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Waiter: Can I take your order?
Bakugou Katsuki: I'll have the crusty Masala-Lasagna Fusion Dorito Supreme, wasabi-tabasco sauce, extra harissa, paprika-flavored blue cheese topping, pickled jalape帽o peppers on the side fried in bacon grease. Don't forget the spicy garlic bread. Oh! And your best Ginger Beer milkshake.
Kirishima Eijirou: Holy crap, bro. Your palms won't be the only thing exploding tonight.
Bakugou Katsuki: That's not a good pick-up line.
Kirishima Eijirou: Ew! It wasn't supposed to be!
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Dumbass 沿花ヷ

Frat Katsuki Bakugou x reader


Warnings: Nothing really but cursing (cause of the hothead) and teeth rotting fluff

☾ ⋆*・゚:⋆*・゚:⠀ *⋆.*:・゚ .: ⋆*・゚: .⋆

“Come on y/n, go with me to the mall pleaseee!!,” Mina asked me while standing in doorway.

“I already told you no, and I have to study for our exam this Friday,” looking down at the clutter of books and papers on my bed.

“But the boys are throwing a party at their frat house to celebrate their big football game this Friday, and I want to get a new outfit, so pretty pleaseeee!!!”

“Which frat house?”

“Beta Theta Pi”

“Absolutely not cause that’s his frat house”

“Y/n, I know you would love to see bakugou,” just when she said his name I felt my whole face become flustered and my shoulders tense.

“So why don’t you come with me and we get cute clothes, so you can at least think about it or even go to his game this Friday” I felt my blush intensify just at the thought of being that close to him.


“I’ll buy you food”

“…….Deal,” I can see her playfully roll her eyes at me looking at me with a slight grin.

“Your such a fatass I swear”

“Shut up”

───── ⋆⋅☆⋅⋆ ─────

We’ve been in here for enternity. I feel myself growing white hair, I am so exhausted especially from carrying these heavy bags. We went in way to many stores to keep track of and I still haven’t gotten my food. I slightly nudged Mina and whined

“Can we get some food now I’m hungry, you promised!”

“I don’t remember promising” I lightly slapped her arm “Ugh… fine,” I had felt a sudden uplift at her answer and started following her when suddenly I bumped into her back.

“Why did you st-,” before I can continue to further ask I see what’s she’s looking at. Katsuki Bakugou, he looked seemingly emotionless while he was sitting at a table with 3 other boys from his brotherhood. The spiky blonde boy was wearing his black and red letterman jacket with his name in bold on the right side an on the left sat the footballs team emblem. When he slightly turned to talk to to the blonde head beside him I can see his number (#1) in a bold red and outline black.

“He did say he always wanted to be number one, kinda ironic huh…anyways let’s go take a seat by their table”

“What!! You know what i-i’m not hungry any-anymore, let’s just go home yea?” nervously laughing I tried to turn back to the entrance and I felt her pull the back of sweatshirt and dragged me to a table right by theirs. I feel a specific pair of eyes on us once we take a seat.

Bakugou’s POV

I was forced to go to the mall by shitty hair so we can ‘destress’ before our game, however we landed sitting in the food court.

“Hey baku you can make your move on y/n, you know since you like her and all,” dunce face suggested with a smirk that I was so close to blasting off his face, wondering why he would bring it up until I looked up and saw her. Y/n seemed to be getting dragged around with her pink friend who I knew shitty hair had took an interest in. I wanted to turn my eyes away but I couldn’t. I watched as she sat down by a table next to ours. I felt someone slightly bumped into my shoulder, thinking that she saw me I diverted my eyes from her and met eyes with shitty hair. Before he can say anything I catch a glimpse of y/n looking around before her eyes landing on something. She had told her friend she was going over there which happened to be the pizza place.

“I’ll be back,” I didn’t want stay long to hear them tease me about my reddened face. While pushing my chair back the legs of it slightly squeaking against the floor I stood up and made my way towards where she was now standing in line.


I felt as if my heart was going to come out of my chest and run to him. I sat the bags I was carrying on the table and looked around to find something good to eat. Chicken? Nah, Chinese food? My stomach is not going to digest that, Pizza? hearing my stomach growled I took that as a yes. I told Mina where I was going and went unknowingly not noticing a spiky blonde deciding to follow. There was six people in front of me so I took the chance to look up at the menu. The pizzas slices were big but I’m hungry so why not. My phone vibrated in my hands, I looked down and it was a text from Mina telling me to turn around. Just thinking she could see me from are table. I (did a full 180) turned around and was face to face with a familiar letterman’s jacket, I mentally panicked as I slowly traveled my eyes across his jacket , passing his bobbing adams apples, overlooking his sharp jawline, and finally meeting his intense, yet gentle red eyes. It was a setup she did that on purpose she owes me big time. I didn’t know what to say, what if I stuttered? or did something stupid. While I was having battle with my inner thoughts a saw a big calloused hand that looked ever so soft, waved once in front of my face.

“I’m sorry d-did you say s-something,” mentally slapping myself for stuttering. He just looked a me before tilting his head slightly looking pass me. I turned back to see the line moved up, so I followed the person in front of me seeing now it was only two people left. I felt someone gently tap my shoulder making me involuntarily shudder, I turned back to see still see him.

“Um..I know we don’t really talk or anything but…”, he took a slight pause putting his hand behind his neck I could almost sense how nervous he was before he continued “Would you like to come to our party tonight,” Bakugou look at me with hope in his eyes, despite him looking emotionally detached.

“Sure,” really I could’ve said yes or I would be delighted to but really sure ugh. Seeing his face slightly altered I was to reassure him.

“I m-mean yes as i-in I would be happy t-to go, I’m sor-,”I was cut off by a slight chuckle that came from a rough but demure voice.

“It’s fine y/n; you don’t have to say sorry, you didn’t do anything.” He knows my name. I mean all I ever do is have my head stuffed into books and never wanted problems.

“Are you ok your face is red, bakugou,” slightly confused also not realizing I was teasing him. He was a little hesitant, soon he had broke eye contact to stare at the floor.”


“Huh but-”

“Start calling me Katsuki.” Before I can reply I hear the cashier say next in line prompting me to turn away.

“Welcome to (random pizza place) what would you like to order?”

“Can I get-” I am then silenced by the same voice from before.

“Four slices of pepperoni pizza with two soft drinks”

“That will be $11.98,” I reach into my purse to pull out the money when a hand goes over mine to stop me.

“I got it,” I look up to see Katsuki now giving the cashier the money and in return the two cups. The workers then took the four pizzas then put them in the oven. Katsuki then turned to me and gave me a cup then we moved to the soda fountain machine. I put my cup under the ice dispenser till it was full and then put the cup under the (favorite drink) dispenser. After I moved out the way I saw him do the same thing and I proceeded to grab a lid securing it on tightly and straw. Furthermore glanced over to the the oven to see the worker taking out the pizzas and putting it in the box before handing it to Katsuki. He then walked away looking back to make sure I was following him. I see that the table he went to is further away from where are friends sat at. He pulled out my chair and I took a seat he later took the seat in front of me. I was stunned since all this was happening so fast.

“Is this suppose to be our first date?,” I had finally gather up the courage to ask him. His face darkened with the hue of red equally similar to his friends red hair. He didn’t reply he just passed me my two slices of pizza. I decided to change the subject to talk about his upcoming game this Friday.

“So, I heard your game is Friday right?,” his eyes met mine.

“Yea it is, I w-would like it if you would be there,” hearing him say that peaked my interest as there was a slight stutter when he spoke.

“Oh so you like me,” not realizing I said that out loud he swiftly looked away unable to say anything back but his blush gives him away. I glanced at him to see him looking down in his lap.

“I’m sorry I didn’t mean to say that out loud”. I then decided to take a sip of my drink coming to my senses I realized this tasted nothing like what I thought I put in there. I’m guessing katsuki could feel my dissatisfaction. I looked down in my lap fidgeting with my fingers while he got up and went to the vending machine. When he came back I seen he only had one soda.

Wanna share, dumbass,” I felt myself smile as I looked up at him and nodded. He then put two straws in the can and sat back down.

