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#bnha kirishima
ushijimascumbucket · 17 hours ago
revoking kirishimas pussy privileges cuz he was annoying :P (first part)
warnings: smut, unprotected sex, so much dirty talk (just oh my god too much), jealousy, possessiveness, all that good shit
His incessant begging, surprisingly, wasn’t getting old.
his constant whining is music to your ears, as he gets progressively hornier.
“babe please, i said i’m sorry!”
“I bet you are”
“Babe! please! i’m gonna die!”
“You don’t have a hand?”
“babe :(“
You have NEVER seen him this horny. His sex drive is incredibly high, you guys normally have sex basically every day, so this is ROUGH for the lad.
You could do anything and hes up.
hes going insane, he’ll do anything to get your attention, try and persuade you to break your vow of this fortnight of celibacy.
he’ll wait for you to finish washing up before going to sleep on your bed, tugging at his hard, painfully hard cock.
Kiri makes the prettiest noises, he knows how much you like them, so he speeds up at he hears your footsteps down the hall, excited for you to walk in and see him in this state for you.
You walk in on him furiously fucking up into his big fist, bed creaking and big balls slapping against his hand. the tip leaks precum and it’s bright pink, obviously, achingly, painfully hard.
he’ll turn his head and look at you, smirking through half open eyes, mind mostly on task, if not a little muddled. his cheeks are flushed, mouth slightly open. then he’ll pant something nearly incoherent to you,
“hey, uhhhhhggg fuck, don’t you wanna, don’t you wanna help me baby? Don’t you wanna help me with your tight little pussy? Said i was- fuck! said i was sorry. you must be missing this too. Come on, come on just, hhnng let me make you fuckinh scream.”
While you do appreciate the sentiment, and while you do get wet at the sight of your dreamy boyfriend fucking his fist because you did this to him, you still don’t let up.
“Do the crime pay the time Eiji, tough luck. Please, finish though.”
and u scoot down next to him, tucking urself in as he stares in disbelief. he was annoyed, but he was too close now, he couldn’t stop. so he went until he finished like you said, cumming all over your sheets with a strangled moan. it was so hard not to touch you when you were right there, he hopes it was hard for you not to touch him too.
he sees a small smile on your face, and he swears to himself that when these two weeks were up, he was going to make you pay.
if u decided to be truly evil and properly tease him, oh lord, he will literally cry.
you start rubbing his crotch during a movie, he’s thinking THANK FUCK THIS TORTURE IS OVER. but no, that’s all you do. you rub him a little bit over his sweats, press your boobs against his arm as you cuddle into his side, and then out of nowhere you stop and pretend nothing happened.
he literally felt his eyes start stinging, he was literally about to start bawling because of how bad he needed you.
“Baby...” he whimpers burying his face in your shoulder, “baby, you’re so mean.”
you laugh softly, bringing your hand up to his hair and stroking it comfortingly, as if you weren’t the cause of his distress.
“i know, i know. a few more days ok? you can do it, i believe in you,” you joked. he was not in a joking mood.
he still had a hard on the whole rest of the movie, it hardly ever went away.
when the two weeks are finally, finally over, oh boy you are in for it.
the day it ended, you hear the slam of the door as kirishima gets home from work. a little smile creeps up on your face as you keep scrolling thru ig. ur surprised he didn’t wake you up at midnight last night just to satiate himself. unless he was exaggerating, he sounds like he’s been in agony, you would have thought he would want relief. but little did you know, kirishima wanted to wait until he could really take him time with you, till he could make you beg, lord knows it took a while, stubborn girl you are.
he didn’t say hello. he just stormed into the living room were you sat, too nonchalant for his liking. he knew you liked to pretend, be all cool around him, but he knew your heart was racing, and your pussy was wet as anything.
he didn’t say anything before yanking you up by your wrist and dragging you to the bedroom. you wanted to giggle, but you also didn’t want to try kirishima.
