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#bnha headcanons


pairing - mina ashido x reader

pronouns - none specified! neutral 🤠

genre - headcanons, fluff / comfort


this is a request from @megatron720 !!


we settled on gender neutral bc I fr cant write male reader sorry 😔💞 btw! super sentai is power rangers, I think it’s just the english translation??? could be wrong tho!


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Warning: mentions of depression

  • Aizawa always notices when his student’s behavior changes. So when he saw your grades start to slip he knew soemthing was wrong.
  • He always saw you laughing with Midoriya or speaking calmly with Todoroki, but now you sat alone just looking out the window when class wasn’t in session.
  • You looked tired extremely tired and it broke Aizawa’s heart. He would never admit it, but he wanted to see his students succeed to become pro heroes so seeing one of his students discouraged made him think about what to say to you.
  • After class he asked you to stay behind and at first you thought you were in trouble which made you freak out. Aizawa was scary when he was upset so you’re trying to figure out what you did wrong to piss him off.
  • When the last student leaves the classroom you’re holding your breath as you watch Aizawa get up from his desk and walk over to you. He calmly looks out the window before turning his attention to you.
  • “Y/N is something wrong?” You’re surprised when he asked you a question instead of telling you what you did wrong.
  • “N-No why would you say that?” “Because your grades dropped.. a lot recently and you’ve been looking tired everyday when you come to class.. is something happening at home?”
  • It wasn’t that. Nothing was wrong at home it was.. fine, but recently you haven’t been feeling yourself you didn’t know how to explain it to someone or were scared they’d tell you to get over it.. it wasn’t easy you tried getting “over it.” But the feelings you had were holding onto you.
  • You start bouncing your leg up and down “I- Uhm.. I don’t know how to explain this.” You looked out the window trying to avoid Aizawa’s stare.
  • “Y/N you don’t have to tell me if you don’t feel comfortable I just wanted to let you know if you’re ever feeling like you need to talk to someone I’ll listen. I just wanted you to know that.” You smiled at him “thanks sensei I’ll remember that.”
  • When you did feel comfortable enough to tell Aizawa what you’ve been feeling he’ll listen even if it takes an hour or 2 he listens to you patiently not interrupting you once through the conversation.
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Uraraka : Deku, can I ask you something ? If All Might and your mother were both drowning, who would you save ? 

Deku : Well, I’d save my mother.

Deku : All Might can walk on water. 

Uraraka : 

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Hi, hope you like this!

I give you……..


Quirk type: emmiter

Quirk summary: you have the ability to create, manipulate, and project multiple different types of ink. The color of the ink is based on your mood, and different inks you make have different properties.

Drawbacks: over use of your quirk make your skin very dry, and you are very sensitive to heat.

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Hi, hope you like this!

I give you………

Soul Ripper

Quirk type: emmiter

Quirk summary: you have the ability to rip someone’s conciseness out of there body forcefully for 5 minute periods when you touch them. When you do this you remove there conciseness from there body, but there subconscious remains, so there body still functions, however they cannot move at all, and are uselesss for the time there minds are separated.

Drawbacks: your quirk only works for 5 minute increments, and you have to touch the person to activate it.

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if you want to request something i will probably write it! i will write for anyone in my hero academia but i can’t guarantee i’ll write all the characters properly!

the main ones i will write for is todoroki, bakugo, and kirishima but anyone else i will write for!

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doing tik toks with shoto todoroki

a/n: i hope you enjoy this! if you wanna request stuff you can :)


- so he only has tik tok because you told him to get it

- his account is private and he doesn’t post anything, it’s mainly just there to follow your main and your private account

- he also likes all your videos too <3

- one day you’re just with him in your room and he’s like

- “can we make a tik tok together?”


