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#bnha fluff
shotorozu · 2 days ago
encountering a ‘pick me’ girl
Tumblr media
part two (part one can be found here)
character(s) : midoriya izuku, shinsou hitoshi, kaminari denki (bnha)
legend : [Y/N = your name, L/N = last name] same information as before (check the first part)
headcanon type : fluff, crack, a sprinkle of angst (x reader)
warning(s) : pick me girls being pick me girls
note(s) : so like, a lot of people liked the first part— so i decided to revive back the pick me girl concept 💀 idk if i’ll make a part three because it’d only have like, 2 people (which are aizawa, tamaki, and i could honestly add dabi, but i don’t think he’d spare her life at ALL so 😨)
prompt recap — you encounter a pick me girl, they encounter a pick me girl, or both of y’all encounter one, because luck am i right 💀
»»————- ♡ ————-««
Tumblr media
midoriya izuku
to be honest, i don’t think he’d know what a pick me girl is 😨
like, he’d know the description of one, but wouldn’t actually know the true term for it 💀
like, if you were to ask him to define what a pick me girl is, he wouldn’t have a legitimate answer for it.
after all, there weren’t many girls in middle school or elementary, that would act like that for his validation— so the fact that girls would even act like that because of him, is still very new.
so, it was bound to happen. befriending a girl that had seemingly innocent intentions towards him. it’s all thanks to his kind, and meaning well nature
but after mentioning the fact that he has an s/o, he started to recognize the many red flags
this girl doesn’t even know you on a personal level— hasn’t even seen you, but has tried to though subtly take multiple jabs at you every chance she got.
and izuku was praying, pleading that she would never cross paths with you, or him again. but of course, that didn’t happen.
you try not to visibly grimace, when the newly ‘acquainted’ girl smacks her lips— in preparation to take more jabs at you, for seemingly no reason.
“trying to impress someone, hm?” she eyes you, “because it seems like you’re uhm, trying too hard? no offense, really.”
izuku isn’t that far off, he’s only a few feet away. of course— he’d never stand for this, and he would be interfering at this very moment, if his back wasn’t turned towards you, as he stood in a line for food.
“i’m just sitting though? people sit to be comfortable, and this is how i sit.” though annoyed, you shrug. “why? how do you sit?”
“as one should,” the girl states it factually— though honestly, it’s a bit vague. there’s no cookie cutter way to sit in a semi-public area, at least in this day and age. “it looks like, you’re trying to insinuate something, don’t you think? i don’t have to explain twice, do i? anyway— if i needed to, i wouldn’t mind getting a few words of knowledge in there.”
you blink. you get the implication. you don’t know what irks you more— the part where she accuses you of insinuating an invitation to something less than innocent, or the part where she makes a jab at your knowledge, one she has no intel on.
you’re going to say your mind, but first— you’re going to apologize before hand, as you know it’ll hurt. “sorry, but—”
“oh, no. you’re not sorry, you never have to be, Y/N.” your boyfriend suddenly appears beside you. his presence almost shocks you, making you step backwards. “actually— we’re not sorry. but, we’re just about to leave.”
the girl’s expression falters, “already?” the change of demeanor is evident. izuku, with a hand on the small of your back— nods wordlessly, not an ounce of warmth’s on his face. he tries not to spare her even glance.
izuku turns to you, and hands you a bag of takeout, “lovely, go outside.” it’s less of a request, but a kind command. either way, you were going to do it. because you were this 🤏 close to throwing hands at her 💀
when you leave, izuku gives the girl a honest, and unfiltered message. one that renders her speechless, eyes watering.
when izuku leaves the restaurant, you ask him what he told her,
but he doesn’t really answer you 💀 which is kind of worrisome 😨‼️ until, you catch a glimpse of the same girl staring at her fists in defeat
“it was on me, honestly,” izuku laughs, “i shouldn’t have stopped communicating when she started doing that thing.” he furrows his eyebrows “is there an exact term for girls like her?”
“pick me girls.”
Tumblr media
shinsou hitoshi
knows what they are, and knows what they’re called
it could be because of the internet, but it’s also because of personal experience 💀 idk about you, but he probably encountered one once in middle school.
he still doesn’t know why he experienced it first hand, considering that he wasn’t exactly popular in middle school it was a pretty dark time, because he wasn’t expecting it
hitoshi doesn’t know why people would go to extreme lengths for male validation— he too, at some point, was desperate for some sort of (though not directed at men specifically) validation, due to his quirk— but he wouldn’t outwardly be like that to other people
moving on, considering that he knows what a pick me girl is, he wouldn’t engage with one— unless if it was completely necessary
like now, where he was unfortunately partnered with one for his last task as a general course student.
everything seemed normal, until he noticed the sudden behavior shift, after one of his classmates teased him about you— while she, was also unfortunately in the vicinity
it was funny, and stupid to see— but because of his situation, he couldn’t exactly cut the connections. so, his last hope was for her to never meet you.
but of course, fate is just funny sometimes.
“you know, i heard you’re dating Y/N L/N from the hero course.”
hitoshi’s irked, when the girl he was unfortunately partnered with for his last project as a general course student, derailed the conversation to something less.. academic.
what was supposed to be a normal partnership, unwillingly turned into something else, when his classmate unfortunately mentioned his significant other in front of his project partner, which resulted in a reaction he’d never expected.
though, he can’t find himself blaming his other classmate, as you’re no secret of his— he hates how you’re being mentioned in a certain light
a negative light.
despite the fact that his opinion of you remains unswayed, he does not appreciate the way the girl talks about you— as if she knew you on a personal level (which, she does not.)
“is that news to you?” he asks, honestly not looking forward to her answer— but because of this stupid final project, he must remain on kinder terms. then after this, he’s never speaking to her again.
“well, yeah. kind of.” she twirls a small section of her hair with her pointer finger, “i found it quite odd, because they don’t look like your type. like, at all. it’s kind of funny actually.”
“what.” he narrows his eyes, a warning in itself. which the girl, unfortunately, did not recognize.
the girl laughs, and it rings through his ears irritably “because, i heard Y/N’s kind of weird, y’know? says weird things, does weird things— stuff gets around. i think that says something.”
“like what exactly?”
“the other day, i saw them in the infirmary— for a tiny cut. it was a little too much for a cut. they also get their hands dirty, they roll around on the floor when the sun’s beaming.” she lists things down, face scrunching up as if there was anything wrong with the things you did.
“but, whatever makes you happy.” she attempts to pat his shoulder, but hitoshi makes the first move of dodging.
“do you know who you’re talking to?” he raises an eyebrow, unimpressed. “do you know what people say about me?”
“yeah, but—”
“i’m transferring into the heroes course.” hitoshi states, “and in that course, you’re supposed to get your hands dirty. you’re supposed to roll around the ground when asked, so stop treating it like an abnormality. get out of that comfortable shell you’re so stuck in.” finished with the conversation, hitoshi shoves things into his bag, ready to just get the hell out of there.
he doesn’t spare another glance at her, as he catches a glimpse at someone else that’s worth looking at— you.
“i’ll finish the rest of this project. don’t bother.” is all he says, before he hurries on out to see you.
then, he proceeds his day like nothing happened 🤩 but he does eventually tell you, when you told him that you saw the aftermath of “whatever that was” 💀
“ohh,” you say in awe, “very chivalrous of you.” you wonder how he handled it, “so you defended my honor, huh?”
hitoshi only smiles, scratching the back of your ears. “duh.” he rolls his eyes playfully. “for your honor. that was thankfully my last project in that course.” and y’all never crossed paths with that girl again
Tumblr media
kaminari denki
denki, being the teenage boy he is in this day and age— has probably made at least one pick me girl joke in his life
he has also probably joked about “discovering one for the ✨🤩 mythological ✨ experience” but has actually yet to encounter one which he’s actually disappointed about, but he should be glad tbh
because most of the girls he has met are the nicest and the most genuine people alive— excluding this one💀
after finally getting together with his long time crush, his pick me girl discovery endeavors have been pushed to the back of his head.
and because of that, it has seemed to be that he completely forgot about all the warnings, and the telltale signs of a pick me girl.
combine that with his friendly, outgoing personality? it was bound to happen, and you can’t blame him at all 💀
because she seemed normal, and there was nothing out of the ordinary— until denki bragged about you shamelessly🗿 it was like a switch flipped inside of her so with that being said, denki kind of got what he asked for 😭
“denki, you’re so funny!”
today’s just not your day, you’ve concluded. the day so far, just seems to be out against you, with no mercy.
denki laughs— eyes shifting towards you when his laughter dies down. it’s not a rare occurrence for the electric blond to be laughing.
but, you can tell. his laugh is different— he’s uncomfortable, unsettled, unnerved by this girl. who he, unfortunately, thought was a good person to be interacting with.
“me and you, just share one brain cell,” denki hangs his arm around your shoulder, grinning— in an attempt to shift the conversation away from it’s awkwardness. “we’re in sync, basically. don’t you think?”
“hmm.. are you sure?” the girl, who’s name you honestly couldn’t remember, butts in first, cutting you off with success. “your execution could’ve been a little.. better.”
you know she doesn’t mean the ‘a little’ part, from the way she eyes you from head to toe.
denki furrows his brows, confused by this remark “did we not make the same joke?”
the girl laughs for the umpteenth time that hour. you swear— if she laughs again, you’re just going to have to stuff cotton in your ears until there’s no tomorrow. “what i’m saying is that yours fell flat,” she says in a way that’s patronizing.
“you tried, really.” she sighs, eyes trailing back to your boyfriend, “but you didn’t try enough, Y/N.”
the. nerve. you think to yourself. at this point, it’s like this girl— this pick me girl, isn’t even trying to mask the arbitrary dislike towards you.
you’re about to retaliate, shoot back a reply that’s been hanging off your tongue, since the moment her true colors have been revealed “you’re clearly lacking in the humor department, maybe it’s because—”
she’s cut off, and your boyfriend does something she wasn’t exactly expecting. neither were you tbh, you thought he was gonna start beat boxing her
“so pick me!” his voice is shrill, hands moving to flip hair he’s lacking. “choose me!” he repeats the action, “love me!” he mocks, mimicking gestures from your average valley girl, to the t.
your hand flies up to close your agape jaw, a laugh managing to escape from your lips, “denki” you say as a reminder that y’all are still in public, and you cannot afford to burst into laughter in a place like this.
the girl, wasn’t. her expression shows that she’s taken aback. “what?—”
“is that what you’re trying to say?” denki still holds a bit of the tone from earlier. it would be comedic, if it weren’t for his protective stance.
he’s silently making a point.
“denki, i don’t get it.” the girl scoffs, “i was obviously joking around, y’know? that’s what we always do— this is a little dramatic, don’t you think?”
denki shakes his head, and that’s when he finally decides to end the conversation. he turns you around, patting you forward, as if it was a signal for you to start walking.
“no, not at all!” denki laughs, “uh, i dunno what to tell you now, girlie. there’s no ‘us’ and there’ll never be one. i’m not into.. whatever your personality type is, fortunately.” he pats her on the shoulder, before turning to leave with you
you suddenly remembered his small goal of meeting a pick me girl— so, you then ask him how it was like to meet one for the first time.
denki’s like 😨 honestly, because he never wants to encounter one again, probably even swears on it, that he never will. the pick me was so critical of you, and for what? anyways— he was cold for the last remark 😭
oh, and most of his friends saw his.. impersonation of a pick me girl 🗿 so, it is now a side joke within his group of friends 💀 denki doesn’t regret doing that at all, even if his friends clowned him for it. because as far as he knows, the girl doesn’t even want to shit talk you, or anyone else 🧍‍♀️
Tumblr media
likes and reblogs are appreciated, thanks for reading!
i do not own bnha/mha and it’s characters. boku no hero academia/my hero academia belongs to horikoshi kohei, i only own the writing and i do not profit off of my hobby
do not plagiarize, reupload, translate, or use my works for audio readings without permission :))
Tumblr media
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katsuphilia · a day ago
Tumblr media
𝐜𝐡𝐚𝐫𝐚𝐜𝐭𝐞𝐫𝐬: shinsou hitoshi, katsuki bakugou, aizawa shota, takami keigo, dabi
𝐚𝐮𝐭𝐡𝐨𝐫'𝐬 𝐧𝐨𝐭𝐞: repost from my old blog
Tumblr media
✿ 𝐒𝐇𝐈𝐍𝐒𝐎𝐔 froze when you grabbed his face, pulling him towards you as you pressed kiss after kiss all over every inch, giggling in between each one as you watched his cheeks turn bright red. Clearing his throat, he looked at the ground, hands hesitantly placing themselves onto your waist. “W-what was that for?” You wrapped your arms around his neck, pulling him closer until he was just millimeters away from meeting your lips with his own. “Just thought you might want some kisses. They’re good for your health, you know,” you grinned cheekily. Closing the gap, you kissed him deeply, humming when his thumb traced circles into your hip. He pulled away after some time, burying his face into your neck and squeezing you gently against him. “Yeah, whatever.”