it doesn’t take long before ur both naked and hes fingering u with his big, long fingers, making sloppy noises cuz ur so wet. ur whimpering already, all bravado gone.
most people would think you were the dominant one, but kiri knows better.
kiri knows it looks like he just trails behind you and does your bidding, but you both know you’re equals, he just likes to worship you and you like to be worshiped.
and, in being equals, kiri wants to give you what you want, what you know you you need. he knows you need him to take over, to put you in your place with a warm smile. big soft dom vibes from kiri, probably even service dom.
n e who, he’s moaning into ur mouth, all deep n desperate
“such a tease, such a fuckinh tease.”
hes palming at ur tits, fingers going so fast in you.
“u liked watching me sweat for you didn’t you? i gotta say baby, you make me a real whore. can’t help it tho, u know that.”
your crying as his fingers bully your g sport, making you writhe, but he pins ur shoulder down with his hand that isn’t knuckle deep in ur pussy.
“no baby, gotta take it, gotta take it n be my good girl, for once,” he laughs breathlessly,”but u kno i love like this, love putting you in ur place. you talk so big for such a little girl.”
you whine and he finally pulls his fingers out, watching the string of arousal that connects them to ur throbbing pussy.
he uses it to jerk his cock a few times, lubing it up for u.
he lifts your thighs up and pushes the back of them against your torso, watching in delight as u watch with a subdued desperation on ur pretty little face.
“aren’t you pretty? who knew such a pretty girl could be so evil?” he said it lovingly, warm smile on his face. you were so far gone, u just giggled quietly.
“it’s ok, i’ll just have to fuck the mean out of you. then you’ll be my sweet little girlfriend.”
he lined himself up with you, groaning when he felt your soft wet warmth against his tip.
“although, i don’t really want you too change, you’re perfect, even when you put me through hell. my perfect little angel.”
he strokes your face softly, grinning as you melted into his soft touch.
“you’re so quiet baby, it’s not like you. where’s my mean little girl?”
you hum in response, trying to get him in you as fast as possible. kiri was never one to tease or punish, so he pushes in as fast as he can without hurting you.
you let out a strangled moan, it’s been weeks since you were properly stretched out.
“ohh fuck, you’re so tight, you’re so tight, fuuck,” he whines, inching into you bit by bit until he’s balls deep inside you, your juices creaming around the base. little baby tears form in the corners of ur eyes.
“eiji, move,” you breathe.
that’s when he starts, rocking into you, easing you in
“mmmhhm, such a good little girl aren’t you, so good, you’re just a little protective. don’t worry baby, don’t even think about other girls, don’t even think about them.”
the squelch of your pussy has him pounding you harder, beginning to lose control.
“fuck, missed this wet fucking pussy, wanted to fuck you so long. you’re mean-you’re mean keeping it from me. ‘s mine anyway.”
his dick hits all the right spots in you, filling you so good, you can’t take it. the noises leaving you are music to his ears, you really can’t help it.
“yea, s mine. my pussy. you’re mine, and i’m yours. i love you. I love you baby i love you, i belong to you, you’re mine-“ he moans, bed shaking and cracking against the wall.
“Love you eiji, love you, i’m yours, you-you belong to me.”
it’s like neither of you can stop fuckinh talking, whining and moaning and sobbing.
“No one does it better, no one.”
you aren’t sure if he’s talking about you or him, but you don’t care, you just want him to keep saying nice things. you didn’t realise how badly you needed it.
you feel it creeping up on you as he continues furiously humping your little bitch cunt like wild animal.
“Eiji, eiji, i’m cumming, i’m not gonna last much longer-“
and you do cum.
and he keeps fucking you, even after your let all go on his fat dick.
he keeps fucking you as you twitch and cry and sob, never stopping talking about how he’s yours, you’re his, he belongs to you, you belong to him.
he keeps fucking you till he lets out fat spirts of cum deep in your pulsing little pussy, and even then he doesn’t stop.
he ruts into you over and over, overstimulating the both of you, but he has to keep going, he can’t let up, not even a little. he has to cum inside you again, to claim you, to prove he’s yours, that he doesn’t give his cum to anyone else, that you don’t get cum from anyone else.
your tears wet the sheets as he stuffs you full with his third round of the night, your fourth orgasm, and he finally stills.
