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#bnha imagines

Kiyoi AU - An alternate to Mitsu of the All Smite Universe if they’d end up in the clutches of Overhaul.

Pairing: Husband! Chisaki Kai / Overhaul X Gender Neutral! Reader

Summary: After a business meeting; Overhaul rejoins you, his dear spouse, in your shared room. Just to get away from the parasites that plague his everyday. You were perfect. Clean. A welcome escape he indulges in whenever he can.

Warning(s): Underage Reader. Forced Feminization. Forced Marriage. Toxic Relationship. Suggestive Themes.

A/N: … Okay, this is dark as hell. An idea I ran by @starchaser-the-prophet​​ and went through with because the idea itself made me interested to explore. First of all, this is another version of Mitsu. Where in which their birth parents ended up selling them to Overhaul, who is just as intrigued in their quirk as he does in the OG.

This is not canon.

This is a hypothetical.

What would happen if he was the candidate for the quirk marriage and succeeded in wedding them before they ran into Smite. Either way, this relationship is terribly unhealthy and illegal.

This version is nicknamed by Overhaul himself.

Their nickname is “Kiyoi” which means “noble”… And “pure”.

I also did art for this with Prophet’s version of them.

Viewer Discretion is Advised: Please Heed My Warnings


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Todoroki Shouto

[12:31 am]

You were paired with Todoroki for the “Test of Courage” experience that is taking place way too late for your personal preference. As you’re walking along side with the nonchalant boy you’re scanning the vicinity like a scared puppy for potential scares. The sound of a tree creaking ominously prickled goosebumps on your cold skin, and you were embarrassed that you yelped and bumped into Todoroki because of it.

“Um, sorry about that,” you chuckled nervously and quickly reverted back into your normal posture. He offers you a reassuring glance before telling you that it’s okay, and inquiring if you’re afraid of the dark since it’s a common fear to have. You nodded unceremoniously, and squeaked again when a tree branch snaps in half causing you to leap behind him and holding onto his arm as leverage.

He mustered a small smile and produced a small flame from the palm of his hand to illuminate the surroundings of the dark forest, and you subconsciously remained by his side even though he provided some light. “I hope this is okay.”

“It’s perfect. Thank you.” 

You gave him a sweet smile and continued walking down the narrow dirt path, still wary about the creepy winding trees and lurking shadows that hides behind it. He sneaks a glimpse of your moonlit features and notices that you’re still holding onto him for comfort. A soft smile makes its way across his lips and he had to tell his heart to calm down otherwise you’d be able to hear it. 

“O-oh!” You exclaimed as you seemed to have lost your footing and tripped over a hidden tree branch, falling forward until a pair of strong arms caught you before you had the chance to fully hit the ground. Todoroki helps you back you and brushes a few strands of your hair behind your ear and checks for any noticeable injures regarding your foot.

“Are you okay?” He’d question, but you were too occupied with your internal turbulence and trying to hide the rosiness of your cheeks from the simple interaction that’s sending a wave of butterflies to your stomach. “Your face is red, do you have a fever too?”

“N-no, it must be the cold. Happens to me a lot in cold weather.” You managed to cover up your embarrassment and convinced him otherwise, but didn’t expect Todoroki to peel off his jacket and offer it to you for warmth.

“Um, this isn’t much, but will this do?” He merely ushers the piece of clothing towards you. Your eyes darted between him and the jacket and you stood there in silence debating whether or not you should accept it because he’ll end up cold if you do. He then sweetly drapes the jacket around your shoulders and pulls it to the front.

“Don’t worry about me, I’ll be fine without it.”

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Thank you!! Thank you for requesting!! ❤️💜❤️

It didn’t hurt, he didn’t cry. He just felt lonely and sad. Not devastated nor crushed. You didn’t bother to talk him through it, but he didn’t expect you to. He didn’t expect to be so soon, but he knew it would come to this. He only wanted to hold your hand one last time, though you never did. He could only hold to the memories you left. You bright smile and you warm hands, the beating of your heart and the tears that soaked his shirts.

Under the shower after your last encounter, he tries to wash you off out of his hair. To find peace and confort, letting his mind wonder. Did he do anything wrong? Did he not spend enough time with you? Did the flame die already? When will the water get cold? Not fadt enough as you did.

He’d beg and beg, the only things hearing was droplets of water, inanimate bottles of shampoo. The ones you always used, the scent always over flowing the small bathroom. The ones you always sang to, they heard your singing voice more than he did. But right now, they’re the only listening to him, believing in his words, instead of you. Whether it’s for you or the shower, it’s he’s preaching, in vain, to a choir.

He might not have you, but he has the memories. You might not have him, but you have the memories. Memories of a love and a past, of happiness and joy, sadnes and tears. Memories that keep you together, even when you’re apart. He still has that, even though he wants to be with you, he longs to be close to you. He wasn’t devastated, but you could’ve hold his hand through this.

