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heya! tis i, bringing forth some art for @spidertams Boku no Herotober Academia! °˖✧◝(⁰▿⁰)◜✧˖° 
starting from top to bottom, the prompts are: day 1: number one | day 2: two heroes | day 3: the big three | day 4: team | day 5: denim | day 6: teach | day 7: there’s no need to be confined to the ground
i’ll be posting the rest once I’ve caught up ( ̄▽ ̄)ノ
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miin03 · 4 months ago
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“But there's still tomorrow
Forget the sorrow
And I can be on the last train…”
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silverhairsimp · 27 days ago
I Want What You Have
Kiribaku x Fem!Reader
a/n: Someone call the horny police because my ass was up at 6am writing this. I've had this idea of Bakugou walking in on Kiri's GF brewing in my head for awhile so I hope you enjoy!
CW: aged up characters/college au. smut, lots of it. Implied/desired somnophilia. Oral, f/m receiving. Anal. Double penetration. Cum play. Dom kiri, lowkey timid bakugou. Daddy kink for kiri. Use of pet names/nicknames: baby/baby girl/princess/babe.
Word Count: 5,816
It wasn’t out of the ordinary for you to be at the house. Being Kirishima’s girlfriend and all, it was a pretty typical occurrence to see you around.
Bakugou knew Kiri got home late last night but must have been far too deep into sleep to notice two sets of footsteps walking past his room. Which is fine, he should have expected you to be here for the long weekend.
What he didn’t expect was to open the door to his best friend's, and housemates, room to see your half naked body sprawled out on the big bed.
Kiri’s room was set up with his bed facing the door. The foot of the bed directly pointed right where Bakugou was standing in the doorway. He could hear water running from the bathroom just a few feet away from him, and from you. Kiri must be in the shower. But you…
You were still asleep, laying on your stomach, left leg hiked up over a pillow. Your right leg outstretched so your toes just barely hung off the edge of the bed. Your right arm underneath your pillow and your left on top of it, tucked right next to your face.
You were always in Kiri’s clothes and right now was no different. Shirt, sweats, hoodies, basketball shorts, you name it. Bakugou was so envious that his best friend had someone so perfect to wear all of his clothes. Someone like you wearing his clothes.
The shirt you were wearing was one of Kiri's favorites. He’d had it ever since his first year of high school. A plain, basic red t-shirt, but damn if you didn’t look fucking amazing in it. You always did. Your sweet boyfriend always made sure to tell you how beautiful you looked. Your boyfriend's best friend continued to make a mental note of everything he’d want to say to you. He was happy for Kirishima for finding someone like you to keep him happy and he’d never get in the way of that. But he wants what you guys have.
The shirt was big on you, and Bakugou was so thankful for that. The way the cotton fabric settled on your hip, bunched up perfectly above the upper half of your ass.
The sheets on the bed look disheveled, and if the clothes scattered on the floor weren’t enough of an indication of what happened in here overnight, maybe the cum still dripping out of your pussy was.
Usually you and Kirishima were loud in the bedroom. If it wasn’t your moans and his grunts, Bakugou could at least hear the mattress creaking and the frame knocking against the wall.
The sound of his best friend fucking you senseless usually ended up with him pressing his ear against the wall, fucking his fist to the sounds spilling from your throat. But not last night. Maybe he was just that tired. It had been a long week for him.
He was brought out of thought as he heard the water of the shower turn off. Only he couldn’t get himself to move. He couldn’t pull away from the sight of you. Your perfect pussy on display for him. Leaking his best friends cum. How the fuck did kiri leave you like that? If Bakugou woke up to this sight, he’d make sure to wake you up properly.
He’d spend his morning lingering kisses all along the bare skin of your back. Sinking his teeth softly into the fat of your ass. Slowly dragging his fingers through the mess he made the night before only to push it back in and hope there’s room for a fresh load to dump into you. Fingering you open for him again so you’d wake up to his dick inside of you.
Your usual morning stretch to wake yourself up would be replaced by the stretch of your tight cunt around his thick cock. He’d thrust into you slow and deep as your sleepy eyes began to flutter open. A groggy morning hum and an arch of your back as you try to push yourself up only to be met with Bakugou's chest, it would be everything he ever dreamed of. And that’s all it could be. A dream.
With Bakugou still standing in the middle of Kirishima’s room, the creaking of the bathroom door opening finally brought his gaze away from you.
“Oh, uh… morning Bakugou? Did you need something?” Kiri asks in a whisper, trying not to wake you. He’s got a towel wrapped around his waist and another one running through his hair to try and dry it off.
“Sorry, I um, eh hem, didn’t know y/n was here. I came in to ask if you wanted to go to the gym, but… yeah. Sorry man.” Bakugou says with a pink blush dusting across his cheeks, almost embarrassed that he had been caught looking at you in such a state.
“Don’t be sorry man,” Kiri says, stepping closer to his best friend, resting a large hand on his shoulder. “Quite a sight though, isn’t it?” Kiri smiles and wiggles his eyebrows up and down.
“Yeah Kiri, you’re one lucky bastard…” Bakugou’s eyes finally leave you to look at the door. Not wanting to put himself through anymore tourture knowing that he’ll never have someone like you. Or better yet, you.
Bakugou speaks again before turning to face the door, “’m gonna go then.”
“Hold up Bakugou… I uh, um.. I see the way you look at her, ya know. We’ve talked about spicing things up in the bedroom too – ”
Bakugou turns around, meeting his best friend's gaze. A smirk plastered across Kirishima's face is contrasting to the shock across Bakugou’s. “Y-you can’t be serious?” He takes a deep breath, trying to calm the pounding in his chest at what he was just offered.
“Come on man, I am serious. So? Whataya say?” Kiri grins again as he brings Bakugou closer to the bed, slinging his arm heavily around his neck.
Bakugou feels like this is so wrong, you’re not even awake yet. He’s already had his fix at getting to look at you like this. He can’t even ask what you want, part of him wants to make sure and the other doesn’t care, he wants it so bad. He wants you so bad. He can hardly believe the offer and there’s not a bone in his body that wants to deny it.
“Fine, let’s do this.” Bakugou is now the one smirking at his best friend, and man, is he ready for what’s to come.
Kirishima cocks an eyebrow at the other man in the room and nods his head in your direction, silently telling Bakugou to follow his lead. So he does, shutting the bedroom door before following. Kiri has since discarded the towel he was using to dry his hair. The one around his waist still sits loosely on his hips as he takes his place next to you on the head of the bed.
He places a large, gentle hand on your head, smoothing your hair and whispering a soft “G’morning baby”, causing you to stir slightly. Not yet opening your eyes but moving enough to realize something is trying to wake up.
Kiri’s hand is still on your head, moving it in long, petting strokes against your hair. He leans back against the wall, speaking softly, his words directed at Bakugou, “touch her.”
Bakugou looks at Kiri, his grin only grows wider waiting on his next movements. Bakugou climbs on the bed behind you. Calloused fingers gliding across your smooth skin. Bakugou sighs at the contrast, allowing himself to relax further into the touch. His hands move up higher. Pads of his fingers caressing your inner thigh, moving even higher. Pulling on the fat of your lower ass. The tug of his fingers on your skin pulls open your labia, giving him a closer view of the thick cum still dripping out of you.
Bakugou moved his hand closer, holding the outer lip with his forefinger and allowing his middle finger to slowly drag up your slit. His touch has you turning in your sleep, your eyes flutter open briefly. Catching a glimpse of Kiri looking down at you, a sweet smile spread across his face, seeing it made you smile as well and release a sigh of content.
You’re a little more awake and you roll over on your side, arms moving to wrap around kiri’s mid and lay your head against his lap. Your movement pulls Bakugou’s hand out of reach and pulls your shirt down to cover your lower half.
Kirishima looks at Bakugou, obvious disappointment spread across his face at the lost contact. So Kiri speaks again, this time it's directed at you.
“Hey. Baby girl, I have a surprise for you. Wanna open those pretty eyes for me?”
You let out a long, drawn out sigh, eyes still closed, “mmmm, what is it Ei?”
“Gotta sit up for me first baby. Wanna come sit in my lap?”
You giggle softly. Still not noticing Bakugou’s presence in the room. “Always know how to tempt me, huh Ei?”
You push yourself on your hands and knees, sticking your ass out as you move to situate yourself before moving your legs to straddle his lap. Your hands come up to his still damp hair. Tangling your fingers in his red locks.
You bring your lips to the spot right where his collarbone meets his neck, pecking the skin softly.
Another soft peck on the column of his neck.
“What’s my surprise this morning?”
Another kiss to the base of his jaw under his ear.
“We picking up where we left off last night?”
Another kiss at the corner of his mouth.
“Or did I wear you out too much, hmm?”
Kiri laughs softly, but it’s sinful. His hands are on your hips, massaging your skin lightly, but his eyes are focused on something behind you.
“Ahh, something like that. But, just so you know,” he leans into you closer, whispering into your ear before tugging your lobe between his teeth, “you could never wear me out.”
You grab his jaw and pull him into an open mouthed kiss. Humming at the sensation of your tongues pushing against each other.
He pulls out of the kiss and his hands move down to firmly grip your ass. Spreading your cheeks apart, making sure Bakugou has a good view from where he’s still sitting on the bed.
“So, about that surprise,” Kiri starts, “remember when we said we wanted to spice things up? Try something new?”
God damn the way he looks at you. His words drip off his lips like sweet honey. He’s got you wrapped around his finger.
You cock your head to the side and kiss his cheek, slowly starting to rock your hips in his lap as he continues to talk to you.
“What do you think about adding someone new?” Kiri looks from you to Bakugou. Your eyes light up at the offer.
“Babe, you’re serious?”
“Turn around and see for yourself.”
You finally look over your shoulder to see Bakugou sitting on the bed. Cheeks flushed and shoulders hunched forward.
You turn back to Kiri, he can tell by your eyes you want to know if he’s serious. He gives you a reassuring nod and you turn around to face Bakugou.
You get on your hands and knees again to crawl toward Bakugou. Kiri starts talking from behind you.
“Ya know baby girl, Bakugou walked in on you asleep this morning. Saw that pretty little pussy of yours still dripping from the mess I made last night. You gonna let him fill you up just like I did?”
“Mmm, I dunno Ei, you think he can handle that?”
Kirishima leans forward to place a harsh slap on your ass, sure to leave a nice hand print.
Bakugou’s confident demeanor returns and he grabs you by your face. Fingers gripped loosely around your jaw as he speaks.
“I think the real question is can you handle it, princess?”
“Hmph, I like this side of you Kat, you should show it more often.” You say, bringing your face even closer. Lips just centimeters away from his.
“Why don’t you show Kat how good of a girl you are baby?”
“Yeah, come on princess, show me what ya got.”
“Careful what you wish for Kat, I might just make you eat those words.”
“I think Kat and I are both planning on eating something else babe.”
Instead of responding to your boyfriend, you let your actions speak for you. You close the little distance left between you two, pressing your lips to Bakugou’s. You grab the collar of his shirt, using it as leverage to pull yourself into his lap.
His head is spinning. Minutes ago he was staring at your sleeping body, daydreaming about all the things he’d wish he could do to you and now the opportunity has finally come. He wasn’t going to blow it.
As aggressive and brash as Bakugou can be as a person, his touches were soft yet firm at the same time and he touched you with purpose. You knew he could break you if he wanted. He knew it too. But there was something about you that made him want to take his time memorizing every dip and curve of your body.
This is all too much, but at the same time not enough. He wants more. As you continue to rock yourself into him, he grabs your ass, just as Kiri had done earlier. Spreading you wide open and making a mental note at the gasp that leaves your throat, he eagerly swallows it and takes the opportunity to suck your tongue between his lips, only to bring his teeth back up to your bottom lip in a soft tug.
“Fuuuuck, you two are really going at it. Don’t be selfish now Kat. Y/n, why don’t you come sit in daddy’s lap and let Bakugou play with your perfect little pussy, hm?”
You pull away slightly, feeling the weight shift on the bed as Kiri situates himself in the middle of the mattress, still leaning against the wall, pulling the towel off his lower half. His rock hard cock barely standing upright due to the sheer weight of it.
You flash Kirishima a quick glance of dismissal over your shoulder and bring your attention back to Bakugou. You continue your attack on his lips and you can hear a low growl come from your boyfriend and you feel the weight on the bed shift again. This time, you don’t turn around to look. Instead you feel a second set of hands on you.
The way Bakugou and Kiri are moving in tandem with one another makes you think they were made to share you. Working perfectly in sync. Bakugou lifts your hips slightly so Kiri can move his fingers to your bare cunt in his lap.
The familiar feeling of his thick fingers pushing into you floods your senses, along with an unfamiliar feeling of Bakugou grabbing a fistful of your hair to pull your head to the side, giving Kiri access to your neck as he starts to leave his mark on you. Sharp teeth digging into the soft skin in the crook of your neck makes you instinctively release a whine into Bakugou’s mouth.
With the hand that’s still on your hip, Bakugou starts to guide your hips further down onto Kiri’s fingers. The angle of his fingers inside of you and the way Bakugou pushes you into him has Kiri’s knuckles brushing up against the growing bulge in the blondes shorts. A quiet groan comes from his throat but you and Kiri are quick to notice. You pull away from Bakugou and lean back into Kiri’s lap. Your back on his chest and his fingers stay buried in you the entire time you move.
His hand comes off of your hips and out of your hair at the shift but you're quick to grab his hand again. Holding onto it as Kiri takes his original seat at the head of the bed, leaning against the wall with you in his lap now. He removes his fingers, which are dripping with slick.
He brings them up to your lips and you clean them with a content moan.
You lean your head against your boyfriend's broad chest, tongue still wrapped around your fingers. You pull Bakugou into you by the hand you were still holding onto. Taking it and placing it softly on your chest. Encouraging him to touch where and how he wanted. If your actions weren’t enough, Kiri made sure to tell him anyway.
“Come on Bakugou, touch her. She’s practically dripping for ya, isn’t that right baby?” His voice raspy against your skin, echoing in your ear.
Bakugou’s eyes flick down to your pussy then back up to you still sucking on his best friend's fingers. You remove Kiri’s fingers from your mouth with an audible pop! and turn your head toward Bakugou.
“Whatsamatter Kat? Ya nervous? Didn’t really peg you for the type.” You turn your face up to Kiri, grabbing his jaw with delicate fingers and bringing him into a kiss that’s all tongue. The way your mouth moves against his causes you both to release a sigh. “Mmm, why don’t you show him how it’s done, Ei.” More of a demand than a question.
“Hmm, don’t mind if I do.” And he does. Kiri is grabbing you by the throat, forcing you to look at Bakugou by pushing his thumb into your jaw. His other hand ghosts over his shirt that covers your body. Pulling the fabric up over your chest, exposing all of you. Lowering his hand again, he draws one, two, three quick circles against your clit. Making your thighs twitch.
He quickly sinks two fingers back into you. Curling them up inside of you, hitting that spot he knows drives you mad. While he picks up the pace of his fingers thrusting in and out of you, you drop your hand to rub your clit. Kiri is quick to force your face to look at him and pull his fingers out of you, slapping your hand away from continuing your movements.
“Come on baby girl, don’t be selfish. Think we should let Bakugou have a turn.”
His eyes are on his best friend again, “Come on Kat, you gonna make her wait all day?”
“Nah, shitty hair. I’m not.”
Finally, finally. Bakugou makes his move. His thumb moves to start rubbing soft circles over your clit. Expirimentally stroking your slit up and down with the tips of his fingers. You start to rock your hips against his hand, wanting to feel him deeper. Kiri is quick to move his legs to wrap around yours and hold your thighs wide open by your ankles.
Kirishima and Bakugou exchange a quick glance before Bakugou quickly shoves two fingers inside you. Making you jump in Kiri’s lap, the redhead releasing a deep groan as your ass bounces against his throbbing cock. Kiri’s fingers always filled you up perfectly, long and thick, hitting all the right spots. Bakugou’s were just almost as long as Kiri's, but thicker than you had ever paid attention to.
His fingers are pushing in and out of you at a ruthless pace. The veins in his forearms bulge at how hard he's working his fingers into your dripping cunt. Kirishima still has a hand on your throat, keeping you in place, forcing you to look at the mess his best friend is making between your legs.
His off hand comes down to rub messy circles around your clit.