- he doesn’t really know what to do

- he looks through your tik tok and decides he wants to do a dance

- you try to teach him a simple one

- his movements are kind of stiff but he’s not terrible at it

- it’s really cute to watch him try and to get a little frustrated when he messes up

- you end up getting it and you post it on your public account

- he’s the first like it

- pls your followers and fans love it and think you guys are so cute together :’)

- your private is where you post more of your jokes and just videos you don’t want the world to see

- it’s mainly just your friends and people in the class 1-a

- sometimes you’ll just like film without shoto noticing and he’ll like walk into your room and hug you immediately

- so you post it and he’s flustered about it but he doesn’t want you to take it down

- the captions are like “the bestest boyfriend” and cute things like that

- he really appreciates it

- you start doing more dances for fun

- one was really good so he b e g g e d you to post it

- he ended up posting on his tik tok but after he made it private

- it’s literally just videos of you guys and sometimes just him doing a dance

- your couple tik toks can be cheesy but cute at the same time and he loves it a lot :))

- he will send you those tik toks that are like “their eyes, their smile… you thought of that special person right?”

- it’s so sweet i cant

- he will also send you like other couples tik toks and be like “Let’s do this together ❤️”

- so him with tik tok is really fun and cute :)

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gn reader

characters: dabi, tomura shigaraki, katsuki bakugou, eijirou kirishima, hawks (keigo takami)

warnings: fluff

a/n: here’s me spewing stuff out of my drafts bc i’m having really bad writers’ block rn :( i’ll try to finish the remaining requests for my 500 event as best i can, but i need a bit of time



  • When you kiss/touch his scars lightly
  • He thought it was weird at first, but when he saw how gentle you were, he couldn’t bring himself to stop you
  • You expected him to shove you off, but instead he smiled and patted your head before whispering the faintest, “Thank you.”
  • Now when he looks in the mirror he sees another part of him that’s beautiful :,)


  • When you call him beautiful
  • He was annoyed at first, thinking you were trying to tease him
  • You shook your head, placed your hands on his face and, in a soft but affirming voice, you said:
  • “You’re beautiful, Tomura.”
  • Fell apart right then and there because, for the first time in his life, someone appreciated his looks


  • Your ability to calm him down when he’s angry
  • People tend to avoid him when he’s throwing a fit, but you don’t
  • You stay right by his side, and when he’s at his limit, you pull him into an embrace
  • He’ll try to break free, but once he hears your slow, deep breaths, he does the same and starts to relax
  • Will always apologize for bothering you and you respond with, “It’s okay. I’m here for you, always.”


  • When you compliment him and his Quirk
  • He was always insecure about it, comparing it to Izuku’s and Bakugou’s
  • But you tell him his Quirk is the coolest, and it doesn’t have to be flashy
  • “If everyone’s Quirk is flashy, wouldn’t it mean all of them are the same?”
  • Kiri’s looking at you like :O and he starts smiling like an idiot (and he’s crying tears of joy)


  • When you leave your window unlocked for him
  • No matter how many times he tells you it’s dangerous, that one day, “Someone’s gonna break it and it’s not me,” you ignore his warnings
  • You want him to know that he’s welcome anytime, and it’s easier than trying to squeeze his wings through the front door
  • You only lock it when he’s there
  • Keigo will stop by and say it’s for “safety reasons,” but it’s just an excuse to see you (and to keep your window locked)
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Originally posted by lovingtonystarkismyfulltimejob

Soft Hawks

Minors DNI

dedicated to my friend, Anfisa

today i wrote both shitty abusive hawks and now i’m writing some soft hawks. 

