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#bnha headcanons
HELLO YOU AMAZING HUMAN BEING!!鉂わ笍鉂わ笍馃グ So for my requests I would like head cannons for 1A maybe kiri/Bakugo/deku/Mina, if you want to do other characters along with that then it’s even better馃榿 don’t push yourself to hard. Anyways the idea is that both class 1A & B are on a camping trip, Nito pushes y/n out on the water(floaty bed) but she can’t swim so she starts to panic and falls into the water starting to drown. Sooo someone saves her鉂わ笍馃榿

*uno reverse card* no u! Here it is! My first try at headcanons, I hope you like it! I love you, Pepper <3

Full name: (y/f/n)
Quirk: (y/q)
Age: 15


  • Both Aizawa and Vlad King thought it would be a good idea to take both of their classes out on a little camping trip. No one talks about the first one, especially Bakugou.
  • Everything was fine and dandy, the two classes got on their separate busses and the entire trip there was filled with laughter and enjoyment. Everyone’s items were packed and stuffed into the base of the bus. This camp wasn’t as harsh as their summer camp, it was mostly going to focus on teaching the students on how to scout and hide or find help in emergency situations.
  • Of course, Monoma was back to being the jerk he was, basically blaming class 1A for everything, especially the last time they got attacked.
  • “SHUT THE FUCK UP!” Bakugou would repeatedly scream, making Kirishima and Kaminari often hold him back as Kendo took care of Monoma, once again apologizing for his stupidity.
  • The two classes, with exceptions, helped each other out, especially with setting up the tents. Each student was allowed to have their own tent, but the groups were separated by gender. Males were on one side with the females on the other side. 
  • Once all the tents were set up the students began their training. Of course, it wasn’t as harsh as their summer camp, but it wasn’t easy either. Aizawa and Vlad King definitely put them through the wringer.
  • By the end of the training session, most of the students were exhausted. After dinner, they were in their tents and asleep. Except… Monoma. He had the bright idea to “prank” class 1A. He, honestly, hadn’t meant for it to get so bad… it really was supposed to just be a joke.
  • He quietly snuck over to the girls’ tents, unzipping (f/n)’s tent and pulling her little blow-up mattress out. He gently and quietly walked her all the way to the little riverbed they were next to, pushing her mattress into the water.
  • Before anyone could see him, he was back in his tent and laid down, waiting for the girl to wake up.
  • (f/n)’s hand had accidentally landed in the water and she shot up, panicking when she felt the mattress rock. It was unstable. Without another second, she let out a blood-curdling scream.
  • Everyone panicked, quickly unzipping their tents and running out, thinking there was another villain attack. Both Aizawa and Vlad King were ready, standing next to their students.
  • “HELP!” They both looked towards the water and saw (f/n) on her little mattress, floating away. Their eyes widened and everyone ran towards the water.
  • “OI! WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING?!” Bakugou screamed as they followed her mattress, which was starting to move faster and faster as it hit the current.
  • “JUST HELP ME!” She screamed back as she tried to stay calm. She had no idea how to swim and the currents were getting worse.
  • “There’s a waterfall up ahead!” Vlad King informed as some of the students followed the teachers. They all ran along the path that followed parallel to the river. Todoroki attempted to use his ice, but she moved just too fast. Aizawa’s scarf was too short too.
  • They watched in fear as (f/n)’s mattress hit multiple rocks as she entered the rapids before the falls. Halfway through, slipped and fell into the water with another scream.
  • “SHE CAN’T SWIM!” Mina screamed, making them sprint faster.
  • “I have an idea!” Midoriya yelled, quickly explaining as they watched (f/n) collide with the different rocks. She tried to use her quirk, but wasn’t able to, due to her confusion and inability to breathe or keep her head out of the water.
  • Todoroki quickly made a large ice slab which followed (f/n), but was just a bit too slow. Both Midoriya and Aizawa separated from the group, which kept running ahead to repeat the plan in case it failed.
  • Midoriya used his quirk and passed Aizawa. He jumped into the water, quickly grabbing (f/n)’s waist and pulling her close. The two drifted past the rapids and Midoriya held her head up out of the water.
  • “It’s ok! Everything’s ok! I’m here!” (f/n) gasped, coughing out the water in her mouth as Aizawa’s scarf wrapped around both of them. They came to a rough halt as their teacher held them back.
  • Todoroki created another ice sheet, which Midoriya climbed on, pulling (f/n) up with him. She coughed and gasped for air as she landed on his chest.
  • “Thank you! Thank you, thank you, thank you!” She said, kissing both of his cheeks over and over again. His face erupted in red, but he nodded regardless as the others arrived to help the two to safety. They quickly returned to camp, where they found out the truth.
  • “YOU THREW MY CLASSMATE INTO THE FUCKING WATER?!” Bakugou screamed, letting explosions go off.
  • “It was a prank!” Monoma defended himself, as Bakugou tackled him to the ground. Aizawa erased their quirks and they were pulled apart.
  • “YOU ALMOST KILLED HER, DIPSHIT! LET GO OF ME! I’LL SET YOU ON FIRE, ASSHOLE!” (f/n) was Bakugou’s friend, she’d earned his respect (which wasn’t easy) and no one, NO ONE, was going to disrespect her like that and get away with it.
  • “Enough!” Aizawa interrupted. He assured everyone Monoma there would be some serious repercussions. Until then, (f/n) dried herself off and shared a tent with Mina. However, once everyone was asleep, she snuck into Midoriya’s tent.
  • “Wh-what-”
  • “Shhh.” She said, placing a hand on his mouth. Without another word, she crawled under the warm sheets, snuggling closer to his form. Midoriya ran his hands through her slightly damp hair in an effort to calm her. She fell asleep, no problem. He, however, he had ZERO (0) sleep that night.
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Hullo! How about a drabble with kiri? Like giving his s/o a promise ring 馃憠馃憟