“She’s clenching around me, Ei. Faster, she’s gonna cum.” The blonde says, shoving his fingers deeper inside of you.
“Gonna cum for us baby? Why don’t you show Kat how good you are and squirt for us?” He pushes your head to the side, making room for himself so he can bring his mouth back to your skin, sinking his teeth into your shoulder and letting out a low growl. “Wanna cum all over Bakugou’s fingers, hm?”
You whine and try to move your hips even more. Bakugou is quick to move his off hand to keep your hips still and reposition himself to lay on his stomach, face right next to your pussy as he still fingers you open.
Kiri quickly swipes three of his fingers over your swollen bud before removing his hand to grip Bakugou's hair and pull his mouth to your overstimulated clit. Quickly sucking it between his lips.
Your entire body is shaking and you’re barely hanging on. Your orgasm is flooding over you. “Fuck! Nnngh, gonna cum! I’m – ah! Cumming!”
Your eyes squeezed tightly shut, spurts of warm, clear liquid coming out of you as Bakugou still works his fingers in and out of you. Kirishima is in your ear, curses falling from his lips at how provocative the sight in front of him is. Bakugou is earnestly lapping at your juices, drinking every last drop of your release.
When you finally come down from your high, vision refocusing as you blink the tears from your eyes, you feel Bakugou wipe his mouth on the inside of your thighs. Kirishima has released his hold on your throat and has been palming at your breast, rubbing his thumb over your stiffened peaked nipples.
“Such a good girl for us baby. You like it when daddy shares you with his friends?”
Your head is leaning against his chest as you nod and muster a soft “yes”.
“Wanna be a good girl and take me in your mouth with Kat behind you?”
The thought of being stuffed full with Kiri down your throat and Bakugou behind you has your body and mind reeling. And you want it.
You nod your head yes again, eyes shooting open as a second wind comes over you. You slip your shirt over your head completely. You move to grab at Bakugou’s shirt. Trying to strip the only clothed person in the room. He takes the hem in his own hands and tugs it over his head. Your hands pull at the waistband of his cotton sleep shorts, slipping one hand in to palm his length. Bakugou grabs the backside of his shorts and boxers, pulling them down around the muscle of his ass. Setting his throbbing cock free.
You stroke him a few times, thumb pressing into his slit to spread the bead of pre around the flushed red tip. Your other hand reaches down to roll his balls in your fingers. His length is impressive. Not as thick and heavy as Kiri, but long with forked veins you can’t wait to feel along your walls.
You turn back around to face Kiri, still holding Bakugou by his cock to pull him on the bed. You let go as soon as he sets his knees on the bed behind you. Leaning down onto your forearms, face in Kiri’s crotch, you stick your ass in the air and your tongue out to lick a long strip up your boyfriends length. You wrap your lips around the angry red tip and suck forcefully, earning yourself a long hiss from between Kiri’s teeth.
He brings a hand down to pull your hair out of the way and hold it in a fist at the base of your head. “Fuck baby girl, always so good with that mouth of yours.”
You flutter your eyelashes up at Kiri, whose jaw is slack with pleasure as he watches his cock disappear down your throat. Too focused on doing everything you can with your mouth, you almost miss Bakugou dragging the tip of his cock through the slick between your lips. Using your previous release to lubricate himself before pushing inside of you.
The head catches on your still swollen clit which makes your hips jump forward instinctively. Bakugou then pushes himself inside of you, slow at first. And you were right. You can feel every ridge of the veins on his cock dragging against your walls.
“Shit princess, I dunno how yer still so tight when you take Eijiro’s cock every night.”
This earns a laugh from your boyfriend, who is now pushing your head down deeper on his length. You hum around him and soon Bakugou’s hips are snapping against yours. The loud sound of balls slapping against your clit fills the room.
The air becomes thicker from the hot breaths and panting coming from the three of you. Bakugou has a death grip on your hips as he forces himself deeper into you each time. The force of him fucking into you has your body rocking, forcing Eijiro’s cock to hit the back of your throat. You’re desperate for air as the pace becomes too much, you’re so full from both ends and you can’t imagine what it would feel like to have both of them inside of you in a different way.
Kiri pulls you off of his length, looking down at your sweet face, saliva dripping down your chin, your cheeks stained with tears. To him, you’ve never looked prettier. Such a mess for him. He’s still got a hold on your hair when he pulls you up further. You prop yourself up onto the palms of your hands and his lips meet yours. He brings a hand up to wipe the new fallen tear off of your cheek.
Pulling away from your lips, Eijiro’s deep red iris’ bore into yours before he speaks. “Bakugou making you feel good baby girl?”
“Mmmm mhmm, s’good”
“Fuck her harder Kat. She can take it, can’tcha baby?” He coos as he rubs soothing circles around your cheekbone.
“Shit, ‘m not gonna last too much longer Ei, she’s clenching.”
“Ahhhaaa come on man, we’re not even close to being done.”
“Fuck, Eiji, ‘m gonna cum- gonna cum again.” you manage to breathe out in between Bakugou’s rough thrusts.
Your fluttering walls sucking him in deeper and deeper, you can feel his length start to twitch inside of you, hips starting to stutter.
You know his release is coming fast and you’re chasing your second as well. His hips are still smacking against your ass as you bring your hand down to rub your clit. Wrist flicking quickly as that coil comes closer and closer to snapping.
Kiri is holding your face in his hands as your eyes begin to squeeze shut and moans fall from your lips. “Fuck, cumming!”
“Shit, me too, ohh fuck!” Bakugou spills his seed inside of you with a grunt and continues to move his hips. Pushing his cum deeper as your second orgasm rushes through your body.
You drop your head down onto Kiri’s shoulder, Bakugou is quick to steady himself before collapsing completely on top of you.
Bakugou pulls out of you and you whine at the loss of feeling suddenly empty. Kiri, who is still painfully hard, pulls you flush into his chest again. Flipping you around before he settles you in his lap. Back against his chest, legs spread wide open for Bakugou.
“Doing so good for us baby, you think you can handle me and Kat inside at the same time?”
Your chest still heaving as you catch your breath, the blonde in the room doing the same. Although, you open your eyes and see that Bakugou is already hard again. Kiri wasn’t kidding when he said they weren’t close to being done.
Once your breathing steadies, Kiri drags his fingers through the slick between your legs. Dipping two fingers in your heat and pushing out the load Bakugou just filled you with. He brings his fingers up to your clit then back to your pussy. Gathering more cum on his fingers only to push it out and watch it drip down your ass.
A low voice breaks behind you, “Kat, come play with her clit again. It’s my turn.” the familiar growl sending chills down your spine.
Bakugou moves closer and starts playing with the far overstimulated bundle, pulling back the hood only to run the pad of his finger against it over and over again. Your body feels so spent already and you know you’ve got a long way to go.
The pressure on your clit is a good distraction for Kirishima’s thick fingers prodding at the tight ring of muscle. He works his two cum covered fingers into the opening, simultaneously kissing your neck to try and get you to relax.
Sinful moans escape your throat as you grind your hips down harder on the two pairs of hands working on your lower half. You bring one hand up to grope at your breast, the other reaching back to tug on Kirishima's hair.
“Shit princess, you into this? You like Kiri fingering that tight little asshole of yours open?”
“Mmm, yes Kat, so much. Feels so so good. Fuck Eiji, more please. I– “
Your eyes roll to the back of your head and a sharp gasp leaves your lips as soon as kiri shoves another finger inside of you. Curling them, trying to open you up further for him.
You can feel his hard cock pressing uncomfortably into your back. “You think you’re ready baby girl? Y’gonna let me and Kat in?”
You nod your head in compliance, looking over your shoulder at your boyfriend with big, pleading doe eyes. “Yes, wan’it so bad Ei.”
“You heard the lady, get over here Kat.”
“Don’t have to tell me twice shitty hair.”
Simultaneously you are stretched wider than you ever have been before. Bakugou pushing back into your already dripping core and Kirishima slowly opening your asshole. He’s pushing slowly inside, but Bakugou is quick with his thrusts. Your body rocking from his pace only to push Kiri in deeper.
Kiri reaches around to palm your chest with one hand, his other supporting underneath your thigh to keep you steady. Bakugou has one hand against the wall behind you and Kiri and the other is gently around your throat.
He slows his pace slightly as he brings his lips to yours. Kissing you with so much passion you feel heat bubbling in your core. Slow strokes inside of you and slow laps of his tongue against yours as Kiri finally bottoms out inside of you.
“Fuck, feels so fucking good.” Bakugou says into your mouth.
“You feelin’ as good as we are babe? Who are we kidding, I know you are. You love this, don’t you?” Kiri says, hips still as he is completely engulfed inside of you.
“‘ts so full, ah. So good. Fuck, move. Please.”
You really should be careful what you wish for because they are now both thrusting into you with so much force you’re seeing stars.
Your mouth open wide in a silent scream. If it was possible to get words out, you would be an incoherent, babbling mess.
The force of Kirishima and Bakugou thrusting into you almost becomes too much to handle. Their paces are relentless and matched, almost like they’re in a competition as to who can do it better, faster and harder. Fucking into you at the same time, a thin wall separating the two of them inside of you.
“Takin’ us so well princess. You really are a good girl aren’tcha?”
“You want me and Kat to fill you up at the same time baby girl? I think you do.”
“Shit! Too much, too much- ngh! Fuck!”
Their pace slows down just enough to where they can switch positions. Kiri opens his mouth briefly to tell Bakugou to lay down on his back and get you on top of him. They both slip out of you for just a few seconds. Bakugou now on his back, You’re straddling his hips as Kiri positions himself behind you. One knee on the bed in between Bakugou’s legs and the other propped up against the outside of your hip.
Both of them push back into you in one swift motion, this time their strokes offset one another. One pushing in as the other is coming out. Making sure you’re never left feeling empty.
Both of them are so deep inside of you that you can feel it in your stomach. The room is hot and heavy, your bodies are all slick with a thin layer of sweat. It feels so good to feel so full. Large hands on your body, sandwiched between their two large frames. Something you’ve always wanted and surely something Bakugou has dreamed of too.
With Kiri thrusting into you hard and fast, you feel another release coming. Bakugou doesn’t even need to keep a rhythm due to how hard Kiri is moving, rocking your body against Bakugou. Kiri’s heavy balls smacking against Bakugou's, the scene is so lewd but so hot.
“Shit baby, I'm gonna cum. Bakugou, you close man?”
“Yeah, ‘m close. Just keep going. Fuck! You got one more in you, princess? I think you do.”
Kiri grabs a fist full of your hair, pulling your back into a deeper arch, Bakugou snakes a hand down between your bodies to rub your clit again. Forcefully pushing his thumb against it. Your thighs are trembling at the pleasure coursing through every inch of your body.
As if the timing couldn’t be more perfect, all three of you reach your high at the same time. Bakugou and Kiri twitching inside of you as your releases run down your inner thighs.
Their softening cocks pull out of you at the same time. Kiri plants a loving smack to your ass and shakes the fat of it in his hand before letting go. You flop down onto the bed next to Bakugou and Kiri is quick to grab a towel from the bathroom.
Once the three of you are wiped down and resting on the bed, you find yourself sandwiched again between your boyfriend and his best friend yet again. You roll over, placing a hand across Kiri’s mid, reaching for Bakugou to do the same to you from behind. At the end of the day, Bakugou will admit that he'd never get tired of seeing you so spent and so full of his cum. Maybe he can convince his best friend, and you, to make this a regular occurrence.
Bakugou speaks up before sleep takes over your bodies. “We should all shower and get some rest. We have a long weekend and this is definitely happening again. This time, you’re gonna follow my lead shitty hair.”
You smile into Kiri’s chest, loving the competitive dynamic they share, “Good luck with that man, I run shit in this relationship.” The two playfully scoff at one another.
Good Gods, what did you get yourself into?
For more kiribaku content check out Three Best Friends.
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nooepkt · 8 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
« When Kirishima is sad, Bakugo always offers to make a Crimson Riot party »
First Kiribaku illustration I do after being inactive for 2-3 years! It’s been a while but drawing them makes me as happy as before and I can’t wait to draw more about these two dorks and the Bakusquad too. I have so much ideas about them !
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sendhelpimstupid · 3 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Meet the newest Kirishima family member, Rubble
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planetsano · 8 months ago
chubby chaser! kirishima.
Tumblr media
CONCEPT 𓆩 ♡ 𓆪 kirishima with a chubby girlfriend.
WARNINGS 𓆩 ♡ 𓆪 pro hero au, blood, size kink & breeding.
Tumblr media
Kirishima would 100% actively seek a chubby girl. He’s always been attracted to the body type— chubby girls just have more love to give. He’s addicted.
I headcanon that because of the nature of his quirk, he likes soft and squishy things because it feels nice on his skin.
It’s like therapy for his mind and body after using his quirk for long and strenuous amounts of time, especially after a particularly tough day at work.
Pro hero Red Riot coming home to a chubby girlfriend just makes sense? Your thighs, belly, cheeks, extra body fat– its all just so soft and squishy. He fucking can’t get enough of it.
The best thing in the world to him is coming home after a long day to see your full figure in the kitchen preparing dinner. He’ll come up behind you to wrap this arms around your mid section, enjoying how plush you feel against him. He’ll open his mouth when you offer him a taste test to dinner. It’s always delicious.
Kirishima almost always want to share some type of physical contact with you. A hug, a kiss, holding hands, it doesn’t matter he just needs to feel you. He’s so smitten with you. Physical touch wasn’t always his love language until he started dating fat girls.
“Baby, c’mere. Sit on my lap.” Is literally an excuse for him to hug you for a while without you trying to pull away. He gets the luxury of feeling your weight pressed against him and the way your thighs spill onto his. Kirishima will mindlessly knead and tug at your thighs, other times he’ll squeeze your belly fat to see you get all flustered. You usually whine at him to stop but he never does. He loves it.
One of his favorite positions to cuddle in is him having his head in between your thighs. He really loves when you play in his hair, massaging his scalp with your manicured nails. You don’t need a thigh gap because— Kirishima’s head is your thigh gap.
He for sure has some selfies in this position, some he’s even posted on Instagram. He’s smiling like a dork giving the camera a thumbs up with your thick thighs on the both sides of his head. He likes to flaunt his relationship. What can he say?
Kiri loves it when you dress in ways that bring out your curves and confidence. Not just because you look fucking amazing, but exact for the reason that you feel great and that’s what makes him happy.
I need you to know something: Never feel like you’re “too heavy” for this man, and emphasis on man because—
Pro hero Red Riot is an absolute beast of a guy. His years after UA have done him well. He’s well over 6′5 and packed on so much muscle and weight.
Kiri has no issues with lifting you up and fucking you in the full nelson position, standing. The way you jiggle every time his hips snap into yours drives him insane.
Kirishima loves how plush you feel in his palms, your tummy and tits spilling out of his hands. There just so much of you to love he gets so fucking lovesick over it. He thinks he not giving enough and it just makes him fuck you harder.
When he’s eating your pussy, he makes sure to leave you a few marks indented in that soft skin. Sometimes he’ll go into a frenzy and break skin. His teeth are really sharp, he can’t help that you have that affect on him. Kirishima will apologize if he hears you whine, then lick the beaded blood. He swears you taste as sweet as you look.
Size kink is very valid and alive in this pairing. 
When he has you in missionary, he likes to watch how his cock splits your poor cunt open— how his shaft disappears in your puffy folds as he presses himself further inside your hole. Your walls feel so warm and velvety around him, it feels like you. God, he’s in love with your pussy.
“Feels good?” He chuckles. “I bet. Where am I, baby? In your cute tummy? Show me. Give me your hand-- yeah, ‘M right here.” He lifts your belly fat so he can see himself inside of you.
Missionary usually turns into a mating press, his cock abusing your cervix while he’s begging for permission to breed you. Kiri wants to turn you into a mommy so bad. He can’t stop thinking about how gorgeous you’d look carrying his child. You’re going to get fuller, rounder and have a glow. Fuck, needs to see it. So please let him fill your womb with his cum. Make him a daddy.
Tumblr media
© all content belongs to rekiri 2021. do not modify or repost.