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yandere hawks is actually one of my favorites to write! I didn’t really know how to end this at first, but I’m actually happy with how it turned out

  • Hawks would love/hate having a darling who is defiant
  • On one hand he admires that fire, the fact that nothing can hold you down is something he can relate to
  • He likes that you’re a challenge for him and also finds your defiance to be cute and is the type to be like ‘you’re so hot when you’re mad babe’
  • But he also hates it. Sometimes he wants to just come home and cuddle with his baby, to get sweet kisses before he goes of to work, to hear you say that you love him 
  • but instead of that he gets you locking yourself in the bathroom, slaps to the face, and you screaming at him
  • It especially starts to tear him apart when you begin being able to stab right where it hurts most, you seem to pick at his worst insecurities and deepest nightmares, telling him how much of a “great hero he is“, how everyone would be so proud of him for kidnapping some helpless civilian
  • You’ll say things like how easy it would be for a villain to kill you now, all cooped up nice in a cage and everything, it’s enviable that he’s going to come home to a burned down house and a corpse
  • You mock his “love” for you and anything he tries to do to be romantic 
  • He tries to keep strong, to just brush it off as you being cranky
  • Besides, most of what you say is wrong! He didn’t kidnap you, he’s just took you somewhere to make sure you’re protected! And you are, you will never get hurt as long as your here with him!
  • But it starts to wear him down, he finds the harsh words and stubborn attitude to being taking a toll on his mental state. So what should he do? Maybe he just needs to show you how much he loves you! No, he needs to show you how much you need him
  • It doesn’t take much for Dabi to be persuaded, it’s easy work after all. Come in and rough his darling up a little, maybe leave a burn mark or two, hell he can even do some groping if he really wants 
  • It hurts hawks sure, but he just pushes down that guilt and anxiety of Dabi going to far with the image of you flocking to his arms, so happy that your hero is here to save you from the big baddie. How you will finally see why you need to be protected! Of course you won’t know it was a set up, but it isn’t important anyways
  • the only thing that’s important is making sure you stop being so defiant and for that stubbornness to be ripped away from you
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SYNOPSIS: You’re a film major obsessed with a well known youtuber, Shinsou Hitoshi. So when the first day of the semester comes around, you’re a little more than shocked to discover the very boy you gush over to your friends is in your cinematography class. But what do you do when your idol seems to want nothing to do with you? Better yet, when you’re paired up in a project together? 


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Originally posted by stvnningstrike

warnings: stalking, obsessive behavior,  violence 

word count: 1537

part 1

He turned around wanting to tell you something, probably some heroic phrase already practiced to exhaustion to make it sound sincere and at the same time jovial, but when looking at where you were supposed to be, you were not there, you were a few meters more ahead, running away from him again, just like you had done the other times he saved you

The last thing you did after taking a long-distance was turning to look at him for a few seconds, your eyes that looked annoying but the truth was that they were more nervous looking 

The hero’s eyes that looked pending, but hid a great despair of feeling betrayed again by contempt and sadness at your sudden abandonment, why were you like this? why you did not want to be near him? Did you understand that you two had a connection? Were you still scared of the meeting in the alley? Hawks did not intend for you to find out, it was not his fault, it was that pervert!

It was true that he overstepped his own strength a bit, as well as an extremely beaten man, leaving the man clinging to his life while spitting blood next to his teeth, crying with difficulty because of how swollen his head was, it had not been the best image for a beautiful lady like you were to see it, but you did it, you contemplated the scene with, frankly more disgust than horror, in fact, you had vomited and you looked as if you were going to unravel, but at last you fled, leaving the hero next to your date that night

You came to your place of work and took a big breath, you clenched your fists while regulating your breathing, Hawks was getting closer to you like he was a type of spirit in a horror story that persecutes its victim slowly to the point that it was only behind them, you felt in that same situation, but now that you seemed to have unleashed his possessiveness, who would have thought that hero number two was so jealous? he didn’t give the image of a jealous man, but apparently he was and a lot, not only that, you had provoked him with that stupid idea that you had days ago

In a stupid attempt to feel more in control in your life, to return to your normal routine, you agreed to go on a date with a waiter from a new restaurant that you had recently met and you were dedicated to having lunch there

The man looked a few years older than you, he had a nice appearance but you had a very well-founded feeling that he was not what he appeared, especially because of how he saw all the girls in the restaurant, it seemed that all of them were pieces of meat to his greenish eyes, but you did not care that his intentions were not as honest as a simple date, your intentions were not honest either, he would be your guinea pig to check how far the hero was willing to go

After all, you noticed his sudden change in mood every time he noticed you near to your male companions, as well as how more than once he had sent several of his feathers to wreak havoc, either to make them fall so they end looking ridiculous in the eyes of others or hurting them, which was minimal, like cuts one might induce to be made of paper or something

But when you noticed how he made poor Steve roll down the stairs you knew you had to be more cautious as the situation was getting a bit worrisome, although what scared you the most was the fact that all the feathery ash-blonde hair man  did not bother you in itself, nor did it scare you as much as it should, but on the contrary, somehow somewhat sickly you enjoyed all this, that was worrying, you were changing, or rather, something that you had hidden in you was starting to show up and that was kind of dark, almost psychopathic about you

The night of the date, you went to the movies with the waiter and you couldn’t really say that you enjoyed the departure very much, after all, he spent the whole movie trying to touch you inappropriately, in addition to making sexist comments with the female characters from the movie and a lot of misogynistic jokes, not only that, he ate the sweets that you had bought for yourself with your own money, without even saying thank you, ‘damn bastard’ you thought while you kept him from touching intimate areas of your body

