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matchmakers masterlist

  • pairing: kaminari denki x reader
  • genre: fluff, comedy(?), college au
  • warnings: swearing

— y/n doesn’t believe in love but kaminari is determined to show her how beautiful it can be. what better way than to enlist her help as a matchmaker for their best friends?


  1. pikachu headass (posting soon)
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Class 1-A:

Izuku: wholesome pep talks

Kirishima: memes, loves the pov Videos, he´s Always more confident after watching them

Bakugo: refuses to partake in any trend and leaves mean comments on any trend videos

Jiro: Posts Videos of her music

Denki: memes with all of his Friends, leaves nice comments on Jiro´s videos

Momo: all the DIY stuff

Todoroki: doesn´t have the app, but Midorya Always makes him watch tiktoks of the heroes and their friends

Aoyama: the classic lip sync, but he´s surprisingly good at it, will also take tiktoks of others if they ask him, he Always gets the best angles

Fumikage: takes Videos of him sitting on a Chair with death metal blasting in the background

Tsuyu: loves playing with the cute filters

Mineta: is blocked from the fucking app

Shoji: Tsuyu teaches him About filters and he loves the triple screen

Ochaco: does collabs with her friends

Iida: will spend Hours on the app to report People who post ´inappropriate´ videos

Mina: meme Squad with Denki and Kiri, she Always Comes up with the funniest ideas

Sero: duet king

Ojiro: does Videos of him Holding Things with his tail

Hagakure: Fashion account

Sato: Food videos

Koda: animal videos

Other students:

Shinsou: refuses to duet with Denki, but secretly watches all of his videos

Monoma: leaves hate comments on class 1-A´s Videos and starts a fight with Bakugo and Kendo in the comments every time

Tetsutetsu: Sport challenges, like the 100 push ups etc.

Kendo: is only on the app to Keep Monoma in check

Ibara: her praying with a filter and Choir Music playing in the background

Mirio: random Videos of Tamaki and Nejire, random Videos of Sir Nighteye, does challenges and duets with his Friends and Bubble Girl, does Sports challenges

Tamaki: only there for support, doesn´t take Videos himself, but likes watching other videos

Nejire: Fashion account, leaves positive comments everywhere

Mei: promoting her babies


All Might: doesn´t get the app at first, after an introduction from Mic he does pep talks

Aizawa: doesn´t have the app but makes involuntary guest appearances on Shinsou´s, Mic´s and class a´s videos


Midnight: 18+ Stickers everywhere, and all she does is hold her Whip and wink at you (Denki once accidentally liked one of her Videos)

Nezu: Shares his philosophic thoughts

Vlad: takes videos of his class like a proud dad


Endeavour: doesn´t have the app, but gets memed a lot by Hawks

Hawks: memes Endeavor a lot and occasionally makes slowmotion Videos of his quirk

Ms Joke: tells jokes obv

Best Jeanist: Fashion account obv (yes, he does collabs and duets with Nejire and Hagakure)

Mirko: sports challenges and feminism

Mount Lady: sexy sexy Videos, gimme likes

Fatgum: comments on Kiri´s and Mirio´s (only the ones with Tamaki in it) Videos like a proud dad. Kirishima sometimes does funny and wholesome Videos with him and Tamaki at the internship


Shigaraki: dissolves Things and People comment: ´satisfying´

Dabi: only on there for the cosplayers and dms

Toga: is one of the cosplayers, fake blood warning but it´s not fake

Magne: Fashion account, duets with Toga and Twice

Spinner: Stain cosplayer

Twice: does all Kinds of stuff, the Trends, fucks around with filters etc.

Giran: promotes his weapons etc.

Mr Compress: Posts random Videos of the league

Overhaul: roasts people´s dirty rooms

Hi, welcome to the end of this post, here´s my tiktok: @lmorgan_cosplay, so if you like cringe, cursed Videos and bad Cosplay, ya know the drill <3

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Hi angels! I cannot thank you enough for giving me 300 followers. This is such a huge number and honestly, I never thought I’d get here. I’ve been very inactive lately and I apologize, but I do have some major WIPs in progress if you check out my masterlist and see all the titles with “Coming Soon” next to them!

In light of 300 followers, I’m going to be hosting an event! Now, what event, you may ask yourself?

Suprise, a writing event! (because I am totally not a writing blog). This is open to any fandom, though I suspect a large amount of this event will be going towards BNHA content.

Essentially, I will be hosting a “100 Prompt Event” but theres a twist; none of you have any idea what prompt you’re telling me to do!

I will have the list of prompts from 1 to 100 for me, and you guys will send in ANY character from the fandoms I write for and a random number.

These works will all be SFW (No smut, sorry!!) though angst and other genres will be thrown in there ;))

This is all meant to be a bit of fun and a celebration for me, while also pumping out content for all of you.

I’m excited to see what characters and numbers you will request!

Stay safe, lovelies 💕

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I sorta disappeared off the face of the Earth, huh? I apologise but I just am having really bad writers block! So I forced myself to write this, and I do feel a bit better :)) The title may seem angsty, but I believe it’s anything but that! But yeah, enjoy!

And yes, the readers quirk is “Symbiote”!

Warnings; PLATONIC, teacher! reader, swearing, female reader, Endeavour being a piece of shit but the reader is not taking it lol

Get Out | Platonic Todoroki x Reader

“All right class, today, someone else is joining you for Heroics this afternoon,” Aizawa explained and glanced towards the door, sighing as the students began to whisper and chatter in excitement.

“She’s… Probably running late.” Aizawa continued and glanced up at the clock.

All Might stood quietly next to Aizawa and gave a small grin when the abnormally large door opened.

A woman who looked to be in her young twenties walked through, and gave a small smile to the students who stared at her. She wore baggy, green camo pants with a black, open-side tank top and simple, black combat boots.

“This is Miss Jekyll, rank number 6 on the Hero Billboard Chart,” Aizawa introduced as you glanced around the classroom. Placing your hands behind your back, you politely bowed and gave a small grin.

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Originally posted by daisahi

Shinsou Hitoshi x Reader
Word Count: 2,316 (Yes, I lost control of this.)
Warnings: None. We’re in fluff land again, friends. Someday the porn fairy will visit, but today is not that day.

Finals are stressful, even in your second year, and sleep doesn’t come easy with such a tall order ahead of you. It’s a damn good thing the company is so good.

This was written as an entry to @heroheads​’ 500 follower contest! Congratulations on hitting a milestone – your work is amazing and you deserve it!

The looming final exams are becoming a menace in more ways than one. Almost all of your spare time has been dedicated to studying, training or sleep in the last three weeks. The challenges your teachers will issue in realtime are less worrisome to you as a second-year than the ones that come on paper, now that you think you know what they’ll be like. They’ll focus more on problem-solving and working on the fly; beyond making sure you’re as physically prepared as possible, you know your time is better spent studying for the written exams and making sure you’re rested.

… which makes it all the more infuriating that you can’t sleep.

The last couple of nights in particular have been rough, but at least last night you’d managed to get a few hours of good rest. Tonight it’s been a fruitless endeavor, and the weariness settles down to your very bones as you shut the door of your dormitory behind you as quietly as possible, stepping out into the faintly humid night air with a mug of tea clutched securely in your hand. Sitting on one of the steps leading up to the entryway, you heave an exhausted sigh as you settle down, lifting your mug to your lips and inhaling the sweet, herbaceous scent of chamomile and honey.

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His New Treasure

Dragon!Deku x Musician!S/O


Prompt: Y/N gains more than just the attention of the common village folk with her singing and lute playing skills.

Warning⚠️: Attempted Sexual Assault (It’s not specifically stated in the fic, nor does any physical contact occur relating to this warning. I’m making a precaution in case the scenario brings up any bad memories to some readers).

Author’s Note: In our group chat, we were talking about the many different versions/AU’s of Deku there were a few days ago and we were picking out our favorites. I chose Dragon!Deku because he is a literal treasure. No pun intended. Seriously, I’ve seen seeing countless Dragon!Kirishima’s and some Dragon!Bakugo’s here and there. I legit only ever seen one for Deku and I was like…NOPE. Can’t be just one. And I once again took so many freaking hours writing a 2k+ fic. I tried to finish this an hour ago but my brain wasn’t having that. 😝 Sorry for those who were waiting. Hope you enjoy!


  • Izuku wasn’t the typical definition of your average dragon. 
  • Most dragons collect every and any shiny object they can get their hands on in hopes to make their hoard grow faster and bigger.
  • He considered himself to be somewhat less materialistic, but there was only so much of his dragon hoarding instincts he could ignore.
  • He had a decent sized collection. He loved the color green, so only gems in that particular color were allowed in his hoard, no matter the shade. Golden coins and jewelry scattered about as well. 
  • He also made a habit to collect books, papers, and scrolls that contained maps or historical information from his travels. And a novel or two to pass time during a storm. A little nod to his human upbringing.
  • He wasn’t unnecessarily aggressive as well, either. Hothead, easy to anger, and malicious were just a few words most would describe dragons. Izuku didn’t have a mean bone in his body. If anything, he was quite shy and avoids confrontation as much as possible. He doesn’t starts fights. He finishes them.
  • He wasn’t obsessed with obtaining the largest hoard there was, nor becoming the strongest dragon in the sky. He was content with the size of his bounty and was in no rush to increase it drastically. He had plenty of time for it to grow.
  • Izuku wished he had someone to share it with, though. But the young man hybrid would let his thoughts wander for the time being.
  • The jade dragon was currently resting his reptilian body high above in the thick branches of trees. Thankfully, his body was both small enough for his weight to be supported and camouflaged well enough to not be seen by people and prey down below.
  • He loved taking naps in trees. He would rest himself in the branches while sunbathing before hunting for a boar or an elk.
  • A soft melody and the sound of a strumming instrument woke him up from his slumber. He blinked before focusing on the sounds as they became louder with every second. He turned his lengthy body ever so carefully to not rustle the leaves as he peered between them.
  • A young woman with smooth (s/c) swayed her body back and forth to the music she produced with her voice and her lute. Her (h/c) hair was pushed ever so slightly by the summer breeze, but that didn’t bother the female in the slightest as she was lost in the music. She wore a white blouse that exposed her shoulders and reached down to her forearms, a black and (s/c) corset hugging the shirt to her torso. Her black boots crunched down on the leaves in her path, her long (f/c) skirt flickered around her legs with every step she took. A large auburn knapsack settled comfortably on her back.
  • Izuku couldn’t help himself but stare hypnotized at the lovely lady.
  • His sharp eyes had darkened with sudden want. ‘She looks ravishing.’
  • He blinked at his thoughts before grunting to himself. ‘Where the hell did that come from?’ If he were in his human form, his face would’ve put rubies to shame. He’d think after all of these years, he would have a better grasp at his more wild instincts.
  • He wasn’t paying attention to his posture. Izuku didn’t know that his body was unconsciously leaning forward to gain a better view of the woman before he heard the cracking of the branch he was sitting on. With haste, he straightened himself and went back into hiding within the leaves, but not without making rustling noises.
  • The music and singing halted promptly. Izuku eased himself very slowly to peek at a view of of the female through the leaves.
  • She blinked with her wide, (e/c) eyes in several directions before shrugging her shoulders and moving on. The female musician calmly made her way over roots and logs toward the small town down the hill, now humming her tunes to herself.
  • Izuku climbed down the tree and sat comfortably on the ground, his eyes still etched toward the direction the woman had disappeared to.
  • I have to follow her. Lunch can wait.
  • And so he did.