Hawks who’s face lights up when you walk through the door. hawks who loves to braid your hair. hawks who takes a bubble bath with you. a hawks that painstakingly adjusts every pillow so that they’re *just right* before bed. a hawks that slow dances in the living room with you. a hawks that takes you flying during cool summer nights. a hawks that’s constantly putting feather light kisses on your neck, your collarbone, your earlobes and the empty space between your shoulder blades. a hawks who makes grabby hands when he wants to cuddle. a hawks who lays his head in your lap while you watch tv. cooking dinner with hawks while he hums along to the jazz that’s playing. feeling an autumn breeze on the porch with hawks. cold feet in bed pressed up on his warm skin while he whines dramatically. a hawks who shivers when you say his first name. a hawks who can’t help but sigh after you kiss him. a hawks whose love language is gift giving, and he constantly brings you knick-knacks that remind him of you. a hawks who is falling apart, arms wrapped around your waist sobbing, from the pressures of the world. a hawks who falls apart on you when the media gets what they want and the hero commission gets what they need from him. a hawks who swears you’re the thread that holds him together. a hawks who reminds you to use your words after teasing you all night. a hawks who leaves bite marks all over your body. a hawks whose fingers are dug into your thighs while his tongue runs circles on your clit. a hawks who assures you he didn’t mean any of the things he called you when hes done making love to you.

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━━ having a crush on someone who is oblivious.

a/n. i’m so bad at writing iida, i apologise. pls enjoy this trash x

character(s). iida

summary. iida has a crush on the reader who is unbelievably oblivious to his advances (as requested by @coledrawsstuff​)

tw. n/a


iida is, more often than not, unafraid to speak his mind or act in accordance with his own judgement. however, there are instances when iida recognises that he maybe shouldn’t say that thing out loud *cough* attempted murder *cough*, like how he feels about you, for example.

now, iida knows that honesty is the best policy, but you are both friends within the same circle, and he recognises that things could get a little tense if his feelings aren’t reciprocated. first and foremost, iida doesn’t want to jeopardise that for an unrequited crush. 

he decided to confide in his brother for advice on what he should do (he chose not to seek out the dekusquad in case they let it slip). tensei’s advice was that if iida really liked you, but didn’t want to act on those feelings unless he was sure you felt the same, he should try doing small things to see how you’d react. iida thought this was very sensible and decided to put it into action.

…except you’re too oblivious to notice what’s going on. whenever you need extra help in class, iida is the first one to volunteer. while he doesn’t condone slacking off during lessons, he notices how tired you’ve been lately and doesn’t say anything when you start to nod off. instead, he’ll take more detailed notes to give to you afterwards. iida is going to turn into such a mum, as well. he’ll always have your water bottle ready for when you come back from sparring - makes sure you drink it throughout the day too.

the rest of the dekusquad catch on to what’s happening pretty fast; all of them apart from you, and iida is starting to get disappointed cause he assumes you don’t return his feelings. poor thing doesn’t know what to do now. that is, until todoroki ‘accidentally’ let the secret slip during lunch once. 

you were talking about this festival in town that you were really excited to go see, but had no one to go with. seeing you pout, todoroki said “why don’t you go with them, iida?” and iida turns bright red, eyes wide as he attempts to formulate an answer. before he could speak, you questioned todoroki with a quizzicle expression. “because he has a crush on you,” he said like it was the most obvious thing in the world.

c h a o s at the lunch table. deku is choking on his food, uraraka is squealing with excitement, and poor iida is on the verge of a breakdown. he’d shot up from his chair, stammering as he desperately tried to explain himself, arms waving in all directions. you just blinked at him while iida was simultaneously losing his mind.

i didn’t know you liked me, iida. i like you, too,” you were so casual about it that iida thought he was going to faint. he was sporting a very bright red blush, and his glasses were askew. you had already continued on with your conversation regarding the festival, promising to text iida the details later that day. taking a breath to calm himself again, iida sat back down with a bashful smile as deku clapped him on the back as a show of support.


© sleepyrintaro 2021. do not repost or alter.

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Mina Ashido


Originally posted by nanjou

• This girl is the literal tickle monster of 1-A, no joke

• she attacks when you least expect it and studies all of her peers’ reactions meaning she knows exactly how to wreck them

• her favourite targets are the rest of the bakusquad, but those boys outnumber her and can retaliate big time

• she’s pretty ticklish herself and isn’t embarrassed to admit it. If anything, she thinks tickle fights can be fun

• Mina’s worst spots are her thighs and feet and she’ll scream if you tickle the right spot with the right amount of pressure

Toru Hagakure


Originally posted by chimera-798

• I read somewhere that she’s canonically ticklish in one of the BNHA books!