“I know this seems cheesy, but would you like to go out with me?. Not by coincidence like this,”he asked as I felt his calloused hands sliding into my own.

“I would love to,” kind of glad that I agreed to go to the mall with Mina.

☾ ⋆*・゚:⋆*・゚:⠀ *⋆.*:・゚ .: ⋆*・゚: .⋆

I feel like the ending was so wack but I tried and I was tired🤗


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As Izuku Midoryia’s twin sister, you face many issues. But as life throws you one after another, somehow there are two people who are always there for you.

Enjoy the series! one two

It was September 13th, and you came into the world. Into the arms of your mother, she was able to look at you lovingly before handing you to your father. Big, bright green eyes and dark green hair with pale skin and few freckles. You were healthy if not on the skinny side, and surprisingly, not crying your eyes out like most children do. It would be something to be concerned about if you were not looking at your father’s face curiously, and then at the room around you. To your eyes which had seen nothing but darkness, the bright room looked like heaven.

Five minutes and two seconds after, your brother came to the world after you, crying and screaming louder than most children, but at least it was more normal than you. Your mother held him for a minute, before you both were taken by the nurses to be checked for health. Your brother, with dark green hair with lighter highlights and dark green eyes with more freckles than you, was smaller although he had been the one getting the most food. He wiggled around and cried, being the loudest one around.

You, on the other hand, was surprisingly calm except when a needle had been stuck into you to check for your health, causing you to cry for a minute before getting distracted by the nice nurse caring for you. You were washed, and put into the softest blanket-outfit thing with mittens, which you hated, and taken back to your parents with the nurses’ disappointment. Your brother’s caretaker was more than happy to give him back though. Your mother held your brother, loving looking at him with happiness in her eyes as he looked at his sleeping face.

“Look how sweet, he’s snoring.” Your dear mother, Inko Midoryia, looked up at her husband, Hizashi, who held you. “She’s looking around. She’s so calm, it’s almost worrying.” He smiled at you, who was now running your entire hand along one of his fingers, surprised by the rough texture. “They look different.” Inko smiled, now looking at you with lust in her eyes. “She’s prettier. Hands down. And better behaved.” He explained as Inko smiled back at her son, sighing. “They’re going to be equal, and be best friends.” She smiled happily.

“She’s going to protect him, and he’s going to do the same for her. If they’re not, then we’ve failed as parents.” Inko explained, thinking about how her own sister hadn’t talked to her in years. “Yes, but I can tell she’s going to be the leader.” Hizashi explained to his wife, who shot him an annoyed side-eye that went un-noticed. “That’s okay though. As long as they’re both happy.” Inko smiled back at her son, hoping that she wouldn’t have to worry about them. Little did she know…

Four years later from that day, you and your brother went to the theme park for your birthday with your two parents. Your brother, named Izuku by your dear mother, was holding onto your arm as you both entered the park. “Ichiko! Look!” He pointed up to the tall rollercoaster overlooking the rest of the park, using your name. You had been named Ichiko by your father, which meant “Alpha” or “First child”. It was known to everyone who observed his actions that your father not only favored you, but loved that you were the stronger, taller, and “best” compared to your brother.

“We should ride it! Come on Dad, let’s go!” You began to run before your father grabbed onto your arm and pulled you back forcefully, making him receive several glances from the parents around him for treating a young child with such force and strength. Yet, in his words “you could handle it”, and thanks to his forceful parenting, you had built up the strength to get used to it. “Not yet, we’re waiting on someone.” Just as he finished his sentence, he was met with yelling from nearby. “Is that Inko Midoryia?!” 

You all turned to see a spiky-haired blonde woman running towards you. “Inko babe! It’s been so long!! You haven’t changed a bit!!” She hugged your mother, before turning to your father. “Aye! ‘Zashi bro! How’s it going?! God, you two are such highschool sweetheart goals!” She yelled loudly and full of energy, before turning to the two of you. “Are these who I think they are?! Oh my gosh, you guys are adorable! God I wish I would have had a daughter, you’re such a dollface! And you, such a lady’s man! Goodness me!”

‘Mitsuki, it’s so good to see you. Where’s little Katsuki and-” Inko was interrupted by yelling from a small child walking up to you. “Mommmm. Where’s my water bottle, I can’t find it!” You turned to see a smaller, male version of Mitsuki with the same hairstyle and a black skull t-shirt with shorts. “Katsuki, be quiet. At least say hi to Inko and her children. We brought you to have a play date. It’s their birthday.” Mitsuki explained, before turning back to continue her conversation with the adults. 

“Hi! I’m Ichiko!” You waved at the boy, who looked quite shocked. “It’s your birthday?” Katsuki asked as you nodded, before pulling out a plastic water bottle from your tiny backpack. “It’s unopened. You look hot.” You grinned, tossing it to him as he caught it. He inspected the closed lid before opening it slowly and taking a long sip suspiciously. “I didn’t put anything in it silly. Now do you want to go on that flipping ship or the roller-coaster? I think the two of us meet the height requirement!” You asked as his eyes lit up. A girl who liked rollercoasters??!!

No way, he had to reveal you for the fake extra you really were. “Rollercoaster. I heard it does two 180s, and it’s really fast. I heard someone fell off and broke their leg.” He tried to make you nervous, but only was even more confused when you began smiling. “Well if it’s really fun and it was only the leg, we’ll be fine! Plus two 180s is better than one, so that’s great!!” Bakugo watched as you turned to Izuku who was behind you. “This is my brother Izuku.” You gestured to him, who waved shyly, receiving a confused glance from Katsuki.

So the girl was the outgoing one and the boy was the shy, short one? Strange, but also weirdly cool. Katsuki didn’t have any girl friends, and barely any friends to begin with, so many you could be cool. “Alright kiddies, let’s go.” Katsuki’s dad came up behind you three, smiling as you and the blond got excited, Izuku not so much. Without warning, you grabbed Katsuki’s hand and pulled him towards the nearest ride, a fast rollercoaster that allowed smaller children to ride, not the safest decision, but one that you were more than overjoyed with.

You and Katsuki must of gone on that rollercoaster over five times, loving each one more than the last. After the first one, Izuku choose to stay with the parents who watched the kids and talked about their recent lives. The habit of Izuku staying behind seemed to continue, when the ride was only 2 people per row, or you two wanted to ride something that was two scary. You and Katsuki shared a cotton candy, and Bakugo got you a balloon who he had “ borrowed” from another kid just for you.

You and Katsuki spent hours talking, laughing, and becoming friends. Mitsuki was beyond shocked, seeing her son socialize like never before with a child his age. Katsuki told you about the preschool his mom had looked at, and how his older cousin had gotten his quirk and he was beyond jealous. “I don’t know what mine is, but it’ll be awesome! I know it!” He told you as you nodded, content with just listening to his rant. Just as you two turned the corner to walk down the sidewalk towards the carousel, the kid who Bakugo had “borrowed” the balloon from ran towards him.

“You little brat! You’re going to pay for this!” He freaked out, grabbing a football from his friend’s hand and throwing it at Bakugo. “Hey!” You yelled, reaching out your hand in front of Bakugo. As if time was slowing down, you watched as the football separate into particles, almost like droplets of melted football, and stand mid-air before your face. You pushed your hand back, and as it moved, the droplets joined back together and fell to the dirt below your feet. “Dude, let’s go! These kids are crazy!”

You turned around to see Katsuki, his parents, your parents, and your dear twin brother all staring at you, stars in their eyes. “Mama! Daddy! Did you see what I did?!” You cheered, jumping up and down as your father picked you up happily. “That’s my girl! On your fourth birthday too! Your mom and I didn’t even get ours until we were at least five!” He hugged you proudly, before setting you down as Izuku gave you a high five. “Wow! You can move things with your mind, and separate them into liquids! That’s like mom and dad’s quirk together!” Izu cheered happily as you turned to Bakugo.

