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#bnha fanfiction

Yes you glorious person! I love Hizashi so much! He, Kirishima, and Tokoyami, and Hawks are all tied for my favorite hero! Unfortunately the first three don’t get as much love as I think they deserve! Just to let you guys know, I might not post tomorrow because what I’m working on after this will probably be pretty long and it’s something that I really want to get right. Thank you all for understanding! Hope you enjoy and until next time!

While many would think him to be a flirtatious guy, Yamada was actually quite the opposite. He was open and friendly with everyone, but he kept the innermost parts of his heart to himself. 

He enjoyed making others smile and happy, but he wanted someone who would do the same for him. Someone who would make him smile.

Little did he know that he would meet that person sooner than he thought.


‘I guess business will be a bit slower today.’ You thought to yourself as you watched the rain fall in heavy drops outside, quickly soaking anyone and anything that happened to be caught out there.

You saw the shadows of people running to and fro, trying to get away from the liquid that continued to pelt them from above.

People didn’t like to travel in the rain, much less to your little book store. They preferred to stay indoors in the comfort of their own homes. Not that you could blame them. Your home just happened to be the very place you worked.

Still, you tried to keep the inside of your shop as cozy as possible for anyone that might enter, turning up the heat a bit and setting a new pot of hot water on the warming plate next to a stack of mugs. A selection of teas and a container of instant coffee sat to the other side.

Content with your work, you began to walk around with your small cart, taking books from wherever patrons had left them and returning them to their proper places. You fluffed the pillow of the plush easy chairs and wiped off tables as you passed.

Just as you were heading to the back to begin getting out some new books to put up, the bell above your door chimed, alerting you of a customer.

Grabbing as many of the books you needed that were close, you sped walked back up to the front.

A man stood on top of your doormat, looking around questioningly. Water ran and dripped from his long hair, which might have been spiked up at one point judging from the way it still had a light lift to it, continuing down onto his leather jacket before finally dripping down onto the mat below him next to his heavy boots.

‘Clearly a hero, if I have to go off the exaggerated outfit.’

“Hello there sir! How can I help you today?” Your greeting seemed to take him by surprise, his head whipping around. His eyes were a piercing green, staring at you over a set of orange tinted shades.

He laughed nervously as he rubbed his gloved hands together, which gave off a slight squeak.

“You won’t kick me out if I say I just wanted to get out of the rain, would you?”

“Never. A bookstore is a place where people come to relax and read, not just buy books. Take as much time as you want.”

He smiled gratefully at you, sticking his hand out to you. “Present Mic, pro hero, at your service. But you can just call me Hizashi Yamada.”

“(l/n) (f/n), store owner. Please forgive me if I’m being rude Hizashi-san, but I think you should dry off before I shake that hand.”

“Oh! I’m sorry! I must be getting water everywhere!”

You waved off his concerns, setting the books on the front counter and heading back into your own personal part of the store where you lived.

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A/N: randomly typed this up on my phone while I was trying to rest. Kinda inspired by “Tension” by Avenged Sevenfold but not totally and not part of the event. <3


Originally posted by katetcake

“What’s the matter with you?” Bakugou asked as he stepped into your room to find you staring at the wall blankly, brow arched as he shed his hoodie after getting home from patrol.

“Nothing.” You mumbled in response but the bitter edge in your voice made him scoff and position himself along the edge of the bed and you quickly brought your shin up to push him away.

“Bullshit.” The blonde spat, wrapping one hand around the offending leg while leaning over to slide the other behind your neck and easily pulling you into a sitting position.

You placed a hand flat against his chest to try and get him to back off again, but it quickly curled into the thin material of his tshirt as you sucked a sharp hiss through gritted teeth. He had dug the pad of his thumb into the spot just below the base of your skull. Instantly making you hang your head.

“You have a tension headache.” Bakugou stated evenly, continuing to rub rough circles against the knot below his thumb.

You’re a tension headache.” You muttered under your breath before another hiss escaped.

“And you’re a fuckin’ pain in my ass.” The blonde shot back gruffly.

“Only on Thursdays.” You replied, your tone failing to be as sassy as usual as you brought your gaze back up to his finally, only to find him smirking.

“Now roll over.”

“I am not a dog, Katsuki.” You growled, eyes narrowing st him as he shook his head.

“Have it your way, brat.” He returned, making quick work of flipping you over onto your stomach before straddling your hips and planting his ass atop yours to keep you pinned.

“What’re you doing, ‘Suki?” You demanded as he swept your hair out of his way and his warm, large hands settled on your shoulders.

“If ya had a tension headache, you’re hidin’ more back here.” He answered sharply, shaking his head once more with a scoff as he started to knead the stiff muscles earning a loud whimper. “It wouldn’t fuckin’ hurt if you didn’t let it build up like this. You’re stubborn, ya know that?”

You remained silent other than the little whines and hisses being muffled by the pillows as the blonde continued to manipulate your flesh skillfully. The occasional tiny crackle of him setting off tiny blasts when he would reach a particularly large knot. You sighed deeply after the last bit of tension had been released and the blonde began softly running his hands up your back.

“Thanks 'Suki.” You mumbled softly, glancing over shoulder to give him a warm but tired smile.

“You’re welcome, Princess.” Bakugou said with a soft smile that slipped into a stern look in seconds. “But ya need to learn to ask for shit before it gets that bad, got it?”

"Yeah, yeah.”

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(BNHA) Todoroki Shouto X Advisor Reader

Description: Were you always Prince Todoroki’s Advisor? Well, sometimes the present doesn’t reveal a hint of the past, let’s take a few steps back, reader.

Author’s Note: I was going to continue off of where I last left off, but a nice, spicy backstory is better lol.

Warning: Cursing



Your knees slammed onto the soft, red, velvet carpet that draped across the floor in an elegant manner. It’s blood color fabric stained your eyesight with it’s bold appearance, along with the golden edges, it was quite glamorous.

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Bakugou Katsuki X Reader

Warnings: Cursing, Bakugou Katsuki


Originally posted by afoxthatpretendstobeabear

     It was a particularly sunny day, not too hot, either. You had been outside to just get a breath of fresh air earlier, it was actually colder than you thought it would be, but refreshing. Currently, though, you were relaxing on the couch. The sun filtered through your window and the cherry blossom tree’s leaves which sat outside, waving slowly. This gave the room a pinkish tint, and set the mood. It was earlier in the day, but the cloudless sky from this morning already told you that it was going to be a nice one.

     Even then, you were holed up inside, still resting on the couch with your boyfriend’s head in your lap. The only reason that he, the Bakugou Katsuki, would be down on such a beautiful day was if he were sick, and you supposed he was. If lovesick counts as a real illness.

     He was silent now though, as opposed to his sobbing earlier when you started to massage his scalp and play with his hair.

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Who could resist fluffy family fantasy!au??? 

Not me lol
Thank you for the request, I hope you like it~

Giggling softly, you watched from your place perched up on the pillow covered bench of a windowsill as your husband wrestled playfully with your son, finding the rambunctious activities to be amusing. The five-year-old boy had grown quite the ferocious attitude, which was to be expected when taking his bloodline into consideration, so his endless energy wasn’t something to bat an eye at. Thankfully, your husband was equally energetic and easily able to entertain the boy, leaving you some quiet space up on your bench to watch and relax. Of course, you couldn’t help but feel a little worry as your lover scooped the child up and threw him backwards over his head, where he landed safely on the large bed with a bounce and a cackle. 

“Again, Dad! Again!” Leaping off the bed into his father’s arms, it was only a few seconds before he was thrown up into the air again, squealing and giggling as he landed on the plush mattress. The dragon skulls and bones that decorated the head and footboard didn’t give you peace of mind, however, and you couldn’t resist speaking up in worry. 

“Katsuki, maybe turn to look at where you’re throwing him at least? Those horns are just an accident waiting to happen.” 

