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HI!! You’re my first BNHA matchup request!!

Here it is

I match you with…

Kirishima Eijirou


Originally posted by haruicchi

  • I think Kirishima will greatly admire your maturity he will say that your maturity is manly.
  • He doesn’t mind your bluntness he likes it. I mean this guy’s best friends with Bakugou he is very chill.
  • Kiri will invite you to hang out with the bakusquad all the time. When all of you are hanging out together I think you’ll be the mum friend to all those chaotic kids.
  • I can imagine him joins you swimming he thinks that will be a good training for him.
  • Sometimes when class 1-a go to a field trip the two of you may sit together sharing earphones. Kiri will probably make a playlist of songs that reminded him of you.
  • Sometimes you probably visit’s Koda’s dorm room to pet his pets you and the girls probably go there together.
  • Kiri will take you to a planetarium date at some point.
  • The two of you probably dresses like alt girl with gamer boyfriend.
  • Your best girl friend is probably Jirou. The two fo you probably bond over your music taste.
  • You don’t need to worry about Kiri being disrespectful cause have you seen him? He is very sweet bye.
  • He will sometimes count the freckles on your faces and just bury his head on your neck.
  • You are a bit taller than him but only by an inch so he probably also like to touch his forehead aginst yours.
  • He will always hype you up!!!!! He is a very accepting person so he will accept you no matter what!
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A/N: Ahh, these took forever but I had a lot of fun interwining the stories on these too thanks to a thirst session with @lady-bakuhoe​ .  I hope y’all enjoy! <3

These are based on this TikTok , the jist being “catching your Dom offguard by praising them like a pet.”

Warnings: 18+ Content, Minors DNI. (Light NSFW, D/s dynamics, brat things. [Some Quirkplay/Spanks])

Part One! 

Featuring: Eijirou Kirishima & Katsuki Bakugou

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Introducing our second Beta, Lee! He’s a sucker for indigenous-coded Bakugou in Fantasy AUs, and his favorite trope is Reverse Oblivious Pining – “We’re openly dating, but our friends are oblivious”

Check out our Apps, open thru March 24th!

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A/N: Art credit is keepsmylyne on DeviantArt. This is just how I rank the MHA as pro heroes
1. Izuku Midoriya (A.K.A Deku)
2. Bakugou Katsuki (AKA Great Explosion Murder God Dynamite) [It’s literally his official hero name, google it if you don’t believe me]
3. Momo Yaoyorozu (AKA Creati)
4. Shoto Todoroki (AKA Shoto)
5.Ochako Uraraka (AKA Uravity)
6. Eijirou Kirishima (AKA Red Riot)
7. Tenya Iida (AKA Ingenium)
8. Hanta Sero (AKA Cellophane)
9. Tsuyu Asui (AKA Froppy)
10. Mashirao Ojiro (AKA Tailman)
11. Denki Kaminari (AKA Chargebolt) 
12. Yuuga Aoyama (AKA Can’t Stop Twinkling)
13. Mina Ashido (AKA Alien Queen)
14. Fumikage Tokoyami (AKA Tsukuyomi)
15. Kyouka Jirou (AKA Earphone Jack)
16. Mezou Shouji (AKA Tentacole)
17. Kouji Kouda (AKA Anima)
18. Tooru Hagakure (AKA Invisible Girl)
19. Rikidou Satou (AKA Sugarman

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Imagine being stuck in a room with your fictional crushes for 24 hrs-

Who would be there: The Weasley Twins, Oliver Wood, Johnny Cade, Sodapop Curtis, Kirishima

Johnny: Cam is finally here

Soda: Hey! Cam!

Me: Wtf

Kirishima: Your looking manly today

Oliver: Want to play some Quidditch with me?

Twins: Or play some pranks with us?

Me: Holy shiT I’m dreaming-

Reblog with your fictional crushes and a scenario

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Pairing: Kirishima x Bakugou x You

Remark: A big, big thank you to @misterhoneyyandere for inspiring me with this post and letting me use their ideas to write this fic (an AIzawa one will be following, hopefully soon) that’s very lovely of you Mister Honey 
(Also this is my first time writing about a threesome)

TW: non con, voyeurism, masturbation, choking, gagging, oral (male and female receiving), double penetration, anal, anal fisting, size kink (I just love big Kiri, sorry not sorry), belly bulge, praise and degrading, slapping, spitting

Summary: Kirishima and Bakugou are wanted bulgars and usually a top tier team, but a change of your plans thwarted their plans. So of course you were scared and more than shocked to see two (hot, you can’t lie) strangers standing in the hallway, with you only wrapped up in a towel.