After the bad experience of watching the movie with that idiot, the very imbecile had decided in his head to take you home and have sex with you there, but you had other plans, delaying the arrival at his house, you started looking for coffee shops to buy you a cappuccino, coffee or anything in order to spend more time getting to the destination

First of all, you didn’t want this man to have any idea where you lived, so going to your house wasn’t an option at the time, secondly, at this point you expected Hawks or some other hero to appear to get rid of this guy, escape, get to your house and block his number because he was already too annoying, the only thing you wanted at that time was to be away from that waiter

At that moment the strange sensation once again passed through your body and the red string of your left ring finger appeared again, this only meant one thing, Hawks was close

Without wasting time you let the red cord stretch out to locate the feathery ash blonde, it widened to the roof of a diagonal building where you were with your unpleasant date, you looked towards that direction and there was the feathered hero

His body was hidden in the shadows so the only thing you could see was his penetrating maddened eyes, they were filled with an almost inhuman rage, for a moment you thought he was looking at you, but no, when the man that you were having your date approached you and placed his hand on your shoulder, you understood that the one Hawks was gutting with his eyes was the waiter, not you

The feathery ash-blonde haired hero also looked at you with accusation in his eyes, it even seemed that he was going to cry, all you did was give him a sad smile, something that surprised him quite a lot considering that you had never smiled at him before and then you looked with annoyance to your appointment who asked for the address where your house was since it seemed that you did not want to go to his house

You just abruptly pushed him away, slightly but with the idea to make Hawks understand that you didn’t enjoy being next to that man, something that left the waiter surprised and misplaced while the hero felt satisfied by your action, and you said you were going to buy yourself a coffee in the store that the two of them had next to yourselves, you also made it clear that he was waiting for you outside because you needed time to be alone

As you entered the store you could hear that he was making another offensive comment like 'what’s wrong with this woman? Does she have her PMS?’, You let out an annoyed sigh and started lining up to buy the precious liquid

It only took about ten minutes or even less, but when you came out, neither the waiter nor Hawks were in sight, for the first one you were relieved more than anything, so you decided better to look for the hero

Why you felt the need to look for him and explain that you and the waiter were not in a relationship was beyond your reasoning, but you thought it was the right thing, maybe it had been because of the look the hero gave you, maybe it was because of the connection that you shared with him or maybe it was because there was something deeper that was beginning to flourish despite how strange it was to start having feelings for the person who stalked you and hurt people of your opposite gender close to you

Was that what you felt?, in some strange way you were starting to like the number two hero of Japan?, you did not understand what you thought, what you felt, the truth, when it came to the hero you understood absolutely nothing that was changing in you, but you knew that as time passed something between him and you was developing and it was thanks to that red cord that you produced

And speaking of the red cord, you used it to find Hawks, but you didn’t expect to find that scene in the dark alley, you couldn’t do more than throw up in surprise and run away, it was a disgusting sight but it not scared you, and that was the part that really terrifies you  

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Originally posted by cowcat44

-Toshinori x reader-

small smut drabble

Toshinori walked into the bedroom wearing a towel, his hair still dripping wet. He went straight to the closet. You noticed he kept one hand covering his crotch as he took clothing out.

“So, how was your shower?” you chimed.

“Good.” He glanced at you, red-tinted ears glaringly obvious.

“Did it help you relax?”

“A little bit.”

“What’d you think about?”

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:O of course!



  • You’ll go off on small tangents in English snapping your fingers while you try to remember how to say That Word in Japanese
  • When he’s not staring at your frustrated face thinking about how cute you are when you’re deep in thought, he’ll definitely lend you a hand and help you out
  • Might be a while, tho
  • He tries his best to never make you feel uncomfortable about messing up around him or any of your classmates
  • You’re still learning, after all! It’s not your fault if you stumble over words here and there
  • Even though he’s been so kind and helpful, you’re still embarrassed every time you say a word wrong
  • After all, you don’t want to look like a complete failure in front of him
  • But he’s very supportive and never laughs when you make a mistake (except if you make a funny face while thinking), and just gently corrects you
  • You lowkey think you’re learning twice as fast as you were before, as everything Shouto teaches you is just ingrained in your head
  • “If only you could remember Aizawa-sensei’s lessons as easily.”
  • “I—lisTEN-”
  • With Todoroki helping you, you’ll achieve fluency in no time
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A/N: aweeee!! Poor bby! I gotchu, anon!