“I know where I’m throwing him, babe, it’s alright.” Even with this comment, Bakugou still turned around, catching the child as he once again leapt towards him. Sitting on the floor on a large fur rug, he shot you a comforting glance before tossing the child onto the bed. “I wouldn’t let him hit the horns.” 

“I know you wouldn’t, I just,” a sigh interrupted you, giving a shake of your head in defeat. “Nevermind, I’m just being a worry wart.” 

“A wart?! Like a witch?!” The high-pitched voice came from beneath Bakugou’s fluffy fur adorned red cape, which began to move and wiggle with the tiny presence beneath it. “Like Daddy’s toe!” 

“Excuse me?” Bakugou gave the tiny body a nudge, unable to help a small smirk as it fell back with a squeak. “I do not have a wart on my toe. It’s a callus. From walking too much.” 

“Wart!” A small hand reached out from beneath the cape, snatching onto his bare toes that were visible beneath his cross legs. “Daddy has icky warts– EEK!” Reaching under the cape, Bakugou pulled his little three-year-old daughter out into the open, beginning to tickle her mercilessly. Smiling as you watched your daughter squeal and struggle, you decided to close your book, beginning to feel like you were missing out on all the action. 

Standing, you made your way over to the bed, laying down beside your son, who was quick to snuggle up against you with a heavy yawn. Stroking his fluffy blonde hair softly, you gave him a gentle kiss on the top of his head. “Looks like someone’s finally getting sleepy. It is past your bedtime.” 

“Is not, Mama!” Your son pouted up at you, his brilliant crimson gaze melting your heart. “It’s our free day, we get to stay up as late as we want.” 

“Who made up that rule?” 

“Daddy did, Daddy did!” Your gaze was pulled up towards Bakugou as he came to stand beside the bed, holding your daughter upside down by the legs as she giggled and laughed hysterically. “Daddy said! No bedtime!” 

“Ouch, you little squirts, tattling on me like that. I only said that because I have to leave for a while starting tomorrow. It’s not a permanent thing.” He tossed the little girl on the bed before crawling onto it himself, laying down on his side to face you. Within an instant, your daughter was between you, snuggling herself between her brother and father. 

“Yeah, and I’m a big boy anyway, I get to–” another large yawn interrupted your son’s proclamation, followed by a sluggish rubbing of his eyes. “– I get to decide.” 

“Then what is it you proclaim, my little prince?” Continuing to stroke his hair softly, you wished for a moment that you could just keep them this size forever. They were still so small and innocent, sweet and loving in a way that you knew wouldn’t last their entire lifetime. These two little babies had big shoes to fill as the heirs to this land, and though they still had a lot of growing up to do, you knew that time would go by in the blink of an eye. So, you cherished it while you could, locking away moments like this in your mind forever. 

“I’ll decide… tomorrow…” And with that, the small boy was out cold, snuggled against your body as close as he could get. With a scoff, his sister fought against her own sleepiness, fiddling with the necklaces that rested around her father’s neck. 

“He can’t ever stay up! I’m going to be up all night! I don’t want to miss Daddy!” 

“I won’t leave without telling you goodbye, squirt. You know that.” Bakugou placed a kiss on the top of her head, rubbing his thumb up along her forearm. The little girl gave quite the dramatic sigh, closing her eyes. 

“Why do you have to go anyway? Send Uncle Kiri instead. Daddy stay here…” 

“I wish I could, babygirl. You know it’s my job.” 

“Because you’re the king?” 

Bakugou carefully moved some of her hair out of her face, taking a quick moment to glance up to you. Of course, you had been watching silently the entire conversation, a soft smile plastered to your lips. Bakugou was not a gentle man in any sense, nor was he particularly kind and thoughtful. At least, not to the entire world. But to you and his children, his family, he was something completely different. His gentle side, so tender and affectionate, was something that only you and your children would ever get to see. How much he cared for you all was incredibly heartwarming, making you blush from your head to your toes, and just like your daughter, you dreaded the fact that he was going to leave you for a while. 

You couldn’t resist a soft giggle as his face flushed, obviously having not expected you to be watching him. Giving a small cough to clear his throat, Bakugou nodded, speaking softly as the little girl was already drifting off. “That’s right, princess. I have to make sure everything is perfect for you, when you’re all grown up. You and your brother.” 

“You think the land trade negotiations will go well?” 

Bakugou turned his gaze back up to you, giving a small nod. “Yeah… I haven’t noticed any hostility during communications, but I’m still taking a decently large group with me. It’ll be fine.” Carefully, Bakugou scooped up his daughter’s tiny form and moved her behind him, before doing the same with his son behind you. No longer separated by your children, you were able to close the distance between you and your lover, snuggling in close to him with a happy sigh. 

“It will be fine. And you’ll come home to us.” Nuzzling your nose against his affectionately, you smiled at the blush that raged his cheeks from the cutesy action. “My Katsuki…” 

With a huff as he grew embarrassed, Bakugou hugged you tightly to him, pressing his lips against yours in a firm kiss. Though, it was quick to soften, each brushing your lips becoming all the more tender and loving. It made your heart race and your skin tingle, his warmth spreading through every inch of your body. You loved him so fiercely, in a way that you could never put into words and seeing him interact with your children only made that love more intense. 

But there was one thing that was brought upon you with this feeling, which made you feel conflicted and nervous. For weeks now, your ‘baby fever’ was only growing stronger, and it was further fueled by the interactions he had with your two current babies. You adored your little family, and you wished to see it grow, but discussing how many children you would have hadn’t yet come up in your marriage. The current two had been planned in most ways, with Bakugou always agreeing with you once the topic came up. You had never been happier than now, being his wife and a mother, and you greatly craved the feeling of a tiny body in your arms again or Bakugou’s hands softly caressing your swollen belly. 

It was a scary topic for you, though. You knew that you’d be totally devastated if he said no, and that rejection would be hard to deal with. Since the start of your itching to become pregnant again, you had kept totally silent, waiting for any hint from him that he would want another. There hadn’t been any, and what he had said earlier really put a hole in your courage. 

“I have to make sure everything is perfect for you, when you’re all grown up. You and your brother.”

Becoming a bit emotional as your feelings began to run free, you couldn’t stop a small hitching of your breath as you tried to reign them back in, and of course, Bakugou noticed. Frowning, Bakugou kept his forehead pressed against yours, his thumb softly stroking your flushed cheek. “Are you alright?”

Sniffling, you blinked away the peaking tears as you gave a small nod, only able to risk small glances up into his crimson gaze. “I’m okay. Just… thinking.” 

“About? Are you that nervous about me leaving? We can arrange for someone to watch the children if you want to come–” 

“–No, no, Katsuki, that’s not it. I’m happy to stay with them, it’ll be easier, since you’ll be gone for nearly two months. No, I… It’s something else.” 

“C’mon… I can’t leave knowing something’s bothering you.” 

After a moment of silence and looking into his worried gaze, you gave a small nod, releasing a nervous, trembling breath. “Katsuki… I… I want to have another baby. But we never really talked about how many children you wanted to have… You seem so happy with just the two, I was nervous about bringing it up.” As you spoke, you had to look away from him, not wanting to see his expression change. 

“Are you serious?” 

Feeling your stomach clench, you immediately took his tone as negative, cowering down into yourself a bit as your eyes began to tear up. “I’m sorry, I should have just kept it to myself–” Suddenly, you were pulled into a kiss, his strong arms around your torso squeezing you in close. As the tears escaped you, there was no other option but to give into him, his embrace and kisses lifting your spirits and giving you hope. His words, however, only heightened your joy, and you still couldn’t stop the tears. 

“Babe, having a family with you has been the best thing in my life. Also, considering that we’re probably going to live a long ass time, given that we are both of dragon kin, there’s nothing wrong with poppin’ out a few more-” 

“-Katsuki, don’t say it like that-!” 

“-It’s true!” Bakugou smirked against your lips, successful in his obvious attempt to make you laugh as you couldn’t resist giggling against the urge to hiccup with your tears. “You haven’t seen it, they just fly out, like pop.” The popping sound he made with his mouth made you nearly lose it, having to shove your face into his chest so you could laugh without waking the children. 