It was a nice and relaxing night for you, the sun was still out, on it’s way to disappear for a few hours and letting the moon shine in it’s full glory. At first you were sad about your friend cancelling your weekend trip. You were so exited after this stressful month, but of course you didn’t want to force them to come out when they aren’t feeling well. So you decided to go grocery shopping, buying yourself some luxurious self care items and fancy take out. Who said you need to go out to have a fancy weekend? 

You sat outside, enjoying the food and eating your takeout, when the weather turned chilly and the sun now completely gone when you decided it was time for you to go back inside. Closing the sliding door to your garden, making sure it was locked, you made your way into your bathroom, the bathtub inviting you to a warm, wet evening, covered in bubbles. New and old candles were scattered around the room to add to the soothing atmosphere around you. While water was pouring into your tube, your bath bomb sizzling, you went to grab some matches, lightening up the candles, filling the room with your favorite scent. Spotify had a lot of things to offer and after a few minutes you settled for (xy). 
Before you stepped in you turned off the water, making sure the temperature was just right. Your hair was tied back so it won’t get wet and you put on a mask, setting your glass onto the wooden board next to your phone. Feeling your tense body relax as soon as the water surrounded you. Everything was just perfect. 

“Shitty hair, are you 100% she’s gone? The car is still in the fucking drive way,” Bakugou whisper yelled at his tall friend who was crotched down next to him. 
“Her little appointment book said she will be out the whole weekend with a friend. I even heard her talk about it yesterday morning, she’s definitely gone,” he reassured Bakugou, who had a scowl on his face.
“Fine, then let’s go! You have the list of the things we want, right?” Kirishima huffed and pulled it out of one of his pocket. They made their way into the backyard, making sure there are no traces left behind that could be backtracked to them. Bakugou pulled out the spare key to your sliding door, you didn’t even noticed that it was gone. While Bakugou had to check downstairs and wrap everything up, Kirishima went upstairs. That was, until he heard the noise coming from the bathroom. At first he thought he was just imagining things but then he could hear it again. Someone was in the bathroom, moaning. 

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Tamaki, Bakugou, Kirishima, Iida with chubby s/o

Fandom - Boku no hero academia/My hero academy

Pairings - Tamaki x fem!reader, pro hero!Bakugou x fem!reader, pro hero!Kirishima x fem!reader

Type - Headcanons

Warning - Smut, metions of body shaming, metions of bullying

Author’s note - I promise I’ll do the valentine HC as fast as I can, but I’m just not in the mood rn 🥺 Also please don’t come at me for saying they would prefer chubby girl and please don’t be sad if you’re skinny or don’t have the things I’m talking about, it’s just headcanons! 🥺💖 Also I can’t explain why but I love prohero!Katsuki and prohero!Kirishima, I don’t know why just adult mature Kiri is 👀 Also why does this feel like appreciation post for Kiri’s muscles? 😳 This was supposed to be purely innocent.. But Kiri… xD I don’t write smut, where did all this appear from? 😳 I go to Christian School and my english teacher said she wants to read something I wrote when I said I like writing in English… I think this would be perfect for it xD 💖


• He’ll love chubby girlfriend, he loves how soft you are

• Your thighs are definitely his favourite pillow, he loves sleeping with his head on your lap while you comb through his hair and massage his scalp

• When he can’t lay on your thighs, he’ll make pillow out of your stomach, he’ll prefer if you don’t have shirt or if you roll it up so he can feel how warm and soft your skin is against his cheek or kiss your stomach

• He loves grabbing your body, nobody would expect the shy sweetheart to do so, but he loves grabbing your thighs or your hips

• He wants you to sit on his face,squeeze his head with your soft thighs and tug on his hair while he’s making you feel good

• Seeing your beautiful body on top of him while you ride him makes him finish almost instantly, he’ll desperately grab your hips and ass and practically whatever he can get his hands on

• If somebody dares to say something about his beautiful bunny, he’ll protect you, he’ll frown and try to defend you, explaining how beautiful your body is and how it’s not nice to body shame somebody he’s so sweet I love him soo much 😌