Bakusquad on a Mission! Bakugou x insecure!Reader


Originally posted by aishitetsuro

  • This covert ops mission did not go as you had planned.
  • You’d all spread out- and sadly, you were the one going in for information.
  • You understood how important this was. The team was close to completely taking down a villain network, and this information was vital in hitting the enterprise where it hurt.
  • So, you toughened up, puffed your chest, wore a sultry smile, and approached.
  • Mina was with you as backup, and the others were in a control room nearby, cameras on the both of you for safety.
  • The informant paid you no mind as they went about what they were doing, no matter what you attempted.
  • Flirty pickup line? Nope. Sultry glance? Did they even see it? Suggestive body language? Brushed off and ignored.
  • Frustrated, you looked at Mina, and the pink hero rushed in to help.
  • One glance. One fucking glance was all it took for Mina to enrapture the informant.
  • She easily got all of the information they were looking for, without even trying.
  • That… hurt a lot to you. We’re you really not good enough?
  • To put the cherry on top of everything, you heard Kaminari snrk from the earpiece.
  • Whatever taunting words he was about to say, there was a definite THWACK followed by an “ow” from the other end.
  • Ego bruised, and self confidence drained, you and Mina walked back to the agency and met up with the boys.
  • Kaminari merely said “good job, Mina” before skittering away with Kirishima.
  • Bakugou gave Mina a look, and she got the hint quickly before leaving with Sero to catch up with the other two.
  • Really? Of all times now- your crush wants to talk to you.
  • Bakugou gave you a hard look.
  • “Don’t even beat yourself up over what happened. You did great…. and you’re beautiful.”
  • With a huff he shoved his hands into his pockets and whirrled around and walked inside, leaving you alone with your thoughts.
  • Beautiful?
  • With a small smile and a little bit of confidence back, you walked inside behind him, letting it repeat in your head.
  • “You’re Beautiful.”

@impalaradio PSST

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Todoroki Shouto

💚 What’s their type?

  • Todoroki is attracted to people who are naturally kind-hearted and a little softer in nature, showing great concern for their friends and family (and others, too, if they’re in heroes like he is). He doesn’t really have a type other than that as he’s not one to think too deeply about romance, just going with the flow and being attracted to those he thinks are good people. He tends to fall for those who are intelligent and patient, willing to put up with his busy hours and his unwittingly cold behavior/actions as he tries to get used to the feeling of having a crush. 

💞 How do you win their heart?

  • As written above, showing Todoroki that you’re a kind person who deeply cares for other people (and not just yourself) is a great first step to gaining his affection. You’re likely to have a better chance if you talk to him daily, even if it’s just basic, friendly conversation he’ll take notice of the fact you’re making an effort to talk to him. If he’s truly interested in you he’ll try to keep the conversation going, not sure of how to pry about your interests and other personal things to get to know you but doing his best to navigate the conversation without it turning awkward. 

💝 Are they more likely to fall for someone if they’re friends first?

  • Todoroki isn’t the type to be struck by ‘love at first sight’ and being a good friend of his is almost required to win his heart. He’d only date and get that close to someone he trusts, someone whose been by his side through good and bad times, someone he knows he can lean on when reality gets too heavy for his shoulders to bare alone. He’s a bit worried when he falls for a friend as it could easily cause the relationship to crumble into pieces, leaving him with a hole in his heart, so he doesn’t act until he can’t hold his feelings in any longer. 

🍀 What’s their love language?

  • Acts of service is the love language that appeals to Todoroki the most and the one he thinks he can do quite naturally as he’s always thinking about you. If he sees you’re running low on one of your favorite snacks he’ll be sure to stock up on the way home from his patrol, or if he knows there’s something that needs to be done (that you dread doing) he tries to find the time to do it himself. His quiet, observant nature helps him pick out the little things he can do to make your life easier even if you insist he doesn’t need to, just wanting to care for you in the one way he’s confident in. 

🌼 How do they view their significant other? Are they the light in their life? Best friend? Savior, etc.?

  • Todoroki would probably consider you a best friend and a confidant, no longer hesitating to show you the weakest parts of him as he trusts you with his entire heart. He relies on you greatly to set him straight, to offer up differing opinions on situations that he might be blinded to emotionally, and he wants this openness to be two-sided. He wants you to feel like you can confide anything in him, that he can offer up a solution and if no solution is available, he can at least bring you comfort/support in your time of need. He wants someone who sees him for who he is and doesn’t place him upon some pedestal, something only a best friend is capable of doing. 
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i was brainstorming for nsfw scenarios about kurogiri and my oc and i think you guys might like them. i switched it to reader format so here take this 

warning: lots of daddy kink and i apologize for none of it 

1) sometimes when you not around and kurogiri is feeling uncharacteristically impish, he will lay in bed or on the couch and jack off while opening a portal to your pussy. doesn’t matter where you are, he’s gonna play with it while he leisurely strokes himself. he has a nice few of you all wet and puffy and he can practically hear you begging for him. three thick fingers buried deep inside you, massaging your walls and thumbing your clit till he’s got his hand soaked to his wrist. right when he feels you tightening up, he removes himself entirely from you and uses his wet hand to pump his cock. 

it’s a little cruel to wait a minute and simply watch your empty hole contracting, so desperately wanting to be filled, still leaking out your juices. he takes pity on you for a moment by using his mouth to lick all the juices away, and when he is close to coming he will move that portal over his cock so he can shove himself inside and fill you up. sometimes it makes you come, sometimes you are left wanting, and sometimes he leaves you unsatisfied because he knows you will find him and tackle him onto the nearest surface like a bitch in heat.

2) when you act up and misbehave, kurogiri refuses to give you any attention other than having his cock inside you through a portal. totally disconnected, voice stern and authoritative as he tells you to touch yourself. you can whine and beg all you want, kurogiri won’t reward you until you make him come.

