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#bnha hawks
Hawks: So you’re clearly straight from hell.
Dabi: I’m clearly gay from hell.
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reemisins · a day ago
𝙆𝙞𝙣𝙠𝙩𝙤𝙗𝙚𝙧 𝟭𝟱𝙩𝙝, 𝙙𝙖𝙙𝙙𝙮 𝙠𝙞𝙣𝙠//𝙆𝙚𝙞𝙜𝙤 𝙏𝙖𝙠𝙖𝙢𝙞
Tumblr media
𝙋𝙩. 𝟮 𝙩𝙤 𝙆𝙞𝙣𝙠𝙩𝙤𝙗𝙚𝙧 𝟭𝙨𝙩
𝘾𝙝𝙚𝙘𝙠 𝙤𝙪𝙩 𝙩𝙝𝙚 𝙧𝙚𝙨𝙩 𝙤𝙛 𝙢𝙮 𝙬𝙧𝙞𝙩𝙞𝙣𝙜: 𝙣𝙖𝙫𝙞𝙜𝙖𝙩𝙞𝙤𝙣
𝙅𝙤𝙞𝙣 𝙢𝙮 𝙩𝙖𝙜 𝙡𝙞𝙨𝙩
𝙑𝙞𝙨𝙞𝙩 𝙢𝙮 𝙨𝙛𝙬 𝙗𝙡𝙤𝙜
𝘽𝙪𝙮 𝙢𝙚 𝙖 𝙘𝙤𝙛𝙛𝙚𝙚: 𝙠𝙤-𝙛𝙞
𝙏𝙬: 𝙙𝙖𝙙𝙙𝙮 𝙠𝙞𝙣𝙠, 𝙪𝙨𝙚 𝙤𝙛 𝙖 𝙩𝙞𝙩𝙡𝙚 𝙩𝙝𝙖𝙩𝙨 𝙣𝙤𝙩 ’𝙚𝙖𝙧𝙣𝙚𝙙’ 𝙮𝙚𝙩, 𝙘𝙝𝙚𝙖𝙩𝙞𝙣𝙜, 𝙣𝙞𝙘𝙠𝙣𝙖𝙢𝙚𝙨 ’𝙥𝙧𝙚𝙩𝙩𝙮 𝙩𝙝𝙞𝙣𝙜’, ’𝙗𝙖𝙗𝙮’, 𝙖𝙣𝙙 ’𝙨𝙬𝙚𝙚𝙩𝙞𝙚’
𝙏𝙝𝙞𝙨 𝙗𝙡𝙤𝙜 𝙞𝙨 𝟭𝟱+, 𝙙𝙤 𝙣𝙤𝙩 𝙧𝙚𝙖𝙙 𝙞𝙛 𝙮𝙤𝙪 𝙖𝙧𝙚 𝙪𝙣𝙙𝙚𝙧 𝙩𝙝𝙚 𝙖𝙜𝙚 𝙡𝙞𝙢𝙞𝙩
𝙋𝙡𝙚𝙖𝙨𝙚 𝙙𝙤𝙣’𝙩 𝙘𝙤𝙥𝙮. 𝙍𝙚𝙗𝙡𝙤𝙜𝙨 𝙖𝙧𝙚 𝙖𝙥𝙥𝙧𝙚𝙘𝙞𝙖𝙩𝙚𝙙
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
You thought you knew who your girlfriend was. She was a strong hero who had saved so many lives and held the number five spot on the charts. She was a great girlfriend who spoiled you with gifts and all of the love you could ever need. She was great in bed, always dominating and taking care of you. She was the best partner you could’ve asked for. That was until she wasn’t.
You had just received a text from Keigo. Rumi had told you to block his number but you didn’t listen. He was nice to you; you weren’t going to give up a new friendship over something so petty as flirting. It wasn’t until you watched the video he had sent to you that you realized precisely why she wanted you to block him.
In the video, Rumi was with another girl, one hand on the small of the girl's back and the other cupping her cheek as she kissed her. Not even just a quick little kiss, she was making out with this girl. You recognized the background as the club that you had been to with her just a week ago.
The more you thought about it, you realized just how long she had taken. She had said that she was only going to the bathroom. She said she’d be right back. You and Keigo were drinking together for at least an hour and you were too afraid of punishment to even notice she was gone for so long. You hadn’t had the opportunity to think much about it until just now.
But it was too late. She cheated on you. You had video proof. All you wanted to do was cry but you wouldn’t. You were too strong for that. Instead, you developed a plan and opened your phone to text Keigo.
You: Wow, I really can’t believe her. She took me home and punished me just cuz I had a couple shots knowing damn well that she had her tongue down another girl's throat. She’s fuckin sick
Bird brain: I know like who tf does that? I’m sorry you had to find out like this. I just figured it was better if I showed you before I post it and drag her name through the mud for being a cheater. I mean if she can’t commit to a relationship how she gunna commit to protecting Japan?
You: Oh don’t go that far it’s unnecessary
Bird brain: No it isn’t. She made you upset and cheated on you. She deserves to have her career ruined. You’re amazing, you don’t deserve that shit. I’m gunna post this then I’m coming over ok?
You: OK
With that, you threw your phone down on the bed and went to get dressed. Sure, Keigo had a plan but yours was better. Rumi was going to be home from patrol in 3 hours. The perfect amount of time for you to get all dolled up, pour yourself a glass of wine, and fuck Keigo in her bed. You wanted to cry at the loss of your relationship but you didn’t, because you were sure that a new one was only a couple miles away, probably already flying right towards you. And while Keigo could be a player, you knew his history. He was always loyal. If he loved you, he wouldn’t hurt you. And that was all you wanted. For someone to love you without hurting you.
As you had just finished slipping your skirt over your new lacey thong, you heard a knock on the balcony door. You smiled and opened the door, letting Keigo, who was holding a tub of ice cream and a Sour CD, into your bedroom. You laughed as you saw the items in his hand, closing the door behind him.
“What?? I figured you’d be crying! I wanted to help!”, he said, putting the things down on your dresser.
You shook your head. “Nah, I’m tougher than that. I’m just kinda angry right now. You mind helping me pack? I don’t want to stay here after I confront her, I’m sure I’ll find a friend to let me stay with them until I can get back on my feet”, you sighed, hoping he’d say what you really wanted to hear.
