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#bnha memes

Bakugo: How’re your ribs doing? Are they healing okay? 

Kirishima: Yeah. Broken ribs are pretty manly, but what’s even manlier is when they heal and you feel your strength coursing back into your body

Bakugo: You’re a freak

Kirishima: Do you think I can still harden with broken bones?

Bakugo: Don’t do it

(No reply)

Bakugo: Eijirou. What did you do.

Kirishima: One word

Bakugo: What?

Kirishima: crunch

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Kirishima: Hey, babe. Can you come get me?

Bakugo: Uhh…sure? Why? And where are you?

Kirishima: The emergency room. I kind of got hit by a car

Bakugo: You what

Kirishima: It’s not that bad! I was pushing someone out of the way. Two broken ribs, a broken leg, and a broken clavicle

Kirishima: I vaguely remember Denki yelling, “YEET” as I’m sliding down the windshield

Bakugo: Neither of you have ever had an intelligent thought. No braincells whatsoever

Kirishima: Are you coming though?


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