  • The sensation of music always captivated Y/N. 
  • The harmony it spoke. The melody it breathed. The stories it held. She loved the smiles and energy it would bring to herself and the people around her.
  • She grew up surrounded by music. Her father playing his old, battered lute, her mother singing the songs, and her siblings and herself dancing around them in glee.
  • Y/N took it upon herself to learn how to sing and play for her siblings when her parents were too busy to do so at times. She became transfixed with the feeling of being the one others praised for. She gained enough courage to write and share her own stories and songs to her sweet family who enjoyed her newfound skills.
  • Once she was old enough, she made a plan to travel to different towns to act as an entertainer of sorts as well as study and learn different songs and stories and perhaps learn another instrument or two. She saved up enough money to purchase her own lute and some for her travel expenses and gained enough skills to learn how to take care of herself in the wilderness when need be.
  • She left her family with a heartfelt, parting song. 
  • That was almost a year ago.
  • Y/N is now leading a line of children in swirling circles and figure 8’s in a city far west of her hometown. The children and the audience clapped to the beat of her tune as she bellowed her song to the crowd of the young and the old.
  • It wasn’t long until elder villagers began to participate. Some took hold of their children’s hands and guided them with the music while others square danced with a random partner. There were even other musicians who came to add their own instrumental and singing support when they recognized the melody, which Y/N greatly appreciated.
  • She placed her precious lute carefully next to her knapsack against the sidewalk before turning back toward the crowd to join in on the fun. A gray glove placing down a sheathed sword on the other side of her pack made way into her peripheral vision.
  • In front of her was a young man, presumably her age, with unruly dark green hair and round eyes to match. He, himself, wore a long-sleeved white tunic and a forest-colored vest overtop. Around his hips was a brown travel belt, Y/N assumed that was where the sword was connected to, aqua trousers, and a pair of red shoes that looked oddly shaped.
  • (They kept those ridiculous shoes in with the official art of the Fantasy!AU. I figured I might as well keep it in here, too. XD)
  • The man’s teeth shimmered brightly as he smiled wide with a hint of nervousness. “Please excuse me, ma’am. But may I ask, would you care to dance with me?” He gave out his hand to hers and performed a small bow.
  • Y/N didn’t personally dance much with anyone outside her family or hometown, so this request was fairly new to her. In other places, no one would request that of her. Then again, she would be occupied with her lute in her hands.
  • She accepted with a grin and a curtsy, albeit speaking in a playful tone, “Why, of course, my good sir. I would love nothing more. But I must require your name first before I take another step.”
  • She swore she saw his eyes glow in excitement. “I’m Izuku Midoriya.”
  • Y/N held out her bare hands to his gloved ones. “I’m Y/N L/N.”
  • The pair wasn’t sure how long they had been in each other’s arms.
  • Y/N couldn’t bring herself to sing anymore because of her partner being a cute distraction. He would miss some steps here and there, but she never displayed toward him for a second. The way he would blurt out apologies and glow red in his freckled cheeks made her giggle. Her laughter seemed to bring ease to the muscled gentleman.
  • Izuku, on the other hand, was forcing his dragon to stay dormant as he held this remarkable woman in his arms. He made the mistake of taking in a whiff of her scent of fresh flowers and morning dew when spinning her with one arm. His dragon side was too drunk off her scent and practically yanked her back into his embrace before being forced down by Izuku once more.
  • Y/N blinked in surprise at Izuku.
  • He blinked back in sheer embarrassment, rubbing the back of his head out of habit. “S-sorry! I tripped.”
  • She laughed again. God, he wished he could hear that every day.
  • She gasped, “HEY!”
  • Y/N’s gaze wasn’t on Izuku anymore. They were traced onto an unknown caped figure who had a hold of her valuable knapsack. It held her clothing, her money, her tools, all of her essentials. The mysterious figure turned suddenly, revealing his ugly face and making eye contact with Y/N before darting off into the back alleyways leading back into the forest.
  • Y/N nudged Izuku away, regretfully departing from him. “NO! Get back here, you thief!” She pushed against the crowd with quick apologies. Thankfully, the thief was stupid enough to not notice the sword sitting idly by where her bag was placed. Without thinking, Y/N grabbed Izuku’s sword and chased after the thief, abandoning her lute.
  • “Y/N! WAIT!”
  • “I’m sorry! I’ll give you your sword back! I promise!” Izuku had to watch in horror as you chased after the criminal with his sword, vanishing in the many shadows of the trees.


  • Izuku clutched at the handle of the string instrument you’d left behind. Scales creeping up the side of his neck to his jaw. Emerald eyes honed in with deadly intent. A growl rising up from his chest.
  • You were in possible danger. He didn’t give a shit about the sword.


  • You didn’t know exactly what you were expecting.
  • You had hoped that Lady Luck was on your side and maybe had the stranger trip and plead mercy as you heroically rescued your knapsack back.
  • Of course, he would have friends.
  • Not too far away from the village, hiding away were 4 of his criminal allies about to set up camp. Not until their last buddy came running by with an angered lady in tow.
  • Now Y/N felt like an idiot. A very frightened idiot. The blade in her sweaty palms felt heavier now. 
  • And those musket guns pointed at her chest didn’t help to calm her heartbeat either.
  • “What’s wrong, songbird? You’ve gotten so quiet on us,” the leader said cockily. He took step by threatening step, inching closer to her shaking form.
  • She didn’t dare make a drastic move, despite how much she wanted to. If she swung the sword, she would be shot immediately. Like a deer during hunting season. Her breathing became heavier. Her eyes became blurry with unshed tears.
  • The man hushed her, mockingly. “Naw, don’t be sad now. You’ve done so well, brave little bird. Making it this far.” He grinned with his nasty teeth and reached for her blouse with his dirty hands. “Let us reward you.”
  • He didn’t get a chance to touch her.
  • A large presence slammed itself onto the earth right behind Y/N’s body, causing her and the group of men to cower in shock. Y/N shrieked in fear and shrunk into a ball on the ground, dropping the sword to her feet.
  • Whatever the being was, the men were just as afraid as she was.
  • A chorus of “What” and “How in the hell”’s were loudly discussed amongst the thieves before a thunderous roar echoed throughout the area.
  • Y/N wasn’t sure if it was due to the fact that she covered her ears to drown out the deafening howl that she could hear her own heartbeat. Her breathing had become rampant and out of her control.
  • She flinched when she felt sudden heat close by. She peeked through her eyelashes before widening her eyes in surprise.
  • Lime green fire enveloped the grass, bushes, and trees in the area where the men were standing. Her bag, untouched by the flames. Y/N only saw the moving figures of 2 of the men retreating further into the woods. She was willing to guess that the remainders were charred in the chaos. The musician would’ve checked to see for herself if it wasn’t for the feeling of hot air being blown at from above.
  • A massive dragon (in her perspective) loomed above her shivering being. It was donned in sleek jaded scales and honed muscled that flaunted with every moment. Symmetrical horns lay on its head and sharp claws from it’s front and hind legs dug into the soil.
  • A puff of smoke exhaled from it’s pointed snout as it stared down at Y/N.
  • Her breathing was becoming uneven and her heart wouldn’t hush down. Her eyes were gaining black spots.
  • She was passing out.
  • Y/N thought she had seen her lute in the dragon’s tail before closing her eyes.


  • Izuku woke up to the feeling of fingers caressing his curls and the low sound of humming.
  • He gained nostalgia of his mother, Inko, doing so to soothe him to sleep from a nightmare. In turn, he nuzzled closer to the warmth that he’d come to cuddled with. He heard a giggle.
  • That was weird. Izuku was sure his mother’s voice wasn’t as high-pitched.
  • And Inko also had the distinct scent of lavender and honey.
  • And not like…!
  • His tail wagged to the left and hit itself against a pile of coins. He did not have a hoard before he left his mother’s home.
  • Izuku made a sharp inhale and forced himself to wake up.
  • He was back in his private cave. Where his hoard was.
  • And you were there.
  • Laying down in the middle of his proud pile of emerald gems and jade jewelry, nestled up comfortably in his nest with his fur blankets in your lap. As if he didn’t just hold you captive with scarred arms around your waist ten seconds ago.
  • In his hybrid form, he still retained some of his human skin, but you can still see his scales. His fangs. His claws. His tail. His horns.
  • You knew exactly what he was.
  • And yet, you still looked at him like you’ve known him for years.
  • You gazed at him with, dare he say, loving eyes. “Good morning, Izuku.”
  • Izuku swears on his hoard and his life that he would do whatever it takes to ensure that he would hear that phrase from her everyday for the rest of his life. 
  • “Good morning.” Mate. My new treasure.
  • “Are you hungry?”
  • He laughed, “I’m starving.”
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You've mentioned that you liked Omega!Sicko!Shigaraki, so, I was wondering, how would they react if there was another Omega after "his" alpha? (Meanwhile the Alpha is not really caring or even giving atention to the other omega, honestly I just kinda wanna see jealous Shiggy)🖐✋🖖🤲👐🤚

Please ignore that this isn’t that intense. I would’ve made it a lot darker, but it was like 5 in the morning when I finished this up. I did manage to point out that he is wearing gloves that are cut, so he can touch you with all 5 fingers.

