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shotorozu · 2 days ago
encountering a ‘pick me’ girl
Tumblr media
part two (part one can be found here)
character(s) : midoriya izuku, shinsou hitoshi, kaminari denki (bnha)
legend : [Y/N = your name, L/N = last name] same information as before (check the first part)
headcanon type : fluff, crack, a sprinkle of angst (x reader)
warning(s) : pick me girls being pick me girls
note(s) : so like, a lot of people liked the first part— so i decided to revive back the pick me girl concept 💀 idk if i’ll make a part three because it’d only have like, 2 people (which are aizawa, tamaki, and i could honestly add dabi, but i don’t think he’d spare her life at ALL so 😨)
prompt recap — you encounter a pick me girl, they encounter a pick me girl, or both of y’all encounter one, because luck am i right 💀
»»————- ♡ ————-««
Tumblr media
midoriya izuku
to be honest, i don’t think he’d know what a pick me girl is 😨
like, he’d know the description of one, but wouldn’t actually know the true term for it 💀
like, if you were to ask him to define what a pick me girl is, he wouldn’t have a legitimate answer for it.
after all, there weren’t many girls in middle school or elementary, that would act like that for his validation— so the fact that girls would even act like that because of him, is still very new.
so, it was bound to happen. befriending a girl that had seemingly innocent intentions towards him. it’s all thanks to his kind, and meaning well nature
but after mentioning the fact that he has an s/o, he started to recognize the many red flags
this girl doesn’t even know you on a personal level— hasn’t even seen you, but has tried to though subtly take multiple jabs at you every chance she got.
and izuku was praying, pleading that she would never cross paths with you, or him again. but of course, that didn’t happen.
you try not to visibly grimace, when the newly ‘acquainted’ girl smacks her lips— in preparation to take more jabs at you, for seemingly no reason.
“trying to impress someone, hm?” she eyes you, “because it seems like you’re uhm, trying too hard? no offense, really.”
izuku isn’t that far off, he’s only a few feet away. of course— he’d never stand for this, and he would be interfering at this very moment, if his back wasn’t turned towards you, as he stood in a line for food.
“i’m just sitting though? people sit to be comfortable, and this is how i sit.” though annoyed, you shrug. “why? how do you sit?”
“as one should,” the girl states it factually— though honestly, it’s a bit vague. there’s no cookie cutter way to sit in a semi-public area, at least in this day and age. “it looks like, you’re trying to insinuate something, don’t you think? i don’t have to explain twice, do i? anyway— if i needed to, i wouldn’t mind getting a few words of knowledge in there.”
you blink. you get the implication. you don’t know what irks you more— the part where she accuses you of insinuating an invitation to something less than innocent, or the part where she makes a jab at your knowledge, one she has no intel on.
you’re going to say your mind, but first— you’re going to apologize before hand, as you know it’ll hurt. “sorry, but—”
“oh, no. you’re not sorry, you never have to be, Y/N.” your boyfriend suddenly appears beside you. his presence almost shocks you, making you step backwards. “actually— we’re not sorry. but, we’re just about to leave.”
the girl’s expression falters, “already?” the change of demeanor is evident. izuku, with a hand on the small of your back— nods wordlessly, not an ounce of warmth’s on his face. he tries not to spare her even glance.
izuku turns to you, and hands you a bag of takeout, “lovely, go outside.” it’s less of a request, but a kind command. either way, you were going to do it. because you were this 🤏 close to throwing hands at her 💀
when you leave, izuku gives the girl a honest, and unfiltered message. one that renders her speechless, eyes watering.
when izuku leaves the restaurant, you ask him what he told her,
but he doesn’t really answer you 💀 which is kind of worrisome 😨‼️ until, you catch a glimpse of the same girl staring at her fists in defeat
“it was on me, honestly,” izuku laughs, “i shouldn’t have stopped communicating when she started doing that thing.” he furrows his eyebrows “is there an exact term for girls like her?”
“pick me girls.”
Tumblr media
shinsou hitoshi
knows what they are, and knows what they’re called
it could be because of the internet, but it’s also because of personal experience 💀 idk about you, but he probably encountered one once in middle school.
he still doesn’t know why he experienced it first hand, considering that he wasn’t exactly popular in middle school it was a pretty dark time, because he wasn’t expecting it
hitoshi doesn’t know why people would go to extreme lengths for male validation— he too, at some point, was desperate for some sort of (though not directed at men specifically) validation, due to his quirk— but he wouldn’t outwardly be like that to other people
moving on, considering that he knows what a pick me girl is, he wouldn’t engage with one— unless if it was completely necessary
like now, where he was unfortunately partnered with one for his last task as a general course student.
everything seemed normal, until he noticed the sudden behavior shift, after one of his classmates teased him about you— while she, was also unfortunately in the vicinity
it was funny, and stupid to see— but because of his situation, he couldn’t exactly cut the connections. so, his last hope was for her to never meet you.
but of course, fate is just funny sometimes.
“you know, i heard you’re dating Y/N L/N from the hero course.”
hitoshi’s irked, when the girl he was unfortunately partnered with for his last project as a general course student, derailed the conversation to something less.. academic.
what was supposed to be a normal partnership, unwillingly turned into something else, when his classmate unfortunately mentioned his significant other in front of his project partner, which resulted in a reaction he’d never expected.
though, he can’t find himself blaming his other classmate, as you’re no secret of his— he hates how you’re being mentioned in a certain light
a negative light.
despite the fact that his opinion of you remains unswayed, he does not appreciate the way the girl talks about you— as if she knew you on a personal level (which, she does not.)
“is that news to you?” he asks, honestly not looking forward to her answer— but because of this stupid final project, he must remain on kinder terms. then after this, he’s never speaking to her again.
“well, yeah. kind of.” she twirls a small section of her hair with her pointer finger, “i found it quite odd, because they don’t look like your type. like, at all. it’s kind of funny actually.”
“what.” he narrows his eyes, a warning in itself. which the girl, unfortunately, did not recognize.
the girl laughs, and it rings through his ears irritably “because, i heard Y/N’s kind of weird, y’know? says weird things, does weird things— stuff gets around. i think that says something.”
“like what exactly?”
“the other day, i saw them in the infirmary— for a tiny cut. it was a little too much for a cut. they also get their hands dirty, they roll around on the floor when the sun’s beaming.” she lists things down, face scrunching up as if there was anything wrong with the things you did.
“but, whatever makes you happy.” she attempts to pat his shoulder, but hitoshi makes the first move of dodging.
“do you know who you’re talking to?” he raises an eyebrow, unimpressed. “do you know what people say about me?”
“yeah, but—”
“i’m transferring into the heroes course.” hitoshi states, “and in that course, you’re supposed to get your hands dirty. you’re supposed to roll around the ground when asked, so stop treating it like an abnormality. get out of that comfortable shell you’re so stuck in.” finished with the conversation, hitoshi shoves things into his bag, ready to just get the hell out of there.
he doesn’t spare another glance at her, as he catches a glimpse at someone else that’s worth looking at— you.
“i’ll finish the rest of this project. don’t bother.” is all he says, before he hurries on out to see you.
then, he proceeds his day like nothing happened 🤩 but he does eventually tell you, when you told him that you saw the aftermath of “whatever that was” 💀
“ohh,” you say in awe, “very chivalrous of you.” you wonder how he handled it, “so you defended my honor, huh?”
hitoshi only smiles, scratching the back of your ears. “duh.” he rolls his eyes playfully. “for your honor. that was thankfully my last project in that course.” and y’all never crossed paths with that girl again
Tumblr media
kaminari denki
denki, being the teenage boy he is in this day and age— has probably made at least one pick me girl joke in his life
he has also probably joked about “discovering one for the ✨🤩 mythological ✨ experience” but has actually yet to encounter one which he’s actually disappointed about, but he should be glad tbh
because most of the girls he has met are the nicest and the most genuine people alive— excluding this one💀
after finally getting together with his long time crush, his pick me girl discovery endeavors have been pushed to the back of his head.
and because of that, it has seemed to be that he completely forgot about all the warnings, and the telltale signs of a pick me girl.
combine that with his friendly, outgoing personality? it was bound to happen, and you can’t blame him at all 💀
because she seemed normal, and there was nothing out of the ordinary— until denki bragged about you shamelessly🗿 it was like a switch flipped inside of her so with that being said, denki kind of got what he asked for 😭
“denki, you’re so funny!”
today’s just not your day, you’ve concluded. the day so far, just seems to be out against you, with no mercy.
denki laughs— eyes shifting towards you when his laughter dies down. it’s not a rare occurrence for the electric blond to be laughing.
but, you can tell. his laugh is different— he’s uncomfortable, unsettled, unnerved by this girl. who he, unfortunately, thought was a good person to be interacting with.
“me and you, just share one brain cell,” denki hangs his arm around your shoulder, grinning— in an attempt to shift the conversation away from it’s awkwardness. “we’re in sync, basically. don’t you think?”
“hmm.. are you sure?” the girl, who’s name you honestly couldn’t remember, butts in first, cutting you off with success. “your execution could’ve been a little.. better.”
you know she doesn’t mean the ‘a little’ part, from the way she eyes you from head to toe.
denki furrows his brows, confused by this remark “did we not make the same joke?”
the girl laughs for the umpteenth time that hour. you swear— if she laughs again, you’re just going to have to stuff cotton in your ears until there’s no tomorrow. “what i’m saying is that yours fell flat,” she says in a way that’s patronizing.
“you tried, really.” she sighs, eyes trailing back to your boyfriend, “but you didn’t try enough, Y/N.”
the. nerve. you think to yourself. at this point, it’s like this girl— this pick me girl, isn’t even trying to mask the arbitrary dislike towards you.
you’re about to retaliate, shoot back a reply that’s been hanging off your tongue, since the moment her true colors have been revealed “you’re clearly lacking in the humor department, maybe it’s because—”
she’s cut off, and your boyfriend does something she wasn’t exactly expecting. neither were you tbh, you thought he was gonna start beat boxing her
“so pick me!” his voice is shrill, hands moving to flip hair he’s lacking. “choose me!” he repeats the action, “love me!” he mocks, mimicking gestures from your average valley girl, to the t.
your hand flies up to close your agape jaw, a laugh managing to escape from your lips, “denki” you say as a reminder that y’all are still in public, and you cannot afford to burst into laughter in a place like this.
the girl, wasn’t. her expression shows that she’s taken aback. “what?—”
“is that what you’re trying to say?” denki still holds a bit of the tone from earlier. it would be comedic, if it weren’t for his protective stance.
he’s silently making a point.
“denki, i don’t get it.” the girl scoffs, “i was obviously joking around, y’know? that’s what we always do— this is a little dramatic, don’t you think?”
denki shakes his head, and that’s when he finally decides to end the conversation. he turns you around, patting you forward, as if it was a signal for you to start walking.
“no, not at all!” denki laughs, “uh, i dunno what to tell you now, girlie. there’s no ‘us’ and there’ll never be one. i’m not into.. whatever your personality type is, fortunately.” he pats her on the shoulder, before turning to leave with you
you suddenly remembered his small goal of meeting a pick me girl— so, you then ask him how it was like to meet one for the first time.
denki’s like 😨 honestly, because he never wants to encounter one again, probably even swears on it, that he never will. the pick me was so critical of you, and for what? anyways— he was cold for the last remark 😭
oh, and most of his friends saw his.. impersonation of a pick me girl 🗿 so, it is now a side joke within his group of friends 💀 denki doesn’t regret doing that at all, even if his friends clowned him for it. because as far as he knows, the girl doesn’t even want to shit talk you, or anyone else 🧍‍♀️
Tumblr media
likes and reblogs are appreciated, thanks for reading!
i do not own bnha/mha and it’s characters. boku no hero academia/my hero academia belongs to horikoshi kohei, i only own the writing and i do not profit off of my hobby
do not plagiarize, reupload, translate, or use my works for audio readings without permission :))
Tumblr media
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haikyutiehoe · 2 days ago
“just a little more, come back here kitten.” shigaraki mutters, lips nearing your moist pussy. trembling, you hesitantly lower yourself onto the villains face, the gesture uncertain and jerky. “c’mon baby, just wanna little taste.” the ice haired male coos, nosing your clit. you whine softly, aroused and contemplating. hands coiled around your leg, crimson eyes stare at you between your thighs. slowly, shiggy drags his tongue along the coutours of your pussy, tasting every curve and the small essence leaking out of your pretty hole. “fucking delicious,” he rasps against you, quickly lapping at it with thorough strokes.
