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#bnha headcanons
mayxn15 · a day ago
hi hi cutie, i love your acc :D if this count as nsfw then by all means pass on this request, but can you think of kinks the mha boys would have // what turns them on? thank you !!
Hello! I’m so glad you enjoy my content, thank you for requesting!
i deem this as more spicy than nsfw, but i’ll still put it below the cut!
i’ll be honest i was hoping for a request like this 😭 i’ve got some ideas in mind
Tumblr media
The boy’s kinks and turn ons.
Tumblr media
❁ genre: spicy
❁ characters: katsuki bakugou, izuku midoriya, shoto todoroki, eijirou kirishima, denki kaminari
❁ warnings: suggestive themes
❁ sorta nsfw below the cut!
Tumblr media
i hc that this man is so horny 😭
he has like insane self control, but like everything abt you turns him on
but… there’s something about seeing you wearing nothing but a towel, your hair dripping wet and water trickling down your bare skin…
instantly horny beyond belief.
and with that comes… a shower kink, he likes fucking you in the shower.
i see him as pretty vanilla, but he’d be willing to try new positions if you tell him about it or he sees it in porn 💀
i also hc that he’s a switch
prefers top, it makes him feel strong. but sometimes when he’s had a particularly long day, all he wants is to be fucked LMFAOOO
doesn’t do much aftercare, but cuddly asf. you will never EVER have sex w/ this man and he just leaves after or vise versa
he doesn’t want you to think he’s just using you to get off, bcuz he loves you a lot; despite his frequent complaints and grumbles stating otherwise.
Tumblr media
i don’t think he’s superrrr horny but still pretty horny
very respectable about it and rarely ever asks you for sex, usually just dropping hints or being extra flirty
training with you turns him on a lot 💀
sweat making your skin glisten, heavy breaths, your tight training clothes…
when you’re training with him, he either does really good, or really bad
sometimes he gets distracted, sometimes he’s so focused on how hot you look, he uses this to focus on destroying you
HAHA and then he destroys you in bed 😁
sort of.
i see him being a soft dom, unless he’s mad, or horny fueled by jealousy, then he will destroy you 😁
not very kinky, but would try something if you suggest it, no guarantee he’ll like it/want to do it again
decent aftercare, still a little stunned himself LOL but he does his best
he makes sure you’re feeling well the next day/later in the day though
Tumblr media
he’s a lil confused, somehow gets horny and just the desire to see you mixed up
he get’s it in the end though, very touchy to turn you on then boom you’re in bed
watching you get ready for the day turns him on, he doesn’t know why but it just does
well of course watching you undress turns him on, but like doing your hair or makeup turns him on too
and if you ask him to put a necklace on you, just know he’s gonna start gripping and pinching at your waist while sucking at your neck and shoulders
at this point he feels like you ask him to help with your necklace just so he’d attack your neck and fuck you 💀
and so what if you do? 🥱
quirk play kink 💀 will finger u with both hands for the hot and cold stimulations
i honestly him having a degradation kink, but like him degrading you-
will slap your ass and call you a slut if you’re into that kind of thing 😁
if not, i can also see him being softer, but only because you want him to be
likes to take you from behind, i’ll just leave it at that
he’s an ass man 🙄
Tumblr media
normal horny levels!
seeing you wear his clothes/merch turns him on and he hates it LOL
like just the sight of you basically being covered by him- he’s so ashamed but that alone makes him wanna be inside u 😭
praise and size kink.
praise goes both ways, he likes praising you and likes you praising him
LMFAOOOOO compliment his size and he goes feral 💀
he’s a top, doesn’t feel manly at all when you’re the one taking care of him
will hesitantly agree if u ask to be top though
i feel like he’d have a weird thing for hand/blow jobs LMFAOOO giving and receiving 😭
AMAZING aftercare like omg
cleans you up, and whatever mess you two made 💀 brings u water or food and he’s so clingy for the rest of the day <3
expect the best cuddles of ur life and your favorite movie/show playing <3
Tumblr media
horniest of them all, must i explain?
everything about you turns him on at like the worst timing possible and his self control is shit 😭
you can be in the middle of class, he looks over to you for a split second and sees your thighs like doing the thing when u sit down- yk how they spread out 😭
yeah well he sees that and now he has to take off his blazer and bunch it up in his lap lmfao
has fucked you in the school bathroom and will do it again
he’s literally into anything, i don’t think there’s a single kink that he wouldn’t enjoy
especially into hair pulling and quirk play, zaps you and zaps himself LMFAOOO
definitely a switch, like 50/50 bcuz there’s never a time where he doesn’t enjoy it.
sucks at after care, usually passes out like two minutes later if you fucked in bed
but honestly he fucks you so good that it doesn’t even matter 💀 shitty aftercare is made up for when he’s buried inside u 🥱
Tumblr media
tysm anon for requesting! i’m so sorry it took me so damn long to get to this 😭
i’m thinking about making a general taglist, so let me know if you’d like to be added! <3
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lexxiie · a day ago
MHA normal human au and their dream jobs?
Ahhhhh!!! YES.
Featuring: Izuku Mydoria, Katsuki Bakugo, Shouto Todoroki, Keigo Takami, Touya Todoroki, Tomura Shigaraki, Eijirou Kirishima, Shouta Aizawa.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Their Dream Jobs - Normal!World AU
Izuku Mydoria
Criminal Analyst. He is incredibly smart and very observant. He analyzes everything. The job feels like a challenge to him and he loves challenges. Being able to determine very specific things by studying the whole situation is something he really enjoys.
Tumblr media
Shouto Todoroki
He would defenitely work at something business-related. Probably to take over his father's place in the corporative. He's not especially passionate about the job itself, but dethroning his father sounds amazing. He's also pretty smart so he's great at his job. His biggest ambition is to run the company better than his father ever did.
Tumblr media
Katsuki Bakugo
He would definitely love to be a UFC fighter or a professional boxer. Just thinking about beating asses 24/7 makes him happy. And he would be great at it. He probably got into it when he was a young kid because of some fighter he admired. His fighting name would totally be something with "god of destruction" in it. He also loves being praised on tv.
Tumblr media
Tomura Shigaraki
He would like to work in something related to computing, like a system engineer. It really doesn't matter what. Game developer, streamer, whatever. Everything sounds good to him. He knows he would be good at it, he is smart and spent a big part of his childhood and teenage years in front of a computer.