• since she’s invisible, people are accidentally bumping into or touching her all the time, which can sometimes elicit a ticklish reaction

• once during training, Ojiro’s tail brushed up against her stomach and she squealed before nervously admitting: “don’t t-that tickles”

• after that incident, some of her classmates (mostly Mina and Ojiro) like to grab her sides while pretending that they were “just looking for her”

• worst spots are her stomach/sides

Tsuyu Asui


Originally posted by nanjou

• not too ticklish, but the right spots can really get her laughing

• as a ler, she can be teasy without knowing it since she’s used to speaking her mind (”Ochako-chan how can you be this sensitive? I’m barely touching you”)

• she feels awkward about the escalating tickle fights in 1-A at first, but eventually gets comfortable enough to join when the other girls tickle attack her one night in the common room

• after that, she feels more confident engaging in them with her friends, and will poke them in the sides when least expected

• when she gets really serious, she might use her tongue to restrain the lee

• her worst spots are her back and armpits, but only the girls know about this one spot on her lower back that’s hypersensitive to touch

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An AU Where…

Bakugou has a badly drawn curly moustache. No-one can work up the guts to ask about it. In the end, he debuts as a pro with it still there.

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Hi, hope you like this!

I give you………


Quirk type: mental/emmiter

Quirk summary: you have the ability to possess any living thing, and inanimate object when you active your quirk, that you have made physical contact with. Once you possess it it gets overed with purple stuff, and a big yellow eye appears on the object. Once you touch the object you can control all off the objects you are possessing at the same time.

Drawbacks: if the eyes get damaged you lose possession of the object or person, and controlling to many things simultaneously gives you headaches.

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𝙧𝙚𝙢𝙚𝙙𝙞𝙖𝙩𝙞𝙤𝙣 𝙘𝙤𝙪𝙥𝙤𝙣𝙨

Summary: coupons = cuddles.

Pairings: kirishima x reader


“Baby, can we talk please?” Kirishima implored, wearing a pout instead of his usual buoyant toothy grin. “I said I’m sorry.”

You rolled to your opposite side of the bed, back turned to him and ignoring his pleads.

Kirishima being protective once in awhile was considered cute, however once it becomes overbearing to the point you can’t do anything for yourself is what led to these conflicts.

Even so, you were still pretty upset at him.

But nonetheless, Kirishima is fixed on getting back your forgiveness.

With a slight huff, he pushes himself off the bed and opens a few drawers, rummaging throw the folded clothes and empty slots.

Finally, he finds what he was searching for: Coupons.

Not any coupons, but coupons exceptionally made for couples. You made them a few months ago on his birthday for him to use up to his pleasure and you had no right to decline. As far as he knows, their expire date was unlimited.

The coupons consists of cuddling all night, endless kisses, massages, and a few sultry ones that he had yet to use.

Regardless, he figures you wouldn’t be into the mood to do the last, but he rips out the first option and the latter.

Kirishima shyly returns to the bed, sitting on the floor infront of you, subsequently sliding the two coupons in front of you.

Your eyes narrows, switching from staring at the coupons then at the humble man peeking from the mattress. “God you’re such a baby,” you sigh, making room on the cushion, “c'mon.”

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For no reason at all <_< I started thinking about what junk food BNHA characters would grab after having an orgasm- if it were readily available. 

I can’t be the only person that wants to inhale every carb in the tri-state area afterwards… right?

There is no sense to this. 

Denki: an entire bag of Doritos.   

Fatgum: Japanese cheesecake with apricot spread.  

Tenya Iida: Assorted raw vegetables.