Kirishima giving his s/o a promise ring – drabble

Warnings: none

Words: 350

A/N: hope you like it and enjoy!


Originally posted by deku-smash

Today was your fourth anniversary, it’s been four years since he asked you to be his girlfriend giving way to countless moments together, whether were good or bad. Since then time passed by, but your feelings stayed the same. To celebrate another year of relationship, you both planned go out to eat and take a walk, enjoy each other’s company and then exchange gifts at the evening. Pityfully before leaving your house it started to rain heavily, forcing you to stay. Well, at least the idea of staying on the couch watching tv next to your boyfriend wasn’t bad.

You’ve spend all the afternoon laughing, talking, cuddling and remembering moments together. The soft sound of the rain created a quite calm atmosphere. But now came the best part: exchanging gifts –and tears, because you both get emotional when confessing your love for each other–. You went to the bathroom quickly and when you came back to the living room you notice that your boyfriend looked a little nervous, you were about to ask him the reason but he spoke first.

¨uh, look, i don’t think i’m good at expressing my feelings, but you know, you’re always there for me and i feel like the most part of my improvement as a hero and as a person is thanks to you, i can be strong and manly enough because you’re always cheering me up and supporting me no matter what¨ he held a small decorated box in front of you, you grabbed it.

You opened the little box and a beautiful and shiny ring was laying inside, your eyes filled with tears and you looked at Kirishima surprised, he gave you a big smile and finally said something you didn’t know you wanted to here so much ¨(y/n), Will you marry me?¨.

You nodded holding tightly the little box against your chest, unable to say a word. Tears of joy and happiness slipped throught your cheeks. The red haired boy wrapped you in his arms, thrilled.¨yes, i do.¨ you said with a shaky voice, then you kissed him.

please feel free to let me know if there’s a misspelling.

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Heya so I wanted to say I love your writing! And I wanted to ask if you can do HCs of Cloud Strife and Bakugou (from MHA) realizing they've fallen for a shy!fem!reader? Thanks and I hope you have a good day/night!

Hi there! Thank you so much! I hope you like these, sorry if they are a bit ooc, I haven’t written character x reader headcanons in a…. while? I honestly don’t remember when the last time I wrote a request was? But! I’m super excited to do these💖. I’m also shy…. but uh, I might be super shy tbh, lol.