“fuck, fuck, shiggy. mmh.” your hands clutch the bedsheets below you, anchoring yourself to the male’s pretty tongue, eventually matching his rhythm as you fuck yourself on his face. tomura kisses the sensitive bundle on your clit, enjoying how you mewl and wither with every tuck, suckle and nibble. your body reacts to every lewd gesture, asking for more and more until you’re nearing your edge.
“this is my favorite pussy,” the male mutters, nudging himself closer inside you, tasting all he can before your mewls mature into whines and cries for more. “more you say?” he teases beneath you, hands slowly shifting closer to your ass as he pulls you down harshly.
“gonna fuck my baby till she can’t feel anything but my pretty tongue all up inside her,”
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i-cant-sing · 2 days ago
Ok so you just said that Dilf Enji has fans, what if people tried being friends with reader or bribe her to be near Enji? Maybe try to become a mother figure to her (we all know rei would be seeing red)? That's probably a dumb ask
Rei doesn't give a damn if the fans want Enji, they can have him for all she cares. As long as you remain by her side, Rei doesn't care who Enji is fucking. The two them don't love each other, but both know that they can only have you as long as the other parent is included too.
But if she sees the threatening you, hurting you, or hell, even trying to take you away by promising that she'd be a much better, much less crazy mother than Rei, boy is she ready to spear an icicle through that bitch's heart. Enji can leave her, but no way in hell is she gonna let him take you away from her.
And while Rei pretends to turn a blind eye, she knows that Hawks thirsts after Enji AND wants to adopt you as well. The only reason he isn't dead is because 1. He's stronger than her. 2. Enji only ever sees him as a colleague 3. Dabi promised to make him go away <3
Tumblr media
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uravichii · 9 hours ago
Tumblr media
highschool crush! ₓ ˚. ୭ ˚○◦˚.
ー bnha boys crushing on you in highschool
character/s: bakugo katsuki, midoriya izuku, kaminari denki
genre: very fluff, (hinted), mutual pining, humor (?)
warnings: mentions of food/eating, (1) curse word, there's like a random scenario in bakugo's part 💀
notes: i was supposed to add shouto, kirishima, and shinsou in this but 😃 that probably would've taken another week and i already feel bad for not posting for 20 days now 😨 so,, part 2 🤠❓ nsjfdh don't let this flop
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
midoriya izuku, who gets too absorbed in helping you with your homework that he ends up sitting down beside you in one chair, his torso pressed firmly onto yours until your skin feels ablaze. when someone points it out, he jolts up with his face beet-red, and he only stops apologizing and bowing frantically when you start to scoot over, gesturing him to sit down and carry on with the homework in that tiny space you had made for him.
midoriya izuku, who's quick to hold his lunchbox to your direction the instant he catches you eyeing his food. though you understand his intention even when he's talking with his cheeks still stuffed with food, you can't really take him seriously when he looks exactly like: 🐰❗❗❗
midoriya izuku, whose heart flutters when he zooms in on a candid photo of class 1-A and sees you laughing with him on the couch at the very corner of the photo. he doesn't seem to mind the visible pixels, the worsened resolution when he crops the photo, or the fact that half of his face is already cut off from the frameー the clear-cut gleam of your smile easily transcends the photo's shitty quality.
midoriya izuku, who makes a separate album on his phone only for that one photo of you and him in it. he thinks for a moment if you'd find it cheesy if he were to print out that photo and slip it in his confession letter to you (which has been hiding deep in the pocket of his backpack for months now, he's just been rehearsing how to give it to you.)
Tumblr media
bakugo katsuki, who shoots brief glances at you when he hears you laughing with your friends, so he too, could catch sight of your smile.
bakugo katsuki, who musters up the courage to check up on you when he sees you slumped down on your desk. when you finally lift your head up, you're instantly met with his searing glare and a calloused palm pressed flat on your forehead, large enough to almost cover your eyes as your cheeks grow hotter than they already were. "oi, do something about that stupid fever, shitty L/N"
bakugo katsuki, who went from slick glances to lingering stares at your now empty chair when you've decided to skip school for the day. his usually-neat and precise notes are now ridiculously detailed and messily scribbled with "reminders" on each pageー "THIS!! REMEMBER THIS, IDIOT." "IMPORTANT. REMEMBER !!!" "PAY ATTENTION, IDIOT-L/N."
bakugo katsuki, who, for one second, smirks and teases you for standing on your tiptoes, struggling to reach a book from a tall shelf. the second after, he's already dashed across the room to you, successfully catching every single book that had toppled over from the top shelf before one could even graze you.
with a click of his tongue, he picks up the book you've been trying to lay hold of and lightly taps it on your head before handing it to you. as he walks away, he mutters over your shoulder, "... careful."
and his voice, for once, sounded low and delicate against your ear, and if you had looked closer, you would've seen the wave of relief easing the edges of the usual scowl on his face.
Tumblr media
kaminari denki, who often looks at you after making a joke to the whole class. his heart flutters, and his face beams with a rose flush when he sees you laughing over his jokes, no matter how stupid he knows his jokes can be.
kaminari denki, who hypes you up every chance he gets. even as simple as wearing a tiny hairclip to school, he genuinely thinks you're the prettiest in it, and he'll be loud about it. he'd wear a paper clip on his hair too because "it's cute, and y/n's a trendsetter 🗣‼" and also bc he's just stupid and he wants to make you laugh
kaminari denki, who's absolutely in love with youー when you present something in front of the class, it's the only time he's completely silent. he'd have heart-eyes on you the whole time, occasionally nodding in agreement to what you have to say, and even when you're just reading off a script, he'll rest his chin on his palm and think, "y/n is so smart :))"
kaminari denki, who shamelessly flirts with you everyday with endless compliments and cheesy pick-up lines, but when he decides to confess, he's genuine about it. he'll ask you to meet him in the rooftop after school (no one can really tell whether denki actually thinks it's romantic or if he's just copying off a shoujo manga scene) and under a lighthearted atmosphere blended seamlessly with the sincerity of his words, he finally confesses to you.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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izuku-simpdoriya · 2 days ago
No thoughts. Head empty. Only daydreaming of dancing to Michael Bublé’s cover of Sway with Villain Izuku. 
Imagine... 😳 Okay, imagine with me. You’re at some sort of super duper fancy hero event. What if it’s like a masquerade or something? Just for some added spice. You’re chatting with some of your hero friends, and you notice something that throws you off. A head of wild green hair and, although mostly hidden by the mask, a face covered in freckles. The green eyes behind the mask fake kindness to the person they’re directed at, a gleam of mischief just under the surface. You know who it is immediately. He usually wears a mask that covers his entire face, and a hood up on his head to hide his hair, but you’d seen his whole face before. And that was undeniably him. Izuku Midoriya. Deku. a notorious villain.
A villain has infiltrated the party. And there could be more. A risky move for sure, but he must have some kind of plan.
He looks up from his conversation and meets your eyes. You know that he knows who you are instantly by the way he grins. He excuses himself and starts stalking his way towards you. You tense up, trying to think quick about what to do. You can’t let anyone else know, unless you want there to be mass panic throughout the ball. You have to keep quiet and try to figure out why he’s here on your own. 
You didn’t know how many of them there were, after all. If you say something, villains could start coming out of the woodworks and start hurting innocent people. And even if there weren’t more, with strength and a quirk like his, Deku could take out fifty, maybe one hundred men on his own. The best bet was to do this on your own quietly.
You excuse yourself from your friends’ conversation and hurry through the crowd. You look back only to make sure he’s following you. And he does, after a short pause.
Eventually you manage to find a quiet room, empty and a little cluttered. But it’s close enough to the main room that you can still hear the music, just muffled through the walls.
According to plan, the villain follows behind, closing the door behind him.
“Why the wild goose chase, doll? There’s no need to run. I don’t intend to hurt you. Not here, at least.”
“Why are you here?” You ask him, standing your ground, readying to fight if need be. He laughs.
“Come on now, hero. No need to be so hostile,” He takes a step forward, and you take one back. He outstretches his hand, “Don’t be shy. All I wanted was to ask for a dance.”
“So you can pull out a knife and stab me in the back? Yeah right, I’ll pass.”
He tsks, a pout forming on his lips.
“Oh come on now, we’ve been fighting each other for long enough. You know I’d never pull an underhanded trick like that. I’m all about fairness, you know.”
You’re still hesitant, so he steps back from you and outstretches his arms at his sides. 
“You’re welcome to search me, if you’d like.”
His voice is low and teasing, and it sends a shiver across your skin. But still, this could be your only opportunity to check and make sure he has nothing dangerous on him.
You pat him down, starting with his arms, moving down his torso then around his back. You notice, and ignore, the way he licks his lips as you kneel down in front of him to check his solid thighs and down his legs. You come up with absolutely nothing. He’s clean, not even a knife. You even checked his shoes, to make sure nothing was hidden on the bottom or in the soles.
You glare at him as you rise to your feet, still suspicious. He laughs again.
“So? Does this mean I get my dance?”
“Why are you here?” You repeat, determined to get an answer.
“Maybe I like to party. Is that so wrong?”
“It’s invite only.”
“I know some important people.”
You growl low in your throat, getting fed up now.
“Tell me why you’re here or I’ll take you out right now.” Of course, it was only a bluff. You still had no intent on fighting unless absolutely necessary. 
“Oooh, like on a date, or-?”
“Deku.” The name is bitten out with enough venom to kill a man, but Deku only smiles.
“I have no doubt that you could take me on, sweetheart, but do you really want to make a scene here of all places?”
You swear low under your breath for being called out.
“If I give you your dance, will you give me information?”
“No promises, but I might be willing to give something up.”
You snarl and hold your hand out. He smirks and takes it. It’s not much, but it might be worth a shot to play his game.
“There you go, nice and cooperative. Such behavior suits a hero like you, doesn’t it?”
He pulls your body towards his, one hand holding yours out while the other rests on your shoulder. And so you start your song and dance. Another kind of battle, in it’s own right. A moving of two bodies. And though you didn’t know it at this point, one of you would come out victorious, and it wouldn’t be you.
As he starts leading you, you recognize the steps immediately.
“A waltz, huh? I didn’t take you for the type.”
“I’m not really. To be honest, I don’t know much about ballroom dancing, but I know a bit of the waltz. That type of dance suits a fancy party like this, right?”
You don’t respond, preferring to move to the beat and pretend you’re dancing with anybody else. Though, losing focus becomes difficult as he starts improvising. Moving faster, twirling you, dipping you before helping you regain your balance to continue your steps. 
He twirls you into him until your back comes flush with the front of his body and his arms wrap around you. You can feel the grin of his lips as he leans in to brush them against the shell of your ear.
“This is pretty romantic don’t you think, hero?” The hand not still holding yours trails down your side, “Our bodies move so perfectly together, don’t they? Like we were made to dance together.”
Before you can answer, he twirls you back out, unfurling his arms from you, and continues stepping in time to the beat again.
When the song ends, his arms wrap around you and he dips you. You stare up into his glittering green eyes as both of your chests rise and fall with the heaviness of your lungs. It seems like both of you are frozen like this. Just staring into each others eyes.
That’s when Deku smirks, a gesture much more snide then the rest of his fake smiles that night.
He helps you rise and lets you go, bowing at the hip. You’re pretty sure he’s mocking you as he does so.
“Thanks for the dance, hero.”
“So, will you tell me why you’re here now?” You ask as he rises back up.
“I don’t know, will I? Is just one dance really enough to reveal such important plans?” He steps forward, his fingers grazing your jaw as you clench it in frustration, “Though maybe, just maybe, I showed up so that I could see you.”
Your eyes widen and you know he’s thinking one thing.
Hook. Line. Sinker.
He steps away with a shrug, stuffing both of his hands into the pockets of his slacks.
“I suppose you’ll never know,” He muses, turning his back to you, “Oh well. Enjoy the rest of the party, doll.”
And then he’s gone, leaving you to stand in the center of the room, soaking in your shock and the anger that coursed through your veins.