3) kurogiri wears a condom on your first night but by the second round you ain’t down with it. you’re clawing at his back while he’s pounding into you, suddenly telling him to fuck you raw. he pauses, reluctant, because you are not on birth control. but when you are so cutely demanding, ‘i want to feel you come inside me, daddy’. his resolve crumbles. 'i spoil you too much,’ he murmurs, pulling out for a moment to roll the condom off before he’s inside you again, letting out a deep appreciative moan as your warm, tight heat sucks him in. 

he plans to pull out at the last minute, distracting you with his disarming slow kisses as he fucks you, but you are snake and you get what you want. legs locked tightly around his hips as you press up against him, whispering all kinds of shameless things in his ear until he finally comes, can’t tear himself away from you, pumps himself empty as the feeling of his warm gooey come deep inside you triggers your orgasm too. you’re slumped against the bed all satisfied and tired while kurogiri catches his breath and softly berates you. and you dont give a damn, relishing the afterglow, making sure to collect any come oozing out of you and shoving it back into your pussy. it is at this moment that kurogiri realizes he’s created a demon.

4) kurogiri likes to sit back and watch as you kneel between his legs and suck him off. sometimes he’s got one or two fingers in a portal to play with your  pussy while you are blowing him. sometimes he indulges in 69. if he finishes in your mouth and a bit of come spills out from the corner to trickle down your chin, he will reach out to wipe it away but you catch his hand and lick his finger clean.

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SORRY FOR THE WAIT BUT Oh my goodness, how cute! Thank you for 1,251!!


Originally posted by tervshima

When Tsuyu became the number six hero, she didnt expcet her to have a fan club cause of her ranking. But note she’s a hero not for the ranking or the money. She enjoys her job and she couldnt see herself in any other profession.

She figured that out when he was at UA. When she was given a day off from her hero agency, she found online where the club was being held.

You were the club leader, you had admired Froppy and her hadnwork when it came to the environments endangered and even if her quirk wasnt as power heavy like the other pro heroes.

She still pulled her weight, depiste her frog like features caused by her quirk she was more human and relatable.

That was why you had formed the club, along with a about 20 people each week, all different ages and backgrounds.

One meeting you were explaining how the group could come together an watch the heroes awards from a projector. You could spot someone arriving late then you saw Froppy standing there, watching the meeting.

You nearly lost your shit, put simply you were starstruck. But you remained your posture and closed the meeting early, letting the club members meet and greet their hero.

After that the perople started to put up the tables and the posters while you closed u the chairs, behinf you stood your hero.

Froppy helped put the chairs in stacks on the platform. You thanked her and she waved her hand dismissively.

“Nah it’s nothing I just wanted to say this club is amazing cause youre using the club to just do more than admire the hero I saw your website and all the herotic deeds you did at the Huso CIty.”

Your heart swelled, “Nah, I wouldn’t call it ‘herotic’ I was ijnspired by you but since I am quirkless I couldnt become a hero so I formed the club that we do the little things like picking up litter and hosting selters for the victims that lost their homes when there’s disasters.”

You smiled at her. “It’s nothing compared to your work, Froppy.”

Froppy grinned“Aw that’s sweet,” she cleared her throat, “But um hey are you doing anything, after this?”

Your eyes wided, “Actually no I don’t think I am.”

Froppy sighed in relief, “Cool cause there is this cafe that I hadnt tried yet and I wanted to see if you could try it out with me, if you’re not busy.”

You glanced at the cleaned space where you host the meeting, and gathered your belongings. “I would love to, Froppy.”

“Great, and you can call me Tsu.”

Thank you Tsu.”

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aww im sorry to hear you’re having a hard time friend 🥺♥️ i hope your tummy lets you rest soon!!!

💜 Shinsou 💜


💜 homebody boyfriend af

💜 doesn’t mind staying in and esp if you’re not feeling up to the task of going out, he’s more than willing to bring take out here

💜 quick on the reminder that spending time w/ you is reason enough to call things a date

💜 has any and all medicines / things that help you w your chronic illness committed to memory

💜 jokingly but also somewhat seriously considers getting a cat bc they’re a living heat pack when they sit on you and then it can be a tower where you’re in his lap and the cat is on your lap

🌻 Tamaki 🌻


🌻 super patient and understanding, always looks for the most comfortable way he can hold you close to comfort you

🌻 v insistent you still try and eat but ofc would never force you if you’re having a hard time

🌻 has a good bg on nutrition given the nature of his Quirk so he’s gotta handle on what’s easier to digest and won’t upset your stomach

🌻 big on quality time ^^ and acts of service, will do things around your place to make it easier on you like clean your room

🌻 does his best to make the rest of you feel good if he can only do so much for what’s hurting- massages, running his fingers through your hair, as many kisses as you want, etc.

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oh gosh i love everything about this kdjsjdkf


“Dude lets get our fortunes told!” Kaminari pleaded excitedly, half dragging Shinsou into the tent.

He rolled his eyes, “Do you actually believe those things? They jus tell you general things that make for easy hindsight bias.”