Cloud -

• He’s very protective of you, like, he’s protective of all his friends/family, but with you it can be over the top.

• If you blush easily, especially around him, he thinks its adorable, and wants to kiss your cheek, which makes him very flustered.

• He’s not really a people person, but if your out in public together, and your the type of person who can’t easily talk to people you don’t know, he’ll do the talking for you.

• He gets so excited when you talk to him. He’ll let you talk to him for hours if you wanted to, and he tries to never judge you about what you say. If you trip over you words even, he won’t say anything, but inside he thinks it’s really cute.

• The first time you say something snarky around him, he literally stares at you for a second, but then you to are just going at it about whatever the og comment was about.

• He’s always so gentle around you, trying to make sure he doesn’t do anything that would make you uncomfortable.

• When he confesses his love, it’s going to be somewhere private, and just the two of you. He’d hold your hands, and blushing like crazy, but he’d straight up tell you, no hesitation at all.


• When he first realizes he’s very in denial. Hes a pro hero, and he doesn’t have time to be in love. But every time he looks at you he gets this tight feeling in his chest, so he can’t deny it very long.

• His gruff attitude doesn’t change toward you, but he is quiter around you, and he listens more. Likes hearing your opinions, and about the things you like. Thinks its nice, since not everyone in the world knows.

• He’s kinda got the ‘silent longing’ thing going on. Comes home at night and wishes you where there to greet him. Sees you across the room from him and just stares for a minute before going to say hello to you.

• Gets you things you mentioned wanting one time 3 months ago. And then smiles when you get flustered.

• He will yell at people in public if they make you uncomfortable. (Probably doesn’t help you be more comfortable but later its probably appreciated that he stood up for you in his way).

• He doesn’t understand why someone as sweet as you wants to be around him, and he’s always so surprised when you come to talk to him first. But hes always very happy for the rest of the day when you do.

• His confession is very simple. He’ll ask you to take him to your favorite place, and then when you get there, he’ll hold your hand and say it in the cheesiest way possible, probably something about 'wanting to stay there with you forever’. And it works. When he sees your flushed cheeks and a big smile on your face, it’s very worth the fact that he asked his friends how to say that to you.

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I see it's headcanon hours? Nice Twice things!

Ooo fun!!

  1. Jin taught himself how to play guitar. He writes his own music too. He learned young and tried street performing to make money when he was homeless as a teen. Not a lot of the league know he plays until he mentions it. Giran then goes out of his way to buy jin a guitar.
  2. Jin’s DID first manifested when he was young, after his parents died. It only became more pronounced after the incident with his clones.
  3. He avoids mirrors and reflective surfaces because it triggers hid DiD
  4. He’s very insecure. Despite being very attractive, fit, and has a wonderful heart, he worries he isnt good enough and hes afraid of being abandoned.
  5. He picks at his scar when anxious.
  6. He chainsmokes a lot, especially if hes stressed out
  7. He paces when angry and punches walls
  8. Jin’s alter that co-fronts with him is a perfector role alter that came to be when he was on the street as a teen, and he tried to keep Jin safe. Now he co-fronts with Jin at all times because he feels Jins unable to do it alone.
  9. He likes painting and drawing, it keeps him calm and keeps his hands busy.
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Could I order a Sero with an s/o who is high key touch-starved, really shy and easily flustered, anxious af. (Could we Incorporate some wholesome neck kisses) she’s also Ace? (headcannons or Scenario, whichever works better :3 )

Oooh of course of course, coming right up!! Thank you so much for requesting! Although, neck kisses.. Not very PG so I’m afraid I won’t add them! But I hope you enjoy!

📼 Boy thinks your shyness is cute as heck, but he’s gonna drag out your extrovertedness just wait and see! Either that or he’s just gonna drag you out with him regarless~  

📼 The bakusquad gotta interogate you before accepting you as a new member! And to make sure you’re good enough for their sero! (Hint: You passed <3)

📼 He loves giving you little affections! Have his arm resting around your hip, around your shoulders, leaning on you when he’s tired or feeling lazy, and cuddling at any moment that he can!  