“Your… your quirk is SO COOL!” He exclaimed, running to you, grabbing your hands, and jumping excitingly. “God, imagine what you could do with that! You could kick a soccer ball and make it go forever! Or you could even make all the rain come off of you if you don’t have an umbrella!” He continued smiling, before engulfing you in a tight hug. Mitsuki almost cried, shaking a teary-eyed look with Inko, happy her son was socializing. She had become worried about his mental state, being such an angry human being from the beginning. She was worried he wouldn’t be able to function with other kids, and would be an outcast. But no…

“What are we waiting for?! Let’s go! I saw a water gun thing to win a stuffed pokemon! I want the Pikachu!” He yelled out, laughing playfully as he grabbed your hand and pulled you into the crowd and towards the fun. As Izuku trailed behind with the adults, he smiled at how happy you were. You and Bakugo were such good friends, he couldn’t help but be happy that you had another friend to keep you company and make you happy, exactly what you deserved. Little did Izuku know that when he had let you and Bakugo go ahead, he bought himself a life of being the third wheel on your friendship with Katsuki.

It was September 13th, a year later, and birthday decorations laid around the apartment of Inko Midoryia. “Happy birthday Ichiko and Izuku, happy birthday to you.” The children around you sang, crowded around a table. You sat next to your twin brother, smiling before you both turned and blew out the five candles on the cake in front of you. “Good job guys!” Your mom, Inko Midoryia, ran up to you, cutting a piece for each of you, giving one to you first. You looked around at the table, seeing fifteen children from your preschool who you were friends with.

Mitsuki Bakugo and her husband were taking the presents that you and Izuku had unwrapped to your room, and your own mother was making lively conversation with the rest of the parents at the party. Looking around, you were upset to find your father gone, braking his promise that he would come this time. On and off, your father’s visits seemed to grow farther from one another as time passed. After you had gotten your quirk, your parents had quickly begun arguing, eventually causing your father to storm out.

Throughout the divorce and your fifth birthday, your mom had moved to a smaller apartment while saving for a house, began getting interested in medication, forcing you and your twin brother to take certain pills and supplements to prevent any depression or abandonment issues from your father leaving, had gotten you, Izuku, and Katsuki together almost daily for play dates, and had put an offer on a townhouse near the Bakugo household.

“Finally you’re five years old! Now you can go on the slide at the playground by yourself! Lucky!” You turned to a spiky-haired blond boy next to you, smiling ear-to-ear as he talked/ yelled at you. “I know, but it’s okay. I won’t go on until you can too.” You smiled as he laughed, high-fiving you. “That’s awesome! But it’s okay, only two more months and then we both can go on it!” He grinned again, even wider than before as you nodded. “All three of us.” You smiled, grabbing the shirt of your twin brother who was listening in on the conversation. 

“Aww, look at you cuties!! Say birthday!!” Bakugo’s mother, a blonde lady with the exact hairstyle as her toddler son, jumped out from nowhere and held up her phone. “Mommmm.” Bakugo complained as the three kids turned to his mother, smiling as her phone flashed, partially blinding them. “Now let’s get out of here, these kids are getting on my nerves. Someone already asked me if they could touch my hair!” Bakugo complained, grabbing your hand and pulling you out as Izuku followed you guys to the doorway. 

“Izu! Ichi! Don’t you want to say goodbye to your guests?” Inko asked as you nodded, grinning as you ran back inside to the table quickly. “Aren’t you going to go?” Katsuki asked Izuku as he shook his head slowly, turning to watch you hug the kids goodbye. “I’m not friends with any of them really. I don’t even know half of them, they’re just Ichi’s friends.” Izuku explained sitting next to Katsuki on the step outside the doorway. “She’s always been the one to make a lot of friends. It’s okay though, I only need her… and you of course.” Izuku smiled at the blond.

Katsuki rolled his eyes, going un-noticed by the green-haired one as the two turned to see their friend and sister walk up behind them. “Bye Maria! I’ll see you tomorrow!” She turned to the boys who stood up quickly at her arrival, smiling at her from behind. “Come on boys, let’s go. The forest is waiting to explore, and the first one we have a year older must be awesome!” Bakugo grabbed the jar that he had brought next to him for bugs, and smiled, walking after her. “Heck ya! My mom uses candles, but we should totally use those lighting bulb bugs.”

You rolled your eyes, giggling as you entered the elevator with the two boys and clicking the elevator button. Bakugo was taller than you by 2.5 inches, and you were taller than Izuku by 4. Yet you and Bakugo had the agreement that when you took the elevator down, you pressed the button, and he would do the same when you all went back up. “Don’t you mean lightning bugs Kacchan?” You asked as he blushed at his own mistake, you and Izuku giggling. “It’s okay, lightbulb bugs sounds cooler, and it’s more accurate.” You hugged Bakugo, grabbing onto his arm. 

“They don’t even look like lightning.” You told him, making him feel only a bit better as the door opened to the first floor and you all walked out. Again, there was an unspoken rule that Izuku would walk behind you two, although you personally never had noticed, Bakugo and Izuku had made it clear with each other. Bakugo liked being by your side when you would grip his arm, and Izuku liked being in the back “to protect you” when really there was no room on the sidewalk for a third.

When you guys got to the forest behind Bakugo’s neighborhood, next to the apartment building that you lived in, you immediately jumped into the nearby tree and began to climb up. Bakugo laughed, knowing how much you loved tree-climbing to no-end. You swung your legs over the branch and hung upside down, fluffing the hair of the two boys who passed beneath you towards the river. “Ichi! Ichi! It’s a bug! Get it Kacchan!” Izuku yelled, receiving a glare from the blond boy as he looked at your brother annoyed.

“Why don’t you get it! I’m busy trying to find the spider my mom put out the other day. She put it under a cup and walked outside and I haven’t found seen him since! She’s a killer!” He yelled, returning to rummaging around the forest bushes with his bare hands. “Hey, be careful. Turns out all snakes aren’t nice like your snake. Look.” You lifted your pant leg and showed two bite marks to the blond as his eyes widened, looking at you, and then back at the bite. “Woah! You survived a whole snake?!” He asked as you nodded, feeling like a champion.

“Yep, here.” You handed him a stick you had taken off the tree before going to your brother, holding your own empty jar to collect the bug Izuku found. Bakugo watched you though, completely shocked at your strength. You were a girl, yet you were here collecting bugs and fighting snakes?! You were incredible!!! He turned. “So Ichiko, have you been training? I still haven’t gotten mine, but I’ve been working on it!” Bakugo flexed his muscles through his black t-shirt, a silver skull on it this time.

“Actually I have. I helped my mom clean the entire house, and I was able to put away all of the groceries in a few seconds. My mom says it’s very helpful, and she’s proud of me.” You grinned as he stared at you, his eyes shining at your talent. “Lemme see Ichi! Lemme see!” He cried out, jumping up and down happily. You smiled, realizing how he hadn’t changed since you met him. “Okay. Izuku, stand still!” You yelled at your brother as he turned to you, shaking in fear as you extended your hand out. 

Before he could respond, the dirt beneath him began to turn into small, liquid pieces and rose in the air, carrying him with it. “Woah! You can lift humans?! That’s amazing!” Katsuki exclaimed as you set your brother down, turning to the blonde boy. “You’re amazing Ichiko! You’re incredible, better than anyone I’ve ever met our age! You’re going to become the best pro hero in the world!” He exclaimed, staring at you as if you were God yourself. “That’s right Katsuki, but you’re going to do it with me!”

You put your hand on Bakugo’s shoulders as he looked at you, very confused as you both ignored your watching twin from the sidelines. “You’re going to be just as good as me, and we’ll become the Dream Team forever!” You smiled as he couldn’t help but feel emotional at you not only accepting him but promising him a future of hope. It was no secret that Bakugo had confidence issues, from where you would never understand, but you saying that made his day. His week. His entire life was altered that moment, where you recognized him as an equal.

Little did you know that you had begun the start of Bakugo’s confidence spree, bullying beginning, and his craving for the constant attention and compliments, not to mention the start to him seeing everyone else as extras. Because… you were perfect in every way, and you had said that he was an equal, so he had to be perfect! Everyone else was an extra, meaningless and weak compared to you both, the Dream Team. Watching from afar, Izuku couldn’t help but feel conflicted, feeling left out and desperate for attention more than ever.