“Of course I can, pretty thing. Why don’t you stay with me? I mean it doesn’t have to be permanent or anything but maybe just for tonight or the next couple days? I want to help however I can, I know how hard being cheated on is”, he offered, putting a comforting hand on your arm. You just about melted under his touch and nodded.
“I-I’d like that. Thank you, Keigo.”
“Of course, sweetie. I don’t want you holing up with one of your friends. I’m sure they wouldn’t even have as much as a blowup mattress for you and you, my dear, deserve a king”, he said in his best regal sounding voice, pulling you closer to him by the waist.
You blushed at the closeness and the feeling of his hands on you to which he smirked and leaned his forehead against yours. “Y’know, I was real fucking pissed when I got that video. Got such a pretty thing and won’t let them cum, how dumb is she? That’s too cruel. If you were mine, you’d be cummin’ on my tongue every day”, he muttered, tightening his grip.
“I wouldn’t mind bein’ yours”, you mumbled, looking up into his eyes. One hand moved to cup your cheek, thumb brushing over your bottom lip.
“Heard you’re a good little toy. You gonna be good for me, pretty thing?”, he asked, thumb pulling your bottom lip down a bit.
“I-I’ll be good for you, Kei”, you assured, still looking up at him despite your embarrassed urges to look anywhere else.
“I’m sure you will, baby. Now whaddya say we get you packed and then you let me destroy you on Rumi’s bed?”, he suggested, almost like he had read your mind.
You nodded before leaving to the bathroom to pack all of the things you had in there while Keigo worked on packing up all of your clothes. He was going to buy you all new ones, as you deserved name brands, but he really didn’t want Rumi having your things. Especially not all of those cute little panties he had just put away, he wanted to keep those to himself.
Just as he finished zipping your suitcase shut, you came out of the bathroom with all of the rest of your things in another one. “Thank you for all the help, Kei. You really are the best”, you praised, smiling at him as you set your bag down.
“Of course, pretty thing. I’m always lookin’ out for you”, he assured, standing back up.
“Thank you, Keigo. Now we have about an hour until Rumi gets back from patrol..and her beds right there..”, you alluded to him, blushing lightly at the idea.
He smirked and strolled over to you, cupping your cheek once again. “Yeah it is, pretty thing. Now how about you tell daddy what you want him to do to you on it?”
You blushed at the use of the title, mumbling out your reply. “You should make me squirt on her sheets ‘n we should leave it for her to wash ‘em.”
He smiled at your idea, stroking your cheek with his thumb. “That is a great idea, baby. Now how about you strip for daddy?”, he suggested, stepping back from you to watch the show.
You nodded and took off your shirt first, revealing to Keigo that you weren't wearing a bra. Your tits were by far the prettiest he’d ever seen. He wanted to squeeze them and give them dark hickies. He’d even have you tittyfuck him if that’s something you’d be comfortable with. Then your skirt came off and he could see those pretty little lacey panties that you had just bought. He wanted to steal them so bad. He wanted them wrapped around his cock while he jerked off to sexy polaroids of you. He wanted to smirk up at you as he gently pulled them off of you. He wanted to press the crotch of them against his face as he pumped his cock. You went to remove those too but he was quick to stop you.
“Daddy wants to take those off of you himself. Now lie down for me, pretty thing”, he ordered, removing his own jacket and shirt.
You laid down on the bed and looked up to him as he sat in between your legs. Keigo had always worn very baggy clothing, you had never seen him like this. You had assumed that he was ripped, considering his status as the number two pro hero, but you had never thought he could be this jacked. He had an eight pack and his biceps were probably bigger than your head. He could probably crush your skull with one hand if he tried hard enough.
“Pretty thing, I know I’m hot but it’s rude to stare”, he teased, running his hands up and down your sides. You blushed and looked away from him entirely. He chuckled and grabbed your chin, turning you to face him.
“No need for that, sweetie, I was only teasin’ ya. You can stare at daddy all you want, baby”, he reassured you.
“Okay daddy..”, you agreed, watching for his reaction to the title. He loved hearing that word roll off your lips, he bit his own at the sound of it. He wanted to hear you moan and scream it for him.
“Fuck, love hearin you call me that. Can daddy take off your panties now?”, he asked, using the hand not on your face to pull at the rim of them. You nodded your consent, still looking up at him. As he pulled them down your legs, you felt a twinge of guilt. You and Rumi were still together, making you a cheater. You shook off the thought. She cheated before you. You could cheat on her back if you felt like it.
As your panties were fully pulled off your legs and thrown onto the floor you spread your legs for Keigo, reminding yourself he’s the one who’s cared for you, not Rumi. He bit his lip yet again at the sight of your dripping wet cunt.
“Fuck baby, such a pretty little pussy. Been waiting forever to see it. Can’t wait to ruin it on my cock”, he muttered, running his fingers through your slit and collecting your juices on them before sticking them in his mouth, groaning at the taste. “Tastes just as good as it looks, pretty thing. Once we get to my place, I’m eating this cunt ‘til you pass out.”
You blushed at his words, making a point not to break eye contact for fear of punishment, he had already corrected you twice and you couldn’t gauge how mean of a dom he was yet. His fingers circled your clit, drawing out a whiny little moan from you as he spoke again.
“Can daddy fuck you now, baby?”, he asked, beginning to remove his belt. Your mind wandered to being bent over a desk by him and being spanked with that belt or maybe having it wrapped around your neck as a makeshift leash.
“Yes daddy please-!”, you begged, now ten times hornier than you were just seconds before. He chuckled before also removing his pants and underwear, revealing his hard cock. And god Keigo was big. He was very girthy but also long and there was a big prominent vein running up the underside. You salivated at the sight, imagining giving him a de-stress blowjob after he finishes hero work or having him fuck your face when he’s angry.
Your legs were then thrown over his shoulders as he pushed into you, listening to the absolutely gorgeous moan you let out as he filled you up, He gave you a moment to adjust before beginning to thrust into you roughly, enjoying your moans and the pretty squelch of your pussy.
“Such a good fucking cunt and a good fucking baby. Rumi’s a piece of shit for not letting this pretty little pussy cum. Gonna make you cum until you can’t cum anymore”, he promised, moving one hand down to rub your clit at the same speed as his thrusts.