Jealous Omega! Tomura Shigaraki

  • God did he try his best to ignore how Toga was all over you, yet his Omega was snarling every single time she rubbed against you. Sure, you claimed she was nothing more than a younger sister to you, but he couldn’t help but let his mind wander.
  • What would be stopping you from leaving him for a proper omega? She was indeed beautiful, her scent a strong floral with a twang due to her quirk, and there was no doubt that she would be willing to have pups. His omega snarled at the thought of you breeding her. Hell anybody but him was unacceptable and he didn’t even want to have pups.
  • She did it again, Snuggling against you to rub her scent on you. Another set of deep growls erupted from his chest before he had enough. He stood quickly and approached you. “I need this.” He grumbled while grabbing your arm, the glove you cut for him allowing him to touch you without any hesitation. “Hey! That’s no fair! We were talking about how my quirk works!” He snarled at the thought. “Don’t give a shit, I’m busy!” He barked at the other omega as he pulled you into his bedroom.
  • He huffed and locked his door quickly before glaring at you. “What the fuck was that?” You had no idea what he was mentioning since you were used to the other omega. “You let her scent you! That’s bullshit because you aren’t hers, you’re mine.” He clenched his fists to his side, almost like a child about to throw a tantrum. “To-Omega, I’m sorry I didn-” 
  • He cut you off by wrapping a hand around your neck, pushing you back onto his messy bed as his omega snarled at you, moving to straddle you and bite at your scent gland. “Why don’t you just mate that little twerp, Huh? Since she is allowed to rub all over you?” His voice was deep and threatening, but held jealousy. “What the fuck does she have that I don’t?”
  • You slowly moved your hands to the Omegas thighs, grabbing them only to make him hiss and attempt to slap them away. “Did I fucking say you could touch me?” You took this moment to flip him around since he was distracted, instantly making him flinch and whimper at the sudden movement. You forget about his past sometimes, and his whimper instantly made you regret being so forceful.
  • “Omega, You do know I love only you, right?” “Well you have one hell of a way of showing it.” He snarled back at you as his hands slipped up around your neck to grab your hair. “I’m serious. I would do anything for you and only you.” He rolled his eyes and sighed. “Yet you let her all over you-” “I’ll tell her to stop next time, why don’t you scent me so she gets the idea?”
  • A different idea came to his mind and he huffed, turning back to you and grabbing your face. “My heat is coming soon and you better mark me during it.” He spoke sternly, making sure his eyes held contact with your own. “Can your neck even-” “I have other scent glands, idiot. Just cause the ones on my neck are scarred doesn’t mean you’ll get out of this.” He huffed again, moving one of his arms to press the scent gland on his wrist against your cheek harshly.
  • “You aren’t a knothead so stop acting like one.” He hit the side of your head before pushing you off of him so he could sit up. “But you are going to do as I say, because I said so. Right, Alpha?” His gaze was no longer angry, but still dominant. You nodded and moved closer. “Course, Omega.” 
  • He hummed and grabbed your shirt, pulling you down for a sloppy kiss, only pulling away when he was tired of it. “Good Alpha.” He patted your cheek and rolled his eyes before moving to walk to his desk. “Now, Go make yourself useful and grab me something to drink.” He heard your footsteps before you kissed his scarred scent gland. “Anything for you.” He had you around his finger, and he loved it.
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Tamaki Amajiki: Partners

Fandom: BNHA // MHA

Genre: Fluff

Warnings: None

A/N: One for the lovely shy boi, and my first one for Boku No Hero Academia!



Originally posted by hanae-ichihara

Against popular belief of at least 90% of the hero roster, taking down the villain was the easy part - for Suneater at least.

He’d desperately hoped that working besides Fatgum in a more realistic environment compared to the training sessions subject to peers and judgment at U.A would allow him to grow more comfortable with public attention but he was sorely disappointed with his lack of progress.

Of course, Taishiro and yourself grew to understand his behaviours since working together and he was certain Kirishima was picking up on them too with how he always attempted to provide some form of radiant positivity.

Admittedly Tamaki had grown accustomed to your intertwining paths from the moment you’d both started at U.A, you were fascinated by his quirk and quick to compliment him on his skills. However, he failed at answering any questions you’d thrown his way in that moment - frankly too awestruck by the genuine smile that adorned your lips, one that’d put the sun to shame in his eyes, and by the fact you were talking to him.

“Sorry, before gushing over you like that I should’ve introduced myself. I’m (Y/n) (L/n).” He knew that already, finding your quirk and personality rather interesting since your recent sparring match against Mirio.

“I…” All you were subtly asking was his name and he couldn’t even muster that much - you must think he’s incredibly rude.

Fortunately, his aforementioned friend practically skidded to his side with a contrastingly radiating level of energy, Mirio miraculously already on a first name basis with you.

“This is Amajiki Tamaki, or Suneater but he’s quite shy (Y/n).”

“My bad, I might’ve come across rather abruptly but I’d love to get to know you guys better. Feel free to talk or train with me anytime, you’re both so talented so I’d appreciate it.” You’d winked to the both of them before heading off to your next sparring match, Mirio calling after your figure.

“Count on it!”

Even after that first encounter, you tried your luck by asking to train with him, initiating conversations when the opportunity arose and he’d be lying if he didn’t appreciate it which was evident by his responses, even if Tamaki didn’t think so.

It was no secret you had hit it off effortlessly with Mirio more so, part of him envious of his friends ability to achieve a level of disclosure he deemed unattainable. But it was undeniably established that Tamaki was also a close friend, so it was an understatement to say his anxieties were significantly calmed when Fat Gum requested the both of you to intern at his agency. Your bonds with each other undoubtably became closer after that, the time at U.A certainly played a part but after a year at the agency you were allowed to take patrols alone together which counted as quality time and reflected in your relationship.

None of that mattered right now though, the aforementioned Pro-Heroes being nowhere in sight and it was times like these where he wished to possess your teleportation quirk. A villain duo had disrupted your patrol, and without Fat Gum in proximity you were to handle it alone which regretfully lead to splitting up. Like you, he had faith in your abilities but remaining unaware of your well-being left him uneasy and this only grew once he’d won and you’d yet to appear. After successfully handing the small time villain over to the police, a crowd had gathered to drown him in praise and gratitude which had the opposing effect - could the ground please swallow him? Worse, the journalists had less respect for personal space due to their demand for information and it was in this frantic internal panic did he finally spot your bright light.

There were the (f/c) sparks from your quirk but that wasn’t the one that drew him like moth to a flame - you probably didn’t even realise you emitted such an alluring brightness, like Mirio you’d become a torch in his life that eliminated his darkness.

There wasn’t thought to his next actions, it was instinct to evade anxiety inducing situations and this now counted as one, although he worried about what you’d think of him and how you’d react to an unpredictable act of physical affection that he’d dare not even consider initiating.

A breath of relief escaped you, the atmosphere proving testament to Suneaters victory even if you hadn’t found him yet - it was a step, a single movement before you were suddenly enveloped in a comforting but desperate warmth. Arms tightly encircled your torso but held a gentleness to them, Tamaki burying his face in your neck and it was the uneven breaths on your skin that lead you to understand his uncharacteristically expressive behaviour.

Within a split second you activated your quirk once more, teleporting you both to a nearby rooftop away from the commotion and overwhelming crowds as you now ran your fingers through your friends hair.

“I got you Amajiki, no worries.” Your voice was naturally soothing to Tamaki, but the softness accompanying it this time melted him.

Mentally, his thoughts were screaming at him to break the embrace to save embarrassment and awkwardness - yet his body refused to move, completely enchanted by your touch and the feel of your breaths next to his ear and simply didn’t wish to for it’s own benefit.

“Th-thanks (Y/n), and I’m sorry.” The mumble against your neck sent shivers down your spine, not used to being so close to him despite his shy personality remaining intact.

“Ah, don’t apologise. You did great out there by the way, handled it perfectly from what I saw.”

“You too (Y/n), as always. I just I don’t understand how you take public attention so well, don’t they intimidate you with their questions?” He pulled back slightly, meeting your gaze but keeping a loose hold on your waist - he likely didn’t realise he was doing so.

You laughed softly, a finger being brought to your lips as you pondered his question fondly before deciding on an answer that’d hopefully inspire him.

“Yes of course, but I already faced my biggest fear regarding people so it’s not so scary in comparison.”

“Really, what was it? Ah - um if you don’t mind me asking…”

“It was - actually talking to you…” You nervously professed, knowing his considerate nature regarding your own worries would likely lead him to follow up on such a revelation.

“Oh, I guess I came off rather rude when we first met… I - I should’ve made more of an effort, I never meant to cause you any kind of anxiety (Y/n)-” He was disappointed and almost guilty, memories of your first encounters resurfacing where most of which displayed you making the effort purely because he was too anxious to do so himself. Thinking you found communication as no hinderance, it didn’t cross his mind how nervous you must’ve felt in coming up to him nor the consciousness you must’ve held when learning his social boundaries as to not overstep them. You were too pretty and far too kind for him.

“No, no Tamaki it’s okay, that’s not entirely what I meant. And besides, you showed it through actions rather than words like always having a spare pen when I forgot mine, by buying my favourite foods if I was down, or patching me up after training and simply being by my side. All that was enough for me, I promise I appreciate every minute I get to spend with you.”

“(Y/n)… I - I um…” Patiently you waited, wearing a smile as you assumed your words likely left his mind spiralling based on the heat rising on his skin but after a few moments he’d empowered himself with false confidence.

So, you’re saying that confronting your biggest social barrier helps?” His inquiry was off topic and didn’t align with the flush of his cheekbones, yourself feeling slightly exposed after speaking so openly like that only for him to pull the least important aspect from your justification.


“Then I - I really like you (Y/n), more than a… more than a friend.”

“Amajiki -” You we’re caught completely off guard, it became apparent that he’d mentally psyched himself up for a long time and nothing would be capable of disrupting the upcoming word vomit.

“I think you’re beautiful, your smile brings light on even the darkest days and I see you as a truly radiant person even if you don’t. You - you aren’t expected to reciprocate but confessing to you is the most terrifying thing to me which is partly why I’m trying, that and you gave me the confidence to do it… as you do many things… I’m just happy you exist and I don’t deserve you but please, I don’t want to lose our friendship over my feelings.”

The meaning in them, the sheer amount of thought and emotion he’d infused into his confession had silenced you, instead only gazing at him with loving eyes and an unbridled smile that doubled his already fast heart rate. By the way he’d spoken, it was as though he already assumed you’d reject them which of course would never have been the case.

"I was only nervous about talking to you because I had a crush on you, after getting to know you better it developed into more so I’m not letting you off so easily. Can I - um…” You replied in an equally heartfelt manner, narrowing the distance before hesitating and flicking your gaze to the ground in order to mentally prepare.

It was then you felt a feather like touch on your lips, so brief you thought you’d imagined it if not for the flustered hero before you - about 2 seconds away from a panic attack. Gratefully you breathed a sigh of relief, pulling him back and eliminating any distance between your bodies as you pressed your lips to his this time and once over his initial shock, Tamaki wasted no time in reciprocating, humming as your fingers entangled in his soft strands. Moments after enjoying the satisfaction, you pulled away simply taking the time to admire the other in a comfortable atmosphere.

“We came as soon as we saw the news, are you two - oh ho, it seems you’re both more than fine.“ Admittedly, you missed the brief mutter of ”Finally.“ coming from the Pro shortly after interrupting.

Instantly you parted, Tamaki being too flustered with the combination of everything to formulate a plausible reply at the moment which led you to explain rather casually.

"Aha, yeah the um, kiss - cops - took the villains into custody so we’re good to go now.”

“No no, you two have done enough tonight - grab dinner together or something.” Fat Gum proudly smirked, waving the two of you confused young adults off as he began to walk away with Red Riot eagerly walking backwards with a grin.

“Confessing under the stars, on a rooftop… that’s so manly guys.”