✿ 𝐁𝐀𝐊𝐔𝐆𝐎𝐔 wasn’t expecting you to place yourself on his lap, hands immediately finding your hips as you cupped his jaw. Before he could smirk at you and say something, he froze as you pressed tiny kisses all over his cheek, moving on to the next one before placing one last one on the tip of his nose. “Your cheeks are so cute, Katsuki. So squishy,” you teased as you poked it. Glaring at you, he swatted your hand away, blush rising to the tips of his ears. “What the hell is wrong with you, dumbass?” Giggling, you pressed your forehead to his, tracing his cheekbone with your thumb gently. “You don’t like my kisses?” He rolled his eyes, but gently, he placed a small kiss of his own onto your cheek, hugging you closer. “No, you’re annoying.”
✿ 𝐀𝐈𝐙𝐀𝐖𝐀 was just waking up in the morning, eyes slowly opening when he felt your hand move a few strands of hair out of his face, a sleepy grin spreading across his lips. “Good morni—” he didn’t get to finish speaking before you tilted his chin up, pecking his lips first, and then littering more kisses across his face. His gaze softened when you beamed at him, closing his eyes once more when you stroked his hair gently. “Morning, Shota.” He gave you a warm chuckle, sighing at the feeling of you scratching his scalp. “That was a nice little surprise to wake up to. What’s the occasion?” Pressing your forehead to his, you gently traced the scar under his eye with your index finger. “I missed you while you were sleeping,” you whispered, pressing yet another kiss to his lips right after.
✿ 𝐇𝐀𝐖𝐊𝐒 smirked when you took the goggles off his face, setting them down on the counter behind you as you cradled his cheeks in both hands. Slowly, you kissed the small bruise forming on his jaw before pressing more across his jawline, moving your way upward until you reached his forehand. “Don’t stop now, dove. It won’t heal properly if you don’t give me more.” Giving him a soft smile, you traced the edge of the bruise, eyes lingering on it before you met his gaze once more. “Are you hurt anywhere else?” His eyes softened as he noticed the way you were worried, pretending to ponder for a moment before answering. “Depends, are you gonna kiss it better? Because then my entire face is bruised.” You rolled your eyes, but began pressing more kisses to his face anyway, content with him being safe and back in your arms.
✿ 𝐃𝐀𝐁𝐈 stilled when you kissed the edge of his scar, tensing as he felt you trailing down the line where the healthy skin met the charred, pecking in between each staple. Pulling away, he stared at you for a moment, eyes narrowed and shoulders tense. “What are you doing?” You smiled gently, trailing your hand up his chest, rubbing it softly with your palm. He almost let his guard down for a second, watching your movements carefully. “Just kissing you, Dabi. I love you.” He stared at you for a few moments, eyes searching yours for truth, finding nothing but sincerity in them. Swallowing, he looked to the side, gripping your waist tightly and pulling you flush against his chest. “That’s fucking weird. Give me a few more.”
Tumblr media
reblogs are really appreciated !!
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escapenightmare · a day ago
How about 2 and 17 with Bakugou
prompts . . . #02. pushing a pull door & #17. “that was so embarrassing what the hell.” note. thanks for requesting! not proof-read 💀
Tumblr media
bakugou was one of the smartest people you knew— although he was a bit reckless, and he let his anger get the best of him sometimes, there was still no doubt that he probably dominated your list of 'the smartest people i know.'
if you asked bakugou who he thinks is the most stupid person ever, the chances that he'd say it's denki, is very high, and he might say you— no matter how smart you are, just to piss you off.
on the other hand, there were certain instances were bakugou was not as smart as you think is; and these certain instances are most likely, very relatable. or, bakugou's just having a bad day.
he was having a bad day.
everyone he'd encountered that day pissed him off in one way or another and he was not happy with it. but it was date night (or date evening for that fact) and he didn't want to cancel the plans last moment. plus, he secretly thought this would make his day better.
and yet here he was, seconds away from one of his iconic, and entertaining dumbly relatable moments. with you standing next to him, and him grabbing the door handle of the diner's entrance. one of his hands were in yours, as it had been for the past few minutes.
he pushes the door, making a loud rattling noise. you could see his frown, as he pushes the door yet again. but, again, it didn't open.
you could see through the glass doors, that the people inside were looking between bakugou and to whatever was on their respective tables, stifling their laughter. and one of the employees were making their way towards the entrance. glancing at the door, you mentally facepalm yourself at the abnormally tiny sign that you just caught sight of. grabbing bakugou's hand, you point out. “kats, babe, it says pull— not push.”
and just as he goes to open it, the employee from earlier opens the door from the inside. “i take it you didn't see the sign, sir.”
you lightly laugh to brush away the angry embarrassment that radiated off of your boyfriend.
and as you sit down in a free booth, bakugou groans. “that was so embarrassing what the hell.”
you don't help things when you tease him; “i'm adding that to the list of dumb things you've done.”
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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toji-bunny-girl · 17 hours ago
Thinking about...
Husband!Shoto that feeds your big fat obese cat treats for the third time that afternoon and you have to lecture him that the cat is going to die because he keeps feeding it too much again
Husband!Shoto that kisses your wedding ring when he’s at work before keeping it locked in a drawer so that he won’t scratch or burn it while on the job
Husband!Shoto that doesn’t shy away when you admire his scars like he used to and his chest warms up when you kiss all of them and say they are so goddamn cool
Husband!Shoto that fucks your cunt and cum inside of you for the second time and his cock is starting to get a lil sensitive but he doesn’t stop until he sees you sobbing about being overstimulated and belly budging a little from so much of his semen. And it all happened because you saw a baby at the park and told him the two of your baby is going to be so cute
Husband!Shoto that cries a little when he holds your newborn for the first time, feeling her soft skin under his finger as he tells you he’ll die for the two of you any day
Husband!Shoto that asks you whether he looks fabulous after your daughter put your makeup on his face and you're telling him he’s gorgeous while yelling at your kid to stop playing with your things
Husband!Shoto that tells your child that he’s just massaging mommy’s thighs when she walked in on you two doing the act while you’re slapping your hands over your mouth to not let out any sound when he rolls his hips a little
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katsukichu · 2 days ago
Okay so you can make fun of me being a weirdo and being lonely asf later but I always spray my teddy bears with a bit of perfume so they smell good when I cuddle them. I have like 15 on my bed rn but there's one that I specifically hold and pretend it's Katsuki but like I said roast me for my weirdness and loneliness later. I'm about to go to bed
Tumblr media
I feel like Katsuki gets so clingy when he's sleepy🥺. He's so cuddly and grabby and just wants to no he absolutely needs to hold you and have you close to him when he's about to fall asleep. There's just something about you. He doesn't know what it is. He never has nightmares when you're with him and he knows you'll be there to comfort him. He opts to be the big spoon but he absolutely melts into your touch when you offer to let him be the little spoon. He adores when you massage him because your hands are so soft and warm against his skin it's like the tension just melts away. He loves when you run your hands through his hair and when you softly scratch his neck/back. He's grow accustomed to your arrangement of teddy bears on the bed. When he comes home one day from training /patrol he's exhausted. He already showered at the agency and he's ready to collapse into your arms. He sees your favorite teddy bear in the middle of the bed. He's so exhausted so he just plops down and moves the teddy bear over. He respects its your favorite but just doesn't understand why you love it so much. Because he's a jealous bastard /hj (affectionate) and doesn't understand why you don't just cuddle him instead So he decides to try and cuddle the teddy bear until you get back. He almost has to do a double take because this teddy bear reminds him so much of you. He's so confused until he brings it closer to his face. It smells just like you - because of your perfume. It makes Katsuki feel calm and at home almost as if he's cuddling you. He proceeds to fall asleep cuddling it. When you come into the room you sneak a few pictures before replacing the bear. You pull him closer to your chest and he just nuzzle closer to bury his nose against your neck which makes you giggle a little. Katsuki stirs a little in his sleep but eventually he's laying partially on you arms loosely wrapped around you while he listens to your heart beat and the steady rise & fall of your chest.
I'm sorry I have no idea what this is I'm very sleepy so please enjoy my sleepy rambling. I might add on to this make it better soon idk
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lavenders-writing · a day ago
pairings: katsuki x gn! reader; izuku x gn!reader; shoto x gn!reader; eijiro x gn!reader; denki x gn!reader; mina x gn!reader; ochaco x gn!reader
word count: 1.2k
content: fluff
warnings: it’s aftercare, so they obv just had sex, but there’s no explicit content
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
katsuki: the room was dark, the curtains drawn to shut out the light from streetlights and cars. the sound of your breath intermingled with his, your heartrates finally slowed. the two of you were sprawled out on your bed, limbs strewn over each other, clothes discarded on the floor long ago with the blankets sliding off the bed. his hand reached out and found your face, cupping your cheek. you hummed in response, turning your head to look at where he lay in the dark. you raised your hands, running them along his arm until they reached his hand, and you shifted to press kisses to his palm, wrist, and knuckles, before letting go. his arm rested against your collar, fingers tracing the outline of your neck and shoulders. you could tell that the both of you were minutes away from falling asleep, and you hauled yourself into a sitting position so you could pull one of the blankets back onto the bed, tugging it over the two of you. the fabric was soft against your skin, and he pulled you close to him, his face resting on your shoulder. as your eyes slipped closed, he pressed a light kiss to the base of your ear, and you could tell a tiny smile was gracing his lips.
izuku: you lazily press kisses to his neck and shoulder, one for each freckle he had (which was a lot). his hands drifted through your hair, your legs intertwined with his as you laid back on the bed. the pillows were on the floor, but that would be an easy fix. right now, all your tired mind wanted to do was pepper him with slow kisses. you met his eyes, which were soft in the dim lighting, and the tired smile he had on his face was the most beautiful thing you had ever seen. you raised a hand and brushed back his bangs so you could kiss his forehead, and he pulled you down to kiss yours in return. as you laid on his chest, his eyes on yours, you didn’t know if life could get much better than this. your hearts practically beating in unison, breaths slow and relaxed as you felt them on your skin, skin warm and chests pressed against each other. he pushed the two of you into a sitting position, and you leaned forward to kiss his lips. as you pulled away, you saw that he was blushing, and you laughed. he would still blush at the tiniest things. he was adorable.
shoto: his right hand took your wrist, cool against your warm skin, and he gently led you to the shower. the two of you walked slowly, and you peppered kisses to his shoulder from behind. the water was warm when you two stepped in, your fingers intertwined and foreheads resting against each other as you gently swayed under the spray of the water. your breaths mingled, rising with the steam from the shower, and eventually the two of you pulled away so you could begin washing yourselves. you gently rubbed soap into each other’s backs and hair, pressing kisses to each other’s neck and shoulders as you did so, with the occasional “i love you” murmured in between. when the two of you stepped out, wrapped in towels, you headed straight back to bed, only to lie there for a while, leaning against each other. it was calm. it was quiet. and it was with the person you loved most in this world. there was nothing about this moment that you would change, with the softness of the blankets encasing you, his heart rhythmically beating next to your ear as you rested your head on his chest.
