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Midoriya Izuku: So what's your band's next song gonna be?
Jirou Kyoka: The song is called "List of ingredients" and it's our first try at a black-metal ballad.
Yaoyorozu Momo: It focuses on the evils of the food industry and denounces the abnormal quantity of emulsifiers big corporations put into our means of sustenance.
Bakugou Katsuki: Yeah! Music will change the world!
Tokoyami Fumikage: ...they're all lying. Actually the band couldn't decide on any lyrics so Jirou is just going to read the contents of a box of cereals on stage.
Kaminari Denki: I like the part about Captain Crunch being crunchy!
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HELLO YOU AMAZING HUMAN BEING!!❤️❤️🥰 So for my requests I would like head cannons for 1A maybe kiri/Bakugo/deku/Mina, if you want to do other characters along with that then it’s even better😁 don’t push yourself to hard. Anyways the idea is that both class 1A & B are on a camping trip, Nito pushes y/n out on the water(floaty bed) but she can’t swim so she starts to panic and falls into the water starting to drown. Sooo someone saves her❤️😁

*uno reverse card* no u! Here it is! My first try at headcanons, I hope you like it! I love you, Pepper <3

Full name: (y/f/n)
Quirk: (y/q)
Age: 15


  • Both Aizawa and Vlad King thought it would be a good idea to take both of their classes out on a little camping trip. No one talks about the first one, especially Bakugou.
  • Everything was fine and dandy, the two classes got on their separate busses and the entire trip there was filled with laughter and enjoyment. Everyone’s items were packed and stuffed into the base of the bus. This camp wasn’t as harsh as their summer camp, it was mostly going to focus on teaching the students on how to scout and hide or find help in emergency situations.
  • Of course, Monoma was back to being the jerk he was, basically blaming class 1A for everything, especially the last time they got attacked.
  • “SHUT THE FUCK UP!” Bakugou would repeatedly scream, making Kirishima and Kaminari often hold him back as Kendo took care of Monoma, once again apologizing for his stupidity.
  • The two classes, with exceptions, helped each other out, especially with setting up the tents. Each student was allowed to have their own tent, but the groups were separated by gender. Males were on one side with the females on the other side. 
  • Once all the tents were set up the students began their training. Of course, it wasn’t as harsh as their summer camp, but it wasn’t easy either. Aizawa and Vlad King definitely put them through the wringer.
  • By the end of the training session, most of the students were exhausted. After dinner, they were in their tents and asleep. Except… Monoma. He had the bright idea to “prank” class 1A. He, honestly, hadn’t meant for it to get so bad… it really was supposed to just be a joke.
  • He quietly snuck over to the girls’ tents, unzipping (f/n)’s tent and pulling her little blow-up mattress out. He gently and quietly walked her all the way to the little riverbed they were next to, pushing her mattress into the water.
  • Before anyone could see him, he was back in his tent and laid down, waiting for the girl to wake up.
  • (f/n)’s hand had accidentally landed in the water and she shot up, panicking when she felt the mattress rock. It was unstable. Without another second, she let out a blood-curdling scream.
  • Everyone panicked, quickly unzipping their tents and running out, thinking there was another villain attack. Both Aizawa and Vlad King were ready, standing next to their students.
  • “HELP!” They both looked towards the water and saw (f/n) on her little mattress, floating away. Their eyes widened and everyone ran towards the water.
  • “OI! WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING?!” Bakugou screamed as they followed her mattress, which was starting to move faster and faster as it hit the current.
  • “JUST HELP ME!” She screamed back as she tried to stay calm. She had no idea how to swim and the currents were getting worse.
  • “There’s a waterfall up ahead!” Vlad King informed as some of the students followed the teachers. They all ran along the path that followed parallel to the river. Todoroki attempted to use his ice, but she moved just too fast. Aizawa’s scarf was too short too.
  • They watched in fear as (f/n)’s mattress hit multiple rocks as she entered the rapids before the falls. Halfway through, slipped and fell into the water with another scream.
  • “SHE CAN’T SWIM!” Mina screamed, making them sprint faster.
  • “I have an idea!” Midoriya yelled, quickly explaining as they watched (f/n) collide with the different rocks. She tried to use her quirk, but wasn’t able to, due to her confusion and inability to breathe or keep her head out of the water.
  • Todoroki quickly made a large ice slab which followed (f/n), but was just a bit too slow. Both Midoriya and Aizawa separated from the group, which kept running ahead to repeat the plan in case it failed.
  • Midoriya used his quirk and passed Aizawa. He jumped into the water, quickly grabbing (f/n)’s waist and pulling her close. The two drifted past the rapids and Midoriya held her head up out of the water.
  • “It’s ok! Everything’s ok! I’m here!” (f/n) gasped, coughing out the water in her mouth as Aizawa’s scarf wrapped around both of them. They came to a rough halt as their teacher held them back.
  • Todoroki created another ice sheet, which Midoriya climbed on, pulling (f/n) up with him. She coughed and gasped for air as she landed on his chest.
  • “Thank you! Thank you, thank you, thank you!” She said, kissing both of his cheeks over and over again. His face erupted in red, but he nodded regardless as the others arrived to help the two to safety. They quickly returned to camp, where they found out the truth.
  • “YOU THREW MY CLASSMATE INTO THE FUCKING WATER?!” Bakugou screamed, letting explosions go off.
  • “It was a prank!” Monoma defended himself, as Bakugou tackled him to the ground. Aizawa erased their quirks and they were pulled apart.
  • “YOU ALMOST KILLED HER, DIPSHIT! LET GO OF ME! I’LL SET YOU ON FIRE, ASSHOLE!” (f/n) was Bakugou’s friend, she’d earned his respect (which wasn’t easy) and no one, NO ONE, was going to disrespect her like that and get away with it.
  • “Enough!” Aizawa interrupted. He assured everyone Monoma there would be some serious repercussions. Until then, (f/n) dried herself off and shared a tent with Mina. However, once everyone was asleep, she snuck into Midoriya’s tent.
  • “Wh-what-”
  • “Shhh.” She said, placing a hand on his mouth. Without another word, she crawled under the warm sheets, snuggling closer to his form. Midoriya ran his hands through her slightly damp hair in an effort to calm her. She fell asleep, no problem. He, however, he had ZERO (0) sleep that night.
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hey!! I hope everyone’s handling this quarantine well. I’m sorry for not posting daily like I normally do, I haven’t had the time (or motivation really) to go into the animes and mangas and find the dekus even though I know there’s some I’ve missed and I would love to post them. I’m sorry about that :(

