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#bnha incorrect quotes

Todoroki: I'mma just lay on the floor and pretend I’m a crumb

Midoriya: …

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Himiko, over a transmitter: COUNTRY ROAAADS 

Twice, on the other side: TAKE ME HOOOOOME



Spinner, next to Himiko in hiding:

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Todoroki: Do you ever feel like someone’s watching us

Deku: oh, all the time! I mean, have you not realized LOV follows us every where?

Todoroki: No, I mean as if there’s someone else from a different universe watching our lives, what we eat, when we sleep, what we do during the day, our pain and suffering, all for entertainment, or just because there bored.

Me: *gulp*

Deku: well, except from being in a different universe, that’s just you explaining the LOV

Todoroki: …*stares into the camera*

Todoroki: uh….. ok then Midoriya…….

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Mr. Compress: I don’t “dress to impress”. I dress to DEpress. I wanna look so good that I make people hate themselves.

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Twice: Hey, what are you doing tonight?

Dabi: More like who am I doing tonight?


Dabi: No one, I’m free. What’s up?

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Todoroki: [outside Bakugou’s room] let’s go in

Midoriya: but Kacchan’s not here yet and we don’t have a key

Todoroki: oh, i have a key

Todoroki: [pulls out a pocket knife]

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Kirishima: Crepes sounds like a child approved cuss word

Bakugou: You mean child appropriate dumbass

Kirishima: Wait what?

Bakugou: Child approved means kids like of it, not that it’s a fuckin cuss word that kids can use

Kirishima: English is hard okay, gimme a break

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Twice: I’m a very bad person. I’m a very, very bad person. I’m a horrible person.

Everyone in the League:

Toga: No you’re not, Twice! We still love you, Twice!

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Natsuo, on the phone: So… remember when you told me not to burn down the house?

Fuyumi: You burned down the house!?

Natsuo: No! I had the fire put out almost immediately! This is a success story, Yumi!

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To take my mind off the chest pain and trouble breathing, here’s some DabiHawks incorrect quotes i randomly generated.

Dabi: Do you take constructive criticism?

Hawks: I only take cash or credit.


Dabi: I actually have a black belt.

Hawks: In what, karate?

Dabi: No, from Gucci.


Dabi: Hawks and I have the kind of easy chemistry where we finish each other’s-

Hawks: Sentences.

Dabi: Don’t interrupt me.


Dabi, in a meeting: My policy is if you see something, say something.

Hawks: I saw a squirrel in a tree today!

Dabi, with the tone of someone who is used to Hawks: Outstanding.

Dabi: This is what I’m talking about people.


Dabi: Top 30 reasons why Dabi is sorry… Number 5 will surprise you!

Hawks: Top 30 anime deaths. Number One: YOUR FUCKING ASS RIGHT NOW!!!


Dabi: petition to remove the ’d’ from Wednesday

Hawks: Wednesay

Dabi: Not what I had in mind, but I’m flexible


Dabi: So that’s my plan.

Hawks: Are you alright with constructive criticism? I don’t want to sound mean.

Dabi: No, go ahead, I want to hear it.

Hawks: It fucking sucks.

Dabi: That’s not constructive criticism.


Dabi: Is something burning?

Hawks: Just my love for you.

Dabi: Hawks, the toaster is on fire.

(This is why i dont use toasters im afraid im gunna start a fire)

Ok im done for now

If you wanna help me out heres my linktree


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Y/N: Jesus Christ, is that a fucking gremlin?!


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AFO: I can’t believe you just left me with those people!

Izuku: Really? What part of that was out of character for me?

AFO: *sigh* Fair enough…


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Bakugou: Eijirou?

Kirishima: Yeah?

Bakugou: If there was a zombie apocalypse and I got bit, would you shoot me?

Kirishima: babe, no, I would let you bite me, so we could be zombies together

Bakugou: laughing that’s fucking stupid, I would blow your fucking your head on a heartbeat, you wouldn’t survive

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okay so… i had a random thought about my hair… (just to give more input in here.. my hair is half black half green dyed!)

sooo back to the though: I’m standing in the kitchen my cat on my arm… why ever starting to think about my hair and which bnha characters it looks a like. So I get to Kirideku in my mind… what leads me to think about kiris natural black hair .. i forget that sometimes…
but yeah! Me now thinking about how my hair looks like the Todo version of kirideku! 
And so my thoughs starting to just drive away to other half n hlaf hair color combos.. ending with Kiribaku! 

ig that gets to be a head canon something thing now but yeah…:

So like Kiri and baku have a kid and they hair r half black half blond natural just like Shoto hair halfs and one day the kid decide to dye his black hair side to red, what let them look like his dad had something with Todo.
And later when Baku realieses that he just wants to tell his kid to dye it back to black, but kiri gets in the room and so baku just can’t! Letting him think they child just wanted to have the same red hair like kiri when he sees them side by side

and it is also to adorable for him to be mad with his kid.

But what he is not knowing his kid did that with the though of having the same hair like Shoto his fav hero, but was to lazy to make the blond to white 


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