“Thanks Red, later!” You winked, playfully nudging an embarrassed Tamaki who stared off at the skyline before meeting your gaze with an expression of pure contentment as he laced his fingers with yours.

“Bring me back some food if you go though, I’m starving.” Fat Gums quickly called back with a wide grin, the two of you happily agreeing.

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I hope that you’re feeling okay, anon! Thank you for your ask.

Love and hugs from Yaomomo xx

TW: Contains weaponry, violence and angst. Please be cautious if this could potentially trigger you.


Katsuki Bakugou:


Originally posted by alice-chan-chan

Katsuki screamed down the microphone connected to his hero suit, alerting other heroes and law enforcement in the area of imminent danger. Three high profile villains had backed the cocky hero down an alley whilst Katsuki was on his way home for the evening - They were all armed with offensive weapons. Ground Zero attempted to ignite his quirk but faltered, one of these guys must have a quirk-cancelling power. He knew full well that he could handle most fist fights, he was a buff guy but, Katsuki knew he stood next to no chance against knives and guns - He stood there, lip quivering. 

“What the fuck do you extras want?!”

One of the villains cackled in response, pointing the kitchen knife in his hand closer towards the hero’s throat, “Hand over your hero license, Ground Zero,” his tone was mocking as he inched ever closer to Bakugou, “And don’t think for a second we’re leaving without your wallet either.”  Katsuki growled, eyes scanning the surroundings for any signs of help, a way to escape, anything that would get him home to you safely.

“Tch, tough luck, asshole,” the words spat out of his lips as he tried desperately to form a plan in his head. “I left my shit back at the agency, guess I’ll have to take you there to get it-” Katsuki’s breath caught as he felt the cold brick wall on his muscular back, the villain had him trapped. 

“Well, isn’t that a shame. I’ll just have to kill you here before you have the chance to esca-”

“Kaachan!” All three villains were beaten to the floor within seconds, several heroes having launched an attack from above, jumping down between the buildings that formed the alleyway. Deku, Red Riot and Eraserhead were quickly followed by police, apprehending the criminals with ease. Even after the assailants were taken down, Katsuki couldn’t stop shaking, tears falling down his cheeks and screaming at anyone who dared to speak to him. His hands were shaking so badly that he spilled his cup of tea all over him whilst he was attempting to calm down at the police station - That made him much angrier.

“Ground Zero, Sir, you’re in no danger here. Please try to calm down.”

“Don’t tell me what to do!” He roared back in the officer’s direction, spilling another cup of hot tea down his torso, growling fiercely at the burning sting of the liquid on his skin. 

“That is no way to talk when your wife is in the building, Mr Bakugou.” You mentioned, walking up behind him and smiling sweetly. Suddenly, his face lost all of that intense angry red colour it held and his expression calmed as his eyes caught your beautiful features.

“M-my wife…” He mumbled, flinging his arms around your waist and burying his nose in your shoulder, finding comfort in your warmth and the scent of your perfume. “Baby, you came-” Katsuki was still clearly shaken up from the incident, having fallen into a fragile side of himself which he rarely let emerge. But he was in your arms, he knew that he was safe against your body and that you: His wife, his hero, wouldn’t let any harm come to him. Katsuki’s hands found themselves running through your soft hair, his teary eyes focused on your own as his body shook with relief that you were with him. He lay sloppy kisses across your cheeks before you were able to catch his lips in a reassuring kiss. A blush danced across Katsuki’s cheeks when your hands came up to cup his face, your words of praise and pride and relief that he was safe only bringing more heat to his face. Your husband gripped your hand tightly, never intending to let go.

“Lets get you home, hubby.”

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pairing: takami keigo x reader 
genre: smut 
warning: female reader, unprotected sex (no love without the glove!!!!), creampie, female genetalia, sprinkle of praise kink, little angst, little fluff, mentioning fwb relation
words: 1.6k+

masterlist. | rules. 

Usually, you’d make fun of him. For the way his wings made him look like an overgrown bird. For eating chicken and then calling him a cannibal, the usual banter with you two. 

But right at this moment, he looked like an angel, fallen from heaven. Wings dyed red because of the sinful things you were doing. But if sinning feels this good, you never want to stop.
It was late in the night when he knocked on your window. You were getting ready for bed, but he had other things in mind. He had missed you, so much. Missed your voice, missed your laugh, missed your touch. Missed the way your fingers would ruffle his feathers, smoothing them, the way they lightly caress his arm, the way you’d touch his face when you kiss. He missed the way your lips felt against his, the way they feel when you kiss his skin, the way you felt when he was inside of you. He missed you.

He had finished his last job of the night, and as quick as the fight was over, he was at your window. You let him inside, hugged him and gave him a quick peck on the lips before telling him to go clean up. Sometimes you’d help him wash his beautiful golden locks or his vermillion wings. Teasingly telling him to knock on the door like a normal person instead of entering through the window. He’d laugh at your comment. Oh, how much you loved his laugh. A beautiful melody made to put you at ease, to comfort and to make you happy, that was his laugh.

“I’m not normal,” he’d say, “normal is boring”, a smirk appearing on his lips and you’d nod. Ever since he entered life has been anything but boring.

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A/N: oh hello there. Are you surprised to see the banner? Did you think that I have abandoned the au and decided to pretend that it never existed?uwu Well here is the first actual content of the harvest moon au^^

Description: You woke up to find a calf that didn’t seem to be yours in your farm.

Warning: I have never step outside the city so everything farming related is gonna be very inaccurate, please note that this is a farming simulator au not a farming au qwq

Word count: 1346


First Encounter (intimacy lv. 0)

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Farm life was, quite frankly, a hassle. 

It had been several days since you moved from the big city you grew up in to the old ranch your grandparents left for you before they set foot on their world-traveling retirement plan and while the bugs at night were unbearable and you still had a hard time forcing yourself to leave the comforts of the mattress right as the sun rises every day, you had a feeling that you were getting there to being the ranch owner that would make your precessors proud. 

Maybe, sort of, hopefully.

You wouldn’t say that you were born with a talent for this field of work but you had a feeling that you were learning fast. Of course, you still had to check the handbooks to know how often and how much water was needed for each type of plant, you got tired quickly after getting the cattle out of the barn onto the fields, and sure you panicked when you remembered that you forgot to put the hens back into their little houses right as you were about to go to bed more times than you would like to admit, but you were trying your best and learning from your mistakes.

You might not be a good ranch owner, but you were really trying your hardest and you had a feeling that no matter how much of an amateur you were, you would probably be able to recognise your own cows.  You sure hope that was the case because as you stood face to face with this brown little thing in the middle of your fields, you were almost positive that it wasn’t here the night before.

The calf with soft brown fur didn’t budge as you kneeled down to stare at it. You looked at the barn from a distance out of the corner of your eye, quickly counting the number of cattle you did have only to slowly lose confidence in the number you came up with more and more. You silently cursed yourself for procrastinating in organising the log Iida had left you when you arrived in town, saying that it was important to have a clear account of everything when running a farm. (He was right, you should have listened, wasn’t it common logic to listen to advice from people who wear thin-framed glasses anyways?)

The baby cow looked at you with its round eyes, tail swinging back and forth behind its back. It’s head followed yours as you tilted your head in confusion as you pondered what you were supposed to do about it. You wondered if it could feel how much of a pinch it had put you in while it seemingly mirrored your actions and tipped its nose to the side.


A hollow yell echoed from behind your back and the calf broke its eye contact from you for the first time. It seemed to be excited in hearing that voice, looking up towards the entrance of the ranch where the voice must have come from. 

Was it the sound of someone… pretending to be a cow?

The calf brushed past you as it ran towards the sound and you quickly got up to follow it. A fiery pop of red appeared by the fence of the ranch as you got closer and a young man walked into your view. He had his hands around his mouth like he was yelling, eyes glancing around as he walked. Upon spotting the brown coat of the calf by your gates, his eyes sparkled with delight, lips curling up to form a toothy grin.

His smile didn’t falter when he looked up to see you coming towards the fence. He was about to shake your hand when he suddenly retreated right when you were going to take his extended palm. Grinning sheepishly, he muttered a few words of apology as he went and wiped his palm on the fabric of his trousers, saying something about getting dirt and sweat all over from working that morning before reaching out again, a sharp tooth poking out as he smiled.

You couldn’t help but felt your own lips lifting up at how contagious his demeanor was. “I’m (y/n).”

“Kirishima,” he said as he shook your hand, his grip on your hand didn’t loosen for a bit as he talked, “you must be the new owner!”

“Mhm-” you found it a bit hard to talk with how he excited he was when shaking your hand. 

“Aw, welcome to town! Your grandparents used to make snacks for the kids in town all the time!” He said, nearly beaming as he continued to not let go of your hand. You tried to maintain the smile on your face, but you were finding it harder to even nod with how strong his arm was compared to yours. Noticing your struggle, he released your hand with an embarrassed chuckle, the hand went back to brush past his hair that was matted on his forehead by the sheer sheen of sweat as the tips of his ears grew red. 

“Thanks,” you discretely rubbed your hand that was now feeling rather sore as the calf bumped its head against your leg and you remembered why he was probably here in the first place. “Is it yours?”

“Yeah!” He bent down to pick up the calf with ease and your eyes widened at how he just casually lifted it up like it weighed nothing. He held it in his arms, rubbing at the back of its ears as he turned to show it to you. “Moo was gone when I went to check the barn this morning and I was scared that she got lost or something, good to know that she had been in great hands!”

You were about to be cordial about it and say that you didn’t do much when you paused to process what he just said.

“Her name is..?“


“Oh.” You blinked, connecting how he was actually calling out for the calf’s name just earlier but quickly recovered from your momentary confusion. “Well I’m glad you found her, I was wondering what I’m supposed to do with her.”

The calf darted it tongue out to lick Kirishima’s jaw, making him laugh at how tickly it was. You were leaning on the fence, smiling as you watched the wholesome interaction. Kirishima’s eyes traveled between you and the calf in his arms that was trying to twist its way out of his hold.

“You know what?” You watched in confusion as he put Moo down in front of you, “I think you should keep her.”

Your eyes were blown wide while he smiled like it was no big deal. “Oh I can’t just take her from you-”

“It’s alright,” he said, giving you a thumbs up, “my family runs the animal shop down in the bazaar. She’ll go to someone else anyway, might as well give it to a cutie like you.” He laughed when you pretended to roll your eyes at his remark, Moo rubbed her nose against your palm as you leaned down to pet her. “I think she likes you.”

 “Thanks.” You said, watching him ruffled Moo’s fur as a goodbye. “You should come around to visit Moo when you’re free, I’m sure she’ll miss you.”

“Will she now?” He eyed you as he said, chewing the inside of his mouth to stop himself from going too far. As he was about to go back along the road, he turned around. “I’ll see you around town?”