“That’s gross!” 

“It is. But it’s also the most amazing damn thing. Seeing you with our children makes me so fucking happy. So long as you want them, as long as your body can have them, then we can make more babies. The process isn’t all that bad, either For me, at least.” Using only slight pressure to get your head back up out of his chest, he kissed your lips playfully, over and over again against your hiccups and muffled giggles. “Maybe we should cap out at twenty, though.” 

“Twenty?! No, no, my love, that’s too many.” 

“Mm… We’ll see.” His kisses became softer, running his fingers through your hair. “You’re a great mother. A perfect woman… My beautiful wife. I’ll give you as many babies as you want.” 

Humming happily with his affection, you wiggled yourself in closer, feeling absolutely filled to the brim with his love. And though you didn’t want to, the kisses came to an end as your daughter sniffled in sleepy frustration, sitting up and leaning against Bakugou’s back. “Daddy, you’re moving too much!” 

Chuckling, Bakugou released you, rolling over on his back to allow the tiny girl to curl up on his chest. “I’m sorry, babygirl. Go back to sleep.” The instant the little girl was out, Bakugou sat up, holding her carefully. You did the same with your son, who was out like a light and limp as a noodle. 

“I think it’s time to take them to bed?” You leaned up to kiss Bakugou’s cheek softly, gaining another on the lips in return. “So I can get you all to myself…” 

“What is it you plan on doing to me, hm?” 

“I want at least one night of baby making before you leave. Maybe it’ll be the lucky night.” 

“I’ll do my best to make sure it is.”

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Okay, I finally here goes a few guidelines of what I will and won’t write😋


  • Kinks (depending if I find it okay for my views. If I research it and find that I’m not comfortable with it, it’s a no go)
  • AU’s
  • Omegaverse
  • Headcannons


  • Rape/Non-Con (I will however write Dubious Conscent under the right conditions)

This list is subject to change.

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Part 6 

Pairing: Au!Dabi x F!Reader

About: Finding it hard to make money you accepted the job opening at a cafe. After coming across a note you decided to answer back only for it to turn into something more than just friendship.

A/N: DAAAAABIIII IS WINNING MY HEART OMG! As always feedback is appreciated and taglist is open! 



@sinclairsamess @karebear5118 @liloefuru @imconfusedanditsok @irisallenm @meowkid1000 @mrsreina @fi16ns @essentiallycrooked @dreaminglittlepotato @call-me-prodigy @ochabby @warning-fangirl-at-work 

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Pamper day shigaraki x reader

Shigaraki gets curious about what his s/o is doing while he plays his games

F/c=favourite colour


I’m sorry if it’s kinda short.


You and the leauge have been stuck in base so you though it would be the perfect time to just relax and pamper yourself so you want to the bath room and pulled your face mask out you looked in the mirror you were wearing one of shigarakis hoodies which always made you feel better you carefully smoothed the cool liquid onto your face making sure it didn’t go in your eyes or hair you looked ridiculous your hair was thrown up and looked like a nest(unless you have short hair then you have it pinned back ) you were wearing a baggy hoody that swallowed your body and a pair of baggy sweat decided to move back to your shared room where shigaraki was sitting on the floor playing video games you always enjoyed watching him play he seemed peaceful when playing he did however go into rage mode at particularly hard levels he couldnt seem to pass but he always seemed to figure it out after a couple of trys, you couldnt be botherd to just sit and wait for your face mask to dry so you pulled out a small box from under the bed and raked through the box looking for you f/c nail polish your eyes lit up when you found it, you gave it a good shake before you opend it which caused a strong smell so fill the room but you didn’t really mind it you gently started paint you nails one by one careful not to go out the confines of your nails. “What are you doing” your boyfriends raspey voice filled your ears causing you to look towards him he had paused his game and was currently stareing at you his head tilted slightly in confusion “I’m painting my nails?” you asked unsure if that was what he wanted to hear “you look like a clown” he said dismissing what you said “well that means I finally look like my true form a clown” you giggled to yourself which caused shigaraki to softly smile. “Why are you painting your nails?"he asked "I’m board” you said with a shrug at this point he had sat on the bed with you and he was watching you like a hawk every little stroke you made with your brush. “Do you want me to paint your nails?” You asked with a smile which caused shigarakis cheeks to flare with a rosy colour as he slowly nodded “I will do it once I’m done my nails pick any colour you want” you said pointing to the box with a wide rand of nail polish colours shigi slowed shifted through your collection befor picking out a back nail polish it didn’t really surprise you that he chose black. You were now done your nails shigaraki handed you his colour of choice befor cautiously giving you his hand being carefully to lift up his pinky you bent down and kissed the back of his hand his response was to turn his head away “your such a weirdo” he grumbled you just smirked at him “I am only giving you the special treatment because your my best customer ,if you behave I might give you it for free” you said in an annoying voice which caused him to groan “I’m your only customer” he said matter of factly “well toga sometimes asks me to paint her nails” you said while starting with his thumb “yea but she is annoying ” he said which caused you to giggle ,shigaraki always loved it when he made you laugh knowing that he made you happy “stop staring you weirdo” you said teasimgly he just smirked at continued to paint his nails on both his hands befor bringing them closer to your face and blowing on them “why are you spitting in my hands??” He asked unamused “I am not spitting on your hands I’m blowing on your nails to get them to dry quicker” he responded with a small oh after that once you felt light headed you gently tapped each nail making sure they were dry. You admired you handy work no pun intended “you have pretty hands” you told him which seemed to shock him. He pulled his hands away befor going back to his game clearly flustered by your compliment which caused you to start laughing as he mumbled things to himself.

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Ok mate I'm actually gonna request at the right time lmao it's the same one as before: Kaminari gets defensive over Mineta trying to see his s/o through the hole in the wall I don't know why I just think that'd be really cute and shocking I waited for this time and it has come

yay! i was hoping that you would request this one again! thank you for feeling my protective kaminari needs

Kaminari Getting Protective


Originally posted by misakachan

- kaminari denki was not known for being a traditional man. in fact, most people would describe him as a peeping tom himself and it one point he very well had-been, but, ever since he started dating you, he found a new object of affection

- since he had a s/o now, there was really no point for him to be the flirty guy he was before, but that didn’t stop him from complimenting you and showing somewhat excessive amounts of pda

- everyone in the class could see that kaminari was chugging down his respect juice and they were all loving it, well, except mineta, who was beginning to get salty about not having his pervert buddy

- when class 1-a decided to go to the mall together, kaminari was so excited and it really showed by how quickly he latched onto your side, nuzzling you and going on and on about all the things he could get you

- you rolled your eyes and reminded him that you were both pretty broke, so this would be a window-shopping trip. the pout he gave you made your heart melt

- kaminari barely left your side in the mall until he saw a really cute shirt that he claimed would look ‘undeniably hot on you, babe’ and your little pikachu practically shoved his way across the store to buy it

- when you got back to us, kaminari pulled you toward the changing rooms, unable to wait until you got back to your house and gave you a grin before closing the door

- as he waited outside, he gasped in pain when a tiny purple ball came flying at his side and kaminari broke into a smile when he greeted his friend

- “where’s y/n?”, mineta asked, looking around the room to find you

- kaminari motioned to the changing room, “trying on a shirt that i found! y/n is gonna look so nice!

- now, he had perfect gentleman intentions by his words. kaminari truly was excited to see if you liked what he picked for you but mineta had taken the words in a completely different way

- with a gross smirk, mineta ran into the boys dressing room, giggling to himself about being able to see how cute you would look and fantasizing about what kind of undergarments you wore

- for a second, kaminari played along, forgetting about who he was planning on peeping on but when he remembered, his face was darker than anyone had ever seen it before

- mineta’s eye was pressed against the peeping hole, mouth-watering at the sight of you taking off your shirt to change into the other one but before you could turn around, a finger was pressed into his neck

- “if you don’t move right now, i swear to god, i am going to shock you so bad recovery girl won’t be able to fix you.”, mineta had never heard kaminari’s voice drop so low and he began to shake

- “w-woah kaminari, i t-thought we were friends.”, mineta pulled away and held his hands up in surrender

- “we are, but if you ever try anything like this again, we won’t be.”, kaminari took mineta by the collar of his shirt and escorted him outside before walking back to the changing room, eyes brightening at the sight of you

- “you look so hot, babe!”, he squealed, running toward you and lifting you up, grinning as you giggled

- “what was all that noise in there?”, you asked as he set you down, sighing softly when he put his arm around you

- “don’t worry about it.