• Also the rest of Big three is protecting you now, so whenever you’re somewhere and Tamaki isn’t there, Mirio and Nejiro will protect you from any rude people and defend you

• If you start feeling insecure, he’ll make sure to show you how much he loves your body by covering you in kisses and soft touches, when it’s about you being sad, his shyness goes away because he has to prove you how awesome you are



• Kiri is strong man and he sure can handle chubby lady

• He is tall and very buff, which means that you’ll look small next to him even if you’re chubby and he loves the contrast between his hard body and your softness and squishyness

• He loved your curves, he’ll love running his hands over them when you lay next to him on bed

• He also loves when you sit on his lap or sleep on top of him, somehow the feeling of your weigh on his is conforming

• He loves your wide hips, he has breeding kink and seeing how perfect is your body for carrying children is extremely attractive and huge turn on for him

• He loves manhandling you, he loves how he can easily lift you and slam you against wall, pick you up on the kitchen counter or throw you into the bed due to how strong he is

• The way you crush his head with those thunder thighs when he’s eating you out makes his eyes roll back everytime and it’s what makes him love going down on you, plus those sweet sounds you make

• And that ass? He’ll grab or smack it everytime he goes around you, plus he’ll love spanking you during sex and it’s doesn’t matter if it’s punishment or just few spanks while he’s railing you from behind

• If somebody dares to say something about his beautiful girl, he’ll tell them that they just can’t handle chubby lady, but if they don’t stop, he’ll take them to the ground with one punch

• He doesn’t care what will others think about pro hero attacking somebody, he won’t let anybody insult his beautiful girl

• If you start feeling insecure he’ll tell you the million reasons why he loves you and why he thinks your body is perfect, then he’ll make sure to remaind you how much he loves you body by completely destroying you, letting you cum only after you admit that your body is beautiful



• Katsuki doesn’t care about body type, he doesn’t have preference in body type so he doesn’t care if you’re chubby, however he loves boobs

• And he loves your boobs, he likes your thighs and ass too, but your boobs are just perfect for him

• He loves biting and sucking your nipples, or marking your boobs, he’ll make sure everyone can see his marks everytime you wear something where your cleavage is visible

• He comes behind you and squeeze your boobs randomly during the day, making you throw your head back with loud breath, if you rock your hips into his, it might turn into something more

• If you give him boob job he’ll cum embarrassingly fast, but can you blame him when your boobs are squeezing his dick so nicely

• He also love boobs in non-sexual way, he loves sleeping with his head on your chest while having his hand over your breast, it’s just comforting for him

• If somebody dares to say some mean remark about your body, Bakugou will try to murder them and you’ll have to drag him away, he’s aggressive enough normally, but when it comes to somebody body shaming you? He sees red in seconds

• If you start feeling insecure, he’ll try to tell you about how beautiful you are, but we know he isn’t the best at talking so he’ll probably just kiss your body, saying that he loves it and then show you how much he loves you in bed



• Like Kiri, he’s tall and buff my man’s build like rectangle which means you look small next to him

• He likes chubby girls, everybody thinks it’s because they look more mature, but the reality is that he loves those hips made for breeding kink and that perfect ass

• He loves spanking you so much, he’ll study with you and if you answer wrong, you get spank he also loves spanking you as a punishment for something

• He’s kinda rough during sex, so you’ll have his hand prints on your hips from when he held you while ravishing you from back

• He also likes marking you, but not on visible places, it’s usually on ass or thighs, and he’ll have fun watching you squirm on chair because it hurts to sit with those bruises

• But he’ll also make sure you’re healthy, so he’ll make you eat more healthier, not because he wants you to lose weight, but so you won’t have any problems

• If somebody says something mean towards your body, he’ll lecture them about how inappropriate it is to body shame somebody and how your body is perfectly fine

• If you start feeling insecure, he’ll tell you how beautiful you are and tell you some facts, like how men are more attracted to women with wider hips because it means fertility and stuff like that.


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Kiri sketch i did in class,(i love long hair kiri!!!)

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you’re drunk.


SYNOPSIS: he’s taking care of you while you’re wasted.

WARNINGS: alcohol, being under the influence, vomiting

CHARACTERS: bakugou katsuki, todoroki shoto, kaminari denki, izuki midoriya, tamaki amajiki.