As the years passed, Bakugo and your relationship began to evolve from friends to the best of friends, and to the point where you two were never seen apart from each other. With Izuku in the background, always the one to walk behind when the sidewalk could only fit two people, or the one to sit on the side and just watch as the other two continued a conversation. 

Your father visited you every other weekend, only paying attention to you these days. You and Katsuki played video games all weekend, trained your quirks after school daily, loved rock-climbing on Saturday nights, and even went on “dates” that were never confirmed dates. You’ll never forget the day that everything changed though, when you and Bakugo were playing hide and seek in his house while your mom and Izuku, your small seven-year-old self being able to fit under the table in the hallway. 

As you hid though, you remained undetected as the phone rang, Mitsuki walking and picking it up. From the other side, you could hear your mother’s voice, and the sound of her crying filling your ears. “Whaaaat? Oh Inko, I’m so sorry! I don’t know what to say!” Mitsuki exclaimed as you leaned closer, desperate to hear. “He’s quirkless Suki! I don’t know what to do! I can’t fix this with medicine or a doctors visit! His dream was becoming a hero, and proving himself to Ichiko and Katsuki… but now.” You listened to your mother, currently sobbing as she ranted.

“Oh god, he’s going to get bullied so much Mitsuki! I just… I don’t know what to do! His father isn’t picking up any of my calls, but… he texted me. He says he wants to release any rights to Izuku. Just Izuku! His own father is abandoning him because he’s quirkless, but still wanting a relationship with his daughter?! He’s such a douche, the poor boy has been through enough! You should have seen the look on his face when the doctor told him he would never have a quirk.” You sighed, trying not to make a noise as Mitsuki and your mother continued.

You waited, getting lost in your own thoughts before Mitsuki hung up, sighing sadly before walking back to the living room to talk to her husband who waited by the door, having heard some of the conversation. Finally, you were able to walk back to Bakugo’s room to see him checking under the bed for the 100th time. “There you are!! I’ve been looking all over!” he complained, jumping up and walking over to you. “Hey, what’s wrong with you? You look sad.” He asked as you looked at him, a single tear sliding down your face.

“Katsuki!” You began sobbing, jumping into his arms and clinging to his chest. Unaware of what to do, he patted your back awkwardly, trying to figure out why you were crying. His mom got emotional sometimes and did this, but that was usually fixed by chocolate and that adult grape juice his mom loved. “It’s Izuku. My mom called your mom. She was crying. She said… she said…” You looked up at the blond, still crying. “He’s quirkless! Izuku is quirkless! Oh god, I can’t believe it!” You cried, seeing his eyes open wide as a shocked response.

“He is? But, you have one! Izuku can’t be… He was going to become a hero with us. We were going to be the Dream Team.” Bakugo thought out loud as you nodded, letting him wipe a tear from your cheek gently. “You know what? It’s okay…” You perked up, returning to a smiling state. “Izuku has always been quirkless, we’re just finding out. He’s still my brother, and we’re going to protect him from anyone who wants to make fun of him! Right?! The Dream Duo can do anything!” You smiled as Bakugo watched you, feeling warm inside.

Thanks to Izuku being quirkless, he was able to be even closer to you. He was now going to not just be your partner, but your other half. Izuku might have been your twin at birth, but as soon as Bakugo had met you, he knew he was meant to be the one who you would spend the rest of your life with. Now, with Izuku out of the way, Izuku didn’t have to come to when you guys went to train on the beach, and he didn’t have to come to when you guys fantasized about heroes! Now that he thought about it, Izuku didn’t have to come anywhere with you guys!

And that idea stayed with Bakugo throughout the rest of the years following. Throughout middle and high school, Katsuki began slowly slipping away from any friendship with Izuku. It all started at the beginning of middle school when Katsuki brought the name “Deku” out of nowhere. You said it was an insult, but Bakugo just said that it was an inside joke, turning Izuku’s quirklessness into something funny and not so sad. Izuku said he had no issue with it, and you said you didn’t either if he just didn’t say it around you.

Near the end of middle school, Katsuki began only hanging out with you. Izuku told you that he just didn’t want to come whenever you would invite him, but little did you know what Bakugo had made sure to give him hints that he didn’t want Izuku around. Whether it was an annoyed glance whenever Izuku would talk to him, or purposely tripping him whenever you weren’t around. Izuku just knew it was best if he just stayed behind, and let Bakugo get his way with having alone time with you.

At the beginning of high school, Katsuki gained “followers” who constantly worshipped him, did whatever he wanted, and would do anything for him. This included putting maple syrup in Izuku’s lockers, spamming any social media with hateful messages, and even taking his backpack and lighting it on fire in the parking lot. To you, this was all just unfortunate events due to everyone around the school being hateful. You never would have guessed that your best friend and life-time crush would have been the one torturing your dear twin brother.

Unlike your dear best friend with the spiky hair, you gained many friends during high school. Being the most powerful girl in school, and half of the iconic duo that the entire school worshipped, you constantly had people drooling over you literally and figuratively. You gladly took in as many friends as possible, and had built yourself quite a group of friends. You were friends with the mean girls, who always invited you to sleepovers, the athletes who wanted you at every single game to cheer for them and who you did volleyball with, and even the nerds who did your homework just because you were so nice and defended them.

But now it was the last year of high school for you, and a single month before the end of school no less. You sat in your leadership class, your final period before you could go to volleyball practice and enjoy the donuts they gave out every Thursday. “Now, as I’m sure you all know, the ones currently applying for UA are Ichiko…” The class erupted into claps and hollers in your direction, cheerful faces staring at you from every way. “Bakugo…” The teacher continued as Bakugo smiled widely, happy about the same applause towards him. You couldn’t help but blush as Bakugo winked at you, ignoring the high-fives his way.

“And Izuku…” The entire class grew silent as they looked at the empty desk in front of you. On purpose obviously, Izuku had left to go to the bathroom to avoid any side-eyes. “Oh gosh, he won’t stand a chance…” You heard a random voice murmur, along with many giggled and snickers as you turned to the teacher. “Go on Mr. Kiyoko, we don’t have all day.” You commanded as he nodded, following your orders. “He’ll get crushed by a robot the first chance he gets, am I right?” Bakugo asked you with a cocky tone, smirking as he looked your direction.

“I know… it’s so concerning. I’ll have to protect him at the entrance exam since he won’t have a chance on the physical aspect, but it’ll be so hard to compete against the other students if I’m protecting a helpless human being as well . Plus, even if he gets all of the academic side, so will some of the other students with quirks. I need to convince him not to go, I just have to.” You thought out loud, receiving a smirk from Bakugo and his followers that you didn’t notice. At the same time, Bakugo hated the way that Izuku affected you, and if Deku dared to ruin your high chances of going to your dream school, he would pay big-time.

“Anyways, I hope you all think about your future and complete the essay I gave you about your career choices past high school. I can only hope that you do have a plan after all, or else you wouldn’t bother with high school. Class dismissed.” The teacher lectured as the sound of chairs and desks moving filled the room. “H-hey, Ichiko?” You turned to see Bakugo, looking surprisingly nervous with his blush and the fact that he was avoiding eye contact with you. “Yea?” You smiled, confused by his sudden change in attitude.

“Before practice… could you walk with me for a minute?” He asked as your eyes widened, pretending to be shocked. “And risk missing the donuts at practice?! Of course…” You smirked as he sighed in relief, grabbing his backpack and pulling it onto one of his shoulders. “Lead the way ‘Suki.” You smiled sweetly, making his heart melt at his nickname as he passed you and walked out into the hallway. You followed, grabbing onto his arm, a habit you always did with him. 

Down one of the side hallways and into the main one, you saw how all of the classrooms had been cleared of people, leaving you alone. Bakugo stopped, causing you to stop abruptly. “Ichiko, I- I need to say something, and I need you to let me finish please.” You nodded at him, slightly nervous at what he could possibly be saying. You had been confessed to multiple times by both girls and guys, told that they had undying love for you and that you needed to “let them finish”.