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I dismissed the text box as I walked onto the arena. Todoroki and I glared at each other and I looked at his level.


LV 40

Todoroki Shōto

“Won’t this be a cool fight, folks?” Mic-sensei shouted.

“Both Midoriya and Todoroki have proven themselves to be capable of great feats of power,” Aizawa added. “Be on the lookout for flying ice.”

“Alrighty, I want a clean fight, you two!” Midnight declared. “Try not to freeze the audience again. Go!”

Todoroki started the fight off by sending an encroaching wall of ice at me. I waved my hand, causing the ice to shatter before it could even get close to me. I was still struck with a wave of biting cold, but I just warmed myself back up with some fire magic. Then I infused myself with ice magic. Snowflakes fell off my body as frost spread along the ground by my feet. Todoroki shot another ice wall at me, but I destroyed it again. This time, though, the cold didn’t even bother me. I could feel it, but with Ice Aura active I was much more resistant to the cold. I activated Open Mind to try to get a better read on Todoroki.

-get in closer so he can’t… Wait, what is that magic? It’s almost like he’s… Hang on.” For some reason the Wii theme music and the Wii Shop Channel music started playing over each other in his brain.

Todoroki took advantage of my confusion to charge at me by surfing on a wave of ice. Before he could touch me I sublimated the ice he was standing on and punched him in the gut with low-power OFA. “Were you able to sense me reading your mind!?” I asked him incredulously after he slammed into an ice wall he made.

He blinked. “Yes.” I deactivated Open Mind. “Can you not sense magic?”

“I can see magic if I use a certain spell, but I can’t just sense it…”

“Oh. I assumed you could because of how you draw in ambient magical energy to replenish your mana reserve.”

My eye twitched. I inhaled and clasped my hands together. “Okay. This… is neither the time nor the place for whatever the hell exposition you have. Can we… Can we talk about this later?”

Todoroki shrugged. “That’s fine.” Then he clenched his fist. The frost by my feet surged up, trapping me up to my waist in ice. “This battle won’t last long, anyway.”

I used a partial application of Ice Embodiment to walk through the ice. “I wouldn’t be too sure about that, Todoroki.” I shot a beam of ice magic at him, which he blocked with a wall of ice. I Flash Stepped into his ice wall, merging through it and to the other side. I saw his eyes widen right before I punched him in the face with an ice-wreathed fist. He tried to catch me between two ice walls, but I switched on Ice Embodiment at just the right time to merge with the ice. I exploded out of the ice, caught the shards I’d made, and threw them at Todoroki. He blocked them with yet another wall of ice, but I noticed something before he did.

“Just like I thought, you’re getting cold,” I said after using Sound Embodiment to get behind him. He turned around, slower than he would have before, letting me see that his right side was covered in frost and he was shivering. “That’s the thing about Quirks. They have the potential to be even more powerful than magic even when less energy is used, but they usually have some drawback. Kacchan’s Quirk lets him make powerful explosions, but it hurts his arms. Uraraka’s Quirk lets her erase gravity, but it gives her nausea. Tsu has frog powers, but also a weakness to extreme temperatures. And you? You’re resistant to your Quirk, but not immune.” He sighed, his breath visible. “Sure, you’d be fine if you used your two sides in tandem, but you don’t. Here everyone’s going all-out, but you’re only using half your power!”

Todoroki glared at me and tried to hit me with another ice attack. It was weaker and slower, though, so I dodged it easily. “Did my father bribe you into forcing me to use his power? And after what you told me…”

I growled and tossed his ice at him. “This has nothing to do with him!” He tried to charge at me again, but I threw him away even easier than the last time. He was almost thrown out of the ring before he managed to stop himself with a wall of ice. It looked like he’d switched to using ice mana instead of his Quirk, which meant he traded the high power he was used to to not be affected by his ice, but the damage was already done. He was covered in frost and visibly shaking. “Everyone here is giving it their all and here you’re holding back half your power, literally!”

Todoroki dashed at me with a significantly smaller wave of ice compared to before. I made blades of ice on my shoes and skated away. “Why are you doing this?” he asked me.

“How could I call myself a hero if I couldn’t save one person?” I asked. “Now show my your full power!”

“I refuse to use my father’s power,” he said.

I growled. “IT’S YOUR POWER, NOT HIS!” I screamed. I saw a flash of something in Todoroki’s eyes, and flames danced off his scar.

This Life Is Mine

LV 42

Todoroki Shōto

I smiled. Not only did his level raise by two, but his title changed to something much more uplifting. “Why?” he asked me as his entire left side lit ablaze, warming up his right side and dispelling the ice. It looked like he was also resistant to temperature shock. “Why were you so insistent on getting me to use my fire?”

“It’s like I said. I wanted to save you.” His fire flared.

“Shōtooooooo!” Enji screamed from the sideline. I glared at him. He looked over at me for only a moment, but thanks to Tactician and the fact that I knew what to look for I felt… I guess the best way to describe it was the “level” of fear he was feeling. It was either zero or so minimal that I couldn’t feel any fear on him, but I still felt something there. I pulled on it, raising the amount of fear he felt as high as I could. In the span of a moment, his expression of joy turned straight to terror, and was it just me or did a dark stain appear on his pants?

“Right, so where were we?” I asked Todoroki as Enji slinked off like a coward.

Todoroki smiled at me. It was small, but I definitely saw it. “I believe we were about to get this fight started for real.” His fire roared and he swiped his right arm at me. Incredibly thick ice spread out from all around him, frost spreading onto his hand but immediately melting off. I grinned and jumped towards him, sailing through the wave of ice. I readied a One For All-enhanced punch as he glowed red-hot. The air around him shimmered as he pointed his palm at me. I activated Mana Dome. Before we could even clash, he caused an explosion by superheating the air that had been chilled from our icy fight.

I was blown back by the sheer force of the explosion. I saw the ground sail under me, and in my desperation clawed at it. Ping. Before my fingers touched the concrete, they transformed into sharpened white claws that I used to dig into the ground and slow myself down. Skeletal, another of the past wielders’ Quirks. Hopefully it just looked like ice, though… I still grabbed the two chunks of ground that my bone claws tore up with molten mana and turned them into giant lava shuriken, like a lavabender. I got up and saw Todoroki just barely in the arena, saved just in time by a wall of ice. I chuckled. “You up for more?” I asked over the roar of the crowd.

Todoroki got up. “Of course,” he said.

I threw my lava shuriken at him. He froze one and shot the other with a fire blast. He still had to dodge because fire-based attacks are not the best at stopping molten magic, but I gave him an A for effort. It was good to know he was using his fire, at least. He threw an ice attack at me, which I dodged, and hit me in the face with a burst of fire. That hurt, but not enough to stop me.

I grinned and slammed the ground. “Limit Break!” I shouted. Glowing cracks spread along the ground around me. Lava erupted from the ground and converged on me as I merged with it. “Molten Tiger!” I shaped the lava around me into, as I said, a giant tiger, with varying levels of heat used to make the stripes and other details.

