Originally posted by dabis-smooth-voice

Overhaul: “Isn’t that sad. How about I give you another reason to hate me like you claim, angel?”


Originally posted by reehlia

Hawks: “Aww Chickadee. Don’t make me snap a few of your limbs there~”


Originally posted by keiwoosh

Denki: “Ouch! My heart is now broken due to your words, Cutiepie.”


Originally posted by kuroolongtea

Kirishima: “Come on y/n.. you don’t mean that, right?.. right?”


Originally posted by spiderdweebs

Aizawa: “I suggest you swallow your tongue before things get out of hand there, kitten.”


Originally posted by pockettmonsterr

Shinso: “I guess I’ll have to use my quirk so you’ll love me.”


Originally posted by denise-the-death-goddess

Tamaki: “N-Nononono! Stop l-lying or I-I’ll g-get upset! A-And I’ll d-do something y-you won’t like!”


Originally posted by hanae-ichihara

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dabi - rude

toga/denki - that’s fair

hawks - not again

denki/mina - are you going to want this back or can i keep it?

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Maybe it’s just me, but Dabi looks more than or as mentally wrecked as his family in the new chapter..

Before this reveal, Dabi was pretty elusive and mysterious and just kept his cool. But now, he can’t hide that he’s literally a tragedy. 

 I want to know what he’s thinking to be honest. We know he hates Endeavour, but what about his relationship with rei? And does he not miss his siblings? He was definitely closer to them than Shoto was in the past. I’m just so so curious about his story. Touya wasn’t abused as a child like Shoto, he liked training and wanted to be a hero. What exactly happened that lead to him hating Endeavour so much? Especially when Endeavour himself seems to miss Touya so much and was proud of him too…

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It doesn’t annoy me at all! On the contrary, I love talking about my dad series 🤭 but… THIS ONE HAS ME IN PAIN JSDKSK

I mean, Dabi’s conflicted-I’M CONFLICTED about how to go through this. As I’ve said before, I like keeping Dabi as close to his personality as possible, and being that a situation, everything he care’s about is taking down Endeavor. Kaji wasn’t planned, like at all. And in fact, Dabi started caring a few months later, just when it hit him. So having someone, a mini human that looks like the happy version of himself, and the person that he loves, makes him hate Endeavor even more, because of him he isn’t able to give Kaji what he needs, and therefore the feeling or carry on with his plan is bigger, but at the same time he doesn’t want to lose his child and his mother. He doesn’t want to lose the only good thing in his life. And he thinks about it every single day.

That is why I’m waiting to see what happens and how Dabi will keep developing in order to provide a concrete (and hopefully good) ending to the story. So in the mean time I will keep this mini scenarios which take place before the actual ending, where you guys will be able to see more about Dabi’s feelings over Kaji, also taking into consideration all that is happening with Endeavor.

Hope this isn’t that confusing😅

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Man, you’re all gonna hate me 😂 There will be some angst, not gonna lie. But I will try to find a way to keep him around more often, and you know I like to stick to canon so… We’ll see what happens to Dabi in the next manga chapters to see how will I direction this story👀

In the meantime, here you have some texts about the upcoming angst piece👀 I swear that this one will have a good ending

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OMG IMAGINE THE DRAMA SJCJJSF I pictured everything so clearly, but guess you’ll need to see if Dabi’s still around once her daughter is born 👀

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In this house we support each other, so if anyone has more suggestions feel free to send them in! Honestly I love discovering new music too so it’d be awesome😌

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Oh yeah, she’s aware ☠ and I was thinking about and angsty piece, Dabi passed out on a couch because of drinking and meds and lost an appointment with Kaji, let the ✨drama✨ begin. What do you guys think? 👀

Omg thank you so much, really🥺💕 Here are some flowers for you 💐

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Dear anon, here you have a small wip 👀

I’m like an avocado sandwich, you squeeze me a bit and I spill out everything KSFJSJRJ that’s something we say in my country and it makes sense in Spanish, idk if it works in English tho(?)

However, as I was saying… yesheisgoingtohaveababysister

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Yes, yes, yes, and a thousand times yes. A fact that I know for sure in my series, is that Kaji is going to be protective and supportive, especially after he finds out everything and of course when he is capable to comprehend everything better, you know children cognitives skills are yet to be developed, so at a proper age he is going to be mature. And a badass too.

And don’t even make me start on his relationship with his mom cause that is just *chef kiss* he is always going to be taking care of her, no matter what

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That is so soft and angsty at the same time😢 Can you imagine how would they treat him? Like, lots of love and affection and cuddles and everything just to give him everything that he didn’t have😭

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A relationship with Dabi&Hawks, oh wait…. I am in my thoughts and dreams. I love my bird man and burnt chicken nugget!

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This is a DTIYS I made for @/noviciii’s 10k on Instagram!

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Dancing with BNHA Characters

Back from my unannounced break! Sorry for being gone, here’s some of my specialty: fluff! I’m still getting back into the swing of things so sorry once more if this is not up to my usual quality.

Characters: Shigaraki, Dabi, Todoroki


Originally posted by blackkacchan

Shigaraki —

  • His songs are ambient, not too loud to overwhelm his senses
  • You two would be sitting in the main room, you cuddling into the side of his chest as he had his arm around you
  • Tv speakers would have the music on, everyone else put on a mission or in their rooms doing their own thing
  • The music would surround the two of you making Tomura get up, the sound and his thoughts all sending him into sensory overload, needing to move around
  • He turns to you and you jokenly hold out your arms to have him carry you, you think he’s going back to your guy’s room
  • He does pick you up, wearing his two fingered gloves now more often than not, ever since you two got together
  • But he continues to hold you, taking you to the larger expanse of the room, slowly rocking the two of you
  • At the swell of the song he’d start spinning the both of you, his head in the crook of your neck
  • He’d slow down, taking his face out of its hiding place to kiss you, the force almost sending you two tumbling but neither of you care

Dabi —

  • He’d listen to songs where a woman sings, soft voices on a speaker
  • You two would be cradling each other sharing Bluetooth earbuds, it’s always you two against the world
  • He’d be pouting and wordlessly gets up, slowly setting you down and dragging your arm to take you outside
  • It’d be early morning, neither of you could sleep, and it’s chilly
  • He’d take you out into the abandoned street, promising once you complain about the cold that he’ll keep you warm
  • He keeps his promise, holding you close but every so often reminding you of the chill by twirling you with a chuckle but dragging you back in to hold you tight, reminding you that without each other that you’d be lost, cold, and in the dark

Todoroki —

  • The song is slowed, if songs are too fast he can’t think
  • You two would be in the bathroom, fresh out of a shower with your speaker still set up, brushing your teeth in only your towels, the floor wet
  • He’d take your hand, raising it and wrapping his other arm around you, “I don’t know how to dance,” you’d laugh
  • “Step on top of my feet, no, I got you, promise.”
  • “I feel like a child,” you place your head on his chest, and he slowly takes you two around, freezing the floor below you to slide freely, shivering at the homely coolness, taking you ice skating
  • And he had you

notes: sorry once again for being gone for so long! I’m back though and shall get on my projects, this actually will have a part two with: Keigo, Kirishima, and Denki! Finally, Happy Belated Birthday Dabi! I actually forgot to put it in my phone so I’ve been sad to miss it. :(

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