Was Bakugo about to do the same, and fufill your dreams at the same time? You knew that you had strong feelings for him, constantly being unable to peel your eyes away from him while at the gym, and always clinging onto him whenever you would walk. You would blush when your friends would tease, and giggle nervously whenever Bakugo’s “friends” called you his girlfriend. It was no secret that almost the entire school shipped you itself, and that you two would be a perfect match. 

You were sweet, and he was salty. You were gorgeous, and he was handsome. You were the most heroic, and he was a villain but with morals. “I… I don’t know how to say this actually. I wrote this entire speech in my room at 2 am a few months ago, and I’ve been practicing for weeks…” He looked up at you, meeting eye contact with your gorgeous dark green eyes that he could get lost in if he wanted to, which he did most times. “God, please go easy on me. This isn’t-” Bakugo was interrupted by you cupping his face and kissing him suddenly.

As an instinct, he used his hand on your back to push you into him, and his other hand to hold the back of your head and intensify the kiss. He couldn’t describe how much he had wanted this, and you felt the same. Like a wave washing over you and releasing all the daydreams and urges, you felt at ease for once in months. “I feel the same way Katsuki.” You told him, using his full name because it felt right. “God, what are you doing to me?” Katsuki asked, feeling as if he was melting at your touch.

In an instant, he was single-handily able to push you into a classroom and lock the door behind him, pushing you up against the wall as he kissed you. “God, I’ve wanted to do this for so long.” He whispered, moving his lips to your neck and beginning to kiss it tenderly and hard. He couldn’t count how many times he had stared at your neck and wanted to decorate it, to show that you were his. And now you were, finally after all this time. “M-me too.” You confessed, letting your hands roan his back freely.

You slipped off your shirt happily, him staring at you the entire time. “Oh god… ‘Chiko. I’m in love with you.” He confessed as you stood there, standing at him with open eyes. “I mean it… I promise, I wouldn’t just say it to get what I want or make you like me more. I love you, and I have for awhile.” He leaned in to kiss you slowly and passionately. “I love you too Katsuki. I’ve always loved you, and I’ll never stop.” You smiled, grabbing your arms around his torso as you continued the slow and hot kiss.

In the rush and heat of the moment, mixed with the lust and sexual tension that filled the air, you began to strip yourself of your shirt as he stared at you, your pastel blue lacy bra and the tan lines from when you could go to the beach every afternoon when you weren’t playing video games. You really were Katsuki’s dream girl, and you had always been. Katsuki pressed himself against your bare skin before stripping off his own shirt, throwing it to the side without a care in the world. He was going to make you feel so good…

“Ichiko?! Where are you?!” You stared at Bakugo worryingly, recognizing Izuku’s voice immediately. You jumped from Bakugo’s torso to your shirt, throwing it on and fixing the wrinkles. You grabbed the hair tie on the floor next to you and threw it into a messy bun. “Is my lip gloss okay?” You whispered, facing him as he looked at you up and down. Moving his thumb along the line of your lip to fix it, he smiled sadly before meeting your eyes. “Perfect as always.”

You smiled, a blush returning to your face as you recalled the actions that had just taken place. You moved and kissed his lips, holding him closely. “We can resume this tomorrow, and for the rest of our lives.” You smiled, kissing his nose and pecking his lips again before racing out. “Yea?! Izuku? I’m here!” You called out before seeing your twin come out of another classroom. “Oh good. You weren’t in the gym when I went to look and the team is passing out donuts.”

You smiled, nodded, and fixed the tie on your uniform before walking to the gym with him, looking back from time to time. The feeling of Bakugo’s hands remained on your body, sending sensational chills and an addictive feeling that was better than any drugs. You were in love with Katsuki Bakugo, and he felt the same! On the other side of the school, Katsuki was walking home angrily, before stopping by the gym. He watched you walk in, nearly tackled by your friends.

He also saw Izuku, friend-less and lonely, walking in after you with a sad smile. “Deku…” Bakugo murmured angrily, upset that even after years of trying to stop him, Izuku couldn’t get the hint. Bakugo knew that he would not be able to be with the love of his life until Deku learned his place, and stayed far away from you. It was quite simple actually, and if Deku had a brain, surely he would realize that you were better off. You were athletic, brilliant, popular, out-going, and powerful beyond anyone could ever imagine. 

Deku was weak as humanly possible, a nerd without the brains, disliked and avoided by close to everyone in the school, shy and nervous, and of course, quirkless. No, useless. There were quirkless people who did something productive with their lives, but here Izuku was wasting away, begging for a quirk that was suitable for a hero to magically drop out of the sky and turn him into the next All Might. It was laughable honestly, that Izuku was trying to be a hero when he could have done something good with his pathetic life instead of dreaming.

It was about time that Bakugo stopped Deku from ruining his life, and began forcing the poor boy to see the truth of his life, and to learn his place in the back of the line. He didn’t deserve his sister’s love like Bakugo did, and he had to make sure that he got it. Deku would ruin everything if he could, and he had to be stopped. As Bakugo watched Deku sit on the bleachers and scroll through his phone, Bakugo smirked, an idea popping into his head as he pulled out his phone.

That night, Bakugo texted you for hours upon hours, sweet nothings and simple conversation like usual. Above everything else, you loved the fact that over years of friendly flirting and sexual tension, nothing changed once your love for each other was out there in the open. You still talked about heroes, how annoying your classmates were, and how excited you were about the UA exams coming up. You both planned to have you spend the night with Bakugo the night before, and that morning you would go on a 3 mile run and chug protein shakes.

The night before, he even promised to allow you to give him a face mask, but only if you would go night swimming with him. You happily agreed, and began fantasizing about your futures together. You both wanted a luxury condo with a salt water pool and a home gym, and a single cat and dog. You would travel a lot, and have a Summer home in Hawaii, the single place both of you guys just dreamed about. Little did you know that in the room over, your brother was feeling the opposite of happiness.

When you sat at the dinner table, you were on your phone texting Bakugo and couldn’t see him playing with his food. When you were brushing your teeth next to him, you were on a call with Bakugo and didn’t see his red, puffy eyes. And when you said goodnight, you were laughing about a joke Bakugo had said and didn’t realize he didn’t say it back, which was beyond abnormal. It wasn’t until morning, when you arrived at the table for breakfast and found Izuku gone, was when you realized that something was up. He had even forgotten his lunch??

You rode your skateboard to school like normal, meeting up with Bakugo for the first class of the day, which you didn’t have with Izuku. You and Bakugo sat down next to each other, playing footsies under the table as you did your math. He then walked you to your social studies when he went to the science classroom next to it. You guys switched classes after, him going to social studies and you going to science, doing the signature high-five you guys had created from childhood while swapping.

Finally it was fourth period, the first class of the day that you had with Izuku and Bakugo. It was Hero Studies, your favorite class. But first, you had to give Izuku his lunch. You walked down the hallway, seeing the green-haired boy from afar. “Izu! You forgot this at home!” You called out, still skipping happily wth the memories from yesterday fresh in your mind. This time, you finally noticed Izuku’s weird behavior when he didn’t turn around. “Thank you Ichiko, you can leave.” You looked over to see he was staring at his phone intensely.

When you saw the single tear drip from his cheek to the phone screen, you snatched it out of his hand and held it up, staring back at your brother who was now facing you. A single black eye, a light scrape on his right cheek, and bright red, puffy eyes looked back at you. “Oh my god, what the hell happened?” You asked as he closed his eyes, trying not to cry. You hugged him while bringing the phone screen in front of you, looking at his recents. It was Bakugo’s number which you knew by heart, followed by all of his “friends”.

Kill yourself.                                      You fucking ruin everything.                

                    Worthless Deku.                                         Die you fucker.

Waste of space.                               Take a dive off the roof.              

                     You’re pathetic.                                          Your own dad hates you.

Freak.                                              Nobody likes you.  

                     Your sister hates you.                                You deserve to die.

Don’t come to school tomorrow.      Meet us behind the school early.