Todoroki gaped at me for a second before giving me a small smile. Small flames danced around the left side of his body, a preparation for the sheer amount of ice he produced and then compacted into the shape of an Eastern-style dragon, which he froze himself by just the feet onto the back of. “Arctic Dragon!” he answered. We roared at each other and charged. I sank my red-hot teeth into the side of his dragon while it dug into my shoulder with teeth made of white ice. Each bite made my MP take a hit, while at the same time my bites did the same for Todoroki. Still, with his Quirk he wasn’t expending nearly as much as me. One for All helped, but it looked like Todoroki was coming out ahead…

I dug my claws into the ground, creating cracks that stretched out under Todoroki’s dragon. Lava erupted, curling around its thin body before solidifying in the chill. That took a big chunk out of my MP, but it was worth it to immobilize the dragon. I swiped at Todoroki with my claws, causing him to eject himself from where he was standing on the dragon’s back. While he was still in the air, I opened my mouth and spat a high-powered fireball at him. While the heat didn’t affect him much, the concussion from the blast knocked him back to the edge of the arena. Before he even landed, I slammed my front paws into the ground. Cracks spread along the ground, and right after Todoroki landed the ground he crashed on was sent flying backwards by an eruption of lava. While he was able to immediately chill it enough to turn the lava into a surprisingly stable column, the concrete gave out from the sudden changes in temperature and he fell out of bounds.

Midnight cracked her whip. “Todoroki is out of bounds! The match goes to Midoriya!”

Todoroki sighed and slumped down. My Molten Tiger collapsed as I left it and then walked over to Todoroki. The left half of his uniform was almost completely burned away from his own fire. “You okay?” I asked. I rubbed the back of my head. “Sorry, I might have overdone it a bit…”

Todoroki shook his head. “I’m fine,” he assured me as he got up. “I suppose if I’m out of the tournament anyway, I should talk to Shuzenji-sensei?”

“Oh, yeah. That’s probably a good idea! You might not even miss out on too much, there’s a TV in the temporary office.” I thought for a moment. “Do you want me to take you there?” I asked. “I know where it is and I’ll back you up if your father tries to talk to you.”

Todoroki considered it. “Sure. I’ll tell you about how I can sense magic on the way.” He held his hand out.

I shook his hand. “Let’s go, then,” I said with a smile.


“I believe I promised to tell you about my ability to sens-”

“Shōto,” Enji interrupted. “It’s good to see you using your fire. You should train, though. You have no control over it. Just look at your poor shirt!”

Enji,” I growled, taking a step forward. He flinched before I even thought to use Fear again. Good. I could live with my friend’s abusive father developing a conditioned fear response to me.

Before I could actually use Fear, though, Todoroki stepped forward and put his arm in front of me. “Let me, Midoriya.” He glared at his father. “I forgot about you, out there. I don’t know if that’s a good thing or a bad thing, though, so I’ll think about that.” He walked past Enji. “We’re leaving now, Midoriya.”

I glared at Enji as I followed Todoroki. You’d better believe I used Fear on him.

“As I was saying, I believe I promised to tell you about my ability to sense magic.”

“Yeah, how did that happen.”

“To be perfectly honest I have no idea.” He was silent for a moment. “I technically know what caused it, but not really. About a year ago, maybe a little less, I was resting after a particularly… intense… training session with my father.” I winced. “I don’t know if it was that I was in a bad state, or if it was something that would have happened to me anyway, or what, but while I nursed my wounds I felt… something. It was a wave of magic, more powerful than anything I’ve seen since, yet at the same time I didn’t see anything. Perhaps it was just because I wasn’t used to my new sense, though. I passed out, and when I woke the next day I could feel magic teeming in everything. It was… an adjustment… but eventually I gained a feel for it. It was a tremendous help. I could feel the fire within my father, letting me know where he was and how agitated he was without even seeing him.”

I winced again at the implications. “Soooo… what was it you said about me absorbing ambient magical energy?”

Todoroki shrugged. “Everyone does it, as far as I can tell, but I’ve noticed that you do it much more, and you seem to increase your intake at times.”

I nodded. “That’s probably Meditation or Mantra. I’ve tried to teach other people how to use them, but nobody seems to be able to figure it out. If there’s a part that I’ve been doing automatically, probably due to my Quirk, that’d explain that.”

“I see. You said that you can see magic, right?”

“With a spell called Eye for Magic, yeah. It doesn’t seem to pick up the ambient magic, though. Just spells and stuff.”

He stopped walking. “Watch, please.” He closed his eyes. With Eye for Magic I saw that his mana was acting in what looked like a similar way to how mine acted when I used Meditation. It was a bit different, though… “It’s nowhere near as good as yours, but it helps in a pinch…”

“That’s… interesting. Do you think you could teach other people to do that?”

He shook his head. “Not likely. I was only able to figure it out because I could sense the magic, which I don’t know how I figured out in the first place.”

I sighed. “Oh well.” I saw the sign for Shuzenji-sensei’s office. “Right, we’re here. Do you want me to go in with you or..?”

“No, that’s fine. Go watch the tournament.”

“If you say so.” I pulled out a small piece of paper and wrote my number on it. “Just in case you need someone to talk to,” I offered.

He accepted it. “Thank you, Midoriya.”


On the way back to the stands, I bumped into Aoyama. “Are you okay?” I asked. He looked really queasy.

“Ah, non non,” he said. “Don’t worry about me, ça va bien!” He had an uneasy smile.

“Are you sure?” I asked. “Your belt was melted.”

Aoyama smiled for a bit before sighing. “You see, my belt… it was made to help me control my Quirk, as my power is too much for my body to handle. I don’t know if I can do this without it…”

“I believe in you,” I said. “I’m sure that if you do your best, you can do well. And remember that even if you don’t think you can use your Quirk, you still have magic and your fists, right?”

Aoyama beamed at me. “Merci,” he said with a twinkle.

De rien,” I replied.

He gasped. “Tu parles francais?” he asked excitedly.

I nodded. “Oui, un peu.” I confirmed.

He sparkled some more. “I didn’t know anyone else in our class spoke French!”

I rubbed the back of my neck. “Learning. I don’t suppose-”

Oui! Of course I’ll help you with your French!”

I smiled. “Thanks. If you want I’ll help you with magic. Speaking of which, good luck with your match!”

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2 Comic

With Juna, Roy also had to return to Japan. The duty did not leaf him.

But the fact that he has to take care of recruiting OMEGA is really below the belt for him 

  • Roy Belvour
  • Member of KB
  • 24 Years old
  • Identification Number ; UKNE2075#B
  • Origin; United Kingdom
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Pay attention to me. | Miruko

A/N: This is a repost of an old short ficlet I did for a sfw collab! Not really new writing and it’s hella short, but I hope you still enjoy it.


❃.✮:▹  ◃:✮.❃

It was a peculiar occurrence for someone as independent as The Rabbit Hero to be needy. Claiming to prefer to be alone all the time must have been a front she used to put up. But now in a relationship with your wonderful self, a single touch from you was now all it took for it to crumble away. 

“Pay attention to me!” She demanded for the nth time today. Perhaps it should annoy you, but instead, you found yourself relishing in your girlfriend’s antics. Seeing this completely new side of someone so headstrong was bound to provide this kind of effect. 

“I’m merely trying to cook us dinner, love. Just a little more.”

Of course Miruko wouldn’t stay still. Rather, she hopped over to you, wrapped her arms around your waist in a tight embrace and proceeded to pester you for the remainder of your cooking. You would never say no to that, though, even if it made navigating the kitchen near impossible.

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Mind if I request a fluffy scenario where shoto and is 220cm!male!s/o are sleeping together plz

the shouto and his super tall boyfriend series continues! thank you for sending in this request!