— bakugou

  • Bakugou doesn’t mind what you do as long as you’re responsible and safe about it.
  • So he’s not the biggest fan of when you decide to drink, because you do it to get blackout drunk. He doesn’t drink often so he’s usually taking care of you after a night out.

“You never fucking listen..” Bakugou’s hand holds your chin up as he takes the makeup wipe in hand to gently wipe your face. The coldness from the wipe makes you inhale a tiny gasp and scrunch your nose cutely. It felt nice though since your face was warm from all the alcohol you ingested previously.

“You’re wiping away all my pretty.” You giggle and dainty hands find his wrist holding it gently. He scoffs at your comment and rolls his eyes continuing to clean your face. He knows you’re drunk, but you’ve already expressed some insecurities in your appearance while you were sober too

“You’re pretty with or without makeup, dummy,” Bakugou murmurs. He wipes your face one last time before tossing away the wipe in the tiny trash can beside your bed. He put it there just in case you got sick. There were also two bottles of water, Advil, and saltine crackers neatly placed on your bedside table for later.

“Arms.” That was all he said before you raised your arms over your head. Bakugou pulls your shirt over your head.

“Katsuki.. you think I’m pretty?” You’re looking up at him with such heart eyes. You loved him so much, but the alcohol was amplifying your emotions. A warm feeling spreading across your chest.

“Yeah.” He stares down at you blankly.

“How pretty?” You asked.

“Very.” He replied.

“Even without makeup? And when I get pimples? And when my hair is messy-” He cut you off by grabbing your cheeks with a rough hand before you could start rambling nonsense.

“Listen, even when you feel like you’re at your shittiest, I’ll still think you’re pretty. Now the hell shut up and let me finish getting you ready for bed.”

“Okay.” You hummed happily. You weren’t going to remember any of this in the morning but you were grateful to be in his care.

— todoroki

  • It’s girl’s night and you’re way past tipsy because wine Momo brought was incredible. Maybe you had three glasses, maybe you got sad listening to the R&B music playing on the stereo and maybe you went to the bathroom to call your boyfriend, Shoto.
  • It was late but the phone rang twice before he answered.

“Hey, love,” Todoroki answers the phone. He sounds sleepy voice made your tummy do flips.

“Shoto,” You bit your lip trying to keep yourself from getting too excited.


“I’m really drunk.” You brought your knees up to your chest. You heard him chuckle on the other line before speaking again.

“Didn’t you tell me that it was against the rules of girl’s night to call boyfriends?” He sounded amused since you were the one explaining these secret rules girl’s night.

“I know but I miss you,” You hiccuped. “-And I wanna see you.” Your bottom lip jutted out in a pout.

“Do you want me to pick you up?” He asks, now fully sitting up in his bed. He looked at the time and it was a few minutes past 1 am.

“Dunno… just wanted to hear your voice..” Your voice sounded so sad, but you couldn’t help it! You missed him! You can’t just listen to SZA while being wine drunk, or you’ll end up like this.

“I see,” He paused. “Well, I love you.” He finished.

“I love you too..” You trailed off and heard a shuffle on the other line. “Shoto?” You called his name.

“Hm?” He hums.

“What are you doin’?” You ask.

“Coming to see you.” He says as he grabs his keys. “You sound upset.”

— kirishima

  • Kirishima is that boyfriend you see carrying his wasted S/O over his shoulder out the party because they can’t walk without falling.
  • So that’s exactly what he does. The friend group was bummed out seeing that you two were the first to leave the party but it was getting late anyway. He wanted you in bed.

Kirishima is leaning against his car. His are arms crossed as he watched the numbers on the gasoline pump run-up. He’s lost in thought until he hears your tiny voice call for him from the passenger seat.

“Kiri,” Your head was spinning and your body felt unbearably heavy. It felt like you were moving in slow motion, the feeling was pleasant at the party but now it was beginning to make you feel sick. You can’t blame anyone but yourself, Kirishima tried to stop you after your fifth shot of hard alcohol but you insisted that you could handle yourself. Now, look at you.

“Yeah, babe?” He’s bent over with his forearms rested on the car’s window trim.

“I don’t feel good…” You murmur.

“Are you gonna be sick?” He asked with furrowed brows. At this point, he’s worried and feeling pretty bad because he should’ve cut you off regardless of your protests. As soon as you nodded your head yes, he opens the passenger door and leans over to unfasten your seatbelt. He helps you out of the car and walks you to the nearest area of secluded grass to let you relieve yourself.