“euh,” you squeak out, panting, ”love you eiji.”
he smiles tiredly, dick still inside you, plugging you up with his hot seed.
“love you more angel.”
he rolls you over and onto his chest while u cockwarm him, heart glowing as you rest yar head on his enormous peck, snuggling into him. he loved being your safe haven, he wanted to give you everything.
“no you don’t,” you mumbled, stifling a yawn.
“yes i do.”
“no, i love you more.”
“no way, i love you way more. i give my baby what she needs, unlike some people.”
“hush. i only did it because i love you.”
he kissed your little head and smiles.
“oh yeah?”
“yeah. i’m only jealous cuz i care.”
he waited for you to drift off, before pulling you tighter to him.
“i still love you more though.”
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aulel-process · 3 hours ago
Tumblr media
Source: on twitter - /scallopojisan/status/1355864428437143553?s=20
Who doesn’t want to be Bakugou? Ugh... Bakugou invented sex.. srsly... like no one knew how to do it before he appeared :O
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guiltypleasuredecchan · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
and me :)
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cupcake-rogue · a day ago
Birthday Treat
Hey, baby girl, it's my birthday, you know what that means? It means I get a treat, right? I think I know what I want. Something sweet, something gooey, mmm, I can't wait to taste it on my tongue. Sorry if I make a mess, baby girl, I can't help myself when I get my mouth on it. It's gonna get all over my face, make it all sticky and glossy, but that's okay, right? I can just get most of it off with my tongue. Oh, man, I can't wait. I'm drooling a little just thinking about it. I just love eating it so much. Can I have it now? Don't make me wait, please? I need it, baby girl, I need it so bad! Please? I've been a good boy and it's my birthday, don't I deserve it? Oh, thank you so much, baby girl, thank you. I promise I won't go too fast, and I'll use my hands, too, this time. You're the best, I love you so much. 
Tumblr media
I just love when you make me cinnamon rolls for my birthday, they're my favorite
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romanichki · 3 hours ago
Tumblr media
birthday gift for my good friend quietrespite!! <3
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Tumblr media
➢ a love letter to the birthday boy <33
note: happy birthday to one of my favorite comfort characters!
characters: kirishima
content: fluff, established gender-neutral relationship, flashbacks (italics = letter, normal = kirishima and his thoughts), birthdays
words: 1.2k
Tumblr media
As Kirishima returns to his dorm, exhausted from his surprise birthday party and covered in cake from the unprompted food fight Bakugo caused, he spots a ruby red envelope lying on his bed. His full name is displayed across the front of it, written in perfect cursive and dotted with little doodles in black ink. Turning it over, he finds it sealed with a butterfly sticker. His mind searches for who this may have been from, but he comes up empty. He opens the envelope, careful not to rip the edges, and pulls out 2 pieces of white paper. Curious, he starts to read: 
To my love, Eijirou Kirishima, 
Happy Birthday, baby! I know this seems a bit cliche, corny even, but I just wanted to do something special for you on your big day. I can hear you now, “You don’t have to get me anything big y/n! The most I could want is a hug from you!”. But, you deserve so much more than a hug Eiji (but yes I will hug you too). You deserve the world, the whole universe even. I wish I could make all of your dreams come true. But, I can’t. So, this is the least I could do. For you. 
Do you remember when we first met, way back when we were first years? I walked in, full of nerves and anxiety, hoping someone would take pity on me. Thankfully, someone did. I will never forget the way you walked over to me, full of smiles as you introduced yourself. You seemed so confident and full of energy, looking like someone ready to become a hero. 