I’ll try to get the post being daily again soon

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Could you make one where Izuku, Tsu, and Todoroki have a s/o who's Quirk is similar to One for All, but using it erases their memories. They first guess it when their s/o forgets they live in the dorms. One day they accidentally overuse it and forget who they are, bit they are able to help them remember. Thanks and love your work, especially the Momo scenario.

This has so much potential for both fluff and angst I can’t even-


Izuku Tsuyu and Todoroki have a S/O who’s Quirk is similar to One for All but using it erases their memories

Izuku Midoriya

  • He was pretty excited that your quirks were similar but after he found out what was the downside of it he was pretty surprised.
  • So most of the time he tries to allways be by your side just so you don’t have to use your quirk too often in battle. After all you were very strong on your own.
  • Each time you lost your memories he started worrying more and more but he never said anything.
  • So far stuff you forgot were small but he kept thinking if it was possible for you to forget about him.
  • He wanted to stop it somehow but he couldn’t think of a way.
  • Then there was that fight where you overused your quirk and even though he also was badly damaged he went to see you the second he had a chance to.
  • When you saw him you were happy but still confused a bit too much.
  • “S/O are you okay!? Do you remember me?” he looked super worried and your words didn’t put him at ease “Oh so my name is S/O! And yes I remember you… Didn’t have luck with remembering myself though”
  • It was rather surprising discovery that you whould forget who you are but still remember him.
  • He promised you that he will help you remember. Still he couldn’t go too far now since too much info at once.
  • So every day he showed you one photo of you and he told you what happened that day.
  • Izuku tried his best and after you were allowed to leave the hospital it was much easier.
  • The two of you went out every day to places where you often went.