Tumblr media
Touya Todoroki
serial criminal FBI agent. But not because he actually wants to help people or anything. He just likes the adrenaline of it. He's very competitive as well. Solving the most cases out of everyone else on his department boosts his ego like crazy. He also adores interrogatives, he has free pass to be a fucking asshole and get paid for it. Amazing.
Tumblr media
Keigo Takami
Pilot. He wanted to be one ever since he was a child. It just seemed so cool. To him, it was the ultimate form of freedom a human could ever experience. Doing something we aren't meant to be capable of... He loves everything about it. He also thinks he would look badass on an airplane. And he's right.
Tumblr media
Eijirou Kirishima
A police officer. It may sound a bit basic but hear me out. He really wants to contribute to society, and the purest form of contribution he can think of, is being a cop. He wants people to feel safe around him and he wants people to live a peaceful life. He genuinely believes it's one of the bravest choices anyone can pick. And that's exactly what he wants to be. Brave.
Tumblr media
Shouta Aizawa
Sorry but I just can't imagine him as anything else than a teacher. He cares deeply for others and this caring nature makes him interested in guiding young people through the right path in life. He's not thrilled about dealing with a bunch of brats but the satisfaction he feels while witnessing the personal growth of each student is awesome. He's very proud of them as individuals and they all adore him.
Tumblr media
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katsuphilia · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Kaminari’s prone to getting his heart broken. It’s just a thing that happens, and he’s used to it, and he’s okay. He’s seen his mother bounce back from heartbreak countless times, and he gets it, it’s just a thing that happens.
Curled up on his couch with a three day old shirt and frizzy hair is fine, and he figures he’ll get over it. He just needs to figure out how to find the will first, and that takes time, and everyone has their slumps.
But you seem to disagree, and by the fourth day, you’re knocking down his door to get in.
“Denki,” you huff. “Have you showered at all? You look disgusting.” False. He looked utterly beautiful. Kaminari, even with his dark circles and birds nest hair, even despite his puffed up cheeks and red rimmed eyes, even sporting a stained shirt and mismatched socks with holes, is the most handsome boy you’ve ever seen.
And if it weren’t for the fact that your best friend was currently fighting wobbly lips and teary eyes, you would have had half a mind to knock on his ex’s door and show them exactly what they’re missing.
But Kaminari comes first. He always does.
“Yeah,” he grumbles. “Like four days ago.” The last part is spoken inaudibly, but you still catch it.
“That’s not normal.”
“Nothing in this society is normal,” he shrugs. With a sigh, you sit down next to him on his messy couch, shoving off candy wrappers and empty water bottles with a roll of your eyes.
“What happened?”
He shrugs, hunched over his legs as he stares at the floor, mumbling a quiet “nothing.”
“I got dumped.” And it’s a simple statement, but it holds a lot of weight to Kaminari. Perhaps if he got to do some of the dumping, Kaminari wouldn’t be as phased by his lack of luck in the love department. He’d shake it off and try again.
But something tells him he’s the problem if it’s always him that’s getting dumped. And he figures he’s just meant to end up like his mother—except he doesn’t think he’ll even make it to the marriage stage to become a middle aged and divorced single parent.
“I’m sorry.” It’s all you can offer. “You’re not the problem, you know, you just haven’t found—”
“It’s just a thing that happens, y/n. I just get dumped. It’s cool.”
He says it so smoothly, it’s almost rehearsed—like he tells himself that in the mirror. With a sigh, you inch closer, pulling him into a hug, and he doesn’t fight it.
“It’s not.”
“Well, not everyone finds my jokes funny, it’s okay.” Rubbing his arm, you let his head slump onto your shoulder.
“I do. I find them funny.”
“And not everyone’s gonna have the energy to deal with my personality. It makes sense though, I can’t blame them.”
“I have the energy.”
“I’m just a lot to put up with sometimes. I get it.” And he fights the tremble of his lips as he feels the tears cascade down his cheeks.
“Hey,” you whisper, nudging him gently. “I don’t put up with you. Wanna know why?”
“Cuz I’m too tiring?”
“No silly,” you huff, turning to grab his face gently and wipe the tears. He stares at you with wide eyes when you cup his cheeks and cradle them in your palms. It’s delicate, nothing he’s ever felt before. “Because I don’t ever feel like I have to put up with you. I’m always at my best around you.”
And a few more tears slip from the corner of his eyes, but he can’t say they’re sad, and it’s okay anyway because you catch them with your thumb.
“How’s that even make sense?” Kaminari doesn’t understand how you could enjoy him and his loud mouth and random thoughts and mindless babbles and spontaneous ideas. But he doesn’t fight it either when you finally think fuck it, and press your forehead to his.
“I don’t know,” you shrug, a giddy smile on your face. “It’s just a thing that happens when I’m with you.”
Kaminari thinks he’ll give love one more shot—after all, there’s no guarantee things will turn out the same this time. And he thinks this might very well be the best thing that happens.
Tumblr media
this is a repost from my old blog
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smolchildlevy · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Where BNHA characters would take you to for a date
Warnings: complete fluff (Fem. reader btw)
A/N: tell me if you guys want a part 2 👀
Tumblr media
Izuku Midoriya:
Tumblr media
I think he’d take you to an escape room.
It uses your critical thinking skills after all.
When I tell you this man was NERVOUS to ask you out on a date I mean it.
His hands were a bit shaky, his heart was beating fast (sometimes he thought it skipped a beat lmao).
But when he finally built up the courage to do so, he was really happy you said yes.
You guys went to one escape room that was dimly lit.
He may or may not have ran into the wall once-
He didn’t feel nervous anymore around you as time went on.
You two actually finished it a few minutes before time was up.
Both of you did a little victory hug.
Tumblr media
Hear me out.. a spa day
Definitely just wants a relaxing day off so this is perfect.
Since the two of you are pro heroes, you’re always on the lookout and always keeping the city safe.
Not only that, but you guys are teachers at UA.
That meant barely any time to really hang out. But she wasn’t gonna let work keep her from seeing you.
One day, you both were called to principal Nezu’s office where he said that you and Midnight deserve a day off.
At first, you were reluctant. You asked about who would take care of the classes and all that, to which he said he got that handled.
While walking out, Midnight offered to take you somewhere that day. You agreed.
She never mentioned where you were going though.
So, you were surprised to see that she dragged you to a spa.
It was a really nice day out with just the two of you. You were happy to finally spend quality time with her.
Shoto Todoroki:
Tumblr media
He would definitely have a picnic with you.
