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☀️ mirio with a shy s/o

a/n: hi hon! i’m so sorry this took so long :c

  • you both met each other on the side of the road, where it is raining and you don’t have an umbrella with you and so you are just kinda standing there, soaked as you pout. great. what should you do now? there are no nearby buildings that you can wait out the rain from and there is no way you can run since it’s too slipp-
  • wait what? did the rain stop? no, since you can still see the drops of rain hitting the ground in front of you, but why aren’t they hitting you anymore? you look up to see a particular blond boy, smiling wide at you as he drapes his cape over your head to cover you from the pouring rain.
  • “sorry i didn’t get here sooner, there was a lost kitten i needed to help,” he nodded, the smile still evident on his face. you looked over to his chest and saw a ‘1,000,000’ written on it.  and that’s when it clicked, he is lemillion! you’ve heard about him and his abilities when you were watching the sports festival a few years ago. 
  • your mouth hung open as he kept rambling on about the kitten. you just can’t believe that it is him! he was also standing in the rain, his hair becoming disheveled the longer he is standing. 
  • and so you told him your house address, asking him if he can take you there since the rain is getting too chilly for your taste.
  • you both basically run there lol, with him holding you close as you book it down the road. 
  • for the next few weeks, you both “coincidentally” kept running into each other. why “coincidentally”? because mirio is a sneaky bastard that stages all of the run-ins. you’re turning on a corner? he will be there, smiling at you. he can’t help it! you are just so kind towards him when you both first met. 
  • once you both start dating, he will just be the happiest. he would cuddle and just spoil you with so much love, calling each and every day is a must lol. he loves hearing your voice over the phone. 
  • but lately, you’ve been quieter whenever you are around him, has something happened? but you seem to be fine whenever he holds you in his arms- this boy is so confused. is it the time of the month? he would buy chocolates just in case-  
  • the next day, he visits your house and gives you those chocolates, finally confronting you about your behaviour. 
  • “hey sunshine- i want to know if something is bothering you, please don’t hesitate to tell me, okay?” he mumbled, looking into your eyes as you can see concern and love written all over his face. you took a deep breath, biting your lip as you looked into him. 
  • “I want cuddles,” you mumbled softly, it’s embarrassing but you don’t want him to take it the wrong way. now, mirio heard this and he instantly pulled you close to him, pecking your forehead as he sighs in relief. 
  • “honey, don’t be scared to ask for cuddles, i’ll always be here for you,” he smiled, voice muffled as he inhale your scent, visibly calming him down. 
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Shie Hassaikai edit/poster I did. Honestly I couldn’t decide if this one looked better with or without the names and quirk titles. Still think this overall came out good. Hope you guys think so too.

Also on a side a note I’d just like to thank everyone for all the love my oboro/ kurogiri gif/poster got.

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Ok, yes, the Ganriki Neko outfit is a liiittle bit of a neon nightmare. But frankly, I wore similar things as pajamas in the early 90s, back when the 80s didn’t know they were over yet. I think it makes a good set of pajamas for Eri.

The purple hairclip is a medical quirk dampener since Aizawa can’t be there 24/7. I figured that in a society full of extreme powers that are occasionally harmful to the wielder, there would be a market for child-friendly equipment to dampen a quirk if the child is having difficulty adjusting to it.

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Hello! Welcome to, really dude you just figured it out?

In the last episode I figured out that Kirishima’s topless costume is due to his quirk destroying his shirt (hello sports festival)

In today’s episode we look at how Eri and Shigaraki are foils for each other. Both being traumatized kids with powerful mutations as quirks that killed one or more family member upon initial activation at 5. Except one was saved by the heroes and the other was not.

And how that means that overhaul (far from being a weird blip in the villain narrative) is in fact a foil for All For One, you know with his ability to take and give quirks at will (except with bullets and science!) , and his willingness to use and traumatize a child.

Tune in next month for the next episode of, really dude you just figured it out? Maybe I’ll notice Deku is the main character or something

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Consider…MtF Sero.

And consider Momo being super supportive and making her pretty dresses and stuff. Eri would play a part in this too!! She’d put little flowers in her hair being like- “You look like a princess!!!” and that just makes Sero’s heart fucking explode in pure joy. @humanbloopies-fanarts ​and I have a little hc that Sero’s favorite flower are sakura flowers. So…consider…her changing her name to Sakura Sero. Sakura is already blessed with a feminine figure so it’s not hard for her to pass in public which is like- the best feeling ever for her when she gets called “miss” or “ma’am”

First time it happened she literally broke down in a clothing store she was so happy. 

Bakugou would be the first in the squad to make it apparent that he wouldn’t take shit from other people. Anytime that Sakura would get harassed or bullied over being trans Bakugou would literally beat their fuck (if you know where thats from i love you). He’d be so aggressively supportive that it’d make the entire squad have a heart squeeze moment. 

“You’re fucking beautiful I don’t give two shits and a fuck what those fuckers say. They’re just jealous that they don’t have what you have.”

Due to school regulations she still has to change in the boys locker room but Shouji makes it better for her. He’ll use his arms to shield her from everyone else when she changes to make her feel more comfortable if that makes sense. Mineta will try to be gross and Shouji will not hesitate to bark back with “Look, I know there’s a girl in here but can you keep your dick in your pants.” Which…makes Sakura giggle literally every time. 

Uraraka gets in on the loving Sakura train too. She calls her “Kura-Kura!” when she gets excited or if she wants to show her something. They’ll often go shopping together too! Also…hc that Uraraka likes to do nail art and she’ll paint Sakura’s nails and put little gems on them….

Guys please consider Sakura Sero I absolutely love her. 

A mood board for her:



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Pairing: Erasermic
Rating: T
Series: spring in the underworld

Tags: Theseus and Pirithous Myth, Hades and Persephone AU, Greek Gods AU

Summary: The shadows spread watch the underworld. They creep into every crevice, every surface, ready to see and hear for their god.

There are trespassing mortals in the realm, unprotected by favors from the gods.

With the shadows, Shouta sees and hears.

Read on Ao3

The shadows spread watch the underworld. They creep into every crevice, every surface, ready to see and hear for their god.

There are trespassing mortals in the realm, unprotected by favors from the gods.

With the shadows, Shouta sees and hears.

Shouta has his glowing red eyes closed as he sits on his throne, his hair floating as he concentrates on finding the trespassers.

He hears murmuring voices, they’re not of anyone from the underworld nor the gods.

Found you.

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