His cock looked good but it felt way better. It stretched you out better than any strap Rumi ever had and rammed your g-spot with every thrust. You never wanted how you felt to stop. You felt complete ecstasy and safety as Keigo pounded into you, holding your legs tight over his shoulders and making you moan louder than you ever had.
Soon enough you felt that familiar sensation of pleasure wash over, a tightness in your tummy as you rapidly approached the edge, Keigo’s fingers on your clit getting you there way faster than Rumi’s or your own ever could. He could feel your walls trying to milk his cock and smirked.
“Cum for me, pretty thing”, he ordered, somehow going even faster. You came harder than you ever had, thighs shaking, toes curling, tummy squeezing, and squirting over Keigo’s abdomen more than you had ever been able to with a scream of a moan. With that, Keigo came too, painting your walls sticky with his seed.
Just as you had both come down from your high, the door was busted open by none other than Rumi but you were too high up in the clouds to care. Keigo whispered to you that he’d handle it before standing up and starting an argument with her.
You didn’t care that they were fighting and yelling. You didn’t care that your ex-girlfriend was mad or upset. You didn’t care that you had stooped to her level. Because you didn’t have to. You were Keigo’s now. You were safe now.
Tumblr media
𝙏𝙖𝙜𝙡𝙞𝙨𝙩: @oririon @tired-adriann @5sos-wdw @uwiuwi @haitanihime @courtneypaigemartin @binzuli @dannyd4life @bbyxoo @miraculous-batfam @moonroyalt @midniightdemons @heartshapedpetalss @bleedingpeachez @adhd-introvert @heartshapedpetalss @may-machin @pradaandlucifer @flowergirlmae @uttermessjess @maroonmagic @zombiewarprincess @bakusandwich @simpxxslutxx @x-witchbitch-x @whatsgoingoninsidemyhead @diamond-3 @fancyjellyfishcake @themyth
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cherrysnaps · 14 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Hawks who likes to court potential partners like birds do. Hawks who brings you flowers and snacks, buys you pretty jewellery that catches his eye, and who likes to dance with you. I imagine he’s also a big show-off, gives it his all when he fights just in case you might be watching. He talks a lot too, literally never shuts up (it’s okay though because his voice is captivating and you could listen to him talk for ages) it’s reminiscent of a bird’s song in the early morning. Checks his reflection a lot to make sure he doesn’t look too dishevelled.
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incorrect-endhawks · a day ago
Best Jeanist: Hey, Hawks, why are you holding Endeavor's hand?
Hawks: Holding hands relieves stress and anxiety.
Best Jeanist: Oh, I thought you two might be dating or something.
Hawks: No, we are, we're just both also constantly stressed and anxious.
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kacch1n · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
🌏🌼 ¡! 게 지쳐 : 𝗡𝟯𝗪 𝗨𝗣𝗗𝟰𝗧𝟯 ☆ _ 그녀는 너무 ?︿︿︿︿ ☆ ★ // ▒▒ 나는 보스 다 💭🎀 & ♡ !!
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mozyamozya555 · a day ago
Tumblr media
Endeavor who dries Hawks which gets wet with rain☔️🔥🦅
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nogitsune-the · 11 hours ago
Office shenanigans
Tumblr media
Hawks x fem!reader
Warnings: Smut 18+, public sex, fingering, oral f,receiving, unprotected sex (wrap it before you tap it) 
Wordcount: 1033
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Tumblr media
It was a rare calm day for Keigo and he was mostly doing paperwork and texting you during the day. So you had planned on surprising him with some homemade lunch as you knew he never really made food for himself and he normally would just fly and grab some quick takeout for lunch. It was a pleasant surprise when he saw your face pop out from behind the office doors he was excited. Not many people knew about his softer side and you were one of the lucky few he lets it. 
You walk into the office with two neat bento boxes for the two of you with different assortments of food. “Baby, you didn’t need to do all this. It looks amazing, thank you” He gives you a small kiss before the two of you moved to a small table and a set of chairs he had in his office to eat. The two of you spent your time talking while eating and when you were done eating you started packing up to leave. 
But before you could get to the door he grabbed you by the wrist pulling you back into him. Giving you a deep kiss, that one kiss leads to him gracing your lip with his tongue making you open up to him your tounges circling each other fighting for dominance. He did win of course, that was what normally happened. It didn’t take long for him to grab you by your hips and move you towards his desk, he only separated to move the computer and his papers out of the way for you to sit down on his desk with him between your legs. His mouth moving back to yours. 
His hips started to grind into yours from where he stood, you could clearly feel his boner moving against your warm heat. It made you moan out, “Keigo, we can’t do this here someone can come in” That made Keigo break away from you to pop his head out the door. “A/N, can you make sure no one comes in here, I would like to spend some alone time with my girlfriend” the assistant just nodded her head with a knowing smile as she put her headphones in her ears. That made Keigo smirk before running in and returning to his spot between your legs. 
He quickly drops down to his knees and pulls your pants and panties off with you lifting your hips to help him take them off. His mouth diving into lick between your legs. Your juices flood his tongue as he moans into you, he always loves the taste of you on his lips and he can never get enough, but this time he had to be quick in order to get the rest of the work he had done so he could come home to you. 
His fingers probe at your entrance before he pushes two of them into you, curving them up to hit your g-spot as he trusts them in and out of you. Your hands go to his hair as you pull on it pushing him closer to your heat. His lips wrap around your clit to suck on it before moving his tongue to lap at you again, his fingers never stopping their movements. 
It doesn’t take long for you to come undone around his fingers, you let out a moan of his name as you do. He helps you ride out your orgasm before he pulls away from your heat. His hands go to take off his pants and boxers before he pulls out his cock and gives it a few pumps. He then grabs you and moves you off of his desk before flipping you around and pushing you forward to lay across it. Your ass in the air giving him a perfect view of your weeping cunt. 
He lines up with you and pushes into you. He can look out the big windows while he pounds in you. He can feel your snug walls pulsate around his cock, making him groan out. The fact that someone can walk in if his assistant doesn’t focus enough or if it’s Endeavor who tends to just ignore his assistant and just bursts into his office no matter. So there is a bit of adrenaline of getting caught even if he had asked for some private time. 