It’s something small, yet sweet.
He had been meaning to plan something for the two of you.
Deku and Uraraka knew of his crush on you and encouraged him to take you out for a date.
He finally decided to do so by asking you at the end of class.
Of course you said yes, kinda shocked he made a move.
So that weekend, he takes you to a spot under a tall tree (because yk shade-), where he has a blanket and food set up already.
“Oh wow Shoto, this is amazing!”
“Thanks.. I wanted it to be special.”
You guys chatted throughout the meal and just enjoyed each other’s presence.
He definitely wants to do this again-
Bakugo Katsuki:
Tumblr media
100% takes you to a hay maze (corn maze) place.
Don’t ask me why because I won’t be explaining 😎
He kinda aggressively asks you to go with him ngl.
It was after one of the classes.
“Hey dumbass, go out with me.” A blush was slowly forming on his cheeks.
“I don’t wanna repeat myself.”
“I-I mean sure!”
On the inside he was excited, but on the outside he put up his normal expression.
And when the day came to actually take you on a date, he tells you where y’all are going.
He had this confidence he was going to make it out of the maze really fast and that you would praise him for being so cool.
But not even half way in, he got lost lmao.
So you took the map from him and lead the way, which eventually lead to you dragging him out since he was upset that he got lost-
Tumblr media
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may-day-voice · 2 days ago
When You Walk In On Him
1st Edition w/ Izuku Midoriya, Katsuki Bakugou & Shouto Todoroki | 172732014
please do not repost, but you have permission to reblog :)
• Watch/ Listen on YouTube:
• Read on Wattpad:
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
“I’m home… Izuku?” you called while you removed your shoes by the front door. Not a word. No reply. You shrugged, though you wondered about Midoriya, recalling his earlier call informing you that he was on his way from work.
“Maybe he got caught up with something,” you murmured, removing your jacket and throwing it on the couch.
You sighed inwardly with a smile, removing pieces of your clothes on the way in towards the bedroom. It had been a long day, in and out of the office. After a reconnaissance mission in inner Musatafu, you needed to rid yourself of the gunpowder you felt all over. By the time you reached the bedroom, you were already down to your undergarments.
You hummed while you stretched your limbs, gathering a few clean clothes before you made your way to the bathroom. A nice shower was what you needed. And then bingeing something on stream made for a relaxing afternoon, at least until you heard from Midoriya. This did not occur often, but dating the Number One came with compromise. Even more so now that you were engaged. You were more than thankful that it hadn’t made the news unlike Bakugou and Todoroki’s engagement.
Your thoughts however were rear-ended once you opened the bathroom door, eyes met by the warm moist condensation and a very naked Hero with nothing but a towel wrapped around his hips. His scars were bare to see, his skin freshly drenched from what you assumed was a hot shower before he turned his emerald eyes onto you, frozen by the sight.
You stood speechless. You had seen him many times but it had always amazed you about the sheer size of his body, the scars that painted his story, and despite all of this, his face relaxed and drenched still with this boyish charm.
“Izuku?” You softly spoke, catching his eye, slightly drowsy from the warmth of the bathroom. Oh those sleepy, bedroom eyes-
“Hey Cutie,” he spoke, almost sultry for a brief moment.
That was the shower talking.
“Are you done?” You asked while you cleared your throat, your clothes hugged tightly against your chest.
You watched Midoriya walk towards you, hand on his towel before he leaned against the doorframe, only allowing a small opening for you to slide past, should you decide to do so. You couldn’t tell if your cheeks were burning from the fluster or if the air was getting to you before he closed his face onto yours, kissing your cheek.
“I could be, or I could have another one with you,” he teased, watching your eyes widen a little.
“Have you been speaking with Kaminari lately?” You asked after a moment of silence.
Then that happy smile crossed his face, his cheerful old self.
“Very funny,” he replied, allowing you access into the bathroom. “Shower’s all yours. I’ll start dinner.”
Midoriya walked past, his hulking figure making its way to the bedroom. You couldn’t help but stare. It never got old, ever since you first laid eyes on his body.
“I would have agreed to your invitation, you know,” you spoke with a smirk before waltzing into the bathroom.
You didn’t witness it, but you heard Midoriya’s hitch in his voice before you shut the door.
Tumblr media
KATSUKI BAKUGOU | The Invitation
You checked on the time, knowing you'd arrived earlier than what Bakugou had planned. Yet having to wait ten minutes outside of his apartment was becoming a concern. Bakugou was a man of timing, not so much as his former classmate Iida, but never was he this late in responding to anything. With the exception of his reunion you recalled, but neither of you were in a rush for anything today.
“Katsuki?” You called from the front door, hearing nothing, which was odd.
You fished out for your keys, picking through them until you found your key to his apartment. Ever since his proposal, the both of you had agreed to have a copy of each other’s apartment key. It made sense to do so now, both personally and professionally. Too many times had there been a few missions either of you crashed at each other’s places. Your recollection of your recent ones brought a wry smile to your face.
Opening his front door, you peeked inside to find nobody. You recalled texting him earlier about meeting him today, reciting the words in your head:
Just come over Lightweight. I had a bad day.
That was code. And you knew what for. Again, Bakugou wasn’t the greatest in sharing his feelings, but if he needed comfort, he demanded it.
You stepped into his studio apartment, tapping your toes to rid yourself of the slight strain on your ankles. The new braces were still getting broken into, as was your strength training, sending soreness in your calves and your shoulders. Of all days, it was one where every part of your body was radiating tightness, constantly rolling your joints and stretching as much as you could.
You eyed around the empty apartment to only hear the distant sound of a shower running momentarily before it stopped. It caught your attention when its doors opened, revealing a very wet, smouldering Bakugou with nothing but his towel around his waist. His hair sat in a mess atop his head, something you originally thought was impossible for all these years, yet his face looked serene, almost relaxed until his steely gaze turned on you.
Your eyes darted between his red stare and his chest, littered with scars here and there. And still very wet.
“I… should’ve waited,” you cautiously spoke while you stepped backwards towards the front door.
“Why? You’re here now,” gruffly commented Bakugou while he walked towards you.
“Well now I feel rude for abusing my privileges with the apartment key so-“
Bakugou immediately shut the front door behind you, leaving you trapped between it and him, his skin still radiating with the heat from the shower he had moments ago. You pressed against the door, more so to avoid his wet skin, yet his face edged closer to yours, spotting your eyes still staring at his chest.