eijiro: he had already taken your hand, pulling you up so you were sitting on the edge of the bed. he took you to the kitchen, scooping you into his arms and carrying you, pressing kisses to your shoulders and neck, his teeth occasionally nicking you. but you were just fine with that. it never hurt, and it was just one thing you loved about him. he set you down once you reached the kitchen, your bare feet cold on the tile. the two of you worked together to prepare a meal, your hands and arms brushing against each other. if you got close enough, you would press a kiss to his jaw, and he would lightly kiss the top of your head.
denki: you were sprawled across the bed, limbs crossing over each other. he turned to look at you, a grin slapped across his face. that smile was severely contagious, and you felt one spreading over your own lips. soon, the two of you were curled up as laughter wracked your bodies, ringing through the previously silent room. your hands found each other, and your fingers laced together as you tried to regain your breaths, which was a fruitless effort. being with him was just so lighthearted, and you could’ve stayed like that for hours, locked into a limbo of gazing into his eyes, your heart and lungs filled with bubbling laughter. you loved that about him. he always lightened the mood, and he tried not to take jokes too far. he never took anything too far, and had always asked for your consent. fuck, you loved him so much. after what seemed like ages, the two of you finally uncurled, your stomachs and lungs aching and gasping in breath. he turned to face you, and the softest smile graced his features. your fingers squeezed his, a silent, but not unknown, “i love you” hanging in the air.
mina: mina always wanted to sleep afterwards. you would laugh, and straighten the pillows before she layed down. you would lay down next to her, wrapping an arm around her and pulling her to your chest. the two of you would sink into the soft sheets and pillows, your face buried in her hair. she would fall asleep quickly, nestled in your arms, and you would hear her breathing go soft and quiet, your fingers tracing circles on her belly and arms until you fell asleep as well.
ochaco: she let out a soft laugh and you couldn’t help but smile. your shoulders pressed against the other’s, bare skin warm in the slight chill of the darkened bedroom. she pressed tiny kisses to your shoulder, lips soft. your hand reached up to cup her cheek, which squished into your palm. your smile grew a little, and your thumb brushed over her bottom lip. she grinned, and gently caught it between her teeth. the rosy light of the single lamp illuminated her skin, which was always soft under your touch. her pink cheeks almost seemed to glow in the dim light, but then again, she always made everything lighter for you when she was around. you pulled your thumb from between her teeth, and leaned forward to brush your lips against hers. she smiled into the kiss, and the two of you drew back enough to press your foreheads together, soft laughter echoing through the room.
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lovemeian · a day ago
you try the old ‘grab and jiggle’, bakusquad edition.
characters ! bakugo katsuki, kirishima eijiro, denki kaminari, sero hanta x gn!reader
it’s hard to pick and choose characters for these, esp when there’s a lot, so i’m going for squads right now hehe + highly suggestive, fluff, humour + i write profanity on the daily, but yk + not doing mina for now bc i can only do four lmao save me + use of the word: molested as a joke in kiri’s !
masterlist ; ko-fi ; might do the dekuquad next, but give me four more characters to play around with hshs
Tumblr media
It’s called the old ‘grab and jiggle’ for a reason.
Tumblr media
please. you expected and daydreamed of the kind of outburst this will cause, and the anticipation almost ruins the entire thing as you try to contain your excitement as soon as you found the perfect day for it.
when bakugo comes home from his weekly training with the others, grumbling about some new pro-heroes still trying to find their rhythm and hitting each other more than their practiced ‘villains’, he’s sweaty and complaining, and his butt had never looked more beautiful tightly encompassed in athletic shorts.
his glutes are hugged so prettily, and his thighs have never looked more appealing. if you didn’t have a prank prepared, you would be too busy salivating at your delicious significant other.
you near him, as casual as you can. he turns to you briefly as he shakes his protein pack. “we probably won’t have dinner tomorrow,” he grumbles, going at the week’s schedule in his head. “we’re gonna have to train the new recruits more, seeing as they can’t fuc— hey!”
bakugo’s reactionary movement is fast— he’s a pro-hero after all — and as soon as your hand sneaked up, grabbed a handful of his butt, and jiggled it— you knew you were setting yourself up to get caught as a speed of lightning, he was turned to you, eyes wild and wide, face flushed red, holding your wrist in a death grip.
his mouth was gaping as you tried to bite your laughter. “what the fuck are you doing?”
“the old grab and jiggle?”
“the— what the fuck is the old grab and jiggle?”
you blink innocently. “want me to show you again?”
“n-no! that’s enough! who the fuck’s teaching you these things?” his eyes narrow, tugging you close. “is it shitty hair?” 
“no.” you giggled. “found it myself, wanted to see how thick my lover is.” you winked at him and his scowl twitched, face burning brighter, before he clenches his jaw.
“give me your butt.”
you squealed at his slow approach, backing away at the determined look in his gaze. “no! katsuki—”
“give me your butt!”
excuse to all your neighbours with the most random of screeches and threatening demands of ‘grabbing your butt and jiggling the shit out of it’, but they’re used to you. especially when he catches you— because of course he does — and you explode in laughter.
Tumblr media
on god, pro-hero kirishima has the juiciest butt you cannot change my mind.
you had almost, actually forgotten about your fun little plan until kiri decided he wanted to make use of the very nice veranda right beside the living room for his workout, giving you a little kiss as he set off on working out on the nice patio with the glass doors open for the refreshing spring day to come in.
but when he started doing lunges, going forward and stretching those workout shorts so snugly against his very beautiful thighs and derrière— apart from salivating for a good minute, you remember the little prank that has your fingers itching.
so when he switches to squats, you move like a cat.
conspicuous and too aware of every little movement, you’re a little thankful that his workout playlist is loud, and he’s very much in the zone, huffing quietly and and even humming as he bent those very nice thighs of his.
with a light sheen of sweat and his bright red hair pulled with a headband, you try and contain your giggles as you crept forward, one arm already outstretched toward the source of what looks like gold.
you know you can’t be quiet for too long. your boyfriend, after all, was a pro hero with very good skills, already turning toward your practically soundless approach with a nice smile.
“hey, y/n—”
you strike quick and you strike good, his entire body too preoccupied with stationing the position to stop the hand the darted out to grab a handful of one cheek and make it jiggle.
your kiri is so startled that he yelped, jumped, and fell on his chin.
“oh my god.” your panic is startled by your own snort, moving toward him immediately to catch him turn, still sweaty and more shocked than hurt, as he grabbed his very red chin. your amusement couldn’t die down, even in guilt. “i’m so sorry, baby! that’s—” then you burst out laughing.
despite his watery eyes and confusion, he laughs with you. he pulls you close, already technically on top of him, adjusting as you catch your breath in between wheezes.
as you rest your head on his neck, his deep rumble of, “should i be concerned that i’m going to get molested in my own house now?”
you smack his chest.
“ow, i’m not kidding, actually.”
you pull back, pouting, face flushed from laughing so much that he leans forward to kiss your chin. “it was a joke, you know. plus, you have very good glutes.”
his hands gloss over your back, before he grabs a lot of your own butt’s meat, making you shriek as he squeezes. he smirks. “you have very good glutes too, baby.”
Tumblr media
kaminari would never think you’d do this.
for one, he had more of juicy thighs than arse, and second, he was getting ready for a hero gala, adjusting his suit against the floor length mirror whilst you went to the kitchen to take some water.
you had gone with him a few times, but it really wasn’t your scene. after greeting familiar faces and meeting new ones, a few tossed champagnes and dancing a little with your husband if it was part of the evening, there really isn’t much to
you were so focused on how much the suit was doing wonders for your husband, practically drooling against the water on your lips, that you don’t notice him ask you something. until he repeated it. again. and again. and he finally turned, eyebrow arched to check what you’ve been doing, not hearing him.
water practically dipped forward on your chin as you awoke from staring at your husband. “y-yeah?”
he smirked, snorting softly as he walked toward you.
he looked so good, his hair pushed back to one side, the years of being a pro-hero settling so nicely on him.
“are you okay, love?”
you set the glass down, blushing as he put one hand on your waist and another on your chin, wiping your mouth with a little smile. 
“what’s going on in your little head, hm?”
you sighed, leaning into his touch to rest your head on his chest, winding your arms around his torso. his warmth felt so good and nice, and he was so very built against his suit, feeling his dips and ridges.
“you just looked so delicious.”
you felt his laughter rumble against your own body, squeezing you in the comforting little hug and humming against your ear. “thank you. all for my favourite— hey!”
your hands had wandered, going south and tightly clenching against the fat of his rump and jiggling it wildly.
he had pulled away from you as you laugh, bitting your bottom lip as red spread across his neck and cheeks. 
“that was uncalled for!”
“your butt had looked so nice, husband of mine. i couldn’t help it.”
“you’re rude.” but he laughs, and its a charming look on him. “mhmh, but only if i’m allowed to do it too.”
Tumblr media
just because he wasn’t built like trucks like the rest, doesn’t mean sero isn’t built. although he’s more lean, when he’s stretched out on the couch like this, on his stomach, his muscles strained over his arms where he kept them underneath the pillow his head was resting, and his thighs and legs were on full display with the tail end of his ducky socks— you remember just how juicy he is.
especially his very prominent butt, looking exceptionally delicious.
and free real estate for a little grab and jiggle.
so you settle by his legs, peeling them off and putting them on your lap. he stirs but doesn’t do much, because for some reason, hanta is harder to wake up at home. you do know he’s alert most of the time, can barely even think about sleeping outside of the house.
what you don’t know is that the atmosphere both of you have built in this house felt like safe haven to him, and every single one of his instincts as a pro-hero quiets. melts. the safety is lulling, and his heartbeat knows your every little movement. the patters of your feet, the warmth of your skin against his. . .
you quiet the ever functioning pro-hero’s instinct.
so when his legs are on your lap, you grab a handful and made it jiggle. its fascinating how he doesn’t wake up from the first contact. you knead more, fascinated by the fat and muscle, and when you give it a smack, you hear a muffled sound.
you freeze, turning to the silky strands of dark hair spilling over the other side of the body you were playing with.
“. . . since when have you been awake, hanta?”
then another muffled, “. . . am not.”
you smack his butt again, and he shrieks unmistakably, peeling into laughter as he rearranges himself to turn toward you, hauling you by your arms instead and manoeuvring you on top of him, before he lays you both down, starfish pancake style.
he groans into your hair, snuggling you close as he laughs sleepily. “you were having too much fun, thought i’d you give that at least. after all, it’s your favourite ass.”
you pinch his waist and he shrieks again, laughing as he tries to pinch you. you’re too embarassed to say anything, just carding your other hand through his hair.
“i mean,” he says. “to be fair, i did like it. it felt like a really nice massage. the smacking might be too much though. woke my fucking soul up.” he nuzzles into your hair, mumbling, “say. . . can you do that again?”
Tumblr media
made by lavi <3
taglist: @asaitashi, @jadasz, @encrytpta, @omiikeii, @iworshipyelena, @princ3rae, @roanniee, @bbyhaji, @savantsoulfinder​, @slutbench​, @tsukkisrightpinky​, @betheydocrimewrites​,
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flames-tstuff · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
This is related to my last bnha fic, Bad Position! These drawings have been in the works for quite some time now, and, seeing everyone's wonderful work this month, I felt encouraged to finally buckle down and finish them up :D
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tamedandscripted · a day ago
a place to lay your head
pairing: hawks / takami keigo x reader
length: 2.4k
warnings: anxiety, depression, Keigo is shirtless for like half of it but it's sfw, caregiver Keigo, not proofread at all
a/n: comfort fic !! I’ve gotten 6hrs of sleep in the past three days I hope this is decent // feedback always appreciated
Tumblr media
Keigo peered into your window, eyeing your empty bedroom. He frowned as he took note of the clutter that had accumulated there in the week he had been away; clothes strewn across the floor, half empty water bottles piled on your nightstand, partially eaten takeout containers scattered around the room. Not to mention, you were nowhere to be seen.
The worry that had taken root in the pit of Keigo's stomach grew; he had only been gone on a week-long mission, but when he returned and attempted to contact you, the radio silence he received in response sent panic through his body.
