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#bnha fics

I’m going to start a thing where I’ll just post out of context memes for wips I’m working on and my discord friends can see them and know what the hell’s going on but nobody else will

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Fuckin’ Bear

Character: Bakugo Katsuki

Warnings: Bakugo-level profanity

Reader’s Gender: Gender Neutral

Word Count: ~570

Summary: Bakugo just wants sleep. And cuddles. Not that he’d ever admit that to anyone, not even you.

Author’s Note: Yes, he’s a little spoon. You can fight me on that


“Hey, hey, hey! You, the blond—” Your heads turn to the cheery voice behind the stall. “ Come over and have a crack at the targ—”

“Fuck off, extra. We’re not looking for shit.”

“Ohoho?” Undeterred, the amusement park employee smirks at the two of you. “C’mon, win something for ya partner there, or are you too intimidated by some measly targets?”

“Hah? Intimidated my ass!” Katsuki tramps over to the stall, you in tow.

He was really baited this easily, huh.

Katsuki throws a few yen at the employee, then rolls up the sleeves of his jacket. “What’re the rules?”

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Guys i really wanna write some stuff and im currently working on a Todoroki fic but i also wanna write some hc’s or one shots so if you have any ideas for me please send me a message, request, ask whatever you like! Also i dont write for teachers but… If you guys want me to then why not??? And i dont have any villains in my masterlist but i can write for them too! One more thing, im gonna upgrade the masterlist soon so there will be Kaminari, Sero, Iida and other characters.

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°° Let’s Be Friends Again °°

Husband: Iida Tenya (BNHA)

Reader: Female! Childhood Friend!

Words: 912

Summary: Tenya visits you at the hospital after a villain attack but you really don’t want to meet the boy who forgot about you.

Tags: Angst, Happy Ending

A/N: hoho trying out a new format/template since this is sort of a full fic ( ̄▽ ̄*)ゞ does it look nice?


The door to your hospital room opened slowly, revealing Tenya on the other side. He was still wearing his hero costume but with the helmet off, revealing his handsome face that carried a worried expression. He stepped towards the bed slowly, cautious of how weak his childhood friend’s mental state could be after such a horrible event.

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Champagne but the Cham is silent

Drummer!Bakugo x Fem!Reader


Your best friend Is in a famous band, and recently got a new drummer. After your first rocky meeting and joining the band on tour you start to take a liking to the grumpy drummer


@unawi13-blog @goustcop

A/N: don’t worry Sero I have all the love for u right here bby. Also dnsixme I have so many haikyuu reaction memes saved to my phone it’s not even funny s2g

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List of BNHA Fics That You Should Read

(I’m really not a fan of fics that focus 99% on a ship so I won’t be including those. This list will definitely be edited after I post it so I’ll make note of that in bold later. Fics aren’t in any particular order. Also if anything is linked incorrectly lmk)

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fandom: bnha
pairing: dabi , reader
stats: fluff + a lil angst and a bit of tooth-rotting sappiness ; implied that reader is a poc from new orleans ; i think dabi’s fire burns like dry ice, so he seems like the type to be more comfortable in cold environments - also on ao3
triggers : mention of drunkenness ; suggestive language


Dabi laughs, rubbing his face sleepily. You watch with a small smile on your face, loving how sweet he looks when he wakes up next to you- snuggled into your fruit-themed bedding in the soft daylight. Despite his scars and knowing the reality of who he is, you’re both untouched here. Safe and sound and free.

“It’s too early for that shit, y/N.”

You sit up, leaning into one hand. “What shit, asshole?”

He smirks, peaking at you between his lashes. “That cute shit,” he tells you. And then, in his best impression of your voice, he says, “Hi.”

You shove him as you laugh, yelping when he grabs your wrists and pulls you into him. His lips brush your forehead as you breathe in the cold, smokey scent of him. It used to set you on edge, but now it only smells like home: clinging to your skin and hair; lingering in your apartment like campfire for days when he’s gone. 