That adrenaline, your tight walls, and the view of the outside was making it 10 times more pleasurable than normal for him and he could feel his balls already tightening. So he moves his hand to go rub circles on your clit drawing out more of the beautiful moans you make. “Songbird, I’m close already. What about you are you gonna cum for me?” all you can do is nod as you choke on a moan. 
His fingers still moving at your sensitive bud, his other hand moving over the curve of your back. It didn’t take long before his thrusts became sloppy and he shoots his seed inside you. Painting the insides of your walls with the white velvety cum of his. He can feel you tighten around him helping to milk him of everything he had. He stayed inside you for a while trying to catch his breath, letting the both of you calm down and found yourselves from your highs, 
When he pulls out of you he grabs your panties and pulls them up before the mixture of the two of your cum can make too much of a mess of the surroundings. He helps you back up and sits you down in the chair before going to tell his assistant he will be leaving the office real quick. He knew you could be quite tired and that walking home could be exhausting so he grabbed you, put the bento boxes in a bag before flying you home. 
He would be back later to continue what the two of you started during lunch. And you knew that as well as him that he was insatiable when he first starts. So you took a nap, drank some water, and ate a snack before he came home from work.
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yeahimaloser · a day ago
things that I would like to see at the end of the bnha manga-
an older hawks drawing, preferably in his mid to late 30s. please. hori, im begging you-
But like-what if hori makes him ugly when he’s older 🤩 I think I would cry
If he doesn’t have longer hair and a simi-thick beard I don’t want it.
I want him to look like the fanon vision of his dad
Yk what I mean
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c1nnamirahearts · 2 days ago
why do i see itto and sara as (maybe fandom i’m not sure) mirko and hawks ?? like they are constantly arguing but in reality they are bestfriends and each other’s wingman
itto: hey sara
sara: what?
itto: maybe if you did a bird mating dance kokomi would date you
*itto being beat up noises*
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spooky-venuss · 2 days ago
make a mess for me • hawks x fem!reader
contains: face-fucking, oral, cunnilingus, fingering, orgasms?
as much as you loved to stay home with hawks, the weekend was over and you both had to get back to work. your job was pretty simple, but since it was such a well known industry the pay was amazing, you'd organize the products a bit and help people in the fitting rooms. hawks had his hero work so you usually wouldn't hear from him till you were back home, which didn't bug you much. you were helping a mom and daughter out when your phone started buzzing in your pocket, deciding to ignore it you continue helping the mother and daughter. that didn't seem like the right idea as it kept going off, who would be spam calling you right now? "it's kinda unprofessional to have your phone on in the workplace hmm?" the mother said. you immediately faced her turning red and said a quick sorry and rushed to help them faster. the daughter sent you an apologetic glance and you smiled back, fixing their items and handing everything back to them. "if your going to take the call, do it outside no one needs to know about your private life yeah?" the mom said rather harshly. "yes of course!! will do ma'am!" you said sarcastically back to her earning an irritated face back. you checked to see if anyone needed help in the fitting room and called over your co-worker to cover you while you stepped out to return the call. she reassured you she could do it and you rushed out of the store. before you could see who the calls were from you were pulled by the arm by no other then your boyfriend hawks.
"hey! what's wrong? what are you doing here?" you questioned.
"i've been calling you over and over, why didn't you pick up?!" he said harshly.
"i was helping out some customers what's the emergency?" you said feeling intimidated by his tone. he pulled ur back to his chest and showed the picture you uploaded to instagram two hours prior, it wasn't a bad photo, you were sitting on ur legs with your tongue out. you didn't get why he was showing you the picture until he shifted a bit and put his face in the crook of your neck, you felt his bulge through his pants and gasped.
"you see what you do to me pretty girl." he said in a low voice. you turned red and tripped over your words. hawks was quick to drag you back to the dressing rooms at work. your co-worker didn't see you walk by and go straight into a room. he locked the door behind you and started attacking your neck, licking and biting anywhere he could. you bit your lip to conceal any loose moans that threatened to fall out. he was quick to unbutton your pants, pulling you by the hooks onto the little side chair in the room. he pulled off your pants completely, and looked at you with lust filled eyes asking for permission. once you gave it to him he was quick to start devouring you. you let out hard heavy breathes trying to hold back all of the noises threatening to slip from your mouth. you could hear the lewdness of his tongue sliding in between your folds and sucking on your clit. he put two fingers in your mouth, "suck." was the only thing he said, you obeyed and coated them with saliva. he pulled them from your mouth and slipped them inside of you, slowly pumping while he harshly sucked on your clit. you were overfilled with pleasure, trying to squeeze your thighs together, his head blocking them from closing. he roughly started to thrust his fingers inside of you, angling them up and hitting all of the good spots, your eyes rolled to the back of your head, hand tangling in his hair and grinding on his face. your climax was so close, hanging right in-front of you. arching your back you tried to steady your focus on the sweet release you desperately needed, hand pulling on his hair, legs closing on him, grinding on his face spreading your juices everywhere. a knock came from the door.
"is someone in there?"
you couldn't focus, all you wanted was that damn release. hawks slapped your thigh, yet never slowed his actions.
"hello? i'll come in there if you don't answer" your eyes rolled back again feeling the pressure build. you heard keys jingle and looked at hawks, he had a smug impression most likely being fine with getting caught. you tried to get whatever composure you could and said a quick,
"hey it's me! i saw something i thought was- ah- uh pretty cute and wanted to-ngh- try it on" you started to shake violently orgasm ready to be released.
"ah okay! let me know if you need something."
you heard her walk away soon after receiving another slap to the thigh followed by a "make a mess for me slut"
as soon as his tongue reached your folds you let go, orgasm crashing your body, your thighs trembled as hawks continue to harshly suck your clit, the hand you had in his hair pulling roughly and you grind on his face riding out your release. you pant as hawks releases himself from your throbbing clit, licking his fingers while making eye contact. you caught your breath, still staring at his smug expression and got on your knees in front of him. you were quick to get him against the wall, working his belt.
"fuck your gonna drive me crazy." he mumbled. his cock sprung out hitting his lower abdomen. you looked up at him for permission,
"do what you want" is what he gave you, and you did exactly that. you licked from his shaft all the way to the tip sucking on it a bit. be sucked the air through his teeth and threw his head back. you started to slide him down your throat inch by inch until you had him all in your mouth. tears sprung to the corner of your eyes and you choked slightly.