Knowing that you always left your window unlocked for him, he quickly wrenched it open and slid inside, the buzzing instinct in his brain to find you and make sure you were safe taking over.
A brief flash of relief slowed his heart when he recognized the sound of your shower running, but that relief vanished just as fast as he approached the door and heard your muffled sobs from the other side.
The water from your shower had long ago turned cold as you sat on the tiled floor, goosebumps prickling your skin at the temperature. You choked back a sob as you curled into yourself, unable to find the energy to stand.
Perhaps if the beating of water on the floor had not been so loud, perhaps if your shuttering breaths and stuttering sobs had not echoed so loudly, you would have heard the incessant knocking on your bathroom door. You would have heard the latch click open and the door swing hard enough to bang into the wall. You would have heard Keigo throwing his jacket off and ripping the shower door open.
But you didn't.
Instead, you tensed in shock at the feeling of arms wrapping around you and a warm body pressing against your own. You hiccupped in an attempt to swallow your crying as you twisted in Keigo's arms just in time to see his wild, panicked expression.
He cupped your face in his palms, hands trembling in his attempt to be gentle, despite the panic that gripped him, as he swept his eyes wildly across your figure to try to find some physical damage that would explain your distress. When he found nothing, his eyes snapped back up to your own and he let out a shuddering breath.
"Dove…" he began, willing his voice to stay steady, "can you tell me what's wrong?"
You shook your head, squeezing your eyes shut and digging your nails into your palms as you felt the world spin around you and your breath quicken.
'Okay, okay," Keigo soothed, letting his thumbs work little circles into your cheeks in an attempt to comfort you. "Can you tell me how to help?"
You opened your eyes slowly and began to take in what was in front of you. Keigo looked wild, eyes wide and stricken, shoulders tense, wings twitching restlessly and pinned to his back. You knew how much it hurt him to see you suffering and you knew how much it helped him to be able to make it better - it helped you, too.
Reaching out towards him, you let your fingers curl into the fabric of his shirt and tried to pull yourself into him with shaking arms. You didn't have to do much work, though, as Keigo made a noise of protest at your efforts and wrapped his arms around you, dragging you onto his lap.
His wings twitched again, wanting so desperately to wrap around you and keep you safe and hidden from the world. He ground his teeth and held back, though, not wanting to overwhelm you, especially when he didn't even know what had triggered this in the first place.
A gentle hand pressed against his cheek and he tilted his head to place a kiss to your palm, keeping his eyes trained on you.
"I haven't been… taking care of myself," you said quietly, wincing at how raw your throat felt from crying. Keigo grabbed the hand that you'd put on his face with both of his and pressed a flurry of kisses to it.
"And that's okay," he assured. You smiled weakly.
"Would you maybe…" you began, noting the way Keigo immediately perked up. You tensed your hands again and squirmed a bit in his lap. Keigo cupped your face in his hands again.
"Whatever you need, angel. I'm here."
"Would you maybe… take care of me for a little while? Just until I can again?" Keigo cooed softly, wings fluttering and shoulders dropping.
"I'd be happy to, dove. For as long as you need."
You pressed your face into his neck and let your body relax in his hold, mellowed by the knowledge that Keigo was there and he'd take care of you in all the ways you could not. As your body loosened, though, the tremors became more noticeable, teeth chattering from the cold water of your shower.
Keigo smoothed a hand down your back before bundling you up in his arms and standing, pausing to turn the shower off. As he set you down on the counter, a flurry of feathers dropped a towel on your shoulders, and you hummed appreciatively at the warmth that seeped through you as he dried you off with tender hands. Reaching out to snare your fingers in his shirt, you frowned when you realized that he was also dripping.
"Don't worry about me, birdie," he assured, dropping a kiss to your forehead. His heart fluttered at your concern as he threw your towel into your laundry and let a flurry of his feathers deposit a bundle of clothes onto the counter next to you.
"Arms up for me, love." He pulled a large t-shirt over your head and you let yourself sink into the comfort of it, recognizing it as one that came from the stash of clothes he always left at your apartment. Urging you to stand, then, Keigo kept firm hands on your waist, waiting for your legs to stop trembling and your hands to securely attach themselves to his shoulders. When he was sure you were steady, he slid a pair of his sweatpants onto you and quickly lifted you back onto the counter. Stepping away from you, he pulled the wet remains of his hero costume off and pulled on his own pair of sweatpants. When he reached for his shirt, though, your hand shot out to stop him. His brow quirked and a smile twitched on his face.
"Whatcha thinking about, dove?" His tone was teasing, but he was still being gentle, not wanting to risk making you feel worse than you already were. Your hand curled around his wrist.
"Can - can you maybe…" you began, tripping over your words as you felt blood rush to your cheeks.
"Go on," he prompted, stepping closer to you to place his hands on your thighs, squeezing them reassuringly.
"Maybe just… keep the shirt off," you mumbled, looking away. Keigo cooed and let his wings flutter before stepping closer to you, sliding his hips between your legs. He slid one hand around to the back of your neck, squeezing gently and humming happily when you sagged against his chest. He kept himself still and focused on taking deep, steady breaths while your hands slid up his torso and your palms flattened against him, keeping your cheek pressed to his skin as you listened to his breathing and steady heartbeats.
"It's just nice," you murmured, and Keigo melted at the soft, relaxed tone of your voice, "to be so close to you like this." He hummed in understanding and pulled you closer, letting you drift for a moment or two.
When he felt you begin to sag against him even more and saw your eyes flutter closed, he pressed a kiss to your head and tightened his arms around you.
"Angel, have you eaten yet?" You stiffened at his question and he was quick to rock you back and forth, cooing gently. "It's ok, love. I'm here to take care of you, remember? It's ok." With that, he coaxed you to wrap your legs around his waist, keeping his hands firmly on your thighs as he carried you out of your bathroom. He paused on his way to your kitchen, considering leaving you to rest on your couch while he took care of things, but the way you gripped him and kept your face hidden in his neck made him reconsider.
Nudging your face up with his shoulder, he gestured towards the stack of take-out menus next to your fridge. You let your head flop back down onto him.
"You pick," you murmured.
"There's nothing in particular you want?" Keigo prompted. He knew how difficult it was for you to make decisions in the state that you were in, but if he could coax you into making a few small choices, he would.
You rolled your head to the side, thinking, before squirming against him and reaching out to the stack of menus. You rummaged through them for a moment before pulling one out of the stack.
"Anything from this place."
"Good, dove. Thank you," Keigo pressed a flurry of kisses to your face, beaming at the little smile he noticed. Shuffling over to the other side of your kitchen, he grabbed a glass from your cupboard and filled it with fresh water. Setting you down on the counter, he tilted back just enough to look at you before he pressed the glass into your hands and urged you to drink while he ordered the takeout.
You sipped the water, letting it soothe your throat, as you listened to Keigo's voice; once he finished ordering, he tossed his phone onto the counter and put his hands on our sides, rubbing up and down gently and talking softly about his day - nothing important, nothing for you to focus on, just so that you could hear his voice.
Tipping the glass back to finish the last of your water, you looked up at Keigo and caught him smiling down at you.
"You're so good for me," he breathed as he plucked the glass from your hands, setting it aside, and swept you into his arms again.
Dropping you onto the couch delicately, he busied himself sorting through blankets and pillows, propping you up, tucking you in, and taking every opportunity to press quick, fluttering kisses over each part of you that he made comfortable. His brow furrowed in concentration and he made small noises of protest every time you tried to move or help him.
As he finally settled you in, stopping to admire his work and let his feathers ruffle in satisfaction, he turned to your tv, setting up a film that you recognized as one of your comfort movies. He slid onto the couch behind you, then, letting you burrow into him and the blankets that surrounded the two of you as you melted into his arms.
"You ready to talk about what's going on?" he murmured into your hair. You chewed your lip as you searched for what to say, comforted by the knowledge that Keigo would never push you further than you could handle.
"I don’t… I don't really know what it was. Sometimes things get hard and I just kinda slip, I guess. Usually…" you drifted off, letting your eyes flick away from his.
"It's ok," he soothed. "You can say anything to me." You looked back up at him, noting the love and adoration in his eyes, masked almost entirely by concern.
"Don't be upset. But, usually, you're around, so I don't slip very far."
"Oh," he responded dully, arms tightening around you. "God, I'm so sorry -"
"I told you not to get upset! Don't apologize; you can't always be hanging around waiting for me to need something." You tried to console him, but the guilt eating away at his heart was so obvious it made your own clench painfully. You wiggled out of his grip so you could sit up and cup his face in your hands.
"I love you," you said firmly. "You take such good care of me - always. You can't be here all the time, but when you are, it more than makes up for the time I spend alone."
"You do. You're here right now, taking care of me. That's what matters."
Keigo looked away and his fists clenched; he hated the time he had to spend away from you, and it drove him crazy that he couldn't always be there when you needed him.
"I just want to make sure you're ok," he sighed, wincing internally at the tremble in his voice.
Whatever retort Keigo has in mind was silenced by the sound of your doorbell, and he smiled at you softly as he shuffled away from the couch to retrieve the takeout he'd ordered while you snuggled back into the blankets, content with soothing Keigo's guilt and worry a bit.
When he returned, he pulled you onto his lap and kept his arms wrapped firmly around you as you ate quietly, half paying attention to the movie that he'd set up while you fed him small bites between your own.
When the food was cleared away, he tugged you closer and gently pressed one hand to the back of your neck, directing you to lay your cheek against his chest, while his other hand slipped under the back of your shirt to rub soothing circling into your skin. You rubbed your cheek against his chest as your eyes fluttered in an attempt to stay open - a fight that was quickly lost as Keigo cooed and clicked and lulled you to sleep. As you began to feel sleep pull you away, you burrowed further into his chest, murmuring, "stay the night?"
Keigo chuckled quietly.
"Oh dove, there's no way I'm leaving you tonight."
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dontburnthesugar · 2 days ago
shea butter, baby
Tumblr media
everyone wants clear skin.
but not everyone was so lucky to be gifted an easy life acne free. why are pimples even a thing?
nights when you were ready to crawl into bed and pass out, but you accidentally scratch the new bump on your cheek and suddenly sleep was the last thing on your mind. you used to have a routine but then you get lazy or forget, i’ll do it tonight and after a week of only using cold water in the morning, you are paying the price.
you hated dealing with breakouts, those pesky red spots across your cheek or forehead that take weeks to go away. you can cover them up with some concealer, but at the end of the day they were still there.
besides, acne wasn’t anything to be embarrassed about, right? everyone deals with it at some point in their lives, it’s about keeping up with self care and having confidence.
well, maybe you didn’t have much confidence.. finding a new routine it is!
you stare at the ceiling while bakugo was at his desk studying for the test next week. notes were on the floor, abandoned for the time being, you were sprawled out on his bed in boredom. the all might posters on his wall seemed more interesting, anyway. “you asked to study yet you take a break after 20 minutes?” he snapped you out of your thoughts, and you shrug even though he wasn’t looking at you.
“hey katsuki, what’s your skin care routine?”
bakugo lifts an eyebrow at the sudden question and though he doesn’t look over at you, the pencil stopping in place was proof you had his attention. “don’t need one.” bastard.
you spring up instantly, but regret it when you get a dizzy spell. the teen finally turns to look at you, standing up to stretch his arms out and you hear a small pop. great, now you could bother him.
“huh? your skin is always clear and perfect, i’m breaking out and i don’t know why-“
“you idiot,” bakugo mumbles under his breath, “because you don’t wash your stupid face and stay up until 3 in the morning on tiktok.” you don’t try to deny it, looking away in embarrassment. “it’s about consistency.”
“i heard your quirk probably helps your skin and stuff but really? you don’t use anything?” you push, not so convinced.
getting to your knees you shift closer to bakugou, hands clasped together and a pout on your lips. “pleease katsuki? i’ll study hard after.. want a cookie?”
“you never study.”
“.. exactly.”
you see the gears turning in his head, swallowing your nerves at the ever-present bitch face he was giving you. with a sigh bakugo grabs your arm and he’s yanking you up. “ouch! hey-” he drags you to his bathroom, flipping the light. it was organized and clean, like always.
as he rummages through a drawer, you’re rubbing the spot on your arm (if you had a bruise in the morning you swore his mother was gonna hear about this-) and watch him bring out a few bottles.