Midnight: Grapes. But if she’s out? Grape-flavored gummy penises.

Aizawa: The first piece of chocolate he can find. Even it’s a melted piece  that re-solidified in his pocket. (Don’t be childish. It tastes the same only the shape is different.) or pockey…

Kurogiri: Clouds-in-a-can do not require sustenance. 

Hawks: Fried chicken (If it’s after sex, have fun. He keeps the bucket by the bed waiting and ready. You literally asked for this, Hawks fuckers.)

Shigaraki: Kasugai Kiwifruit Gummy Candies or anything similar. He usually has bags of the gummies around his computer desk.

Shinsou: A pint of chocolate raspberry ice cream.

Hizashi: Kasugai Soda Flavor Tsubu Gumi Jelly Beans.

All Might: Whipped cream straight from the can.  

Endeavor: A fistful of mochi all at once.

Ochaco: Chocolate stuffed koala cookies.

Bakugou:  Bokun Habanero hot potato chips.

Kirishima: ½ a loaf of bread.

Sato: Nothing, he just goes right to sleep uwu 

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Kirishima relationship headcanons :

kirishima x fem!reader , fluff, manliness


Originally posted by daffydill

• No matter how big or small you are, he will insist on carrying you places, will also do piggy back races against other students

• Will make little heart shaped hand signals across the room to you

• Will send you a quote every day as to why you are his pebble

• Buys you a pair of matching crocs

• Wear his clothing and he won’t be able to move while he takes in all your beauty

• You have matching lock screens of two halfs of a picture of yous two making a heart with your hands meeting in the middle

• Will text you good morning, evening and night just to see you smile when you read his contact name

• Sneaks out with you to buy ice cream late at night

• He will call you by : pebble, angel, baby girl, babe, n/n, mrs.kirishima


As always request are open ! Thank you for reading ♡

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𝔱𝔥𝔦𝔤𝔥 𝔯𝔦𝔡𝔦𝔫𝔤 𝔥𝔢𝔞𝔡𝔠𝔞𝔫𝔫𝔬𝔫𝔰

warnings!!: nsfw, thigh riding, degradation, praise, choking, slight spanking, over stim.

includes: bakugou and todoroki

a/n: i’m going to start doing headcannons and drabbles!! nsfw and sfw, so if you’d like anything in particular just let me know and request it!!


𝙠𝙖𝙩𝙨𝙪𝙠𝙞 𝙗𝙖𝙠𝙪𝙜𝙤𝙪 -

∴ will degrade you twice as hard than he usually does!

∴ he will overstimulate you until it hurts to cum, or even until you can’t cum anymore.

∴ sometimes, he refuses to fuck you unless you get off on his thigh at first.

∴ will grab at every part of your body; your ass, thighs, throat, hair, hips…

∴ it strokes his ego knowing you can get off just from his thigh.

“such a filthy slut, so desperate to get off aren’t you?” you whine at bakugou’s threats, your drooling hole clenching around nothing and thighs slightly quivering. you feel one of bakugou’s hands leave from your stuttering hips, to smack down harshly onto the exposed flesh of your ass.

“use your fucking words, shitty woman.” bakugou threatens. his words should be something you reprimand and call him out for, but instead, you feel your drooling hole clenching around nothing and your hips speeding up.

“y-yes katsuki, i’m a desperate slut.” you moan out, following his orders. knowing that if you don’t, you would be in for one hell of a ride. you feel bakugou’s hand leave from your ass, and roam up towards your bare neck squeezing ever so slightly. he blocks your blood flow, causing your vision to become slightly hazy as you start to feel overwhelmed and lightheaded.

your moans become more broken, turning into light sobs as your high comes closer and closer. bakugou flexes his muscular thigh, making the friction against your clit ten times better. you clench your thighs around his large one, wanting to get your cunt as much friction as you can.