Eijirou laughs at this, remembering how nervous he was. Thoughts swirled in his mind as he wondered if he would actually be able to become a hero he so desperately wanted to be. But, when you walked into the room everything slowed. You were gorgeous, jaw-dropping even. The first thing he noticed were your eyes, the soft look they had to them as they darted around the room. He wanted to stay around you as much as you would let him.
Eventually, Mina took me under her wing and helped me break out of my shell, but I will forever be thankful for the push you gave me.
Our first year at UA was one for the books, filled with constant fun and laughter as we all grew together as heroes. I always enjoyed the moments we got to spar together as you always helped me improve my form. Classes with you were a treat as your energy always helped me get through the day. 
Kirishima smiles as he thinks back to his first year. Though full of ups and downs with villains, most of it was filled with you. He remembered when he first realized he had a crush on you. He had just lost his fight with Bakugo during the Sports festival and was completely bummed out. But, his whole mood changed when you ran into Recovery Girl’s office asking if he was ok and insisting he did a great job despite losing the fight. After that, he couldn’t seem to act normal around you. His face was a constant shade of crimson red whenever he tried to talk to you. The whole Bakusquad would tease him constantly over every little interaction with you, making his face redder if that was even possible. It didn't help that you and Mina were such close friends so you were unawarely willing to participate in her scheming to get you two together. 
I don’t know if I ever told you this but the day you asked me out, I replayed that scene and our date in my head for the next 3 weeks. Taking me to the carnival was the best idea ever, especially when we won each other prizes. Kissing me at the top of the ferris wheel had me screaming in my pillow for the rest of the month. 
Blush spread across his face as Eijirou thinks back to when he asked you out. It had taken him a whole 4 months to gain the confidence to ask you out. And even when the day finally came he was ready to back out of it. He stood at the front of your dorm door with Mina and Denki who came for moral support. They had hyped him up for a good 20 minutes beforehand but now that he was finally here, he was ready to try again later. But before he even got the chance to leave, Mina knocked on your door and bolted with Denki to the end of the hallway leaving a stunned Kirishima alone as you opened your door to him holding your favorite flowers. A smile, your signature smile that he adored, spread across your face as he handed you the flowers and asked if you wanted to go to the carnival that Saturday. He pumped his fist in the air and gave you the biggest bear hug when you agreed, getting thumbs-ups from Mina and Denki down the hall. 
Saturday couldn’t have come soon enough either. He picked you up and drove to the carnival, acting like the gentleman his mother raised him to do. The whole night was full of love and laughter as you rode every ride and played every game. He ended up winning you the biggest teddy bear in your favorite color as you won him a Crimson Riot plushie that still sits on his bed to this day. As the night started coming to an end, you both rode the ferris wheel, staring at the lights and the view from up above. As your passenger car came to a stop near the top, Kirishima peered over toward you. Your face was lit up, either from excitement or from the lights surrounding you. He wanted to kiss you so bad. Kirishima was so mesmerized by how you looked, that he didn’t even notice he said it out loud till you turned over toward him. Once you admitted you wanted to kiss him too, he leaned forward and pressed his lips against yours. It was a little awkward, being as it was both your first kiss, but not terrible. You broke the kiss after a bit, smiling mostly to yourself after. As the ride started back up again, both his and your hands inched together until you were holding each other hands.
But as we come to our 3rd year of dating, I just want to say thank you. Thank you for sticking by me through drama and our fights. Thank you for being my best friend, my partner, and the love of my life. I love you so much and can’t wait to spend more years with you. 
Love, yours forever, y/n
Light tears fill Kirishima’s eyes as he ends the letter. This was the best birthday gift he had ever gotten. And from his favorite person too! And as he hangs up his letter from you, Kirishima decides to head up to your room. But, as he opens the door you’re right outside waiting for him.
“Happy Birthday Eijirou.”