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freckledoriya · a day ago
izuku keeps polaroids of the two of you (or just you) tucked into his wallet 🥰🥰🥰 it’s his little secret stash that he glances at throughout the day to quell his insecurities 🥰🥰🥰 until one day he drops his wallet at a class outing and like seven pictures fall out 🥰🥰🥰
"I CAN EXPLAIN" izuku yelps as he lunges forward to collect the scattered pictures on the ground.
the stunned silence from everyone around you is deafening as all eyes turn from the floor to you.
and you don't know what to do. you open your mouth to talk, but no words come out.
because what is there to say? you just discovered through accident that your best friend and crush, izuku midoriya, carries around pictures of you in his wallet.
your first thought is "well, he's just sentimental like that."
but there's a nagging voice in your head that won't shut up. going on about how it has to be more than that. if he was just sentimental, he would only carry one of both of you together. but there on the floor, clear as day, are candid polaroids of you smiling. with only you in the frame.
he likes you. your brain comes to that conclusion hesitantly. as if the very idea of him reciprocating your feelings is playing with fire.
izuku scrambles to tuck the pictures away, and he can't help but look up at you as he gets back to his feet.
HE LIKES YOU. the voice in your head is screaming now. loud enough that it breaks you out of your trance. your feet start moving before you can think about it and you grab his arm, pulling him away from the crowd and in a nearby empty room.
"i-i swear i can explain i'm not creepy or anything like that i just like looking at pictures of you when i'm really stressed out or something because you always make me feel better and make me feel like i can overcome anything and i-"
you cut him off with a quick kiss, opting to show him just how much he really means to you. you may not having pictures of izuku stuffed in your wallet, but that doesn't mean that you don't always see his adorable, freckled face in the back of your mind whenever you start to doubt yourself. but maybe you should try the photo technique...
it’s fluff friday!
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keigosmate · 2 days ago
Airport Keigo is a different Keigo, especially when he's travelling with you. There is a smile on his face for his fans, a delightful chuckle here and there, but his eyes turn into predatory pins the second someone approaches you. He's not that jealous of a bird, but he's just protective. Who knows what atrocity greets you? You're Hawks' wife after all. He mostly goes into the VIP sections with you. No hassle to deal with, at all. But during the times he's not? It's definitely a sight to behold. You're amazed by how he manages to fit in both the images so well, the image of being the best husband and the best hero.
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lexxiie · 12 hours ago
Can you write bnha boys if the reader broke up with them? It's okay if you don't want to :)
I'm gonna write this for my personal favourites, but let me know if you would want a part 2 with some of the other guys.
Tumblr media
Pairing: Shigaraki x reader | Dabi/Touya x reader | Hawks/Keigo x reader | Shouto x reader
Fandom: My hero academia
Tumblr media
When You Break Up With Them
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
He knew it.
He knew this day would come, he knew someone like you didn't belong with someone like him, he knew you deserved better.
So why did it hurt so much?
He would be lying if he said a part of him wasn't relieved.
He knew you would be better off without him, and he wanted you to be safe.
But he also had hope.
Hope that maybe there would come the day when he could be a safe place for you.
A day when you could be happy together.
But that wasn't gonna happen.
He can't be loved. He should've known.
He sincerely hopes that this is for the better. That you will find that life he had dreamt for you elsewhere.
Still, he really wishes things could be different. He doesn't want to lose you; you are the only thing that made him happy in a very long time.
Rage consumes him, but it's not because of you. It's because of him. He's furious with himself for not being able to be a man who you would want around.
Tumblr media
It was to be expected.
Who would wanna spend the rest of their life with someone who looked like him?
He certainly wouldn't.
No. No, he would. He would if it was you.
So why didn't you? Or maybe it's not because of that? Of course it's because of that.
A thousand thoughts fly through his head.
Maybe he was a dick to you without realizing. But he doesn't understand how... He really tried to pull some semblance of a man for you.
Maybe it was just too hard for you to see him in pain, as you said.
How was he supposed to move on from you when he loved you so much?
For a split of second, he considered leaving his desire for revenge behind if that meant you would stay.
But he couldn't. Not after everything he had done.
The truth was that he was yours, even if you weren't his.
His impulsive nature would make him keep an eye on you to make sure that you are alright, even when you aren't together anymore.
However, you made him want to be a better person. Now that you were gone, he had no reason to hold back anymore.
Tumblr media
No, no, no, no.
What did he do wrong?
He can fix it, he can be better!
He has been alone his whole life and meeting you was like living in a new world.
He doesn't want you to go, he won't love anyone as much as he loves you.
Was it the fact that he spent too much time at work?
He just really doesn't get why.
Maybe you just fell out of love with him.
He could win your heart back right? If he was able to do it once, he could do it again.
Honestly, he is in complete denial. He really can't let go.
Would spend even more time at work just to avoid thinking of you.
It hurts.
His parents had left him, yes, but this was a different kind of hurt. He thought he had found his forever with you.
What hurt the most was to think that maybe you never felt the way he felt about you.
Even after a while of not being together, he won't miss the chance to try to win you back every time he sees you. But you already moved on, and now he'll have to watch it.
Tumblr media
He's genuinely very confused.
He was good at everything, specially at things he really wanted.
So why did he fail this?
Was it because he's too boring? He had heard many people say that before.
Did he not pay enough attention to you?
Did he... Did he treat you like his father treated his mother?
Maybe it was in his blood.
And if that was the case, you would be better far away from him.
He doesn't want you to end up like Rei. He won't allow it.
So he doesn't stop you. He doesn't ask you to stay even when that's all he wants to do.
If being away from him means being alright, then that's what you should do.
You are a smart woman, he knows it. If you decided to be far from him, then you must have a good reason.
And he'll respect that, even if it tortures him to be away from you.
Tumblr media
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little-fairy-forest · 2 days ago
Gone to voicemail | 9
Summary : Bakugou and Y/n go through hardships during their engagement, will they be able to wait for each other at the alter or will they find someone new to share their vows with?
Tumblr media
@Hero-media : get the lastest vidoes of what went down in the hero's New years party! 😱🥂
@Hero- media : what was Redriot thinking?! At least he stood up for his friend!
@Hero-media : wow! Didn't think we'd seen the ugly side of Camie! Let's hope she cleans up her act! 🎭
Bakugou reads over the tweets as he sips on his coffee, today it wasn't sweet like it normally would be, instead a bitter taste floods his mouth as he takes another sip to try and wake him up. Maybe it was a reminder of what happened the previous night, if the coffee doesn't tell him his clothing would since he never got changed out of his tux, instead chose to hit to couch the momemt he got home as to forget about the night as quickly as possible.
Katsuki scrolls through all the vidoes of Camie crying and making a mockery of herself after she kissed him to make you jealous, tch as if you'd be jelous since you had your eyes on someone else...
"*sigh* why can't she just leave me alone...hopefully she takes the karma well and gets her act together...damn Camie"
Katsuki can feel the cold weather outside creep into his apartment since the heating wasn't turned on, not like it truly botherd him due to his quirk but he is expecting company soon so he better make the place look presentable and welcoming.
On the other end of the city, you lye in your dress from the night previous as you fiddle with the bracelets on your wrist.
"Do you think I can show my face again?" You ask to sero as he trys to figure out the coffee machine in the hotel room he booked for you, he booked you seprate rooms for privacy but nobody likes to eat alone when company is offerd.
"Of course, I'd say you'll be hearing a sob story from Camie soon and a half-arsed apology to go with it" sero grimaced as he got the coffee machine to work woth slight force, he was dressed in casual wear since he got chaged after he helped you into your room sonce you were a bit tipsy after the drinks Mina gave you in the taxi home to halp you forget what happened. It's the thought that counts Mina
"I don't care honestly, he can have her, give the rest of the country a bit of peace if he can keep her in line" you laugh at the thought of Camie acting like a spoilt child who wants everything but doesn't deserve it due to their behaviour, fitting
"Have you checked your phone?" Sero asks handing you your coffee to help with the hangover you have been graced with, you don't want to check your since you knew you'd been flooded by news outlits looking for your insight on your current ordeal, all you want is to snuggle paprika and to order a Chinese takeaway
"I'll check to get rid of the notifications, I need a assistant to manage my work I want to avoid" you say bordly as you move your hand around on the messy bed sheets to find your phone,
You look at the text messages you got over the hours you slept away as to avoid the emails you had been receiving about interviews
Mina : sorry about the alcohol! I'll buy you dinner! <3
Kirishima : if you need anythung just text! 💪🏻 ways here to help
Jirou : are you okay??
Jirou : I'm gonna kill her
Mitsuki : y/n please give me a call once your home safe alright?
Katsuki : y/n where dod you go?!
Katsuki : answer your phone!
Katsuki : be safe
Mina : *attached image* omg look at the state of Camie's make up 💀🍾 girl bye ✋🏻
You scan through your messages, mentally reminding yourself to respond later, until you seen a text from Mitsuki, damn was that women a life saviour...
"Later when I get back to my place ill give you a call about my next move alright? Thanks again sero" you thank Sero for all he has done over the last week helping you prepare for the event, only for it to go up in flames
"No problem, get some rest...and a hair bursh" he jokes as he waves goodbye before lwaving your hotel room to provably get himself ready before checks out of the hotel
Katsuki cleans his apartment before his management comes over to scold him for the ruining the event, he doesn't want to hear anything from anyone, especially after his mom rang him earlier to scold him like a young child for making you cry. Mitsuki always loved you like the daughter she never had. She always was wanted to go on shopping trips and to visit restaurants, she cried when you shows her your engagement ring after Katsuki proposed, she was finally getting her daughter she dreamed about. After she found out about your break up she was headtbroken, Masaru thought she was the one to get broken up with. She was so worried she wouldn't be able to see you again, it wouldn't be proper etiquette to see your sons ex was it? God forbid he moved on then she really couldn't see you.
Katsuki will never forget the painful expression his mom had after she took down all the photos that adorned her walls of her home that you were in, all the memories she made with you, gone but never forgotten, right?
A ringing noise breaks Katsuki out of his cleaning, he moves towards his phone on charge, doesn't read the name since he was expecting it to be his sidekick
"Katsu? Are you okay?"
"Why did you ring me? I thought I told you to piss off" katsuki was annoyed to be even hearing Camies voice after last night, what the fuck did she want?
"Arn't you gonna deny the roumours about me?! They are making me out to be a villian!" She fake cries over the phone,
Katsuki seen earlier that some people conspirisied that Camie was trying to get Katsuki drunk enough to do things with her and to then blame it on the alcohol, the ammount of drinks Camie gave to Katsuki that night was ungoldly, good thing for his strong tolerance. Other people claimed it was all a media show for money and fame on Camies end, she never made it high in the ranks until she joined Katsukis agency
"No, go away or I'll block your number" katsuki deadpans as he hangs up the phone, he'll let his assisant deal with her wines
You rang Mistuki back after she texted you to meet at your apartment, you got a quick shower and got into some presentable clothing before she arrived soon. You had a feeling what you were going to talk about but even so you were a nervous wreck,
The door bell rang and Paprika was quick to bark to let you know there was an "intruder" at the door, you push paprika away to open the door to let Mitsuki in, once paprika relaises who it was she went bananas and tried to jump up for cuddles with her third favourite person, you could argue it was her first due to her reaction.
You guide Mitsuki into your small dining room that looks out onto the city skyline, you place some tea infront of her as you seat yourself opposite her and sip your tea, paprika getting under the table rubs from Mitsuki as she begans to talk
"How are you sweetheart?" She asks gently with soft eyes,
"Doing better, After last night all I want is peace" you answer honestly
"All I want is for you to be at peace with what has happned, y/n, don't do anything to please others"
"I know but.."
"If your still thinking about that brat, let me tell you something alright?" Mitsuki lets you in on a secret
"Once you left Katsuki, he shapped up big time. He spent more time with Masaru doing things they done when he was little such as going hiking and fishing, I never thought I'd see the day where my demon spawn would give me a hug out of love rather then obligation because I made him to" your awestruck at the news about what Katsuki was up to after you broke up, you kept yourself busy with work to notice
Mistuki continues after she takes a sip of her green tea "He became a better person for himself and for everyone around him, I think you taught him to enjoy the present and not wish for more and be greatful....once he realised his future was gone after you left him he got his ass in shape and started to do things for himself, he went to anger management classes and started taking time for his mental health, I've seen such an improvement in his anger, truly" she continues "He would keep some things you gave him as if you were dead, honestly it was like he was scared to move on incase you came back...he spent some nights at are house when his apartment got too lonely for him"
You were shocked that Katsuki felt alone without you, you knew he could be clingy but the fact that he was trutly sorry for what he done and that now he has to own up to his actions was soemthing else,
"If you can't face him I can relay a message" Mitsuki offers,
"Please, if you dont mind" you debate in your head if you want to start things over again or go seprate paths. He seems to be doing better now that your gone but at the same time you can have a normal relationship again since he realsied amd fixed his mistakes....