You looked up at your brother, unable to believe your own eyes. “I-I was going to tell you, but you just seemed so happy with him. I didn’t… I didn’t want to ruin anything else!” Izuku began sobbing into your chest as you held him close. “Bakugo sent you these?” You asked your brother, unable to believe it even though it was right in front of your eyes. How could you have not seen it sooner? Bakugo wasn’t a jerk to Izuku because it was funny or friendly, but because Izuku was quirkless, he was terrible to him. 

You couldn’t help but feel tricked, practically lied to that that point. The same boy who would tell you that he loved you, and had always loved you, would beat up your dear brother and tell him to kill himself. You couldn’t help but feel tears overwhelming up as you ran down the hall and to the Hero Studies class, seeing Bakugo. “Hey cutie, what’s u-” As he went to do the handshake, you punched him right in the face, sending him to the floor as a crowd surrounded you. “What was that for?!” Bakugo yelled as you grabbed his water bottle.

“You!” You kicked him in his stomach, seeing the students surround you in a circle. “You kiss me and tell me you love me, but then you beat up my brother and tell him to kill himself!” You threw Bakugo’s backpack at him, hitting him in the face. “You’re pathetic! You go threw all the trouble of calling me your best friend and then you do shit like this! You’re pathetic and heart-breaking and I hate you! I hate you so much Katsuki!” You screamed, tears pooling down your face as he stared back at you, unable to believe your words.

“I hate you so much! And I’m never speaking to you again!” You screamed before running out of the classroom, and out of the school towards downtown.

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↝ Although most of the media refers to his rude behavior, Bakugou’s daughter would never let anyone badmouth her father, not when she was there to tell them off.

A/N: I will gladly use any excuse to write about dad!bakugou and I always use the name Suki because I’m too unoriginal to come up with another name lol. Also I’m sorry if this is shitty it’s not my best :( Thank you for requesting and I hope you enjoy! :)

Pairing: dad!bakugou x female!reader

Warnings: swearing

Word Count: 2432

✐posted 05.23.2020✐


“I’m gonna be late to the agency, cover for me,” Bakugou said curtly into his phone, looking at his watch as he stood outside under the beaming sun. He wiped a streak of sweat from his forehead, leaning against his car outside of the middle school. The bell would ring any second and a hoard of children would stampede out the doors soon. And Bakugou was not looking forward to that.

“I’ll see what I can do. You know the boss isn’t gonna be happy, right?” Kirishima sighed through the other line.

Bakugou scoffed. “As if I give a shit about what he has to say. I have to pick up the brat today, Y/N’s stuck in the office later than usual.”

Kirishima laughed. “You call her a brat but you know damn well you’d do anything for that little girl.”

Bakugou smirked, sliding his hand into his front pocket. “She’s my kid, of course I’d do anything for her.”

Finally the bell rang and Bakugou hung up, shoving the device into his back pocket. The front doors to the school opened and a surge of little children came rushing out like swarms of bees in a hive. Parents waiting idly by and inside their cars began roaming around, searching for their kids.

Suki took her time moving out of the classroom, sticking beside her friend, Sana. Sana noticed her friend looking down on this particular day, different from her usual bubbly attitude. “What’s wrong, Suki? You look sad.”

Suki looked at her and let out a little sigh, her thumbs latching onto the loops of her bag straps. “I haven’t seen my dad in a while. He’s been busy for the past few days and I just miss him.”

“Cheer up,” Sana swung her arm around her shoulders, “You’re dad’s the coolest hero there is! I always see him on the news saving people and beating villains up so it’s not like he wants to leave you alone!”

“I know.” Suki jutted her bottom lip out. “It’d be nice to see him more though.”

The two girls made their way out onto the main entrance and Suki began searching for your (H/C) hair amongst the crowd of parents and children. “That’s weird, I can’t find Mom anywhere.”

“Really? She’s usually never late,” Sana commented, looking around along with her friend. As she searched, she let out a gasp, pointing at the infamous ash blonde that was receiving the most attention out of any adult there. “Suki, look!”

Suki looked along where Sana was pointing and gasped as well, sprinting towards her father. Sana followed her as you would drop her off to her own home everyday after school. Bakugou, who had given up searching momentarily for his daughter and was currently switching his phone off to ignore any calls from his boss, was not prepared when Suki tackled him into a hug. He had luckily managed to catch her body in the last second, his back hitting his car which was behind him for support.

“Dad! You’re here!” Suki said excitedly, nuzzling her head into the crook of his neck.

“You fucking scared me,” Bakugou muttered, shifting Suki in his arms so that she was more secure in his hold.

Suki pulled away, looking at her father with her crimson eyes practically sparkling. “Mom’s usually here, why are you here?”

“She’s busy at work so I’m here,” Bakugou said briefly. He set her down where he finally acknowledged Sana’s existence who was waiting idly and was too shy to speak up. “You’re Sana?”

She nodded, smiling. Bakugou opened the door to the backseat, gesturing at the two girls. “Get in.”

Suki and Sana exchanged energetic glances to one another as they practically jumped into the car. Suki was shaking with exhilaration as it was not often that she would get to spend time with her father outside of the house. But it wasn’t as if Bakugou never saw Suki, he was just busy maintaining the peace in the country as well as protecting innocent civilians from the prying hands of evildoers. Nevertheless, Suki did have a sense of pride whenever her classmates would approach her and talk about her father in which she would use all of her bragging rights in those moments.

Suki leaned forward, her hands grasping onto Bakugou’s seat. She was smiling from ear to ear and Bakugou couldn’t help but smile as he sat down in the driver’s seat. Then he turned his head, scoffing at the sight before him. “How many times have I told you to put your seatbelt on? You’re gonna get hurt if you don’t put that shit on!”

Suki rolled her eyes, crossing her arms over her chest in annoyance. “But it’s annoying! It’s always in my damn way.”

Bakugou sighed, getting out of the car once again and opening the back door. He pulled on the safety belt and secured Suki into her seat. He looked up at Sana who began to panic momentarily under his piercing gaze. “I-I can put it on!”

“It’s alright.” He went around, opening the other door to help her out. He pressed the belt in place with a click and moved towards the driver’s seat once again.

Sana slid towards Suki as much as she could against the restraining belt as Bakugou started the car and exited the school parking lot. “Your dad isn’t as scary as everyone says!” Sana whispered quite loudly as Bakugou was able to hear although he pretended to not listen.

Suki smiled happily, cupping her hand around Sana as she whispered back, “Dad’s really sweet when you actually talk to him.”

Bakugou smirked, making his way down the road and towards Sana’s house. As she lived only a few blocks from the school, it didn’t take long for Bakugou to drop her off. Sana’s mother was waiting by the front door, a shocked expression on her face to see one of the top heroes being the one to drop her child off. She waved hesitantly at him in which Bakugou just raised a slightly belligerent hand. Sana laughed at their exchange, opening the door and exiting the vehicle. She turned around with the widest grin on her face. “Thank you, Ground Zero! You’re even cooler than I thought!”

Bakugou smirked. “Thanks, kid.”

“Bye, Sana!” Suki exclaimed, waving goodbye to her best friend as Bakugou turned the car around towards the direction of his home.

Suki attempted to sit up and move closer to Bakugou’s seat only to be pulled and held down by the restraint of the seat belt. She grumbled under her breath about it but quickly got over it. “Dad, are you really staying at home today? We can finally spend some time together!”

Bakugou let out a sigh, immediately feeling a twinge of guilt. “I’m sorry, kid, I’ve gotta head to the agency right after. My boss’ll kick my ass if I’m late even more.”

Suki felt a pang of disappointment, sitting back in her seat. She was used to this but was still upset to hear her time spent with her father being cut short. “Okay, it’s okay.”

Bakugou felt even more guilty as he saw the sight of her slumped body looking out the window in sadness in the rearview mirror. He genuinely did want to spend more time with his only daughter but it was difficult with such a demanding occupation. Bakugou gripped the steering wheel, pulling over the curb and putting the vehicle in park. Suki sat up, looking at her surroundings in confusion. “What’re we doing here?”

Bakugou turned around. “I’ll call out today. We can do whatever the hell you want.”