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memeadonna · a day ago
Kirishima’s Birthday
Hello Everyone! For our favourite redheadded shork himbo, I wrote a cute fluffy story about his birthday party. I hope you all enjoy. Happy birthday Kiri! 
The redhead brushed his crimson locks from his face, smiling broadly as his friends belted “Happy Birthday” off key. Once the song ended, he blew out the candles on his cake. 
The restaurant they had taken over had a lively atmosphere. The waitstaff was unsurprisingly eager to serve the slough of pro heroes that were filling up the tables, with one young girl who repeatedly brought Bakugou fireball and coke, despite the fact that he still hadn’t finished the first one (“Stop bothering me, extra!” he had shouted the last time). It had been a great party, with Mina, Momo and Aoyama decorating. Jirou sang and danced around at the karaoke bar, with Kaminari staring at her dreamily. 
“Hey,” you plopped down beside Kirishima and smiled at him, a plate of cake in your hand. “Are you having a good time?” you took a bite of the cake, still looking at him so sweetly, and he blushed a bit. 
“Y-yeah!” he nodded. “It’s great. Nice to see so many old friends in one place.” 
The two of you spent the next hour caught up. He’d seen you in the news a lot, and you’d seen him too, but that was different. There was a gap between the two of you then, one you couldn’t hope to close. “Hey,” you said softly. “Do you want to open your gift?” 
“Sure,” he grinned. “I’d love to.” 
You reached into your comically large purse and pulled out a beautifully wrapped box. He took it from you, surprised at how heavy it was. He ripped open the paper carelessly, while you tied the ribbon into his long hair at his request. “Oh, wow,” he breathed, staring in awe at the stunning leather jacket inside the box. The material was almost buttery in his hands, with jersey knit cuffs and a series of silver zippers and buttons decorating it. 
“What does it say on the back?” you asked with a small smile. He turned the sweater around and a childlike grin formed on his face. On the back was a gear, with the double R of his new hero logo in the center. 
When all of you were in first year, you’d stayed up one weekend night and discussed all of the hero merch you’d like to have. Kirishima could only come up with one thing – a leather jacket, exactly like you’d given him. “You remembered!” he pulled you into a tight hug, and you hugged him back just as tightly. 
Sure, he had tons of merch sold in stores across the world, but this was something he’d keep forever. He immediately put it on, and marvelled at the fit. “You look great, Kirishima,” you grinned up at him with a twinkle in your eye. “Oh my god… are you crying?” 
“Sorry,” he wiped a few manly tears from his face. “I can’t help it. It’s like… wow. It just hit me. I’m a pro hero.” 
“You’ve been a pro for years,” Bakugou grumbled, double fisting fireball and cokes. “You are such a dumbass.” 
“I know,” he laughed a bit. “Sorry guys.” 
“Kiri is crying in the club!” Mina shouted. “Red alert!” 
The rest of the night was a blur of dancing, karaoke, and thoughtful gifts from his friends. As things wound down, he approached you. You smiled at him. “Hey Kirishima,” you smiled softly. 
“Would you like to go out for dinner?” He asked. “Like… as a date?” 
You beamed at him. “I’d love to.” You beckoned him down to your level (at seven feet tall, he towered over everyone) and gave his cheek a gentle kiss. Despite the jacket, which he wasn’t planning on taking off for the next week, that was the best gift he was given that night. Your heart. 
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Tumblr media
Again, you don't exactly know what I have in mind, but here's a half-idea giving preview-
Your life had always been downed in darkness and loneliness. You had never expected it to get any better but you didn't mind it anymore. Not until the only person you had left to love broke your heart. At first, it hurt but then you realized what all this had given you-friends, family, your dream of being a hero, you had got everything back because of him. You could give on him and focus on what you had, right? Because....Bakugou doesn't love you, does he?
Anyone who kins the Aizawa family? This is your gold.
Chapter 1 - AFTER SO LONG
Chapter 2 - From a Hero to a Hostage
Chapter 3 - Not what I wanted
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