Tsuyu Asui

  • She thought that your quirk was pretty cool but she didn’t say anything about it but the fact that it was similar to Midoriya and All might’s.
  • After some time you told her that if you used it too often you whould lose your memory. Her reply to it was simple enough “Whenever you forget something I’ll help you remember”
  • And she did just that. But she still was super worried whenever you forgot something bigger.
  • She of course spoke up when she worried a bit too much. She often thought that maybe it whould be better if you just never used your quirk again.
  • She brought it up once but only once. Tsuyu was just too scared that you might forget something too important.
  • And her worries were now reality. After last villain attack you overused your quirk. You never had to use so much of it and obviously it made Tsuyu worry extremely thinking what you might have forgotten.
  • So when she finally got to talk to you she calmed down after you said her name… But then you threw the bomb “I know it sounds wierd but I know you… But who am I?”
  • She told you her name and basic info. You could see that he was worried and tried to cheer her up wich honestly made her a bit happy.
  • Tsuyu really treasured memories with you so she could tell you literally everything. So next day she started telling you some of your shared memories.
  • Some you remembered and some didn’t but she knew that with time everything was going to be okay.
  • She was patient and never rushed things. Whenever you managed to remember something she was super glad she sometimes teared up.
  • You were just amazing and the fact that you forgot who you were was something heartbreaking.

Todoroki Shoto

  • He didn’t have anything to say about your quirk but the fact that he had to admit that it was strong.
  • He trusted your judgement when it came to using it. After all you are responsible enough to not make yourself lose all memories.
  • Whenever you forgot something minor he didn’t have any trouble reminding you about some things.
  • Honestly he forgot himself often about side effects of your quirk but then again he didn’t have to remind you things after every fight.
  • But then there was that attack… He tried to get to you as fast as possible but not becouse of your quirk he just wanted to make sure nothing happened to you.
  • Still even though you overused your quirk to maximum level you managed to get the villains.
  • Todoroki didn’t care about it. He cared about your safety.
  • Your injuries were major but your knowledge about yourself was just wiped. You remembered everyone but yourself…
  • You didn’t knew how to say it. So you decided to be straight forward.
  • When he met up with you it was obvious that he was worried only about you even though his injuries were a bit more serious.
  • You admitted that you forgot who you were and Todoroki couldn’t belive it.
  • At first he didn’t wanted to force any memories on you after all it could be too much. So he just answered to your question.
  • When you asked him what were you like his reply was short “The most amazing person I have ever met” and he knew that it might be cheesy but who cares he just spoke how he felt.
  • He took things slow but if you really wanted to regain your memories as fast as possible he whould try to do anything in order to speed up the process.

~Mod Tsuyu

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Originally posted by naratemari

“Hey… do I have the ability to become a hero?”

Your head raised at those questions, keeping your eyes on the male in front of you as you sighed, brushing away the books from your lap as you shuffled closer to the green haired male, his lanky but solid form almost fitting nicely into your arm as you let him lean against your shoulder, seeking kindness, seeking warmth. A student who watched from the outside of the hero course, Izuku had found himself drawn to you, closer to you, seeking solace in your presence whenever he couldn’t talk with anyone in his class, and yet here you were, cradling one of the most powerful students in 1A as if he were any other.

To you, he was any other.

“You know you have the ability to, Izu,” you muttered gently, your head falling against his, cheek brushing against the soft green hair as you sighed, “you’re thinking back to middle school, aren’t you?” You weren’t stupid, you know about the torment he possibly faced in middle school, as those who were quirkless were almost treated as if they were dirt due to the fact that they hadn’t gained the advancement, however, you never cared. But you could see the pain in his eyes every time the subject was brought up, so you never brought it up. However as you felt his arm come around your middle, you braced yourself as he pulled you into his embrace, fingers tightening in your hair as he sighed.