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txpsyy · 3 months ago
heavy breathing.
dragon!kirishima x f!reader tip’s kinktober 2021, piece I
Tumblr media Tumblr media
summary: as a scientist, you always found yourself attracted to the bizarre, but you never thought you would get this close.
wc: 3.5k
cw: smut (18+), fearplay, size kink, monsterfucking, creampie, choking, degradation and praise, heavy dirty talk, cervix fucking, one (1) pussy slap, slight dumbification, fingering, biting, marking, oral (f), edging/orgasm denial, nipple stimulation, kiri is a mix of hard/pleasure/condescending dom, reader has a panic attack (idk if it may be triggering, just be careful), there’s aftercare
a/n: this is my piece for @ketslketslketsl claws and creampies collab! it was so fun writing this! story time, i actually wrote the final version two days before oct 1, because i hated everything i had written so far jhdflajhf so i deleted it and started from scratch. i love this one sm yall have no idea. for better reading experience, use this. (changes y/n for your real name). for the dick description, just go to bad dragon and pick your fav. its up to you, cutie. aside from that, enjoy!
Tumblr media
Curiosity killed the cat, didn’t it? And now, your own curiosity got the best of you. 
With a looming, intimidating entrance in front of you, common sense started to make its debut in your mind. What the hell were you even thinking? All alone, deep inside a rotting forest at the starts of autumn, in the literal middle of nowhere, no signal, no way to reach out, nothing.
But you’re stubborn and hard headed. So, you naturally took a step, leaves crunching beneath your feet. Your gut was telling you to go back, to think about it, to take a moment. Despite those feelings, deep, deep down, it felt right in a bizarre way.
You always studied and investigated peculiar creatures, so, what was the worst that could happen?
Walking slowly, you started to inspect your surroundings. It was humid, but the amount of moss that should be there, just wasn’t. As if it was periodically kept under maintenance. Odd for a cave in the middle of the forest, to say the least.
Stepping further, darkness encased you. Your pupils were blown wide as you struggled to turn on the flashlight; you were shivering.
With a small click, your surroundings lit up, a faint white light illuminating the glistening walls of the cave. You noticed that the trail was intricate yet simple—hard enough so hikers and amateur explorers had a tough time, but boring enough for them to lose interest in it.
You knew better, though. You read books, you talked to people, you did your research, and it all came down to this point. There was no turning back now.
You reached a point where you were certain it was well underground, below a river, judging the way water dripped down the ceiling. Your legs were quivering and your mouth was dry, since you made the rookie mistake of drinking all the water during the hike to the cave.
Pondering for a minute, you decided it was a fair idea too look for a source of water. It shouldn’t be too hard to find one, and the cave was quiet enough to hear the faint sound of running water.
Turning left, you followed the sound of water, when the light started to flicker.
“No, no, no! Fuck!” Total darkness. A chill ran down your spine. You were lost, in a cave, with no supplies. Rustiling in your bag, you tried to find the spare batteries of the flashlight, but desesperation tears were flooding your eyes.
Your breathing was raggedy, pulse unsteady, and you could feel the blood pumping in your head. Everything was a blur, too fast, too slow, until you heard heavy footsteps.
Your body froze. Eyes blown wide, following the mild hues of yellow coming your way, as if someone with a torch was walking towards you. Your breath hitched in your throat, and a small whimper was muffled by your hand. Unluckily for you, they apparently had heard you. The small source of light was now gone. 
Panicking, you gathered yourself to a damp corner. You tried your best to keep quiet, but it was hopeless. The cave was so silent that your heavy breathing was easily audible. Hell, you even thought whatever was out there could hear your heartbeats.
A long silence filled the thick air. You didn’t dare to move. 
Trying to calm yourself down, you exhaled out of your mouth. Closing your eyes, one, two, three deep breathes. Everything was slowly steadying. You opened your eyes. Looking around, you thought you were safe now. You could get out, right? One turn to the left, then straight ahead. Your thoughts were rationalizing, calculating, planning. 
Until you saw a pair of amber dots. Glowing specks, looking from a distance. Directly at you.
You suddenly felt dizzy, clumsy. You didn’t care anymore, you just wanted out. You grabbed your backpack and hoped for the best, sprinting straight ahead with a hand by the wall, hoping you’ll feel the turn and just get the fuck out of there. 
You ran, as fast as you could, until you were yanked by a strong, serpent-like thing. Your body hit the floor, and a raw scream was ripped from your lungs, while being dragged like a ragdoll by your ankle, and lifted up in the air. 
You were crying, hot tears escaping your eyes and blending into your hairline. You sounded devastated.
You heard several lamps being lit, seeing a yellow light behind your closed lids. You felt warm, as if you were near a campfire. Slowly opening them up, you saw a very toned torso and voluptous chest, adorned with what seemed like scales. Looking down, you saw that he — you assumed — had a beautifully sculpted body, with thighs strong enough that could break a watermelon. Or a head. Gathering your bearings, you looked up and squirmed, “Help! Let me go! Please! Just let me go, I’ll never come back, please ju-”
 A dark, deep chuckle echoed.
“You sound real pretty begging, you know?”, He slowly lowered you, until you were seated on the ground. Looking up, you noticed how big he was, towering over you like a giant, with red and black scales scattered all over his body. He had blood red wings, eyes an onyx black, with burning amber pupils who were capable of showing you your worst nighmares if he actually tried. 
“As much as I loved how you begged, please, stand up. Don’t want a pretty lady like you getting all hurt, don’t we?”
You stood up, entirely straight, but he still looked down at you as if you weren’t more than an insignificant worm. His hair was falling down his face, red, with long outgrown black roots showing, and a pair of horns placed just at where his hairline starts. Scales decorated his cheekbones, jaw and forehead, and you noticed he had an eyebrow piercing on his left brow. 
He was incredibly handsome. So much that you forgot your current situation, looking up at him, completely hipnotized.
“What are you?”, you didn’t even think before the question blurted out of your mouth.
“A dragon hybrid.”—He lowered down to meet your face—"What’s your name, pretty thing?”
The question flustered you. You were so confused right now, but his presence made you feel safer in a way you couldn’t even understand yourself.
 “I- um, I’m Y/N”
“Pretty name you got, huh? Y/N. Feels nice on my tongue.” He made a borderline lascivious gesture, sticking his long, forked tongue out, winking at you.
Right now, you didn’t know if the heat you felt in your body was because of your earlier fight or flight reaction or his current behavior.
“I apologize for my current state, sweetheart”—the pet names flowed so swiftly from his tongue, he didn’t even need to think about it—“but I’m in a little dilemma, you know?”, he got even closer, “Wanna help?”
Something was so dumbly captivating about himself; the fact that he was a mystical creature, appeared friendly, and maybe a little bit more than that. You started to feel more excited.
“Yeah, sure”—a deep rumble resounded from his chest. A purr from a hunting lion. Predatorial.
“You sure, sugarplum?”—his tail started to trail up your legs—“no backsies”
You dumbly nodded.
He grabbed your face, squishing your cheeks and pulling you in to a fierce kiss, passionate, needy, demanding. He grasped your face even harder, forcing your mouth to open slightly, creating an entrance for his searing tongue. The feeling was foreign, but welcomed nonetheless. It felt good, unbelievable good. He scooped you up by your ass, and you wrapped your legs around his torso.
You tried to pull out and luckily he let you go.
“W-wait. I- um, I wanna know your name”, you asked coyly.
“Kirishima, but call me Kiri for short. Easier to moan, ain’t it?”
Your cunt throbbed at his words. You were quickly getting wetter by the second, and it didn’t go unnoticed by him. “Someone’s getting excited, huh? Gettin’ wet for me?”
You could only whimper, as his lips came crashing down on yours, on a bruising kiss. The vulgar sounds of your sloppy kissing and muffled moans echoed through the cave.
“You see, I was in a little bit of a...rut, of sorts.” You couldn’t help yourself and grinded on his abs, “And you happen to come here just at the right fucking time.” He growled, pushing you against the cold wall.
“Would you help me get through this? Yeah? I promise ill make you feel so, so good”, you racked you nails down his chest and abs, trying to get to his crotch. “Please,” was all you could get out before he grabbed your wrist and stopped your ministrations. “Lemme do my thing, yeah?”
He marked your neck, leaving bite marks and dark hickey on his trail down. With a single claw, he ripped your coat and shirt open, exposing your breasts to him. “So fucking pretty, all to myself”
You mewled soflty at his possessiveness. He fondled your breasts and put one on his mouth, flicking his forked tongue on the hardened bud. You moaned when he bit right underneath your breast, sharp pain shocking your nerves and slowly emulsifying with pleasure.
He went lower and lower, licking and biting every bit of exposed flesh, until he was face to face with your ruined panties.
“Put your legs on my shoulders. C’mon, I can take it”
You immediately complied, resting your weight on his shoulders. He ripped your panties off with his teeth, glistening folds shimmering with the gentle glow of the fire lamps on the walls. He sniffed the air, sticking his tongue out to take a tentative lick, all the way up from your perineum to your clit. You gasped, clutching his hair and twitching when you felt the vibrations of his groan when you slightly pulled his hair.
“Fucking unbelievable.” He interrupted himself just to dive in head first in your cunt; loud, obscene slurping noises invading the lust filled air, moans and groans bouncing off the walls. You gripped his hair even tighter, when he encased his kiss-swollen lips around your clit, sucking harshly. “Fuck! Don’t stop! Kiri—ah! Fucking hell!”
He bit your thigh, hard; sharp teeth piercing your skin enough for small drops of carmine to show themselves on your sweaty skin.
“Don’t you dare to fucking cum without me. Understood?” You nooded, startled by his change of demeanor. Grave mistake; next thing you knew, a slap landed right against your clit, making you yelp and buck your hips up.
“I asked a question. Answer.” His gaze changed from the cocky, somewhat charming tint it had, to a more aggressive, rapacious one. “Yes.”
“Good. Turn around,” You actually didn’t do it yourself, but you were manhandled off his shoulders and turned around, tits pushed against the cold, wet walls. He gripped your hips, lifting them up so high you were barely standing on your tiptoes.
You felt a thick finger tease your hole, with tentative, slow circles. One finger turned into two, pushing them gently. “Relax for me, sweet cheeks, I know your poor little cunt can’t take me yet, so let me stretch you out, alright?”
His words were so gentle, but they were the complete opposite compared to the way he plummeted his fingers in your tight pussy, curling them just right, claws blunt enough to not cut you but long enough to provide a specific stimulation to that spongy spot in your gummy walls. The more pressure he added, the more you writhed around, moaning broken sentences about ‘It’s too much!’ and ‘Don’t fucking stop, please!’
As soon as you let out a long moan, your legs started to shake and your cunt started to spasm around his digits, he pulled his fingers out. You whined in frustration, looking back at him ready to protest, but he stuffed your mouth with his slicked covered fingers. “Suck.”
You obeyed, tasting your own juices and daring to slightly bite his fingers with your molars. You were rewarded with a deep groan. “Good.”, retrieving his wet fingers from your mouth, he grabbed your cheeks and gave you a bruising kiss. “Atta girl.”
He pulled back a little bit, spreading your ass cheeks open, catching your pussy lips with his thumbs. He watched intently how your puffy pussy twitched at the feeling of cold air, and you tight rim clenching all the same. ‘I could fuck that hole later’, he thought to himself.
Right now, he needed to split you apart on his cock. He was sweating, shaking with excitement; cock hard as a rock and leaking copius amount of pre cum, so much it was trickling down his balls at this point.
“Edged twice, huh? When I stuff you full of my cock its gonna be the best orgasm you ever had. Trust me.”
With that said, he aligned his throbbing cock against your entrance, and pushed just the tip inside. His mere girth had you thrashing around, moaning deeply as you felt him pushing inch by inch deeper inside you. Halfway there, you felt his hot breath against your neck.
“Too much for this tight cunt of yours? Look at you, drooling all over yourself and I ain’t fully inside you yet”, he didn’t even finish talking when he slammed the rest of his cock inside. It was huge, tip kissing your cervix and an odd texture massaging your insides. “You feel, you feel good but”—you gasped for air—"you’re so big and it feels so, so good”, you hiccuped, starting to feel the familiar brain fog invading your mind and replacing any coherent thought with pure filth.
He started to move slowly, barely pulling out. Leaning even closer, teeth grazing your neck, he whispered, “Yeah? You feeling so good you going a little dumb on me?” His tail snaked up your torso, grazing your boobs and wrapping itself tightly around your throat. “Don’t let your guard down too much,” he squeezed your neck tighter, “you don’t know how badly you can end up.” You clamped down on his twitching cock as he picked up the pace, going from teasing, deep thrusts to fast paced, fierce ones.
He was growling, biting your neck, leaving bruises all over your hips were he held you, fucking up at your abused hole. His fucking was too much, too deep, too hard, too fucking good.
“Please, touch me more! Kirishima!” He snarled at the mention of his name in such a beautiful, sinful voice, your voice.
“Yeah, you want me to rub your clit? Fuck yeah, clamp down more on me, show me you can fucking take it”, he was going insane, completely pussy drunk, drawing tight circles on your clit and fucking into you furiously, foaming at the corners of his mouth like a rabid dog. “You like that? Of course you do, look at you moaning your face off ‘cause of me, pretty little slut”
You couldn’t take it anymore, you were so close to cumming but you remembered his warning earlier; his tail wrapped around your neck was a clear reminder too.
“I wanna cum! Please let me cum, I’m begging, ple—ase”, your broken voice and your lost sense of dignity sent Kirishima into a downward spiral; he didn’t care anymore, he just wanted you to squeeze his cock, to stuff you full of his cum and then fuck you some more.
“Do it, fucking cum with me, pretty thing”, he pushed you harder against the wall, your nipples being stimulated by the coldness of the walls.
With the extra stimulation and his command, you came almost immediately, burning white hot pleasure taking over your body. You screamed and shook like a leaf, creaming all over his cock and drool trickling down your chin. He kept fucking into you, rubbing you clit, “Keep cumming, keep cumming, I’m gonna cum inside you and you’re gonna take all of it, fucking-” His vision blurred, eyes crossed, and a sinful, deep moan escaped from his lungs, throbbing cock pulsating inside your sensitive walls, tip trespassing your cervix, succesfully filling you up with his essence, his mark. He didn’t stop cumming yet, wings stretching and fluttering, sending cold air your way, and effectively turning off the fire lamps.
You stayed still a little while, gathering yourselves, and you started to feel the exhaustion seep into your bones. You fought it, thinking about his earlier words, afraid to end up kidnapped or, even worse, dead, but you just couldn’t keep your eyes open any longer. His tail had long abandoned your throat, and his grip on your hips softened.
Maybe, just maybe, it couldn’t go that bad.
“Hey, cutie, don’t go sleeping on me. Hey. Dammit.”
You woke up in a bed of soft furs, feeling warm but very much naked. You sat up, startled, looking around to figure out where the fuck were you. Wrapping a brown fur around you, you stood up and shivered at the feeling of the cold rock beneath your feet. Walking around, you saw a very tall, handsome man cooking some stew in a campfire.
“Uh, um. Who are you and why am I here?”
“You don’t recognize me, princess? Dissappointing, to say the least. Come, sit.”
The first thing you saw different were the absence of his wings, tail, horns and claws. He looked positively human. His eyes were now replaced by kind, human eyes, the ones that shined whenever he smiled. His hair looked less messy, still falling down his face, but more styled. His black roots looked good on him.
“Uh, your clothes. They are, um, ruined, pretty much. Here, have my shirt,” As you were about to protest, the sight of his sculpted back stunned you, it being adorned with a magnificent dragon tattoo, inked with black, amazing details and a delicate design.
“Your back. It’s, erm, really beautiful.” You said, still shocked with the beautiful design imprinted on his body. Which was very fitting considering the piercings in his brow and ears.
“It’s an oriental dragon. I know, I’m not precisely one, but these are the ones from where I’m from”. He looked happy that you asked, like he was longing for someone to talk to. “Are you okay? After all the fucking, I mean”, he looked oddly embarrassed, acting somehow coyly.
“Yeah, I’m fine. Thanks for, you know, not killing me or something.” He laughed, “I don’t kill except for food and I don’t eat humans. They taste weird. Eating crappy food and stuff. Not healthy. Also yeah, thanks for asking, I actually go to the grocery store, sometimes, at least.”
He was very chatty, and it was comfortable to be with him. “In fact, I need to go there later. I dye my hair red, but as your probably noticed, I ran out of it. And I couldn’t get out because, um,” “You were in a rut, right? Very considerate. It’s funny to imagine how a horny dragon would terrorize a town.” He snorted; it was very nice being with him. You liked the guy.