"such a dirty whore for my cock huh?"
hawks grabbed the back of your hair, pushing his cock as deep as it could possibly go, causing you to gag letting the gears fall down your face. "such a pretty girl" he said before fucking your face. he pulled all of himself out to shove it back in roughly, letting curse words slip past his lips, you let your eyes roll to the back of your head, the pain was washed away with the wetness you felt building in your underwear. your spit all over his cock and falling out of your mouth under you both. you felt him slide in and out of your throat, moaning at the sensation sending the vibrations straight to his cock, he let out a groan and started a quicker pace, he was being rough and although it hurt and you could hardly take it, you loved every second of it. you felt him throbbing in ur mouth, your saliva falling out of ur mouth and tears staining your face as he used you. with a final thrust he shoved himself completely down ur throat releasing his cum into your mouth causing you to gag as to how deep his was, you swallowed and slid ur lips off him with a pop. he looked you up and down, then pulled you into a quick kiss, grabbing his phone that had been vibrating for at least the last 10 minutes, he answered the call and you could hear screaming on the other line, hawks looked embarrassed so you assumed it was the hero agency asking where he was. he hung up the phone and you giggled a bit.
"i have to run back to work, but i'll see you at the house." he said giving you a kiss. you smiled back at him and let him take off, you used your shirt to wipe up any mess, since it would be covered by your work vest and got out of the room quickly and resumed your work. thinking about the whole thing that just happened in that room, a blush crept to your face and you let out a long breathe. you couldn't wait till work was over to see what was in store back home.
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crushzone · a day ago
Keigo Takami - Hawks (BNHA) WIP 10.15.21
Tumblr media
This is my original artwork, please do NOT repost.
“Oh, you’re awake.”
A little Hawks doodle that I may or may not color later 🤷‍♀️
Tumblr media
🍿 Art Masterlist
☕️ Tip Jar
Tumblr media
Art Taglist (open, send an ask to be added): @ceo-of-daichi @honey-makki​ @prettysetterbaby @sullen-angel24​ @daishou-suguru-simp @hqbbg​ @bratdesire​ @atsumuse​  @kouteru​ @heauxzenji​ @starofmiran​ @miki-snake​ @lovetouya @vxviandoodles @radiofmv​ @midnightangelfox​ @lxvelylevi-blog​ @lady-lunaaa​ @hiddenbluee @wonderwoman292
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Hawks: If Google matched people up by their browsing history, it could be the greatest online dating website of all time.
Dabi: Yeah, and you'd be matched up with all the bird fetishists.
Hawks: Including you?
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takamikeiigos · 9 hours ago
Tumblr media
‧͙⁺˚*・༓ gonna spend the day thinking ab how it would feel to run fingers through keigo's hair. n how it would feel to give it a lil tug and watch his reaction༓・*˚⁺‧͙
Tumblr media
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tiredhawks · a day ago
Lmao okay a quirk that makes you take things literally. I'm just imagining the League going "ugh, you're the worst" to Hawks because he snagged the best blanket and he just gets so distraught and starts crying
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thesapphirecake · a day ago
keigo takami || bnha || sfw alphabet
Character: Keigo Takami Hero Name: The Winged Hero, Hawks Fandom: Boku no Hero Academia SFW Alphabet !!Manga Spoilers Ahead!!
Tumblr media
A is for Affection
extremely physically affectionate
he has to have at least one of his hands on you, whether it be a hand around your waist or a back hug while eying whoever he or you are talking to
expect a lot of hugs and cuddles in your relationship
obviously, he’s going to take it slow and not rush into it
if you’re not too comfortable with physical affection, he’ll take note of that; just make sure to tell him and he’ll tone it down a little
he’ll obviously still be physically affectionate with you, but he respects your boundaries and asks you occasionally if he’s taking it too far
B is for Best friend
prank wars prank wars prank wars prank wars prank war-
the "devil on your shoulder", who, while he sometimes disapproves of what you’re doing, always manages to convince you to do it (and sometimes join in)
that one friend who spams you with texts about one thing and doesn't care that they're spamming you
teases you 24/7
C is for Cuddles
to say that hawks likes cuddles would be a massive understatement
going off of the first headcanon, hawks is extremely physically affectionate
he'll pull you into his lap and his grip is strong so good luck trying to escape from his death hold-
he loves using his wings to encase the two of you when you're just cuddling on the couch or on the bed
D is for Domestic
hawks would like to settle down...
... if he weren't a pro hero
now obviously don't get me wrong: hawks loves you to bits
he would do anything for you
but life as a pro hero makes life a whole lot busier, and it means that he'll be away from home quite a lot
meaning you would be alone, and he doesn't want that at all
sure, you get an apartment together, but he doesn't really want to move past the "hey, i think we're significant others" part
he's comfortable with how the relationship is at the moment
unless you explicitly state they want to continue developing the relationship, he won't force anything to go past your comfort zone
in terms of cooking and cleaning...
