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a/n.— fuck february i’m posting this now lol


A white envelope with a single red heart on it lay on your desk, alongside a box of chocolate. You pick up the letter curiously and found “To, y/n. From, your secret admirer” written neatly on the back. Breaking the seal, you pull out the letter and began to read…


𝑫𝒆𝒂𝒓 𝒀/𝑵,

I have a confession to make.

I cherish the day we first met and hold the memory close to my heart. We accidentally bumped into each other at our first day at UA, which was totally my fault, by the way, haha. But, I remember how sorry you looked when you helped me up from the ground and how you apologized so much, even though it was my fault. Ever since then, I just had a good feeling about you.

That feeling intensified when we started hanging around each other more. You’ve always been so incredibly amazing to me, I don’t think i’ve ever been treated with such kindness before. Honestly, I’m not sure why someone like you would want to hang out with me. I’m so… weak, and I cry a lot, and I can barely stand up for myself but, you’re not that. You’re so much more than that. You’re strong, determined, caring and beautiful, in more ways than one.

I wish i had the courage to speak to you instead of writing a letter, but i’m afraid I would’ve made myself look even more of a fool infront of you, but i guess this is better than nothing, right?

you’re so special to me, y/n, and i know this is asking a lot but I’d like to, one day, be more than friends.

Please, say you’ll be mine, Y/N!

Love, 𝑰𝒛𝒖𝒌𝒖 𝑴𝒊𝒅𝒐𝒓𝒊𝒚𝒂, your secret admirer.

(ps. I hope you enjoy the chocolates!)


there was a knock on the classroom door, where you saw Midoriya standing shyly. “It’s okay if you don’t wanna be my friend after this,” he mumbled softly, shifting nervously in your gaze. You walked up to him and took his hands into yours. “Y/N..?” You smiled at him before speaking. “I’d love to be yours, Izuku.”

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I don’t know how to start of in this stupid journal but Shigi told me that I should start journaling my feelings or some shit instead of taking it out on random objects and people. I don’t get why he makes me write these stupid problems down or anything else, I’m a villain. I’m supposed to take my anger out on the world, eh who cares right? Well I UA today, I hate it.. Like all these heroes wannabe. What’s up with them???? Plus ultra shit, mockery of the greatest villains. Tomura wanted me to go for some reason tho like get the details on All Might, he does nothing. Except burst through doors screaming “I am here” like bish we know we have eyeballs. Learning about hero things is boring I want to learn about villains and destroy the world, bring down All Might with Tomura. Honestly I’m kind of being dramatic about UA, it’s not that bad. There is this one guy, named Izuku Midoriya. He’s cute.. Whoa whoa whoa Atlas Shigaraki what the hell are you saying?! I can’t think this way of a All Might wannabe!! That’s bad very bad, if Shigi finds out he’ll decay me!!


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Oops I hit you again - Chapter 13 - Ninjama_of_trash - 僕のヒーローアカデミア | Boku no Hero Academia | My Hero Academia [Archive of Our Own]
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All Might:

The cats in the streets:

Y/N & Deku: It was an accident!

Principle Nezu: So, you fighting a villain was an accident?

Y/N & Deku: …Yes…

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*sends a flying kiss towards Izuku*
comes in between Izuku and Uraraka, catches the flying kiss, and throws it into the garbage*
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I made buttons and their avaliable on my shop! More variations to come soon!

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Izuku: Deku means someone who never gives up!

Bakugou: Okay but unless you take a shower when you get home from work, Deku’s gonna mean someone who sleeps on the couch.

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I just had a sad realization about the MHA universe and I think it’s so very sad.

TW: Mentions of suicide

I was watching a TikTok about which anime world you’d want to live in and I said “Fairy Tail” because you can actually pick witch magic you study and your life won’t be flashing before your eyes every two seconds.

I also thought about My Hero Academia universe and how I wasn’t going to risk be part of the 20% of the quirkless population. I actually said aloud “I’d rather die than be in a world were people can fly and breathe fire when I’m quirkless”. It hit me that a lot of people (especially kids) have actually committed suicide because of that reason. We all want to be accepted by society so they probably felt hopeless. And remember when Bakugo told Deku to jump off the roof? In that scene I think he actually contemplated doing it.

I just really think it’s sad that some people will off themselves because they don’t feel like they belong anywhere. I know we are all quirkless in this world, but a lot of people feel like they don’t fit in. I want you to know that you don’t have to be special for your life to have worth. I want you alive and I love you. Even if I don’t know you, I want you to keep living. If not for me, then do it for your future. ❤️❤️❤️

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So I was and kind of still am in the Voltron fandom (I have a Voltron tattoo the show means a lot to me) and this thing I started doing came about because of the ending of Voltron. I didn’t watch the last three episodes I know what happened and everything but I refuse to watch it. Lance was maybe my first character I really saw myself in and the writers did him dirty.

And then later Endgame happened and my favorite character died (Tony Stark/Iron Man). I didn’t watch it cause I refused to watch it, cause my little brother (that little sh*t) flat out told me he died. (This is probably payback and karma when I told him years ago a favorite character of his died but it still hurt a lot). I know myself well enough to know if I watched Endgame I would probably have a mental breakdown.

I’ve never lost anyone so far in my life to death right in front of me except this little bird named Mr. Sunshine that I was taking care of. I was absolutely devastated like sobs wracking my body for half an hour on floor. Somehow I managed to call my Aunt she dropped everything and came over. She took me lunch and through everything every time I hear a bird sing outside I started crying. And Mr. Sunshine wasn’t even my bird I had taken care of him for like week and a half and he just died.

Just from this experience I know that when someone I care about dies it’s gunna be bad for me, my already crap mental health (depression, anxiety, PTSD and some other issues) is gunna be rolled into a f*cking massive cake of no good doo-doo.

So now when I start a show or anything like that and I keeping getting worse for these characters that I care about I straight up peace out. (*cough cough* My hero academia) And just stick to fannon cause while I need a distraction from life, no distractions is worth the spiraling that comes with it.

I was on Tiktok today and my For You page kept showing me sad TikToks and I dipped out of there after like the four or fifth one cause I cry easily when stuff like this gets me.

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i describe bnha characters sexualities except i dont actually do that at all i just confuse everyone

midoriya: straight in the way that a koala is a bear *mass confusion abt weather or not a koala is a bear or a marsupial*

todoroki: a… lesbian???

iida: papas pizzeria moblie game costs money ??? what kind of world are we living in

uraraka: stop doing that thing with your face that makes me want to kiss you, yeah its really distracting

tsu: tongue technology

bakugou: quadratics equation homework with hot tutor gone RIGHT *line without a hook*

kirishima: unknown motives when going to the gym

mina: *girl in red begins to play ominously in the background*

kaminari: worldwide panic about the us government

sero: shes so nice, oh shes so ni—yeah im listening (bondage kink)

jirou: band tshirts and emo phase denial

tokoyami: goth cock = gock ? wh

shinsou: unrecognized potential

momo: if she had a mullet i would become immoral im not even kidding

toga: knife play

dabi: heard his parents have sex through the walls one too many times

shigaraki: wires by the neighborhood

hawks: *at a mcdonalds drive-thru* so… what do yall have

and im gone

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