“You’re no fun- what if they say something really cool?”

“Like what?”

“I dunno like… today’s the day [ 💜 ] falls in love with y-“

“I’m out.”

Kaminari laughs, not letting go of his friend and pushing him in front of him, “One love fortune please!”

The fortune teller does a little show of the request, which entertains one of two of her patrons. Shinsou keeps his attention fixed on it out of respect but can’t help wondering what the truth behind any of this could be- if there’s any at all, which he’s already doubtful of.

“You’ve got a curious pair of eyes…” She says.

“Thanks. I need them to see.” He replies dryly.

She laughs, “They’ll come in handy today especially- watch out for cats. I see one running with your red string of fate- as… a guide.”

“Uh… okay.”

Well what is he supposed to say to that? Kaminari is sparkling with excitement both for him and because he wants all the fortunes told- which Shinsou doesn’t really have time for. They agree to meet up later as he exits the tent.

A cat huh? Did that fortune teller not realize how many cats there are in Japan? And anyway, it’s not like just any cat would be running around at the park to lead him to-

“Hey! Come back!”

Shinsou’s just about to turn the corner of the park when you dart out from the other side and knock him over. Just beforehand, he caught a glimpse of- you guessed it- a cat. With a trailing ball of yarn and knitting needles dangling along in its wake.

He recovers quickly from the collision and sits up to find himself face to face with you as you’re effectively straddling his waist. Wow admiring you from afar does not do this a justice. Your red face from chasing after the cat only intensifies as you scramble off him.

“Sorry! I- I wasn’t watching where I was going!”

“It’s alright. You were… chasing a cat right?”

You not and both of you look up when you hear a meow! overhead. There’s red yarn laced all over the trunk of a tree and its branches, the culprit helplessly trapped up top.

“Little troublemaker’s a better knitter than I am…” You huff.

Shinsou can’t help but chuckle, “That bad huh?”

“It’s a new hobby!” You insist playfully, “And anyway… how are we gonna get the poor thing down?”

You ask but you’re already trying to make your way up the tree. Emphasis on trying. Shinsou clutches your shoulders lightly before insisting he’ll do it, if not so people don’t any ideas with you in a skirt trying to climb a tree.

It works out well enough, but the cat is still understandably overwhelmed when he tries to reach out his hand. After a few minutes of coaxing with a soft voice that tugs up on the corners of your mouth, he manages to get it into his lap as he sidles closer to the trunk. The cat sees your open arms but jumps in such a way that all the red yarn now littered all over him tugs him upside down off the branch he’s sitting on. Frankly you’re surprised he didn’t break anything- or just straight up fall.

“Well this feels familiar…” He mutters.

“What?” You giggle, “How- y’know. It’s cool. I don’t need to know.”

“The hell is this yarn made of anyway?”

“Dunno. I heard it’s super durable though which I figured would be good for beginners.”

“Super durable is an understatement. Mind helping me before the blood rushes to my head?”

You boop your nose against his and agree to free him. It’s a tentative handsy process as you untangle the rest of the yarn when he’s back on the ground.

“Thanks.” He sighs, leaning his head against the tree, just touching yours.

Your hands drifted towards his and twined together while you were unraveling the strings, “No problem. Sorry you got so uh… tangled up. With me.”

“I’m not sorry.”

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the inbox is pretty much always open i jus don’t guarantee that i can get to everything - i think this request is super interesting !!!

we love a healer + bone breaker couple


Originally posted by shinsouhitochi

🥦 Izuku had seen you in the background early on whenever he was w/ All Might in Recovery Girl’s office, it wasn’t difficult to put the pieces together that you were studying under her

🥦 had to wonder if you wore your hair in two buns in contrast to Recovery Girl’s one as like. a 2.0 joke. but he figures it’s a stupid question and never thinks to actually ask you (you totally did tho)

🥦 getting Steven Universe vibes honestly as far as healing kisses go hk and the v thought of it makes him turn a million shades of red bc it’s one thing for Recovery Girl to kiss his wounds better but you?

🥦 you kind of misunderstand him, thinking that the last thing he’d wanna do is be kissed by you but also you can heal without … doing that. not that you would mind kissing him yknow

🥦 unlike Recovery Girl’s Quirk, you just have to touch the person but your healing factor is determined by your own stamina rather than the recipient so the graver the injury, the more it takes out of you

🥦 after a particularly grueling fight tho, Izu has quite a bit of a head injury- not to mention a busted lip- and you happened to arrive before Recovery Girl

🥦 he knows you know the limits of his Quirk and what happens when he pushes past them too recklessly so he kinda knows to jus… be quiet.when you’re healing him. that and having a concussion would put most anyone out of commission anyway

🥦 you touch your foreheads together and soon enough, he’s back on his feet- a little too quickly once he realizes how close you both are

🥦 “t-thank you, [ 💚 ]! You’re the best! Sorry for tro- hey!” he catches you as you stumble forward “no problem, Deku. your lip’s still busted tho”

🥦 the weariness makes good fuel on your part to jus lean in and kiss him before knocking out yourself, leaving your body slumped against a v flustered Izuku’s chest

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Cold hands (part 1/???)