“So, um I wanna know more about you. For example, what the fuck were you doing in a cave?” “Oh! Glad you asked, well, I’m a scientist, and um, I heard some stories about something creeping around in a cave in a small town, so I came here. And I guess you are what I was looking for.”
You smiled at him, and a faint blush dusted his features. In hindsight, the last sentence could be taken out of context. “Tell me more about you, though. I don’t meet fucking dragons every day. Not friendly ones, anyways”, you joked, and he chuckled. His face lit up, and that made your heart squeeze.
“Let me serve you some food first, yeah?”
Tumblr media
thanks for reading! if you liked this, check my kinktober masterlist and my full masterlist for more works like this!
Tumblr media
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riotsragdoll · 10 days ago
♡》》》 𝔰𝔞𝔱𝔦𝔫 𝔰𝔥𝔢𝔢𝔱𝔰 & 𝔰𝔥𝔞𝔯𝔭 𝔱𝔢𝔢𝔱𝔥 [𝔠𝔥𝔞𝔭𝔱𝔢𝔯 𝔬𝔫𝔢]
Tumblr media
→ summary: You've been searching for a proper Dom for a while and come across a hopeful looking candidate who seems like the real deal. Upon finally meeting for the first time, you're shocked to find out its none other than Pro-Hero, Red Riot you've been talking to. And you're more than excited to see what comes from entering consideration with the charming redhead. [A take on healthy D/s dynamics and relationships.]
a/n: this is a re-upload from my previous blog (queensynderella.)
⇒   [next chapter]
Tumblr media
♡ characters/pairings: dom! eijirou kirishima x sub! reader
♡ warnings: mentions of D/s dynamics, bdsm, ddlg titles (no ageplay) and implied past trauma.
♡ word count: 4.5k
Tumblr media Tumblr media
It had been a long, tedious day of nothing but paperwork at the agency and you were beyond ready to crawl into bed for the night. As soon as you had cleaned up and changed into your favorite lounging clothes, you flopped onto your bed back first. Your eyes staring blankly at the ceiling until you heard a small chime sound from your laptop, drawing your head back out of the clouds. You rolled onto your stomach and pulled the machine closer, flipping open the lid and clicking on the notification still hanging out in the bottom corner of the screen.
It was an alert that you had unread messages on a very specific site that most of the people in your life had no clue you frequented. Your fingers navigating the track pad as you clicked on the little square to bring the site up, your log-in was already saved and all you had to do was press ‘sign-in’ but you hesitated. It wasn’t that you were feeling guilty for using it, but you were well aware that most of the sites like this weren’t really fruitful for finding what it was you so desperately sought. However, this was one of the better lifestyle sites and it wasn’t like you could exactly hit up Tinder looking for a proper dominant.
Finally, you signed in, clicking on your inbox as you chewed at your bottom lip. You sighed softly as you scrolled through the mass of new messages you had gotten today, eyes scanning briefly over each before fliting to the next. Just more of the same, a handful of weirdos and a ton of wannabes, you thought as you rolled your eyes at the screen and clicked to empty your inbox completely. Sometimes you wondered why you bothered and yet you kept your page up, opening a new tab to browse through Netflix for a movie to distract yourself with.
Your eyes caught the flashing at the other tab before the new message chime had even sounded again, drawing your attention from your aimless movie hunt. You clicked back over, ready to see more of the same from earlier but before you could even read the message, the sender’s profile picture caught your eye. You arched a brow as you clicked on it, watching as their profile loaded up and you read over their bio. Your eyes lit up just a bit the more you read—for once it seemed like you had stumbled upon someone who was legit, and you found yourself opening the message in anticipation.
You had told yourself, before you replied, that you were going to leave this at casual messaging. You didn’t anticipate such a quick reply, or the fact that you would somehow end up spending half the night talking to this man. Though you kept trying to place limits on yourself, so as not to get your hopes up in the case he was just a clever pretender, you found yourself looking forward to getting home and seeing new messages from him. A few weeks passed by and the chemistry continued to grow, you had ended up agreeing to letting him send you some very impressive nudes. And while he had told you that he didn’t expect a thing in return, you found yourself wanting to, and so you did.
A month and half in, you had exchanged numbers and plenty of thirsty, nasty texts to toy with the other. It had been you that asked if he would ever want to call and he had hesitated at first but ended up agreeing. The sound of his deep voice alone riled you up, it didn’t matter what he said, he could’ve been talking about stock reports and you would eagerly listen. You were stuck in a light haze talking to him one evening when he caught you off guard, your breath hitching in your throat as he spoke.
“Would you ever want to take the next step in all this?” He had asked, a slight edge you couldn’t identify in his deep voice as he spoke softly.
“The next step?” You repeated in confusion, hearing a soft yet nervous chuckle on the other line and the sounds of him shifting in bed.
“You know, letting me see that gorgeous face of yours in person?” He explained and you could feel your heart thumping wildly beneath your chest. “Just casually, nothing would happen, I know that little mind of yours is halfway in the gutter already…isn’t it?”
“Maybe…” You replied with a light laugh, sitting up in bed and running a hand through your hair as you chewed at your lip in thought—while a small part of you was nervous at the suggestion, a bigger part was dying to finally see the face he had kept hidden from you all this time. “Can I ask why before I give you an answer?”
“I’m curious to see if all this translates the same in person.” He answered, his tone soft but you could catch the faint hint of lust laced in his words, your teeth digging deeper into your lip as you inhaled sharply. “Like I said, nothing would happen the first time, just conversation—I think we’re both looking for the same thing, and if I’m right, well…who knows what’ll happen the next time.”
“Hey there, little one.” His voice sounded from right behind you sending a small shiver down your spine and making your breath hitch—you had heard his voice plenty of times, seen the most intimate parts of this man, why did the idea of finally seeing his face have butterflies fluttering in your stomach?!
“Hi there,” You began as your turned in your seat, trying to keep yourself composed on the outside at least, but when your eyes met his crimson ones, your jaw went slack, “uh…you’re…”
“Heh, thought that might be your reaction.” The redhead said with a toothy grin, the calloused pads of two of his fingers slipping under your chin to softly press your jaw closed again. “I think I like that surprised look of yours, though.”
“I should’ve figured with a body like that…” You muttered softly, eyes tracing over the black button-up he was wearing that hid the toned body you had seen so many times already before your eyes met his again, a tiny tinge of pink dusting your cheekbones. “…you’d be a Pro. Didn’t quite imagine it would be you though, Red Riot.”
“We all have our secrets, our vices—” Kirishima began in a husky tone, his fingers still tucked under your chin as he leaned down and let his warm breath fan across your face briefly, “now you know mine.”
Kirishima pulled back with another grin, a light chuckle rumbling through his chest as he removed his fingers from beneath your chin and offered you his hand to take instead. You smiled sweetly, one hand reaching behind you to grab your glass of ice water before placing the free one in his and sliding down from your bar stool. You brought the thin black straw to your lips as he led you towards an empty corner of the bar where a more private table was tucked away, your teeth chewing at the plastic to keep your nerves in line, to keep your mind off how warm his hand felt against yours.
Kirishima offered to let you sit first and once you got comfortable against the leather bench seat, he slid in next you, his body angled towards you with one of his knees just barely brushing up against yours. You studied him for a moment, how open and comfortable his body language was as he threw one arm up on the back of the seat near you, a soft grin on his lips as his crimson gaze raked over your little black dress. You took a quick gulp of your water, trying to cool yourself off and giving you a reason to look away for a moment and compose yourself once more as you set the glass on the table in front of you.
“Not getting cold feet already, are you?” Kirishima asked teasingly, but you could hear the slight edge of concern that backed his words and you shook your head as you turned back towards him with a smile.
“Not at all.” You replied as you locked your gaze with his again, teeth worrying at the corner of your bottom lip for a split second before you continued. “I did have some questions, though, if you don’t mind. They might seem silly but humor me?”
“Of course, sweetheart, ask away.” Kirishima answered with a smile, his head tilting slightly in curiosity.
“Like I said, probably silly but I always have to ask when I meet someone new.” You explained, your eyes trailing down to your lap for a moment, watching your hands fiddle nervously before you clasped them together to still the idle movement and brought your eyes up to his. “Where do you put the pressure, um, when choking someone for breath play?”
“Ahh.” Kirishima murmured as he chuckled lightly, shaking his head because he knew exactly what you were doing. “You do gotta weed out the wannabe-dom’s these days, that’s actually very smart of you.”
“Unfortunately, yes.” You said with a soft laugh of your own, eyes searching his crimson pair as you eagerly awaited his answer—hoping that he would get it right because damn did you want this to work out.
“Well,” Kirishima began as the arm on the back of the seat came down, the backs of his knuckles running softly along the side of your neck and you had to fight the way it made you want to close your eyes and lean into his soft touch, “it’s always the sides of the throat, the goal is to restrict the air not cut it off completely and you don’t want to risk damaging the wind pipe.”
Kirishima’s thumb stroked from the bottom of your chin down to the dip between your collarbones lightly, his gaze following it before flicking back up to meet yours with a small grin as he placed his arm up on the back of the seat again. His eyes didn’t miss the deep breath you took to steady yourself after even such a simple touch and that made him a little proud.
“Where shouldn’t you use striking objects during pain play, like whips or floggers?” You questioned, your words a little surer this time, though your mind melted a bit as you watched the redhead lean forward towards you.
“Most importantly?” Kirishima asked rhetorically and you nodded anyway, your breath hitching for the second time that night as you felt his arm drop behind you. “Not where you can risk bruising internal organs.”
A single finger began tracing along your back—a line across where your ribcage ended, down one side then across your panty line and back up the other side. You couldn’t stop your eyes from fluttering shut at his touch this time, a soft sigh leaving your lips. Your eyes were a bit hazy when they met his again, a half-smirk splitting his face as his hand moved back to its resting spot.
“But it’s just as important that they not be used in any areas your submissive has made off limits.” Kirishima stated, his tone soft but firm as he gazed deeply into your eyes—that was enough to make your heart skip a beat and a soft gasp left your lips at the feeling. “Still got more for me, little one?”
“Um, yes.” You mumbled, hands starting to get a little clammy as you cleared your throat softly before speaking again. “Is there a difference between knife play and blood play?”
“I mean, they tend to go hand in hand, but yes. Someone can enjoy the feeling of a blade on the skin but not want to be cut or marked with it.” Kirishima answered, his tone the same as before but his gaze had softened.
His head tilting again as he carefully studied your face—these could all be considered general safety practices, but he couldn’t help but think they were oddly specific at the same time and that troubled him. But he didn’t mention it, not yet at least, you would have to be more comfortable with him first. He couldn’t help the urge to bring his arm down once more and wrap a large, warm hand around your laced ones, giving them a reassuring squeeze and letting his thumb run back and forth slowly. The content sigh that left your lips at his touch and the warm smile you gave him in return was enough to bring back that toothy grin of his as his heart palpitated just a bit.
“Last one, I promise.” You chuckled, glancing down at his hand over yours briefly. “What is considered proper aftercare?”
“Oh, we’re doing trick questions now, are we?” Kirishima teased as he gave you a wink, you could feel your cheeks heat up and you sunk your teeth into your bottom lip. “That, little one, would depend entirely on the sub and what kind of play session we just enjoyed. So, did I pass?”
“With flying colors, actually.” You replied, a grin lighting up your features as a little wave of relief washed over you—not only did it seem that he knew what he was doing but you couldn’t deny that the chemistry the two of you had developed prior had only intensified in person.
“Good, so then I can ask you some in return, right?” Kirishima questioned with an arched brow and a soft smile, you simply nodded in reply which made the corners of his lips twitch up further. “What exactly are you hoping to get out of this? Are you just looking for casual play sessions or are you looking for a more permanent arrangement?”
“Ideally?” You asked, a shy smile on your lips as the redhead nodded in reply. “Of course I would love to belong to someone, to have something long-term. For now, however, I’d rather take things a bit slower and keep things at consideration.”
“Then I see we’re on the same page, good.” Kirishima offered with another reassuring squeeze of his hand over yours, his crimson eyes searching your own again before a soft smile tweaked at the corners of his mouth. “As pretty as you would look with a collar around your neck, I wouldn’t be cavalier about something so important.”
The next two hours or so seemed to fly by as the two of you continued to discuss your individual terms, limits and settled upon a rough outline of what your new arrangement would be. The more you talked, the more smiles, flirtatious glances and subtle, mostly innocent touches passed between the pair of you. You felt completely at ease with Kirishima, a good sign that you were beyond happy about. You could no longer imagine having ignored that initial message from him, not now that you had seemingly found what you had been searching so long for.
“I do have one more question for you.” Kirishima stated, his warm gaze making you melt a little further, one of his hands toying idly with one of your own as he spoke. “Before you go home tonight, would you want to come see my playroom?”
“I—what?” You mumbled, feeling your cheeks heating up further and your eyes going wide, causing a deep chuckle to rumble through the redhead as a half-smirk spread.
“I already told you, nothing is going to happen tonight.” Kirishima reminded you, his tone firm despite the playful expression he wore. “I just want to make sure you’re comfortable with everything, before you come to play. I don’t want you to walk in and get jittery on me when I can make sure you’re at ease beforehand, that’s all.”
You took in his words, mulling them over silently as you fought to keep your breathing steady. It wasn’t the idea that had you feeling breathless, no, it was the absolutely genuine way he desired to put you at ease, with everything he did tonight. Kirishima had been a gentleman, despite the lewd texts and pictures you had exchanged for so long, despite the fact that you were both here casually discussing kinks and various things of that nature. He had kept his distance, save a few gentle touches, he had been serious when talking about the big things and the way his crimson eyes were staring you down, full of concern at your silence, had you beyond stunned.
“(Y/N)…?” Kirishima’s voice pulled you back out of your head, the hand holding yours giving a reassuring squeeze as his eyes searched yours. “You know you can always tell me no, right? I would never be upset by that, in fact, I encourage you do to so, alright?”
“Yes.” You answered softly with a nod, a smile gracing your lips again as you gave his hand a quick squeeze back. “I appreciate that, more than you know.”
“Well,” Kirishima began, that mischievous twinkle back in his eyes as he shot you a toothy grin before continuing, “I can’t say I’d encourage you to so no during a scene, that’s ultimately up to you but I can’t promise you wouldn’t be punished.”
“Stop that!” You pleaded playfully as your cheeks burned bright red at his taunt, hiding your face behind your freehand and peeking out at him from between your fingers as he chuckled at your reaction. “You can’t just say things like that to me.”
“I apologize, sweetheart, I didn’t think you’d get so flustered.” Kirishima was still grinning but his words were honest, though he did reach over to pull your hand from your face with a quick wink. “I really do like that blush though.”
“I’ll go with you if you can promise to behave.” You teased him, eyes narrowing in suspicion before you let out a laugh at the way your words had him quirking a brow up.
“I’ll behave if you do.” Kirishima shot back before standing and offering you his hand as he had earlier in the evening.
You gladly took it and let the redhead lead you out of the bar finally. He assured you it wasn’t too long of a walk back to his place and you couldn’t help the way your heart palpitated just a bit as he walked alongside you, his hand just barely resting on the small of your back to lead you and keep you close. The short walk was peppered with small talk, which you were actually quite thankful for because between that and the fresh air, the burning in your cheeks had simmered down.
You were a bit surprised when Kirishima opened the door to his apartment and ushered you in—it was quite modest and simple despite his fruitful career. But you enjoyed that, it definitely seemed to fit the redhead perfectly. He gave you a quick tour of the rest of the place before guiding you to the second bedroom, swinging the door open wide to reveal what he had referred to as his ‘playroom.’ Kirishima leaned in the doorway, hands shoved deep in his pockets, giving you space as you wandered in to explore. Your gaze traveling over the assortment of tools and toys hung precisely along the wall, your fingertips grazing some of the soft bits of leather here and there.
“There’s an awful lot of red in here.” You teased as you glanced over your shoulder at him with a small smirk.
“What can I say? It’s kind’ve my signature color.” Kirishima said with a shrug and another of those adorable, toothy grins of his. “Besides, it tends to contrast better and I enjoy that.”
