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#bnha meme

Dumb HC of mine: Sero loves listening to Lo-Fi beats to study/relax to. He listens to it all the time.

So I made him into the Lo-Fi girl

This is free to use for HC or Fics if you want! Idk if anyone will but drop me a Reblog/like if you do ^_^

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  1. manly dudes
  2. they’re both honest and straightforward 
  3. they both have a way of getting through to people
  4. they’re both respectful but they can both also be excitable
  5. responsible
  6. always thinks about how their actions impact their friends <3


  1. really energetic and friendly dudes
  2. they like to mess with others in good fun
  3. they both come off as over the top at times but they’d do anything for anyone and their hearts are in the right place
  4. they’re just here for a good time honestly 
  5. l o u d


  1. reserved introverted kings 
  2. the edgelords of the group 
  3. they might come off as cold but they’re really reliable and patient with people 
  4. everyone knows that they’re strong and talented. literally everyone. 
  5. humble
  6. underappreciated


  1. underappreciated as well 
  2. they radiate optimism 
  3. embodiments of sunshine 
  4. they’d do anything to make others smile and laugh 
  5. they might come off as laidback but they are such hardworkers 
  6. smiling at least 98.9% of the time 
  7. energetic. talented. one of a kind.


  1. very polite 
  2.  they’re both really kindhearted but they get in their own heads often
  3.  puts too much pressure on themselves to prove their worth
  4.  they’re emotional but they can use it to their advantage because…
  5.  they are stronger than they look because of it
  6. stop complaining about how much they cry >:(


  1. tbh his purple hair just reminded me of borahae 
  2. they both come off as kinda stoic at times 
  3. there’s just something about them that intrigues people though 
  4. they’re both very hardworking and they can hold a convo with anyone 
  5. they know how to read people well!!


  1. they’re both introverted and keep to themselves 
  2. they’re both good at literally everything and they’re so intelligent 
  3. they both were forced to grow up too fast 
  4. they’re both really confident in their own abilities 
  5. resident emo boys 
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