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#bnha eijiro kirishima

Midoriya: oh, hey kacchan!

Bakugou:…..*whispers to kirishima*

Kirishima: *whispers back*

Bakugou: *reluctantly* Hell-o mido- wait, what the fuck was it agian?

Kirishima: *whispers agian*

Bakugou: wait- midoriya? Who the fuck is that?

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Someone Cares

Southen! Reader x Broken! Kirishima 

Genre: Heartaching, Toothrottening, and Homeless Kirishima.

Reminder: Kirishima is currently suffering from harsh depression, an effect of a bloody accident revolving around his quirk.


“What did you do to my son?!!” The woman shrieked, cradling her deeply wounded the child.

Please, d-don’t stare at me like that. I didn’t mean too. He was teasing me, and he was hitting me and..and calling me names such…h-horrible names.

Whispers and gasps of the witnessing crowd crushed the boy who’s sharp hands were saturated in a crimson liquid.

It doesn’t even look human. Look at those devilish eyes and God, look at its teeth.”

“Ah!” The boy’s huffs formed a cluster of white clouds in the freezing midnight air.

His heavy eyelids drooped threatening to close shut, but out of constant fear of those recurring nightmares, he remained sleep-deprived.

I never asked to be made!

Especially not like this! I-I just…want to be…normal…I want a family…..I…Want…Love.

The boy’s eyes swam with tears as those daunting hallucinations of his flashback came flooding in.

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hey! i’m thinking about posting a series, so with that on the day, i shall be closing the requests for now. my asks box, however, shall be open but any requests that will be sent before the series ends will automatically go to queue. thank you~♡

here’s the first part

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AN: This was requested @lelawrites it was kinda a mini collab, I’m not sure what to call it but go read her stuff! She’s awesome and I love her and her AMAZING writing!!
Pronouns used: They/them
Length: 881 words

Summary: You and your husband, Eijiro go on a little camping! Super fluffy!

Your Name: (f/n) Kirishima
Quirk: (y/q)
Age: 26


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Okay but what about how Kiri, Kami, Suki, & Hanta would use their quirk in the bedroom? If at all. If that’s too many characters, then the first two!

oooooh i like this a lot,

warnings: 18+!!!! (chars aged up) FILTHY SMUT, cursing, bondage, pain play, idk man just smutty smut read at your own risk

kaminari denki


Originally posted by kunikidaz

- denki would only use his quirk if you BEG him for it

- not because he likes to at least feel in charge (hah, charge)

- but because he’s scared of hurting you

- he’ll be buried to the hilt and you’re this close to finding your release

- “denki shock me”

- he’s ????

- “babe it’s dangerous.”

- you’ll just start grinding against him cause he’s frozen in shock tbh

- “denkiiiiii, please.”

- shit you’re so hot begging him

- so he’ll just set a brutal pace again, chasing his high

- and with a smack to your ass he’ll come and zap you

- it stings but holy fuck it hurts so good

- you almost scream his name when your orgasm comes crashing down on you

- the electricity just intensifies your orgams

- he usually sparks a bit when he comes down from his high

- which is why you usually never really go all out with after care

- but you licked blood

- it felt too good and you needed more now

- you just took his limpening dick in your mouth and started sucking him off again

- “b-babe?!”

- he tries to stop you by pulling on your hair

- his head falls back and he bites his lip

- he looked so good, sweaty, blushed and all fucked out

- “do it again, sir.”

- holy fuck that sent him

- he sends shocks through your whole body, cumming so hard

- you’re all tingly and fall back on the bed

- “shit babe are you okay?!”

- he’s so scared but when he sees your trembling limbs and his cum dribbling from your chin he almost cums a third time

- “that was incredible.”

- you most likely lost a few brain cells and were unable to move or think straight for a while after it but you got addicted

- overstimulated denki = uncontrolled shocks

- he still is super careful about it because he knows the dangers

- he often has to stop you for your own sake

kirishima eijirou


Originally posted by tetsuruo

- using his quirk in bed?

- a big no

- he’s way too scared to hurt you

- he’d be lying if he hadn’t fantasized about it before tho

- you whimpering under him, his hardened finger rubbing circles on your most sensitive parts

- but his hardened body was way too sharp to actually use

- unless y'all are into blood??

- he knows he isn’t

- he accidentally hardened his hands while cumming once and he almost put a hole in the wall

- “please, just spank me once, please.”

- you’re dying to feel red riot’s true and raw strength

- he does spank you, with an unhardened hand

- “red riotttt, once.”