No… that wasn’t sighing. You could feel the tear drops on your head, you could hear his gentle gasping as his shoulders shook. It was one of those days, the days that it just was too much for him, the days where he had said he wished he could go home and hug his mom, but he couldn’t, so you served as second best. However, you didn’t know that to him, you were a safe space, something warm, a castle, something he cherished, and wanted to protect. But sometimes, he felt like his own walls were crumbling, that he couldn’t protect people, that he couldn’t protect you.

However, as your fingers brushed against his back, rubbing soothing circles, you couldn’t help but hum. And all of a sudden, everything was alright.

You’d be alright.

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Why, You ask?


So first off, Denki is the light of his life. Literally. He’s gotten quite good at refilling batteries for flashlight when on patrol on night shifts. 

But he also has this smile that just… makes his day brighten up. Makes life easier. Let’s Izuku know that no matter what he’s not alone in this world. And the way Denki’s eyes light up when he sees him after a day of working opposite shifts just warms Izuku’s heart. He’s always happy to be reminded that he’s not alone in the world anymore.

After his mom passed from an unexpected illness in his second year of high school and then All Might a few months after that, Izuku had no one. His friends could only tell him they were sorry for his loss so many times before he became numb to the words and they no longer provided the comfort they thought the words did. 

Then Denki was there. 

Denki was there and dragging him to the park to just walk around and get him out of his dorm he holed himself up in. 

Denki was there making him dinner, and then having Izuku make them both dinner because Denki was a terrible cook. He had Izuku teach him how to cook, or at least make simple meals without burning them. They found out that Denki actually had a knack for baking later on when he surprised Izuku with a batch of brownies for passing their final exams at the end of second year. 

Denki was there making him spar with him, training to make both of them expand their knowledge for when they became heroes in the future. Denki had him take his anger at the world out on punching bags and then hugged him till he stopped crying. 

Denki was there making him smile and laugh. Making him forget his anger and sadness even if just for a little bit. Denki was there making him feel alive again. Reminding him that he was more than just a walking, talking pile of flesh and bones. Denki showed him that his world wasn’t as dark as it seemed and he was eternally grateful to him for showing him that. 

Second off, Denki was just a tad bit touch starved. He had grown up scared to touch anyone and vice versa. His electric quirk was hard to control at times and growing up without anyone coming within a five foot radius of him was hard on the blonde. Not only were his feelings ripped to pieces over it, but the need to be held and touched in any capacity was never fulfilled. The boys own parents rarely touched him outside of emergencies.

Izuku was more than happy to fulfill the boys need to be held. Izuku had very few loving or compassionate touches growing up because of Kacchan and his cronies. So when Denki opened up to him about his childhood, Izuku did the same and together they decided that neither one of them would leave the other wanting for touch ever again. They’d be there for the other whenever needed, no matter the time of day or what the other was doing. They’d stop or drop what they were doing and be there for the other waiting with open arms. So when his long time friend Kacchan finally gave him the apology he’d always wanted to hear, Izuku full on cried his heart out to Denki. Izuku had long since forgiven his old friend for his transgressions of the past but it touched his heart to hear the words. Denki knew that and held him the whole night, not because he felt obligated too because of their silent pact. He’d told Izuku it was because he wanted too, and that was the night they’d shared their first kiss. 

It was the best night of Izuku’s life at that point. 

Before they were even officially together though they were still basically joined at the hip. They held hands everywhere they went. Denki sat in Izuku’s lap every chance he got. It was the other way around when Denki had first stepped his friendship up a few notches. Then over the summertime, which over half of the class stayed in the dorms for, Izuku went through a growth spurt he thought he’d never get. I mean he broke all of his bones so many times it should have been impossible right? Well that’s what he thought. Then about mid summer, he shot up to Kacchan’s height of 5'7 then two more inches by the end of the summer. He ended up at 5'9 for the start of his third year while Denki was at 5'6 with no signs of a growth spurt in sight. 

