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Deku: do you ever feel bugs on you when there’s no bugs?

Todo: those are ghosts from all the bugs you’ve killed.


Baku: look what you did, you scared him you stupid idiot.

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Amy The Shade Queen XD

She really is the shade queen and Grade A Savage… seriously Amy might be a bit of a bitch sometimes but I’ve given her some of the best lines.. and I love drawing her because she makes ugly faces. Which makes her feel a bit more… quirky XD I love it haha… she has attitude, a sense of humor and isn’t afraid to show it… she knows how to dish some real shade… Needless to say Madison and Shinsou find it hilarious, and Bakugo and Todoroki and Kaminari for that matter…

It’s almost always Midoriya, Iida, Uraraka, Jirou but ESPECIALLY Ojiro who get her shadiest remarks… or savage remarks XD 

And yes the third one is from the office, that’s just something Amy would say to someone she hates or dislikes. She treats people she doesn’t like the way Michael treats Toby. That’s exactly how she treated Midoriya for a while… just like Michael… XD  Helps that Amy is oddly a lot like Michael now that I think about it… 

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It’s way past their bed time and they still have homework left, but Mirio and Deku do their best to entertain Eri’s whims, even if it’s just to be tall. They’ve all got matching onesies on and they’ll probably pass out on the sofa after their shenanigans.

Sidenote: Eri likes plants because it makes her feel calm!! And she likes her triceratops plushie because it has horns just like her :)

My submission for @ksazines ’s line art contest. I love their zine idea, it’s so cute!

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Draw a sketch of this hilarious skit, it’ll be easy I said, a quick little doodle. Two - weeks - later…

Credit to @oyasumi47 for the original dialogue.

I also like to imagine Todoroki adding in a smug “b*#ch” to the end of his last line.

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At this point I am seriously concerned about how this will turn out. If in fact, something happens to Natsu, not only will Endeavor be seriously mentally damaged, what about Shoto? His whole life has been a series of horrible things. His brother “died“ <come on we all know it’s dabi>, his mother poured boiling water on his face, his dad was totally abusive, and he was never allowed to hang out with his siblings. If something was to happen to Natsu, that would just be another thing adding to the load. WHyYYYYYYY. MY SWEET LIL CANDY-CANE’S BROTHER NOOOO

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