You had a hard decision to make....
Tumblr media
Thank you for reading!
-> masterlist
-> Chapter 8,
Fairy tags : @jazzylove @dillybuggg @tsumusthighs @chibiiichann @suchichan @viiiolettt @roxxane123 @pluviophilefangirl @silentw-lkr @baku6o @lukepattersin @superblyspeedydragon @ahbeautifulexistence @enhaka @maroonmagic @alaninsistone @devilsbooksworld @aomi04 @sabrinakishi @bakucumsackslut @do-sluvr @nerdynstoned
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tamedandscripted · a day ago
a place to lay your head
pairing: hawks / takami keigo x reader
length: 2.4k
warnings: anxiety, depression, Keigo is shirtless for like half of it but it's sfw, caregiver Keigo, not proofread at all
a/n: comfort fic !! I’ve gotten 6hrs of sleep in the past three days I hope this is decent // feedback always appreciated
Tumblr media
Keigo peered into your window, eyeing your empty bedroom. He frowned as he took note of the clutter that had accumulated there in the week he had been away; clothes strewn across the floor, half empty water bottles piled on your nightstand, partially eaten takeout containers scattered around the room. Not to mention, you were nowhere to be seen.
The worry that had taken root in the pit of Keigo's stomach grew; he had only been gone on a week-long mission, but when he returned and attempted to contact you, the radio silence he received in response sent panic through his body.
Knowing that you always left your window unlocked for him, he quickly wrenched it open and slid inside, the buzzing instinct in his brain to find you and make sure you were safe taking over.
A brief flash of relief slowed his heart when he recognized the sound of your shower running, but that relief vanished just as fast as he approached the door and heard your muffled sobs from the other side.
The water from your shower had long ago turned cold as you sat on the tiled floor, goosebumps prickling your skin at the temperature. You choked back a sob as you curled into yourself, unable to find the energy to stand.
Perhaps if the beating of water on the floor had not been so loud, perhaps if your shuttering breaths and stuttering sobs had not echoed so loudly, you would have heard the incessant knocking on your bathroom door. You would have heard the latch click open and the door swing hard enough to bang into the wall. You would have heard Keigo throwing his jacket off and ripping the shower door open.
But you didn't.
Instead, you tensed in shock at the feeling of arms wrapping around you and a warm body pressing against your own. You hiccupped in an attempt to swallow your crying as you twisted in Keigo's arms just in time to see his wild, panicked expression.
He cupped your face in his palms, hands trembling in his attempt to be gentle, despite the panic that gripped him, as he swept his eyes wildly across your figure to try to find some physical damage that would explain your distress. When he found nothing, his eyes snapped back up to your own and he let out a shuddering breath.
"Dove…" he began, willing his voice to stay steady, "can you tell me what's wrong?"
You shook your head, squeezing your eyes shut and digging your nails into your palms as you felt the world spin around you and your breath quicken.
'Okay, okay," Keigo soothed, letting his thumbs work little circles into your cheeks in an attempt to comfort you. "Can you tell me how to help?"
You opened your eyes slowly and began to take in what was in front of you. Keigo looked wild, eyes wide and stricken, shoulders tense, wings twitching restlessly and pinned to his back. You knew how much it hurt him to see you suffering and you knew how much it helped him to be able to make it better - it helped you, too.
Reaching out towards him, you let your fingers curl into the fabric of his shirt and tried to pull yourself into him with shaking arms. You didn't have to do much work, though, as Keigo made a noise of protest at your efforts and wrapped his arms around you, dragging you onto his lap.
His wings twitched again, wanting so desperately to wrap around you and keep you safe and hidden from the world. He ground his teeth and held back, though, not wanting to overwhelm you, especially when he didn't even know what had triggered this in the first place.
A gentle hand pressed against his cheek and he tilted his head to place a kiss to your palm, keeping his eyes trained on you.
"I haven't been… taking care of myself," you said quietly, wincing at how raw your throat felt from crying. Keigo grabbed the hand that you'd put on his face with both of his and pressed a flurry of kisses to it.
"And that's okay," he assured. You smiled weakly.
"Would you maybe…" you began, noting the way Keigo immediately perked up. You tensed your hands again and squirmed a bit in his lap. Keigo cupped your face in his hands again.
"Whatever you need, angel. I'm here."
"Would you maybe… take care of me for a little while? Just until I can again?" Keigo cooed softly, wings fluttering and shoulders dropping.
"I'd be happy to, dove. For as long as you need."
You pressed your face into his neck and let your body relax in his hold, mellowed by the knowledge that Keigo was there and he'd take care of you in all the ways you could not. As your body loosened, though, the tremors became more noticeable, teeth chattering from the cold water of your shower.
Keigo smoothed a hand down your back before bundling you up in his arms and standing, pausing to turn the shower off. As he set you down on the counter, a flurry of feathers dropped a towel on your shoulders, and you hummed appreciatively at the warmth that seeped through you as he dried you off with tender hands. Reaching out to snare your fingers in his shirt, you frowned when you realized that he was also dripping.
"Don't worry about me, birdie," he assured, dropping a kiss to your forehead. His heart fluttered at your concern as he threw your towel into your laundry and let a flurry of his feathers deposit a bundle of clothes onto the counter next to you.
"Arms up for me, love." He pulled a large t-shirt over your head and you let yourself sink into the comfort of it, recognizing it as one that came from the stash of clothes he always left at your apartment. Urging you to stand, then, Keigo kept firm hands on your waist, waiting for your legs to stop trembling and your hands to securely attach themselves to his shoulders. When he was sure you were steady, he slid a pair of his sweatpants onto you and quickly lifted you back onto the counter. Stepping away from you, he pulled the wet remains of his hero costume off and pulled on his own pair of sweatpants. When he reached for his shirt, though, your hand shot out to stop him. His brow quirked and a smile twitched on his face.
"Whatcha thinking about, dove?" His tone was teasing, but he was still being gentle, not wanting to risk making you feel worse than you already were. Your hand curled around his wrist.
"Can - can you maybe…" you began, tripping over your words as you felt blood rush to your cheeks.
"Go on," he prompted, stepping closer to you to place his hands on your thighs, squeezing them reassuringly.
"Maybe just… keep the shirt off," you mumbled, looking away. Keigo cooed and let his wings flutter before stepping closer to you, sliding his hips between your legs. He slid one hand around to the back of your neck, squeezing gently and humming happily when you sagged against his chest. He kept himself still and focused on taking deep, steady breaths while your hands slid up his torso and your palms flattened against him, keeping your cheek pressed to his skin as you listened to his breathing and steady heartbeats.
"It's just nice," you murmured, and Keigo melted at the soft, relaxed tone of your voice, "to be so close to you like this." He hummed in understanding and pulled you closer, letting you drift for a moment or two.
When he felt you begin to sag against him even more and saw your eyes flutter closed, he pressed a kiss to your head and tightened his arms around you.
"Angel, have you eaten yet?" You stiffened at his question and he was quick to rock you back and forth, cooing gently. "It's ok, love. I'm here to take care of you, remember? It's ok." With that, he coaxed you to wrap your legs around his waist, keeping his hands firmly on your thighs as he carried you out of your bathroom. He paused on his way to your kitchen, considering leaving you to rest on your couch while he took care of things, but the way you gripped him and kept your face hidden in his neck made him reconsider.
Nudging your face up with his shoulder, he gestured towards the stack of take-out menus next to your fridge. You let your head flop back down onto him.
"You pick," you murmured.
"There's nothing in particular you want?" Keigo prompted. He knew how difficult it was for you to make decisions in the state that you were in, but if he could coax you into making a few small choices, he would.
You rolled your head to the side, thinking, before squirming against him and reaching out to the stack of menus. You rummaged through them for a moment before pulling one out of the stack.
"Anything from this place."
"Good, dove. Thank you," Keigo pressed a flurry of kisses to your face, beaming at the little smile he noticed. Shuffling over to the other side of your kitchen, he grabbed a glass from your cupboard and filled it with fresh water. Setting you down on the counter, he tilted back just enough to look at you before he pressed the glass into your hands and urged you to drink while he ordered the takeout.
You sipped the water, letting it soothe your throat, as you listened to Keigo's voice; once he finished ordering, he tossed his phone onto the counter and put his hands on our sides, rubbing up and down gently and talking softly about his day - nothing important, nothing for you to focus on, just so that you could hear his voice.
Tipping the glass back to finish the last of your water, you looked up at Keigo and caught him smiling down at you.
"You're so good for me," he breathed as he plucked the glass from your hands, setting it aside, and swept you into his arms again.
Dropping you onto the couch delicately, he busied himself sorting through blankets and pillows, propping you up, tucking you in, and taking every opportunity to press quick, fluttering kisses over each part of you that he made comfortable. His brow furrowed in concentration and he made small noises of protest every time you tried to move or help him.
As he finally settled you in, stopping to admire his work and let his feathers ruffle in satisfaction, he turned to your tv, setting up a film that you recognized as one of your comfort movies. He slid onto the couch behind you, then, letting you burrow into him and the blankets that surrounded the two of you as you melted into his arms.
"You ready to talk about what's going on?" he murmured into your hair. You chewed your lip as you searched for what to say, comforted by the knowledge that Keigo would never push you further than you could handle.
"I don’t… I don't really know what it was. Sometimes things get hard and I just kinda slip, I guess. Usually…" you drifted off, letting your eyes flick away from his.
"It's ok," he soothed. "You can say anything to me." You looked back up at him, noting the love and adoration in his eyes, masked almost entirely by concern.
"Don't be upset. But, usually, you're around, so I don't slip very far."
"Oh," he responded dully, arms tightening around you. "God, I'm so sorry -"
"I told you not to get upset! Don't apologize; you can't always be hanging around waiting for me to need something." You tried to console him, but the guilt eating away at his heart was so obvious it made your own clench painfully. You wiggled out of his grip so you could sit up and cup his face in your hands.
"I love you," you said firmly. "You take such good care of me - always. You can't be here all the time, but when you are, it more than makes up for the time I spend alone."
"You do. You're here right now, taking care of me. That's what matters."
Keigo looked away and his fists clenched; he hated the time he had to spend away from you, and it drove him crazy that he couldn't always be there when you needed him.
"I just want to make sure you're ok," he sighed, wincing internally at the tremble in his voice.
Whatever retort Keigo has in mind was silenced by the sound of your doorbell, and he smiled at you softly as he shuffled away from the couch to retrieve the takeout he'd ordered while you snuggled back into the blankets, content with soothing Keigo's guilt and worry a bit.
When he returned, he pulled you onto his lap and kept his arms wrapped firmly around you as you ate quietly, half paying attention to the movie that he'd set up while you fed him small bites between your own.
When the food was cleared away, he tugged you closer and gently pressed one hand to the back of your neck, directing you to lay your cheek against his chest, while his other hand slipped under the back of your shirt to rub soothing circling into your skin. You rubbed your cheek against his chest as your eyes fluttered in an attempt to stay open - a fight that was quickly lost as Keigo cooed and clicked and lulled you to sleep. As you began to feel sleep pull you away, you burrowed further into his chest, murmuring, "stay the night?"
Keigo chuckled quietly.
"Oh dove, there's no way I'm leaving you tonight."
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plungerswritting · 2 days ago
Kinktober Day 10: Hair Pulling w/ Sero Hanta
Warnings: Hair Pulling, Spanking, Punishments, & Latino!Sero
Tumblr media
He laced his hands in your hair and tugged backwards, wanting more space kis him to plant kisses on you neck. "Ha!~ S-Sero," you moaned lightly, feeling his smile on your neck.
"You like it when I pull your hair mi amor?" he questioned, his voice low and laced with lust. "Y-yes," you practicly whispered out, making his smirk wider as he tugged your hair again and hum against your skin.
"Mmm~ I wish I had known sooner," he mumbles against your collarbone, bitting into your skin to leave a noticeable mark. Your reaction a soft moan while wrapping you legs around his waist tightly, pulling him so close you could feel the bulge in his pants .