That was fine though, because they found out that Denki fit in his lap perfectly now. Even more perfectly than Izuku fit in Denki’s. That didn’t mean Izuku wasn’t ever held by Denki anymore, oh no, Denki still loved to hold Izuku. He was often seen sitting on top of counters and tables holding Izuku to his chest, passing one hand through his green locks and the other smoothing over his back. They were almost always connected in one way or another. Either it be holding each other’s pinkies in class since they were moved to sit next to each other, arms linked at the elbows walking down hallways and sidewalks, or one leaning his head on the other’s shoulder. They were always linked. Always together. 

And lastly Denki was so much smarter than he liked to show. The only time he’s ever truly dumb is when he over uses his quirk, but was something he couldn’t control. What he could control though was how people saw him. The little blonde genius used how people thought of him as a weapon. From pranking their classmates and other classes in harmless fun to how he fights villains in their daily life now. He loves how Denki is able to think twenty moves ahead of any opponent and take them down before they even understand what’s happening. 

It was hot, Izuku could go on for hours about how cool Denki is and then when Denki finally had enough of the compliments and analyzing he’d get Izuku down to about two or three words repeated on a loop. The first time it had happened Midoriya’s’s voice left him for a full two days afterward. It was unsettling to the rest of 3-A, to not hear the constant mutter from the boy they’d shared a home and classroom with for three years had almost everyone on edge. Everyone but Denki who wore a small smirk and Izuku himself who was beet red and in turtleneck undershirts for weeks to come. 

Denki was a quick study in many aspects. So many aspects. So, so, so man-

“ALRIGHT! I GET IT! I’m sorry for fucking asking! I wouldn’t have if I knew you were just going to go on a fucking rant!  I’ll help you dammit! Just DO NOT go into detail or I swear-”

“Fine, fine I get it! But you mean it!? You’ll help me!?” Izuku's  eyes shine bright in hope and happiness.

“Did I stutter dumb ass? No. Now come on there should be a shop open around the corner.” Katsuki rolls his eyes at the way Izuku jumps to his feet and almost falls over. He raises an eyebrow when Izuku stops and cocks his head to the side. “What? Did you pull something when you jumped up? Serves you right, dumb ass." 

"No not that. Just,” Izuku puts a hand to his chin and scrunches his eyebrows together, “how do you know where the nearest ring shop is? And how do you know that it should still be open?" 

Katsuki’s face is suddenly hotter than his hands get when he ignites his nitroglycerin and he’s in Izuku’s face. "Not. Another. Word.” His teeth were clenched tightly and he storms past the now taller greenette towards his and Todoroki's  apartment door flinging it open to leave. 

“Wait! Kacchan does that mean-”


Katsuki is storming down the pathway as fast as he could with Izuku trailing not far behind him calling out to him to slow down, but Katsuki ignores him the entire way to ring shop he’d been frequenting for the past month. The two friends had engagement rings to find after all, and the sooner they got there the sooner they could bounce ideas and suggestions off of each other.

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Let’s share the bestest boy in these trying times!

With any luck the convention I’m boothing in October is still happebing, so that means a new button set!!!  (Or maybe even a mini-print if all goes well)

Ho do you like the backlit effect?  I’ve been watching a lot of speedpaints lately and it looked really fun to do!

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why can’t some people understand how hot midoryia Izuku is??? Like okay maybe this is part thirst tweet but hear me out.

> this damn boy trained his ass off with almight to the point of abs and more

> his personality of just helping others can be an amazing way to make him even more attractive

> his round face is becoming less round but imagine the potential jawline?!?!?

>the gLarE je can give in serious times. You know what one I am fucking talking about

>I Can GO On Bitch

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@rise-fall-rage-and-repeat and I had a lovely conversation about Toya Todoroki/Dabi’s parting words to his father when he disappeared; “May all your chicken strips burn.” I turned it into a comic about Dabi unintentionally cursing the entire Todoroki household to forever burn all their chicken strips. You’re welcome. 🤣

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