Kirishima slowly drew a little closer as you continued to peek around, maintaining a distance to keep you from feeling pressured or uncomfortable while you explored. His crimson gaze never wandered from you though, his grin faltering a bit when he watched your hand recoil and skip over a set of steel cuffs. This had been exactly why he wanted to bring you here, and he noted your obvious dislike of the item right away. Subtle hints in your body language told him what to avoid in the future and when you would linger longer over something, he knew what to try to first.
“I hope its soundproof in here.” You muttered softly as you finally turned to face him again, a cheeky smile painted on your lips.
“Most definitely.” Kirishima responded with a soft laugh and a shake of his head. “Are you ready to head home? I can call you a cab, if you like.”
“It’s honestly not that far, I’ll be fine, but thank you.” You said as you closed the distance between the two of you, his thoughtfulness and caring attitude was slowly melting all your hesitance away and you were overjoyed by that fact. “For everything, tonight, really.”
“I should be the one thanking you, for even agreeing to meet up with me, let alone the rest.” Kirishima murmured, his gaze warm and his expression soft as he smiled sweetly at you. “But, if you’re not going to let me call you a cab, I’m going to have to insist on walking you home.”
“I suppose I do have to listen to you now, don’t I?” You taunted, earning a playful eyeroll from the redhead before he finally pulled one hand from his pocket and offered it to you, this time you opted to lace your fingers through his own as you walked back out.
It had been a longer walk back to your own apartment, but neither of you seemed to mind in the least. Kirishima’s hand kept your own warm as the evening air turned chilly and you kept shooting each other glances and soft smiles the whole way. Despite being impressed with his reserved attitude the whole night, it left you craving just a bit more. And you couldn’t lie, when you had arrived at the door to your apartment, you were disappointed to have to see him leave.
“You know,” You began, glancing over at the redhead as he casually leaned against the wall next to your door as you dug for your keys, “there were a couple times tonight where I thought you were going to try and kiss me.”
“Is that what you expected or what you hoped for?” Kirishima questioned, one corner of his mouth twitching up as he gazed longingly at you.
“Bit of both, I think.” You stated as your hand gripped your keys up, tugging them out of your purse but you didn’t move to unlock your door just yet. “The things we’ve talked about, or sent each other for that matter, I don’t think a simple kiss is that much to ask for.”
“Do you honestly think you could leave it as just one kiss?” Kirishima demanded gently, his crimson gaze locking you down as he shifted away from the wall and drew a little closer, making you bit your lip. “Because I promised you, nothing was going to happen tonight and I plan to keep my word.”
“I’ll behave if you do…” You taunted him with his own words and you caught the fiery glint that flashed in his crimson eyes as he smirked down at you.
Kirishima had you pinned against your front door in seconds, his body pressed tightly to your own as his strong arms caged you in. You gasped at the suddenness, your arms falling to your sides and your keys slipping from your hand as he grazed his lips against yours. The look he gave you as his nose brushed softly against your own had you melting worse than any of his other actions that night, your eyes fluttering shut as he captured your lips fully. A soft groan escaping you, your mind reeling at the way his mouth moved against yours—clearly hungry but soft enough to keep himself in check.
Kirishima was smirking cockily as he pulled away and you forced your eyes back open, pupils already dilating from one simple kiss. He kept his gaze on you, body hovering inches from yours as he squatted down to retrieve your keys from the floor before straightening up and handing them back to you. Your chest was heaving slightly, head still somewhat hazed over as he leaned in to press a chaste kiss against your feverish forehead. He dipped his head a bit further, his warm breath fanning over your neck as his lips brushed against your ear.
“Go get some rest, little one.” Kirishima murmured, voice a bit husky and his smirk grew at the way his whisper made you shudder. “And don’t even think about touching yourself tonight, understood?”
Kirishima pulled away, taking a few steps back as he looked over the mess he had made of you so easily. You took a deep breath, trying to collect yourself enough to unlock the door, his words ringing in your cloudy mind. You gulped as you replayed them and nodded meekly in reply to his command before slowly turning and shoving your key into the door. You heard him chuckle lightly as your clammy hand fumbled the doorknob before finally cracking the door open, turning to give him one last glance before he turned on his heel to leave and you headed inside.
“Holy fuck…” You whispered to yourself as you shut the door behind you, bracing yourself against it before slowly sliding down into a sitting position, head in your hands as you tried to compose yourself.
This is going to be one hell of a ride, was all you could think as you sat there replaying the entire night in your mind.
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shouta-aizawow · 10 months ago
Kirishima: I’m not as strong as you guys... My quirk isn’t flashy or anything and I don’t even know how I was accep-
Bakugou: Okay, Mr. ‘I got 2nd place, 3 points below 1st place, with both rescue and villain points out of over 100 students at the entrance exam’.
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shiggyscumrag · 4 months ago
Slut hourssss
Getting sprawled open and fucked beyond repair by Kirishimas big fat horse cock. Ugh makin me drool- his length pumping in and out of you so fast you can't conceal your moans, whimpers, whines, and breathy praises. Then his pace suddenly lowers to a slow senual love filled fucking. Bending over pumping slowly in and out, whispering praises in your ear, nibbling here and there along your errands neck. Rubbing your clit with one hand and pinching your nipple with the other for extra pleasure. Loves to hear your whimpers from being over stimulated.
Him picking up the brutal pace once you were getting comfortable with the slow rhythm of his cock pulling in and out of your tight cunt. His hand coming down and wrapping perfectly around your neck, slightly cutting off your air supply making your eyes roll to the back of your skull. His growls ringing out and bouncing off the walls straight to your core. Your end coming to an end soon if he keeps up this assault on your hole. Moaning out how your about to cum and asking, no begging for permission to cum has him to agonizingly close to his own release. With a nod as conformation you cream all over his cock. Calling out his name like a broken record as he stuffs you full of his seed. Moaning out your name, followed by a deep husky growl as he slows his pace to help you both ride out your highs. Kissing ypu on the forehead after and whispering praises in your ear, asking if there was anything you needed. After care king<3
Hey guys long time no see, I've been taking a little break from writing, and if I have been writing it's just small little drabbles like this. I'm taking a bit of a mental health break because I really need it. I hope you all understand (I'm sure you will cause you're all lovely people). Anyways, see you soon besties <3
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Eijiro kirishima is the type of person that if he puts you in a position that makes his cock go deeper than normal and your tell him it feels to big he'll stop for a moment and check if your in pain or just overwhelmed. If your in pain he will stop and eat you out while rubbing your belly. If your just overwhelmed he'll say something along the lines of "baby if you keep being my good girl and take it all for daddy he'll give you all the cum you want. I'll just keep you filled with cum all night pretty baby. Can you do it for daddy?"
If you do he starts back up slow but still deep till your craving it. Till it's an itch deep in your belly that only his cock can soothe. If you SQUIRT while he takes you deep like that he'll speed up and have you making the whinniest noises all because your little pussy hurts so good for your big red daddy's cock.
@cupcake-rogue @sendhelpimstupid @cali-is-my-canvas @miggiisdumb @miraclecherryblossomsblog
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*Kirishima and Bakugo playing UNO*
Kirishima: Skip turn! Reverse! +2! +4! Another +4! Ha! What card have you got, huh? Mr I-can't-be-defeated? Mr I'm-the-fuckin-bes-
Bakugo: *flings cards into the air*
Bakugo: I've got your V-card.
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soft boyfriend KIRISHIMAAAAAAAAAA YAAAAS just DO IT! you KNow you cAn! DO IT! just DO IT!
KIRISHIMA EIJIROU ! boyfriend headcannons
this turned into a trend
goodiebag warnings: slight misogyny ig, manliness
He was an overenthusiastic klutz on all your first encounters.
Not so much out of nerves... but rather because he was so jacked up with wholehearted eagerness, to the point he acted like a complete clumsy fool every time he was around you.
But it wasn't as though he was awkward and flustered.
He was more... uhm... kind of overbearing and INTENSE.
Just very obviously interested in you.
Which was sweet in its own way...
Where most guys try acting cool, Kirishima fell flat on his face only to jump right back up again.
He'd squeeze your hand too hard, ask way too many intimate questions, talking like he'd never spoken to another person before.
He was like a dog, a BIG dog, whipping his tail about and knocking things over.
You couldn't help but smile and laugh at his big goofy grin.
Being both amused and flattered.
After the two of you became a couple you asked him what made him fall in love with you and he instantly said that it was your smile.
Before face-palming himself and saying it was nothing as superficial as that.
"It was your laugh. No! Your- uhm- your..."
You just giggled at him where his face had gone from wistfully thinking about the time the two of you first met to stressing out that he'd completely fucked everything up because he couldn't name a single thing that wasn't along the lines of "you're the most beautiful girl I've ever seen".
And it's the truth.
He's absolutely smitten with everything that you are.
And completely mesmerised by how soft your skin is.
Where his is rough and tough even without his quirk activated, yours is smooth like velvet.
He's obsessed with stroking your cheek.
What more...
He's also creepily fascinated by how tender your flesh is.
And adores your chunky areas.
Thighs and ass are his two favourite places.
He'll grab and poke and touch and feel you up like putty between his hands for hours.
Grabbing handfuls of your fat, squeezing on it, pinching and prodding and poking.
Playing with it as though it's the most fun he's had since playdough in kindergarten.
Muttering about how his skin is all stiff and tough and yours is plush like a pillow.
Perfect for napping on.
He also loves playing with your hair.
He'll touch and pull on it, run his fingers through it, card and rake, trying to braid but failing miserably though happy nonetheless.
He's not too gentle in this manner either.
He's more like a toddler.
Like he's expecting something more to happen other than you wincing once he tugs too much and rips a couple strands from their root.
You'll shoo his hands away, but they always seem to absentmindedly wander back to your strands to twist the locks around his fingers.
And speaking of hair...
He loves it when you help him touch his up.
Whether you're simply keeping him company while he's dying it or you dying it for him.
Or when you style his spikes and little horns with hair gel.
He worships you.
Offering to help you left and right.
Pushy to a degree it's almost like he's nagging you.
Where he can come off as slightly misogynistic half the time.
Though he never means to offend you in any way.
It's just... that bag looks heavy and he doesn't work-out everyday for nothing.
And with all that muscle comes a hefty appetite.
You're convinced Kirishima's stomach is bottomless.
Meaning both that he's constantly hungry and that when he sits down to eat, he will EAT.
The guy needs at least three tiny meals between meals.
He drags you on way too many 2AM grocery store runs.
Always buying a ton of snacks. An entire grocery-bag's worth.
And never something he's bought before, only constantly new things.
He spends a good quarter hour in the candy aisle just to browse for things he has yet to try.
He'll hand you half before stuffing his own face.
Wanting to discuss taste and texture with you and to compare it with past snacks the two of you've tried before.
Where you have the suspicion that he strangely finds it even more fun if you end up not enjoying the flavour.
He's not too romantic in the traditional sense, but more goofy.
He loves spending time with you though.
So even when he's not the most romantic person, dates are still FREQUENT.
Almost exhausting actually.
Never anything chill.
Always something that makes the heart race. - Horror movies and action thrillers in the cinema - Amusement-parks, both the water and rollercoaster kind. - Beach-days. He definitely brings a volleyball. - Mountain hikes and camping.
He's definitely down to chill at the end of a day though.
Where the conversation runs like fluid.
He's not a man shy of talking.
Where he'll even call you multiple times a day, just to ask you what you're up to and the works, and also to share anecdotes about his day and how he's feeling.
Always letting you know if something you said, did or wears makes him feel a certain way.
No matter that feeling be happy, horny, insecure, upset or angry.
He lets you hear it.
On top of that, he's also an intense listener.
Honestly, being just an overall amazing communicator.
Always EYE-CONTACT with you when you talk to him, or hums of acknowledgment when speaking through the phone.
He always gets himself so vividly immersed in whatever story you're telling.
To the point where if you says you dislike someone at school or at work, Kirishima will dislike that person with a vengeance too.
The same goes for if you say you like someone, he as well will approve of them.
He drives Bakugou mad with all his little comments.
Every time they pass something you've mentioned, Kirishima will always state it. - Pebble likes this coffeeshop. - Pebble bought a bikini here once. - Pebble thinks you're cool Bakubro. - Pebble this, Pebble that, Pebble etc...
What can he say other than that he's a passionate guy?
Often loud and rowdy.
But strangely enough, he rarely uses crude curse-words.
He'll of course let the occasional one slip when the situation really calls for it.
But considering he's spent almost every single day of his life with Bakugou for the past years, you have to give him credit for not being further influenced by the rude blond's potty-mouth.
Eijiro will instead use those corny substitute curse-words, such as: - Fudge. - Fiddlesticks! - Aww shucks... - Oh crud. - Shoot. - What the heck? - Geez man.
Sometimes, when he gets upset with someone. Most of the time, Bakugou. He'll call him a turd and walk away thinking he's made his point.
You couldn't stop laughing that one time where Bakugou, in the midst of losing in a video-game to you, yelled fiddlesticks instead of fuck.
The blonde going completely red in embarrassment before turning demon-eyed as he tackled Kirishima to the floor and cursed him for feeding him those moronic passive-aggressive terms.
Keeping him pinned to the floor whilst the red-head could only laugh at his friend's silly rage as the blond kept trying to make him say a curse-word so that they'd be even.
Living with Kirishima...
It's like you already have kids.
He's a hopeless dresser.
No sense for fashion whatsoever.
Brown cargo-shorts, horizontal stripes and military and animal prints.
He's not too opposed to you dressing him though.
As long as what you pick out for him is comfortable to wear and not too flashy and "feminine".
He wants to look a certain way, but he's not too good at communicating what that way is, where the only keyword he'll ever give you is manly.
Which is no help at all because the range of things that appear as manly to Kirishima is vast and have visually no correlation whatsoever. - Bakugou's gardening habits and his seemingly naturally domestic place in the kitchen is manly. - Kaminari wearing chokers is manly. - Scars are manly. - The way you can bear to walk in those heals is manly.
But put him in an exclusive floral-shirt and he'll scratch the back of his neck unsurely before telling you it's not exactly his style.
Also, the crocs never go away.
He's also messy...
He'll shower daily and brush his teeth twice a day.
But dirty laundry and dirty dishes and shoes cluttering in the mudroom and worn boxers left in the bathroom and socks absolutely everywhere, never in pairs, is a much too common sight.
And he never learns to turn the TV and lights off.
There's constantly candy wrappers left everywhere in the house.
And bandages and those cutesy childish kid band-aids that he always buys for some reason.
You'll put them over the minor cuts he has, but the silly things always fall off so easily.
Nor is he a very good cook either.
He's sweet tough...
Trying to make dinner when you work late or surprising you with breakfast in bed.
Eggshells, too much seasoning, unknown ingredients.
In bed.
He has those jump-scare worthy sudden random loud snores when he's asleep.
But other than that...
He's gentle, passionate and rough all at the same time.
He'll growl and moan and whimper and whine and pant like a dog in heat as he touches and kisses you all over.
Body-worshipper to a T.
Thirsty to gorge himself. Wants to bury his face between your thighs and lap until pussy-drunk.
He's also a sucker for kisses on his chest.
Warm or cool, preferably wet, pecks of your soft lips against his tough and swelled chest.
Kissing his scars makes him whimper.
He also likes nipple-kisses. Especially if you nibble a bit on him.
Even outside of bed, he has zero reservations when it comes to intimacy.
HANDS-ON at all times.
Even when he's sweaty, even when he's grimy with dirt and mud.
He wants his welcome-home kisses and hugs.
No discussion.
He doesn't really care if you're busy.
Mostly because he doesn't quite recognise that you're ever busy.
He believes he has respect for your little hobbies and your job...
Though he constantly expresses his thoughts of how he doesn't see why you even need a job when he can easily provide for you both.
You should always have time for a quickie, right?
If he has the time, you have the time, in his mind.
So he'll pull you from your computer or kiss at your neck and beg you to hang up the phone with your supervisor.
Yeah, sorry... he doesn't really respect your job.
He has a habit of lightly biting you at random on your shoulders, neck, thighs, stomach and whatever the moment calls for.
And he absolutely must play paddy-cake with your ass at least once a day.
He just loves resting his head on your lap and chest.
He'll instantly fall asleep into an open-mouthed drooling mess if your start playing with his hair.
You can't ever finish a movie.
The two of you regularly sleep on the couch instead of upstairs in the bedroom.
He HATES showering without you.
It feels wrong how boring it is.