he'd be great at getting the food and utensils together in the kitchen for use... but he has no clue how to cook
simple meals, sure, but he wouldn't be able to cook 5 different dishes
so he leaves it all to you
with cleaning, he'd be slightly better
emphasis on the "slightly"
he just uses his feathers to just
gather everything
and then dump it in one area
that's his definition of "cleaning"
less work for him, and more work for you
thanks hawks, really appreciate it
E is for Ending
he'd been thinking about it for a while, if he was being completely honest
now that he had connections with the league, who were keeping an eye on his every move, they were bound to find out about you eventually
so he distanced himself from you
it pained him to do so, but he didn't want you to get hurt or targeted
by the league of villains, no less
you asked him questions, of course, but he wouldn't answer
at first, that is
after two weeks or so, he thought it would be best to tell you the truth and reveal his reasons
at the end, he paused, waiting for your reaction
you understood wholeheartedly, of course, but you couldn't understand why he never told you this in the first place
he didn't stay to hear the rest of your questioning :')
bitch come back here we aren't fucking finished
F is for Fiancé(e)
as much as he loves you, he’d surprisingly be reluctant to get married
don’t get me wrong, he loves you to death and if you chose to propose to him, he’d happily say yes
but he knows that getting married comes with a few downsides, namely the media and being even more of a target for villains
he knows how pushy and invasive the media can get (no wonder aizawa doesn’t like them) and he doesn't want you to get involved and dragged into the drama
if the two of you agreed to get married, he'd only announce it to a few Heroes he's close with
e.g. Endeavor, Edgeshot, All Might, Best Jeanist, Mirko
oh, and tokoyami
there's no way he's not telling his intern about you
G is for Gentle
absolutely terrified of hurting you in any way, shape or form
(very gentle)
he knows that you're not a delicate flower but he can't help himself
if you get injured he tends to overreact, even if it's just a small papercut
he tends to be more... inexperienced with emotions
of course, he understands that everyone isn't happy 24/7 365 days a year
he knows that people have their down days and their up days
and yet he's absolute crap with dealing with other people's emotions
don't get me wrong, he obviously wants you to be happy and definitely not down in the dumps
hawks doesn't understand his own emotions, much less figure out another person's, as observant as he may be
nonetheless, he doesn't force it out of you and instead tries to let you tell him at your own pace
H is for Hugs
his hugs are secure and make you feel at ease
wings kinda flap for a bit before shielding you and holding you in his arms
rests his head on top of yours and snakes his arm around your waist
as i said before, hawks has a death grip so good luck trying to pry him away
heads up, really long hugs
you kinda end up waddling around the house doing chores and housework as hawks uses his feathers to help
I is for I love you
loves to draw it out to see how flustered you can get
he's extremely teasing and everybody knows this
if you say it back to him he'll play dumb and pretend he didn't/couldn't hear you and immediately start pestering you to repeat it
he won't say it quickly, but
J is for Jealousy
he says he's not the type to get too jealous because he knows you wouldn't leave him
he says that, and asks questions about your male friends
how do you know them? how long have you known them? are you sure they're "just friends"?
i feel like he'd be one of the types to be terrified of losing them, so the instant he sees you with another male: panic
when he "isn't jealous" he glares at whoever you're talking to
also very antsy and always has at least one arm around you
it takes a while for you to reassure him that a) you're not going to leave him and b) yes hawks, you're just friends
and then you proceed to tease him for being jealous
K is for Kisses
a lot of forehead kisses
either one of two: soft and sweet or passionate and rough
it depends on his mood or the situation the majority of the time
if he's had a rough day and is needier (and whinier) than usual, it's the latter
if he just wants a kiss or two cos he's tired or just... wants a kiss, it'll be the former
L is for Little ones
is there anything this man isn't good at
like sir-
all jokes aside, hawks is amazing around children
a lot of children look up to him, so it's only natural that he should be a good role model for them, right?
hawks himself didn't have that great of a childhood, so when he sees (a) child(ren) in danger or when he's worried about one, panik mode
he entrusts the child(ren) to someone he trusts will take good care of the children
and if they fail at doing their job...
well they'll have a rather angry hawks waiting at their doorstep waiting to tell them what exactly happened :)
he's not mad :)
just disappointed :)
M is for Morning
he often wakes up before you for 'Hero work' or smth, so it's not often you wake up to find his part of the bed empty
on the rare occasion that he sleeps in
you can't tell me this man won't not use his Quirk to wake you up
using his feathers to take the covers off of you, tickle you, or just
yeah when he wants you awake he wants you awake
sometimes his bird instincts come out in the morning
and you can tell
cos he's an annoying lil shit-
but we love him for that <3
N is for Night
given hawks is the no.2 pro hero, he's probably busy at night as well, seeing as villains often attack at night (idk)
so you rarely see him in the evening
he either returns during/after dinner or really late at night
you're normally relaxing after dinner so he loves to surprise you when he comes back
he probably sneaks up behind you and places his hand over your eyes and asks you to "guess who"
either way, he's tired from his long day at work (honestly i would be too, idk how heroes do it ._.)
very clingy when tired
he won't let go of you unless you somehow manage to pry him away-
movie marathons! he doesn't mind what movies you watch, as long as you're cuddling and there's chicken and popcorn, he's happy
O is for Open
it would probably get to around a year or so into your relationship where hawks would start revealing stuff about himself
namely, him being a spy for the league and his father being a villain
it's not that he doesn't trust you - he does - but he just wouldn't know how to go about it, nor would he know how you would react
nor would he want to know
would you be mad? would you be scared? would you...
would you leave him?
but he knows he can't hide secrets from you forever so he eventually sits you down and tells you everything
there's a very long pause after he finishes
please give him hugs he needs them ndjksjkd
P is for Patience
as the no.2 pro hero, hawks has dealt with his own fair share of… difficult people, whether it be karen disagreeable coworkers or unwilling-to-cooperate villains (aka. villains)
he knows anger won’t get him anywhere and will only make situations worse, so he tries to keep patient as much as possible
he talks the situation out with people who don't exactly see eye-to-eye with him, and most of the time it works
after all, nobody wants the no.2 pro hero after them
with you, he tries to be as patient as possible and tries to talk things out with you
if he really can't hold his patience, he remains silent, not wanting to blow things out of proportion and possibly end badly
he excuses himself and leaves either the entire apartment block or just goes into a separate room to cool off
Q is for Quizzes
remembers the small details
hawks is extremely busy so unfortunately he wouldn't be able to spend that much time with you :(
he makes small mental notes in his mind, putting them in his phone in case he forgets
every small detail you mention in passing, he remembers
your birthday? sure, he'll put that in his phone and maybe plan a little something...
oh, you like that colour? noted, he'll keep an eye out for anything with that colour
you like that silver necklace but you don't have enough money and you don't really like that pendant that comes with it? sure, just let him write that down and buy it when you find a pendant you like
R is for Remember
definitely the first time he took you flying
you had voiced your curiosities as to what it was like to fly all around the city quite a few times
you didn't think he'd be taking you on a flight in person
but there you were, standing on the edge of your balcony
he hugs you tightly and just
jumps off
without a warning
sir give us a warning next time you gave us a heart attack 🧍🧍🧍
he's seen the view multiple times before, given he just flies around all the time on patrol or just on late nights when he's had a rough day and wants to have a bit more time alone before he comes back
though he will admit:
if flying around with you makes you happy
he wouldn't mind doing it again
S is for Security
definitely a person who is maybe a little too overprotective over you
just maybe
especially from the league (cough dabi cough)
S is for Securitywr the first time he gives you one of his feathers so that he knows where you are at all times and can immediately come to your aid if something happens
if anyone else dare come near you, he knows you can handle yourself but ohhhh boy the cunning glint in his eyes as he gives them the evil eye
T is for Try
hawks has an extremely busy schedule as the no.2 pro hero, but when he has free time, he makes the most of it in two ways
1. spending time with you
2. finding and planning things to do with you
despite his busy schedule, he tries to find as much free time as possible and again, spend it with you
hawks is a meticulous person, but he's also very spontaneous
if he gets an idea to suddenly whisk you up in his arms and fly over the city, don't expect him to warn you beforehand
"where are we going?" "i'll decide on the way <3"
for everyday tasks, hawks... doesn't plan anything properly, nor does he try
U is for Ugly
he's a spy for the league
mans is lazy as fuck.