“ooh you got that? let me see,” you almost push bakugo out of the way, looking through the numerous products with interest. bakugo slaps your hand away with a warning look, “keep your dirty hands to yourself.”
“tie your hair out of your face or use this.”
you turn around, hands out to take whatever bakugo was offering and look at the fluffy pink headband. you took it and hold in a laugh, “i knew you were a soft boy.”
(“THEY’RE THE LAST ONES I FOUND, SAY A WORD TO ANYONE I’LL KILL YOU” bakugo almost blew you up but let’s forget that)
you slip your head into the headband and pull it back up until everything was out of your face. washing your hands after him. you were still insulted by what he said, too, making sure he saw how aggressively you scrub your fingers with soap.
after, bakugo holds up a china pink bottle from honest beauty, “this is a primer and face mask for the morning, here.” he opens the cap and squeezes a bit of the purple cream onto his palm, and you take it from him to do the same.
you could hardly stand still with excitement and turn to the mirror, before spreading it over your face: your chin and working your way up.
“it’s nice because it smells like berries-“ the corner of his lips raise, but then it’s gone when you glanced at him. “not that i care.”
“and it has shea butter in it, so it’s moisturizing and all that shit.” you make conversation (“i bet every night you wash your face like ‘DIE DEAD SKIN CELLS DIEE!’” “say that again i dare you“) as you wait a few minutes to wash it off with warm water.
bakugo grabs vitamin c serum and pumps a little into your hand, and you smooth it all over your face again. “next time i should just come to you for skin care,” you joke, bumping his side with your elbow.
you were almost surprised by how he flushed, ears turning red. he glares at you through the mirror, “that’s just for now, come over tomorrow night and don’t be late or i’ll drag your ass here myself. no if’s and’s or but’s.. your constant whining is annoying as hell.”
you pout, shoulders falling but there’s a playful gleam in your eye. “oh come on, katsuki. you love me, we’re bonding. oh- oh fuck katsuki i feel FRESH.” you touch your face, this felt nice.
bakugo glances over at you weirdly, “yeah whatever, you never leave me alone anyway.” you watch as he starts to put all the products away, taking off the headband while eyeing a certain one.
“i’m stealing this by the way, it’s mine now.” you say, snagging the primer you used from his hand. bakugo doesn’t seem too happy with that, reaching out for the bottle, “get your own shit, loser.”
then the sink is back on. water hits his face and he’s sputtering in surprise and anger, but mostly anger. fringe damp, droplets running down his face, the neck of his shirt wasn’t safe from the attack either. the cold air almost made him shiver if he wasn’t actually fuming.
“holy shit that’s cold!” you shake your hand off, laughing. you splashed him. bakugo is shaking and his quirk starts to go off, palms sparking.
you freeze, heart pounding in your chest and you’re not even breathing, squeezing the bottle. ‘maybe if you don’t move he‘ll forget you’re here....’
“heyy man, look i-.... wait, stay back!“ you feel small under his gaze and when he dares to take a step closer, it’s either fight or flight. and you run. bakugo reaches out for you and you barely dodge his wrath, slamming the door in his face.
he hears you screaming for help and he doesn’t waste another second to chase after you. “COME BACK HERE YOU COWARD!”
but you need that smooth skin, baby.
Tumblr media
wanted to get back to writing but here’s a repost from my old account to get my nerves out
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serostuffsmh · 7 hours ago
Prompt 1: "I've learnt to love you." with Kai? Imagine him just confessing his love for his s/o in a matter of fact way 😩
Tumblr media
prompt(s): "I've learnt to love you."
pairings: overhaul x reader
Wine had always been his drink of choice.  It was by far more palatable than any strong swill aged for God knows how long.
The wine he had been drinking for the past evening was especially sweet, and it was hard to resist one after another, and another.
There were only a few occasions he let himself be so careless when drinking but after too many tedious days of working without break this felt like something he was owed. Finally, able to get properly wine drunk in his own room on his own terms.
Last time he recalled it was with the little brothers of the gang, when he was just as green as they were. Collectively they had goaded him into drinking an entire bottle of Koshu wine in record time. He also distinctly remembered losing that wager as well, and that he was notoriously mocked for being a lightweight. This was all before he had self-restraint and not as susceptible to childish bets of holding your liquor.
The sliding door opening had interrupted his vague reminiscing. It was you, coming to bed most likely.
"Huh, I don't think I've seen you drink before." Raising your brow at him and glass in his hands.
"Except those times with the old boss."
Ignoring your previous comment, Kai nudged the dark stained bottle on the end table. “Have a drink with me.”
Shaking your head you gave a quick pass with your hand, “It’s late, Kai. We should go to bed.”
“Are you refusing your boss?” Amusement lilted in his voice, suggesting he was trying to mess with you. It was unusual behavior for him, but from past experiences he did tend to behave unusually under the influence.
“That’s a punishable offence.” Lifting his glass to his lips taking a long sip.
“You’re not my boss. You’re my partner, idiot.”
Usually when he was sober you might have held your tongue, but he was less stringent in his little stupor.
Scrunching his eyebrows together he made a faux wounded expression, “Disrespect is also an offense.”
“And I’ll be sure to stand trial in the morning.” Retorting back.
Chisaki would never admit it aloud but, he enjoyed that you were so outspoken and not afraid to say what was on your mind with him. It was surprising but also refreshing. When you called him idiot, it was almost... endearing? Although, if anyone other than you wanted to speak their mind like you, they wouldn’t be speaking for much longer. Rappa had come to mind and the time he made the mistake of calling him Overjerk to his face.
Taking a final swig of his drink he muttered into his glass about the “serious consequences...” you would face in the morning.
After finishing the last drop of rosy liquid, he let his arm recline against the edge of the end table. The hand that was holding onto his glass relaxed and he felt it slip from his fingertips and fall to the floor. Luckily, the glass was quite thick and landed on the ground with a clang instead of a shatter.
Blinking in surprise, he let out a small, “hmph.” Usually, he was quicker with his reflexes.
Funny what a little booze does to someone’s equilibrium. Kai wondered if this is what Sakaki's quirk felt like
“Are you finished? Can we go to bed now?” Gesturing your thumb to the empty awaiting bed.
“No, I’m going to stay up awhile longer. You can join me if you want.” His voice was low and slow, not clear as it usually was, and his pronunciation was also bit off.
Sighing heavily at his adamancy you pulled up a spare ottoman, “Fine, but you need to sleep soon.” Scootching yourself closer to his chair in front of you.
Narrowing his eyes, he leaned forward to get a good look at you before challenging you again. “Telling me what to do now? You’re really a glutton for punishment.”
The edge of your lip twitched into a small smile.
“And you’re really a pain," bantering back childishly. "But I've learnt to live with it because I love you."
He stops himself, trying to suppress an oncoming smile.
“I suppose I’ve learnt to love you too.”
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pink-duda · a day ago
Since all might is like really tall i rlly wanna see a fic where he carries or hugs a small reader (like 4'11) so uh can i request that, also i wouldve sent this earlier in if i werent so shy lol
hi anonymous! I'm proud of you for leaving your shyness aside to ask me!
And I'm sorry if you wanted something written with details and lines, for me it's hard to do that and I also think I couldn't do it for all might.
Anyway, i hope you like it💖
besides, i went to see our heights compared to him, and i died laughing
Tumblr media
⚠️let me know if something is spelled wrong⚠️
♡︎All Might date someone short♡︎
Tumblr media
When Toshinori met you he wasn't too surprised by your height, he's quite tall, it's normal for him to see people smaller than him.
But for him to start liking and dating someone small is a different thing.
He won't provoke you because you're short, in fact it will be the other way around, he will always help you.
Is there something you want to pick up from a very tall bookcase? He'll get it for you.
Want to see what's happening in a crowd? He'll pick you up easily and put you on his shoulders.
Are you tired and want to be carried? Sure! How can he say no to you?
He likes to keep comparing the size of his hands and feet, he thinks it's cute.
His hugs are wonderful, he bends down, hugs you and gets up.
He only does this kind of hug at home, he doesn't want to treat you like that in front of others, it's very intimate.
He'll love it if you help him with things too.
How to get through people more easily.
Pick up something that I fall under the bed.
It's just all so cute and kind.
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escapenightmare · 22 hours ago
hi ashie congrats again! can i request prompts 05 and 13 with todoroki shoto please? also sorry if i did this wrong, its my first time participating in an event
prompts . . . #05. missing your mouth and spilling a drink all over yourself & #13. “wow, you're so photogenic.” note. thanks for requesting, rae! not proof-read 🧍🏽‍♂️
Tumblr media
in his defense, he was distracted. as he sat across from you in the small café table, all shoto did was pay attention to what you're talking about. he was genuinely curious as to what you had to say, and even though he didn't have any input or comments, he listened and he did that, with all his attention on you.
one of his hands were holding onto the drink he had ordered a while back, the other laying limp on the table. with his gaze still on you, he moves his drink towards his mouth, parting his lips a bit, only to tilt the cup and suddenly feeling a coldness in his upper body.
he looks down, staring at his white sweater and the light red color spreading on it. you'd stopped your talking, instead staring at shoto's bewildered expression and the spreading red stain on his used-to-be-perfect, white sweater. “sho,” you start, grabbing some tissues from the tissue box that sat in the middle of the table, “here.”
shoto desperately, but yet completely focused, tries to get the stain away, only to softly sigh when he sees no signs of the stain leaving.
he looks back up at you, blinking once when he sees a phone in your hand.
“wow, you're so photogenic.”
a smile— a small one, though pretty, tugs at his lips. “what're you doing, love?”
“taking a picture of course, this is going to be my new lockscreen. you don't mind, right?”
he's embarrassed, and as he blushes, he leans over and places a kiss on your cheek. “of course, i don't mind.”
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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toji-bunny-girl · 15 hours ago
Thinking about...
Boyfriend!Katsuki that takes everything he sees that you’ll like or reminded him of you from the store and shoves them into your hands before turning his head away so that you won’t catch him blushing
Boyfriend!Katsuki that makes sure you have two bottle of pepper sprays in your bags before you can go out and always checks them to see whether he need to replace them. Sometimes, he’ll sneak a third bottle of pepper spray just because he’s afraid that there’ll be creeps attacking you without him there
Boyfriend!Katsuki that calls people simps but begs you with tears in his eyes and a little whine in his words to either hug or kiss him before getting into class
Boyfriend!Katsuki that enjoys having competitions with you to see who can eat the most spice so that he can laugh at your red, snot-nosed and watery eyed face while he’s literally sobbing and blowing his nose every 3 seconds 
Boyfriend!Katsuki that is extra careful to not hug you too hard because of the injury you had while training or fighting villains
Boyfriend!Katsuki that got touched when you tell him you love him for the first time and he even wrote the date of the day in his notes app so that he won’t forget it (x/x/xxx - y/n told me they love me for the first time)
Boyfriend!Katsuki that doesn’t yell or glare when he visits your family and has the nicest and the most handsome smile on his face as he speaks to them with his calm voice so that they won't think badly of him
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lou-struck · a day ago
Izuku Midoriya x reader
- While walking home with your husband, a group of trick or treaters catch his eye
WC: 1000+
It’s a beautiful afternoon, the bright sun and clear sky hide the deceptively chilly air from those like Izuku Midoriya who is looking through the glass windows of his Agency waiting for you to arrive so the two of you can enjoy a nice walk back to your home while looking at the decorations in your neighborhood. Heading down to the front desk he waits for you to walk in through the front door and make his day.
After a few minutes, you arrive and Izuku can’t help but grin seeing you come in, your cheeks slightly pink from the cold. He rushes over to give you a warm hug as you bury your face into his warm chest.
“hey Zuku, sorry I’m late!”
“You’re not late at all,” he says “are you ready to go?” You nod as The two of you leave his agency, Izuku wrapping an arm around your shoulders protectively to shield you from the wind and the street as you begin to walk.