He sucked in a sharp breath while grinding against your clothed sex. "Mi amor,~" he practicly moaned after pulling away from you neck to look you in the eyes. "Let's take this to the bedroom," he smiled, and tou nodded eagerly.
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nightowlfandom · 18 hours ago
Affectionate! Dabi- Lovestruck: Part 2/2
Hello hi, you guys wanted a part here we are! And don’t worry, we got some uninterrupted from smut! Nina shan’t cockblock this time. (Yes, person this is based off of. Cuz I know you’re reading, I CALLED YOU A COCKBLOCK) Also yes this is another self-insert gift to myself because I can tf
This includes sensual dancing, slight PDA, intimidating Dabi, also slight degradation/ slut calling, daddy mention
“Well look who it is.” Dabi smirked as you walked through the elevators to enter his living room. “I was starting to think you were ghosting me.”
“It’s been three days.” you giggled as he stood up from the couch. 
“A whole ass 72 hours, beautiful. I didn’t think I’d make it.” he walked up to you, throwing his arms around you. “Hmmm, hey baby.”
You and Dabi were practically inseparable. It was almost gross how cheesy you two were. 
“Hey.” you bit your lip. 
“You gonna kiss me or not, babe?”
You stood on your tip toes and wrapped your arms around his neck, bringing your lips to his. Of course the perv just had to make it lewd by trailing his hands under your shirt to caress your slightly exposed skin. “Hm, that’s better.” he mumbled into the kiss.
Out of the several weeks you two been together, the last three days were the first you’ve literally been apart. You pulled away from Dabi, noticing the slight glint in his eyes. You’d never say it, because he’d always deny it but you loved his face. Burnt or not. You trailed your fingers lightly over his jawline.
“So-” he began as he led you further into the living room. “Where were you the past three days and why haven’t I heard from you?” he sat back down on the couch, pulling you onto his lap. “God I missed you.” he kissed your cheek and began trailing his lips down your jawline.
“Nina invited me to an even with Jenette and we went shopping.”
“An event huh?” he mused, not ceasing his movements.
“Mhm.” you laced your fingers through his. “She and I spent the past three days driving around town looking for dresses.” you shuddered, feeling his tongue trace down your neck. 
“Find anything interesting?” he asked, not ceasing his movements. 
“A few, actually.” you sighed, relaxing into his touch. “Y’know. Nina said I’m allowed to bring a plus-one.”
“Where you going with this, Y/N.” he stopped kissing along your skin to gaze into your eyes. 
“Would you possibly be interested in going with me?” you moved around on his lap so your legs were rested on either side of his body. “Please?” you pouted.
“Listen Doll. I know I’m loaded but the last thing I want is to go to a fucking rich asshole meetup.” he wrapped his arms around you. “You know me.”
“I don’t wanna be alone there! Nina is gonna be dancing with Jen.” you groaned. “Can I convince you?”
You wrapped your arms around his neck. “Dabi~” you whined. “Didn’t you say you’d do anything for me?”
“Y/N~” he mocked. “Did you forget that this mug isn’t the most child friendly.” he motioned to his face and slightly opened shirt. “And yes that is my only excuse...why do you care about a bunch of rich assholes anyways?”
“I don’t.” you bit your lip. “I just thought it’d be fun.”
“Argh, you’re using that voice.” he groaned. “You’re lucky you’re mine or else I’d-”
“You’d what.” you scoffed. “You’re the one who courted me first, sir.” you bit your lip and you leaned forward to kiss his lips over and over. 
“Shit, I better be getting some when we get back though.”
“You’d get some regardless you ass.”
“I know...I just love hearing you say it.” (Read more below the cut)
...(At the party)
Everyone was dancing was fraternizing. The huge event hall was full to the brim and it showed. Jenette was really popular as a socialite and she damn sure knew how to throw a party.
You dawned a low back, floor length, sparkly black gown that shifted into midnight blue under the lights. The dress has a slit gown up the leg and stop at your upper thigh. A homage to the hot-head himself.
“Where’s this boyfriend.” Jen drunkenly threw and arm around Nina’s shoulder. “Lemme see him!!”
“If you can stay vertical long enough to actually see him.” Nina playfully rolled her eyes at Jen’s lack of sobriety. “You’re lucky you’re so cute.”
“He’s coming.” you smiled. “I hope.” you muttered. He promised he’d be here! 
“Y/N.” Nina grabbed your attention. “Look” she nodded towards the top of the grand staircase.
You turned around and found Dabi standing near the bottom on the staircase. He wore a suit. His white button up seemed to fit slightly loose as it was unbuttoned at the top. Along with a black blazer, he wore a waistcoat. His tie was loosely fastened too. He met your eyes and sent you a wink as he began walking down the stairs.
“May I take your jacket sir?”
“No thanks.” he kept his eyes on you as he walked towards you. “Hey.”
“Hi!” you grabbed his hands. “You’re here!”
“I am.”
“I THOUGHT HE WAS IMAGINARY! I OWE THAT IDIOT SHAWN 40 DOLLARS NOW!” Jenette groaned. “Ow my head!! Someone be a lamb and get me an icepack!”
“I’ll take care of this, you two go have fun! NO FUNNY BUSINESS!” Nina warned. You two were left as they stalked off. 
“You look beautiful tonight.” Dabi commented. “Your dress kinda matches the tie.”
“Almost like we were meant to be here together?” you teased. 
Before Dabi could answer, the orchestra had began playing again. Instead of fast paced like they had been before, a slow, sensual, and jazzy tune erupted throughout the hall. 
“We’re gonna slow it down as per request from Miss Jenette.”
“I’m gonna kill those two.” you pinched your nose bridge as Dabi burst into a fit of laughter. 
“Well while we’re with me.” he held out his hand. With a slight eyeroll you followed him to the middle of the dancefloor. You two were the object of many gazes. While some of them were staring at Dabi’s face, most of them were staring at how effortlessly perfect together you two looked. 
Dabi was right, your dress matched his tie. You two were the envy of everyone. Both effortless but damn sure good looking. 
One in the middle of the dancefloor, Dabi wrapped an arm around your waist, resting his hand on your lower back. He pulled you close to his chest. 
“I’m glad you took my invitation to heart.” you began moving in rhythm with Dabi.
“I couldn’t leave you high and dry now could I?” he glared in the direction of a few men who had been staring a little too long for his liking. “I’ll be honest. I was going crazy thinking about how sexy you’d look tonight.” he bit his lip. “You’re breathtaking.” he leaned forward, dipping his head into the crook of your neck. “Your shoes....they make us the same height now.” he inhaled the scent of your perfume.
“I’m glad, cuz they were the nicest ones I had.” you joked, now very glad you wore heels for once. “I wanted to be able to reach you for once...”
“Hm...I prefer you without them...I’d prefer your comfortable when I fu-...”he tried to say only to shut up when you have him a warning glare. “Okay I’ll behave.”
He then began kissing up your shoulder, leaving little pecks along your neck.
“Dabi, people are staring.” you melted into his touch. Of course they were, how could they not.
“Let them. I want them so see us up close.” he whispered. “If they wanna stare at my fucked up face, the least they can do is stare in envy. Since I have the best looking girl here.”
“Dabi.” you hummed. “You’re doing a whole lot of talking and not enough dancing.” you giggled. He moved his head to rest his forehead against yours. 
“Can you blame me?” he spoke lowly. He ran his hands up your back, holding you flush against his body. “May I be so bold to ask you to come back to my place with me?”
“I thought you’d never ask...I fucking hate it here.” you giggled, prompting a laugh from him. “You’d think these rich assholes took being rich as an Olympic sport.” you scoffed. “God they’re so annoying.”
“That bad huh?”
“I’ve heard more interesting conversations with my roommate’s potted plants.”
“Shit, told you.” he shrugged. “Let’s get out of here, babygirl.”
Your back hit the elevator wall. Just as the doors closed, Dabi pushed himself on you. He crashed his hot mouth over your lips as he rid himself of his blazer. You took it upon yourself to help him out of his vest the best you could.
He hiked his hand up your dress, resting on your upper thigh. 
You could barely keep up with Dabi as he explored your mouth with his tongue. He urgently shoved his keycard through the slot. 
“Baby, I’ve been waiting to tear this dress off you all night.” he breathed. “You’re so fucking sexy, Y/N.”
“Dabi~” you whined. “Could you at least wait until we get to your floor?”
“Hell no.” he wrapped his blazer around you. “I need you so fucking bad.” he kept kissing you. “You’ve been on my mind all fucking night.”
When the elevator got to his floor, Dabi hoisted you up and wrapped your legs around his torso. Your lips didn’t break away from Dabi and he left a trail of his blazer, waistcoat, and shirt behind. 
“Bedroom?” he asked.
“Lead the way.” you nodded.
You were practically tossed onto the bed. You had freed your hair of its previous style as Dabi unbuttoned his pants. He crawled over you, tearing the slit up your dress even higher. Your dress was hanging on by a literal thread at this point. 
“Spread your legs.” he growled. “Now.” 
You obediently spread your legs slightly revealing that you had gone commando for the evening. In your defense, the dress was hella tight.
“God you’re such a slut and I love that shit.” he smirked. “Shit, easy access for me.” he hooked your leg over his shoulder and dragged his sharp tongue up your slit. “You’re so fucking wet.” he purposely made lewd slurping sounds as he lashed his tongue against your sopping hot flesh.
You let out a shallow breath, resisting the urge to run your hands through his hair. 
“Hmmm~” he laughed, he glared up at you with a glint in his eye. “I like you this way, spread and exposed to me.”
“D-dabi~” you whined, arching your back. 
“Come on.” he laid sloppy licks up your heat, “Grind that pussy against my tongue.” he growled.
His voice was low and guttural, the Dabi you had gotten accustomed to after dark. “Cum on my face baby~” he sang lowly.
You choked on your own breaths, your moans turning into needy whines for release. You couldn’t help but plead for him. “Fuck, D-dabi please?” you mewled. You tangled your hands in his hair, feeling his mouth attack your clit.
“Come on baby, cum for me, cum for daddy baby.”
“Fu-uuucck.” you felt yourself come undone all over his mouth. Dabi guided your through your orgasm, moving his tongue with your hips. Dabi crawled up your body, crashing his lips over yours again. His pants and boxers were pulled down to where his cock had been freed.
He ripped his shirt the rest of the way, allowing the buttons to pop off and fly practically everywhere. 
“God I fucking love you.” he groaned through kisses. You felt his cock tease your entrance. He knew from the day he met you that you were meant to be with him. “Fuck Y/N, you’re so fucking sexy. I bet your insides are just begging to be filled.”
You felt the tip of his cock pierce your insides. Dabi growled lowly, reveling in your innocent looking face. Your jaw had slightly went slack and your eyes were hooded with pleasure, barely able to stay open. 
Dabi eased himself inside, inch by inch until he was all the way inside. The sound of squelching water sounds echoed through out the otherwise quiet room over your breaths and moans.
“Fuck, baby.” Dabi growled, slowly thrusting himself in and out of your wetness. “Y/N...” he sloppily gave you a kiss that was practically all tongue. You wrapped your arms around his neck, feeling his movements go harder and deeper. 
He thrust into you painfully slowly, almost teasing you. 
“D-dabi, it feels so fucking good.” you cried. “Fuck.” you whimpered through kisses. 
“God I’m gonna cum so hard inside you.” he growled, thrusting himself even deeper into your wetness. His dick twitched inside you as he moved in rhythm with your hips. “I want to paint your insides white with my cum, baby.” he thrust abruptly deeper with each movement. “Fuck baby, I want you to cum all over my cock.”
Through slow kisses and him burying his dick deep inside you, you could barely make any words. Only a string of curses and his name. 
Dabi’s thrusts grew sloppy and less coordinated. He was close just as you were. “Y/N, fuck. Come for me. Fucking come for me!” he growled. “God damnit!” he snarled. “FUCK!” he finally broke.
“D-Dabii~~” you whimpered, feeling yourself come undone as well. 
“Shit.” he grunted, crashing his mouth over yours again. His tongue invaded the small space that was your mouth. He rolled his hips against yours, feeling your hole tighten around his shaft. 
You were a shaking mess in his arms. Intense was the last word you could use to describe what had just happened.
“Oh’re shaking.” 
“It’s your f-fault.” you whined.