📼 He loves seeing you get all red, it’s adorable, and he can’t help but flirt with you! He knows when to stop, but he enjoys teasing you to get that cute blush back~

📼 Anxiety is a bitch, so he doesn’t mind having to go with you into stores, or doing extra things just to keep you comfortable! If you need to step away from a group he makes sure to excuse you both and to never single you out!

📼 Boy would be a great bf though, he’s very attentive and overall very relaxed! It takes a lot to get him wriled up or even jealous, although he’ll let you know when he is for sure-

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Shinsou witnessing his S/o whos loud and passionate and loved to sing being told to shut up/that she’s being to loud and disruptive (even tho she’s not) and her saying “oh okay sorry” and shutting up a visibly saddening/down (legit my bus driver told me I wasn’t aloud to laugh or sit next to certain friends because I was “too disruptive” despite this being a bus full of high schoolers smh my head)


🔊 Shinsou knows all too well about being told to shut up, or keep quiet, especially with his quirk. He’s been told a few times so he knows damn well how to shut these assholes down. 

🔊 It’ll be in class when he tells a bad joke and you’re laughing loudly when someone snaps at you that “You’re being too loud! God your annoying, you’re always yelling!”

🔊 He’d just be shocked that someone is that rude before looking over as you apologize and deflate, already feeling his blood boiling as he turns to the person who snapped at you to crack his knuckles. 

🔊 He’d easily get them under his control and demand they apologize before snapping them out of it with a hard flick to their forehead. “Next time you ever tell anyone they’re too loud or annoying, I’ll make you streak around the school.”  

🔊 Shinsou aint afraid to play dirty and they’d know that he’s serious, so he can’t help a smirk as they run off, making him chuckle some

🔊 He’d comfort you the best he can after telling the jerk off, reminding you that you’re allowed to be as loud as you damn well please, and that your laugh and voice are adorable thank you very much

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May I request how the Big 3 would help their shy female friend who has social anxiety to prepare for her speech that’s she’s been putting off preparing for because she’s so nervous! Due to the coronavirus, she has to have someone record the speech and send it to her teacher, but recording it makes her just as nervous because she hates seeing herself on video/in photos and hearing her own voice)... she’s very soft spoken and the anon with the southern accent 馃槹馃槹 thank you!

Aw of course love!! And I.. Feel lmaooo, but you’ve got this!! 

🦑 You both have social anxiety, so Tamaki would probably know what to do best! Right?… That is, if he knew how to deal with his own anxiety first-

🦑 But, from what he read up on, he can at least tell you the worst possible outcome is that you stutter a bit and get through it! Taking deep breaths before hand and faking your confidence until you force it out of yourself!

🦑 If you don’t like videoing yourself, Tamaki could do it for you! He won’t let you hear or listen either until he reviews it first for any mistakes or slip ups, and he’ll tell you you did great!

🌞 Mirio is naturally a  very energetic and charismatic person, so most of his public speaking comes naturally! And- he’ll tell you the same as Tamaki, just fake it til you make it!

🌞 Note cards would also be a good idea, just to have them in case you cant remember your points! Anxiety often leads to forgetfulness!

🌞 He’ll be behind the camera the entire time, making faces and helping you along with your points, reminding you to smile every now and again and that you don’t need to be so stiff! 

🌀Nejire isn’t the best at admive when it comes to anxiety, but, her first tip would be to remember all the times you’ve overcome your anxiety before! The moments when you think you’ll die, but you end up just fine~

🌀 When she hears it’s a video instead of in person she hypes you up to the max and says this is way better than needing to present in front of a huge crowd! You’re in the comfort of your home!

🌀She encourages you to wear pajama pants for the presentation, just to loosen you up some before helping you record and telling you how damn proud she is, and that you did great!