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fandom: bnha
pairing: aizawa, reader
stats: wc445 ; sfw ; not plot points but - rookiehero!aizawa and poc!reader, no race specified/curly hair mentioned once , yamada is your roommate
an : it’s so hard to find non-pork poutine in my city :(
tw: none! just a fluffy drabble


You reach toward your nightstand, setting your phone on the charger before rolling over and propping your head on your hand. Your eyes find your boyfriend in the dark of your bedroom and a soft smile forms on your lips as you watch him, loving the softness of his face when he sleeps.

You draw your fingers down the bridge of his nose and across his cheek. “Sho,” you whisper, finger dragging down his face and over his jaw before ghosting the plush of his lips. “Shooo.”

His face turns in your direction but he doesn’t wake up. You poke his cheek: once, twice- six times before his brow finally furrows and his eyes open to you, seemingly already aware of the fact that you don’t really want anything important.

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 Pairings: Katsuki Bakugou x Reader

A/N: Hello your girl Alex is here with a new fic! Basically you are the next leader of Marina kingdom but your fathers brother aka your uncle tries to kill you and make his son the next leader for the kingdom but luckily your other uncle which as known as your mothers brother saves you and gives you to the Bakugou family and guess what? They are the lead of the Dragon clan… Please follow me for more content i would be really happy ^^ and im also writing a serie for our crazy blonde Bakugou! Make sure to check it out Spices and Love here! Phew, writing this was fun please reblog, like and if you have ideas for me please message me i will gladly write for you <3

Note: Your name is Y/n in the fic but you have a nickname and its ‘Ena’

Meanings of the names that i used in this fic:

Seiji: Lawful; manages affairs of state.

Adelina: Noble, nobility.

Kaito: Sea, ocean.

Elijah: “My God Is Yahweh”

Ena: Gift from god.


Originally posted by osakaxkobe

“Hey, dont touch fathers weapons.” Masaru warned his son, Katsuki looked at his father with his crimson eyes then grabbed the base of his fathers sword, Masaru immediately took it from him and he started to scream. “What is he screaming for?!” Mitsuki came with a tray in her hands, Katsuki was only 3 but he was aggressive and hyperactive. She made him sat on her lap then gave a toy bow with a fake arrow. He stared at his toys with curious eyes and started to grin, he let out a cute pleased scream then started to swing the arrow in the air. Masaru sighed and took a cup of tea from the tray “He is only three but acts like a warrior.”  Mitsuki laughed and looked at his son “He is going to be the leader of our clan, of course he needs to act like a warrior.” Masaru was the current clan leader and despite his calm personality he was talented and successful. The leader of the clans house were always at the top of the mountain it was a tradition and that made them see the tents and the people of their clan clearly. They were living in a forest with full of rivers and waterfalls and Masaru’s clan was the strongest clan of the century, then there were kingdoms such as Marina, Metalia, Aros and Kagaku these kingdoms were the well known ones and Marina was the strongest of them all. Marina kingdom represented ‘water’ and they were pretty popular with their big ships and sea trades, their current king Seiji had a strong water quirk, he was married to a beautiful woman named Adelina and her quirk was strategy. Adelina was a part of a water clan called ‘Helen’ in the past and her clan was a big enemy of Marina kingdom. Then she fell in love with Seiji and when Seiji fell for her, they decided to end the rivalry and hate with getting married. Helen clan become a part of the Marina kingdom and they lived in harmony. Seiji’s kingdom was in good terms with Masaru’s clan, they were allies and friends. Even Marina looked like it didnt had any problems Seiji’s younger brother Kaito, wanted his son to become the leader after Seiji, he was only 5 but they were planning to make him the leader when Seiji got too old to rule, on the other hand Adelina wanted her 3 year old daughter Y/n to take the throne after his father.  Adelina’s brother Elijah, protected his niece from her greedy and heartless uncle Kaito. Seiji wanted his own daughter to rule the country but his brother were keep telling him that having Adelina’s daughter as a queen would be the same thing as wounding their pride since she was a Helen member at the past. Seiji was pretty mad about his brothers opinion, Adelina was his wife and that made her the queen of Marina. 

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Um so hi 👋

My names Kait and I’ve been rlly into writing fics recently for some reason 🥴

I’m 22 but try to keep things PG, if there’s any of the ✨good good ✨ there will be warnings but I’m very bad at writing smut so expect very little.