“Sure,” you replied, toying with the soft fur behind Moo’s ear, “Besides, I have a feeling I’ll be around the animal shop quite often.”

You watched as the red disappeared at the end of the road. Bending down, you huffed when you struggled to pick up the calf by your feet. Kirishima made it look so easy. Making your way to put Moo into her new home, you had a feeling you’ll be seeing the boy from the animal shop again very soon.

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A/N: this is a repost of my part in the first bnha harem server colab because we are amending the format of the masterlist^^ you can find the other characters here

Word count: 1470

“Pay attention to me.”

You had gladly took on the role in looking after your lover’s well-being since very early on in your relationship. With his highly demanding work schedule and often self-destructive tendencies, it was only natural that you had practically seen the worst and the standard of said ‘worst case scenario’ was constantly being updated.

Twisting the key to your apartment, your hands searched for the switch on the wall admist the darkness. Flicking the switch, the first thing you saw when the lights turned on was the sprawled out figure of Shouta across the couch. He must be really worn out for him to not even take out his sleeping bag and just fell flat onto the couch. You had tried to get him to stop using a sleeping bag at home, reasoning with him that you got a bed for a reason but his attempts at taking two more steps to the bed room never did quite last. One day you walked into your room to see him peacefully asleep, the next thing you knew you went home to a yellow cocoon on the floor once again.

Although you had tried relentlessly and with many different methods, the both of you knew better and that was why he could always take advantage of the little patience you had with him to fall back into the habits that you so hated. Despite your constant complaints, you would take him being asleep in any location than him staying up. God knows how much he needed all the rest he could get.

So it seemed that he had a long day. You kneeled by the couch to heard the soft snores from the man who was dangling at the edge of the seat, threatening to fall onto the ground at any given moment. Moving the piece of hair that was covering his face, your lips pursed together to form a frown as you saw how bad his under eye bags had gotten and his skin looking even duller than usual. He said something about having to stay on campus to finish stuff up a few days ago and in all honesty, this was the first time you had seen him home since then but you had no idea that it would get this dire.

Did he even sleep at all?

A groan escaped his lips as he slowly stirred awake, twisting around on the couch a little before he opened his eyes to see you staring at him in amusement. The hint of teasing quickly faded as you looked into Shouta’s blood shot eyes.

“Did you sleep at all these past few days?”

Still groggy from sleep, he rubbed his eyes. “What?”

“I said, did you sleep at all?” You said, trying to contain your raising voice.

Sensing your clear disapproval, he stopped his movements and looked right back at you. You had your brows furrowed together, your eyes filled with nothing but worry. It was pretty cute when you fussed over him, he wasn’t going to lie about it, but there were times when he feel bad that his own health was often a bigger concern to you than it did to him. You rarely get angry and when you do, it was always over his lack of care towards himself.

He avoided your judging stare as he heard a soft “tch”. “No, not really.”

You sighed. “Please tell me that you at least ate something.”


“That isn’t jelly.”

His silence gave away the truth and you rolled your eyes. You wanted to get aggravated towards him and yell at him to get a grip but with the state he was in, you really didn’t have the heart to. This man would be the death of you, you thought to yourself as everything that was boiled up in your mind melted away to nothing but a sigh and you reached out to tuck his hair behind his ear.

“You’re gonna get a cardiac arrest before we even get married at this rate.” You whispered, more to yourself than to him but he still caught every word.

“You can’t get rid of me that easily.” He said, feeling a bit more relieved when he heard you chuckle.

“For real, you need to take care of yourself. I’m pretty sure you don’t even know how to cook proper food.” You smiled, gently rubbing his hand as he gripped onto yours.

An idea sparked in your mind, one that you had thought of but quickly gave up on because the possibilities that it would do anything was slim to none but after seeing how much of a mess he was today, it seemed like there was no harm in trying.

When you continued to tug at your boyfriend’s arm and forced him to get up all while pulling him towards the kitchen, he was really expecting to get some nice, warm food made with love from you instead of leaning against the counter as you forced him to stay by your side as you cooked. You had insisted that he learn how to make something that wasn’t pre-cooked or filled with preserves by watching you do it. He really would have protested and drifted off to sleep if it wasn’t for the fact that he knew he was already pissing you off and he didn’t want to risk being banished to the couch that night. He had missed you, and he wanted the cuddles after being tortured by the school these past few days.

“Watch closely.” You said as you tied the strings of the apron on your back and started heating up the stove. Shouta didn’t care much about cooking in all honesty, he could always rely on you after all. On a second thought, perhaps he had been relying on you way too much that he was starting to take it for granted that he would come home to see you there for him.

Perhaps he did need to square up, he thought as he stared at your hand that was carefully chopping the spring onions into small pieces. A look of concentration crossed your face as you cooked, soft mumbling escaped your lips as you moved from step to step. You were always so attentive towards him and Aizawa Shouta knew that he was not an easy man to be around. He could be apathetic, stern almost. He would not blame anyone who was turned away by his cold exterior and harsh words. But even after so long and so many moments that he knew made you want to give up on him, you stayed. You stayed and you were still here, making dinner in the kitchen.

“And then you put it in when the water boils… Are you even listening?” You said with annoyance at Shouta’s dazed expression, your sudden raise of voice seemed to snap him back to reality as he blinked.


You snorted, not sure if you should be angry at him or amused by the hazy expression in his eyes that was fixed on you. “I’m trying to keep you alive here and you can’t even focus for, what, 5 minutes?” He couldn’t help the smile as you shoved him in the arm, “Just… pay attention to me.”

You weren’t sure if you wanted to elbow him in the waist for not taking it seriously or melt because he was so close to you and you haven’t feel his warmth for so long but when he suddenly got up from the counter and wrapped his arms around you from behind, you could not help but froze in place. He chuckled when he felt the stiffening of your body, leaning down to put his chin on the crook of your neck and conveniently tightening his arms around you as he did so.

“My attention is all yours,” he whispered and your knees felt weak at the scratch of his stubble at your neck and the hot breath at your ear. It had been a while and you had no idea that you had missed him around you so much. “So what is that you were trying to show me?”

Regaining your thoughts so you focused on something that wasn’t your boyfriend’s face by your neck, you went back to what you were doing earlier before getting distracted. “Right, so you put everything into the pot and let it boil…”

Was he dozing off again? Guilty, but Shouta could not actually quite focus on the instructions you were giving him, not when you were so close to him and your voice was so comforting. How could you expect him to pay attention to anything else when you were right there by his side?

His attention would always go to you when you were around, always back to you.

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Your headcanons of A/B/O are amazing! 😍😍😍😍 since you said your requests are open, I wanna request some for Tenya! Robocop is so underrated and he is so nice!!!

Gosh I love him so much, but this was surprisingly hard to write! Guess that means I’ll have to do more for him in the future! Also also, I hope that you mean’t for Omega Iida since that seems to be whats hot rn on my page!

Tenya Iida

  • Tenya Iida, hands down one of the most desired people in UA. He was strong, always had the sweet yet faint smell of orange juice lingering on him, and he was incredibly smart. The only thing many didn’t know was that he was an Omega. His orange scent wasn’t the orange juice he drank everyday, but his natural scent that almost reminded him of Orange Sorbet. His constant need to follow rules was because his omega couldn’t handle the idea of any of his friends getting injured, so he would accidentally go to the extremes to make sure they were safe. To him, his classmates were his family and he refused to have them get hurt.
  • He was oblivious to the fact that he was really stressed, opting to sleep in his bed that was covered in blankets and pillows, unknowingly nesting every second he could to calm his racing mind. A single wax warmer was plugged into the wall by his desk since he was afraid to have a candle in his room, yet he craved other scents beside his own. He had a whole box full of the wax in his desk that ranged from the smell of leather, to the smell of rain, to sweeter scents. What he wanted all depended on his mood, and sometimes he would mix them to a variety degree of success.
  • He never expected any courting gifts whenever courting season came around, yet he was shocked to see a notebook and a set of pens laying on his desk, wrapped nicely in a blue and silver bow. Since he was always the first one into the classroom, he didn’t hide his excitement when he rushed over and started examining the pens, grinning when he realized that they were a set he had been eyeing for a while. Known to be good for left handed people since they don’t smear. Sure, he was ambidextrous, but he greatly favored his left hand. The notebook seemed to be fairly expensive too, known to be a favorite by people who journal or take notes often. Of course, he used his new materials in class that day. 
  • The next day he was greeted with highlighters, a large bag of random stickers, and some washi tapes. His omega purred at the sight and he quickly ran over to examine everything, making swatches of everything in his notebook before finding one that was of him. He grinned bigger and placed it on the front before everybody started walking in. He was curious as to who could possibly be courting him, even managing to get distracted a bit as he tried to figure out who it could be.
  • By the end of the day, he had two large spreads dedicated to who he thought could be courting him with pros and cons to each person. He had to think of who he would accept the offer from and who he would deny. Just because this person was courting him didn’t mean he would accept, it truly depended on if they were compatible. With that in mind, he crossed out quite a few people from his lists and wrote down the reasons why he wouldn’t accept their courting.
  • He had no idea that you were running behind since he hadn’t even considered you to be somebody willing to court him. You were the number one in class 1B, highest grades and most potential, so of course he noticed you before. He walked into the classroom only to find you placing things on his desk, oblivious to the man you were courting approaching you slowly.
  • When you turned around, you yelped before falling back against his desk. His eyes widened and he grabbed you, pulling you into his chest so you didn’t fall. “I-I didn’t know you’d be here this early!” You waited for the other to let go before grabbing your bag. “Yeah I uh…I tend to come in early to get ready.” You let out a dry chuckle as you clutched your bag to your chest. “I should’ve expected that.” You scratched the back of your neck before noticing that Iida was looking at his desk, smiling a little. 
  • On his desk was a large hoodie and another notebook, this one was clearly more special than the last since the book was bound in a blue dyed leather. The center of the cover had “Ingenium” in silver script and had a silver ribbon for a bookmark. His hand slipped over to it and he picked it up, smiling while looking at it.
  • “Did you make this?” He asked softly, seeing your note inside asking if you would meet him outside after class. “It’s really breathtaking. Thank you so much for these gifts.” Your cheeks were as red as can be, but you couldn’t help but smile a little. “T-They honestly made me think of you, so I got them and held onto them until I could give you them…I just forgot you are an early bird.” 
  • He chuckled and nodded as he continued to look at the book before glancing at the large hoodie. “Did you scent it?” He asked as he sat the book down to take the royal blue fabric in his hands, smiling at how soft it was. “N-No I didn’t. I didn’t want it to smell like me if you turned me down.” You admitted which only made the omega smile a bit more before handing it to you. “Would you?”
  • Your eyes widened and you slowly nodded, taking the hoodie from him and rubbing it against your scent glands to get your scent on it. “Again, thank you so much for your gifts. They truly are amazing.” He said as he glanced back at the book again. “Not many hand make gifts anymore. I truly appreciate the more traditional courting gift.” His omega purred at the sight of the beautiful notebook just begging to be filled with notes, recipes, and more. 
  • “Well…I assumed you would prefer tradition.” He nodded and carefully took the hoodie back from you. “I do, so I truly can’t express how happy it is that you actually made me something instead of just buying it.” You grinned a little. “My dad taught me that if you court an omega, do it properly. So…I did.” Iida nodded and grinned as he hugged the hoodie softly, purring with it in his arms.
  • “So…You wrote about going someplace to eat?” You perked up again. “Oh, Yeah. If you are accepting a courting date, I know a nice little hole in the wall at the edge of the city. I thought we could get to know each other better?” He hummed and nodded along. “I’ll meet up with you once class is over. Don’t be late.” He bowed before walking over to sit at his desk. You nodded quickly and smiled bright. “Wouldn’t dream of it. I’ll see you then!”
  • He watched you run out with your bag happily before turning his attention to the hoodie. He carefully laid it on his desk before resting his head on it, deciding that resting his eyes before class wasn’t such a bad idea.
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request: Hey could you pls do a story while bakugo and the reader have like they first time (if you know what i mean) and how he acts the next few week 😊 Its okay if you don’t want to write a story like that. And btw srry for my bad English

a/n: i really really like how this turned out, i hope you do too!