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little life update!!! also update on Elements


Originally posted by lwzgl

as many of y’all know, the corona virus *cough* hate that bitch *cough* is ruining everyone’s lives. i have multiple chapters for Elements written I just haven’t had the time to edit them (ironically since i’m stuck in the house) so thank you guys for being patient with me!!! Both of my jobs have been shut down for the last 2 weeks and idk when they’ll open back up so i’ve been super stressed bc of that, and I’m also not getting paid during this time—also my schooling has now been changed to online until the end of the semester which now takes up a lot more of my time. So I’ve been trying to adjust to everything as many of you probably have been as well!!!! I just wanted to fill you in on why I haven’t been active the past few days :)))))

i hope you and your families have all been healthy and staying safe!!! please don’t hesitate to reach out to me just to talk or anything!!!! i love making new friends!!! because i don’t have any

and a little Kiri to help you all out 🥰 I LOVE YOU ALL!!!!! OK BYEEEEE❤️❤️❤️❤️

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Ok, so I absolutely adore the headcanon that TodoDeku adopt a Quirkless kid, but consider this headcanon that’s been rattling around my brain for a while:

Todoroki and Midoriya adopt a kid with a relatively strong Quirk, and basically the entirety of Japan immediately assumes that, like their dads, the kid is going to end up being one of the top heroes of their generation.

Their acceptance to UA is practically guaranteed, there are whole online communities already designing costumes and coming up with hero names for them, and by the time they’re in their last year of middle school, they’ve already had years of training from their dads.

The only problem is that the kid doesn’t want to be a hero.

When they were young and Todoroki and Midoriya asked them what they wanted to be when they grew up, they would excitedly answer “I want to be a hero!” because it seemed cool and they idolized their dads and that was what everyone else told them they should be. However, as they grew up, their desire to be a hero slowly faded. Unfortunately, they never quite figured out how to tell anyone. 

There’s so much pressure, and the kid can’t help but give in to it. Anytime people assume they’re going to UA for high school, anytime people joke about them being the future #1 hero, anytime people comment that they’re miles ahead of all the other hero hopefuls, all the kid does is just smile and nod.

They never refuse training with their dads. They know they could, if they wanted to (Todoroki is always very adamant about this point), but the kid has always thought of training as a family bonding experience, especially since their dads are pretty busy most of the time, and, besides, there’s no harm in learning how to defend yourself. (And also it’s much easier to keep training than to have to explain to their parents why they want to stop.) In the end, they never work up the courage to tell their dads anything, and so Todoroki and Midoriya remain unaware of their kid’s reluctance to become a hero.

And the fact that Midoriya is such a giant hero nerd does not make it any easier. The kid grows up seeing Midoriya fanboy about all his colleagues and buy all their merch. They still remember how excited Midoriya looked the first time the kid said “I want to be a hero,” and they can’t help but note how wide Midoriya’s smiles get when he tells stories about his time at UA. Every reassurance that “You’ll like it at UA” is like a punch to the gut.

The longer the kid waits, the harder it gets to tell Midoriya and Todoroki. They’re so worried that their dads will be disappointed in them, especially Midoriya, and so every time the question of their future comes up, the kid keeps pretending they still want to be a hero. By their third year of middle school, they have no idea what to do, and the worry and confusion start to consume them. The whole world assumes they’ll be attending UA. The kid really, really doesn’t want to, but they don’t know how to stop themselves from being corralled into going. 

Enter Todoroki. Ever since their third year of middle school started, he’s noticed that his kid seems…off. They’re more pensive, they seem worried a lot, and they avoid the topic of the future like the plague. At times, they just seem so scared and confused and lost, and it’s disconcerting because it reminds Todoroki a little bit of when he was young–of how he used to feel when his father first started trying to force him down a path he didn’t want to take, a path laid out for him by someone else. The similarity is alarming, and Todoroki can’t ignore it.