- using his hero name in bed?

- makes him go feral

- spanks you, once, twice, thrice before he knows what he’s doing

- your ass is redder than his hair

- he feels so bad until he feels you clenching around him

- “red riot is so strong.”

- he cums on the spot

- “this was a one time thing.”

- y'all both know it isn’t

- he’s mad at you for pushing his boundaries

- he could’ve hurt you badly and that wouldn’t be manly at all

- but it isn’t manly to deny your lover’s wish either

- he loves it when you ride his thigh and that’s the only time he can kind of get away with using his quirk

- except for that one time he ripped through his pants and your nylons and panties

- thank god for his quick reactions and his strength

- he lifted you off his thigh so quick

- he once hardened his dick even more and the condom ripped and he almost tore up your insides

- “see?! i told you.”

- is kinda pissed about it, he wants you to always get what you want but what if it’s not healthy or safe for you

- makes it up to you by a lot of amazing foreplay and after care

bakugou katsuki


Originally posted by offlineno-bakugou

- using his quirk while fucking?

- you mean the absolute daily?

- it’s unbelievable how many holes he’s burned through your clothes to get easy access

- he’s filthy

- spanks get intensified by little explosions

- his orgasm is accompanied by another explosion

- gosh his fingering/hand job game?

- way too strong

- he’s too competitive

- makes you cum at least three times every time

- he loves to take you doggy, pull your hair and mark you as his

- little burns instead of hickeys

- is into pain play, he gets off on you moaning in pain and his name

- he spanks you so much

- “you little slut, you always get so tight when you get spanked, tell me how much you love it.”

- he’s a scary dom

- but he’s also so attentive

- he always makes sure to establish a safe word or action for you

- he knows how he can get and ever since you fainted on him once

- he’s extra careful

- he lost control while climaxing and sent an explosion right into your face

- another reason why he prefers doggy

sero hanta


Originally posted by manjirou

- his tape is so multifunctional

- it’s great

- ever since your first time together it’s been very useful

- like that one time during the training camp and you couldn’t leave each other alone

- y'all most definitely had a quickie

- he fucked you against a tree, it was great

- your mouth was taped shut

- rude, he’s more vocal than you are

- you let him get away with it because it turns him on so much

- he’s very much into voyeur and nature stuff

- you almost got busted by deku but thank god for lunch time

- he tapes your wrists together a lot

- your arms are around his neck with your taped wrists bouncing up and down


- most of the times you’ll loose feeling in the taped parts

- but he’s also vvvv respectful

- if you say no he’ll accept immediately and if you complain about his tape being too tight he’ll stop immediately

- your wellbeing is top priority

- he loves to create a makeshift sex swing from tape and just pound into you holy fuck


- “you look so good with my dick down your throat and my tape around your neck.”

(- uses tape as nipple pads and just sends you out for the day without a bra)

- just to fuck you senseless at night

- like i said, kinkyyyy

- tapes you to his bed, spreading your legs

- easy access

- he’s so good with his tongue fuuuuu

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Never get dared again

Part One of TatooMaster!Hitoshi X Denki Text Story
Here we go, Denki acts as always and loses bet with Kirishima. The price is body modification ;)
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A/N: To preface this—I have absolutely no idea if this would work in practice but the idea came to me last night and I was so intrigued by it that I felt compelled to write this out. Playing off this thirst post from Turtle anon about Dom Kiri and sensory play/depravation. In which I had forgotten about one sense in particular. <3 (This also was pretty good practice for messing around with show versus tell.)

Warnings: smutish? : D/s dynamics, DDlg terms, spicy teasing, sensory play/depravation


One thing was becoming clear over the course of your budding relationship with Kirishima; he was a quick learner. It hadn’t taken long for him to pick up on what you enjoyed, what you needed, what drove you wild or produced the best reactions from you. And he damn well knew how to take that information and turn it into his weapon—skillfully utilizing even the smallest of hints to torture you in the most blissful and fulfilling ways. For you, it was a love-hate relationship; loving how intuitive and observant he was but hating how he used that to rile you up and how it made you willingly submit to his mercy every time.

So when you were apart and he would bring up wanting to test out a new idea next session, it always sent your mind reeling. Trying to anticipate what he had planned, what divine torture he was going to enact next. It never failed to send anxious flutters through you when he’d greet you at his door with that mischievous glint in his crimson eyes and that toothy grin plastered on his face. When you would try to squeeze even an inkling out of him, he’d evade your interrogation unless his plan hinged on something close to your soft limits—then he would make you sit on the couch with him and discuss things beforehand.