Nearing the end of your trip, the two of you begin to pass a park filled with children all dressed up in their Halloween costumes, all running around and playing. There is a small army of vampires, witches and, princesses. However, the majority of them are dressed as pro heroes old and new. A tiny Red riot pushes their little sister on a swing set while a tiny Uravity and Froppy try to see who can bouncy the highest on a trampoline. It’s adorable, but what really got your attention was a little boy in a Deku costume walking his dog. You stop for a second to process it, but the dog is a tiny blonde Pomeranian wearing a Dynamite costume. You can’t help but laugh at the scene in front of you. You try to step forward and continue on your way but you are stopped by Izuku’s strong frame. He is focused on the Little Deku in front of him with watery eyes.
Gently tapping his shoulder he looks at you his lips wobbling a little bit. “Is everything okay Zuku?” you ask him as he works to compose himself.
“Why does that child want to be dressed like me for Halloween, there are so many other heroes out there,” he says softly forgetting that he is the number one hero.
He’s so adorably humble that your heart breaks for him. “It’s because you’re probably that child’s favorite hero, he looks at you the way you look at All Might.”
He stops and thinks about what you just said and smiles. “I guess that true.”
Before leaving, the two of you take a quick picture of the pomeranian to send to Bakugou, just to rile him up. Then make your way back home arm in arm so you can get ready for Mina Ashido’s Halloween party later that evening.
A few hours later Izuku finishes up the last few touches on his All Might costume while you hand out candy to whatever trick o treaters come your way. Sneaking up behind you he wraps his arms around you.
“I can take it from here, you should get ready to go,” he says burying his face in your hair. “I want to see your costume.”
“Don’t eat it all Zuku.” you chide at him playfully before going to put your costume on as well.
Izuku excitedly takes his job passing out candy waiting patiently for the little knocks at the door. He opens it every time and tells the kids how much he loves their costumes while handing out extremely large handfuls of candy.
He ends up running out of candy about 30 minutes in so he has to refill the candy bowl with another bulk bag that the two of you bought just in case. But there has seemed to be a lull for trick or treaters so he is impatiently waiting with his newly full candy cauldron for his next visitor.
A little bit later you come down the stairs as a small knock at your door. Izuku springs up to get the door, opening it up to see the little Deku from the park earlier.
“Trick or Treat!” he says holding out his pillowcase to your once again awe-struck husband.
“Wow, It’s Deku!” he says excitedly. He then stops for a moment moving to look around for any nearby trick or treaters or onlookers before crouching down to his little clone. “Could I see your pillowcase?” he asks.
The little boy looks at him unsurely before handing it over. “Mr. All Might, will you give it back?”
“Of Course I will, that wouldn’t be very heroic of me after all.” He says opening the case nice and wide before dumping the entirety of the candy bowl into it.
The Little boy’s eyes seem to double in size at the sheer volume of candy that is now in his pillowcase. “Thank you!” he says excitedly taking back the pillowcase basically dragging it down your driveway due to its weight.
Izuku closes the door and waits for the little hero to leave before turning off your decorations with a remote to signal that there is no more candy at the house.
“You always have to be a hero don’t you Zuku?” you say teasingly as he turns around clearly startled.
“We... We didn’t have that much candy left.” he stammers blushing slightly realizing that he had been caught.
“It was full Izuku, that kid is going to have a hard time getting back home with all that candy.”
“I don’t think so, he is a pro hero after all,” he says jokingly grabbing his keys off of the hook opening the front door for you, making sure to lock up, and turning off any extra Halloween decorations.
“I guess that you have a bias, maybe next year ill have to hand out the candy myself,” you say laughing as the two of you head out to the car to head to the party knowing that he would definitely do the same thing next year.
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billiethepumpkin · 4 hours ago
Can I ask for kinktober one with Iida, breeding, sensory play, and orgasm control.
Are You Interested?
Featuring: Tenya Iida. Female reader.
Warnings: My blog is 18+. Minors, do not interact. NSFW. Voyeurism. Virginity mentioned. Agrexophilia. Masturbation. Porn. Breeding kink. Sensory deprivation. Blindfold. Being tied up. Receiving oral sex. Vaginal fingering. Orgasm delay/denial. Vaginal sex.
A/N: Iida is a grown ass man because I'm an old fuck :) Also, I know this person IRL, in case you're wondering where the other requirements are.
Summary: You were his first everything. His first date. His first girlfriend. His first kiss. But anytime anything even remotely sexual came up, he would always change the subject. You knew he had those feelings toward you, judging by all of the *ahem* physical signs when he was around you. But he wouldn't even so something as simple as touching you, his reason being that you were in the dorms. Now that you were full adults, graduated and moved in together, he's still embarrassed. But he's determined to do all the things he's thought about.
Tumblr media
You and Iida had been together nearly five years. You met back in your days in class 1-A. If you had gone to a traditional high school, you might've won "cutest couple" as a senior superlative. And when you graduated, you moved in together almost immediately, happy to have time together without having to babysit the other 19 students.
Before now, you and Iida hadn't done much in the way of intimacy. You had kissed quite a lot, your love burning into heated make out sessions in your dorm room. But any time things dared to move any further, he pulled you into him and hid his flushed pink face in your shoulder. And each time you felt him pitch a tent underneath you, he would always cut things short. And, of course, you were never angry. To be fair, you lived in the dorms, and if anybody had heard the two of you, there were only two possibilities. You could get in trouble, and who knows what form of discipline Mr. Aizawa would dream up for the two of you. Or you could get caught by somebody in the dorm and endure the embarrassment of that spreading around the dorm and never being able to live it down. And neither of you were sure which was worse.
But now, you had lived together for several months, kept busy by your hero work and really only seeing each other in the late evenings, when you were having dinner and getting ready for bed. And Iida still hadn't shown any sign of wanting to be intimate with you. You started to become impatient, so you decided to run a little test.
One day, when you both managed to have a tame enough day at work to come home early, you were determined to at least catch his eye. After you both had dinner, you caught his lips between yours. You held his face in your hands, and you straddled one of his thighs, just as you did back then. His hands rested on your hips, slowly moving up to your waist and wrapping around you to press your body against his. You removed his glasses for him, letting them plop on the couch next to you, and you tangled your fingers into the hair behind his head.
This went on for about ten minutes, with his hands wandering all over your body. At this point, you realized that, if he didn't want to have sex (which would be completely fine), you'd have to find some other way to quell the heat between your thighs because you were much too worked up not to do anything about it.
You felt the growing erection against your knee, and you felt him gently grind it against you. Usually, now would be the moment that he would pull away, pressing you against his body with heated cheeks and pink ears. But this time, he didn't. Instead, you heard him groan into your mouth, and his fingers gently made their way under the hem of your shirt, resting on your bare waist. Progress, you thought. You moved your kisses down to his neck, pulling a sigh from his lungs and through his lips. You couldn't help but smile at his reaction, your sweet Tenya getting all worked up from just a little kissing. You moved a bit further, allowing your teeth to ghost against the skin. And mid-moan, Iida pushed you away from him ever so slightly. "What's wrong?" you gently asked, brushing his hair behind his ears and resting your forehead against his.
"I can't," he said, closing his eyes. As much as every part of himself wanted to have you right then and there, he just couldn't. His heart was racing, and there was a tiny part of him that was just too nervous to continue.
You pulled away and looked him in the eyes, your hands sliding down to his chest. "Did I do something wrong?" you asked, worried.
He smiled nervously at you. "No, of course not, my love," he answered. "I'm just nervous, that's all. Some other time, though."
You nodded in response, and he pulled you against his body, burying his face into your neck. You guessed you were relieved that he wasn't disgusted by you or anything like that--he was just nervous to do anything like that.
Late that night, you still hadn't had a chance to quell the growing rage between your thighs. You laid awake long after Iida had fallen asleep, and you went to the office to occupy yourself. You found that Iida had left his laptop on and unlocked. Curious, you sat in front of his laptop and opened the Internet browser. His search history was... interesting. There wasn't much of interest recently, showing that he'd learned to use Incognito Mode when he was doing anything dirty. But a couple of months ago, you found a video titled "Blindfolded and Bred." In Incognito Mode yourself, you clicked on the video to find a video of a beautiful girl, hands tied up at the wrists, blindfold around her eyes, being fucked full of load after load of white, sticky cum.
You squirmed in your spot, watching the things that were happening to this girl. And you couldn't help but wish they were things your man did for you. And something about this entire situation, sitting in his office chair, using his computer, watching his porn, made the walls of your sex clench around nothing. You rested your hands between your legs, caressing your inner thighs before allowing your hands to travel beneath the waistband of your shorts. You dipped your fingers in your slick, leftover from the heated making out that happened earlier that day, and you touched yourself to the idea of Iida doing all those things to you. Tying you up. Inserting himself into you. Pounding into you slowly, but with such force that you might cum with just one thrust. Filling you up with load after load, so full you worry you might get pregnant.
Iida woke up to an empty pillow next to him. At first, he thought you might be in the bathroom. So he just waited for you to come back. But when you didn't return after a couple of minutes, he grew worried. He removed his earplugs and set them on his nightstand before getting up to look for you. The bathroom door was wide open, showing no sign of you inside. The only other sign of life in the entire apartment was the faint, white glow of a computer screen in the office. Quietly, he snuck into the office to see you on his computer, watching a video he had gone back to multiple times in the past month, thinking about doing all those same things to you.
When he saw you, he couldn't say anything. He just hid outside in the hallway. You had just seen the most disturbing part of him. Gentlemen did not watch those things. Respectable people did not have fantasies about tying up the love of their life, filling her until she was most certainly bred. But even now, the thought of doing those things to you made his cock twitch under his pajama pants. And as he heard you quietly moaning on the other side of the doorway, he found himself palming his cock through his clothes. He jerked himself to the sound of your quiet pleasure sounds, being sure to cum in his clothes so there was no evidence. And he tried to go back to sleep. But the thought of you cumming around your fingers in the next room kept him awake until you came back to bed.
For the next four nights in a row, you found yourselves in this position. You touched yourself any porn you could find on Iida's computer. And Iida made himself cum in secret to the sound of your sweet voice. And each time, he would worry that he was being creepy. Iida would wonder if he should just go in there and touch you himself, instead of listening to you make yourself cum from mere feet away. But he just couldn't work up the courage or the confidence to be smooth about it. And it wasn't like you wanted him in that moment. You wanted the video, and he couldn't just interrupt you and embarrass you like that. Right?
On the fifth day, though, he found the door shut except for a tiny opening. Thankfully, he could still hear your soft voice, almost a whisper. Your fingers were buried in your pussy as deep as they could go, squirming underneath your shorts, your other hand tweaking your nipple. You moaned a quiet, "Tenya..." to the thought of being plowed into like the girl in the video. Your body squirmed at the idea, and Iida heard all of it from the other side of the door. The sound of your voice moaning his name made him gasp, covering his mouth so you wouldn't hear him.
So you really were moaning for him this whole time. You were thinking of him as your fingers rowed through your pussy lips night after night. And somehow he couldn't believe it. After all the times he had turned you away out of shame for the things he wanted to do to you, you were still desperate for him. And that was all the confidence he needed.
He tiptoed into the office, careful not to let you hear him until he was ready. When he was right behind the chair, lips just behind your ear, he whispered, "Are you interested?"
Your eyes widened, and you felt your face burn bright red. How long had he been standing there? Did he know what you were doing? Obviously he did, he was standing right behind you. "What?" was all you could manage to squeak as you removed your hands from where they rested on your pelvis.
"It's just," he began, "if you are, I want to do those things." You blinked, feeling your face grow even warmer, as if that were even possible. You were left speechless. "You see, darling," he mumbled, right next to your earlobe, "I wasn't exactly nervous about having sex. The problem was, I didn't know that I could hold back from doing all those dirty things to you." He spun you around in the desk chair to face him when you were finished. "But if you're as interested as you appear to be, with your hands between your thighs, I'd rather be the one to take care of those desires. Don't you agree?"
