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#bnha memes

everyone is like “we gotta stop dabi” but what do they wanna stop him from? didn’t he already achieve his goal? wasn’t his entire plan to reveal endeavors abuse to the world and then watch the hero system crumble? shouldn’t the top heroes like hawks and best jeanist focus on, idk, all for one/shigaraki? i mean what is dabi gonna do now

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Bakugo being Todoroki’s wingman when it comes to dating and flirting.

  Oh the chaos.

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friends and enemies, do you know any villain deku fics but its not really that angsty and depressing?

I don’t mind pairings or no pairings. if you do i vow to not hunt you when i die (or i will if you’re into that shit u kinky mf)

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after discovering how my comfort characters variate from ‘terrible dickhead’ to 'angry bully with ptsd’, 'mass murderer with tragic past’ and finally to 'torturer for sport’, i don’t feel like a clown - i am, indeed, a whole fucking circus (a joke. i am a joke.)

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Did you know most laughs that you hear on American TV shows today were recorded in the 1950’s? That means, technically, you’re most likely hearing dead people laughing.
I can always hear dead people laughing.
Deku, what the fuck does that mean?
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I can’t believe we haven’t seen Ojiro’s cute lil tail wags in the anime yet this is a criminal act.

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bakugo : tsundere, you can’t change my mind, 100%. but once you got close to him he would be the absolute sweetest person in the world, and would bark at anyone who got close to you (yes i am biased)  

kirishima : the sweetest person right away, and would give you forehead kisses and cheek holds, would also snuggle ALL THE TIME. he would also give you his clothes.

mina : would vibe with you until 3am, and would teach you tik tok/kpop dances and get arizona ice tea/boba tea with you all the time <3

denki : fluffy haired gamer boy friend. period. he would also get you addicted to monster energy (if you aren’t already) and play league of legends and minecraft with you all the time 

sero : would convince you not to dye your hair at 3am, and if you insist, he will be there to supervise. he would also give you his hoodies, and would chill and listen to you talk for hours on end

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An AU Where…

The League of Villains act like they’re in Lazy Town, everyone else acts normal.

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Here’s a thought, Sero and Kaminari going Sasquatch “hunting”. I’ll leave the rest up to your imagination.

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