He hates having to shampoo his own hair and how he can't reach his back and how he doesn't have your thighs wrapped around his torso.
He loves you in anything red.
Rep lipstick, red lingerie, red hoodie, red stockings.
It's his weakness.
He can be having a really bad day, but just one look at you in anything red and he'll immediately lighten up.
It could be a simple thing like a red scrunchy in your hair or around your wrist and he'll perk up with a smile at once.
He can be mad at you, but all you need do is slip on something red and he'll fold almost instantly.
You don't ever worry about Kirishima not thinking you're pretty or gorgeous or hot or cute or this or that or anything.
He makes it all rather obvious.
Still now, after the two of you are well beyond the point of new-love and the honeymoon-phase.
Kiri will still be showering you with words and actions of affection and adoration.
His straightforward pining still going strong.
He's the KING of "I know you're asleep, but..." speeches.
Be it when you're asleep in his arms or on voicemail when he's working late nights or early mornings.
He'll recite paragraph after paragraph of absolute word-vomit about his love for you.
Just NEEDING to let you know each time the thought crosses his mind.
He won't ever show you that he's mad at you.
When you've done something that's upset him, he'll simply tell you.
But never angrily.
Which can be slightly irking...
Sometimes you wish he'd just yell at you.
But he never does.
Even when you raise your voice at him.
Kirishima takes you seriously and apologises sincerely when he's upset you for whatever reason, and never deems you the curtesy of fighting with you.
You thought at first it was because he thought it would be ridiculous of him, big man that he is, to fight a little lady like you.
But when you confronted him with that theory he couldn't stop laughing.
Turns out, he just doesn't like or see the point in verbal fighting.
And after that you started noticing how he reacts that way with everyone.
Even Bakugou, who could shatter glass with all his shouting. Kirishima just laughs his little hissy-fits right off.
You swear, he must be the most calm and happy-go-lucky guy in the world. - He never bitches about people. - Never holds a grudge. - Never picks fights he doesn't have to. - Always admits he's wrong when he is.
He's constantly doing gentlemanly gestures as though it's a ritual.
It's just his way of life. - Opening doors, every door, car-doors too. - Pulls out your chair and pushed you back in. - Drapes his coat over you when it's cold. He doesn't even ask. - Gives you most of the umbrella when it's raining. - Takes the side closest to the street when the two of you walk on the curb.
But gentlemanly acts aren't just reserved for you.
They're for EVERYONE. - Assists that old women cross the street. - Gives that old man or pregnant lady his seat on the train. - Joins the search party for that missing child. - Helps people up when they fall and then proceeds to collect their things from the ground. - Helps that little girl find her mommy in the grocery store. - Volunteers for about any and all charity work.
If you're being honest, his sense for heroics and need to be helpful is a bit overwhelming at times.
Almost makes you feel like a bad person.
Sometimes you wish he'd be more selfish like everyone else.
But then at the same time, it's what you love about him.
And besides being a gentleman, he's also the most loyal and caring friend anyone could ask for. - He's the first to ask you how your interview went or that presentation you had to have in front of your boss. - He always calls Bakugou, Denki, Sero and Mina to ask if they got home safely after a night out. - When you come home from out shopping with friends, he's at once demanding you give him a runway show. - Each time he knows one of his or your friends are home alone by themselves since their spouse has gone on a business trip or something of the sorts, he's always inviting them over for dinner. - And when a friend of either one of you is going through a break-up, he's inviting them to stay with you so that they don't have to be alone.
Which is nice and all...
If the guest-house hadn't been refurbished to be a fully-decked out gym instead.
It doesn't exactly leave too much space to house guests other than the living-room coach.
But he needed space for the boxing-ring...
Him and Bakugou spend hours out there, while you and mrs. Bakugou sip whine and talk about how strange life married to two top-heroes is.
You see the couple a lot since Kirishima and Bakugou are co-CEOs at their Hero Agency, as well as still being best mates.
Kirishima asks you to train with him too though.
And where he won't make you train with him, just the same as he won't make you do anything ever...
He will playfully guilt-trip you to.
A thousand pretty-pleas and pouts and puppy-dog eyes until you fold.
Just because he loves you and doesn't want to spend a single second without you.
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lilithbasically · 5 months ago
"First Time for Everything"
Caught in 4K Collab: @hornime
Warnings: Masturbation (m&f), oral (f receiving), overstim, fingering, double penetration, degradation & praise, mentions of daddy kink, dacryphilia, anal, dumbification, tiny bit of cum play, mentions of breeding
W.C.: 2.4K
Well, this certainly wasn't how Kirishima expected his afternoon habit to go. If he'd just caught that villain a little faster, he could've made it home in time but nooooo, the slippery little fuck kept getting away at the last second. So really, Kirishima had no choice.
He had no choice but to rush to his office to catch your livestream. No choice but to sit in his office chair and free his cock from his hero suit. There's a first time for everything, right?
His dick was already rock hard and aching, dripping with precum in anticipation for what you had in store. Kirishima had feelings for you, sure, but he watched your videos because you always kept things interesting and new. You weren't afraid to try new things and that left him wanting, no, needing more. Furthermore, he had no choice but to thrust his hips up to fuck into his fist when you started fucking yourself with a replica Red Riot brand dildo. Watching as you rubbed the tip of it through your folds and teased your entrance. Letting out a little whine at the stretch of it, you had Kirishima a drooling mess. The replica was a couple inches off in length and not quite enough girth but it was close enough. Close enough that it was easy to imagine it was his cock splitting you open, feeling your pussy clench around his length as he rutted his hips into you, getting as deep as he possibly could.
Reaching a hand down to cup and lightly squeeze his balls, he matched his strokes and thrusts to your pace, he came with a sinful moan when he heard, "mmm...fuck, Red Daddy Riot..." fall from your lips. His cum covering his chest and abs, spilling over his hand as he rode out his high to your moans and whines.
"Oi, Shitty Hai- OH MY GOD lock your damn door, dumba-" Bakugo froze. He'd recognize those moans anywhere. Slowly turning back around, he looked at Kirishima's phone.
Throwing the tissues he hurriedly cleaned up with, Kirishima stood up, "Uh...sorry about that bro. That's fuckin embarrassing. Um...why do you look like that?" Following his best friend's gaze to where his phone sat atop his desk, unlocked, still playing your stream, Kirishima's eyes widened as he quickly grabbed and locked his phone before starting, "Fuck, dude. I can explain."
"Shut. The Fuck. Up. Did you just get off to my girlfriend?" Bakugo asked, his voice unsettlingly low and calm.
"Uhhh...yes? I'm so sorry, man. I know it's fucked up but I-" he stopped talking as Bakugo walked out without another word.
Kirishima felt so fucking guilty. How could he do that to his best friend? So unmanly of him. He spent that night worrying about the state of his friendship, scared he lost his best friend.
He woke up to a text the next morning from Bakugo. "Hey, need your help with somethin at my place. I'll leave the door unlocked, just come in."
Kiri jumped out of bed sending a "you got it, bro" in return. Happy that it seemed like his longest friendship was still intact.
Little did he know, you and Bakugo had spent the night talking. Discussing details and what it could possibly mean for the future of not only y'all's relationship but your relationship with Kirishima.
You heard the front door open and Bakugo yelled, "Oi, Kiri, come in here."
"What's u-oH. Holy fuck," Kirishima breathed. His eyes widening, spit pooling in his mouth, dick growing hard at the sight in front of him.
Bakugo was naked, leaning his back against the headboard of his bed, you in his lap. He had your legs spread on either side of his, your pussy on full display for his best friend. You watched Kiri's gaze lock onto how Bakugo's hands were kneading your breasts before pinching and rolling each nipple. His lust hazed gaze slowly lowered to your exposed core, biting his lip, his eyes snapped to yours when he heard you speak.
"You okay, Kiri?" You sweetly asked.
How the fuck could he not be, he wanted to reply. But the words got stuck in his throat and all he could muster was a small whimper and a nod.
"This what you actually wanted, right, Shitty Hair?" Bakugo smirked. "You wanna taste her?"
Kirishima didn't have to be asked twice. Stripping down to his boxers, he laid on the bed in front of you and licked his lips.
Running a finger through your folds, he asked, "Goddamn, baby. You're fuckin soaked. You want me to eat your pretty little pussy that bad?"
He wasted no more time before running his tongue from your entrance to your clit. Your back arched and your legs tried to snap shut until you heard Bakugo growl don't even fuckin think about it in your ear before licking, nibbling, and sucking up and down your neck.
"Fuckin knew you'd taste good," Kirishima mumbled and watched your face contort in pleasure as he pushed a single digit into your cunt, making you gasp and moan. He attached his lips around your clit and began sucking, licking small figure eights and circles over it as he added a second finger, curling them up to find the spot that would make you scream.
He didn't want you to just fall apart for him. No, he wanted you to completely lose your goddamn mind from pleasure. To be so fucked out you become a drooling, babbling, empty headed, cum filled mess. And holy fuck were you well on your way already.
Between Bakugo attacking your neck with his mouth, your nipples between his fingers, and Kirishima slurping up everything you gave him, feeling Bakugo rut his dick against your ass and seeing Kiri work his hips against the mattress, you were right on the edge.
"Gonna cum for us, baby? Do it. I wanna see you cum on his tongue. Be a good little whore for us and cum so we can fuck you full, yeah?"
A particularly hard suck on your clit had your legs threatening to close but a sharp slap to your inner thigh kept them open.
"Think he told you to keep them open, baby girl," Kirishima scolded.
"Ahhhh fuck...Kiri please..." you whined.
Smirking, he replaced his fingers with his tongue and started rubbing fast circles over your clit.
"fuck fuck fuck...oh god...Kiri please don't fucking stop...ahhhh fuck I'm gonna...gonna...cum"
Kirishima groaned as you came on his tongue, working you through your release, his fingers keeping their speed over your clit.
You try to jerk away from his mouth but Bakugo just grabs your hips to keep you still, chuckling as you whine and writhe from the overstimulation.
"I think he wants another, baby."
"Can't Kiri...'Suki...s'too much...please" you sob.
You feel Kirishima growl against your cunt, his fingers speeding up as he feels your walls pulse around his tongue.
"Yes you fucking can and you fucking will," Bakugo growled, grabbing your face to shove his tongue in your mouth, rolling with yours, swallowing your moans.
Tears blurring your vision, you feel the familiar coil snap as clear liquid gushes from your cunt.
"Holy shit, good fuckin girl."
Kirishima pulls away to wipe his mouth and chin before grinning at you, "Didn't know you were a squirter baby girl," he chuckled while he laid on his back, lifting his hips to take off his boxers.
Your mouth dropped open seeing how big and thick this man's dick is. A prominent vein running along the underside with smaller ones scattered around, the tip flushed a dark red and leaking precum. You licked your lips and started to lean forward before being pulled back by a large hand wrapped around your throat.
"Next time, Princess. For now," Bakugo started while sharing a look with Kirishima, "I want you to sit on Kiri's cock and keep him warm while I stretch your ass."
He pushed you forward to Kirishima who wrapped his hands around your hips, hovering you above him, teasing your folds by grinding his dick through your lips. Finally letting the tip of his dick push through your entrance, he gave shallow little thrusts with just his tip going in and out of you. Hearing you whimper a desperate, please Kiri, made him lose the control he was trying to keep. Slamming you down on his length until you were fully seated on his pelvis, you let out a yelp at the sudden movement that quickly turned into a loud moan when you felt just how full you were. Feeling completely filled, your body broke out in goosebumps as you shivered. Letting out a shaky breath, Kirishima looked up at you. Your eyes already rolled back, tongue poking out, your eyes snapped back as you moaned feeling Bakugo press a lubed finger into your ass.
"Ahhh...fuck, babygirl...squeezing me so fuckin tight. Being such a good little girl for us. Want us to fill you up even more, hmm? Is that what you need?" Kirishima asked as he rolled his hips into you when Bakugo added another finger, pumping and scissoring them inside your ass to help stretch you.
"Good little whore...you love this don't you? Love feeling so full?"
You whimpered when Bakugo removed his fingers, he chuckled lowly, "Don't worry your pretty little head, Princess. I'm about to fill ya real nice."
He pushed you forward and you planted your hands on Kirishima's chest for balance. You leaned down to capture his lips in a heated kiss, all tongues, teeth, and spit. As you pulled away, he gently nibbled on your lower lip. Bakugo slowly starting pushing into you, one hand rubbing soothing circles on your lower back. Kirishima took a nipple into his mouth to bite and suck to help distract both you and himself from the sensation of Bakugo's cock entering you. It was taking every ounce of self control for Kiri to not buck up into your heat.
Once fully sheathed in your ass, Bakugo groaned and pressed sweet kisses to your shoulder as Kirishima did the same to your face, "You okay, babygirl?" He asked.
You whimpered and nodded as you started moving against them, encouraging them to start.
"Good, because we're not goin easy on ya", Bakugo warned before pulling out and slamming back in. Kirishima timing his thrusts with his best friend's so that you always had at least one dick filling you up.
"Fuck, baby, you feel so good. You like- hnnn...you like us filling you up, huh? Panting like a bitch in heat, such a good little slut. Fuck..."
"Goddamn, I'm not gonna last much longer. Fuck...ahhh...shit Y/N you're so tight. Perfect little pussy...all for us, yeah? All for us to fuck and fill as much as we want, right, babygirl? Ahhh...fuck...can't wait to see my cum drip out of this perfect fuckin cunt..."
It was all you could do to stay upright. Barely even doing that, Bakugo's arm wrapped your waist and Kirishima's hands gripping your hips hard enough to leave bruises. Your mind couldn't form coherent words; only babbling "yes daddy" "feelss'good" between moans and sobs. Seeing tears streaming down your face only served to fuel Kirishima more, fucking into you harder, chasing his high.
"Ahh fuck...she's crying, Bakugo...s'pretty when you cry, babygirl...keep cryin for me, yeah?" Kirishima groaned, feeling your walls flutter around him as he licked the tears from your face.
"Taking our cocks so goddamn well...perfect little cumdump for us...all ours...all-fuckin-ours..." Bakugo's hips accenting every word.
Kirishima pushed two fingers into your mouth and chuckled when you immediately started swirling your tongue around the digits, sucking them in further.
"Fuuuuuck...God you really are just a dumb little whore, aren't you? Sucking my fingers like its a cock...you want somethin to fill that hole too? Mmmnnnn...fuck..."
He removed his fingers and placed them between your legs, rubbing small, fast circles over your clit coaxing you to your release.
"Fuck, baby...cum so we can fill you. You want that, yeah? Ahhh...wanna be stuffed full and feel it leak out of you? Gonna breed you like the slut you are..."
Feeling your walls flutter around them, Kirishima and Bakugo sped up their pace, thrust getting wild and sloppy, climbing higher and higher to their ends, when you finally cum, you all but scream, body convulsing, pussy clamping down.
"Good fuckin girl...f-fuck...fuck I'm cumming...I'm...cum-ming, ahhhhhaahh," Kirishima groaned as his cock coated your walls with his cum.
"Fuck...fuck fuck fuck...oh gawwwdd, babyyy," Bakugo moaned as he came undone.
Both slowing their thrusts, Bakugo told Kirishima not to move yet. Leaning over to grab his phone, Bakugo slid out of you, hissing at the cold air hitting his dick. Kirishima lifted you up off his cock, gently laying you on your back, planting small kisses all over your face, wiping your tears. You let out a slight whimper and moan when you felt Bakugo push his fingers into you before he put down his phone and climbed up to lay beside you and wrap an arm around you.
"How's our baby doin, hmm? You feel okay?" Bakugo asked while pulling your face to his chest, motioning for Kiri to snuggle against your back.
"Feels really fucking nice, 'Suki. Thank you both, I've never done that before," you said with a smile and light giggle.
Kirishima chuckled and pressed a kiss to your shoulder, "Any time, beautiful. Let's get cleaned up, yeah?"
The next day, as Kirishima sat at his desk, he heard his phone chime, seeing Bakugo had sent him a video. Assuming it was some news segment, he ignored it until he received another text that read, "Wanna take her for round 2?"
Opening the video, Kirishima's eyes widened and he felt his cock stir to life in his pants.
It was a video of you from the day before, his and Bakugo's cum dripping from your cunt and asshole before Bakugo collected it and pushed it back into your fluttering hole.