warnings: mentions of nsfw content, but no smut



Originally posted by izuwus

For some reason you thought your first time would be extremely planned, something that you would discuss with your partner for a while before doing so. Then again, you never knew that you would be dating Katsuki…

The night it happened Katsuki was helping you study in his room. It always ended up with you spending the night, cuddling up next to him… but tonight the enitre vibe was different.
Katsuki was sitting next to you, pointing at the different pages and then at your notes. You did the mistake of looking up at his face, and he looked so gorgeous. The focus in his eyes as he tried to explain the equation and the way his lips moved as he spoke- fuck. You looked at his lips.
Just as you looked at his lips he looked up at you, your noses were so close they were almost touching. You forced yourself to look him in the eyes instead of looking at his lips. Katsuki’s eyes flickered from your lips, back to your eyes. Before you knew it he pushed foreward and pressed his lips against yours.

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That last anon about Yagi being saved gave me an idea! Yagi and a similarly aged hero who knows each other from America and used to date, but broke up (was mutual) due to work and Yagi moving back to Japan. Suddenly meet each other again after several several years by chance, in Japan. How would Yagi react?

Oh GOSH that’s gonna be awkward, even if it was mutual!! Lolol, but this is a cute idea! Thanks so much for the request! 

Yagi sighed gently as he wandered the streets, wondering how much longer his All Might form would last as he got groceries, having to stop a villain near by and not having time to change back before somene saw him. He hummed as he grabbed for the last pack of Takiyaki, only to find his hand covering someone elses, making him quickly tug it back “Ah- I’m sorry! My mist-” He started, just to turn and face who he had touched, only to find his cheeks quickly heating up “A-AH! Y/n! What a coincidence- you’re.. In japan?” He asked, unable to help a bright grin. He never did stop loving them- he just didn’t think that it was fair to them to have to deal with such a long distance relationship.. Time had been good to them as well as they gave a soft smile and chuckle back. “Toshinori! Oh my goodness you got even bigger! But yes, I am. My company decided to move me from America to Japan since our American company is shutting down.. Not to mention I’ve been learning Japanese” They teased as they winked at the man who laughed awkwardly and nodded, rubbing the back of his head. “I see.. Well, I’m glad to hear you’re still in the hero department! I’ve been working hard here to keep myself busy, but it has been rather rough” he admits as he touched his side, feeling a sting of guilt for not telling them about his injury. “A.. Anyways! It was wonderful seeing you again!” he said as he tried to make his escape, only to find them grabbing his hand again “Wait! Ah.. You.. You, forgot your Takiyaki” They said with a soft laugh as they put the trat into his basket. “I know you love them, even in America.. And.. Hey- here’s my number, if you ever want to catch up again, alright? See you around Toshi” They hummed, giving a wave after handing him their card. He could only stare after them and flush, wondering how he managed to fall even more for them after all these years as he chuckled and hurried to finish his shopping.

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Word Count: 1,366

Pairing: Stain x fem!reader

Warnings: swearing

Summary: Dabi moves in across from your Apartment 

A/N: Dabi is Touya Todoroki in this one (imo it wouldn´t make sense if he isn´t by now)

Credit: @itachianddazai was the one who suggested the Reader approaches Dabi


Originally posted by sajoou-moved

The apartment building harbored all kinds of people and it looked like it too. It was ironic, a sick joke that it was so run down and used like the whores living in it. It was so cold and merciless like the assassins, so broken and abused like the runaways and people in toxic relationships or broken homes. It looked like it would fall apart any minute and just like its inhabitants it begged for it.

Authorities and citizens alike looked away from it like it was a child being abused.

Dabi did not want to be found.

He didn´t understand the other villains who did everything to stand out and be noticed by society, this behavior annoyed him to no end.

Those villains were the kind that got caught early on and then complained about it.

Dabi didn´t want to be a villain per say, he just wanted to get away from his blood-bound family and piece of shit father.

That´s how he ended up in the rotten building where even more rotten people lived.

It took him years to gather enough money, after all he was just a child when he ran away from that forsaken place his siblings still called home.

He thought he´d feel better in his own place, but somehow now that he stepped into the entrance hall that was just as run down as the rest of the building, seriously, the wood creaked so much he thought the floor underneath him would fall apart; the empty feeling inside of him didn´t go away like he wished it would.

He still felt like he didn´t belong, he never did. Rejected from his family, his own body, hell even the streets. He´d always get scared looks and he hated it.

Hated how everyone stared at him, it made him mad. And sometimes it just made him terribly sad.

Was it really that selfish to wish for a loving father and mother? For his siblings treating him like an equal? For him to be cared for, loved and accepted? All he really wanted was a day where he didn´t feel like shit, just one fucking day where he didn´t feel like giving up.

Dabi got his key and walked up the wet, sticky stairs that he refused to look down upon.

His apartment was on the third floor and he could look at a brick wall throughout the only window.

The smell of death lingered in the big room, or maybe it was just him.

He felt even more lost now that he stood in the middle of an empty space that fit his mindset all too well. After walking around a bit he noted following things: his fridge didn´t work, neither did his water or his lights, his bed was more uncomfortable than the ground and there was a hole in the door to the bathroom.

Great. He´d have to fix all of that.

“Hi neighbor! Need some help?” you chirped and came up to him.

You lived here for as long as you could remember, you saw people come and go here and yes, you did help your neighbors move in even in a fucked up place like this.

Dabi just stared at you, frowning.

“I´m good, thanks” he finally said, he was better off on his own, it has always been this way and would stay like this.

You chuckled, knowing the apartment´s malfunctions yourself.

“Alright, suit yourself, but if you need anything, just give me a knock, I´m right across the hallway” you pointed to your apartment door behind you.

He said nothing and you went home.

Home to your boyfriend, Stain, who was already waiting for you with take out he got from his nightly killing spree.

“Something smells good” you came up behind him, wrapping your arms around his shoulders and kissing his neck. You noticed that he cleaned his swords and knives and put them in the little container you got for him, it made you smirk to yourself.

“I got your favorite” he held up the bags before pulling you into his lap, holding you in his arm.

You giggled, starting to eat while watching TV.

Never in your life would you have imagined that people like you two, outcasts of society, could have something so peaceful and quiet.

But fuck them, they thought you didn´t deserve it and yet you had it, it was like a middle finger in their faces and you got off on it.

“Thanks, babe” you kissed his cheek to which he only chuckled and pulled you closer.

“Anything for my favorite director…” he purred, this should have been the first red flag.

Yes, you were the one who took all those videos of him, uploaded them, made sure they stayed up and yes, you were the one who came up with the idea to take a stand against today´s hero society.

Only that nobody would take a woman like you seriously.

And fuck, would you come to regret it.

“Hey, you know someone new moved in across from us?” you told him.

“Oh really, and you offered help like the picture perfect neighbor, huh? You´re just too nice sometimes…” he remarked, and not in an admiring way, rather an irritating one. He never liked it when you showed any kindness to anyone else other than him.

That should have been another red flag, but who wouldn´t get sunk in when someone told them they loved them? Because you really thought he did love you.

You did those videos and editing and all the other things in the household for him and he praised you for it barely enough to make you stay.

You bit your inner lip but stayed quiet when it knocked on your door.

“I got it” you stood up sighing and opening your front door to Dabi.

“Hey, so um…how the fuck do I get my lights on? And my fridge to work?” he had his hands in his pockets and looked down in embarrassment.

He hated asking others for help.

“Huh, who the fuck are you?” Stain also came to the door to greet Dabi.

The latter didn´t show any reaction whatsoever to the hero killer, but deep inside his secret admiration and agreement on his views on society and heroes did.

“The name´s Dabi, I just moved in here today and wanted to see how things work around here” no way in fucking hell would he admit that he needed help.

Stain laughed a bit.

“Ah, yeah, the electricity thingy, my girl here can help with that” he laid an arm around you, making you blush.

He was terribly jealous and possessive, yet another red flag you ignored.

“Yup, be right back” you kissed his cheek before leaving with Dabi.

“So, we gotta go to the basement and get you an independent generator. There used to be just one big one for the whole building, but it always crashed, so they store independent ones down there. But they never tell any new move ins. That should settle the electricity situation. And I bet your bed´s hard as rocks too, so there´s this mattress store right down the road that hands out free ones if you ask nicely” you explained and winked at the last bit, making Dabi smirk.

Asking nicely just happened to be one of his strong suits.

“I see” he would never say thank you, like he said, he didn´t depend on anyone.

You led him down the basement to get the generator and then went back to his apartment to set it up for him.

The whole time he just awkwardly stood on the side and stared at you blandly.

“Alright, it should work now!” you smiled at him.

Dabi only nodded: “Okay…” his eyes followed you as you left his apartment, stating that if he needed anything all he had to do was knock.

He stood there for a while longer, asking himself if what he just experienced was kindness, if so it was the first time. It was a weird feeling, you didn´t have to help him, so why did you? It didn´t make sense, now he owed you…

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Found pt3 (a dadmic story)



You felt warmth and felt blinding light as your eyes slowly opened only to meet worried green eyes. As an impulse you launched forward and slammed your forehead against the teacher’s which caused you both to groan in pain as he fell back.

“what was that for?! not nice bubbles!” Despite having hit him you could tell he wasn’t really Angry just worried and this made you even more nervous than normal. You noticed he was in all hero attire..weird?

“where am I? Why were you watching me sleep? W..why am I wear different clothes?! What is going on! I swear if you touched me I will-” you were cut off by a long sigh from hizashi.