“Oh come on.” he winked. “You love it....are you okay?”
“Mhm.” you nodded shyly, wrapping your arms around his neck. 
“Good. I was afraid I went too hard.” he sighed. “I love you Y/N.” he kissed your forehead. “So fucking much.”
“I love you, Dabi.” you replied back. 
“Hm...You hungry?”
“Depends. You gonna cook for me?” you bit your lip.
“Dummy...come on.” he stood up, adjusting his pants. “You can put on my shirt and meet me in the kitchen.”
“I wouldn’t miss it.” you giggled, moving to your knees to peck his lips. “Wouldn’t miss it for anything.”
(and that’s part 2!! thanks for reading!!)
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Hi! How are you? You can write this whenever you want (I don’t want to add unnecessary work if you’re stressed!) could you write something with bakugo, kirishima, and shinso (not sure if you write for him) with an s/o who boxes/ does Muay Thai ? Not professionally but just at a local gym! Thank you!!
Sorry for being gone so long! School's been kicking ass, and I had to do an art project for my English class (odd, I know) so it's taken me some time. I'm also rewatching all the Marvel movies with a friend (hopefully before No Way Home comes out) so I've been quite busy.
PLEASE SUBMIT REQUESTS! Check out the rules in my bio for more information, all of the details are there! Speaking of my bio, check out those lovely links in my bio to my masterlist and RedBubble (products with art designs I made myself from various forms of media)
Enjoy and stay safe~! Enjoy the last bit of October~
-Bakugou absolutely loves how you fight
-He's very much in love with your fighting style, as well as you, of course
-But he's attracted to powerful individuals and he's prepared to either grind you into a pulp or be beaten the shit out of
-But when he sees you step into the ring, his heart beings racing with both worry and anticipation as you face your opponent
-Will ask you for lessons
-He's found that when he understands different techniques, he hones his own
-If the match is rough and you end up injured, he's prepared to take care of you for however long you need to be resting for
-Katsuki would prefer if you went to the gym with him rather than by yourself because you can get unwanted attention from people marveling at your body
-It's his job to stare, not theirs
-And he does it more often than he'd ever admit
-It's mostly when you break focus from a task or even when you peek into the audience during a match
-You do professional Muay Thai, and if you ever go national he'll be right there to cheer you own through the whole match
-When he heard from his classmates that you practiced Muay Thai, he was in disbelief
- "Like boxing? Pfft, highly doubt it", he brushed off when Monoma told him
-But he got quite the awakening later that day when you were in PE
-You were worried about using your quirk, having tired yourself out mentally from attempting to smokescreen the other student multiple times
-You created one last one, sneaking up on him with a sweep to the legs
-After rendering a victory, you sat down on the bench, exhausted
-From then, Shinsou was very interested
-A few months later and he was now dating this very impressive and combative person
-When it comes to class assignments, he enjoys being on opposing teams
-Your relationship is more playful than competitive
-But besides this, bets and dares are constantly made
-Shinsou feels that he can relax and enjoy himself with you
-A sort of freeing feeling being with you
-While he appreciates your practice, you always remind him that he's powerful in his own way
-He takes it to heart when you tell him how heroic he is
-Makes him feel happy that someone sees the good sides of him beyond the bad parts
-Kiri is, of course, astounded by your fight abilities
-He loves sparring with you because his quirk relies so much on close combat and defense he finds that fighting you gives him the opportunity to explore
-If you show him a few pointers, he'll shower you in kisses once he gets them right
-If you do fight professionally or comparatively, he'll be at every match and even help you train
-Enjoys reading up on Muay Thai and attempting to impress you with terminology
-It never goes well, and he ends up mispronouncing things often
-But it's the thought that counts, right?
-He praises your muscle memory when it comes to learning things in class about your quirk
-Your basic super strength is amplified thanks to your years of training, and you could easily be one of the strongest in the class
-He does hate seeing bruises on you though
-You often use your elbows and knees when it comes to combat, finding the points of your body to be quite effective in stunning your opponents when used properly
-So when he does see them, he gently kisses them and holds your hand as he tells you, "Please be careful baby"
-God this man will be the death of you someday
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i-cant-sing · a day ago
I'm very curious because of last post about dad dabi-is there anything two could do to make brother Dabi not trust you around her? Or could you be lying in a coffin with your blood turned to actual ice and ice spices in your chest and he'd be comforting her?
If your life isn't actively in danger like Rei is trying to throw pour burning hot oil in your eyes or trying to spear an icicle through you, then Dabi is obviosuly gonna step in. But if its the usual, "froze reader's foot cause she was trynna run away.", then he's probably not gonna help you.
The more Rei endangers your life, the more Dabi is gonna realise that these are not "episodes", his mother actually likes hurting you. Lets just hope he realises this before its too late...
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sickly-sweet-imagines · 2 days ago
💵💢💵💢💵 💢 Kiribaku workout date please my dude, just some DOPE headcanons please
Of course! I actually wound up making this a fic instead because it inspired me in that direction- I hope you don’t mind!
– – – – –
Bakugo had been working out in peace with his earbuds in, nothing bothering him. Keyword being had. Kirishima had walked in, big grin on his face, and plucked one of Bakugo’s earbuds out. “Your volume is so high, that’s not good for your hearing.” Kiri comments, pouting at him. As he sticks the earbud in his own ear to listen to whatever Bakugo was playing. “Shooting explosions out of my hands isn’t good for my hearing.” Bakugo snaps back, rolling his eyes. Kirishima can tell he’s not as annoyed as he’s trying to act. Kirishima sticks his tongue out at Bakugo playfully, smiling as he goes to grab weights from the other side of the room. Bakugo turns back to his machine grumpily before quickly standing up, growling in his angry way. “If you walk that far away yours is gonna lose connection.” He says, turning his volume down a peg or two for Kiri’s sake as he walks to him. Kiri just laughs, wrapping an arm around him. “I know.” “Then why would you-” Bakugo glares, his cheeks turning pink when he processes what he means. Kiri’s smile doesn’t waver as he tugs Bakugo closer to offer him his pick of the weights on the wall. They wound up doing several rounds of competitions between each other. Mostly “who could do more push-ups, pull-ups, reps of x weight, etc.” There were also several rounds of one of them showing off for the other. Kirishima currently has the higher tally of “making you blush from being so strong” of the two. By the end of it, they were both completely exhausted. Kirishima takes Bakugo’s weights from him, kissing the side of his head as Bakugo sits on the ground, sweating and panting. He hadn’t been planning on something so intense, but it’s not like he was going to turn down any of Kirishima’s offers. “Do you have a spare towel? I wasn’t actually planning on working out today so I didn’t bring one to shower after.” “You weren’t- then why the fuck did you, idiot?!” Kiri just smiles at him and he once again turns red as realization dawns on him. It’s weird having someone like him so much they’ll change their routine just to be with him. “You can borrow mine. Shake off the water before you use it so it doesn’t get soaked from both of us I guess.” Once again, Kiri can tell he’s not as annoyed as he’s trying to act.
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justauthoring · a day ago
Hey guys. So I know I’ve been absent from this account lately and kind of been on and off about whether I’m posting here or not.
I wanted to make a separate account where it was solely focused on anime only but I love this account and love all the friends and followers I have on here and I honestly miss posting on this account so much. So scratch all of that, and I’m back here!!
Just a few updates about some things;
Yes!! I’ve heard about the Teen Wolf movie and yes I am extremely excited. And yes I will be writing an extension to NRT once the movie comes out :)
I am still continuing my Jujutsu Kaisen series and will be uploading the next part soon — as it was posted to my other account.
Secondly, I started and then finished watching My Hero Academia (and plan on reading the manga very soon as well!!). And I really really want to do another rewrite series for this one as well and wanted to know what you guys all think of that!
I’ve thought of some things and wanted to let you all know!! As usual I wanted to stick with my typical twin cliche that I always do lol! I was thinking a Bakugo Katsuki pairing and possibly the reader be Shoto’s twin!
There’s so much drama and angst I can include with that and I’m just so excited and really want to see what you all think of it! Of course, any ideas you guys have please feel free to send my way! I’d love to hear them :)
And, finally, it’s good to be back :)
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itachiyama · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Bakugou overhears all class gossip, and while nobody thinks he does, he never misses a word. He’s got sharp ears and keen eyes and he never misses anything.
Which is why he’s reduced to a glum guy with wounded pride when he overhears the girls gossiping about how “Bakugou and y/n don’t seem like they’ll last.” He figures it’s true—deep down he realizes his prickly and harsh nature could never mesh well with your gentle and sweet one, but the words sting no less.
The truth is, Bakugou Katsuki has fallen hopelessly in love, and he wants to roll his eyes at himself, but he can’t. He can’t when it’s you, he can’t bring himself to do anything but soften his exterior as much as he can so you can see he’s trying. He’s trying and maybe it’s not perfect, but it’s all he’s got. He lets you grab his hand, and steal his snacks, and mess around with his gauntlets, and ruffle his hair, and he hopes it’s enough, but he knows deep down it’s not.
So when you sit next to him in the courtyard, plopping down quietly beside him as he looks ahead refusing to meet your eyes, he’s not expecting your hand to lay on his.
“Hey, Katsuki,” you whisper gently, and he can tell from your tone you know something’s up.
“Hmph,” he grumbles incoherently in acknowledgment, shoulders tensing as you get closer.
“What’s on your mind?” He’s silent for a moment, and even if he wanted to, Bakugou doesn’t even know how to tell you.
“Don’t say nothing.” Bakugou’s hand grips the fabric of his jeans tightly, and he’s trembling just the slightest bit, but the way your hand soothes over his arm in delicate circles grounds him just the tiniest bit.
“It’s none of your business,” he mutters. You raise your eyebrow unimpressed.
“Try again, babe.” And maybe it’s the way your palm is warm through the fabric of his blazer, or the way your voice is still gentle even when reprimanding, or the way you just seem to know, but he practically pours himself out to you. Because he needs you to hear, and he needs you to know—Bakugou’s trying.
“Those dumb girls can’t mind their business. They don’t think we’ll last—as if it’s their business,” he rants, and his voice is slightly tight—he’ll never admit it and you’ll never mention it, but you both can hear it. “Who asked, anyway?”
Nodding slowly, you lean your head on his shoulder, hand grasping his as you fiddle with his fingers. His cheek finds its way to the top of your head, and you both sit like that for a bit, you playing with his fingers and Bakugou peeking glances at you over his shoulder.
“Do you think we’ll last?”
“Do you think think they’re right? That we won’t last?” He wants to say yes, wants to admit that nobody would want to last with someone as rough and tough as him, that his words are just as abrasive as his actions and you shouldn’t tolerate it, but Bakugou needs more than anything for you to stick with him.
He needs the little cheek kisses goodnight, he needs the arm hugs while you walk together, he needs the tiny nose boops when he’s frowning—and he needs you.
“I don’t know,” he mumbles. “I guess you shouldn’t really want us to, huh?” And he cringes a little when your head shoots up.
“What’s that mean?”
He simply shrugs and mumbles “I don’t know,” as he looks off to the side. But your hand grabs his jaw and gently forces him to look you in the eyes.
And his eyes are swimming with doubt, with anger, but mostly, a sense of defeat, and that’s unlike Bakugou. He never admits defeat, and it’s the one thing about him you love most.
“Katsuki. Don’t give me that,” you say gently, and the soft kiss to his nose makes him grip your waist tightly. “What do you mean? Why wouldn’t I want us to last?”
“It just makes sense.”
“And why’s that?”
And the dam breaks when he opens his mouth, eyes angry (and slightly wet, but you don’t mention it) as he pours his heart out to you.
“Because you shouldn’t want to last with someone like me, we both know that. I’m not cut out to be the way a boyfriend is, I don’t act like the way they should. Go find someone who does,” he mutters at the end, and you frown, watching as he fights the tremble of his lips.
He’s waiting for the blow, for the moment you admit he’s right and walk off and inevitably rip his heart out and take it with you, but it never comes.
“Hey,” you wrap your arms around him, pulling him into your chest, and on any other day, he’d pull away instantly, grumbling about how someone might see. But today, today he needs to be close, to hear your heart beat against his ear. “That’s not true, Katsuki. You’re a bit different, but I don’t mind. I know you love me,” you whisper, threading your fingers through his hair.