“cum for me, if you don’t then i won’t fuck you how i know you want me to.” he threatens, knowing you’re getting closer and closer to the edge. you mewl, feeling the coil in your stomach snap and your hips still. bakugou let’s go of your throat, to roughly grab onto your hips and continue grinding you down onto his flexed thigh. you squeal after coming down from your high, noticing bakugou’s pace never faltering.

“i know you have another one in there for me, you will fucking cum again for me.” he says between clenched teeth, pushing you down onto his thigh harder. you set your head onto bakugou’s shoulder, already feeling heavily overstimulated from the intense orgasm just seconds before. but, you know bakugou won’t stop until he’s satisfied.


𝙨𝙝𝙤𝙩𝙤 𝙩𝙤𝙙𝙤𝙧𝙤𝙠𝙞 -

∴ most likely happens out of the blue; wasnt something that was planned.

∴ most often happens in public when you’re too needy to wait until the both of you are home.

∴ he easily becomes flustered and praises you but slightly degrades you.

∴ you guys will DEFINITELY do this a lot more often.

you and todoroki were at a class reunion with the past ua students. it wasn’t supposed to be a raging party, but it could almost be mistaken with one. the dimly lit room was filled with people drunkenly dancing and couples making out in the corners of the room. everyone was having the time of their lives, finally being able to let loose and not think about hero work.

you and todoroki were sat on a couch, with you sitting on one of his thighs. the both of you had quite a bit to drink, and you both knew how you acted once you got tipsy. you were rather handsy with todoroki, brushing your hand across his bulge, leaving lingering kisses along his neck, and lingering touches along his upper thigh.

you were horny, and you were being rather obvious about it. todoroki was left flustered, feeling your juices leak onto his dress pants; figuring out that you were obviously not wearing underwear underneath your dress. he could practically feel your clit throbbing with need, and your wet hole clenching.

that’s when you absentmindedly start grinding onto his thigh. todoroki doesn’t notice at first, not until you start mewling into his ear and grasping your thighs around his. he feels his cheeks heating up, and cock straining against his trousers.

“y/n? what are you…” he trails off, hearing you let out a strained moan trying to keep yourself quiet. instead of stopping you, todoroki decides to help you out. he places his hand onto the small of your back, guiding your hips a little faster. you clench onto the hem of your dress, feeling the rough material of his pants rubbing against your swollen clit.

you both keep this pace up, wanting to hurry and finish before someone caught onto the lewd acts you both were committing. “come on baby, i know you can come for me like the good girl you are,” todoroki praises, eliciting a whiny moan from your mouth.

“shh… baby you have to be quiet. you don’t want anyone catching us, do you?” you vigorously shake your head and slap a hand over your mouth, successfully quieting down your soft moans. todoroki chuckles, guiding your hips to grind even faster onto his thigh.

he can faintly feel your hole clench and unclench on his thigh, signalling your impending orgasm. “that’s it baby, i know you can come for me. come on puppy, come on my thigh.” he encourages, you bite down onto your palm feeling yourself come undone on his thigh. it was a powerful orgasm, causing your breath to hitch and your eyes roll to the back of your head. todoroki admired how pretty you looked cumming from just his thigh alone, it was definitely a confidence booster.

© all works belong to corpseblouse 2021, do not repost or modify.

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Heyy there! You can most definitely, thank you for sending in the request ♥️

I would bark for hawks not gonna lie 🧍‍♀️


Warnings: Smut/lemon, BDSM 🌶

Keep reading

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ghost tamaki amajiki.


⤷ your quirk allows you to see and speak to ghosts, and with it you meet tamaki amajiki.


pairings: tamaki x gn!reader

genre: angst for the most part

warnings: implied character death (tamaki)

word count: 699

note: i found this in my wattpad drafts from like 2 years ago when i was a different fandom so here we are 🥲✌🏾


Class couldn’t pass any faster.

You sat bored in your seat, waiting for the rest of your classmates to finish up their work. While you waited, your eyes scanned the room, pausing when you caught a glimpse of the boy in the previously empty seat beside you.