You couldn't tell if he was teasing or not. Was this a dream? Maybe you hadn't gotten out of bed this time at all. Maybe this was all a figment of your imagination, thought up while your eyes were closed. But that theory was disproven when you felt Tenya's lips make contact with your own. "Is that what you want?" he whispered, just centimeters from your face. He meant what was happening in the video, the girl being blindfolded and filled with creampie after creampie.
"Yes," you admitted, your cheeks remaining a bright red.
"Come here," Iida commanded, standing up and offering you his hand. "I have an idea." You turned off the video and abandoned the computer all together, following your boyfriend into your bedroom. He pulled out a scarf and stood in front of you as you sat on the bed. "Are you sure you're alright with this?" he asked, looking you in the eye with only your bedside table lamp lighting the room with a golden glow. When you nodded in response, he said, "If there's anything wrong--anything you're uncomfortable with--be sure to tell me immediately. Do you understand?"
"Yes," you said. "I understand."
"Good," he said, already beginning to fasten the scarf around your face. Once it was tied and he was sure you couldn't see, he began to announce everything he was going to do, worried he might make you nervous or scared. "I'm going to undress you," he announced before allowing his strong fingers to delicately pull your tank top over your head and tug your short off of your legs. He had never seen you completely naked, but he was certain you were the most beautiful thing he'd ever seen. He took a moment to bask in your beauty before he snapped out of it and continued. "I'm going to position you on the bed," he said, lifting you slightly and situating you so you were propped up against, what you assumed was, the headboard.
"I'm going to tie your hands, now," he said, tying one of his ties around your wrist to fasten them together. Now, you really couldn't do anything. You were practically helpless. But you trusted Iida with your life, in a few cases quite literally. And instead of feeling endangered with your hands tied above your head, you felt excited for what was to come.
Without an announcement this time, he ghosted his fingers over your body, starting at your shoulders. The fact that you couldn't see made everything else much more sensitive. You felt like you could hear every single breath he took. It seemed like you could feel every ridge on each of his fingerprints brushing against your skin. Those same strong fingers ghosted down the sides of your abdomen as his eyes feasted on your figure, absolutely perfect. Goosebumps raised over nearly every inch of your body as he moved. His fingers ghosted back up your abdomen to your breasts, an index finger circling around your hardened nipples. "How does this feel, my love?" he asked. But he didn't need an answer. The way you sighed at his touch was enough to tell him exactly how it felt for you.
Soon, one of his fingers was replaced by his tongue, warm and wet, circling the pebbled bud of your breast. His other hand moved to gently tweak the other nipple. Iida's free hand moved to explore the rest of your body. He had never felt you completely bare before, with nothing to get in the way of your skin. He caressed your waist, sliding his hand all the way down to your thigh. He squished the plush flesh of your leg, suddenly becoming fixated on your thighs.
His mouth moved away from your nipple, leaving it cold and hard and hypersensitive. But he created a trail of kisses down your left side, his lips lingering on every square inch of skin until he came to your thighs. On your thighs, his kisses became even more intensified. And when he got to your inner thighs, the kisses became almost feral, his teeth grazing over your soft flesh with a tiny growl. Woah. That was never a sound you thought would escape Iida's lips.
Resting on the bed between your legs, Iida's hands caressed your hips, his eyes trained on your sweet folds. "You are absolutely gorgeous," he gushed, his finger ghosting over your slit for a brief moment. "And absolutely soaking down here, too," he commented. He was so close to your pussy that you could feel his breath against your clit, but you needed more. You needed contact. You needed friction. You needed just about anything that was going to get you off.
Iida did none of the things you wanted. Instead, he pressed a singular thumb into your clit, almost like he was pressing an elevator button. But the singular touch alone forced a sigh from your lungs, your heightened senses coming into play at the moment. "Did that feel good?" Iida teased.
"Tenya, please--" you groaned, squirming a little to try and force friction on your slit.
His other hand continued exploring your body, now resting underneath your thigh and lightly gripping the flesh. "You need more?" he asked, beginning to move his thumb ever so slowly. And even though the pace was only a little faster than being completely stopped, you were seeing stars from his touch alone. Your breathing hitched, and you whimpered from the small movements. Iida wondered what you tasted like, your slick smelling sweet when he was this close. His curiosity got the best of him, and he replaced his thumb with his tongue.
You became almost instantly breathless from the touch of his tongue. Iida's strong arms wrapped around your thighs, his hands resting on your pelvis to keep you in one place. His tongue danced all around your sex, exploring your folds and making its way back to your clit each time. He wrapped his lips around it and circled it with his tongue, looking up at you to see how long it would be before you came undone. He knew it wouldn't be long, but he didn't want you cumming for him just yet. No, he was going to make this last as long as possible. So he stopped all together, leaving your body craving more friction, more working up.
"I know what you want," he said, pressing his thumb to your clit once again and moving in small circles to keep you stimulated. "I know you want me to make the sweetest love to you. But you're just going to have to wait." His voice was darkened now, different from his usual business casual tone. He dipped two fingers between your folds and into your hole.
"Tenyaaa," you whined as you felt his fingers dip into you. You wanted to squirm. You wanted him to finger you so hard and so fast that you would gush around his hand in seconds. But that didn't happen. You just felt his thick, strong fingers enter you and stay there until his tongue once again made contact with your clit.
His movements were agonizingly slow, all so that he could watch you fall into the pits of the deepest orgasm he could pull from you. And for that, he had to work you up as much as possible before he'd allow you to cum.
This time, the possibility of orgasm came much quicker, the pressure in your pelvis building with each second. "Tenya, don't stop," you warned. "I'm gonna cum."
A sly smirk spread across Iida's cheeks when he pulled his mouth away from you and stopped moving his fingers entirely. "Not quite yet, love," he said. "There's still so much I want to do."
He sat up and pulled his own shirt over his head, letting his pajama pants fall to the floor. He lifted your legs and situated himself between them, the angry red tip of his hardened cock resting against your clit. "Is this okay, love?" he asked. "I want to take you, now."
You started to respond by nodding. "Yes," you said, nearly in a desperate whine. "Please, yes."
He started out slow, inserting just the first inch or two and waiting until he was sure you were ready. You felt the way his cock spread you. He was so big. And you had never even seen his dick before this. You had no idea that it was going to make your walls burn, even when your pussy was coated with this much of your own slick. After your breathing calmed down, Iida pushed another two inches in, waiting once again to be sure you were alright before completely bottoming out inside you. You felt him in the deepest recesses of your core. You winced with the burning sensation between your thighs before you felt Iida's breath right next to your ear. "Are you alright?" he asked, his voice just barely above a whisper. He had to know that, even though you could only feel his breath on your neck and your ear lobe, that small sensation was driving you wild. He had to know that, right?
"Yes," you responded, wishing to know what it felt like for him to piston in and out of you, what it sounded like to hear his hips crash into yours. But it seemed like you would never know that feeling because he was beginning to pull out of you agonizingly slow until only the tip remained inside of you.
He pushed himself pack inside your hold, as deep as he could go, still moving slowly. But the pressure of him thrusting into you the way he did made you moan out loud, egging him on. He did it again, not nearly as slow as the first time, but not as fast at you would've liked him to move, pulling another moan from your lips. Once more, he moved slowly and carefully, almost like he was worried he'd break you. And this time when he thrusted into you, he picked up speed, continuing to pull out and thrust back into you at a much steadier pace than before.
His girth alone was enough to make your eyes roll back into your head. But somehow, it felt like Iida knew exactly how to hit all your most sensitive spots. Again, his pace was not as fast as you wished he would pound into you, but it was steady enough that you thought you might burst from the incredible amount of pleasure. And when he saw that look on your face, the way your mouth dropped into an O, the way your breathing turned quiet and labored, he stopped his ministrations entirely, leaving you breathless. "Please, Tenya," you whined, feeling your own walls clench around his length. "Don't stop, I need you to make me cum."
"I know, sweetheart," Iida whispered, leaning within an inch of your lips. "But I want it to feel as good as possible."
Once he was sure you weren't going to have an orgasm from one more thrust, he began to move again, his hips pistoning in and out of you a little faster than before. You were clamping down on him extremely hard without even trying to. And this time, when you found yourself getting remotely close to an orgasm, he didn't stop moving. But his hips faltered. His breathing became extremely labored. And he emptied a load inside you with a grunt.
Through heavy breaths he said, "Let's not waste any of that. I'm not finished." And in a few seconds, he started to move again. He was much more sensitive now, unable to hold in the sweet groans of pleasure after already cumming once. And because he was even more sensitive, it wasn't long before he was chasing a second release for himself when you hadn't even had your first. And with a couple of faulty thrusts, he stopped again, edging you for what felt like the thousandth time.
When he thrusted into you this time, his pace was much quicker. He had cum several times already, and he wasn't sure he could do it again. But he was incredibly eager to see you come undone before him, even if it meant shooting a blank into you. You felt two fingers dance over your clit, rubbing little circles into your sex as fast as they could manage. You didn't get your hopes up, truthfully believing that he would pull his hand away and you'd be left silently begging him to make you cum. But when you were near orgasm, he saw your face and heart your moans, and he only increased the pressure. You felt the same feeling you felt before. But this time, it continued to rise in your stomach until you tumbled into an abyss of pleasure, orgasm radiating through your entire body and making each muscle quake. The feeling of your extended orgasm and the way your gummy walls clamped down around him made Iida cum again, to his surprise, filling you up yet again.
Iida's head fell back, and his eyes closed, his body suddenly becoming tired. His hands lazily rested on your hips as he pulled his softening cock out of you, watching your pussy pulse and clench around nothing. A small stream of his white, sticky seed began to dribble out of you, and he instinctively scooped it up with a finger and stuffed it back inside you with no warning, causing you to gasp and wonder what was coming next. But there was no more. Instead, Iida pulled you in for a gentle kiss, his lips gently tugging yours when he pulled away. "I'm going to take your blindfold off now," he said, reaching around to untie the knot. And when you could see again, you squinted to protect yourself from the sudden light. You watched Iida reach to untie your hands before he propped himself up on his elbow next to you. "Are you alright?" he said, lightly caressing your face with his fingertips. "I didn't hurt you or anything, did I?"
You smiled, tired from the activities of the night. "No," you answered. "I'm just fine. Tired, 's all."
Iida turned the light off next to him after finding his clothes and offering you yours. You slid under the covers and comfortably onto your pillow, your sex now slightly sore after everything that happened. You turned onto your stomach, staring at your boyfriend in the dark. His hands rubbed your back in long, gentle strokes as he looked back at you. "I love you," he whispered. "You know that."
You smiled. "I love you, too," you whispered, feeling your eyes get heavy.
"Get some rest, love," Iida said before kissing you on the forehead and rolling on his back. You both drifted off into a quiet, undisturbed rest.
That's some of the best sleep you've ever gotten.
Tumblr media
These characters belong to Kohei Horikoshi and the creators of My Hero Academia / Boku No Hero Academia.
The writing is a product of Abigail Rothenberger, also known as BillieThePumpkin. Please do not copy or alter this work on Tumblr or any other platform.
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crazyushijimalady · 7 hours ago
How would yandere Deku react to the reader telling them pick up lines? And lol, I have a good one: I must be a snowflake because I’ve fallen for you
this is such a adorable request,i used to work as a waitress and you really don't want to know how many creepy nasty old man were trying to hit on me. when i told my boss about it and asked for advice on what to do he just said i should suck it up,these nasty man were almost half of the reason why I decided to quit after only 2 months lol. anyway,i think this request is a chance for me to start liking pick up lines again sooo, let's hope for the best and that you,dear anon,like it!!!
Tumblr media
"The truth was...he was in love with her. Totally over-the-line, no-going-back, not-even-dead-would-he-part kind of shit."-J.R. Ward
Tumblr media
"Hey Izuku!!" you yelled while running up to him.
you took a stand right in front of him and he smiled down at you,he always did.
he admired you more than you thought and in situations like this he'd do nothing more likely than kissing your forehead, hug you and whisper sweet nothings onto your hair.
but he couldn't,he was too shy to tell and too afraid to loose the friendship after a rejection.
"I must be a snowflake because I've fallen for you" you proudly said.