“I’m not done, okay?” You poke his forehead, and he swats your hand away. “Like you said, it’s not their business. So they don’t know everything. You do a great job you know, you just make your own rules of how to do things,” you snort. “That’s okay though, it’s still plenty enough for me.”
“You sure?” His voice is gruff, but it’s still hesitant. Your hand glides down to grab his hand, lacing your fingers together as you peck his forehead.
“Of course. You look out for me, always make sure I’m safe, always try to notice how I can improve, always take the short end of the stick for me. Who cares if you don’t bring me roses or something? Do you love me?”
“Well yeah,” he grumbles, answer immediate.
“Do you want us to last?”
And his voice is a bit smaller this time when he admits a small “yes.”
“Good, I feel the same. And that’s it for that matter, don’t you think? It’s our business, and we seem to be on the same page.”
Almost instantly, his chest lightens at your words, and he registers the small circles you rub into his knuckles, and the gentle scratches at his scalp, and he thinks he’s found some place that he’s made his own, somewhere he’s himself and it’s enough and it’s cherished. And he realizes that maybe that’s what love is, not the stupid roses or the boxes of chocolates the damn girls are always telling him he needs to bring.
“Yeah, whatever,” he mutters, but his hand squeezes yours. “You should’ve gone up to your room you know, dumbass. Don’t think I didn’t see you hit your leg during training,” he chides. His voice is still gentle, and you smile at the way he’s back to himself already.
“Sorry, I’ll be more careful,” you promise.
He mumbles a quiet good before he sits up, pulling you into him as he kisses the top of your head. And the way you lean your cheek against him with a smile, rubbing his chest softly makes him think maybe you will last— because he’s not letting you go any time soon.
Tumblr media
reblogs are really appreciated !!
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tteokdoroki · 15 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
ৎ୭ synopsis. kirishima hates the way his friends talk about his step-sister— he knows that you’re hot, knows that you’re filthy, but only he gets to see the dirty sides of you and his friends will just have to sit this one out.
ৎ୭ wc. 4174.
ৎ୭ genre. mdni, 18+, smut, dark content, college!au.
ৎ୭ cw. please read ! heavy smut, characters aged up to twenties, fem + power bottom!reader, step brother!kirishima, humiliation!kink, slight!impact play, consensual non-consent, step-cest, overstimulation, dom-sub relationships, handjobs, forced orgasm, tummy bulges, voyeurism, unprotected sex. not proof read, beware of errors.
ৎ୭ author’s note. happy friday everyone, i hope you had a great week! welcome to my second kinktober installment! this time ‘m providing some good ol eijirou content and i love the dialogue in this, enjoy my loves!
ৎ୭ now playing. naked - doja cat.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
in the last of the september heat, bleeding into the october months— the aircon in sero’s car does nothing to combat the heavy humid air outside. kirishima wipes his brow, barely suppressing giggles as he listens along to one of bakugou’s stories from their trip to the mall, something about denki fucking up his flirting with the girl from the smoothie bar— the entire plot’s barely heard over the boys’ obnoxious laugher and the running of the engine as sero keeps them parked in the driveway to the red head’s house.
“it’s not like you’re any better kacchan,” the electric blonde cries, tired from catching heat from his friends— being the one they point at for shits and giggles. kaminari accusingly points his fingers to his explosive companion buckled in, to his right, bakugou having stopped slurping on his smoothie, straw caught between his pointed teeth.
the ashier blonde raises a brow, the other boys in the front seats going silent. “hah? whatcha talkin’ about shitstick?” bakugou growls, turning his nose up.
“you couldn’t even tell that the goth kid, yanno izuku? was practically drooling over you at the checkout in hot topic— you two have been going at it for months!” kaminari snaps back, flinching away when bakugou threatens to throw his hands around the latter’s neck. the car erupts into body-shaking laughter once more, the jeep belonging to sero, rattling from how rowdy it gets.
however it quietens down considerably when the man in question lets out a low whistle. the boys all turn their heads to get a glimpse at what the hanta had been catcalling; kirishima included. in that moment, you could have compared the four of them to dogs after water on a hot day— four sets of eyes bulging out of skulls at the sight of you walking over the driveway with your step-dad’s dog on a tight leash. in the heat of the sun blaring above, kirishima can’t help but notice how you’ve stripped down to basically nothing— breasts spilling over your tight pink tank top and shorts cut so high that your fleshy cheeks peek out of the bottom of the fabric with every step you take. your skin shines like rare diamonds and gems in the sunlight— glowing from it’s golden rays with gentle perspiration.
you’re his step-sister, a walking fucking sin, and eijirou kirishima can’t tell if that makes you angel from up above or an succubus right from down below.
“hi miss yn,” the squad of boys call in chorus, sleazy gazes darting over your form as you head up to the front door in a light jog to keep up with your kirishima’s dad’s pup. it’s a tiny thing that’s faster than it looks, barking like nobody’s business to get inside for some cool shade.
you pass the car, only turning back to wink at your step-brother’s little friends— deciding to play into their antics as you bite your glossed lip between your teeth, waving back at them while you unlock the door for the dog. “hiya boys,” you coo almost sickly sweetly, batting your eyelashes as the pack of boys stare at you with puppy love struck eyes. “been good today? looked after my eiji for me?”
“yes ma’am!” denki shouts from his seat, although he’s half out of the window—chest heaving and dick pulsing from just how fucking sweet you are. once he slips back inside, he turns to kirishima in the front seat. “god, i know i say this every time we swing round but...dude, your sister’s hot.”
the heavy emphasis on hot makes the red head groan, turning back into his seat with flushed skin and his lip between his pointed teeth. it’s not that kirishima didn’t know you were hot, god only knew how hard he tried to put up with your heavenly level of attractiveness everyday— no, it’s just that your family relationship made things complicated. you were everything a guy could want in a girl, good with parents, good grades in your senior year at college and even better career prospects, not to mention your looks crafted by the gods. you were exactly kirishima’s type, the only thing stopping him from going after you was the dinner your mother hosted one friday night— announcing her engagement to his dad.
becoming your little step-brother only meant you were off limits to kirishima. he could only watch you from afar, think about you in his dreams— whisper your name into freshly washed sheets from your mom every time he fucked his cock the memory of your breasts squished together while you leaned over the table at dinner.
it was living hell for eijirou.
“fuck…” bakugou swears hoarsely, watching the curve of your ass intently as you reach down to pick up your step-dad’s excited puppy— pulling poor eijirou from his train of thought. “yanno, if that was my sister she’d never fucking get off my cock. dunno how you haven’t fucked her yet.”
instantly, the blushing redhead turns around, eyes flaming as bright as his cheeks as he chucks a bunch of napkins from the glove compartment at his friend. “shut up, she’ll hear you,” kirishima whines through the horny hoots of his friendship group, desperately trying to shut them up. “she’s not even my real sister, she’s my step-sister! m-my dad married her mom! t-there’s a difference! so stop making it weird!” he cries out.
sero speaks next, eyes hooded and sleazy as he watches you too. “that’s even better buddy! it’d totally be less weird if you’d stuck it up her ass then…” he pauses, taking his sunglasses between his teeth as if he’s imaging bending you over and fucking you hard. “you think she’d like that man? let me put it up her juicy, fat ass? good god.” the car erupts with howling and barking noises— four horny basterds thinking of all the ways to ruin kirishima’s older step sister.
“guys!” eijirou begs, pleads whatever upper power there is that you don’t hear how his friends talk about you, shame burning beneath his skin. “shut the fuck up, that’s my step-sister! you’re being fucking weird, immature even.”
kaminari cuts in next. “ah, ah ahhh— step sister, remember? you’re not even blood related!” he leans forward to jab a finger between kirishima’s eyes. “so you can’t get mad at me for wanting to fuck yn like the dirty slut i know she is—“
hands slam down harshly on the dashboard, making all three of kirishima’s friends jump and pull their eyes away from your bouncing breasts and the soft globes of your bottom. “stop it,” he scolds, red eyes glaring at the three other pairs. “you guys are bein’ fucking disgusting. yn is my step-fucking-sister, some chick living in my house ‘cause my dad married her mom. she’s not even hot, she’s probably more annoying that she is attractive. i’ll never see her that way. so just shut up!” eijirou finishes with a curse, jumping out of the car without another word and storming into the house after you— knowing his friends would follow.
he’d rendered them silent for the time being, without a clue that you’d been listening in— which would only make poor eijirou kirishima wish you hadn’t.
Tumblr media
kirishima feels his back hit the fridge door before he sees you coming— a shocked whimper laying flat on the seam of his lips.
sero, bakugou and kaminari had long snuck upstairs, apologising to their friend by letting him pick whatever stupid game he wanted to play on the switch next. he’d only headed downstairs to grab a couple snacks for the rowdy bunch thudding around in his room when you’d cornered kirishima in the kitchen— ready to teach him a lesson.
“oh? so all of this finds me annoying, right?” your eyes are menacing, holding a darker form of lust than the redhead is usual as your smaller-than-his hands force their way down eijirou’s loose fitting basketball shorts. you grip the base of his hardening cock, squeezing it tight to make your poor step-brother choke on a moan. “i’m just your step sister, eiji? how disappointing.”
soft fingers slide up and down eijirou’s fat girth—pressing on the sensitive forked vein on his underside in a way that makes him shudder, tip already leaking an embarrassing amount for someone who’s only just been touched. “t-thats not true, i only want you, always want you—fuck, yn wait...” he whimpers, ruby gem eyes locked away as he hisses through sharp gritted teeth. but there was truth to his words, the only person he’d ever craved like this, with the insatiable burning deep in his chest— pumping diaphragm sending smoke up into his lungs— was you. ever since you’d caught kirishima jerking off to the lewd pictures he’d sneakily taken of you over the summer break— the ones he’d zoomed in and screenshot from your snap stories and instagram— you’d made it a silent rule that you were the only one allowed to see him like that.
touch him like that.
it didn’t matter who he was dating, what girl he’d brought back from college for family holidays.
eijirou kirishima would end up with his back against your sheets, your hand on his cock with the words ‘this has to stop, sis,’ moaned out into the night air.
“oh eiji, my precious little brother...almost forgot how nasty you are,” you coo all but gently, your tone is sinister and laced with feral desire. your thumb digs into your step-brother’s tip to spread his arousal over his bright and angry red tip, other hand tugging his shorts down so his dick can slap freely against his toned stomach— standing at full attention. eijirou throbs with need, cock angry and aroused and begging for more of your touch as you spit down on him— using your soft palm to coat his length in a slutty mixture of spit and pre. “y’cock’s so hard, is this really all for your big sister?”
he feels pathetic when you call him that. your little brother. made to feel small even though he towers over you— sweaty mop of dyed red hair and black roots lazily dropping to your neck as you jerk him off, the sticky of his own dick sounds rattling off kitchen counters and causing his libido to bubble brightly in his lower stomach.
“s-step-sister! you’re my step-sister,”
your eyes roll before growing hooded, pushing kirishima further up against the fridge and squeezing the base of his dick as his own arousal drips down to his heavy bores—sore with cum. “isn’t that better though? makes you a little less nasty for you letting me play with you like this baby brother,” your voice lowers, fogging up your step brother’s brain, sending crackles of pleasure across it. “you should be ashamed.”
of course he is, eyes stinging with embarrassed tears and cheeks as red as his hair— a needy sob leaves kirishima, his hips bucking into your soft palm as it brushes against the bold and blue vein throbbing on his cock. “please, please s-stop…” eijirou hiccups, chest burning with a new wave of tears. “f-fuck! you feel so fucking good.”
liking his reaction, you pull eijirou back by the thick roots of his hair and slot your lips against his. they’re a perfect fit no matter how bad this is, how wrong this is. but he’s addicted to you, gets the same high from you as anyone would an illegal drug— his body goes slack when he has you in high dosages and even the taste of you controls every waking moment of kirishima’s life and he needs you just to get by and function.
fucking you takes the edge off, fucking his step-sister is his fix even if he does jail time in eternal lust.
your tongue slides over eijirou’s, your saliva pooling into his mouth to the point where the room spins and only makes his mouth heavier, jaw weak as he moans heartily into your mouth— sucking on the pink muscle just to take back some control while your hand makes the trek down to play with his swollen balls. “why eiji? don’t you wanna cum f’me?” you whisper against his lips, they’re puffy from your kiss and connected to you by a string of spit. “or is it too embarrassing for you to admit that your friends were right? bakugou said i’d make a good fuck, kami said i was a slut. and look at you, fucking my fist like a wet dog in rut. am i good, eiji?” your words are cruel but your head is cocked up at him innocently, like you don’t know just how much yearning he has for you in his bloodstream.