Hawks x sick!reader

Warnings: fluffffff, tiny bit of angst?

Note: I’m planning on making this a small series. I don’t know how many parts yet. I would love if you guys sent me some suggestions or ideas for part two :) open to anything so don’t be shy! Sad or happy ending? Though I kinda planned on it being a sad ending…whoops.

Word count: 2939

Gif is not mine!


“Oh shit- oH sHiT OH SH-“

Hawks was quickly cut off, his whole body slamming against the hard crimson brick. He groaned as he picked himself back up, stretching his wings and rubbing circles into his scalp. That was the 3rd time this month. god he hated the cold. He arched his back and rolled his neck, hearing the ‘crack’ from the release in pressure. Hawks was quick to shake it off, flying back up to perch on a tall building, giving him a good view of the city and sunrise. He sighed, The sight was breathtaking and he took advantage of it while he removed his goggles to take away the yellow tint it gave the colorful sky.

The morning was cold, autumn breeze blowing through his feathers making him shiver slightly in a good way. It was no secret that winter was rolling around and the usually bright city would be covered in blankets of white. Keigo wasn’t a huge fan of the harsh weather, it made his body stiff and slow and he couldn’t fly properly. Though with those thoughts aside, he loved the idea of winter, Imagining the piles of ice all around, children running and playing together, family’s and friends ice skating or taking a stroll through the wintery woods.

Keigo watched his breath curl around him and dance in the cold air, he held up his hand playing with the wisp. He was glad he woke up early this morning, suiting up in his hero gear and taking to the sky’s despite it being his day off. Caught up in his thoughts, he rubbed his thumb over his goggles, coming to a halt when the pad hit a rough line. He looked down, perfect moment ruined when he spotted the large crack splitting across the glass. Great. Weren’t these supposed to be non-breakable? He groaned at the thought of having to take them in to get fixed. He hated not having his goggles when flying.

Sighing, Keigo stood up and lifted himself off the roof top and taking to the sky.

Goggles in hand, he focused as best he could while the harsh wind hit his eyes, making them water and hurt. He slowed his pace before they dried out completely and took the time to continue admiring the land below him. In dong so, he instinctively began to get closer to the ground once he saw you. He smiled to himself,Perfect morning suddenly back.

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summary: you and your son say goodbye to the love of your life, all for his unquenchable thirst for power
word count: 1.3k
warnings: bnha manga spoilers
pairing: shigaraki tomura x fem!reader

your hands squeezed your son’s shoulders tightly as you stood behind him, watching his father talk to his doctor from afar. you had been worried about tomura for months now, never really knowing what he was hiding from you, but being smart enough to figure out that the rift between the two of you was growing fast. you were sure that your son, shigaki, could feel it too

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Thank you love! I’m gonna be honest though everything i know about eleven is like,, from the wiki since i haven’t watched stranger things so I HOPE ITS OKAY wwwww i’m only gonna do baku and shinso cuz i don’t wanna get stuff wrong hehe :3


Bakugo Katsuki


○ when he first meets you and someone tells him about your past he’s really cautious about approaching you, worrying that you were fragile

○ at first he’s a little unnerved by your quirk, especially the telepathy part and how you can get information about other people so easily from objects and the sort

○ and he thinks you’re kind of creepy, honestly. Your seemingly ominous quirk paired with how quiet you usually were didn’t exactly paint you as an approachable person at all

○ but then he starts to get to know you better when you’re paired with him from a group project, and he realizes that you’re just plain shy and not like,, super weird or a creep

○ he’s still cautious though, and he takes extra care not to be too mean or yell at you since he thinks you’ve already gone through too much

and honestly he doesn’t want to get attacked by you or something since he’s still a little scared of you

○ he thinks you’re kind of endearing though, the way you would give him tiny shy smiles whenever he asks you something, responding in your soft voice that always seems to wash over him and calm him down

○ your classmates notice the special treatment the blonde gives you too. even if Bakugo sympathizes with someone he’s really never that soft with anyone except you, so obviously they start suspecting that he has feelings for you

○ after you start dating he’s awfully protective and careful with you, barking at anyone who’s being mean to you and pretty much acting like your personal bodyguard

○ what he used to think was the creepiest part of your quirk, your telepathy, he now absolutely loves because it means that you can occasionally slip your loving words into his mind and make his heart go crazy, especially calming him down before stressful situations so that he could do his best at any moment 

○ “I love you, Katsuki, do your best out there and show everyone who the best hero out there is.”


Shinso Hitoshi


○ most people kind of think your quirk is scary and a little creepy, and Shinso was no different

○ it was something he shared with you, in fact, and he often found solace in just making small talk with you since you were one of the only people who didn’t judge him for having a villain-like quirk

○ he thinks it’s cute that your quirk didn’t match your personality at all, since you were so soft and sweet all the time 

○ and he treats you nicely and gently, handling you as if you were made of glass, pressing feather-like kisses against your soft skin as if he were afraid you would shatter 

○ but nonetheless he still teases you about it sometimes, saying that you were like a cute little porcupine, your quirk making you look all prickly and scary but you were actually just his soft little baby

 ○ he’s super proud of the fact that you’re in the hero course too. 100% thinks you deserve it and wants nothing but to see you flourish and become a great hero one day

○ and when he joins the hero course too, you two are a powerful duo that can put someone down without even lifting a single finger

○ to other people you two are like polar opposites- he’s cold and unfriendly while you’re kind-hearted and loyal, so they wonder why you would ever be with a guy like him

○ but they don’t know the soft side of him that’s reserved for only you

○ “It’s you and me against the world since people always think we’re villains with our quirks, yeah?”