he tends to use his quirk for literally everything he does
paperwork? sure, just give him a second to bring them ov-oh, there's a stack of paper just casually floating in the air...
he hates doing it though
speaking of his quirk, he uses it all the time to hold something high out of reach; he enjoys seeing you pouting and struggling to reach for it as he doesn't spare you a single glance and eventually gives in after a few minutes
also he's clingy
like, really clingy
back hugs all the time
and yeah while you enjoy them it becomes kinda hard for them to move around and do work-
oh yeah
did i mention him being a spy for the league? i think i did
V is for Vanity
he's not the most worried with how he looks
like sure, obviously he wants to look decent
but he's not going to be too fussy if anything about his appearance is off
because of his quirk he has to get specially-tailored clothes so that they actually fit
but he doesn't really care what he's wearing, as long as he's decent enough to go out and do his work
obviously he puts in more effort on dates, formal outings and on photo shoots, wearing a tuxedo/suit or any other formal clothing
but other than that he just wears a shirt, pants, jacket and just calls it a day and just goes to work
or he just wears his hero costume
i mean it's called a hero costume for a reason-
also there's only so many clothes a man with wings can wear-
W is for Whole
on the outward appearance, not much would have changed
with or without you, hawks is still a pro hero, and still needs to continue his hero duties as normal
hawks is an expert at lying and deceiving others, so putting on an outward facade would be child's play to him
on the inside and behind closed doors, however, is a different story
he misses you wholeheartedly and spends nights scrolling through his phone and reminiscing the memories you made together in your photos and dms
bye why did i turn this into angst-
X is for Xtra
this man is so hard to ignore. if you want to ignore him for any reason... better reconsider. this man is such an attention-seeker and will stop at nothing to get your attention back, be it by poking you on the side, asking questions rapidly.
if you have a bird-related quirk... oh boy the number of bird puns and pet names he'll start calling you
hawks doesn't know what a goddamn door is, so he just flies through the window. sometimes he doesn't see the window and you just hear a 'splat' so you look over and he's cursing at the window with a scowl on his face
hawks is lazy and uses his quirk to do every single goddamn thing ._.
Y is for Yuck
oh god if you knew dabi in some way, shape or form-
he'd lecture you for hours on end
as if you aren't affiliated with him yourself smh
not just dabi, but if you were affiliated with the league somehow, he'd express his distaste
of course, you'd never tell him - dabi would just let it slip that he (and the rest of the league) were well-acquainted with you
expect a disapproved hawks to return from his mission or from hero work and immediately start lecturing about how dangerous it was to associate with villains
if you're aware of his double agent work and bring it up, he'll merely brush it aside as he's "the no.2 hero" and that, should they try anything, he'll deal with them himself
however, if you aren't, he'll continue going on about your safety
Z is for Zzz
either an extremely light sleeper or an extremely heavy sleeper, there’s no in-between
because of the training that hawks underwent as a child and the nature of his quirk, hawks can sense literally every small movement that occurs around him, putting him on high alert at all times
however, being a hero is tough work - you both know this better than anyone
it’s not often he comes back to your shared apartment building and he grabs one or two things from the fridge, snacks on them, and calls it a day
when he’s like this you can never wake him up, no matter how hard you try; it’s up to him when he wakes up
sleeps starfish or is the big spoon with his wings covering the two of you
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tadahoni · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Hawks x gn/non-binary Reader: maybe, i’m afraid
WARNINGS: light angst
Reader is a hero, but quirk is up to the imagination!
dancing in your party dress,
you were singing me some frank sinatra
as you wept
Keigo only chuckled as he held (y/n)’s body close to his, a smirk permanently plastered on his face. Their hands curled around his coat in a sense of safety, and their hair tousled around in the wind.
Keigo had never seen anything more attractive in his life.
As he set (y/n) down on the top of the building, they immediately collapsed onto the roof. Out of fear or adjustment to the change of setting, Hawks didn’t know, but nonetheless he crouched down next to the person he adored and tilted their head up.
“Hey,” he spoke in a low tone, but just enough so (y/n) could hear over the sounds of the city.
“Hi,” (y/n) grumbled. Their hair was frazzled from the wind, and although Hawks couldn’t tell from the dimmed light of the tall building, if they had been wearing makeup it was bound to be messy as well.
Pull me closer, love,
It seems like we lost touch,
So hold me as the record skips.
Hawks made his way over to the side of the building, motioning for (y/n) to follow.
He had wanted to show them this view for so, so long, but he never found the time. In fact, he hadn’t seen (y/n) in weeks. Not with all of his hero work in the way.
They had known each other for several years. He met (y/n) at a hero conference and was introduced by Miruko as her assistant. The two found similar interests and blossomed a friendship.
Eventually the two had become best friends, and little to (y/n)’s knowledge there had been some feelings that Hawks had yet to share.
But these past few weeks had been draining for Keigo. Because of his run-in with the Nomus and his dual trust with the agency and the League of Villains, Hawks barely had time to breathe.
With that, he decided that whatever feelings that Hawks had for (y/n) needed to be held off.
He wanted nothing more than to wrap his wings around them and hold them, protecting them from whatever problems or conflict that came their way.
Nothing more than to kiss them and never, ever break away.
Nothing more than to give them the world.
But he knew he couldn’t.
He was not only unable to be there for them on a regular basis, but any danger that came his way would almost certainly effect (y/n) whether it be direct or through him.
But for the first time in weeks, he finally had a quick break. Even if it was only for a few hours. And he knew exactly how he wanted to spend it.