“y-you’re not a slut! you’re mine—fuck,” the redhead blubbers, lips in a pout, cock aching from your sweltering touch. “i’ve only ever wanted you, that’s why i only ever let you...shit s-sis...let you touch me,” his hips jut forward into your cushiony hand, by now— soaked in all of milky precum, helping you guide your fist up and down his shaft. “but please yn… i can’t...we can’t. i need more of you,”
the low buzz of the cool fridge against kirishima’s temperate back does nothing to cover the wet squelch of his blistering tip through your closed fist, his ruby eyes fluttering shut, his breath stuttered, condensed against your skin. “you’re so fucking nasty eijirou. disgusting, even,” you mewl, sickly sweet like glacé cherries, but that doesn’t stop the shivers of ecstasy wracking his hench body. “oh little brother, you wanna fuck me so fucking badly and you don’t want your friends to know but you’re moaning so loud, maybe they can hear you. bet you want them to hear you.”
your words are like silk, slipping through his soul, soft and enticing— stuffing his ears to the point where all he can hear is you and how dirty you're being instead of the thumping of his friends upstairs— messing about in his room. kirishima wills his body to go rigid but he can’t stop his hips as they drive forward, face stained red from your tourment. he shakes his head in last minute desperation to get you to stop, even if his shaking legs gave away how turned on the redhead was but the way your thumb rubs through his slit, only making his cock drip more and tummy fill with butterflies.
he knows exactly what you’re doing, pushing at his sensitive limits. “i can't cum yet, don’t wanna cum yet, wanna be inside you,” kirishima babbles, feeling as if he had been taken above the clouds where oxygen was low and he was forced to breathe in everything that was you— crimson orbs dilated with lust as he stares down at you tugging on his cock.
“you know eiji, i really don’t care,” you drawl, mouth dropping open to follow his as he moans from deep in his chest. “filthy boys, don’t get to cum in my pussy. especially not my dirty baby step-brother, you don’t even deserve it.”
kirishima shudders, your mean words shooting straight to his dick, face lined with sweat and pleading for you to stop. “‘m not close, ‘m not please just lemme get close,”
no matter how much eijirou pleads, his body manipulated to only follow your touch, gives into your command. a broken cry catches in the ridges in his throat, suffocating him from the inside out. kirishima’s dick dribbles pathetically, a tiny stream of white seed coating the warmth of your hand, it’s barely enough to call an orgasm and the signt makes you laugh cruelly— only embarrassing your step-brother further.
“there’s barely anything there eiji, y’got such a big cock and gave me so little cum,” you tease viciously, giving his length a harsh squeeze as he sobs, letting him go only to yank down your shorts and tug your underwear to the side. the scent of your cunt, how wet you are makes the boy groan in frustration. “how pathetic little brother. think i’m gonna tell your friends how bad of a fuck you are to your step-sister. better make it up to me when you get inside me.”
the boy is barely breathing when you hike your thigh up against his hip, pushing his larger frame back forcefully. kirishima’s entire body shudders as his length brushes through your gooey folds, dousing him with your arousal as if it’s holy water and he needs to repent for committing a sin against whatever higher power there is. there’s no way you can be an angel when your wings and eyes are blackened with animalistic and malignant craving to ruin him and your touch is as hot as the hell beneath your feet— especially when he finally sinks into your plush, enticing and drenched hole, sucking him in selfishly, clinging onto him as if you’re the only one he’s allowed to be inside.
his tip, bleeding with excessive amounts of milky precum jabs against your gummy, ribbed walls— making you hiss in ecstasy, mouth forming an ‘o’ shape as kirishima’s sheer size stretches you open just as deliciously as it always does. watching the lust transform your face is almost enough to send your step-brother over the edge, he’s too sensitive and knows he won’t last long— clinging onto his sanity and holding off his orgasm just for you.
“can feel you throbbing inside me ei, at this rate you’re so close to losin’ your shit you might not even be able to make me cum,” you mock him through pouted lips, pushing yourself down on his dick until your swollen clit is pressed up against kirishima’s pelvis. you moan quietly, sound vibrating in your throat as the feeling of your clit grinding against his skin and your step-brother filling you up to the brim— makes you clench down hard. “g-god, can’t you do anything right?”
you’re breathless, grinding down on his fat dick, your viscous juices making it easier for you to slide up and down and set a satisfying pace— the skin of your joined, sweat sheen bodies slapping against each other and echoing through the kitchen. kirishima’s hands fall to your hips as he pushes through your puffy folds, revelling in how tight you hug him and speeding up the rhythm you’ve already set. crimson eyes, sparkling with a need to fuck you, drop down to where your sexes meet and the boy goes slack mouthed— never getting used to the way your pussy looks stretched on his cock.
you’re torturing him, with every slow flutter of your juicy cunt around his aching dick, every lip bite and wet kiss you press to his sore ruby lips— you both know kirishima can’t hold on anymore. the fridge behind you thumps against the wall, louder and louder the faster you snap your hips down on your little brother to make him cry— saltine tears stinging tracks down the apples of his rose tinted cheeks. weakly, eijirou finds it in him to push back on your thrusts, meeting you halfway and plugging you full of his veiny dick.
it’s a miserable attempt to make you feel as good as you do to him, choked and stuttered grips laying on the seams of his lips as kirishima’s hips canter forward, churning up your insides due to his size alone. his thick fingers slide between your parted thighs, rubbing lazy shapes and circles onto your pleasure nub while cries of your name become intertwined with the loud squelching of your sopping, blazen core. there’s pride in his chest, heart fluttering when your head tips back and you lament in bliss— each swipe at your clit sending ripples of pleasure through your body, hitting high heaven as your legs tremble.
but in the next stroke, kirishima misses your clit again, too busy latching onto the junction between your shoulder and your neck with sharp teeth to pacify himself—groaning into your salt licked skin as he works love bites into the area. “y-you’re so stupid,” you huff in exertion, working your hips in circular motions as kirishima dribbles against your ribbed walls, activating your pleasure centres. “look so stupid f’trying to make me cum ‘n you can’t even touch my clit right, f-fuck!”
your mean words shoot straight to his dick pulsing eagerly inside the warmth of your spongy walls, eijirou’s hips angled upwards to prod against your g-spot when flicking at your clit doesn’t work. they perfectly cover the way his indecent burning touch against your bouncing breasts and hardened nipples make you go insane. he smears precum against you, making your sexes wet and slippery as you slide together in a sweaty mess of limbs, fucking loudly in the kitchen while your step-brother’s friends roundhouse a few floors above.
“i-i’m—‘m sorry!” kirishima whimpers, large hands brushing your waist every time you pull away, never letting his cock leave the safety of your aching pussy— eyes fluttering shut.
your hand connects with eijirou’s tear stained cheeks, snapping his eyes wide open, pupils blown out to watch you. “are you really? put on such a big show for your friends,” you sigh, squeezing the life out of him, essence dripping down his balls while strings of it hit the floor from the force of the redhead’s cantering hips. “y’act like you’re too good to fuck me, when you’re not even worth fuckin’ to begin with. so… so fucking undeserving of such a big c-cock, ‘specially when you’ve barely got any cum in there for me—oh fuck!”
your eyes roll back in your skull when kirishima hits deep and then you’re pinning him back to the fridge, the magnets your parents own scratching his back— pain prickling under his skin in the best of ways as your nails dig into his arms. you grunt words of ‘just like that,’ ‘maybe you are good for somethin’,’ and ‘do that again,’ as you fuck yourself down on your step-brother’s cock— reaching the seventh heaven in when he jams up against your gooey pleasure spot over and over. you clamp down every time, milking him with your hole right around his fiery tip when kirishima pulls his dick back during one stroke of his hips.
his body is wracked with the shakes, a gluttoral beef bouncing between you as he takes you both to your highs, sloppily fumbling with your clit— hips stroking into you slowly and deeply, kissing your cervix. together you both tumble into your orgasms— essences gushing and spilling over you both, your arousal splashing against kirishima’s tummy as you finally cum and let go of all that you’ve been holding back.
“oh shit, ohmygod—yn please, cum f’me, please!” kirishima whines brokenly, grabbing at any skin of yours he can— your doughy thighs and soft breasts— anything, to coax you a few steps closer to cumming.
prompted by your juicy, fluttering cunt— kirishima follows suit, dribbles of his seed spilling into your core and lining your insides with hot, thick opaque spurts of white— you cream around his base, rings of your mixed arousals drenching the redhead in new shades of orgasm as he barely fills you up— shaking and shuddering from his half formed high. seed seeps down your inner thigh, when you pull out, barely giving kirishima time to come down. his head is dizzy with that post orgasmic haze and lust, mop of his soft locks collapsing against your shoulder as he continues to cum and twitch against you.
you push him back by the roots of his hair, tutting at your step brother in disappointment. “you barely gave me enough cum to breed me, eiji, i can’t believe my step-brother is this pathetic,” you spit with false sympathy, letting him go to pull your panties back on and tuck eijirou back into his shorts. “good thing i don’t need my fucktoys to actually cum.”
you don’t waste a second longer after that, peeling away from kirishima and finally freeing him from your clutches— sending him back upstairs to his group of stupid, horny friends, not giving him the time of day.
kirishima’s face burns with humiliation, the heat of it spreading right up to the tips of his ears as he heads for the staircase— forgetting the reason he even came down as he searches his scrambled sex-crazed brain for an excuse for why he’d been gone for so long.
except, he doesn’t make it back to his room— for kaminari, sero and bakugou have gathered on the stairs. their faces are pulled into knowing expressions, having heard more than a fraction of your antics with kirishima in the kitchen...only embarrassing their red headed friend even further.
“h-how much of that did you hear?” kirishima says, swallowing the shame-filled nerves in his throat thickly.
“enough,” kaminari pipes up once again, a smirk gracing his lips. “i’ve said it before and especially after that, i’ll say it again. dude, your sister’s fucking hot.”
Tumblr media
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little-fairy-forest · 21 hours ago
Mha guys working in a coffee shop
Bakugou, Midoriya, Todoroki
Tumblr media
Cut the shit type of Barista, no "How was your morning?" Just a simple "what'ya want?"
No 'staff discounts' on his behalf
Quick with making your drink, if it's a new type of drink he is making, he will be a little slower as to not mess up, but once he makes it once he won't ever forget how to make it
Never counts change wrong
Normally takes the opening shift, less customers to deal with
Would probably go for a popular business rather then a smaller one
Doesn't take over people's shifts, and if he does you owe him big time
Hates when people try and take tiktoks of him, will immediately tell them to stop and delete it
Does except a tip, with a quiet "thanks" he will be nicer to you the next time you show up
Is harsh on the trainees, no time for crap
HATES wearing the small accessories given during certain holidays– santa bakugou anyone?
Very cheerful! All day you won't see his smile hinder no matter how tired he is!
Always compliments your drink choice, even if its a plain black coffee he'd say "that's sounds good! I'll have to try that in my break!"
Always let's people off if they're short on change
Trys to do latte art, (fails but ends up looking presentable)
Really good at memorising regulars order, if they come in at a certain time it will always be ready on the dot!
Always declines tips, he feels bad even if hes already working at minimun wage lol
Will draw smiley faces on your to-go cup, he might add a small drawing is he has time
Will give the last customer some pastries left over, he doesn't want to waste any
Will hum to whatever song is playing on he speakers as he cleans
Free wifi, no passwords in his shop
Has jammed the till multiple times during rush hour...
Works in a small local café
You can't tell if he is always tired or is bored due to his facial expressions
He will give a small smile if you leave a tip
No problem transferring leftover drinks into to-go cup,
Sometimes gives back more change then nessisary by mistake, always takes it out of his paycheck if it happends
If he gets music choice he will always put on soft-pop as to not distract him from work
Likes to try new flavour combos, if he comes up with a good combo he will add it to the special menu
Likes to draw on the chalk board menu outside
He would work in a cat café, quite, chill and he can play with cats all day :)
He will give discounts to people who don't stare or ask about his scar...
Will sit down with an elderly person on his lunch break if they look lonely :')
Tumblr media
Thank you for reading!
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