“It’s okay, pebble. Let it all out, I’m right here.” Kirishima holds your hair back and rubs your lower back while you vomit. He’s on high alert though because it is late at night and he could never be too safe, especially when you were under his care. When you’re finished he helps you back to the car.

“Feeling better?” He asks while squatting in front of you as you sat in the passenger seat. His hands were placed on your thighs massaging them to comfort you. You gave him a small nod and he smiled feeling slightly relieved.

“I’m gonna go in the gas station, do you want me to get you something to eat and drink?” He asked.

“Yes, please.”

— midoriya

  • Oh, he’s so amazing at taking care of you. He’s the boyfriend that holds your purse, your heels and a water bottle around.
  • The definition of “oh my gosh, who’s kid is that… oh, oh! that’s my kid! hey! get down-!”

Midoriya had his hands full with you tonight. From nearly falling off the tables and counters you attempted to climb on to catching you every time you tried to pour more alcohol into your cup when he cut you off for the night. He was just glad the party was over and he was about to get you tucked in for bed. It’s been a long night. He had fun regardless though, don’t worry!

He’s giving you a piggyback ride back to the dorms because your feet hurt from your heels. You were carrying them in one of your hands as he held you up.

“Baby, am I heavy?” You asked, your words a little slurred as you spoke.

“No, not at all.” Midoriya replied.

“Next time, I’ll carry you, okay?” You closed your eyes and snuggled up to him more. The night breeze feeling almost euphoric after attending the stuffy party. He smiled at your cuteness and nodded.

“Sure, baby. But are you sure I won’t be too heavy for you?” He asked and you gasped.

“No! You won’t be! I’m strong, ‘member?” You suddenly felt an all too familiar fighting spirit.

“Oh, of course. How could I forget?” He chuckled.

— denki

  • He would be drunk too but probably not as far gone as you. It’s like one baby trying to take care of another. You both just end up enjoying each other’s company.
  • He tries to take care of you though! Even if he can’t really stand properly.

You both were giggling as you fell on his bed, wrapped up in each other’s limbs. Denki’s body rested on top of yours, his face resting comfortably in the crook of your neck while you held onto his body like a baby kola. His breathing tickled your neck causing you to giggle more.

“What’s so funny?” Denki is smiling against your skin.

“You tickle.” You replied softly. You both laid there for a minute or so more enjoying the feeling of being in each other’s arms until Denki spoke up again.

“I gotta get up and get you in comfy clothes, you know?” Denki’s eyes were closed as he spoke. He was enticed by the way your fingers were running through his hair. He didn’t want to get up because he felt good, but he wanted to be a good boyfriend and get you ready for bed more. Even if he was a little under the influence.

“Mhm..” You were on the verge of passing out.

Denki paces around his room looking for something, what was he looking for again? Oh, right! Pajamas. Fuck, he was more wasted than he thought he was. He stumbled a bit before reaching his dresser and picking out the comfiest shirt for you. He’s so proud when he turns around holding up the shirt with a smile. He almost falls from the enthusiasm.

“I got-” He stumbled. “I got you a shirt, babe! See?” He smiles at the shirt in hand. Your lack of response makes him look up at you. You were hugging one of his pillows asleep peacefully. He smiles and climbs over you and cuddles up to you. Comfy clothes could wait till morning.

“Goodnight, babe…” He says softly as he drifts off to sleep.

— tamaki

  • You don’t go to many parties because Tamaki didn’t do well in social gatherings and you didn’t want to just go without him either. It wouldn’t feel right nor would it be fun without having him with you.
  • Much to your surprise, he actually suggests going to the party some 3A students were throwing. To his surprise, you get really cute and affectionate when you drink.


“Yeah, bunny?” He rubs the small of your back while you’re currently snuggled up against his chest. He was a little taken back when you stumbled your way over to him in his designated corner solely to cuddle up to him.

“Let’s go.” You looked up at him with unintentional puppy eyes.

“But I thought you were having fun?” He frowned slightly. It was just that he was a little surprised at your request to leave early. He thought maybe it was something he did, after all, you seemed so excited to come to this party with him. Maybe he was being too shy and it was killing your vibe-

“I am, but I wanna cuddle with you.” He visibly relaxes the moment you say that. A small smile appears on his face as he looks down at you, taking a hand and pushing a few stray hairs from your face. You looked so cute like this, and he wasn’t exactly opposed to leaving to spend some time with you.