He had picked (y/n) up at their apartment, and much to their previous protest of flying he had to take them out on this flight; he wanted them to see this.
As (y/n) made their way to the edge, Hawks noticed their legs shaking, as if they were a fawn on their first steps.
“Hey,” Hawks repeated, and (y/n)’s attention shifted directly to him.
Keigo held out his hand for them to take, and with hesitance (y/n) obliged. He led them to the side, where a beautiful view of the city illuminated their field of vision.
maybe you’re just too good, maybe I’ll run away,
maybe I’m over you, maybe I shouldn’t stay,
(Y/n)’s eyes practically sparkled with the beautiful view of the city. Slack-jawed, they squeezed Hawks’s hand tighter, and his heart beat went faster.
“Hawks I… oh my goodness this view is spectacular.”
(Y/n) hadn’t seen Hawks in weeks. They understood, of course- they were a hero themselves; the job caused for little free time.
That’s when they started to push their feelings down.
maybe I just don’t care, maybe I talk too much,
but baby I’ll be there, yeah baby I’ll be there,
It was only natural to (y/n). They conditioned themselves to realize that a relationship had a very small likelihood of happening.
But the freaking bird man next to them just reached deep down and pulled all of those feelings back to the surface.
it’s been a little hard, I’ve been a little tired,
but maybe all along, I’m afraid, I’m afraid, I’m afraid,
That, he was. He was terrified.
Hawks would never want to hurt (y/n). Never, ever. They were a hero, too, so who was to say they couldn’t protect themselves.
But something told Hawks that nothing would ever work out between them. Whether it be hero commission, his infiltration with the League of Villains, Miruko, or just… just because they didn’t feel the same.
He finally pulled his gaze from the city to look at (y/n), and was met with their eyes on him.
Hawks and (y/n) sat like that for a while. No words were spoken, no actions made. The voices in their heads that were screaming at them to get a grip and fess up were ignored.
The two stared into each others eyes, afraid to say what their heads were screaming at them to do.
I’m afraid, I’m afraid, I’m afraid.
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asami-tsukihana · a day ago
I saw that your requests where open :) i send this one request to someone else but might seem that their requests where either full or not open anymore soo.
If its okay with you can you write a headcanon where Hawks S/O (she her or they them) who is an underground pro hero, that has a simliar personality as Cisco Ramon from The Flash. Yk kinda nerdy, sarcastic, laid back, and goofy. :)
omg I loved it cisco is my favorite character anyways
warnings: none
Requests: open
genre: fluff(?)
pronouns: they/them
hawks with a so who was cisco's personality.
just chaos
and teasing
you are the worst yet the best couple
almost every conversation becomes a roast battle
when people meet you, they think it's a toxic relationship
even though he makes fun of your interests, he'll always want to listen to you
the blonde knows you can take care of yourself? yes
he will stop following you around just to make sure you're safe? no
gaming nights happen really often
if you don't like being in the spotlights, he makes sure to keep all the cameras on him so you can walk away
if you don't mind the attention, he would just be by your side and make sure the questions aren't too personal.
listens to all your theories, is he understanding them? probably no
will listen carefully to every word you say? hell yeah
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yesitsmewhataboutit · 20 hours ago
Always Here
Hawks x reader
Summery: you feel terrible, but Keigo is there too help
Warnings⚠️: angst with a happy ending I poured like all my sad crap from this crappy day into here so sorry bout that
Why did it have to be like this? Why did it always have to be like this? You wanted to have friends. You wanted to feel like you had a family, even if they weren't your family. You wanted to feel close to people. You wanted to have fun. You wanted to be happy. You wanted to be like other people. You wanted to feel, wanted.
But no. Every time you're ready to have a little fun, a little happiness, it's ripped away from you. Then it happened, the one thing you wanted, needed, you got it. It was enough, it was, but the feelings you have are too heavy. You feel like you're going to break into pieces like the whole world is against you. You can't win, no matter what. No matter how hard you try, you're always wrong, you're always left out, you're always "sensitive," you're always the one that people, your friends, seem like they don't have time for anymore. No matter how much you try, how much you want to keep them close, it's like it keeps getting farther and farther away, confirming what you already think.
These are the things that run through your head as you step into your shared apartment. You feel every step you take has weight in it, of sadness, grief, sorrow, loneliness. But wait, you weren't alone. Yeah, it may feel like it, but he was there, he was, always, there.
You fully step into the apartment, taking off your shoes and treading toward the bedroom. When you push through the bedroom door, you're met with a happy and smiling Keigo. "Hey, baby bird, welcome home." He says, smiling, looking up from his phone briefly. You don't answer, standing there, feeling your eyes swell with tears. You silently walk over to the bed, crawling on it, directly into Keigo's lap.
He pauses from his phone, trying to see what you're doing. You settle into his lap, wrapping your arms around him, letting the tears loose. "Baby bird? What's wrong? What happened?" Keigo asked, wrapping his arms around you, holding you close, shifting his head down to see your face. "K- Kei. W-why is i-it like this? W-why a-am I l- like this? W- why can't I stay h-happy?" You say, through choked sobs, filling his shirt with your tears. "It's ok, baby. You're ok. There's nothing wrong with you." He says, squeezing you. You continue crying into him as he rubs your back, trying to calm you as much he can.
"Do you wanna talk about what happened?" He finally asks. You shake your head no, trying to calm yourself, letting out slow breaths. Keigo continues holding you close. Not caring why anything happened, just wanting to care for you and help you feel better. You feel his soft wings wrap around you, a nice warmth. Soon, the tears start to slow, and you feel yourself calm down. "When you're ready, you wanna get some food? Or I can go make some?" Keigo says gently. "No. No, please don't go." You say, your grip on him tightening. "Ok. Ok, I won't. I'm right here, as long as you need." Keigo says.
After a while, Keigo hears your breathing even out, and you become less tense in his arms. He holds you close and tight, not daring to move an inch for any reason. He soon falls asleep with you, still having you tight in his arms. When you wake up, he still has his arms wrapped around you but his wings holding you in place. "Hey, baby bird. Feeling better?" Keigo asks. You nod, staying curled on him. "What you wanna do, baby bird?" He asks. "Stay here, please." You mumble quietly. "Ok, baby. Whatever you want. I'm right here, forever and always."
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