“What’s the matter? It’s not like you haven't seen this before,” he teased with a smirk.
“Well yeah, but maybe you should be a host and make yourself decent,” you suggested. “You said you had a bad day.”
“I did,” he purred with his lips close to your ear. “But this is making it so much better.”
Your eyes turned away from the embarrassment before he pulled himself away to kiss you deeply, feeling the moisture still linger from his skin. You felt his chuckle reverberate through you until he walked away, leaving you by the door, dumbstruck.
“Get comfortable on the couch, Twinkle Toes,” he ordered warmly while he walked back into the steamy bathroom.
Tumblr media
The boxes began to climb the more you brought them in from the truck, wiping the sweat from your brow with a sigh. It took the weekend, but all the heavy lifting was organized by Todoroki while you brought the smaller items from your last place into his townhouse. Many months had passed with conversation between the both of you about moving in together, one that was suggested by Todoroki. Now engaged to the Pro-Hero, you had discussed what items to keep and which ones to offload, only to have them stored somewhere courtesy of Todoroki.
Closing the front door, you felt relieved it was a quiet Sunday afternoon. Yesterday was a circus from the media and paparazzi, chuckling at Todoroki’s reaction when they tried every attempt to take sneaky photos of you moving in with him - hell freezing over. Literally.
Now all you wanted was to wash off the dust, sweat, and grime. You could feel your hair crawling away while you looked around the townhouse, half-filled with boxes of your things. A shower felt like a great idea.
You remembered the floor plan, where everything was, and Todoroki had been very open about using anything whenever you needed or wanted. Without another thought, you made your way to the bathroom, stripping your clothes while you did. Todoroki was still at work and wouldn’t be arriving at the doors until the next hour - just enough time for you to wash up.
Now down to your undergarments, you reached for the handle of the bathroom door, turning and pushing it open to be hit by the heat immediately. As if the sweat on your skin was already a nuisance, the moisture in the air only made it feel even more uncomfortable. Then again, why was the bathroom so humid? Through the heat, you peered to spot a tall figure by the vanity mirror, his long hair clinging onto his back while he fixed his towel across his hips.
Todoroki stared at you, aloof despite his topless form. His fingers ran through his long locks, still wet from the assumed shower he had recently enjoyed.
“When did you get home?” You asked immediately, trying to avoid the squeak in your voice.
“Not long ago,” he voiced calmly.
“But I didn’t see you.”
“Maybe we missed each other.”
“I'm leaving now,” you announced while you started to swing the door shut.
“Why?” Questioned Todoroki, catching you from shutting the door. You eyed him still wet from the shower with a small smile on his face, his eyes drowsy from the steam. “We just got here,” he mused, still with smiling bedroom eyes. “I can help you put your things together.”
“When you get yourself dried and dressed and not so…” You bit your lip trying to push those thoughts from your head. “I need a shower before we start unpacking things.”
Suddenly the door swung open, taking you with it until you stood before Todoroki’s bare chest, still holding onto the towel that tied tightly around his hips. It wasn’t new to you, but barging in without checking first was already a novice mistake. And in your undergarments.
All you found was that smile on his face, leaning in to kiss you atop the head.
“Okay Love,” he agreed while he walked past you through the door. “Take your time.”
You couldn’t help that fluster from his body heat and the shower he recently had. At the very least, you weren’t worried about washing away the filth from the move, closing the door behind you.
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hunniiskies · a day ago
i love ur todoroki hcs!! can u do a pt 2 for it <3
Ahhh my first ask this is very exciting, i’m so glad you’ve enjoyed my writing! You didn’t specify which headcanons exactly so i figured i’d just do some more boyfriend hcs ♡
sfw, wc 400
boyfriend headcanons | s.todoroki
Tumblr media
Rich spoiled Todoroki who definitely stole his father’s credit card back in his UA days to get you some fancy birthday present that you made him return, pouted the whole way back to the store insisting his dad wouldn’t even notice.
Now that he has his own money spoils you every chance he gets, completely unfazed by your rejections and insists you keep everything he buys since it makes him happy to see your cheeks flush pink.
Makes sure to spend as much time with you as he can spare, he thinks about his childhood and cringed at the idea of the two of you turning into his parents, so he always makes sure he can fit you into his schedule no matter how stressful the day has been.
Always makes an excuse to be close to you in the winter “It’s awfully cold today isn’t it y/n? Come closer” he’ll say before he’s pulling you into his chest and making sure you stay warm.
If he’s in a bad mood he has a habit of shutting you out, afraid he might say something that hurts your feelings he tries to close himself off from you so he can work it out himself.
It takes you awhile to assure him that you want to listen to his problems and that you were there for him even if it was something he thought wasn’t big enough to bring up with you, you wanted to hear it.
Once you work it out he’s usually a bit clingier than usual since he spent so much time away from you, and feels “deprived” so expect him to stay even closer to you.
Expects a kiss from you every day on his way out from work and will stand there waiting for you pouting at the door, if you don’t he goes trailing around the house to go find you before jutting his cheek to you expectedly when he does.
Insists on taking baths with you, he wants to help wash your hair and rub your shoulders, doesn’t matter if he’s had a particularly hard day he’s more relaxed when he’s taking care of you.
Tumblr media
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bnha-babbling · 2 days ago
Think about Aizawa knowing all the mannerisms of everyone in class 1-A like the back of his hand, and partly because he's forced to be. He knows that none of the students would ever ask for help so instead, he had to be the one to initiate. And from villain attacks to simply being around them a lot every day along with being a pro hero he picked up on a lot of their mannerisms. Which means he could tell when something was off It started by being able to tell who had stayed up too late studying the night before or who was dreading the upcoming test next period even though they never said anything.
But it rapidly evolved from there to the point when he notices Kirishima zoning out more and smiling a little less so at the end of the class he pulls him aside quietly to ask if he had taken his antidepressants that day and excusing him from the beginning of the next class so he can go take them
To the point where he walks past Hizashi's classroom and see's Midoriya not taking any notes with the slightest pained look on his face and pull him out of the class so he can go to Recovery Girl to get something for the chronic pain in his hands
To the point where he sees Yaoyorozu grip the desk to balance herself as she stands and takes a deep breath for only a moment and walks over to push an energy bar into her hand
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ehimemo34 · a day ago
Ok ok this kinda crazy but Hawks and he fem s/o and they are doing some celebration for whatever and he takes her flying and things get a little ✨interesting✨ in the sky 👀
Love this idea, let's goooo, also I'm so sorry this took so long to come out, I was on a break and dealing with personal issues. Again super sorry.