Suki gasped in excitement, smiling from ear-to-ear. She took her seat belt off quickly and exited the car with the same amount of speed. Bakugou scowled, quickly rushing to her side as she was almost in the middle of the road where cars were still drifting off. “Be careful! You’re gonna get hit!”

Suki laughed, walking towards the sidewalk. “Sorry!” Although her tone didn’t match her words, Bakugou knew he wouldn’t be able to be upset with her for long.

Bakugou joined Suki at the sidewalk as they began walking side-by-side. He pulled his phone out, sending a quick text to his boss about his calling off from work. Even though he could technically use his vacation days, being a hero was a difficult occupation to throw around vacation days. Bakugou also sent a text to you, wanting to inform you that he was taking Suki out and would return home late.

“So what’re we going to do?” Suki asked, her eyes practically beaming with joy and excitement as she looked up at Bakugou.

“Whatever you want,” Bakugou restated. Suki began scanning the area, squealing as she laid her eyes on the one thing any kid of any age would be excited for: ice cream.

She pointed towards the ice cream truck parked on the side of the curb. Bakugou sighed. “Of course you’d want some fucking sweets. Just like your mother.”

Suki giggled and began moving forward, pulling her father behind her by the hand as she made her way to the truck. Bakugou sighed, ignoring the numerous onlookers staring at the sight of the father-daughter pair. It wasn’t often that mere civilians would get to see one of the top heroes, let alone a hero off duty and spending time with his child. As Bakugou and Suki went to wait, the people in the long line at the truck stared as well, whispering amongst themselves.

“Why’re they all looking at us?” Suki whispered loud enough for Bakugou to hear, looking up at him.

Bakugou sighed, patting her head. “Don’t worry about them. It’s ‘cause I’m a hero.”

Suki nodded, stepping over to the side. Bakugou’s phone began buzzing in his hand and he groaned at the sight of his boss calling. “I’m gonna answer this, just give me a second.”

Suki nodded once more, watching as Bakugou stepped off to the side to answer the call. She smiled as she could see how annoyed he was getting, rolling his eyes a few times.

“That’s Ground Zero?” A young woman in front of Suki whispered to an older woman beside her.

“Yeah, can’t believe he’s here.” The older woman looked towards him, a disgusted look on her face. “I heard that he punched a reporter the other day in Hosu.”

The younger woman gasped, cringing at the sight of Bakugou. Suki frowned, not understanding why these two grown women were gossiping about her father. “Can’t believe he’s the number one hero.”

The older woman nodded in agreement. “Heroes like Deku and Shouto are better choices for number one than that. I have no idea how he’s married or that he has a kid.”

“Mhm, he’s never been seen going out with his wife and daughter in such a long time. He’s probably a bad father like he is a bad hero.”

Suki felt her hands bunch up into fists at her sides. She took a few steps towards them, grabbing their attention with her presence. “He’s not a bad father.”

The two women were startled, not expecting a young child to overhear what they were saying let alone confront them about it. The older woman cleared her throat. “I beg your pardon?”

“He’s not a bad father,” Suki reiterated. “It’s because of people like you that everyone thinks he’s a bad person but he’s the one risking his life for you.”

By now a few other people in front of the two women turned around, wanting to know what the commotion was. “You all think that you know what heroes go through ‘cause that’s all you see in the news, but heroes put others before themselves to save your sorry asses.”

The older woman gasped at Suki’s language and tone. “Young lady, you’re being really rude right now.”

“What? Like you weren’t being rude while talking about other people as if you have nothing better to do?” Suki retorted. “My dad busts his ass off out there to save people like you. But you can dismiss all of that just ‘cause he doesn’t like these nosy ass news reporters trying to barge into his private life?”

The women were quiet now, feeling the eyes now shifted onto them as the others waiting in line whispered in disapproval and disappointment. At this point, even Bakugou, who had finished his brief phone call, was stunned by his daughter sticking up for him. He smirked, feeling proud to have a daughter not take anyone’s shit, no matter who it was.

Not wanting her to have to deal with the women any longer, Bakugou decided to step in, placing a hand on Suki’s shoulder. She was startled, turning her head towards her father. The women shifted under the intensity of Bakugou’s gaze. “If you don’t mind, I’m gonna take my kid and leave. You know, just be a bad father and all somewhere else where we don’t have to hear this bullshit.”

The women were now looking wide-eyed at Bakugou and Suki, feeling embarrassed as they finally acknowledged the stares they were receiving. The older woman grabbed the younger woman and walked off in the opposite direction, mumbling incoherently under their breaths.

Suki laughed, walking beside Bakugou as they walked towards their car. “Serves them right.”

Bakugou nodded. “So much for wanting to spend time with each other before heading back home.”

“We could get Mom and spend time as a family,” Suki suggested. “Maybe we can show some more people about how much of a ‘bad father’ you are.”

Bakugou laughed, Suki joining in. Being a hero was difficult in every aspect. Not only is your safety being jeopardized, but the media doesn’t help at all either. Heroes who are known for being abrasive or dismissive are ruled to be rude and disrespectful and their merits are completely unacknowledged. Bakugou never cared for any of these comments nor did he ever care for what others had to say about him. Besides, having a daughter defend him and his heroism made it easier to deal with and made it all worthwhile.

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A/n- Hey! I hope everyone is staying safe and healthy! Hopefully these lighthearted head cannons requested by @bitweird1​ can help lift your spirits, even if by a bit!

A/n- These headcannons will be taking place a bit in the future, like the boys are pro heroes by now, but just barely if that makes sense!

Trigger Warnings- Cursing and some crying, oh and alcohol consumption!



Originally posted by aishitetsuro

  • “Zuku!!!!”
  • Poor boy, he gets so scared by your scream
  • He’ll rush into the bathroom and just stare at the back of your head for a moment or two before you turn around to look at him
  • “What happen- Oh.” 
  • He’ll stare at your choppy and lopsided bangs for a second or two before cracking a small smile
  • “I love it!” 
  • You know he’s trying to make you feel better, but damnit, you know it looks bad!
  • So many tears and reassurances for about an hour
  • Right as you’re calming down, he’ll grab the scissors and give you a big ol’ grin
  • “Zuku? What are y- IZUKU! NO!” 
  • He’s a very supportive boyfriend, okay?
  • If his s/o is going to be walking around with choppy bangs, then he will too damnit!
  • You’ll force him to put down the scissors and he’ll huff in annoyance
  • But silently thank any deity that you took them away
  • He’ll probably set up the couch to look like a nest of pillows and blankets and fix up your favorite snack so you can watch cartoons together
  • “I know you hate you bangs, but at least you don’t look like season one Zuko.” 
  • Cue a dirty look
  • And cue a soft smile accompanied by a kiss to your sort of and sort of not exposed forehead
  • “I’ll see if my mom can come over tomorrow to help fix it!”
  • “Thanks Zuku :)”



Originally posted by neo-nectar

  • So, it started off with bangs
  • And you LOVED them
  • And Shouto seemed to appreciate them quite a bit as well
  • Like any other responsible adult, you had been in a self quarantine for awhile
  • And like any other bored adult, you were watching ‘Tiger King’
  • And drinking a bit irresponsibly 
  • Mezcal, Tequila and Modelo don’t mix well with almost 6 straight hours of Tiger King
  • Shouto was off running some patrols so you were alone and there was no one to stop you
  • No one to stop you from grabbing the clippers in your bathroom
  • Shouto came home to you passed out on the bathroom floor surrounded by hair
  • He couldn’t lie, considering the fact that you were probably shit faced, you did a pretty good job
  • A pretty decent job at giving yourself your own mullet
  • Yes, a mullet
  • He carried you to bed after making sure you had no hair clinging to you
  • And then proceeded to clean the bathroom floor of all cut and shaven hair
  • The morning after, like most things involving ungodly amounts of alcohol was painful
  • Shouto was still sleeping so you wandered into the bathroom to grab some advil from the medicine cabinet
  • And came face to face with a great value Joe Exotic
  • Lots of hysterical laughter
  • Lots of tears
  • And lots of cursing
  • “Good morning.” 
  • You poked your head out of the bathroom to see Shouto chuckling to himself as he walked into the kitchen
  • “I look like the great value Joe Exotic.”
  • Shouto proceeds to stare at you with the most confused look on his face
  • “You look like Joe Exotic to me.”
  • “Thanks Sho… Thanks…”