He goes and asks his kid if everything is alright. He asks about their plans for the future, sensing that that’s where the problem lies. He’s patient and calm, and eventually the kid breaks. They spill everything to Todoroki, about how they don’t want to be a hero and they don’t want to go to UA but they don’t want to disappoint him or Midoriya either. Todoroki just listens, and after the kid is done talking, he wraps them up in a big hug and starts telling them about his own awful experience with his dad and how he always used to feel like he was being pushed into something he didn’t want. After that, Todoroki tells them that he never wants his kid to feel the same way and that he and Midoriya will fully support anything they choose to do.

The kid eventually works up the nerve to tell Midoriya, with Todoroki there as moral support. Midoriya is initially shocked but fully supportive of whatever the kid wants to do with their life. Mostly, Midoriya just wants to make sure the kid knows that they will never disappoint him or Todoroki and that they can talk to their dads about anything.

The kid ends up going to a normal high school. The entire hero community is shocked, with many lamenting what a waste of potential it is, but Midoriya and Todoroki firmly defend their kid’s actions to the press and the public. Sometimes the kid still feels bad for not going to UA because they still don’t know what they want to be when they grow up, and being a hero isn’t the worst thing in the world. It feels like kind of a waste, giving up UA for three aimless years at a random high school. When they bring this up to their parents, their dads are adamant that they made the right choice. They’re only in high school after all; they’ve got plenty of time to figure out their future.

And, as Todoroki tells them, if there’s one parenting lesson he learned from his father’s shitty actions, it’s that everyone deserves the opportunity to figure out who they want to be for themselves.

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Crush headcanons for Izuku?

This one isn’t super long but here you go! I figured that this one would be a good way to try and get back into posting on here 

  • He does not know what to do with himself
  • Whenever he sees his crush he melts 
  • Butterflies in his stomach
  • He can’t pay attention in class
  • Not that that matters. The boy takes notes anyways
  • Crush happens to be in his class? Whew
  • He can’t not look at them, y’know? Everything they do is amazing
  • The deeper in he gets with this crush the more beautiful he finds them to be
  • Before he develops the crush he’s easy to talk too, he can ramble on for hours about his special interests and anything he happens to be fixated on 
  • Once he realizes ‘oh shit, I really like this person’ its over
  • He stammers and stutters, his hands sweat and he laughs awkwardly
  • Suddenly he doesn’t know what to talk about, flustered and unable to focus.
  • Maybe, if luck is on his side, this gives him the opportunity to stop babbling on about himself and actually ask his crush questions about them
  • Everyone knows when he has a crush. 
  • Toshinori asks him about it one day (he wants to keep up with his boy!!) and Izuku gets so into talking about how much he thinks he’s actually in love with them he starts to cry and Toshinori panics 
  • His friends don’t tease him about it, they support him no matter who he’s become affectionate for. 
  • After a while of having his crush on this person he calms down.
  • He’s relaxed and soft with them. Brave enough to even hold their hand and hug them. 
  • He gets so comfortable in this fluffy state that he even forgets to ask them out.
  • It takes forever because he wants to live in this bliss for as long as he can. 
  • If they accept and return his affections then he is over the moon. The boy is on cloud 9 for like three weeks. He calls his mom and tells her literally on the spot.
  • He kicks in the door of the dorm building for the staff that lives on campus. Gotta let his dad know!
  • And if they don’t return the affection? He’s sober, heart broken and soft spoken in a way that radiates his sadness as he comes crashing to earth from his happy little fantasy world.
  • He respects their feelings though and doesn’t continue to ask them out. At first it’s awkward to be around each other but things smooth out after a confused week. 
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So, as we are aware of I’ve had some thinking to do on the fate of this blog. I think I’ve made a choice finally. This blog is gonna be completely commision based. I will still be writing and posting my own ideas/stories but i will no longer be accepting requests, only commissions. I know people are going to be upset, even unfollow me, or call me selfish/greedy but, at this point I honestly don’t care. I am in a poor situation and even asking for feedback is like pulling teeth. Again, I understand people will be upset and disappointed and I do apologize but I can’t keep stressing over this blog and only feel MORE negative about this situation because I don’t have the motivation or support to write. 

That said, commissions are open. if you are interested please PM me here. I will also be open to answering any questions you guys have for me, if any. I hope I can have the support of even a few of you during this time and moving forward with this blog. I’m sorry if you happen to feel inconvenienced by this change.