Please be kind and reblog ❤️
Tw: fem reader, semi public sex, praise, use of characters real name
Tumblr media
Short Hawks Imagine: Flying high
Tumblr media
"happy birthday baby bird" Keigo said giving you a kiss, "thank you hun" you said. Smiling while holding onto Keigo's neck.
"wanna go a fly?" He asked, picking you up, holding you bridal style, "yes I would love to"
"hold on tight baby" Keigo said as he took off into the air, the night air filling your lungs, "wow Kei, look at's beautiful" you said, Keigo laughed "yeh it is isn't it"
Keigo stopped, hovering in the air holding you onto his chest, you facing him, "I love you baby, so much" Keigo said as he kissed you.
You kissed him, grabbing onto his neck. Keigo started licking Ur lips with his tongue wanting entrance into your mouth, you allowed him to.
Keigo explored your mouth with his tongue, kissing you rougher than before, you let out a moan as you felt him grab your ass "mm baby...we can't-cant do this here" you said in between kisses.
"why not?" Keigo said with a smirk "no one can see" he said as he started kissing your neck "Kei..really we can't" you said letting out little gasps as you felt him nip at your neck.
"Keigo" you said letting out a loud moan as you felt him grind against your hot sex, "please we can't" you said "than why are you grinding on me than huh baby" he said going back to kissing your neck, leaving Hickey's.
"take us down...we can..we can fuck there" you said starting to breath heavily "mm idk" Keigo said pretending to think about it "Keigo!" You said slapping him slightly "okay okay..but I'm gonna ruin you baby bird"
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honeymaki · 18 hours ago
“d’you know what I'm going to do to you when we get home? Do you really wanna know sweetheart? Cause I don’t think you’ll be able to hold it together in front of all your little friends, since what I wanna do includes you bouncing on my cock till you can’t see or think straight, maybe one of those silly vibes on your clit to make you extra messy hm? Out on the balcony? Where every-fucking-one can see you squirting all over my cock? You better behave then princess, cause I'm running on a thin fucking knife right now,”
- Maki Zenin, Mei Zenin, Mei Mei, Shoko, Saeko Tanaka, Alisa Haiba, Mina Ashido, Jirou Kyouka, Nemuri Kayama, Ymir, Yelena, Hitch, Pieck Finger, Hange Zoe. 
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taeyamayang · a day ago
what does your favorite BNHA character says about you
disclaimer: this is purely based on how i perceived each character. i am not generalizing viewers and their kins. this is for entertainment only.
but is this a callout? maybe ;)
inspired from: my hq headcanon on what does your favorite hq character says about your ideal s/o
< deku, bakugou, todoroki, kirishima, & uraraka >
Tumblr media
protagonists are charismatic
they have that certain pull that reels you into their world
and you can't help but allow yourself into the freefall that is them
but i think there's more to deku's contagious smile and soft freckles
he started off as a normal kid in a world where the extraordinary is considered as desireable
and in this world he is a meer ordinary kid
he's full of flaws, innocent, and basically clueless about anything and everything
perhaps, that's why you're drawn to him
maybe at some point in your life, or in the present, you feel the same way
you have the urge to improve yourself but everytime you attempt to do so, a new conflict rises
which then halts you and makes you feel lost
it's like a cycle you can't get out of
just like deku with his quirk
maybe his journey into figuring out his future and improving himself
makes you feel comfortable
or determined to pursue your own path
ngl, it's comforting to watch a late bloomer who started from scratch become someone great
isn't that motivating?
and let's not forget his kind heart
in this world where we are exposed to negativities
it's nice to see someone who is grounded to their morals and values even though the world is kinda sh*t to them
he's all about the good over the evil
possibly, you share the same ambition and heart as him
Tumblr media
please excuse my choice of gif,, i just love his angry face bc makes me laugh LMAOO I LOVE THIS DORK
alright, so we start
bakugo is a difficult person
don't argue me on this
he's a complex character with a unique way of dealing with things
ㅡbut mostly by shouting and cursing at someone lmao
but honestly, he just didn't know how to handle and express his emotions the conventional way
his intrapersonal relationship with himself is a blur
you may or may not be like him but what i can assure is that you understand him
you have the capability to see pass someone's persona
you like him because somehow you could see through him
maybe that is how you are in real life, you may be either aloof or friendly but there are times when you would sit in a corner and observe people
you are drawn to people who are misunderstood a lot
you like knowing what makes that person act the way they are
and unlike others bakugo's sudden outbursts and rude comments do not affect you at all
like, you don't take it seriously
albeit, you probably find his short temper entertaining,
you are not a sensitive person
chances are you are not fainthearted as well
and another thing
perhaps you like someone who knows what they can do but at the same time knows that they still have rooms for improvement
you don't fancy narcissists (bc he isn't one) but rather you like someone who can live up to their confidence
Tumblr media
don't hate me on this but
do you have the urge to 'fix' someone
or feel the yearn to be acquainted with their wounds and be with them during healing time?
im likelihood, the answer to that is yes
this reminds me of tohru honda from fruits basket,, anyway
or perhaps you share the same experiences with shoto
not only with family issues but in some other aspects like
school, friends, society, or even with yourself
there is nothing more defeating than feeling aliented by your ownself
his dark past and his intimidating aura are one of the many things that what attracts you to him
you might have noticed this before but probably most of your kins are akin to him
quiet, mysterious, and a round character (in terms of character development. or, in short, a character that changes throughout the plot )
you find yourself hooked with finding out about what happens next to him
you want to know what kind of person he becomes if he manages to overcome his personal issues
and probably you aim to be like him
changing and evolving
his transition could be your ideal self
you might find it hard to forgive and forget
and maybe his stories reflect who you are and what you've been through
so you find solace in watching someone go through this development
or maybe
you kin shoto because he looks hella good, not gonna lie tho
that scar on his face?
chef's kiss
his mismatched eyes?
absolutely gorgeous
his duality
damn, son, sign me up for todoroki
LMAOOO anyway yall get what i mean
it ain't all about the dark past and drama sometimes surface level things like this is the reason why you like someone
so let's not overthink things, shall we?