Little Spoon

growing up, shouto had always assumed he would have the role of the big spoon in his relationship and he wasn’t one to back down easily, even if his lovely boyfriend was heads taller than him. being stubborn was one of his best personality traits, after all

you didn’t really mind his ambition that much and if anything, you found it hilarious. the sight of his much smaller arms wrapping around your frame as he struggled to cover you with his whole body was enough to have you cackling. shouto pouted and decided to stick onto you like a backpack just to prove his point, which was also humorous but you got uncomfortable pretty quickly

“shouto, my love, do you want to switch places?”, you could feel him tense up behind you

knowing he wouldn’t answer, you turned around and took him into your chest, holding him close but allowing him enough room to move away if he wanted to. at first, he felt a bit claustrophobic, not used to being so close to someone, so he shifted aside, still touching you but a little less squished

you reached over and grabbed his hand, feeling him relax underneath your touch before he rested his head on your shoulder and let himself put his free hand on your chest and shut his eyes. shouto’s hair fell around his face and you stroke it away, resting your palm on his face, smiling when he snuggled into it. shutting your eyes, you wrapped an arm around his waist and smirked

 now this position was something you could work with

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About 1.8k words of hawks fluff. I hope you enjoy!! <3

Hawks hadn’t meant to make it as much of a habit as he did. He really, really didn’t. But you made it so hard to stay away. Your tender hands and your sweetness and your hair and your voice and the way that you didn’t care about the hero world just made it so hard to stay away. He knew he should stay away, to keep you safe and keep you protected, but you were so good, and he just couldn’t.  He loved you. He didn’t want to admit it, but he did. You just ruffled his feathers in a way that hurt so good, that made it feel like his heart was bursting out of his chest, and his body couldn’t even contain his feelings. He didn’t know how to handle it, so he kept coming back. Minor injuries, major injuries, once for just an ingrown feather that he could have easily taken care of himself.

Hawks had met you after a fight with some petty criminals. It had honestly been embarrassing, the way he had been taken down. One of the criminals had managed to plant something on his wings, and halfway back to the agency, his wings had seized up and he had been sent crashing down to a roof. A sickening crack filled the air and his vision went white with pain, and when he could focus again, he realized the crack had been his left wing. Shit. He tentatively sat up, vision wavering as the motion jostled his wings, and looked around. His phone was in pieces, as was his com. But that meant there would be a distress signal sent out. Funnily enough, he had landed on a roof with a pigeon coop. He dragged his way over there and laid on his stomach in front of the coop. Somebody was coming, he had no doubt. He would no doubt be brought into Recovery Girl’s soon.

Then, there was the click of a door, a soft gasp, the thud and shift of a bag falling and settling. Feet entered his vision. The sound of the flock of pigeons suddenly cooing and a gentle voice filled his ears, and he would have sworn it was an angel, even though he wasn’t dead.

“Sir! Do you need help?” You knelt in front of him, worry evident.

He grinned, pulling himself upright with barely a wince. Of course, doing so was hell, but he had to put on a good show for the civilians. “Yep! No problems here!”

You frowned, and he shifted, attempting to subtly get more comfortable, and then his vision went hazy. He bit back a whimper as his wing dragged along the ground, and he knew the lie wouldn’t hold.

You spoke, hands hovering over his wing. “Sir, is it okay if I help? Your wing looks hurt.” Your eyes darted to his for any sign of approval. His head dipped into a nod before he could stop himself, and his head was so filled with the fog of pain that he just couldn’t care that he was a pro hero and he was showing weakness.

“Alright sir. May I touch you?” He grunted in the affirmative. “This will likely hurt, sir. I apologize.” You stretched out his wing, and he swallowed a scream. You felt around his wing, and he should be stronger than this, but damn, it hurt so much. His eyes watered, and his breathing was shaky. It felt like an eternity before you set down his wing.

“I apologize for the pain. I’m going to wrap your wing now, okay sir?” He nodded, and you reached over him, opening the pigeon coop. You pulled out a roll of tape and paused. “Sir, can you fold up your good wing for me for a second, please?” He did so, and you nodded contemplatively. You took up his broken wing and folded it up too. He actually did scream, this time. You winced and paused in the movement, giving him a breather. “I’m so sorry, sir. We’re almost done, and I placed a call to 119. They should be here soon.”

“It’s okay.” His voice was strained, and the words were shaky. He was a pro, dammit. Why was he this weak? You nodded, and then began binding up his wing. It hurt, so much. So, so much. His vision was white with agony, pulsing with every brush against his broken bone. You finished after what felt like another eternity, and you pulled away.

“Alright sir. You are done.” Sirens filled the distance, and he saw lights flashing in the streets below. You stood up and held out your hand. He took it, and he was half pulled to his feet, but he had already been getting up, and he ended up colliding into you. He wrapped an arm around your neck, dropping his head down against yours. His eyes closed, and he breathed in harshly, trying to fend off the pain.

             “It will be okay, sir. They’re almost up here.” You shifted so that you were supporting his weight, and you two stood there for just a little longer. Then, paramedics burst onto the roof, and he was carried away. His wing was jostled once more, and his last thought before passing out was that you were really, really pretty.

             He was healed by Recovery Girl, and then he had the next two days off. He slept through most of it, and his dreams were filled with you, the mystery woman who helped him without asking for anything in return, who looked good and sounded better. The second day, he was woken up by the buzz of his agency calling him. He answered his phone, quickly alert.

“This is Hawks, how can I help you?”

“Hello sir. Sorry to interrupt you on your days off, but there has been a gift basket delivered to you. A young lady brought it. She said that you would likely need the things inside.” Hawks was definitely on alert now. He was no fool, and he knew that this could easily be something bad. But he had a small kernel of hope that maybe, just maybe, it was you. If it was you, he would have an excuse to see you again. He went down to his agency, and sure enough, there was a gift basket, and around the handle was an elegant bow made with the tape that had been wrapped around his wing. He nodded to the receptionist, took the basket, and went back to his apartment again. There, in the comfort of his room, he opened the things inside. There were three boxes.

One had a roll of tape, the kind that had bound his wing, which he smirked at. The second held a simple necklace, made with a leather cord. It had a feather attached, but it wasn’t one of his. It was a small, iridescent gray feather. There was a note with it. He slipped on the necklace and read the note. ‘Hello! My friend, Amalthea, wanted you to have this. She says that your feathers are very pretty, and that you would make a fine mate. She is offering this as a mating gift.’ On the back, there was a photo of a plump pigeon, perched on the top of your head. He snorted and pinned up the photo. This was his first bird fan mail after all. There was another note, hidden in the box. He read that one, too. ‘Apologies about Amalthea. She’s roosting right now and is not thinking straight. I hope you are well, and that your wing was healed. I did my best to help, but you are significantly larger than a normal city bird. The gray box contains a device I found on your wing, and I believe it is what caused you to fall. I gathered up what I could without directly touching it, and I hope it helps find who did this. Best regards, (L/n).’

(L/n). He had a name, now. He could find you. He grabbed the unopened gray box, dropped it off at the police station with a short explanation, and he left on a search to find you. It took him the better part of the evening to locate your building, even with the pigeon coop that was there. He had planned to just drop in, but something in him was uncomfortable with that. You had helped him and expected nothing, and you were pretty. It would just be the nice thing to do to get you something, he reasoned. So, with that thought, he swooped off to buy some chicken to share.

He returned with a bucket of chicken, and found you sitting on the roof, a picnic blanket spread on the roof. You had a sandwich, and a veritable buffet of bird seed. All kinds of birds were there, chirping happily. You were responding to them, and you looked very happy. His chest constricted, and his heart jumped into his throat. He swooped down, landing a little farther away. You turned and waved to him.

“Hey there, sir! I see the wing is better!”

“Yeah, it is. I brought you some chicken as thanks.” He smirked, trying to summon confidence he didn’t have. You smiled and motioned him over. He took a seat, and some of the birds swirled around him, twittering. You two sat together, eating chicken. He didn’t know what to say and you seemed content in the quiet, so he stayed quiet too.

“May I touch your wings?”

He jumped slightly and turned to you. He smiled and extended one wing your way, and you reached out and touched it. He practically melted inside. Nobody had ever touched his wings with such care, and your hands were so soft.  You grinned and giggled a little, combing your hands through his feathers.

“Your wings really are beautiful.”

“Thank you. You’re beautiful too.” He smiled easily, slipping into his public persona. You flushed red, and your hands stopped moving. No, he didn’t want that. He mentally berated himself, irritated. You bit your lip and kept moving your hands.