Never seen him before. A pale boy with darkish purple hair dressed in a black sweatshirt sat in the seat, staring off into space. He wasn’t normally in this class.

“Psst.” You glance up front to see if your teacher was looking before turning your attention back to him.

To your surprise and slight discomfort, he looked afraid. The boy tilted his head so you couldn’t see his face, obviously hoping to avoid you.

“Did you just move to this class?”

The boy looked around. “You can see me?”

The hair on your arms raised and you felt a chill in the room, a familiar feeling you got when using your quirk.

You still couldn’t help the being surprised, furrowing your eyebrows before raising your hand to excuse yourself to the bathroom. The purple haired boy took your urgent glance as a sign to follow, ducking his head as if anyone else could see him at any moment.

“What do you mean?”

“I…I died. I died two weeks ago. A-and…and you can see me.”

“You’re joking.” Your heart pounded. No matter how many ghosts you’d seen, you still couldn’t shake the feeling of empathetic sadness you felt for them.

He shook his head with a frown on his face.

“How…how did you die?”

“I don’t remember.” His face turned down even more. Your heart sunk lower in your chest, feeling worse for the spirit in front of you.

“Wait.” You closed your eyes. “Maybe I can help.” He looked just as surprised as you did at the sudden suggestion.

“I’m not really too great at this ghost seeing thing, but maybe…I can figure out how you died?”


“Of course.” You hoped that he wouldn’t sense the unsureness in your voice.

“I need you to do me a favor, if it’s okay with you.”

“What is it?”

“I need you to talk to my friend for me. His name is Mirio.”

"Um…I never got your name.” You turned around, half expecting him to disappear. But he was still there following you, looking starry-eyed.

“I’m Tamaki Amajiki.”

“Woah, you were that cool hero weren’t you?” You turned around to face him.

Though his face was almost translucent earlier, you spotted the visible blush spreading across his cheeks.

Suneater had died two weeks ago fighting the league. The heroes who had fought against them were shown all over television, but no one acknowledged the fallen hero as much as them.

"I’m Y/N.” You smiled. The two of you walked side by side to your apartment in silence, before your curiosity took over.

“Can I…can I touch you?” You wondered out loud.

“T-touch me? I guess.”

You reached out gently, grazing his shoulder lightly with your fingertips.

"I can touch you. But if you’re dead…”

“I can feel you…you’re warm.” He looked down again, turning redder with the passing minutes.

"That’s really cool.” You grinned. He smiled back at you shyly, still following along beside you.

“This is it.” You unlocked my apartment door, being met by your pet cat who waited for you behind the door. It was just the two of you in the small apartment, but you enjoyed it that way.

Tamaki followed you to your room and looked to you for a sign that it was okay to sit. You nodded, climbing up onto the window sill to gaze out at the city below you.

“You can stay with me for now.” You spoke warmly, taking note of the fact that Tamaki looked nervous around you.

“You’re…really pretty.” Tamaki whispered from behind you.

You turned around, shocked by the sudden compliment.

“Sorry I just-” He cut himself off and squeezed his eyes shut, figuring that if he couldn’t see you, it didn’t happen.

“It’s fine. I’ve never been called that before.” You sat down beside him, resting a hand on his shoulder.


You nod with a smile. “Never thought I’d be friends with a ghost.”

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Bakugou’s ABCs

☆ character: Bakugou Katsuki 
☆ rating: sfw
☆ warnings: language here and there
☆ word count: 3.2k (don’t ask me how)

a/n: this shall be my first piece of writing, thought it would be nice to set the basics for further posts. this is how I personally see Bakugou, your opinions may differ and that’s alright. 
please ignore weird spacing patterns that might occur between each headcanon, idk what messed this up and I can’t seem to fix it lol.

© all rights reserved to @ki-ka-katsuki​. do not repost or plagiarize.


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