Tumblr media
this boy knows how to hide his feelings well
like you could literally see him in the bg of every episode just fooling around with bakugou and kirishima
ugh, yes, please
who would've thought that the boy with a hardening quirk is coveting an emotional dispute with himself
he has insecurities and worries of incompetencies
and hides them well behind his laughs and easy going personality
to be honest with yall i like him
i feel like he's a person who knows how to handle his emotions well
he doesn't take out his anger to other people for the sake of his own selfish relief
he knows he needs to improve and works on it relentlessly in his own way
and kirishima kinnies, i think you resonate with him
or maybe you want to be like him
you admire his relaxed and mature way of dealing with things
or perhaps you like someone who can openly accept for who you are without judging you
i mean he's literally friends with bakugo in the first episodes/chapters of the series
everyone was apprehensive with blonde boy but he befriends him effortlessly like the dude doesn't growl at everyone 24/7
you want to be with someone who is exactly like him
the sense of comfort, maturity, and his chaotic nature is the the spice you seek and need in your life
Tumblr media
she's so cute yall (ive been staring at this gif for a solid half a minute lol)
two words:
inferiority complex
but it isn't manifested in a negative way
she knows she isn't as phenomenal as the other students in class 1-A
she is used to just following the leaderㅡthe wise and knowledgeable
and in this context, deku
we all know she struggled with that in the earlier episodes/chapters
but slowly, in her own pacing, she works on it
she uses her admiration for the others whom she look up to as a benchmark to do well
and with that in mind,
just like uraraka you may be used to being a member of the group rather than being the leader
you are comfortable trusting the decisions of the people who you think are capable
but the downfall is
there are times that you trust them more than you trust yourself
i mean, come on we all have our own abilities (in bnha, a quirk ) that is as amazing as the others
you know what you can do
so don't settle for the supporting role
this is your story, your novel, and you are the main character
just because you may view yourself weaker than everyone else doesn't mean it's true
you have to find your own quirk and aim for the best for yourself
your past does not entirely define you
you have a whole future to become who you want to be
like uraraka, you have yet to bloom
and when you do the world won't be able to take their eyes off you
so take those stilettos and rock the world like how you're supposed to
Tumblr media
a/n: this is... part 1? idk let me know what you think! this is my first bnha content so i hope you enjoyed this! thanks for reading and stay healthy and be safe :D and as usual rbs and likes are very much appreciated like literally THANK YOU
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lexxiie · 16 hours ago
Hello! I don't know if you keep up with the anime but this latest episode (112) has some motherly instincts kicking in for me and I just want to love and protect bby shiggy Xd. Who cares if he looks freaky let me take him in and feed him and love him and UGH... can you maybe do a headcannon of an older reader finding younger shiggy walking around after his whole family incident and taking him in despite what he did? I need this rn
Omggg!! Same here sis. I hadn't felt that bad for a character in a long time. Poor shiggy was so sweet! He just wanted to be a hero.
Tumblr media
Pairing: Tomura Shigaraki (Tenko Shimura) x reader
Tumblr media
If Reader Had Found Tenko Before AFO Did
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
You were coming back home from the market. You loved green tea but you had noticed that morning that you ran out of honey. No honey, no green tea.
You had also ran out of some other things so you figured it was a necessary trip.
While you were checking your ticket, about to open the door of your car, you noticed something unusual.
Or rather, someone.
There was a little kid all alone. He looked lost.
You approached him carefully beacuse you didn't want to scare him or anything. "Hey little guy! Where are your parents?"
And when he turned his head up to face you, you noticed that his face was full of scars.
Your first thought was that maybe his parents had done that to him and you were very concerned.
The poor little kid started crying when you asked about his parents and that only made your theory stronger.
You kneeled before him and reached a hand towards him with the intension of wipping his tears away, but he stepped back immediately.
"No! Don't touch me! It's dangerous!"
Again, you thought that was something his parents had told him to keep him from seeking help or something.
"Oh, honey, I can assure you it is not dangerou-"
"Yes, it is! I hurt them! But I didn't mean to, I promisse, I'm sorry!"
His cries almost made his words impossible to understand.
"You hurt who?" Now you were quite confused.
"My parents! My hands... They touched them... They are gone!"
And that's when a dark thought crossed your mind. What if this kid was talking about his quirk? You had heard stories about kids who accidentaly hurt classmates when their quirk first appeared. Never anything as serious as killing them, though.
"What's your name sweetheart?"
"Tenko...", He said in-between cries.
"All right, Tenko. Do you think you can tell me where do you live? So that I can take you back home? You assumed he should know the way back home since he was walking on his own and he couldn't have gone too far.
"No, I don't wanna go there!", He yelled and started to scartch his face furiously.
"It's all right, you don't have to go in. I just need to know just in case. You can come home with me if you want to."
Now, you knew very well that that was very much not legal at all, but you couldn't help it! Specially when his eyes brightened up the moment you said that. "Yes! I'd like that!"
You both got into your car while he explained where he lived, and just as you assumed, it wasn't far at all. You could've walked there.
When you finally got there, you could see how his scrathing became more and more violent. But that wasn't even the worst part.
The house was completely destroyed. As if an earthquake had hit it.
Your immediate reaction was to get out of the car and go see if anyone needed help, but as soon as you got to the back of the pile of rubble, you saw the bodies. Or what was left of them.
You headed back to the car and asked Tenko to hold a rock in his hands, he was hesitant at first, but he complied.
He grabbed it with only two fingers at first, nothing happened. As soon as he placed his five fingers son the rock though...
The rock became dust in a matter of seconds... It was shocking. You had never seen anything like it.
Things were clear now. This little kid had accidentaly killed his family. You had two options, taking him to the police, without knowing if they would actually consider this an accident. In the best case scenario, he would be in foster care or you could take him in.
Again, you were pretty sure that wasn't legal but you were panicking. You were completely terrified for this little boy, what if they judged him as an adult and put him on trial? It had happened before. People killed people on accident often. It was part of the consequences of a society with quirks,
Besides, this boy needed someone! He had just seen his family die beacuse of him, the amount of guilt that he probably feels must be overwhelmig. Putting him through foster care will only make everything worse for him.
So you took him home.
After tending to all the wounds he had on his face, you offered him some hot chocolate and something to eat.
You had a pair of old gloves that you slightly modified so that they would only cover three of his tiny fingers. Otherwise, he wouldn't have been able to grab the mug.
Tenko was very quiet and you didn't want to pressure him so you just sat by his side on the couch.
You turned the tv on hoping to find something that a 5 year old could like but the first thing that came up, were the news. They were talking about how a group of heroes had stopped some criminals from robbing a bank.