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seeing through your facade


summary: you’re known as the bubbly and cheerful girl despite having a toxic life at home. you try your best to act like nothing’s wrong at school and it works for everyone—except for Bakugou.

pairing: bakugou x reader

warnings: swear words, angst, and fluff

words: 2,431

A/N: hii, this is my first time writing a foc, so i’m pretty nervous akdjwd i hope you guys enjoy reading it as much as i enjoyed writing it!! pls give me some feedback if you can :>


You don’t know what’s wrong with you.

Usually, it doesn’t take a huge amount of effort for you to feign a smile or laugh at one of Kaminari’s dumb jokes, but lately, you feel drained. You feel tired of living your life, tired of the same old routines. Talking to your classmates used to be your escape from your toxic parents, but now, it feels like a chore.

Your head feels heavy all the time and you just want to lay in bed, but obviously, you can’t because of school. You don’t want to go home anyway, knowing fully well that your parents will still be screaming and throwing things at each other.

“I can’t wait to practice my new moves for training later,” Midoriya says as he takes a seat across from you in your usual cafeteria table. “I have so much to improve on!”

Uraraka, who’s beside you, and Iida, who’s beside Midoriya, cheerfully ask for his new moves as Todoroki, who’s next to Uraraka, and you nod in approval. If you were your normal self, you would’ve asked for his plans as well, but you really don’t feel so good.

You feel jealous that your friends had loads of energy while you, on the other hand, felt like dying. You wanted to improve your attacks too since everybody is doing so well, but your body has no will to move.

“I’m excited to see your attacks, Izuku!” I grin brightly at him, shooting him a thumbs up. “I’m sure it’ll be great.”

Midoriya blushes at your warm support. “T-thank you, Y/N! You’re always so cheerful.”

“I know, right?” Uraraka pipes in. “Our friend group wouldn’t survive without your smiles.”

Todoroki and Iida nod in agreement, so you force yourself to smile bashfully at them.

You scratch the back of your neck. “Well, I’m always smiling because of you guys!”

Bakugou hears your cheesy sentiment from the other side of the cafeteria. He sneers when Uraraka side-hugs you and turns away when Midoriya and Iida blush unashamedly.

You were always so loud and annoying. During combat training, you would cheer on everyone, including him. He hates it especially when you cheer him on because he feels the need to puff up his chest be more showy, knowing that you’re watching.

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and they were roommates


Originally posted by eijirouu

pairing: midoriya izuku x reader

genre: modern au, roommate au, friends to lovers

snyopsis: when izuku’s roommate moves out, he’s left with an empty room in his apartment and the need for a replacement. when he finds out y/n is apartment hunting, he offers the spare room without hesitation, not realizing he’d come to regret it a bit since his heart could never keep calm around them.

length: 1.8k+ words

a/n: i’m a sucker for the roomates trope okay sue me askdjlsd


When Kirishima announced that he was moving out a month ago, Izuku had immediately begun to make the appropriate arrangements to look for a new roommate. As much as living alone was appealing, he couldn’t pay off the rent of a two bedroom apartment with only his ice cream shop salary. Kiri offered to help him look for a new roommate, but weeks had gone by and no one had exactly fit the role of at least a decent roommate.

It was a week before Kirishima was sent to move out, when he and Izuku were slowly starting to pack his things up, when Kirishima stopped mid fold of one of his winter jackets. “I heard Y/N was finally moving out, what about asking them?”

Now Izuku froze too. He’d known Y/N for years; they had mutual friends and often found themselves sitting next to each other at gatherings, making pleasant small talk. And from what Izuku knew about them, they weren’t’ rude or sloppy or were prone to be late to pay rent (at least, he sure hoped not).

“Why do you say ‘finally?’“ Izuku asked, expertly duct taping a box shut as he spoke.

“Well, they’ve lived in a crowded apartment ever since our first year of university, and they’ve always been looking for a good apartment to move into. I’d at least give them a call.”

So Izuku did, as soon as he and Kiri took a break for lunch. Kiri went out to buy them some fast food, leaving Izuku alone at the small kitchen table. Fearing if he didn’t do it now he never would, Izuku quickly pressed CALL and held the phone up to his ear, waiting to hear Y/N’s voice.

“Hey Deku, what’s up?”

“Hi Y/N! I heard you were apartment hunting?” He heard the muffled sound of yelling in the background, then a loud bang as he assumed Y/N shut the door to their room to block it out even more.

“Yeah I’m always apartment hunting nowadays. I cannot believe I agreed to move in with seven other people. You aren’t looking for a new roommate are you? I heard Kiri’s finally moving in with Bakugo.”

“Yeah I’m looking for a new roommate and I thought I’d ask you-”

“Deku you’re a lifesaver when can I move in?”

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