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c ould i get soft izuku hcs puh leaseee

I wasn’t sure if you meant general soft hcs or romantically-coded hcs, so I did both. Hope you enjoy!!

  • Izuku cuddles with a pillow when he sleeps. It gives him something to hold onto, and on bad nights, makes him feel like he’s less alone.
  • He makes sure to check up on all of his friends after a long day, offering to listen to them if they need to vent or provide distractions if they don’t. He accidentally becomes the go-to counselor in class 1-A. Whenever he needs a shoulder to cry on, literally anyone is open to help him.
  • Iida wanted everyone to bond as a class, so he and Izuku came up with the idea for class movie nights. The first movie they watched as a class was Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. Iida agreed to the movie nights on the condition that the movies had to be educational, so they picked an American movie. Izuku suggested that one because Todoroki had never seen it.
  • When in a relationship with someone, Izuku never lets a fight that spans multiple conversations end without telling you he loves you. You could be arguing about something really serious with emotions flying everywhere, for example - but the moment one of you has to leave for something and the argument still isn’t solved, he puts aside his feelings and reassures you that he loves you. He doesn’t want to end a conversation on bad terms, ever.
  • He loves to be the little spoon while cuddling. Izuku just loves to fall asleep in your arms feeling safe and secure. He doesn’t mind being the big spoon and holding you - he really enjoys it, even - but there really is something special to him about being held and feeling loved.
  • Izuku goes out of his way to buy you little gifts that make him think of you, and them gives them to you at the end of the day with a small confession of his love and a short kiss. The smile on your face as you open the gift makes him fall in love all over again.
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League of Villains/ Villain Alliance

Part 2


Himiko Toga



  • Subtlety wasn’t Toga’s strongest trait. A bit like Dabi, she won’t hesitate to share her affection and made sure everyone else knew too
  • She’s very flirtatious especially knowing how flustered it made you
  • Sometimes your way of showing interest…scared you. 
  • For some reason, you noticed, a lot of people seemed to avoid you and you couldn’t help but to think it was her doing
  • She loves spending time with you; your presence gives your comfort

Getting The Girl

  • When you became her lover (as if you hadn’t been already), a part of you was worried about Toga’s idea of love and relationships
  • Still, she was still excited you were all hers!
  • Toga is extremely protective. She doesn’t mind shedding a little blood for your sake
  • She wants to know where you are and who you are with. Only to make sure you are safe of course!
  • Every other moment she’s gushing about how much she loves you and how much you should love her. After all, she’s doing so much for you to ensure your well-being
  • Despite her overprotective nature, Toga is sweet and thoughtful, never missing a shadow of sadness on your face
  • All she wants is for you to know you’re loved and cared for




  • Your first impression was nothing noteworthy to Kurogiri. You were simply another individual joining the cause. A pawn
  • He paid close attention to you (as he did with all new members of course). He observed your behavior, your interaction with the other members, your productivity in your duties
  • Over time, once accustomed to the organization, he found himself still invested in keeping an eye on you. Not because you couldn’t be trusted, because they was something about you that intrigued the warp villain though he couldn’t put his finger on it
  • Before, there was little conversation between you, only cordiality. Now, he found himself going out of his way to check on you. Even though you’ve been a part of them for some time, he still inquires about how you were adjusting
  • It was weird to you, the forced conversation from someone who you didn’t view as a mere shadow or an overseer to Shigaraki
  • But as you returned the polite conversation, while sometimes initiating your own, you could see he was much more than that

Getting The Girl

  • At first, he didn’t act upon his feelings. He didn’t exactly know how. He wasn’t programmed to feel this way so opening up more and accepting this new step, well it was a bit much
  • You were patient however, as you remained yourself. In doing so, Kurogiri found himself becoming a bit more comfortable with you
  • You were still a cog in a well running operation, Kurogiri would always see you as such
  • But you were also someone he didn’t want to see get hurt in any way. And he had his own way of showing that
  • Your relationship wasn’t much of a relationship and you were fine with that as was he