Just as you were about to change the channel, you saw Tenko's smile while watching some hero answering to the reporter's questions, his little hands shaking with exitement.
"Well, you like heroes, don't you?"
"I do! I want to be one when I'm older!"
But just as he finished that sentence, his exitement was replaced by a deep sadness... "But I can't be one. I can't be one because I'm a bad person, I'm evil!"
You cupped his little face with your hands. "You are not evil. What happened was an accident. You didn't mean to do that. It wasn't your fault."
Tenko's eyes brightened with what seemed to be a glimpse of hope.
"Tenko, you might think that your quirk can only bring pain. But I assure you, It can also bring safety, peace if used correctly. You can be a hero."
And with that, He gave you the brightest smile you had ever seen before starting to cry, but, this time, he seemed to be crying tears of joy.
No one had ever told him that in his entire life. When you are little, the words of a grown up mean everything, and what you had told him that day, would change his life forever.
You tucked Tenko under the sheets of the bed on your spare room and told him a story so that he could sleep peacefully, leaving a light on.
"Thank you, (y/n)", he said before offering you a small smile.
You had no idea of what you would do next. You didn't know if you would take him to the authorities the next morning or not. You were thinking of asking them to let you adopt him.
But you did have something very clear.
You would look over this child for the rest of your life, whether he stayed with you, or not.
Tumblr media
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fr-ogii · 14 hours ago
Tumblr media
being in a poly relationship with
katsuki bakugo + izuku midoriya + shoto todoroki
x gn!reader; poc friendly
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
⇢ you and shoto always choose the movie. katsuki gets too upset when his choice is poorly received and izuku changes his mind too often. you and shoto are the only ones who can properly pick the movie (and shoto’s movie picks are always top tier)
⇢ when you move in together, each of you has your own room. your styles and interests were too different to not have your own room. and it’s not like having the money for a 4+ bedroom house is hard to come by when at least three of you are pro heroes and todoroki was the son of long-time number two/one hero.
⇢ katsuki’s room is surprisingly minimalistic. a few dirty clothes are tossed here and there but there is no lingering smell, fortunately. he has a cd player attached to the wall and all of his cds are stacked next to it. he mainly listens to kpop because there is absolutely no way mina didn’t introduce him to mamamoo and get him hooked, but he also has a couple country taylor swift albums.
⇢ izuku’s room still houses all might merchandise, don’t worry. however, his room is now littered with mainly dynamight (/ground zero) and shoto merch. if you’re a pro hero he would definitely own your merch and body pillow. he’s started keeping locks on his dresser drawers because all of you steal his sweaters. he doesn’t dislike seeing you in them but he rarely gets them back and he’ll eventually run out of them.
⇢ todoroki has an ariana grande poster on his wall. it is canon, dont even look it up because i’m right (/j). he’s grown out of the traditional japanese theme, mostly. the dresser is still the same but tatami mats had to be changed out. izuku loves moving around furniture so much and the tatami would have been damaged with all the sliding he does. the bed was also replaced because it was too small for all of you to cuddle in. todoroki takes cuddling very seriously.
⇢ izuku tries to help shoto make his tumblr aesthetic but katsuki has to step in because he ruined it completely. he literally made the entire thing green somehow ?? not even just shoto’s blog, the entire thing.
⇢ katsuki’s actually really good at making things pretty
⇢ you all go on dates to the gym. izuku loves getting dressed up with you while katsuki tells you both “it’s a gym, not a fashion show, you dumbasses” and shoto just ties his sneakers.
⇢ izuku gets really into it once you all get there, heading straight for the mats in front of the mirrors so he can stretch first. shoto follows behind and katsuki heads to the weights. you just do whatever you want, filming tiktoks showing off your attractive boyfriends is probably your favorite activity on the list, followed closely behind by talking with the person working the front desk.
⇢ you don’t usually work out at the same time your boys are there, but will if they invite you to work out with them. sometimes they do, sometimes they don’t. either way, you have fun spending time in the same vicinity they’re in.
⇢ hikes to a picnic is one of bakugo’s favorite of your dates. it’s one of shoto’s least favorites but he tolerates it for the rest of you.
⇢ as long as shoto gets dibs on the soba, he usually keeps his mouth empty of complaints.
Tumblr media
might do a part two to this because i feel like i have so much more to say
Tumblr media
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citifilms · 4 hours ago
bnha boys with a chubby s/o !
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
─── characters: katsuki , shoto , izuku , eijiro . genre: fluff
─── a/n: self love is must and to all the people out there with different body types , you are loved and I love y'all too!!
─── check masterlist for more works.
Tumblr media
he has a hard time reciprocating his feelings and we all know that but he has a soft spot for his soulmate , he makes sure their taking care of themselves eating healthy or not , or are they eating on time. he shows his love rather than speaking and would kill anyone who said bad about his chubby and squishy soulmate.
he developed a habit of lying down his head on his s/o thighs and just has his cheeks smooshed to his partner's stomach and just going on and cursing about how his day went.
he is just so wholesome with his s/o like he loves their body and worships it , he likes to nuzzle in his s/o tummy and pepper their cheeks with butterfly kisses , traces patterns and wobbly heart onto their skin and tells them how beautiful they are , he is practically so in love with them.
he loves your thick thighs for he likes to rest on them a lot and hold you tightly , unconsciously squishes your thighs when playing games ( he doesn't not even know he's doing it ). kirishima just adores his s/o body rolls and even the strech marks present , he just wants them to love themself.
he adores his s/o like my dude is love sick , he loves ever single things about the chubby person who has a soft spot for themself in his heart. he loves the way their so squishy and apparently he loves to trace the strech marks on their skin and kiss every inch of their tummy , squishes their thigh in reassurance that they are just beautiful just the way they are.
he loves seeing them wrapped in a blanket with their chubby cheeks looking like squishy marshmallows and man idk how to tell y'all how much he adores his squishy s/o who just makes his heart just burst in pure euphoria.
he is like a panicky boyfriend , if his s/o isn't eating right he might just doubt if someone is troubling them and spoon feed his chubby s/o. he keeps track of their needs and stuff , reassures them that they are the most beautiful person on earth , kisses their cheeks the most and just cuddle them — he feels like he's cuddling a marshmallow and he loves it , he loves the thighs because thick thighs save lives.
he has a habit of biting onto his s/o ear and tracing patterns onto their skin and whisper sweet words of praise in their ears and just butterfly kiss each inch of their skin and just show them how loved and worshipped they are and loves it when his s/o traces their skin.
