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#bnha manga spoilers
cyber-phobia · a day ago
This seems like a good time to express my unconditional love for Aoyama
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gentrychild · a day ago
The more I think about how Aoyama saw Izuku and the funnier it gets.
The first time they ever interact is when Aoyama pretty much uses Izuku as bait to destroy a robot during the entrance exam.
Then, he saw Izuku pulverizing a zero-pointer and must have thought “There is no way he was born with this quirk, he must be like me.”
And really, his quirk is obviously tailored to be like All Might’s, but in a way that would make the Symbol of Peace feel obligated to help him, so really, that Midoriya kid probably has a different mission than him but same boss.
And then, after the Summer Camp, he tried to communicate with Izuku in the most French cryptic way possible that they were in the same mess and Izuku was like “Friends? You want to be friends? We can be friends!” and Aoyama was probably going through the seven stages of grief because did Izuku understand what he was trying to say, was he protecting his cover, what was happening?
And I like to think that at some point, he went “Okay, he is probably someone normal who is just unlucky, it checks out with his villain magnet ability.” And I like to think that this realization happened the day before the join training exercise, right before Izuku developed a new freaking quirk out of nowhere.
Can you imagine what was going through Aoyama’s head at the time?
And in the end, when Izuku left but not without giving them a note, Aoyama discovered that All Might gave Izuku his quirk and was probably “All Might can do that????”
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moonpaw · a day ago
Tumblr media
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lollitree · a day ago
Alternatively, Aoyama knows what AfO looks like, and just happened to come across a kid who eerily resembled the man.
AU where Aoyama can tell Izuku is AFO's son and tries to cozy up to him in the hopes that AFO will let him off but ends up falling in love (platonically) with Izuku anyway
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groundzero-and-deku · a day ago
hello WHORES! hello my fellow SLUTS!! how's it going in the MANGA READER community? are you feeling it??? are you feeling the absolute DESPAIR??? FUCK!!!
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this-isnt-legal · a day ago
Everyone after 335: Lol wouldn’t it be so funny if Hagakure was a red herring and it was actually Aoyama or something  After 336: 
Tumblr media
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fever-dreamer97 · a day ago
Spoiler!! Here’s why it’s more painful that Aoyama is the traitor:
With the Hagakure opinion, we all thought she was willing to go with the backstabbing. She was a villain on her own.
Aoyama is the traitor because he was forced to. All bc of the flawed hero system and prejudice against quirkless people.
Aoyama absolutely didn’t want to hurt his classmates and friends, especially Izuku because of how much alike he sees they are now. He just wanted to protect his parents and be a hero.
Every bone in my body aches, I’m so sad for him and everyone else.
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gentrychild · 3 hours ago
no but i bet its super funny cuz like. u know ppl speculating whether aoyama thought izuku was also secretly working for ofa? imagine him assuming that no, it's just a coincidence... until izuku just. starts getting more quirks. aoyama is so confused clearly he must be working for afo there is no other explanation but WHAT is he offering him, considering aoyama basically got indebted for life for just ONE quirk and izuku just. keeps getting more (and its ones that are a LOT stronger than his one, what the hell even was that black whip monstrosity??). he must think izuku is like, the most loyal inner-circle afo spy lmao.
This is hilarious but this must have been one of the most stressful and frustrating experience for Aoyama, which makes it doubly hilarious.
Aoyama: "I am very small, very tired, and my parents signed me off for one hell of a student debt when I was four. You can imagine the kind of stress I'm under."
Midoriya: *breaks the zero-pointer and also 25% per cent of his bones*
Aoyama: "Okay, I guess it could be worse..."
Aoyama during the Sport Festival: "Okay, I don't know if Midoriya is really than unlucky or if he is also a traitor, probably charged with stabbing All Might in the back?"
Midoriya: *repeatedly breaks his bones just to mess with Todoroki*
Aoyama: "No, seriously, did he made fun of the main character of my night terrors before he got his quirks? What could have pissed him so much to give him a bone-breaking quirk???"
Izuku after Hosu: *comes back with a quirk that looks completely different right after he was in a place full of multiquirked villains*
Aoyama: "Okay, I was convinced that I was imagining things but that's it. He asked for another quirk. O mon Dieu, I have to betrayed my friends and live in fear for a quirk that keeps hurting him. What the hell is Midoriya supposed to do?"
Aoyama after he heard that Midoriya put Overhaul into orbit: "Hey Midoriya, my friend, mon ami, my pal, potentiellement la personne chargée de réduire UA en cendres, do you have a minute to talk about how similar we are and cheese, but in a really cryptic way?"
Izuku, just vibing with his haunted quirk: "Sure!"
Aoyama: "Midoriya is a pure soul, a true hero, and even though his quirk is fucking weird, I am now convinced that he has nothing to do with All for One."
Midoriya: *gets Blackwhip out of nowhere*
Midoriya, still confused about the Cheese Incident: "Is that the French way to ask if we could hang out?"
Todoroki: "Yes, it was kind of crazy when Midoriya started to fly and manifested the ability to sense danger."
Aoyama: T_T
Izuku's notes: "Yeah, so I got this quirk from All Might..."
1-A: "All Might can do that???"
Aoyama: "Okay but what about the three other quirks????"
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moodyvoid · 19 hours ago
Aoyama’s parents are really out here like “Yeah, let’s ask this incredibly dangerous and powerful villain for a favor— I’m sure it won’t backfire at all.”
“We just want our son to be happy—“
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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redoaktreehill · a day ago
yuuga’s situation gives us so many things to proceed
we know that afo monitors people with destructive quirks and useful quirks through social services, but now we are shown that he still actively recruits quirkless people, always ready to give them his helping hand  
however his name was not a public knowledge even in days before his fatal damage so probably doctor and afo contacted touya directly, bypassing his heroic father, but somehow yuuga’s parents found their way to him, which probably means that his family was informed about such possibility - urban legends is one thing, precise knowledge another
also now we know that yuuga was a little kid when he received a quirk, that quirkless people certainly do not adapt to quirks that were forced into them...
which makes arguable the sheer idea that izuku’s quirklessness could lead to his ability to use ofa the way he does, once again raises questions about his pediatrician - and about the fact that izuku has never recieved the same kind of treatment as yuuga as well
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