Kirishima never ceased to surprise you, to keep you wanting more and was steadily earning your trust further with each meeting. It was a two-way street, however, as it should be. Through his actions and in those dazzling crimson eyes of his, you had learned so much about the redhead. And you could see that he was already smitten with you, that he wanted nothing more than make you his and his alone. But Kirishima was patient, ready and willing to do whatever he needed to in order to show you that he was determined to earn that total submission from you. And he genuinely hoped that his plan today would push him further towards that goal.

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— ♡ masterlist

request guidelines

☾—k. bakugo ;;

i. you’re in my way! (part one) | (part two)

ii. my princess (part one) | (part two)

iii. i love you

☾—s. aizawa ;;

i. reacting to his s/o having a powerful bur uncontrollable quirk (hcs) + present mic & all might

ii. have you seen her?

iii. having a quirkless but strong s/o (hcs) + all might & present mic

☾—k. takami (hawks) ;;

i. baby bird, i’m home!

ii. having a famous singer as his s/o (hcs)

iii. betrayal

☾—s. todoroki ;;

i. don’t let it leave

ii. see me for who i am

☾—e. kirishima ;;

i. you’re the best

☾—t. shigaraki ;;

i. as your gamer boyfriend (hcs)


hold me (shigaraki tomura) – in which shigaraki tries to remember his past.

introduction ;

if you wanna be part of my taglist, let me know! also, send me a request through my asks or message me! ~♡

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BMHA HEADCANONS: the bois as your boyfriend!

bakugo katsuki

  • protective af
  • he’s definitely not trying to be toxic, but he’s definitely going to make sure that dude hitting on you gets lost.
  • a lot of playful banter
  • “hey fuckface.”
  • “hey piece of shit!”
  • when the two of you are alone, he’s gonna get real touchy.
  • not sexually touchy, but he wants to kiss you all over and cuddle you.
  • and he will do that no matter what.
  • when you cry or feel sad, he’s gonna start seeing red fast.
  • someone spilled soda on you? he’s getting his gun ready.
  • you have to stop him before he gets into a fight, cuz if he sees an opportunity, he’s gonna take it
  • forehead kisses bc he loves reminding you that you’re short 🥰
  • pure chaotic energy. that’s all i have to say.

kirishima eijiro

  • what are you going to do with this precious boi 😭
  • he’s definitely that one boyfriend that your mom brags about to impress the aunts.
  • listen, i’m sorry but i won’t stop saying this when i make headcanons about him. HE’S A FREAKING PUPPY
  • clingy, but you love it so much.
  • “kiri i need to pee.”
  • “can we just cuddle for 5 more minutes?”
  • “you said that 5 minutes ago.”
  • you two definitely braid each other’s hair.
  • picnic dates ✨
  • study dates cuz he’s a dumb baby boi
  • you two end up cuddling tho
  • and for some reason he passes his tests?
  • always has his around you.

midoriya izuku

  • another puppy 😭👊🏾✨
  • his mom loves you
  • a lot of blushing
  • his all might obsession is the most adorable thing about him.
  • you play with his hair 24/7, i don’t make the rules.
  • cheek kisses bc he’s too shy to kiss you 🥺👉🏾👈🏾
  • laser tag is probably what you did for your first date.
  • he trusts you fully, so he’ll open up real fast.
  • he thinks his babbling is annoying but you’re pretty cool with it.
  • honestly he thinks everything about him is weird but you love the dork.
  • will👏🏾support👏🏾you👏🏾forever👏🏾
  • did i mention a lot of blushing?

todoroki shoto

  • hand kisses. you cannot agrue with me on that.
  • he’ll be shy at first but will show his playful side at one point.
  • this whole relationship is built on trust, so you have to trust him and he needs to fully understand himself if he trusts you.
  • definitely asks his sister for advice.
  • he buys you a lot of big and expensive presents.
  • even tho you appreciate it, you always tell todoroki that he doesn’t have to spoil you.
  • he doesn’t listen tho.
  • definitely asks you if he can kiss you.
  • he’s shy okay? give him a break 🥺
  • when his father finds out about your relationship, todoroki just tells him off (you go sis!)
  • he tells him off because he knows that his father has an opinion about everything and that opinion will most likely be negative.
  • gives great massages.
  • while you have a hot hand massaging you, you also have a cold one.
  • coffee dates, bike rides, netflix dates.
  • believe it or not, but you probably are a bad influence to him.
  • it’s your fault that he has “say so” by doja cat on repeat.
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