Tumblr media
© CITIFILMS 2021 ! all rights reserved and do not plagarize. reblogs are appreciated!
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gothmonsters · a day ago
shinsou headcanons that have been rattling my brain for a while
hes pushing 5'10" at 15. he's going to be tall and lanky. he's like 75% leg and I love this unnecessarily long boy
he fixes his bike himself and if he hadn't gone down the hero track, he would have gone into support work or engineering. anything that let him work with his hands
sleepy leather jacket bisexual
shinsou is actually really shy, he's just aggressive about it so he pushes people away
unfortunately for him he's very magnetic and naturally charismatic, so people WANT to be near him. it's a Problem he doesn't know how to handle
hes actually a really sweet, sensitive kid but he's so good at hiding it that he comes off as cold and aloof
shinsou's hair doesn't just Do That, but he's better at using gel than most people so it doesn't audibly crunch when he touches it, like kirishima
hes got a baby face now but he's gonna have some real sharp features when he grows up. very handsome. he has absolutely no awareness of this
if he could, shinsou would eat nothing but chewy dumplings and pork fried rice but he needs like. fresh plants occasionally. a fruit. literally anything green. please
genuinely very smart and a fast learner, but he's kind of lazy so his grades aren't the best until he starts training under aizawa and then they skyrocket
hes a little worried about his next growth spurt because he likes his current jacket and doesn't wanna have to get a new one, but he's tall and gradually getting bulkier as he trains
his pants are either too short at the leg or too big at the waist. he can never win
cats love him because he runs warm
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hunniiskies · a day ago
flowers | k.bakugo,s.todoroki
sfw, wc 400
Tumblr media
Doesn’t really think to get you flowers until you make a passing comment on how you’d like some to brighten up the house.
Completely out of his element when he visits a nearby flower shop and scares the worker half to death when he starts asking about recommendations, once the worker finally calms down they’re quick to rush into action asking a bunch of questions on what exactly Bakugo is looking for.
He’s pretty lost the whole time kinda just standing there nodding confused at what the worker is saying when he spots an interesting premade bouquet and just points toward it “I want that one.” he says and the store clerk just frowns at him.
Insists on making him something like that but with a custom twist, Bakugo doesn’t really see the point since they’re going to die soon anyways. But he listens anyways since he wants to make you happy.
Gets embarrassed when you react so positively to the bouquet that he’s planning to already get you another.
When he sees that you’ve hung up the bouquet so it’s hanging upside he kinda just freezes and wonders what you’re doing, when you explain that you’re drying them out so you can keep them for as long as possible he wonders why he hasn’t gotten you flowers sooner.
Over time he buys you so many flowers that you have a bunch of dried bouquets all over the place.
Tumblr media
Occasionally brings you home flowers on his way home from work or whenever he passes a flower shop.
When he walks into the shop he immediately heads for a shop clerk to help him and get a custom-done bouquet for you.
Carefully picks out each flower and makes sure he chooses your favorite colors and the nicest looking flowers they have available that day.
Would much rather buy you some sort of flower motif item that you can wear on you and keep forever but likes getting you flowers anyways since he loves to see your surprised smile.
Doesn’t understand why you want to dry the flowers, if you like them so much he can just buy you more?
You insist on at least keeping a few of your favorites and who is he to deny you when you look so happy.
He’ll help you with hanging them to dry and always smiles when he sees a few lone flowers randomly placed around the house.
Tumblr media
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tomuraxashes · 18 hours ago
They just gave us the first butterfly Tomura in the anime
And I think it’s beautiful but ..
(Leaving the fact now that he is in so much pain for now🥺)
Tumblr media
🦋 We do have something even more magnificent thing in the manga.
🦋 n I’m gonna keep post this pic, but look at that, so beautiful
Tumblr media
(Die, nana)
So beautiful
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avery-111 · a day ago
Can I have Headcanons for kirishima? QwQ
Like, how would he act like when he just realized he likes someone and and is looking foward to confess?
Hieee, <3 thanks so much for the request
He didn't know how or when he even started think of you in this way, but it was something, there was just something about you
Maybe it's the way you smile or the way you walk. He can't seem to take his eyes off of you and doesn't know why.
Until...MINA points it out to him and starts teasing him
I feel like Kirishima is a very very oblivious kinda guy and if he has a crush he would be super loud and nervous about it like "I HAVE A CRUSH ON THEM, WHAT THE HELL DO I DO? ISN'T IT AMAZING THO!? "
I feel like he'll tell the whole Bakusquad about his feelings and asks them for advice.
Katsuki doesn't want to get involved
Mina tells him to write you a luv note (awww)
Sero tells him to buy flowers (ssshh I just feel like he would)
Kaminari tells him to ask you out on a date like some place to eat (remember how he asked Uraraka what her favorite food was? Lmaooo)
So it's a mixture of these things
So if you haven't already heard him shouting about it, he's walking up to you with flowers and a cute hand written luv note to invite you on a date
Like, he thinks it's amazing how it's you, and he thinks it's manly to let one's feelings be known.
Thoughts of being not good enough for you crosses his mind and he starts doubting himself but Bakugou takes care of it "don't be dumb" is enough to calm him down lmaoo
So when you say yes. He won't shut up about it
Has probably received death threats from Bakugou (a completely normal day for Eijiro Kirishima) because he won't shut up about it
He's like an excited puppy, with sparkly eyes and an adorable smile shgdhsjs
He can't wait to go out with you. Awww :')))
He takes you out to the movies or if you wanna stay home he invites you over to his place to watch movies!! , you can watch anything you want :'), (expect him to get your favourite snacks) insists on paying, he thinks it's unmanly to make his date pay after he asked them out in the first place. Nervous, really nervous. Hesitates to hold your hand and even gives himself a pep talk in his head lmaoo. When he finally manages to hold your hand he relaxes and interlocks your fingers awww. Will rub soothing circles with his thumb T^T (butterfliesss, sucker for the thumb thingy). He will not leave your hand now welp but will stop if you're not okay with it, consent is manly.
Walks you home after, to make sure you reach home safe. Overall dates with him are 10/10. Spontaneous and unplanned are the joints of dates for him. Jsjdhd just know it'll be fun.
Songs to go with it:
Also Idk why but I feel like this sounds kinda like him, the words and also the way it's sung shhdjdjdhsh :
Ooh btw I also did this a few days ago
I hope you like it <333
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