Also just figured out how to do SMAUs and I have three planned out already so I mean

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A/n: If you have any ideas for me, please dont be shy and message me! I will gladly write for you. Please make sure to check it out Spices and Love HERE!


Originally posted by katetcake

You were sitting in your room, with red puffy eyes and messy hair. Your clean and cute room was now a mess. When you were about to wash your face you got a notification, sighing you made your way towards the phone, it was a message from Kirishima. Kirishima tried to reach you for hours but you left him on read, you didnt wanted to see anyone at the moment. Then you heard a knock on your door and sighed “I wanna be alone.” Your voice cracked at the end and your face turned into a scowl. *Ugh, i feel sick.* then you heard the knock again and slapped your forehead “What do you-” Your words died in your throat and you saw a familiar brunette. It was her, the one who ruined everything, the one who told you that she was your best friend then stabbed you on the back. You tried to slam the door shut but she immediately pushed it back “Y/n, please listen!” You felt the anger rising, when you were angry you were way too scary, sometimes even Bakugou looked soft compared to you. “Leave, now!” You screamed and tried to close the door then you heard a 3rd voice “Uraraka-san, stop it!” It was Momo, she was your everything. You gave a sigh of relief and continued to push the door, then Momo grabbed Uraraka’s arm and tried to yank her back without hurting her. “Wait, i need to talk to her!” She tried to reach towards the door but Momo tightened her hold on Uraraka’s arm and replied “She needs some time right now, dont push things.” Uraraka sighed and left. Momo’s room was next to yours so it made her hear every single thing that happened around you. When Uraraka’s figure dissapeared she immediately knocked on your door “Y/n-chan, its me.” She waited and the door slowly opened “Momo-chan…” Your eyes started to water and she pulled you into a hug. “Lets go inside” she smiled and holded your hand. When she saw your room her mouth was on the floor, you were a clean and organised person but now the tissues, and the glass of the broken lamp was everywhere. “Y/n-chan you cant walk around, you can cut your toes!” She called Mina and Jirou for help and five minutes later they were in front of your door. Mina pulled you into a tight hug and Jirou patted your head with a small smile, Mina tried to lift your spirits so she tried to give her biggest smile “Let’s clean!” You tried to smile but it looked more like a grimace. When you bent down to pick up the tissues Jirou crouched down beside you and grabbed your hand “No, you go sit on the bed!” the other two nodded and you sighed “But, i cant let you clean my room, i wanna help.” Momo cupped your cheek and smiled “You are tired Y/n-chan, please go sit.” You gave a defeated sigh and plopped down on your bed. When you started to wiggle your toes Mina turned to look at you and gasped in shock “Y/n-chan, your feet?!” When Momo and Jirou turned to look at you their face turned pale and you raised a brow “What about my fe-” You saw the cuts under them caused by the glass of your nightstand lamp. “I-i didnt noticed.” Mina frowned and putted her hands on her hips “Thats it! Im calling Kirishima!” You tried to get up but after looking under your feet, you realised the pain. Kirishima was one of your best friends so you knew that he was going to get more worried than he needed to “N-no!” But you were too late, Mina dialed his number and told your situation and after 3 minutes you heard loud bangs and slapped your forehead, when Mina turned the doorknob Kirishima barged in and ran towards you “Y/n!” He grabbed your shoulders and started to examine you “K-kiri, im fine!” He looked at you with worry and sadness. You sighed and pulled him into a hug “Why were you ignoring my texts?!” He raised his voice but regretted it, he was just trying to understand what happened. “Im sorry, Kiri…” He sighed and flicked your forehead “Y/n, i should be the one who’s apologising.” You immediately understood where he was getting at so you pinched his cheeks “Dont you dare blame yourself Kirishima Eijiro!” He felt guilty and it wasnt even his fault it was his best friend’s. “Owieee!” He grabbed your wrists and tried to stop you then you started to giggle and his eyes softened. You were finally laughing…

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random headcanon bc a girl lonely but can y’all please imagine you sitting on Bakugou’s lap and mood swings by pop smoke is playing and the background and he giving you that look & he rubbin on you just ugh 🥺

& yes he listens to pop smoke but y’all ain’t ready for that convo-

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