Mr. Compress |  Atsuhiro Sako



  • During your first encounter, something deep down wanted him to make an impression you wouldn’t forget
  • At first, you didn’t seem as interested in his flashy advances which only urged him to make the next one as riveting as the last
  • Eventually, you came around, admiring his ability to capture and audience and grew to like his entertaining personality as well as his attentiveness for others

Getting The Girl

  • You were his star and was always on his arm
  • He loved showing you off and making you feel like a queen
  • He was fond of the more exquisite things, every now and then, showering you with jewelry and lavish outfits to make you stand out almost as much as he
  • He believed in power couples and that you two were it
  • Mr. Compress enjoyed taking you out to eat and to see live shows (which were much more for his entertainment). But even something as simple performing his best tricks for you would be enough to make his day
  • He loves making laugh, finding the sound to be one of the most wonderful he’s heard. 
  • He’d come up with jokes on the spot, cheesy or actually funny which would all produce the same result


Part One


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Hi! I don’t know if this was asked before I was thinking that - if you’re willing - can you have the Bakusquad react to an S/O who has paint covering their hands and wrist like 24/7?? 馃ズ馃憠馃徏馃憟馃徏 And the one time they don’t see the paint, they see scars?? Thanks, Boo

[To clear up: They meant battle scars, not self harm scars!]

Thanks so much for requesting hon!! 


💥 Bakugo always thought you were just a messy person, and he complained about the paint covering you hands and wrists more than once! He just doesn’t like you being messy is all

💥 But, when he decided to give you a surprise visit, he noticed that your hands were clean! He was about to praise you before noticing all of the scars that scattered your skin, making his heart sink a bit.

💥 He’ll hold your hands though and give each little scar a kiss before smirking at you. “Scars are badass you know.. They mean you survived” He’d comment with a softer smile before ruffling your hair and finally praising you for cleaning your damn hands for once!


📼 This boy is detail oriented! He’ll notice the paint, although he never comments on it since he doesn’t know the exact reason, and could guess that there was a reason you didn’t like your hands showing.

📼 When he finally sees you after you’ve showered and got all the paint off your hands, he can finally get why you hid them! Of course, he’d only comment on how cool your scars look, although he knows thats not enough to get back your confidence

📼 So, the boy is going to be sappy af, and buy some white gloves to paint for you! He’ll paint your favorite animal, nice sayings, and even a small self portrait just to be silly before giving them to you~


🦈 Kiri never thought much of the paint covered hands- he thought it had something to do with your quirk! Although, it did worry him some since some paint is dangerous on the skin

🦈 It’d be a while for him to see your bare hands since he doesn’t like just barging in, but, when you finally show him why your hands and wrists are always covered boy is gonna tear up! Scars are scary sometimes, but it shows you’re a fighter!

🦈 He’d be a mess the rest of the day and just hugging you or staying particularly close, and if anyone asks about your hands again he’ll be sure to come to your defense first and tell them that it’s none of their business!


👽 Mina is more worried than anything! Paint can dry your hands out, some of it is toxic, there’s /way/ better ways to cover your hands! 

👽 But, once she finds out why the girls gonna be a bit heart broken! She hates that you feel you need to hide your scars, but.. She won’t force you to love them of course! Still, she makes sure to let you know scars arent something to be ashamed of!

👽 She’ll get the whole squad together to just, doodle on your hands when you’re comfortable enough with all of them! That way it’ll be a bit more personal than just paint covering your hands! (And more healthy!)


⚡ Denki isn’t.. Very observant, so it’ll take the first time seeing you without paint on your hands to realize they were always covered! That’d be the first thing he noticed at least!

⚡ When he asks why the paint, he hadn’t realized how much you hated your scars! Poor boy feels his heart in his throat, and hes gonna SPOIL you today to show you that you’re loved, scars and all!

⚡ He likes to tease about them, but only in the loving way! “Hey, if I’m always holding your hands no one else can see the scars!” “You know that won’t work” “Worth a try~” 

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