"I'll be there in five," Kiri responded, feeling a little guilty about leaving work early because he never did that. But, ya know, there's a first time for everything.
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botchedart · 2 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Really old comic i did forever ago so i decided to give it some finishing adjustments (except i think i misspelled some stuff) and actually post it hope u enjoy :)!
(click image for better quality )
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sendhelpimstupid · a month ago
Tumblr media
If I fall, will you catch me?
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kats-baku1999 · 7 months ago
Three is not a Crowd
kiribaku x reader
Warnings: smut. shameless smut. no actual plot just smut.
nsfw!!!!!! not meant for people under 18
Dom!Kiri, Bottom!Baku
mentions of smoking weed
they are aged up in this, in their third year. all of them are 18, and almost done at UA. okay thank you.
okay, enjoy.
Tumblr media
Being friends with Kirishima and Bakugo was never not exciting. Between Bakugo’s constant yelling, and Kirishima’s constant wrangling of Bakugo, it was a never ending thing. Then throw your instigating self into the mix, and sure enough it was a shit show. You were constantly pushing Bakugo on, saying things like “oh yeah you could totally beat Midoriya!” which would just get him more riled up. In turn, would earn you a dirty look from your red haired best friend. Kirishima was constantly coming to you when he wanted simple things, like being held. It was not uncommon to see the two of you snuggling one another while you encouraged Bakugo’s loudmouth.
The thing that was most annoying though? The fact you were unreasonably attracted to both of them.. And you were pretty sure they both knew you thought so.
It was subtle that they knew at first, they were practically just testing the waters. Kirishima would let his hands linger on you for just a second longer when helping you spar. Bakugo lost all sense of personal space, and would randomly come up behind you and talk in your ear. They would both flex a little more when you were around, taking note of how your eyes would linger on their arms when they did. Both of their egos went through the roof when you would blush walking into Kirishima’s room as they were working out together.
So then they both began taking note of you. Kirishima’s eyes always followed your every move when you were in your hero costume, that was so tight it barely left anything to imagination. Bakugo feeling a bit of anger surge through him when he would catch anyone other than his best friend drooling over you. Both of them absolutely lost it when you walked in after your holiday spent with your parents on an island getaway. Sure they always noted how nice of legs you had, but your legs being tan now too? Kirishima was biting his knuckle to keep from jumping towards you, and Bakugo’s eye was twitching with annoyance watching Mineta starting to become a little perv staring at you.
“Oi, Shitty Hair,” Bakugo snapped, staring at you standing with Mina in the common room, still in your school uniform. Kirishima’s eyes slowly pull away from the bottom of your skirt.
“Yeah man?” Kirishima finally focused on his best friend, noticing his eyes on you too.
“Is it just me or is (Y/N)s skirt just a bit shorter?” Bakugo mumbled, his eyes dark. Kirishima noted that he didn’t look angry, no, this was a new look.. The same look Kirishima had been giving you for months.. This was lust.
“Yeah, you know what man I think it is,” Kirishima smirked, walking up and putting an arm around his best friend before leaning into his ear, “What’re we going to do with her?”
Bakugo went stiff at his friend's words. A blush creeping across his face. Between looking at you in that damn skirt, and Kirishima’s lips practically against his ear.. A boner was inevitable, so he smacked Kirishima’s arm off of him and quickly made his way to his room. Kirishima watched you for a second longer, before finally following his best friend. He had an idea, and he wanted to go through with it, but he needed Bakugo on board. So he walked through Bakugo’s room door, just as Bakugo was standing in the middle of it in his boxers and his school shirt unbuttoned.
“What are you doing dumbass?” Bakugo snapped, uncharacteristically covering himself. It was too late though, because Kirishima’s eyes were locked on the rather larger bulge he was trying to hide. Kirishima closed the door behind him and locked the door.
“You know, I have seen the way you look at her too,” Kirishima’s voice was lower now, like he was a completely different person, “I can’t blame you though, (Y/n) is a badass, and it’s beyond fucking sexy,”
Kirishima walked towards his best friend, who’s eyes were wide. Trying to decide between watching where this goes, and blowing Kirishima’s ass up for just barging in. He decided on option A, especially when Kirishima backed him into the wall. Both hands on either side of Bakugo’s head, Kirishima’s face dangerously close.
“Trust me, I notice it, but I also notice you man,” Kirishima smirked, “Your eyes are constantly bouncing between me working out, and (Y/n), you just can’t make up your mind can you?”
“I have no fucking idea what you’re talking about dumbass,” Bakugo snarled, trying to keep his composure. Was he that obvious? Had everyone noticed?
“It’s okay though, because you wouldn’t imagine how turned on I get watching you train, and watching you both yell at one another,” Kirishima leaned into Bakugo, placing his face into his neck.
Pushing his lips against his pulse point ever so gently, smirking at how his best friend shuttered. Kirishima grabbed one of Bakugo’s hands and led it to his crotch. Both of their breaths caught in their throats at the contact. Bakugo wasn’t sure what came over him, but he began palming Kirishima through his pants. Loving the way Kirishima grunted into his neck, before placing wet kisses up and down it. Bakugo finally moaned when Kirishima’s sharp ass teeth grazed a more sensitive spot.
“You see what you’re both doing to me, all I can think about is how pretty she would look on your dick, while your mouth is wrapped around mine,” Kirishima groaned, finally moving his hand onto Bakugo’s bulge, “Or both of us fucking her, filling both of her holes, imagine the pretty little moans she would make Bakugo,”
“Fuck Kirishima,” Bakugo panted, his fingers fumbling with the button on Kirishima’s pants. Annoyed that he wasn’t even trying to fight his best friend off of it, but how could he when it felt so good?
“What do you say I give you a little preview of what I want to do? Then we can talk about how we try to get (Y/n) on board?” Kirishima moved Bakugo’s boxers down. A smirk spread across his face at how Bakugo’s dick smacked up against his stomach. Bakugo groaned at the feeling of being free. Kirishima's face was leaning dangerously close to Bakugo’s again. Both of them licked their lips, before Bakugo finally became fed up, and slammed Kirishima’s face into his own. The kiss was rough, and sloppy. Both boys groaned at the release of tension from the past three years. Bakugo pulled back and started kissing down Kirishima’s jaw, his hands sneaking up underneath his shirt and dragging across his abs.
“Show me what you can do red, and then we can talk about what we are going to do with her for teasing us both so much.” Bakugo growled against Kirishima’s neck, before attaching his lips again. Kirishima groaned and took back control of their current position. Smirking at the thought of having both of you at once. All they needed to do was get you on board.
Their plan was a little more drawn out than either of them would have preferred. They needed to make sure this was what you wanted though. So their flirting and teasing just amped up. Now both of them were following you around during training, not even trying to hide how they looked at you. Both of them finding reasons to correct your stance, or just standing dangerously close to you.
You were constantly trying to fight off the warm feeling in your stomach. With each touch they gave you, or words of encouragement whispered in your ear. All your thoughts would constantly lead to a lewd place. Imagining how their praise would sound with you on your knees in front of them both and..
“Bakugo’s hot isn’t he?” Kirishima was standing directly behind you, his chest meeting your back, “I mean seriously I am going to lose my mind watching him train, in that damn hero costume,”
You froze completely.
Did you hear that correctly?
“Then of course I have to keep my composure with you too, since you just had to choose the sluttiest costume you could think of,” Kirishima.. groaned? You hated the way you instinctively clenched your legs together at his words. Fighting back a moan as you felt him pushing himself against you even more. Your eyes went wide, looking around to make sure no one could see you two. Luckily though, for the both of you this just looked normal, Kirishima being this close to you.. Bakugo, though, took notice. Mostly due to the fact he could feel red and (y/e/c) eyes focused in on him. He let out a noise of disapproval, trying to hide how turned on he was becoming seeing the red head pushed up against you, with a blush across your face.
“My costume is great for my quirk and-”
“And I’m sure you can’t even wear underwear in this thing, I know for a fact you don’t wear a bra with it sometimes, I could see your nipples the other day,” Kirishima whispered lowly in your ear, and you smirked.. Happy that he took notice, “You’re torturing poor Bakugo, he was such a whiny mess that night when I had his cock in my mouth,”
Your smirk faded, and you let out a small whimper at the idea. The two of them together should not have turned you on as much as it did. Fuck it did though, you could feel yourself growing wet between your legs. You turned your head to look at Kirishima, who’s eyes were still focused on the blonde who was sparring with Midoriya.
“Shocking right? I mean look how confident and in charge he is right now, but trust me when I say that he completely comes undone as soon as I touch him,” Kirishima continued, casually stepping even closer into you, “And fuck do I love it, and judging by your breathing you do too,”
“Please, if anything Bakugo probably dominates you,” You meant for your voice to sound confident, and teasing. It came out as a broken whisper though, replaced with a quiet yelp when you felt his hand grip into your hip.
“Look at his neck when we are back in class, not like the pervert tries to hide the marks I left on him, I think he is actually kind of proud of them,” Kirishima whispered, before fully pulling away from you. Going to greet Bakugo who was now done. You stood there, your breathing uneven. Watching the two of them interact with one another. Bakugo actually blushing slightly at one point when Kirishima said something. Then both of them turned their gaze towards you, two sets of red eyes focused on you.
They were going to ruin you.
After your incident with Kirishima, all three of you were no longer being discreet towards one another. You decided to push them, and see how long it would take before they snapped. After all, the end of third year was approaching, so what a better way to end off this year. So your skirt was always a little more pulled up in front of them. Your workout clothes a little tighter. You constantly lingered in their sight when you were all training for your hero classes, making sure they always had good sight of you in the UA tracksuit, and in your hero costume.
Bakugo finally snapped when you stopped him after working out one day, asking for a bit of extra help:
“Hey, do you mind staying behind and helping me?” You smiled innocently at Bakugo, who just raised an eyebrow before nodding, “I just need a spotter, so I can get a few more lifts in,”
Bakugo was constantly turned on nowadays, thanks to Kirishima being a fucking asshole and coming into his room at night. Kirishima would tease him for hours, making out with him and rutting his hips against the blond’s relentlessly. He was always getting Bakugo off, but never let Bakugo return the favor. Bakugo felt like a little bitch, on the edge of begging Kirishima to let him touch him.. All he wanted was to hear the man come undone thanks to him.
You noticed he was barely paying attention to you, and took advantage of that. Setting the bar down, you pressed yourself up against him completely. Bakugo’s eyes snapping up to look at you in the mirror in front of the both of you. You made eye contact with him, as you slowly grabbed his hand and dragged it to your breast. His eyes practically fell out of his head when you made him squeeze your breast and threw your head back against his shoulder. Soft mewls left your lips as you guided his other hand to your other breast. Bakugo took the hint and began groping your breasts. Smirking as he watched your face full of pleasure in the mirror. He rested his chin on your shoulder, not taking his eyes off of you. Finally feeling in control of a situation again, until you reached your hand down your shorts. His movements stopped, as you began to rub the sensitive bud. Moans falling off your lips at the slight relief you could feel. You grinded your ass against his crotch, moaning slightly louder at the feeling of his erection against your ass. Bakugo was in absolute shock at the sight, but tried to move his hands down to your crotch. You stopped all of your movements though, and looked at him with a small smirk.
“If your hands move off my chest, I walk out of this room and we stop this,” Your voice was still as sweet as ever, but your plan was not. Bakugo growled, frustrated that yet again he didn’t have control over this situation.
“You little bitch,” Bakugo mumbled, but decided to grope your breasts again. Tweaking your nipples through your shirt, “At least give me a better look,”
You smirked at him.
“Sit down, please,” You smiled, and he complied. Sitting down on the mat with his legs spread. You kept your eyes on him in the mirror, as you slowly shed your shorts. Purposely bending down, right in his face, as you moved them down your legs. Bakugo almost went feral at the sight of your dripping cunt being pushed into his face. You didn’t give him the chance though, and quickly sat in between his legs. Bringing your knees up and spreading them, so he could see everything in the mirror. His hands snaked up your shirt, and pulled your breasts out of your sports bra. He began pulling and tugging on your nipples again. More moans coming from your mouth, as your hand went back down to your neglected area.
Bakugo watched in absolute awe as you rubbed your clit, moaning and panting at the feeling. His dick felt so strained in his pants, and all he wanted to do was touch you. On the other hand though, he was pretty sure he could watch you get yourself off for the rest of his life.
You could feel the coil in your stomach reaching it’s breaking point, the feeling of Bakugo stimulating your nipples adding into the pleasure. There was also the pure sinful feeling of him watching you, practically drooling as his eyes focused on you. So you held nothing back, and picked up your pace. Pushing yourself over the edge, before finally you felt the coil snap…
“Oh fuck, Kirishima,” You moaned, throwing your head back. Bakugo’s jaw dropped, groaning at the sound of you moaning out the other man’s name. That shouldn’t have turned him on as much as it did, but fuck it did. He watched in awe as you came down from your high, pulling your fingers away as you were panting. You moved your fingers up to his lips, smirking as he eagerly took them into his mouth. Wrapping his lips around, and licking the two digits clean.
You didn’t say anything else to him, just got up, put your shorts back on, and readjusted your sports bra. You leaned down and kissed his cheek before making your way to the door.
“Oh, and Bakugo do tell Kirishima about this little moment,” You grinned, before exiting the gym. Leaving the blond sitting on the ground still in shock over what just happened. As he pulled out his phone and texted a certain redhead telling him he had a problem that he needed taking care of.
You felt over the moon after your little run in with Bakugo. Confidence soaring as you felt him and Kirishima watching you more intensely now. You knew Kirishima was more than likely pissed you took control of the little game it seemed he had started. So now all you had to do was get back at him.. And you sure did try. It was movie night in Sero’s dorm, but thanks to extra training sessions with All Might and Midoriya Bakugo couldn’t be there. So that left you and Kirishima alone with your other friends. Who all inevitably got high that night, you and Kirishima only taking small hits. Both of you constantly staring at one another.
Again, it wasn’t unusual for you and Kirishima to be physically close. So when you sat on his lap and pulled a blanket over the both of you that night when the movie started, and the lights were off.. Kaminari, Sero, and Mina paid no mind. Kirishima, though, gripped your thighs in a threatening manner. Finally understanding why you were just wearing your school uniform skirt with a crew neck… He could feel your bare cunt against his exposed thigh thanks to his athletic shorts.
“Watch yourself (Y/n), don’t go starting something you can’t finish,” Kirishima whispered into your ear, making sure the other three weren’t paying attention. All of them were too stoned out of their mind to even notice though.
“I had no issues finishing in front of Bakugo the other day,” You whispered back, watching as they all focused on the movie. Knowing all three of them were going to fall asleep soon enough, “Did he tell you? About how I played with my pussy right in front of him,”
Kirishima growled, his grip on your thigh getting tighter. Trying his best to not take his dick out and fuck you, to remind you who was running this show. When he imagined this, it was always you being the submissive one and Bakugo being the defiant one. That wasn’t the case though, Bakugo listened to every word Kirishima said now like it was law. Even if he had to put on a little show of defiance in front of everyone else. You were the one who was constantly being a tease, and even tortured his poor Bakugo the other day. So to say he was pissed, was an understatement.
“That wasn’t very nice you know, I haven’t let him touch me at all yet, so all you did was torture him even more,” Kirishima mumbled lowly into your ear. Watching as the other three had all dozed off, as they always did when they smoked on movie night. You turned yourself around though so you were facing him, “And then you went and moaned my name for the first time, without me there to hear it?”
“Who says it was the first time I have?” You whispered, looking at him innocently, “Do you know how many times I’ve touched myself wishing it was you and Bakugo?”
Kirishima let out another low growl.
“Dont say that too loud, I wouldn’t want them to hear you,” He mumbled, pulling you closer to his face. Before finally pressing a gentle kiss to your lips. You sighed happily against his kiss, before remembering what your plan was. You moved your hips slightly, whimpering as you felt yourself rub against his thigh. He pulled away from the kiss, and watched in awe as you moved your hips. Biting back his own moan at the feeling of your slick rubbing over his thigh.
“Look at you, trying to get yourself off on my thigh, you really want this don’t you?” Kirishima groaned, reaching his hands behind you to place a firm grip against your ass. Guiding your hips even faster against his thigh.