“you’re at my passed out and I had to put you in the water before you dried out. I had to change your clothes cause you changed back in the middle of the night and didn’t want you to sleep in wet clothes….plus it was cold” you can tell the loud hero was holding back and trying to be calm and reserved.

This actually made you smile and you figured he wasn’t a bad guy..maybe you can trust him.

“can..can I hug you?”

This question shocked you as you stared at the teacher. You could tell he wasn’t used to asking this and felt awkward. After hesitating for a few minutes you gave a soft nod only to fall back on the couch from hizashi hugging you so tight.

This was too much for you and caused very unpleasant memories to form. You tried to block them out the best you could but you couldn’t stop it..god you wished you could stop it.


“be a good boy [name]”

“stay quiet [name] want a good grade don’t you?”

“I’ll be gentle”

“you look so feminine”


You shoved hizashi off you as hard as you could before sitting up fast with sweat pouring down your face. Your hands were shaking as you looked down in pure fear.

“I..I thought I was ready..I thought i could handle it. Why am I not ready?!” You felt a deep embarrassment flooding your body. You felt like as a guy you were supposed to be tougher than this, what kind of hero gets panic attacks from skin contact?!

You felt like an idiot for freaking out and when you looked up you saw hizashi with the most concerned look one can have. He has his hands in his lap while now sitting on the ground looking a little out of his element.

“Ah kiddo..hey it’s okay you don’t have to get over awful stuff so fast y'know?” You can tell he was really trying here. You felt better knowing he was at least trying to help so you let out a deep sigh and tried to relax your nerves.

“whats the agenda for today?” Your firm tone made the teacher perk up before he gave a huge smile before he hopped to his feet and crossed his arms “school! Me, you, and the principal! Don’t worry your favorite teacher talked down your punishment”

Despite present mic’s eager tone you were terrified but after changing into your now dry uniform and having to sit in mic’s car and listen to him belt out songs you were soon sitting in the principal’s office listening to nezu speak.

“running away from school, hurting a teacher, acting out in awful behavior.. normally you will be expelled but you are to stay in your dorm for two weeks..suspended”

You couldnt accept this! You hated your dorm since you felt like a Total stranger in there with class 1A. You couldn’t help but jump to your feet to protest to these terms.

“please! Don’t let me stay in that dorm! Please! I’ll stay anywhere else! Please please! I’m begging you!” Your plea was desperate and this surprised the principal for sure but he figured he can negotiate with you.

“well you don’t have any family to stay I’m not sure if we can find a suitable place for you”

That statement broke you a little but you kept it strong. You sat back down quietly while gripping your pants in didn’t even know why you were angry.

You would have to stay in the dorm with those couldn’t handle it..they are all so physical and always so curious about you. You could feel your anxiety increase just thinking about they just forced their way in your dorm room and looked around with no care.

You felt as if a weight was being pressed down on your chest..everything was getting muffled and fuzzy. You were going to completely zone out when a loud voice snapped you out of it.

“sir! Let bubbles stay with me! I’m a trustworthy adult! having a student stay somewhere they don’t belong isn’t really cool” present mic’s loud suggestion surprised you for sure and you stated at him as if he was insane.

“that is…if you are okay with that? What do you say..[name]? Wanna stay with me for a while?” The loud teacher kneeled down infront of your chair and was speaking in such a soft manner that it seemed like he was a different person.

“stay with you..? Are you sure?” You had to question him about it. You didn’t want to be a bother..or even a charity case. You wanted mic to say yes cause he liked you for who you were but as you thought about it you let out a bitter laugh..who could even like you for who you were? You were an awful brat and the only place you deserve to live is on the streets.

Your mind got filled with dark thoughts as your vision darkened and things became colorless..nothing mattered..this was going to be the same as your last were along in all this..forever.

These thoughts filled your head as your eyes became soulless but a single warm touch made you perk up slightly as you looked at the warm green eyes infront of you.

“hey..don’t check out quite yet there bubbles. I would love if you stayed with me wouldn’t you? How about after school I help you get all your things..then maybe we order some food and watch really bad movies? Or play video games? Hell we can do whatever you want..just don’t blank out on me alright?”

His warm hushed tone made you feel..weird. your chest felt warm and for the first time in a while you actually felt at ease to feel another human touching you. You couldn’t help but feel like someone actually cared about you..someone cared! You knew this but you still wanted to hear him say it.

“present mic… you care about me..? I mean..I won’t be a bother right? You aren’t doing this to feel better about yourself right?” You had to know and you couldn’t even look at him while asking this question. You were worried about offending him but you heard him laughing before arms wrapped around you tightly.

“are you kidding?! You’re my favorite kid! I mean my other classes are fun..but you are the best! Of course I care about you! Come on bubbles don’t ask something so depressing!” His cheerful voice and tight embrace actually made you tear up.

You gripped the teacher so tightly as if he would vanish if you let him go. You his your face in his neck while starting to cry your heart out. All those bottled up emotions just pouring out of you and you felt like present mic wouldn’t judge you for felt safe.

Present mic simply gripped you tight while running his fingers through your hair to try and sooth you. He watched as the principal gathered papers for the teacher to sign before simply walking out the room to give you both space.

After what felt like a while of crying you slowly pulled back and wiped your now puffy red eyes and red runny nose. You rubbed your eyes so hard that they burned but you felt slightly embarrassed…were guys Allowed to cry? It wasn’t manly at all and you felt like it made you a wimp but you noticed that mic himself was tearing slightly.

“your shirt is all wet cause of my tears..shit sorry” you couldn’t help but look away while grumbling but felt a hand ruffle your hair which made you huff and glare at the teacher.

“it’s fine bubbles! Hey why don’t you grab some food at the cafeteria and wait in my room while I sign some paperwork huh? After that we’ll train for a bit since you won’t be seeing your other teachers” this made you playfully groan

“so I’m stuck you with?”

Hey now! Don’t be so cold there bubbles! I’m still your favorite teacher!“

You couldn’t help but smile as you hopped out the seat and walked towards the door

"yeah.. you’re my favorite..thanks mic”

You then walked out the door while hizashi was googling adoption papers and both mentally and physically crying. He wasn’t sure if it was possible to love someone this much…but he simply adored you and at this point wanted to adopt you on the spot!

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genre: angst (w/ a side of fluff ok? ok.)

summary: saying goodbye is tough, especially to those you care deeply about. bakugou isn’t prepared to do that yet. // inspired by lana del rey’s say yes to heaven & an anon requesting angst w/ bakugou

tags: @tooloudarts @azgucci @guavadance @suckersuki @k-atsukidayo @cin-midnight @tiger-sugarskull @lmaobroccoli@knifeewifee

sorry if this is a whole load of caca~


Bakugou wasn’t big on crying. Nor was he the type to go public with his emotions. Was he opposed to it? No, not really. He just preferred not to, it wasn’t in his nature.

When people would burst out into tears within his proximity, one could imagine how awkward he was. It was as if he was physically inept from comforting the person. Not only was it uncomfortable for the one crying, but for Bakugou as well. The two didn’t mix well at all.

However, when it came to the sight of watching you cry with wet, hot tears rolling down your cheeks and your chest heaving due to how overwhelmed you were, something about that broke his heart. 

It was odd. Despite you two being “just friends”, the thought of seeing you hurt or emotionally drained of your worth was something Bakugou would do anything to prevent. He blames it on how attached you both have become within the past school year. 

Today was one of those days where you would cry again. And for all the wrong fucking reasons.

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for @madarasfutureexspouse

also posted to ao3.

summary: breakfast with dabi is all sorts of fun.

word count: 801 words

rating: T

You wouldn’t think Dabi knows how to cook. Sure, he’s lived on his own for who knows how long, but there’s something dangerous about him—maybe it’s the stapled smile, or his propensity for burning everything to ashes, whether it be hero or your favorite camisole—that you can’t reconcile with the image of domesticity associated with cooking. 

But yet, when you wake up, the smell of something greasy pervades the air, and your mouth is salivating instantly, before you remember—wait. You’re in Dabi’s apartment. Did he even know how to light a stove without setting the whole place on fire? 

“Mornin,’” Dabi tips his head in your direction as you bolt into the kitchen. The kitchen is thankfully, not engulfed in blue flames (not that the smoke alarm would alert you if it was, since Dabi broke the one you gave him upon your arrival to his place, saying that it was such a fucking annoyance every time it went off when he got a little heated), but Dabi… his jacket’s off, he’s wearing his only white shirt that he never seems to replace, and he’s flipping eggs in a frying pan. 

You purse your lips. “Last I checked, we didn’t have any groceries.” It was true. His fridge was almost always empty except for maybe an expired carton of milk, and a rotting pear. Any attempts you made to restock his pantry always went to waste, since League missions kept you out and about most of the time.

“The neighbor lent me some.” He shrugs.

“He lent you.”

“I might’ve taken them without asking.”

“Right.” You take a seat on the counter, shoving empty take-out cartons and beer bottles out of the way. Then you’re watching him curiously. Dabi notices, raising his brows at you.

“I… I didn’t know you knew how to cook,” you admit. 

“How do you think I’ve survived?”

You eye his lanky form. He’s all lean muscle, emphasis on lean. You’ve never really seen Dabi ingest more than a bottle of vodka, maybe some stale crackers back at the League’s hideout. God knows Shigaraki didn’t keep the pantry well-stocked, and Kurogiri hardly needed to eat. 

“Guess I convinced myself you live off eating flames,” you muse.

He snorts. “Like a dragon?”

Mm, I think a fire-breathing dragon would be nicer than you.”

“Didn’t think I’d get this much attitude from someone I’m cooking for,” he drawls, grabbing you a plate. 

As if on cue, your stomach grumbles loudly, and you sigh. “Yeah yeah, just bring it over, chef.” He hands it to you, rolling his eyes. You stick your tongue out at him. 

You eye the bacon and eggs he made, surprised to find it actually looks edible. Much less enticing. Dabi takes a seat next to you. He takes a bite of his food, before noticing you’ve been staring at his plate.

“What? I didn’t poison it.”

“You have less food than me,” you point out. Sure enough, he has maybe half the amount of food compared to yours.

“You’re so short, you need to grow a little.” You huff, arm darting out to smack his shoulder. He blocks it with a chuckle. As you’re shoveling food into your mouth indignantly, he admits, voice low, “Besides, I… can’t handle eating too much.”

You eat in silence, observing the way Dabi chews slowly, lets his food settle before taking the next bite. Things you’ve never noticed before, since the man hardly ate around you. Your knee bumps against his leg when you shift, and you keep it there, the rough material of his jeans not nearly as comforting as skin-to-skin, but he doesn’t push you away, one of his hand even lowering to rest on your thigh. You hum.

“It’s… good,” you finally say, after you’ve cleared most of the plate.

“Bacon and eggs is hardly difficult to make,” he says dryly. 

“I’m trying to be nice here,” you gripe. “Your cooking isn’t bad. Not at all.”

