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#bnha incorrect quotes
Iida: I believe you said that your childhood experience was satisfactory
Todoroki: No, you misheard me. I said it was a “sadness factory”
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Bakugou: you’re annoying
Todoroki: yes
Bakugou: and i hate you
Todoroki: yes
Bakugou: but the idea of anything bad happening to you pisses me off
Todoroki: [tearing up] Bakugou…
Bakugou: nah. no. nope, i take it all back, if you don’t stop that right fucking now i will rip your face off
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totallycorrectlovquotes · 11 hours ago
Dabi: Well, well, well, if it isn’t the feelings I’ve been trying to avoid.
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incorrectbnhasblog · 2 days ago
*Denki just left to vacation alone in America*
*Kirishima is worried*
Bakugou: Hey, pikachu is going to be just fine.
Kirishima: Then why do you look worried?
Bakugou: I'm not worried about dunceface
Bakugou: I'm worried about America
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shouwutowo · 2 days ago
Enji: There's only one thing worse than all might's protege
Enji: *strips off the paper stuck on the board to reveal the words reading "dating"
Enji: Dating all might's protege
Shouto: Dating
Enji: NO!
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heidibobeep · a day ago
Izuku: You still pissed?
Y/N: Do you think this voodoo doll looks enough like Katsuki to actually work?
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tellluzaboutit · a day ago
Ochako : Does have a penis fun?
Tenya : Wha-
Hitoshi : it has its ups and downs.
Shoto. : It's get hard sometimes.
Izuku. : It's a pain in the ass.
Tenya : ...
Tenya : Does anyone in this godforsaken group ever think before they speak?
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keepingupwithkarasuno · 23 hours ago
Ik u all know I’m a Baku kin but now u know I’m a toshi kin so w that being said
Shinsou x gn older sibling reader w Shouta x gn reader what r they exactly idk u tell me (little brothers teacher is the one for reader)
Don’t ask what prompted this bc idk
This is probably not funny at all but I’m trying to put stuff out bc I don’t want to go off the deep end LMFAOOOO anyway 🤠
Tumblr media
Hitoshi pov ignore me using the wrong their hot ppl can’t spell or use the right there’s n to’s
Tumblr media
Reader pov
Tumblr media
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incorrect-natshig · a day ago
Natsuo: I can explain.
Fuyumi: Can you?
Natsuo: ...If you give me thirty seconds to think of a lie.
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fandom-joiner · 2 days ago
My Hero Academia as things I’ve heard/said in my home and school Part Forty Two
Eri, holding an EMF detector at Shinso: It’s going up
Shinso: That’s the little bit inside me that’s dead
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Toga: I need an adult.
Shigaraki: I'm an adult.
Toga: ...I need a different adult.
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internetconfusion · a day ago
Class A: so you’re bullied and tiny but you still keep recklessly putting your life at risk because ‘it’s what a hero does’ AND you became super-powered overnight because of All Might and his DNA?
Izuku: yeah..
Class A:
Shouto: Midoriya, are you sure you aren’t related to All Might?
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incorrectbnhasblog · 2 days ago
All Might: Hey, kiddo. How've you been? How's school?
Midoriya: I am a festive pināta and God is a thirteen year old boy whose parents just announced their divorce.
All Might:
Aizawa, walking into the room: Same
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tellluzaboutit · a day ago
Katsuki : You're right.
Izuku : I never heard you said it before. Is it new phrase you just learn?
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xxneonairxx · a day ago
Aizawa: Kaminari, will you please stop talking in memes.
Denki: well..... Yes... But actually, NO
Mina: Psssttt Sensei, I think he only understands memes too.
Aizawa: *sighs*, Kaminari, I am once again asking you to please stop talking in memes
Denki: *gasps*
Aizawa: did it work?
Denki: Kachow
Aizawa: *sighs* it's hopeless
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incorrect-natshig · 2 days ago
Fuyumi: If you start your work now you'll have plenty of time and you won't be stressing out the last minute.
Natsuo, scrolling through his phone: Nah.
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