“Okay, we can go-”

“Aw, what! You guys are leaving already? No fun!” Mirio walks up to you both with a red solo cup in hand. His cheeks a flushed red and he still has his cheerful smile.

“Sorry, Mirio. (Name) is feeling tired.” Tamaki says and takes his arm and puts his around your shoulders. Mirio only smiles in response to his friend. He was just happy that he even came to begin with. You must really be bringing him out his shell.

“Don’t apologize, you love birds. I’ll see ya tomorrow!” Mirio waved. Tamaki gave his friend a sincere smile before walking you back to your room.


© all content belongs to rekiri 2021. do not modify or repost.

229 notes

Admin SD: I basically shuffled my own running / working out playlist and just put some of the songs to the characters. I don’t think that the characters would listen to just one genre, so I tried to give each of them a mix that still fit their vibes. Also, some of them are just because I think of them when it plays, not because I think they would listen to them. 


Originally posted by kunikidaz

Class 1A 

  • Born for This ~ The Score
  • Boku No Sensou ~ Attack on Titan Season Four Title Song
  • ODD FUTURE ~ UVERworld


  • Start a Riot ~ Duckwrth, Sharboozey
  • Old Yellow Bricks ~ Arctic Monkeys 
  • Bonkers ~ Dizzie Rascal  
  • We Own It ~ 2 Chainz
  • Work ~ Apashe


  • Hero ~ Monsta X
  • Before He Cheats ~ Carrie Underwood
  • Best Friend ~ Saweetie (Doja Cat)
  • Voulez-Vouz ~ ABBA
  • Gimme Gimme ~ ABBA

I know some of these are slightly silly, but I truly think he would listen to them. Besides, he would train with Bakugo and he would be in charge of the music. 


  • I headcanon that Kaminari is an EXO stan so basically any song from them that has a beat
  • Lotto ~ EXO
  • Lightsabre ~ EXO
  • Holiday ~ Lil Nas X
  • It’s Tricky ~ Run-D.M.C
  • Mi Gente ~ J Balvin


  • Abusadamente ~ MC Gustta
  • Just Got Paid ~ Sigala
  • Come and Go ~ Juice WRLD (with Marshmello)
  • Mic Drop (Steve Aoki Remix) ~ BTS
  • Toxic ~ 2WEI 


  • Positions ~ Ariana Grande
  • Team ~ Iggy Azalea
  • Girls in the Hood ~ Megan Thee Stallion
  • Captain Hook ~ Megan Thee Stallion
  • Nails, Hairs, Hip, Heels ~ Todrick Hall


  • Diamonds ~ Megan Thee Stallion (with Normani)
  • Dynamite ~ BTS
  • La Di Da ~ Everglow
  • Hunter ~ Galantis 
  • Girl Like Me ~ Black Eyed Peas (with Shakira)


  • Gogobebe ~ Mamamoo
  • American Money ~ BORNS
  • Hello Bitches ~ CL
  • Home ~ Vince Staples 
  • Girlfriends ~ Boys World

I also headcanon all the girls training together so they’d have a shared playlist that they would all put music on.


  • That one All Might Video
  • Eldorado - EXO
  • What’s Up Danger ~ Blackway (with Black Caviar)
  • Outside ~ Calvin Harris (with Ellie Goulding) 
  • My Number ~ Foals
  • Levitating ~ Dua Lipa (with DaBaby)


  • Do you know your enemy ~ Green Day
  • Vossi Bop ~ Stormzy 
  • Pardon Me ~ DION
  • Technology ~ Don Broco
  • Ghost in the Mirror ~ Mallory Knox


  • *personally I don’t think he’d listen to music to work out*
  • Don’t jealous me ~ Tekno
  • Dragon Born ~ Skyrim Soundtrack
  • Elevate ~ DJ Khalil
  • Monster ~ EXO
  • Big For Your Boots ~ Stormzy
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Complet brainrott

No thoughts

Just Kirishima Ejirou with Bokuto‘s hair!

Imagine Kirishima with black roots and his hair down after a shower!


Originally posted by hanae-ichihara

4 notes

May I present a decent enough Kirishima sketch? I’m a little bit intimidated to do anything with this I don’t want to mess him up but I like him so far!

6 notes