It’s probably the first, real meal you’ve been able to sit down with since you became a villain. It’s… nice in a way. Almost makes you feel normal. Like you’re a normal couple, too.

“Thanks. I guess.” He rubs the back of his neck awkwardly, and it’s the first time he looks a notch down from self-assured. Dabi, for all his arrogance and appearance, probably isn’t used to getting compliments.

You rest your head on your first, leaning on the counter with your elbow as you shoot him a smirk. “You should cook more often.”

“Heh. In your dreams.

“C’mon, I’ll even buy you a cute, pink apron. It’ll say ‘Kiss the Chef’—”

“More like kiss my ass—”

“Didn’t know you were into that~” You leer.

Almost like a normal couple.

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My Little Helper

Fairy!Izuku x Apothecary!S/O


Prompt: S/O, a lone apothecary, gives aid to a small emerald fairy when arriving to her home in a thick forest. She didn’t expect for the little creature to stick to her like pollen on a bee.

First off, I would like to say: HOLY SHIT! I didn’t mean to write this much! XD I originally just wanted to make this just a simple headcanon list, but my perfectionist ass kept writing paragraph after paragraph instead of simple sentences. So this story is going to be half prose, half bulleted list. I apologize in advance if this seems off. Took me like over 5 hours to write all of this.

Seriously though, this thing is really fricking long for me. Like over 2k. 

I am entirely new to this so I hope you enjoy it. 


Y/N didn’t mind the rain much.

A calm, soothing downfall of rain was welcomed to her. It watered her precious garden for her and calmed nature all around with a wet blanket. She adored the smell when she would rest in the comfort of her small cottage cabin. She would sit next to the window and calmly listen to the rainfall as it soothes her to sleep. Whether or not she had a cup of tea and a book in her grasp didn’t matter.

Y/N had just arrived from an errand of purchasing fresh bread and beef for a hearty meal and a book for leisure when it had begun to rain. She lived somewhat far from the village, inside of the thick forest. There was a path already cultivated for the trek from her home to the village so citizens could come to her for medicinal aid. It wasn’t a harsh downpour to the point of being unbearable, but she couldn’t afford her newly bought goods being tarnished from the rain. The woven basket and thin picnic blanket can only withhold so much. Tightening the strings of her hooded cape, she paced herself faster down the trail.

Until she heard a suspicious ringing noise.

The sound was precise and sharp, yet not necessarily loud, per say. Like a wind-chime being nudged by a spring breeze, but it managed to catch Y/N’s attention. It wasn’t long after a harsh tussle of leaves was heard and the sound of wind-chimes persisted with higher volume.

Y/N looked up. A raccoon was trying to reach it’s greedy hands into a metal cage that was tied high onto one of the many oak trees near the pathway, forcing the cage to annoyingly rattle against the wood and leaves of the branches.

Y/N was angered to know that someone had the gall to lay traps onto her property, without her knowledge at that.

Not paying the raccoon any mind, Y/N pulled out her small, personal dagger from her trousers and began to cut at the rope hanging the sprung trap up. The raccoon had long since scampered away once she had walked forward.

Now, Y/N assumed that the ringing was some sort of bell attached to the cage trap that she couldn’t see from her angle below. She imagined a spooked bird or a rodent of some kind would be seen in that trap. Once she managed to lower the cage down to release the captured animal, she found herself surprised.

A male fairy, no taller than her favorite feather quill pen, cowered helplessly against the metal prison. A crown of fresh clovers sat upon his chaotic pine-colored hair, leaves made up a kilt around his hips, and a blade of grass was tied around left ankle and right wrist. He cradled his left arm closely, which held a long, red scratch from the shoulder to the elbow. 

If it wasn’t for the little being’s trembling, she wouldn’t have known he was crying with how he was hiding his face. The poor thing must have gotten caught in the rain before getting trapped.

Y/N broke off her gawking and approached the caged fairy cautiously, careful not to frighten him any further.

It didn’t seem to work at first. The little green being fluttered it’s lime, drenched wings and chirped more alerting chime sounds, body glowing a beautiful luminescent for a short while. Emerald eyes wide in bewilderment and freckled cheeks red and wet with tears, he tried to scoot away from the cage entrance and the larger being’s body as far as his teensy body could.

Now Y/N wanted to cry.

She quietly shushed the poor creature, taking out a handkerchief from her (F/C) hood pocket. “It’s okay,” she spoke, desperate to pacify the fairy. “It’s okay. I’m so sorry that this happened to you.” She unlocked the latch and opened the door.

Now, Y/N didn’t know much about fairies other than that they existed and mainly lived in the wilderness where natural food was abundant. But if her hunch was correct, fairies, just like other small winged creatures, can’t fly efficiently in the rain. And seeing how the fairy’s wings seemed drenched and withered, she doubted that he would be reaching the skies anytime soon.

Y/N reached no further than within an inch passed the entrance toward the fairy, the handkerchief laying softly against her palms. The fairy, with eyes still filled with pain but now slightly brightened with small hope, hesitated before crawling over to the woman’s delicate hands.

Y/N cooed at him, wrapping him up softly with the fabric with her other hand. The small male nuzzled against the make-shift blanket, trying to retain some warmth from the chilly breeze.

“My home is not too far from here. I have medicine to help heal that wound of yours and we can wait out the rain from there. Would that be okay?”

Can he even understand me?

Rubbing his eyes and trying to calm his breathing, the little fairy peered up to her and nodded its head. A sheepish smile formed on his face.

Oh, thank god.

Y/N managed to get a better view of the fae now that she had a hold of him. The little fae appeared to be somewhat young, most likely around her age group, with ivory skin. He had a slight baby-face, which made his bright round eyes pop out more. His torso, lean yet muscular, was bare of any accessory and showed more freckles and old scars from older events.

He looked so pretty.

Y/N wiped a loose tear from the fairy’s cheek, sighing in relief when the winged creature let her without fuss. “Now, there’s a smile. You’re a handsome little guy, aren’t you?”

Y/N managed to bring redness to the little guy’s cheeks once more, but not from sadness or pain. He let out a sharp, short bell sound before covering his tiny face in his tiny hands in haste. He was clearly embarrassed.

So cute.

Y/N carefully placed the fae in her right breast pocket. The fae chirped again before settling in the small space, tucking the handkerchief closer to him and gazing at the large woman in curiosity, his pointed ears twitching with anticipation.

Y/N gathered up her belongings together and made haste back to her secluded cottage, but not before promptly stomping on the cage and making a large-sized dent in it. That made the fairy release a ringing giggle.

  • On that day, you recalled adoring his expression of wonder whenever he would bring his gaze to something else in the house at every second or two. You treated his wound with an echinacea paste and a make-shift bandage from the handkerchief and placed him in front of a lit fireplace with a pillow to sit on and a thicker cloth to wrap himself in to dry off and his gaze never wavered. You even treated him to a warm meal of beef soup with some bread and water before the rain stopped and he was well enough to leave for his home.
  • You just didn’t expect him to come back.
  • On a sunny and drier day later in the week, you were tending to your private garden. Plucking out a couple of apples from your tree planning on making a pie when you saw a familiar pair of wings in your peripheral vision.
  • It was the little fae, mesmerized at you as you tended to your garden.
  • He seemed shy and ruffled when he was caught, but was calmed at your welcomed smile.
  • With his many visits, you had learned that he had a curious nature with a thirst for knowledge.
  • He would watch as you precisely pluck and pick at your fruits, vegetables, herbs, flowers, and weeds and would try to mimic you as close as possible. Tiny body, be damned.
  • You loved seeing him carrying seeds in his hands and swiftly dropping them into their hole for them row to row to be planted with soil and water that you would pour from the watering can. You gave him a makeshift, small blade from him to cut hanging fruit and vegetables for you to catch from below. He always feels so accomplished when he helps you with your chores.
  • You always made sure to give him some sugar water and some crumbs from a recently baked good as a treat.
  • The first time Izuku entered your home with healthy wings, he was practically buzzing around the cottage like a hummingbird in a flower field, with an eagerness to learn every nook and cranny of your house. Pulling at your finger to explain things or show how they worked. Cupboards. Furniture. Windows. Dressers. Beds. There is hardly an inch where he hasn’t looked or touched. 
  • He had a weakness to your writing desk. With your stacks of books, journals, and papers. You had once seen him attempting to pull off a heavy novel from the shelf with puffed cheeks. Would’ve been adorable if Izuku didn’t almost hurt himself in the process with the fallen book and nearly gave you a heart attack with the thud sound and the clattering of various objects.
  • You decided to read to him the story he picked out to placate his guilty tears.
  • The first time you gave him your quill and paper, he immediately wrote down his name in your language as thoroughly as possible: Izuku. He then continued to write down various words unknown to you, believing that he was writing in fae folk literacy. Izuku always makes a pouting face when he would run out of room to write.
  • You took it upon yourself to sew his own little notebook for him to have.
  • Izuku glomped your hand with so much affection, insistently rubbing his fluffy head against your fingers with stars in his eyes…
  • Oh god, is he crying again?
  • Maybe you should hold back the tiny bag you’ve sewn for him as well for his next visit. And that you did.
  • And then you’ve made a hammock for him in time for his next visit.
  • And planted his own flower bed for the visit after that.
  • And carved his own utensils, cups and bowls for meals for the visit after that. (Because they was only so many times you can hand feed the cute fairy)
  • And a small little home carved from wood and fabric after that. (Which was kind of a gag-gift, but Izuku appreciate it none-the-less)
  • He practically lives with you at this point.
  • But that idea didn’t really set in until one night he stayed over, he had a nightmare.
  • Noises that were non-stop sound of rings, chirps and chimes had woke you up from slumber. And they seemed so distressed.
  • You have known Izuku long enough to know that certain pitches and chirps he made were for certain emotions he expresses. These ones were anything but positive.
  • You called out, “Izuku! Green Bean, what’s wrong?”
  • You just about to lift your legs out of bed when a sudden bright light made its way straight to you.
  • A small, yet strong force made contact to your chest and forced you back an inch or two, grasping at your nightgown. Izuku was in tears, hiccuping with almost every breath he took.
  • You sang him a lullaby to soothe him back to sleep, choosing to have him slumber with you instead of risking another nightmare by himself. You went to lie back down, giving him his own separate pillow to sleep on.
  • Come next morning, you wake up and he is curled underneath your chin, drawn to your natural heat.
  • You didn’t have the heart to wake him up, due to the nightmare he had last night so you let him sleep in more during the day as you were working.
  • “Um, Miss Y/N. Pardon me for intruding, but…i-is that, by chance, a fairy in your pocket?” A yawning ring echoed from her breast pocket.
  • “He’s name is Izuku.” Y/N placed a finger to the fairy’s curly head without looking away from the document she is currently writing on. Izuku released a happy chirp.
  • “….how and why do you have a fairy?”
  • “All you need to know is that he’s my little helper for the store.” Izuku released another chirp in agreement.


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