“You must say that to everybody who helps you.” He shrugged, watching you out of the corner of his eye. You sighed and stopped petting his wing to eat some chicken. He watched you, fascinated. You had captured his mind and his heart. He was in trouble. You two made quiet conversation, and after an hour, he left. He would have to come back. You were too perfect to stay away from.

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Answer: Yes, here you are. Enjoy! 

Part one is located here.

Warning: None 

Fandom: My Hero Academia 

Pairing: Tamaki Amajiki x Anixety!Reader 

  • As the hours counted down to 6 PM you had decided to sit outside and away from the crowd. 
  • The soles of your shoes nervously tapped along the concrete and the butterflies in your stomach didn’t seem to want to go away. You could hardly believe you had asked Suneater if he wanted to walk around the hero convention with you.
  • You were actually more surprised that he said yes, but now your mind was racing. What could you possibly talk about? If you shared more about yourself would he just think you were weird?

Keep reading

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a/n - im trying a new theme for my writing just so it looks a bit less messy i guess!! i thought of this while listening to the song ‘fake friends’ by the vanns and wrote it rly quickly so i apologise if it seems rushed (^^)

synopsis - no matter how many times dabi hurt you, you always found yourself crawling back to him

warnings - attempted angst lmao, mentions of blood, mentions of cheating

word count - 1165

tags - imma tag this cutie @seiiblue​ bc shes a softie for this boy even tho this is attempted angst kdsfhhsfsdf

❀✿ ~~ ✰ ~~ ✿❀

A deep sigh escaped your lips as you watched the ice cube in your drink clink against the glass, miserably swirling the glass cup in circles. Closing your eyes, you lifted the glass and swallowed the unidentified alcohol, a burning sensation rippling down your throat. After taking the satisfying swig of the drink, you went to place the glass cup down on the marble countertop of the leagues bar. However, you unintentionally banged the glass a little too hard on the marble, causing the glass to shatter around your fingers, cutting deep wounds in the soft flesh of your palm. 

“Fuck,” Clenching your jaw as you hissed back the pain, you were quick to rip away part of your shirt sleeve with your unharmed hand, tying the cloth tight around your wounds to stop the bleeding. 

“Everything alright?” His raspy voice echoed off the cold brick walls, continuously ringing in your ear as it sent a cold shiver down your spine. Biting down on your tongue to rid the pain in your hand, a metallic taste dancing on your tongue, you swore you felt the colour drain from your face as you heard him grab a seat next to you, “Hm, doll?”

“Why are you still here?” You didn’t bother to face Dabi as he sat next to you, eyes focused on the blood-soaked cloth wrapped around your clenched fist. You felt your heart break into a million pieces as you were too afraid to look at the man you once- no you still loved. You’re head pounded with uneasiness as you felt Dabi’s blazing azure eyes burn into your skin, never daring to look away, “I told you to leave me alone,”

You had tried to sound stern, tried to sound intimidating, but Dabi couldn’t help but chuckle as your voice cracked like a twelve-year-olds, getting higher with every syllable you spoke. You had to dig your fingers into your bandaged wounds to stop yourself from screaming at the man, after all he could kill you in a split second if he so desired. 

“I’m keeping you company,” His fingers ghosted over the sensitive skin on your thigh, painful memories of the many nights you shared together rushing to your mind. You had so wanted to scream at him, to run away from the never-ending nightmare he had you trapped in, but you loved him to deeply to do so, “You looked so lonely without me,”

“I’d rather be lonely than be with you,” Your voice hadn’t broken this time, instead the growl which left your lips caused Dabi to pull his hand away from your skin in an instant. To be honest, you had no idea if you were speaking the truth or not, but you knew you would be better off without the man in your life.

❀✿ ~~ ✰ ~~ ✿❀ 

“Who’s this messaging you bub?” Your words drowned with sarcasm as you held Dabi’s phone up to his face, sapphire eyes widening as he read the message. Hastily yanking his phone from your hands, and glared at you so intensely as though you were prey.

“I thought I told you not to go through my phone!” His words were nothing but dreadful to you, he couldn’t even own up to his mistakes and instead had to blame it all on you.

“Can’t wait to see you again Dabi! Last night was fun,” You purposely made your voice sound more squeaky and high pitched, trying to imitate the random girl who was sending lewd messaged to your boyfriend as you sourly winked at the villain, “Upset you have a girlfriend, but we can still fuck around tomorrow night,”

You laughed but it resembled nothing of a happy and joyous laugh, it was hollow and empty, like that of a psychopath. Your cheeks started burning up, having to grit your teeth to fight the urge to cry as your eyes started watering. 

“Why do you keep doing this to me Dabi?” This time your voice was no longer high from your previous impersonation, but instead from the dreadful feeling doing somersaults in your stomach, your voice cracking between multiple syllables. You wiped away a few hot salty tears which ran down your cheek with the sleeve of your jumper- Dabi’s jumper, “I’m leaving, I mean it,”

The words which followed you as you stormed out of your shared apartment in a sobbing fit becoming your forever nightmare, “You always say that, yet you keep coming back to me, doll,”

❀✿ ~~ ✰ ~~ ✿❀ 

“Then why don’t you just leave, (y/n)?” It might have been just a simple question, but Dabi knew it caused you pain. It was more than just leaving, if you left it also meant you were leaving your happiness, your only purpose in life. Despite all the suffering Dabi had forced upon you, you couldn’t just leave him, and he knew that and he used it against you, “it isn’t that hard,”

“And it isn’t that hard to stop fucking around with other girls either,” Your words stung him like venom, but Dabi shook it off with an even more poisonous laugh. 

“Oh but it is, doll,” You couldn’t stand to hear his voice anymore, covering your ears with both your hands, the sudden movement causing more blood to spill out of your deep wounds, completely drowning the makeshift bandage with the reeking smell of metal. Tears flooded your red cheeks as your breathing became more and more shallow as you slowly dragged yourself off of the bar stool. 

Dabi turned to face you, tilting his head as he held his infamous smirk on his half-charred lips, one which kept you up at nights as you sobbed for a release. As you starred into his eyes, those damned azure eyes which were filled with nothing but calamity and hatred, you had finally decided you had enough.

“Don’t come looking for me Dabi, just go introduce everyone to all the girls you’ve been fucking and tell them I left,” You walked out of the headquarters, but this time you didn’t feel the need to pour anger into your steps, instead you gloomily shuffled along the cool wooden floorboards, loudly slamming the door shut behind you. Smiling as you had finally escaped your nightmare, you rang a cab to drive you back to your apartment. 

Dabi chuckled when he saw your figure standing in the doorway of his bedroom only a few hours after you had left, shoulders dropped in defeat. A shaky breath escaped your lips at another failed attempt of falling asleep without the villains help, snaking his arms around your waist as you fell onto his bed. You hadn’t failed to notice that Dabi’s hair seemed more unkempt than usual, raven locks ruffled in a mess, or the deep red lipstick stain on the scarred flesh of his collar bone. 

You just had to keep on surviving like this, even if it meant you had to fall asleep with the aroma of another woman’s perfume in the air.

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pairing: takami keigo x reader 
genre: smut 
warning: female reader, unprotected sex (no love without the glove!!!!), creampie, female genetalia, sprinkle of praise kink, little angst, little fluff, mentioning fwb relation
words: 1.6k+

masterlist. | rules. 

Usually, you’d make fun of him. For the way his wings made him look like an overgrown bird. For eating chicken and then calling him a cannibal, the usual banter with you two. 

But right at this moment, he looked like an angel, fallen from heaven. Wings dyed red because of the sinful things you were doing. But if sinning feels this good, you never want to stop.
It was late in the night when he knocked on your window. You were getting ready for bed, but he had other things in mind. He had missed you, so much. Missed your voice, missed your laugh, missed your touch. Missed the way your fingers would ruffle his feathers, smoothing them, the way they lightly caress his arm, the way you’d touch his face when you kiss. He missed the way your lips felt against his, the way they feel when you kiss his skin, the way you felt when he was inside of you. He missed you.

