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I could see the scale and level of destruction have some of them re-think things - maybe someone like Spinner, who will find that indiscriminate killing is not at all in line with Stain’s legacy. Or Dabi, who has his own grandiose idea of being the true heir of Stain (and the one who has to end fake heroes like Endeavor). 

So that could cause a rift, but if i would add up to a redemption arc for those people is just another question. 

But first we’ll have to see is the LoV-vibes really changed or not. It’s too early to tell for sure. 

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It’s a good question. I think it’s fair to assume that his personality will be affected by this transformation. I mean, this new Shiggy is just cold (pun intended). 

So it’s hard for me to see the family-vibes of the MVA unaffected. I think his allies will start to fear him more and more. But we’ll just have to wait to see more of him. 

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There’s nothing for him to remember

In Japanese, Oboro and Kurogiri use different personal pronouns for ‘i’. During the prison chat, even when he went 'out of control’ he uses his Kurogiri pronouns, said 'sh’, and 'hospital’.

I’m of the opinion they did the equivalent of hitting a computer until it gets a correct input, he reacted as he would to an authorized question and said 'shigaraki’, and then 'hospital’ which?? He shouldn’t know where Tomura was?? He’s been gone for months?? Maybe he said 'hospital’ because his body was failing and his self preservation protocol know that was bad??

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Yo you had to wait forever but like I swear I didn’t forget my school got backed up cause of the pandemic BUT finals week has officially concluded so im BACK BBY. And writing on a computer which ive never done before but anyway. 

In my infinite wisdom I pair you with!!!!


Originally posted by hanae-ichihara


Kirishima is a huge extrovert so you would not have to worry about making the first move man, and hes got pretty thick skin (hehehe) so he will be just fine while working through your walls because this man is basically a dog how are you gonna be mean to him??? Also he dyes his hair red to so like…… hair dying date nights with shitty movies and unhealthy snacks!?!? Yes please man! Also im not saying Kirishima would punch someone in the face for your honor but——- Wouldnt be manly of him Not to defend his partners owner Imjustsayin. Also this mans fast he will catch you anytime hes next to you and you trip with the stupidest look on his face and a stupid pick up line. You can draw when hanging with him…. as long as you sit in his lap so he can watch over your shoulder and cuddle you. Also he would listen to anything with a lovey doevey grin if you shared a earbud with him. And he would be ALL over movie nights… and pretending he wasnt freaked out by them. His original plan was YOU would get freaked out and he could hold you and comfort you like a big ol manly man but hes clinging to you claiming its to make you feel safe but you feel his arms tense around you everytime theres a jumpscare, just dont tease him to much he’ll get pouty. Also expect flirty banter cause he loves flirting with you to But when you flirt back it makes him feel wanted and soft so PLEASE continue to do so!

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Ok so I’m confused about the voice in the new chapter. Deku said it sounds like OFA except that it both seems to know EXACTLY what’s going on with Shigaraki, can read the future (?), is talking waaaaaaaaaay more theatrically, and is somehow able to talk to Deku whilst awake???

Does anyone have any good explanations or theories, I’d love to hear them thanx 😩✌️

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Is that what the chapter is saying though? 


In both the official VIZ translation and the scanlation, it is not Shigaraki who freed himself - but it’s something that was done to him. Shigaraki is dehumanized in the process, both by AFO and the doctor, but also the way the heroes refer to him (Mirko calls him a thing, Gran Torino calls him a villain). 

I guess, you could say that he made that choice during his dream in 270 to walk away from his human attachments, yet what he walks into are AFO’s open arms, the only kind of nurturing he knew since he was 5. 


I don’t know if Shigaraki can be redeemed in the sense of turning good and living happily ever after (I don’t think so - not after what he’s just done).  But I think before the end, the hero side can give him back his sense of humanity (sort of a Darth Vader-type of ending?). 


We see All Might struggling against his own hero instincts when people tell him that he shouldn’t try to reach out to Shigaraki and so far he (still) hasn’t.

But if there is one thing that Deku from the very start consistently demonstrated he is better at than All Might is that he never accepted anyone being beyond saving, he never felt saving someone wasn’t his job and he never saw a single victim and decided that they were not worth dying for. Not his childhood bully, not the kid who hated heroes, not the little girl who killed her own father with her destructive quirk. 

I think Shigaraki’s story won’t be complete unless a hero really attempts to get through to him, to see him more than just destruction, a “thing”, something that needs to be sacrificed for the greater good. Until he’s given a real choice.

And if there is someone capable of trying to look behind the “transcendent being” and reach out to that child who was left behind by everyone, by all the heroes - it will be Deku. 

Maybe it’s not in the cards for Shigaraki to be saved or redeemed, but I can’t imagine a Deku who wouldn’t try to save him. 

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It seems to me that Aizawa was on the doctor’s radar because he attended UA. It was probably prime ground for Dr Ujiko to look for exceptional quirks. 


Considering his extensive influence, he may have had also access to general civilian databases, and could also come across quirks via his work as specialist (like how he came into contact with a child Izuku). 


He had a wide net to look for quirks for his collection, as well as for suitable material for his nomus. 

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I suppose yes, though I’m not sure I see the point. Even before those “enhancements”, after the MVA-awakening, Shigaraki was extremely dangerous. Also, it is not just his quirk, but his mindset, which have nothing to do with Ujiko’s intervention and everything with AFO nurturing him to be the “Symbol of Fear”. 

I get very wary, when Eri gets dragged out as a cure-all for everything happening. Sure, she can rewind Mirio - I think she wants to, because she has an emotional connection to him. Maybe she could give Hawks back his wings or to give Mirko back her missing limbs. At least, that’s healing work. 

But using her to rewind villains?  The truth is, she’s a deeply traumatized 7-year old, with no control over her quirk. It’s already bad enough to drag high-schoolers to the front line, but Eri should not be exposed to the fighting. 

We don’t know yet much about her quirk, how it works, how long it takes to fill up her horn, what it costs her personally to use it. 

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Me too - I felt really sad about it, despite not knowing him well. 

I think for me, it’s because despite we only got glimpses of his personality, he reminded me of Midoriya (of being an All Might fanboy, wanting to save people), and also of Kirishima (his quirk and generally his attitude). 

Plus, obviously he used one of his last breaths to save Aizawa, who is one of my fave characters. 

It also feels like he’s generally just a very good dude, and is paying for something that wasn’t his mistake in the first place (he seems young enough to have been just a child himself when no heroes saved Shigaraki). 

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