“Mhm, want you so bad,” You placed your head in his shoulder, “Bakugo,”
The way you moaned his name, absolutely broke something inside of Kirishima. Any sense of self restraint gone. He dug his fingernails into your ass, dragging them slightly. Causing your movements to stop, as you lurched forward. Giving him the opportunity to move his hand to your cunt, teasing the hole slightly, before dipping his finger into you. His other hand quickly coming up and smacking over your mouth.
“If you moan loudly enough to wake up any of them, I will make you sit and watch Bakugo and I without being able to touch yourself,” Kirishima’s voice was low, as he continued fucking you with his fingers. Curling and scissoring them, until he finally find that gummy spot within you, pushing against it relentlessly. Your eyes squeeze shut, as you let out another strangled moan against his hand. Kirishima could already feel your walls clenching against him, as moved his fingers within you. The intense feeling was back in your stomach, but right as you were reaching the edge. Kirishima stopped what he was doing, pulling his fingers out of you. You let out a whine, and glared down at him.
“Go to Bakugo’s room, now.” Kirishima moved you off of him. The two of you snuck out of the room and hurriedly made your way to Bakugo’s. Kirishima knocked at the door, and shoved you through as soon as Bakugo opened it.
“What’s going on?” Bakugo was shocked to see you both, and even more shocked when Kirishima forcefully pushed you to lean against the desk. Your face was towards the wall, as he lifted up your skirt to expose you to the entire room. Bakugo looked towards the red head, who was calmly smiling at him.
“Look what she tried to do to me Bakugo,” Kirishima motioned to his shorts, that had a small wet spot from you, “The little tease thought movie night meant that she would be able to fuck herself on my thigh, while our friends slept innocently on the other side of the room,”
“Oh, did she now?” Bakugo smirked, stepping forward towards you. You tried to turn your head back around to look at them, but Kirishima forced your head forward.
“Yeah she did, so I fingered her until she was just about to cum all over my fingers, and then made her come here so you could help me remind her who’s in charge,” Kirishima’s hand rubbed over your ass cheek, before he gave it a quick smack. You yelped, lurching forward so your hips hit against the desk.
“Look at that fucking ass Kiri,” Bakugo muttered stepping even closer now, his hand going to the other side and giving that side a quick smack just as Kirishima had done. Both of them alternated smacking your ass, your eyes were still facing the wall, but you could hear the sounds of them making out with one another. Before they both took a step back again, admiring your ass.
“You should feel her little cunt Kats, those little silky walls, and I already know where that special spot is inside of her,” Kirishima groaned at the memory of feeling you clench around his fingers. His hands reached down, and spread your ass so Bakugo could get a better view. Both of them marvelled as they watched your hole flutter around nothing.
“(Y/n) are you that desperate to be fucked, look at you trying to clench something that isn’t even there?” Bakugo snarled, before taking his finger and reaching down to your clit. You moaned out, your hole fluttering again.
“Fuck,” You muttered, and both boys grinned at one another. Bakugo got on his knees, as Kirishima played with your ass, spreading your cheeks every so often. Bakugo watched for one more second, before finally dipping forward. Running his tongue up your slit, both you and Kirishima letting out a moan. You at the pleasure of his wet tongue rubbing against you, and Kirishima at the sight. He gave your ass another smack.
“You better let him know how good of a job he does on that little cunt, or you’re not cumming,” Kirishima snarled, before delicately running a hand through Bakugo’s hair. He gripped it, and held his grip as he pushed Bakugo’s face closer into you, “Do a good job on her Katsuki,”
You moaned again as Bakugo’s tongue pushed through your folds. Prodding and poking at you in all the right spots. Kirishima’s hand that wasn’t entangled in the blond locks, began rubbing at your clit again as Bakugo continued to fuck you with his tongue.
“Fuck, guys I’m going to cum,” You moaned out, which was followed by a whine as Kirishima pulled Bakugo’s head back. Bakugo let out a noise of complaint, and Kirishima gave you both a look of disapproval. Leaning down to kiss a pouting Bakugo, groaning at the taste of you across his lips.
“She doesn’t get to cum just yet, but you did so good,” Kirishima being so gentle and encouraging with Bakugo made you moan a little bit again. Both of them looking up at you again, “Both of you, knees, now.”
You and Bakugo listened to him, watching as Kirishima pulled his shorts down. Both of you were drooling as you looked at the length and thickness of his dick. A small tuft of black hair at the base of it. Neither of you wasted any time, Bakugo was more eager than you to take his length in his mouth. Kirishima threw his head back at the feeling, and you just watched in awe as Bakugo sucked him off. Before Bakugo pulled your head forward, kissing you right in front of Kirishima’s dick. He watched happily as the two of you began making out. Finally getting impatient he was being neglected, he redirected your guy’s attention towards his dick again. You gave a lick along the base, as Bakugo began cupping his balls. Moans left Kirishima’s mouth endlessly, as the two of you worked on him.
“Fuck, you two are so good, so fucking good,” Kirishima groaned, watching you both intensely, his hand raking through his hair. Both boys’ eyes went wide as you did your best to take him entirely in your mouth, gagging slightly as he hit the back of your throat.
“(Y/n) you’re so fucking pretty, look at you taking him like a good little slut,” Bakugo groaned, the submissive personality disappearing when he spoke to you. He reached his hand down and began rubbing your clit again. Grinning as you let out a moan that vibrates against Kirishima, causing him to let out a groan at the same time. Bakugo continued going on you, dipping a finger into you, and moving at a fast pace. Trying to get you to hit your high, willing to deal with Kirishima’s punishment later. You let out another moan, trying your best to keep pleasuring Kirishima, as Bakugo added another finger. Finally curling his fingers the right way to find that spongy spot inside of you. After being taken to the edge two times, that was all it took for you to be pushed over the edge. You completely fell apart on his fingers, Kirishima’s dick falling out of your mouth, as you let out moans. Both boys feeling themselves twitch at the sounds.
“Bed. Right now.” Kirishima growled, grabbing you both. Bakugo sat down on the bed, Kirishima kissing him roughly as he pulled down Bakugo’s pajama pants and boxers. Kiri’s hand reached out to you, pulling you in gently, “You think you can take him, pretty girl?”
You looked down at Bakugo’s impressive length. Nodding your head slightly, not completely sure if either of them would even fit inside you. You could barely get Kirishima in your mouth as it is. Kirishima pulled your face towards him, kissing you gently. His tongue slipped into your mouth, instantly taking control, you moaned into the kiss. Bakugo began rubbing himself, watching the two of you make out. Kirishima sat down on the bed next to his best friend, pulling you on top of him. You moaned as you felt him position himself at your entrance. You were convinced you were going to split in half as he slid you down on top of him.
“Fuck (Y/n), you’re so fucking tight,” Kirishima groaned, throwing himself backwards, pulling you into his chest. His hips continued to thrust up into you, both of you letting out strings over moans and cuss words. You sat up again, moving your hips against him, all while trying to pull your sweatshirt over your head. Bakugo helped you, coming up behind you, his hands went to your chest almost automatically. Grabbing at your boobs through your bra, before he unclipped it in the back, letting them fall out. Leaving you in nothing but the skirt, that was tickling Kirishima’s stomach as you continued to ride him. The pace was slow and sensual, him enjoying watching Bakugo grope your tits, pulling at your nipples harshly. His boner pressed right against your back.
“You look so pretty on Kiri’s dick,” Bakugo mumbled in your ear, his hands going to your hips as he began to help you pick up the pace, “Like the little slut you’ve seem to be lately,”
All you could do was moan in response.
“She has been a little slut Kats,” Kirishima groaned from beneath you, “I think we should teach her what happens, when she wants to act like a whore,”
His hips thrusted up to meet yours, his dick roughly hitting against your cervix.
“I think you’re right, anyone could have walked into that gym and say you fucking yourself on your fingers,” Bakugo snarled, shoving you back down into Kirishima’s chest. Kirishima took the opportunity to take back control of the pace, moving himself quicker against you with deeper strokes.
“Kaminari, Mina, and Sero could’ve seen you grinding yourself against my thigh tonight,” Kirishima growled, giving your ass yet another smack, you moaned out again, “What do you have to say for yourself?”
All you could do was moan in response. This time Bakugo smacked your ass.
“He asked you a fucking question, unless you wanted someone else to see this pretty little pussy?” Bakugo gave you another smack, and you let out a small Yelp.
“No, no, only you two,” You finally formed the words, “Only want you two,”
Kirishima smirked, and looked over your shoulder at Bakugo.
“Kats, I think she needs us both,” He smirked, “What do you think baby, you think you could let Bakugo fuck that cute ass of yours,”
You let out a small whimper at the thought. Could you handle them both inside of you? The idea caused you to clench around Kirishima, and he groaned again.
“Shit, give a verbal answer pretty girl,”
“Mhm,” You mumbled, pressing your face into Kirishima’s neck, “Please,”
“Oh look at you begging for it now,” Bakugo knelt down, coming face to face with your untouched hole, waiting for confirmation from Kirishima that it was okay.
“Remember to prep her Kats,” Kirishima paused his movements, letting himself sit inside of you, you groaned at the pause in friction. You tried to move yourself, but that just earned you another quick smack to the ass, “You can be patient till Katsuki is inside you too,”
Bakugo dipped his fingers down to where your slick was pooling at the base of Kirishima’s dick. He gathered some of it on his fingers before paying attention to your asshole. You moaned loudly as you felt him press against the tight hole. Letting out a whimper when he pushed a finger inside.
“If it hurts just-”
“I can feel her cunt tightening around me, trust me she loves it,” Kirishima moaned, his breathing a little heavy. He gently began rubbing his hands up and down your thigh, whispering sweet words of encouragement into your ear. Eventually your whimpers turned into moans, and then Bakugo added another finger. Gently moving his fingers, trying to stretch you out so taking him would be easier. Kirishima pulled himself out of you, and you whined at the loss of him inside of you. Bakugo knew what he was trying to hint at, and excitedly thrust himself inside of you.
“Oh fuck, you’re so fucking wet,” Bakugo smirked, “Good, it’ll make it so much easier for me to help Kirishima keep you completely full,”
Bakugo snapped his hips into you, roughly. Loving the feeling of your walls clenching against him. You felt another orgasm slowly building up, and almost went over the edge as he moved the two fingers that were in your other hole.
“Slow down Bakugo, before you make her cum again,” Kirishima growled, the sweet voice was gone yet again. Bakugo stopped his movements, before pulling out of you slowly, you let out a cry at the disappointing feeling of him no longer inside of you.
“I think she’s ready, if you are,” Bakugo looked down at Kirishima who nodded. Bakugo placed Kirishima’s tip back in your entrance, all three of you groaning as Kirishima slid back into you. Kirishima sat still, as Bakugo lined himself up at the entrance of your asshole, “If it is too much, tell me and I stop,”
As he pushed himself into you, a small scream came from your mouth, which was swallowed up as Kirishima kissed you. Trying to stop you from making too much noise. The last thing he needed was for any of your classmates to catch you three like this.
“Your squeezing the shit out of me (Y/n), I just need you to relax, I’m almost in,” Bakugo groaned, before finally he bottomed out in you, “I am going to start moving,”
Bakugo pulled back a little bit, before thrusting into you with shallow movements. Kirishima moved his hips slightly too. You were convinced that you were falling apart, completely overwhelmed. Both boys began to slowly meet the same pace, syncing their movements together. Kirishima reached his hand out to grab Bakugo’s, intertwining their fingers as they both fucked you. Your mind was going foggy, and you reached your hand down to start rubbing at your clit. Trying to reach your high again. Both boys moaned when they felt your walls flutter against the two of them. It didn’t take long for you to finally start reaching the peak again.
“Are you going to cum pretty girl?” Kirishima groaned, feeling his own high coming up quickly, “Is the feeling of two cocks fucking you, going to push you over the edge?”
“Yes, yes,” You moaned, picking up the pace on your clit.
“Show him how your little cunt feels when you are coming undone baby girl, felt so fucking nice against my fingers earlier,” Bakugo thrust into you a little harder, “Fuck Kirishima I’m not going to last much longer if she keeps squeezing me like this,”
“In me please,” You moaned, your mind still foggy and barely aware of what you were saying.
“You hear that Bakugo, she wants you to fill up that little asshole of hers,” Kiri was grinning like a mad man, “What about me baby, you want me to cum in you too? Want us to make a mess of you?”
“Yes, fuck, please,” You moaned, that coil finally snapping in your stomach as you came undone against their dicks, you tried to moan out their names but they just slurred together. It took a few more thrusts before both boys were groaning, their dicks twitching inside of you as they both let out their release. Bakugo paused inside of you, before gently pulling out. Whispering a small “fuck” as he did, before helping you off Kirishima. Both boys stood in front of you, watching in awe as all three of your guys’ cum mixed together on your skirt. Kirishima rushed to the bathroom, you could hear the water turn on, and he came back with a washcloth, wiping you gently before the mess could get on Bakugo’s bed.
“Oi, shitty hair, put her in these,” Bakugo tossed Kirishima a pair of sweats, and a t-shirt. After gently removing your skirt, and putting the clothes on you, Kirishima shifted you around so he was laying against the wall and you were tucked in his chest.
“Kats, c’mhere,” Kirishima whined slightly, and Bakugo huffed.
“Dont act like a fucking cry baby now, I’m coming,” Bakugo crawled in next to you on the other side. Kissing Kirishima, and then kissing your cheek before snuggling into you. Kirishima’s arm reached over and gently played with the blond’s hair, as Bakugo hummed quietly against you, tracing small patterns on your arm.
“Guys, what the fuck just happened?” You finally laughed, shocking both of them as giggles fell off your lips. The pair looked at each other, before laughing with you.
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giesswrites · 2 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
FEATURING! — izuku, bakugou, kirishima, sero, and mina
WARNINGS! — mild flirting and mature language
A/N! — yeah. idk.
Tumblr media
DEKU becomes a stuttering mess. it’s honestly pretty obvious to tell he has a crush on you because his cheeks flush red when you talk to him, and he practically malfunctions if you touch him. it’s cute to see the effect you have on him, and sometimes you’ll go the extra mile just to see his reactions.
BAKUGOU gets quieter. his threats and exclamations to “die!” will decrease drastically. he sort of just avoids speaking to you because his goal is to become number one, not to get distracted by some moron with a pretty face and nice voice and nice skin—yeah no, fuck that and fuck you. and while his internal monologue wants you to leave him alone, he can never bring himself to leave your side.
KIRISHIMA is open about it. he’ll happily compliment your hair or your outfit whenever he deems fit. kirishima is extra motivating towards you and ready to offer a hand whenever you need it. oh, you need extra help with training? no problem! kirishima is almost like a puppy with the way his face lights up when you enter the room. everyone teases him about it, but he doesn’t care. he wants to make his interest clear, and he doesn’t want to give you any mixed signals, but he’ll leave it up to you to make the first move.
SERO is smooth. with a sly smile and curious eyes, sero shoots his shot through well aimed flirting. it throws you a bit off guard, but you ease into it. he’s well versed and knows how to get you to talk to him, and you admire the way he actually listens when you speak. sero pulls out all the tricks; stretching to reveal a peak of his stomach, running a hand through his hair, looking you up and down with a small smirk whenever you approach him. point is, this boy knows how to give you butterflies, and he does so in hopes that you’ll grow to like him back.
MINA is direct. this girl has absolutely no problem demonstrating her interest. she’ll always hype you up and she’ll constantly remind you how attractive she thinks you are. very confident in herself and her abilities, so please expect flirting, and good flirting at that. just like sero, she also some tricks up her sleeve: batting eyelashes, fleeting touches, plentiful eye contact, pretty much anything that could possibly make your cheeks heat up. she’d also probably be the first out of all of them to actually ask you out if she gets the impression you reciprocate her feelings.
Tumblr media
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nooepkt · 7 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
I changed my name! I’m now also on Instagram and might post soo
And to share this information with you guys, here is a page of my kiribaku’ sketches I did a month ago I think ?? (Sorry to post quite old thing but it’s a hard time, it’ll be more chill in July !) but I still like this page it was the first time I really liked how it end up and I might have found the way to draw them at present!
​there is nothing on my Instagram yet but ther will be WIP for the upcoming illustrations and sketches!
(Now that I changed my name I will post again regularly, sorry for the short absence)
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kiribakuincorrect · 2 months ago
kirishima: you like me?
Bakugo: we're married
kirishima: yeah but did you marry me as friends or-
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