He had finished his last job of the night, and as quick as the fight was over, he was at your window. You let him inside, hugged him and gave him a quick peck on the lips before telling him to go clean up. Sometimes you’d help him wash his beautiful golden locks or his vermillion wings. Teasingly telling him to knock on the door like a normal person instead of entering through the window. He’d laugh at your comment. Oh, how much you loved his laugh. A beautiful melody made to put you at ease, to comfort and to make you happy, that was his laugh.

“I’m not normal,” he’d say, “normal is boring”, a smirk appearing on his lips and you’d nod. Ever since he entered life has been anything but boring.

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“Hey.” Dabi slammed the door behind him. Apocrypha didn’t turn around. 

“You have 10 seconds to leave my room.” Was her soft greeting. It wasn’t a growl nor a hiss, more of a polite threat, and that signified something Dabi couldn’t pinpoint. 

Dabi bit back a retort. If he hadn’t just talked with Dabi, he would have shot back with, “Or?” He leaned against the door. “Look, since we’re commanding this squad as equals,” He said, resisting a snort on the last word, “can we put a pause on this?” 

“I don’t believe in ceasefires. They only lead to betrayal.”

“I’m telling you, I’m not going to. Even if I wanted to, Shigaraki wouldn’t let me.” 

“Really?” She replied with sardonicism. “You mean to say your leader would favour me, an enemy-turned-ally, over you, one of his allies from before the merger?”

Ugh, when you put it like that…Dabi pulled his face with a groan. “He’s our –” He forced out the next word sourly. “Leader now.”

“Hm.” She turned around. “I find that hard to believe.”

“He’s still in the council room, if you need proof. Go ask him yourself.” Dabi jerked a thumb at the door. 

“I don’t want anything to do with your leader.”

Dear god. Dabi closed his eyes and took a breath. “Fine, all I came here is to tell you that I’m going to be looking through our squad. I have their information here. Would you like to join me or keep staring at the window?” 

“Do it here then. And you only need to tell me their Meta Abilities. I will know them.” 

“If you say so. I’m gonna sit down.” 

Receiving no reply, he muttered, “I’ll take that as a yes.” Plopping himself down on the sofa, he took out the papers in his pockets and read out, feeling quite stupid, but at least she wasn’t trying to impale him. 

“There’s only three we need to care about. The rest are cannon fodder. First up, some guy with a quirk called Ethershark.” 

“Charioteer,” Geten responded immediately. He’s decent, but he’s useless if his husk is attacked while he’s activating his quirk. Otherwise, he’s ideal for causing chaos and providing a distraction.” 

“Uh huh…” Dabi scanned the information on him. “So he summons a ghost shark and his body can’t move.” He whistled. “Sounds cool.” 

He heard Geten scoff, drawing his attention. She still was staring out the window. “Do you judge the efficacy of meta abilities based on how flashy they are? That’s a poor criteria.” 

“Lighten up, will you?” Dabi said, a flicker of anger passing over his expression. “Anyway, the second guy’s quirk is Gasoline.”

Geten made a noise — a noise so foreign and unnatural Dabi’s head shot up in alarm. It took him a brief moment, a click in his head, to realise that she was laughing. 

“Him? He’s one of the strongest ones in our squad?” She said, guffawing, bringing a hand to her mouth to stifle it, to little effect. “The standards have really fallen, haven’t they?” 

“It synergizes with my quirk very well. Maybe that’s why Shigaraki put him under me.” Dabi said the last sentence more to himself. Damn, he actually planned this decently. 

“I hope so,” She snorted, and it amazed Dabi that for once, she wasn’t the target of her disdain and hatred. “Otherwise, all he can do is make people slip, or if he actually managed to use one of his lit matches. Either way, I could easily defeat him.” 

“I’m sure you could,” Dabi humoured. 

“Stop with your sarcasm. It’s infuriating,” Geten shot with that emotionless voice of hers. 

“Stop with your hypocrisy. It’s infuriating,” Dabi replied, met with silence. Shit, is she going to –

“Whatever.” Was her dismissal. Dabi blinked. Is she really like this now? 

Then it hit him. Their fight. She thought she had lost. She thought he had fire left in him. She had no idea he had been equally powerless then. That means…hmm…

“Anyway,” He continued, trying to keep his voice passive as a smile crept over his face. “The last guy, his is called Beatdown.” 


“What, what?”

“What’s his quirk?” She sounded bewildered.

“Beatdown. He has enhanced stamina and muscle strength. His nerves become more resistant to damage as he becomes more – Hey!” Dabi said indignantly as his paper was snatched from Geten, who scanned through it with wild eyes. 

“Is he one of yours? Another criminal?” She interrogated.

“No, he’s from your army. What’s the big deal?” Dabi leaned back on the sofa, annoyed. “Not like you guys aren’t always trying to hook new people in.” 

“This man. I don’t know him. I should. I know everyone.”

“What? All hundred thousand of you guys?” 

“Only the strong ones. It narrows the list by quite a bit. And this man, whoever he is, his ability is strong. I would have noticed it. Someone’s been hiding him, and…maybe more.” Geten ended the sentence mumbling to herself, her eyes gradually unfocusing. She dropped the paper onto his lap, heading towards the door. 

“Should I ask where you’re going?” Dabi said.


The door slams behind her, leaving Dabi alone in her room. He frowned, picking up the information sheet on the Beatdown guy. 

“Why’s she freaking out about that guy? Jeez…” Dabi studied his quirk for a while before deciding that it was an admittedly powerful quirk. 

He looked around the empty hotel room. Geten had been holed up here since the night after their victory over the Liberation Army, and while it was tidied up slightly, it was still messy. Her bed was a mattress on the floor, and Dabi thought about the room he had in Re-destro’s mansion. It was filthy with wealth, but if he got to exploit it, he wasn’t complaining. He wondered why Geten still stayed here. 

He stood up, surveying the room. He saw what looked like a notebook on the desk and snatched it. Flipping through the pages yellowed from age, he saw the first few pages filled with handwriting exercises. Messy scrawls that slowly straightened out into neat repetitive words meant for practices. Then, it was someone’s journal. Hers? Possibly. 

He sat down on the chair next to the desk and began to read. 

4/2/01 Thursday

Very tired. I spent the whole day training. I can separate an ice cube into two now. The Grand Commander said he wanted me to be able to split one into five by the end of the week. Hope I can do it. 

7/2/01 Sunday 

I disappointed the Grand Commander. He did that thing again. It hurts, but he told me he would stop once I could split an ice cube into 5 pieces. I can’t disappoint him again. I’ll make him proud. 

I tried to put some ice on the bruises and make them stay as cold as possible. Maybe this is also part of my training. 

Dabi slammed the journal on the table with shaking hands, and then slowly backed away. 

I’ll make you proud, father. I’ll make ice, and fire.

“Fuck,” He murmured. He repeated that word to himself over and over again as he left the room. Why’d you read it? Bad idea, very bad idea.

He scrambled to the bathroom. He plunged his hands into the sink and began to wash them. He wasn’t sure what he was scrubbing off. He gasped as the familiar pain latched onto his arms and bit. It was milder than usual, but it still hurt. 

Looking into the mirror once more, he saw more than himself now. He saw Touya Todoroki as a boy, a boy emboldened with a purpose to be the strongest Todoroki. At the same time, he saw a poor girl forced to do Re-destro’s bidding, till she…Dear god.

This sick, twisted army. 

Dabi hated them now more than ever.


Btw, I’ve been cross-posting these to other sites, and they’re technically edited versions although I haven’t been actually doing that. But the edited versions are there, sort of. Every chapter here is the first draft.

My Ao3, Wattpad and are all under the same username: CompletelyAnonymous.

Story-wise, I really hope I didn’t make this reveal too early. Might regret this decision later on, but it’s a scene I’ve been wanting to write for a while because it’s a turning point in how Dabi views Geten. Also, uh, I’m no good at writing child abuse and it’s a touchy subject. Very sorry to those who take offense if the portrayal is not proper, and I’ll be willing to do the necessary further research and revisions. 

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