He almost choked on nothing when you told him this.
"w-what" he managed to ask in between coughs.
you were hitting his back.
"mina taught me that,she teached me pick-up lines today" you said.
Izuku was done caughing by now.
"why-why would she teach you that?" he asked,a last caugh leaving his throat.
he was kind of disappointed that it wasn't a confession,that you didn't tell him you liked him and would be happy to have a relationship with him.
but how could he even dream of something like that?
it almost hurted him to love someone that shines when there's a standard.
but he did anyway,how couldn't he?
you were so fragile,so perfect.
you had to be safe so he when you walked to the dorms with someone else, he'd walk with a distance behind you secretly.
he always walked with you when he could,he was always near you when he could.
he enjoyed your company,he enjoyed that you seemed to be happy when he was around and,for now,that was enough for him.
your lips moving ripped him back into reality.
"why should she not? i think it's fun. how do you like this one:" you touched dekus arm before pulling away abruptly as if you got burnt "out, you're way too hot!" you exclaimed smiling.
for a moment he really thought you got hurt,that he hurt you.
it was the number one reason why he never confessed his feelings,he couldn't live with the pain of hurting you.
he wanted to put his shyness away and at least have all the control over his quirk he could have before confessing.
this way you'd be safe around him,at least that's what he hoped.
"mmh, smooth" he said while sheepishly smiling and nodding his head.
"right?!" you said excited.
"and i know so many more!" you proudly exclaimed while clinging onto dekus arm and walking the hallways down with him.
his face became red at your touch and he almost tripped from how dizzy he felt after the abre skin of your hand touched his.
"izu,are you okay?" you asked while he gained his balance back and stood straight again.
"y-yes" he said, more heat rising into his face but this time from embarrassment.
"tell me another pick up line" he asked,hoping you would forget he tripped with that.
"okay,how about this one..."
he barely even listened to what you said,he just admired you while you two walked and walked,if it's with you he'd walk around the earth hundreds of times without stopping.
Tumblr media
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itachiyama · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Bakugou overhears all class gossip, and while nobody thinks he does, he never misses a word. He’s got sharp ears and keen eyes and he never misses anything.
Which is why he’s reduced to a glum guy with wounded pride when he overhears the girls gossiping about how “Bakugou and y/n don’t seem like they’ll last.” He figures it’s true—deep down he realizes his prickly and harsh nature could never mesh well with your gentle and sweet one, but the words sting no less.
The truth is, Bakugou Katsuki has fallen hopelessly in love, and he wants to roll his eyes at himself, but he can’t. He can’t when it’s you, he can’t bring himself to do anything but soften his exterior as much as he can so you can see he’s trying. He’s trying and maybe it’s not perfect, but it’s all he’s got. He lets you grab his hand, and steal his snacks, and mess around with his gauntlets, and ruffle his hair, and he hopes it’s enough, but he knows deep down it’s not.
So when you sit next to him in the courtyard, plopping down quietly beside him as he looks ahead refusing to meet your eyes, he’s not expecting your hand to lay on his.
“Hey, Katsuki,” you whisper gently, and he can tell from your tone you know something’s up.
“Hmph,” he grumbles incoherently in acknowledgment, shoulders tensing as you get closer.
“What’s on your mind?” He’s silent for a moment, and even if he wanted to, Bakugou doesn’t even know how to tell you.
“Don’t say nothing.” Bakugou’s hand grips the fabric of his jeans tightly, and he’s trembling just the slightest bit, but the way your hand soothes over his arm in delicate circles grounds him just the tiniest bit.
“It’s none of your business,” he mutters. You raise your eyebrow unimpressed.
“Try again, babe.” And maybe it’s the way your palm is warm through the fabric of his blazer, or the way your voice is still gentle even when reprimanding, or the way you just seem to know, but he practically pours himself out to you. Because he needs you to hear, and he needs you to know—Bakugou’s trying.
“Those dumb girls can’t mind their business. They don’t think we’ll last—as if it’s their business,” he rants, and his voice is slightly tight—he’ll never admit it and you’ll never mention it, but you both can hear it. “Who asked, anyway?”
Nodding slowly, you lean your head on his shoulder, hand grasping his as you fiddle with his fingers. His cheek finds its way to the top of your head, and you both sit like that for a bit, you playing with his fingers and Bakugou peeking glances at you over his shoulder.
“Do you think we’ll last?”
“Do you think think they’re right? That we won’t last?” He wants to say yes, wants to admit that nobody would want to last with someone as rough and tough as him, that his words are just as abrasive as his actions and you shouldn’t tolerate it, but Bakugou needs more than anything for you to stick with him.
He needs the little cheek kisses goodnight, he needs the arm hugs while you walk together, he needs the tiny nose boops when he’s frowning—and he needs you.
“I don’t know,” he mumbles. “I guess you shouldn’t really want us to, huh?” And he cringes a little when your head shoots up.
“What’s that mean?”
He simply shrugs and mumbles “I don’t know,” as he looks off to the side. But your hand grabs his jaw and gently forces him to look you in the eyes.
And his eyes are swimming with doubt, with anger, but mostly, a sense of defeat, and that’s unlike Bakugou. He never admits defeat, and it’s the one thing about him you love most.
“Katsuki. Don’t give me that,” you say gently, and the soft kiss to his nose makes him grip your waist tightly. “What do you mean? Why wouldn’t I want us to last?”
“It just makes sense.”
“And why’s that?”
And the dam breaks when he opens his mouth, eyes angry (and slightly wet, but you don’t mention it) as he pours his heart out to you.
“Because you shouldn’t want to last with someone like me, we both know that. I’m not cut out to be the way a boyfriend is, I don’t act like the way they should. Go find someone who does,” he mutters at the end, and you frown, watching as he fights the tremble of his lips.
He’s waiting for the blow, for the moment you admit he’s right and walk off and inevitably rip his heart out and take it with you, but it never comes.
“Hey,” you wrap your arms around him, pulling him into your chest, and on any other day, he’d pull away instantly, grumbling about how someone might see. But today, today he needs to be close, to hear your heart beat against his ear. “That’s not true, Katsuki. You’re a bit different, but I don’t mind. I know you love me,” you whisper, threading your fingers through his hair.
“I’m not done, okay?” You poke his forehead, and he swats your hand away. “Like you said, it’s not their business. So they don’t know everything. You do a great job you know, you just make your own rules of how to do things,” you snort. “That’s okay though, it’s still plenty enough for me.”
“You sure?” His voice is gruff, but it’s still hesitant. Your hand glides down to grab his hand, lacing your fingers together as you peck his forehead.
“Of course. You look out for me, always make sure I’m safe, always try to notice how I can improve, always take the short end of the stick for me. Who cares if you don’t bring me roses or something? Do you love me?”
“Well yeah,” he grumbles, answer immediate.
“Do you want us to last?”
And his voice is a bit smaller this time when he admits a small “yes.”
“Good, I feel the same. And that’s it for that matter, don’t you think? It’s our business, and we seem to be on the same page.”
Almost instantly, his chest lightens at your words, and he registers the small circles you rub into his knuckles, and the gentle scratches at his scalp, and he thinks he’s found some place that he’s made his own, somewhere he’s himself and it’s enough and it’s cherished. And he realizes that maybe that’s what love is, not the stupid roses or the boxes of chocolates the damn girls are always telling him he needs to bring.
“Yeah, whatever,” he mutters, but his hand squeezes yours. “You should’ve gone up to your room you know, dumbass. Don’t think I didn’t see you hit your leg during training,” he chides. His voice is still gentle, and you smile at the way he’s back to himself already.
“Sorry, I’ll be more careful,” you promise.
He mumbles a quiet good before he sits up, pulling you into him as he kisses the top of your head. And the way you lean your cheek against him with a smile, rubbing his chest softly makes him think maybe you will last— because he’s not letting you go any time soon.
Tumblr media
reblogs are really appreciated !!
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tatorthots · 15 days ago
BNHA | Soft Things They Do For You General HC’s
↳ Characters: Eijiro Kirishima, Shoto Todoroki, Denki Kaminari, Izuku Midoriya, Katsuki Bakugo, Shota Aizawa, Keigo Takami, Dabi, Shigaraki x gn!reader
↳ Warnings: Suggestive Content
↳ a/n: more down to earth than my other quirky hc’s so I hope you guys like this and also I’ve been listening to Careless Whisper all morning unironically PLS
Always puts you before himself.
A real man treats his s.o like gold and Kiri is nothing less than a man. When it’s time to eat he’ll always make your plate first. When he gets invited to go somewhere he’ll always respond with, “I’ll ask y/n what we’re doing that day!” Cutest being when there’s no seats for either of you so he’ll kneel down and let you sit on his knee but sometimes he uses it as an excuse to caress your ass in public. 1000% the ‘I wonder what we’re going to do today’ type.
Often gifts you souvenirs/things he thinks you’d like.
‘Oh y/n would like this.’ being one of his most recurring thoughts. If it’s not something he picks out at a shop then it’s a pretty flower he found sitting in a garden. or a four leaf clover he hunted down for hours after you told him it’d bring good luck to a relationship And whenever he sees a dandelion he’ll always pick it up and have you make a wish. though he still doesn’t understand why it’s bad luck to tell him what you wished for :(
Likes to walk you anywhere and everywhere.
Most often walking you to class before his training or accompanying you to do errands even if he has work study in 10 min. He likes to make sure you get to your destination safely, even if it means he’s gonna have to go full Flash to make it on time to where he needs to be. Being able to hold your hand or wrap his arm around your waist is also a huge plus for him as he walks with you. Tbh he just wants to spend more time with you. 100/10 calls you his sweet beautiful goddess outlet because he’s the plug ;)
Affection affection affection.
He loves to kiss your forehead, hand holding the back of your head as he closes his eyes and inhales the sweet scent of your shampoo. He feels most at peace in this position, a protective hold as his other hand snakes around your waist to pull your body closer to his. He’s also always touching a part of you whenever you’re together, it’s almost as if his hand always somehow gravitates towards your body. If you ever move away from his touch he’ll literally look so offended, hand covering his mouth as he gasps dramatically PLS
Loves to watch you sleep.
Literally doesn’t think anything is cuter than hearing your soft snores, watching as your eyes occasionally flutter - he wonders what you dream about. Brushes strands of hair back as he watches your chest slowly rise and fall. If you were to sleep out in the open and someone walked in a little too loud then they basically chose death. Barking at them to shut the hell up before he literally ends their bloodline. Spoiler, he woke you up.
Allows you in his workspace.
Aizawa is a very busy man, he knows that, but he never lets it put a strain in your relationship. When he’s in his office working he’ll let you straddle his lap as he types, your legs swaying around his waist as he feels the faint thump of your heart beating against his chest - he likes feeling you run your fingers through his hair as you occasionally kiss his neck, both of you quietly enjoying each others presence as he works and you read a book or play on your phone.
Shows you off.
Hawks is a very in demand pro-hero. He knows he has waves of fan girls pining over him, which is why he shows you off any chance he gets. He’s proud to have you by his side, cheering for him when he feels unsure and grounding him when he feels like he’s falling apart. Sure, Keigo used to be a playboy, but ever since you stormed into his life it was like he just couldn’t resist you. 100% likes when you get jealous sometimes just to tease you
Extremely protective of you.
He’ll always be a step in front of you when you meet new people, a protective stance as his icy irises focus on the newcomer/s. Doesn’t like it when you get into fights, even if he’s in a life or death situation, if he hears you struggling a little too much or god forbid scream, he’ll immediately lose control and slaughter his opponent, rushing to get to your side. Dabi has lost a lot, he’ll be damned if he loses you too. sometimes he can be flighty but he always comes back to you
He pays attention to your wants and needs.
Whenever you think you’ve run out of something, he already has an extra waiting for you. If he feels like it’s too risky to go out by yourself he’ll personally go for you or with you. Shiggy listens to you when you talk, threatening anyone who tries to speak over you. Often he’ll put it upon himself to make sure you stay safe and at ease. Extremely soft for his s.o (shiggy 10/10 caps on dabi for being overprotective as he buys you both matching crocs)
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