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Fugitive Eri from Chapter 3 of How The Mighty Have Fallen, one of my Eri-centric fanfics.

  1. The Getaway: Nothing says “urban decay” quite like a nasty dumpster with a misspelled “fuck you” on it.
  2. Injury Check: The arm going purplish is the one she dislocated on purpose and popped back in. Inability to feel pain has its uses. (And she did say the t-shirt she stole has “something she wouldn’t say in front of an adult” on it).
  3. Cold Chicken Karaage: Like the “Plus Ultra” parodies in one of my other fanarts, there’s a Hero-themed brand name in the picture, because I think those are fun to slip in.
(It’s less glaring here, but I still think my scanner reads the skin tones I use poorly.)
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Eri: [tugs Aizawa’s pants] Can I show you the new dance I learned from Mr. Mic?

Aizawa: Sure

Eri: [whips aggressively]

Aizawa: [visibly exhausted] That was amazing sweetheart

Aizawa: Also, I’m sorry to inform you that you’ll be having a new babysitter starting tomorrow since your current one is going to die

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It’s way past their bed time and they still have homework left, but Mirio and Deku do their best to entertain Eri’s whims, even if it’s just to be tall. They’ve all got matching onesies on and they’ll probably pass out on the sofa after their shenanigans.

Sidenote: Eri likes plants because it makes her feel calm!! And she likes her triceratops plushie because it has horns just like her :)

My submission for @ksazines ’s line art contest. I love their zine idea, it’s so cute!

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Got bored. Decided to do this. My OC I’ve talked about like a hundred times. Except it would probably be cast in the Tudor era? When witches were ‘spotted’ and killed. Yeah, that time zone. 17th Century got it. Might change Rouge’s clothes to fit.

If you want any info on her I might make a character sheet, oh and she is not canon to my Black Butler/Naruto fic, totally separate. I haven’t gotten it all planned out yet, but with all this spare time I might be able to finish at least one of these stories.

Hope you enjoy.

Word Count: 2002

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