Originally posted by sixcorrupted

  • He told you it was a bad idea
  • From the moment he saw the foil and the bleach and the neon green, he knew it was a bad idea 
  • “C’mon, help me! Please?”
  • “No. Your hair, your demise, dumbass.”
  • You knew you should’ve watched a Brad Mondo video before this
  • But you reallyyyyyy wanted to look like those insta baddies or egirls
  • You know, the ones with the strands of bright hair in the front?
  • Needless to say, you should’ve listened to Katsuki
  • One thing or another went wrong with the bleach, and next thing you know, your taking off the foils, but your newly bleached hair is breaking and going with it
  • You stood for a solid minute or two in front of the mirror before walking into your shared bedroom as if you didn’t just lose a good chunk of hair
  • “Hey, Y/n! Like the hair, dipshit.” 
  • His smirk pissed you off the most
  • The damn cocky bastard and his perfect white smile
  • You just stared at him and bawled your eyes out
  • “I-I…. I just wanted to look like an insta baddie!!” 
  • He’s so confused
  • Doesn’t know what an insta baddie is
  • Lowkey looks it up 
  • Just stares at you while you cry in the doorway 
  • But he’s not a shit boyfriend
  • He’ll run to you and hold you while you cry in the door way
  • And while he strokes your hair that didn’t fall, he’ll bite his lip and refrain from laughing hysterically
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Boku No Hero Academia

❝ What You Deserve ❞

Bakugou Katsuki x F!Reader

Note- (f/d)= Favourite Drink

I saw an artist that drew what Bakugou has gone through (when he was restrained with locks back in the sports festival arc, him being kidnapped by LoV and stuff) and the way it was drawn made me realize how much this boy has actually gone through. I just thought he deserved a hug so here you go! Fluff fanfic of Bakugou being hugged by you  🥺🥺🥰🥰

After you finished unpacking your things in your new room at the Heights Alliance, you decided to tour the place for a bit. When you stepped out of your room, you noticed that no one was around. 

“Guess everyone’s still busy unpacking…”

You mumbled to yourself and decided to give the kitchen a visit. 

When you arrived there, to your surprise, there was someone else there. It was none other than Bakugou. His back was facing you so he probably didn’t notice you approaching him.

“Were you thirsty?”

You ask him out of the blue when you see him holding a glass of water. You could see his shoulder flinched a bit, probably due to the surprise.

“Sorry, didn’t mean to sneak up on you.”

You quickly apologize to him. You didn’t expect him to be surprised. He must’ve been lost in thoughts or something. 

He turns to you with his usual irritated glare. You just laugh awkwardly at his demeanour. Still the same angry pom, this guy.

He turns around and ignores you. You didn’t mind this. The both of you are good friends. Too good, might I add. So you instantly understood that he was feeling under the weather as he ignored you instead of yelling…colourful languages at you.

Well, who wouldn’t honestly? Bakugou was just recently kidnapped by the League of Villains after all. And right after that, All Might was extremely injured to the point of retirement after fighting with the villain associated with the League, All for One. 

Knowing Bakugou, you knew that deep in his heart, he felt extremely guilty and thought that All Might’s injuries were because of him. 

Truth be told, you knew how much this hot-tempered boy has gone through. Because of his attitude, people always thought how much he resembles a villain more than a hero. Some must’ve even thought that the League kidnapped him for this very reason. 

You knew he didn’t deserve this. He worked hard to get to where he is. Most people thought that as long as he has that strong quirk of his, he can get by life easily. That might be true, but even though he’s already strong, he kept training more and more. As a fellow aspiring hero, you did feel a bit frustrated seeing how he’s so ahead of you in becoming a strong Hero but…that frustration was what drove you to do your best too. In a sense, you can say you’re kind of grateful to him, though you’ll never say it aloud of course. 

He might be a douchebag when you first met him but ever since then, he’s changed. Slowly, bit by bit, but surely. And yet, the media and those publics acted as if they knew him so much and judged him just because of what they saw. 

You suddenly had this sudden….urge to do something to him. Something that, in hindsight, might be considered pretty crazy.

But you don’t really care. You think he deserves it, no matter how crazy this thing actually sounds.


You softly call out to him. He grumbles under his breath before slowly turning to face you, clearly annoyed. 

As soon as he did, you tightly wrapped his strong built with your arms. After realizing what you had done, Bakugou’s face flushes a bit and he opens his mouth to scream at you to let him go but before he could, you beat him to it and start talking.

“Katsuki, you…I know you’ve worked hard to get here. You’ve been through a lot and you don’t deserve it, really. Don’t let what others say get to you much, okay? And hey, I’m here anytime if you need someone to talk to!”

You pat his back several times before releasing him. You send him a soft smile and wait for his response.

“You little….why the hell a hug out of all things?”

He clicks his tongue once and turns away from you. That reaction was more or less expected by you. 

You left the question unanswered. You then heave a sigh with a wry smile and about to leave when he shoves a cup of (f/d) to you.

“…I never asked for you to cheer me up….but thanks…”

He said while grumbling but the last two words came out as a mumble that was out of your hearing.

“Uh..what was that at the end? Sorry, I didn’t catch it.”

You curiously asked which makes him glare daggers at you.

“It’s nothing, you dumbass!”

He shouted at you and stormed off, leaving you with the (f/d) he made.

You decided to shrug it off and take a sip of the (f/d). 

“Oh wow, it’s delicious.”

The End


“We know what’s up, Y/N.”

Mina says with her arms crossed, a black sunglasses covering her eyes.

“Uh…what EXACTLY is up?”

You question her while sweatdropping. Ochaco and Tooru seems to be doing the same pose while Jirou, Momo and Tsuyu look at you with a sheepish smile on their faces.

“Don’t act like you don’t know! Why didn’t you tell us you and Bakugou are dating?!”

Tooru flails her arms in excitement. You look at her in disbelief. Well, this is unexpected. 

“We saw you hugging Bakugou, you know? Don’t play dumb now~”

Ochaco joins in on the conversation while poking your cheek. 

“No, I—”

“No girl could get close like that to him. And you even HUGGED him. How can you two not be dating?”

Tsuyu puts her finger on her chin while saying this. You were left speechless for a moment. Even Tsuyu is pressuring you for an answer now.

“No, really, we’re not dating. I’m positive about that. We’re just friends.”

“But you like him, right? I mean, not as a friend but as a…y'know?”

Kyoka smirks at you, making you freeze in your place. 

“Geez, fine, fine. You want to know so badly, right? For your information, yes, I do like him. But NO. We are NOT dating.”


Momo adds to your sentence, making the others giggle in unison. You heave a sigh in defeat. Seems like this conversation will go on for a pretty long while.

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stuff I’m working on:


- soft version of merBaku wanting a family (requested)
- mershark Bakugo mating (request)
- naga!Dabi pt. 2 (requested)
- secret Baku x reader fic that might be a lil weird (not a req)
- dragon king Bakugo and dragon Kiki x reader (kinkabet) 
- holstaur cow (request)


- merBakugo/shark!Baku (4)
- Bakugo birthday w/ shy reader

commissions: 1


just thought I’d let you guys get a lil peek at what I’m working on/planning to work on soon~ I tried to order them in what I hope to be working on first and then make my way down~ let me know what you guys think and spread the word~ hehe, would love to get your thoughts on some of these ideas~ I’m excited after taking a few days to play animal crossing~

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I just want Bakugo cuddles 🥺 Thank you to @gallickingun@katsukisprincess​ and @yuueimagines​ helping me start this baby+give me ideas! <3


Bakugo x reader

Genre: Fluff

Word Count: 1985

Warnings: cussing (it’s Bakugo there’s ALWAYS cussing)

Summary: It’s one of the hottest days of the year, yet Bakugo still wants to hold you close to him. You try to fight off his cuddle attack, but it’s no use-when Bakugo wants something, he will get it. No matter what.


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